Busty babe craves for a long dong

Busty babe craves for a long dong
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I awoke this morning like so many others, but today was to be very different. Like clockwork at 4am the familiar cadences and the words, "Yo Lep! Yo Lep! Yo Lep! Right! Lep!" drifted in from outside. I remember jokingly asking my dad before he deployed if all Marines made "Lep" turns.and does two "Leps" make a right.

I was wiping the sleep out of my eyes staggering up the hall toward the bathroom with my piss filled morning wood. On my way I wrapped on my little sister May's door "Come on PipSqeak, gotta get ready for school" I hollered. I heard a muffled "OK, I'm up" as I ducked into the bathroom to take care of some pressing issues.

A short while later May and I were sitting at the table shoveling down some Cereal. As part of our morning routine May jumped up and went over to the fridge and put a big X on the calendar for today and gleefully exclaimed "Fourteen days!

Daddy will be back in two weeks!" May is a blast to be around. At the time May was bubbly little sister. I was in my senior year due to graduate this year. Mom was a civilian nurse who worked nights at an off base hospital. So she usually slept the bulk of the day. We finished our breakfast, and put our dishes in the sink, picked up our backpacks and headed for the door. I got no farther than the foyer when I saw a black towncar stop out front, out of it came two Marines in full dress blues.

My stomach lurched, I almost puked right there. "Steve, are you ok? You don't look good." I heard May say behind me. "May, I need you to go upstairs and wake mom up and tell her we have visitors, and that it's important. When you tell her stay upstairs until one of us comes and gets you." I said to her.

"But." She tried to ask something. "Please May now don't busty girlfriend gives blowjob and lifts upskirt to finger I cut her off before she could finish her sentence. She quickly scampered away. The two Marines had now made their way to the door, I opened the screen door before they could knock "Steven Arnold?" One of the Marines asked. "Yes sir, and unfortunately I already know who you two are" I replied, staring at the floor.

"Is your mother home son" One asked. "She works nights, I sent my sister to wake her up. She will be down in a second." I heard my mom's footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Steve, honey who is it?" She asked from across the room. When she approached she saw I was some combination of green from nausea and white with shock. "Steve, honey whats wrong?" I took a small step to the side. Upon seeing the two Marines, my mother just started screaming "No!" over and over again. She lost all function in her legs and crumpled to the floor.

I had to do mom and son in walking sex near dive in order to catch her. Speaking in a soft voice you don't usually hear from a Marine one of them said "Mrs.

Arnold it is my sorrowful duty to inform you that last night Lt. Steven Arnold Sr was killed in a road side IED attack while serving his country in the Helmund Province of Afghanistan. On behalf of the United States Marine Corps, and a grateful nation." His words just became a muted mumble as I sat on the floor holding my mother.

After the funeral, I tried to do every thing in my power to make my mom's life easy as possible. I fielded all the news media, the household chores, cooking, thank you notes, and all the other tasks of daily life while still attending school.

Shortly after the funeral my mom had no choice but to return to work. One particular evening about a month after the funeral I had finished a shitload of homework, I was cleaning up dinner and making something for mom when she got home in the morning. From behind me May asked a question, I don't even remember what it was, I think she needed help with a math problem or something. The events of the last month, the stress, and the emotion I had bottled up to give a strong appearance, had all boiled to a head at that moment.

Unfortunately May caught the full force of it when the dam broke. I exploded into a loud venomous tirade. "Jesus Fucking Christ, May.Do I have to do every God Damn thing around here." Was just a small part of what I spewed, storming away to my room slamming the door so hard the would house shook. I threw my self onto the bed and just burst into tears, my face and neck were so hot from every emotion ranging from anger to self pity, all being released at one time.

I laid there for a long time after calming down just staring at the wall, I remember hearing the faint sound of Taps being played at the nearby recruit barracks. I was essentially asleep with my eyes open. I never heard my door open, I was shaken out of my fog by the realization that May had slipped into the bed and curled up tightly behind me sobbing. "Please don't be mad at me.Please don't hate me.I'm sorry.you and mom are all that I have left.I'll do better I promise.Please Steve.I love you." She said nearly unintelligibly, trying to breathe between sobs.

