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Nerdy slut fucks for a facial big tits and cumshot
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Rahul and Sapna Ch. 3 :- A late supper for Sapna Sapna is humiliated and tortured by her son, along with lots of scat Disclaimer: This a work of complete fantasy set in another world.

If that is not apparent to you, then you need urgent psychiatric help. I do not condone violence towards other humans. This story contains all manners of violence, torture and deviancies, if that is not your cup of tea, I suggest you turn back now. Tags: m/F, bdsm, inc, sad, scat, snuff, tort, ws, cons, rom, humil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the 40 something woman laid passed out in her own filth, Rahul, who was watching this scene unfold before his eyes, couldn't believe all that he was seeing and doing to his own mother.

Somewhere deep inside, he felt that he had always wanted to do this to her, ever since he started seeing her as a woman. Rahul thought about the amount of strength it must have taken, for his mother to submit to him like this and started feeling a great amount love towards her. However, he had work to do. As the entire day was still ahead of them and he had plans for more than a big tits nylon garter belt extreme tortures for his dear old mother to enjoy, many of which, required prior preparations.

Leaving Sapna in the filth, he went to the dining room of the house. There, he opened the refrigerator freezer revealing, two airtight boxes, completely filled with Sapna