I flipped over and pulled her tight to me in a hug and cradled her head into my chest, and cried along with her for a while. She was shaking, and her face absolutely soaked with tears. "No May don't be sorry, you didn't do anything wrong at all, I was a total fucktard for going off like that, my emotions got the better of me.

I will never hate you, never! You're my little sister I will always love you.ok?" "Ok.fucktard." She replied, we both busted out laughing. I hugged her so tight she had to beg me to loosen up.

I woke up Saturday morning with an unusual sensation. After my brain started working I realized May was still in bed with me in my arms, we were in a spooning position, her back to me. German amateur teen get ass fucked by poolboy on holiday was wearing one of my hand me down t-shirts and a pair of cotton panties. My morning wood was tucked up firmly against her little ass.

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May had spent many nights with me after dad died because of nightmares, but this is the first time I had ever been aroused by it. I was not sure weather to be horny or disgusted with myself. My door creaked open, and moms head popped in. She smiled at the sight as she made eye contact with me. Pointing to May still asleep, mom asked "Is she ok?" I nodded and motioned for mom to enter. Mom came in and sat on the bed next to May and lightly stroked her hair. I explained to her what had happened the night before.

How I went ballistic on May for no reason what so ever, that I petite teen sucks big cock on the road talked to her and made up, and this is where she fell asleep so I just let her be. "Honey, your are now the man of the house, and you had that responsibility suddenly dropped in your lap. You have been so strong taking care of me and May.

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But I haven't seen you cry or show much emotion. Instead of letting yourself grieve, you have been so busy keeping this family together. It had to come out eventually, and frankly I'm glad it did. Thank you for being so strong, I don't think anyone other than your fathers son could have done it." She gave me a soft kiss on the forehead and slipped off to bed.

Leaving May and I to rest for a bit longer. I crept out of bed causing May to stir a little. I left her in my bed, before I exited the room I stood there watching her for a minute. She was sleeping peacefully, her slightly than shoulder length blond hair braided behind her head. Her eyes though closed were still slightly red and puffy, her mouth hanging slightly open looked so damn hardcore anal banging with a cute filly my old shirt had wormed it's way up to her waist exposing her plain white cotton panties.

She had just the slightest hint of breasts but had large puffy nipples pressing against the shirt. Through her panties I could see a clear impression of her bare cunny, it was obvious she he had no hair downstairs or it would have shown through. I couldn't believe myself looking and thinking of my sister in this way, and went to get a shower, my johnson leading the way. Beautiful curly babe in white lingerie uses ohmibod was letting the water cascade over me, I felt so much better after my emotional release last night, I could actually breathe easier.

I think I understood how Atlas must have felt carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. I was startled by a light tap on the bathroom door. "Steve.I'm sorry, I have to pee really bad and I can't wait any more." May said as she scurried in before I could object. There was not much either of us could do for privacy, the shower door was clear, and the toilet was right in front of it so we were basically facing each other.

She made it to the bowl and dropped her panties and was already peeing before her bottom even made contact with the seat.

She let out an "ahhhh" as she seemed to urinate for ever. "Damn girl, you had a full tank!" I said chuckling. "Told you I had to pee" She retorted with a giggle. I noticed the whole time she was there she never took her eyes off of my midsection, it was still engorged.

There wasn't much room in the shower stall to try and hide it so I just pretended not to notice, and shrugged it off as curiosity on her part. She finally finished, wiped, and without thinking flushed."May!!!" I bellowed trying not to wake up mom. "Sorry.I'm so sorry." she turned red as a beet as she fled the bathroom.

I just sighed as I couldn't be mad at her. I was now just flat out hard as a rock and had to take care of it. May had left the door open, but Mom slept like a rock and May probably already poured a bowl of cereal. So I soaped up and started a steady stroke. I don't recall being this hard since puberty, back when a stiff breeze could do it for me.

One hand on the top of the shower door and the other stroking as images of being snugged into the crack of May's ass all night flowed through my head. It wasn't long before I tensed up and trying not to grunt or make noise, shot my load all over the shower door. I swear if I had not been holding on I would have collapsed in the shower. I recovered after a few minutes, finished my shower, threw on some sweatpants, and prepared to sit on the couch and do nothing today.

I missed days when I was horny and just felt the urge. I would called Jenna my girlfriend and we would have spent the day together and at the end of the day would have a healthy boink fest. Unfortunately about a week before we lost dad, hardcore bombshell mea melone banged by huge dicks up her tight asshole had been transferred elsewhere so I lost her as well.

All I could think of all day was May. Every time she moved past me it seemed she would brush against me. At one point she laid her head on my lap while watching TV and I had to fight to keep to keep my hard-on pressed to my stomach to keep from stabbing her in the ear. The day passed pretty quickly, mom came downstairs from bed, and stumbled over to the coffee pot which I already had brewed.

"Hi mom" May and I said in near perfect unison. "I put one of those big pans of lasagna in the oven, it should be done in about half an hour, so you have time to wake up." "Thank you dear, sounds good.

What have you two been up to today?" Mom asked. "Oh about six-one.How about you May?" I asked "Bout five even here mom!" May blurted out. "Smart ass kids.but I love ya." Mom replied.

We all giggled, and mom went back up to put her scrubs on and get herself together. A little bit later she came back down ate a square of lasagna interracial orgasms perfect fucking watch part on us and got ready to leave. I put some leftovers in a keeper for her and packed her a lunch.

As I handed it to her she said "You take such good care of us, is there nothing you wouldn't do for us?" "Not a damn thing mom!" I cheerfully announced, As she left for work.

I plopped down on the couch and it was May's turn to do the dishes tonight. May stood there halfheartedly doing the dishes as she stared off into space. "You alright squirt" I asked. After a moment she replied "Yea.but.Steve. can I ask you a really personal question?" "Sure, you don't have to be afraid to ask me anything." "Your.

ya know.thing was pushing against my butt last night.

Why?" "Well, we were pressed together in our sleep and my body liked it, and it got hard. I'm sorry about that." I told her, I was so embarrassed my cheeks must have looked like red lights.

"My sex ed teacher in school said boys only get hard when they fall in love and marry a girl." she innocently said. I let out a laugh. "May, don't believe every thing you hear in school, that's what they want you to think." "They why do boys get hard." she returned "That is probably a better question for mom" I replied. "You sound like dad. I have tried to ask mom things before, she turns into ms medical geek and confuses the crap out of me.

It took her two weeks to explain what a period was, and I'm probably going to be getting one this year or next." She told me rather sternly. This time I burst into laughter "That is definitely something mom would do" and without thinking I said "You should have heard her try to explain my first wet dream when I was your age!" Then it hit me, I had never even considered it.

My little sis was hitting puberty. Oh fuck, what kind of Pandora's box had I opened. Mom wasn't much help, dad was gone, oh shit I am defacto dad and have no choice in the matter. I am going to have to explain the birds and bees to my little sister.

May finished the dishes, and came sat on the couch with me. I just felt that honesty was the best policy, I did my best to explain everything in plain language and commonly used slang.

I explained the hows and whys of hows of everything she asked and didn't ask the best way I could. "You were talking about sperm and cum.is.that.what you squirted on the shower door earlier?" She inquired. "Uhh.Uhh.you were watching me??" I about choked. "I'm sorry.I went to my room to get my pants, and when I walked back by, you were.you know.I couldn't help it. Are you mad at me?" She asked almost cowering in fear. After last night she was so fragile and careful, she was terrified of angering me, afraid I would go off again.

There was no way I was going to show any anger though I was kind of pissed. "No sweety I'm not busty babe eating her friends wet pussy at you.

I knew the door was open and assumed you were downstairs, I shouldn't have jerked off. But you shouldn't have flushed while I was in the shower!" I yelled jokingly tickling her in the ribs. "But I still don't get why I made you hard, you told me how. But why I'm no one special." She said. "May, you are a beautiful beautiful girl. I think as you grow up you're going to have that effect on a lot of guys, And don't you ever think you're not special. You are the most special sister I know." I replied.

"I'm the only sister you have silly." She said sticking her tongue out at me. We talked for a while longer. She soaked in everything I said like a sponge. I know I talked for a solid two hours. After I was done and all her questions answered she sat still and quiet for the longest time, digesting what she just learned. Around midnight I was beat, May had fallen asleep next to me with her head against my arm. I gently nudged her, "May, sweety, come on time for bed, go brush your teeth and hit the hay, ok." She woke up horny and wild fake penis playing pornstar and hardcore and without a word trudged up the stairs.

By the time I went to bed she was already in her room asleep. She must have been tired, because to my shock, there was a trail of clothes up to the edge of her bed. The moonlight shining through the window made her smooth skin glow, she was completely naked. Don't get me wrong I think my sister is beautiful with her clothes on, but in this light she appeared to be a sleeping angel.

Before I considered doing anything wrong, I pulled a sheet over her, gently tucked her in, and kissed her softly on the forehead. She stirred slightly and said "Love you, Steve." I whispered back "I Love you to, sweety, go to sleep." I laid in bed most of the night unable to sleep. I was looking right at the door as mom stuck her head in as she always does.

She saw that I was awake and slipped in. "You're up early, everything ok?" She asked. "Mom, I'm in over my head, and I don't know what to do." I said.

My mom kicked off her shoes, and laid down next to me and said with a smile on her face "Speak oh ye disturbed child, the therapist is in." We both laughed and I began to tell her about how May was becoming curious about sex, and how I did my best to explain the birds and bees to her the best I could. "I'm sure you did fine, you wouldn't lead her wrong. I could have had the talk with her if you wanted." I busted out laughing, mom looked confused. "Come on mom, May told me it took you two weeks to explain a period.shoot, you never finished explaining a wet dream to me and that was almost six years ago!" I explained.

She began laughing along with me. "But seriously mom, that's not the worst of it.I.I.am having feelings for May. Feelings that are wrong, very wrong.she's my sister." I said started to lose composure.

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"Mom, she saw me jerking off in the shower, every time she got near me yesterday, I got hard and wanted to.well you know.I even got hard last night tucking her in because she was laying there naked.what do I do?.mom." I asked. She hugged me tight. "Honey do you love your sister?" "Yes maam" "What would you do for your sister" "Anything" "Then how can that be wrong, how can love be wrong" "Incest mom!" "Most people would disagree but If you truly love a person, than showing it can't be wrong, even if it's family.

Rape is wrong, murder is wrong.love is never wrong, if that is what it comes to, then you have my blessing, as long as May is ok with it." She leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips, while lightly stroking my chest. "I love you very very much Steven, you have grown into a good man." She whispered between kisses.

"I love you too mom." I replied as the kisses became more passionate. I was in total shock, my mother was giving me the green light to fuck my sister, and was now feeling me up. Not that I was complaining, mom was no slouch. She was not much taller than May at five-two, very slim yet muscular, blond hair, hazel eyes, and a nice firm C cup chest that hadn't sagged an inch at thirty eight.

She could still pull off the high school look. She slid one of her hands under my sweatpants and caressed my shaft sliding down to cup my balls, she held them for a moment, then worked her way back up. She stopped for a moment to take her scrubs off exposing a lacy bra and panty set, which also soon hit the floor, leaving my mother standing completely nude in front of me. Absolutely perfect, the only hair on her body was on her head, not one imperfection could I find.

I followed suit slipping my anal loving babe wants to be assfucked off, now nude as well. She slid back into bed next to me. She laid on her back letting me take in the sight.

"Mom I'm.I mean I.don't know what to do" I croaked "I used wash your sheets when you were with Jenna, I think you do." She said "Yea, but your my mom." "I'm a woman just like any other, do to me what you used to do to Jenna." She smiled. I began to kiss her again while my hand lightly brushed and explored her chest. I explored between and around her firm tits, getting close to but not yet touching her areolas or her rapidly swelling nipples.

Moving my kisses over to her ear lobes, then to her neck, and made a line of gentle kisses down to and around her areolas, her breathing picked up. I latched my lips onto her right nipple, she audibly gasped. I moved my sucks and licks back and forth between the two giving each boob equal attention. My hand now in reach began to brush up and down over her pubic mound, not delving inside yet. "Ohhh Jenna was i love my bbw sister lucky." She said between gasps.

She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me tight to her chest. I could hear her heart thumping just as hard as my own. I continued my trail of kisses down to her stomach and tickled her belly button slightly.

I kissed around on her smoothly shaven mound, still running my finger up and down her drooling wet slit. I finally arranged myself between her legs. I was in awe of the pleasant youthful appearance of her pussy.my mother's pussy. The last time I saw this pussy was seventeen years ago when she brought me into this world through it.

I had lascive anime babe with big tits sucking cock this far, I couldn't turn back now. I brought my face in close taking in her not unpleasant musk. Her lips has swollen exposing the innermost part of her sex to me. I could clearly see her swollen love button at the top of her slit. I extended my tongue and lightly licked it. Her body jerked as she moaned aloud. I explored and licked every succulent inch of my moms pussy. I worked my way back to her clit making soft circles around it.

Her movements and moans became more erratic, Her legs suddenly snapped shut like a bear trap. Her body began to convulse, she grabbed one of my pillows and buried her face in it and screamed, pushing the pillow tight so she didn't wake up May.

Her juices flowed in what seemed like tidal waves into my face. I didn't stop licking until she grabbed my hair and pulled me away."Enough enough. Oh fuck, is has been over a year since I had a big O! Oh my god Steven you are fantastic!" She flipped me onto my back and began to kiss me tasting her own juices on my face.

"Let me return the favor." She said as she seductively slid down to my cock. She held it up and placed her tongue on my peritoneum and licked a slow line up over my balls up the shaft, right up to the head, not once breaking eye contact with me. When she got to the very tip, She opened her mouth and took the whole thing in her mouth all the way down to the root. My eyes rolled back into my head and guy assists with hymen checkup and pounding of virgin girl room started spinning from the pleasure I knew this load was going to be twice as powerful as the one in the shower.

She stopped grabbing the base of my cock hard to prevent me from cumming. "Not just yet, I need something from you." "Anything" I said in a sex induced high. She straddled me landing her sopping wet hole right on my cock with pinpoint precision. The feeling was incredible as she slid down on me. She leaned down over me placing her hands to either side of of my head looking me straight in the eyes as she began to rise and fall on my cock at nice steady pace that eventually increased to a full on fuck.

I was matching pace with her, our bodies slamming together. I could feel shivers going through her body, and the muscles in her making a milking motion. She was starting to moan and fuck even more feverishly.

I felt my nuts draw up I couldn't handle it a second longer "Mmmmomm I'm." "Meeee toooo.fuck me baby fuck me" she tried to keep her voice down. I erupted squeezing load after load of my baby batter right into my mothers cunt, As soon as I began to come she did as well burying her face in my chest to muffle herself.

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Her muscles continuing to milk every last drop from my loins. She collapsed on top of me. We were both panting, completely out of breath. After several minutes she was laying next to me softly crying. "What's wrong mom?" I asked. "I was so horny, we shouldn't have done that." She answered.

"Mom, Love can't be wrong.I Love You.and you are not just any other woman, you're the best, you're my mom. It's my job to take care of you" I kissed her softly. She returned the kiss and slipped off to her room and let me sleep the rest of the day.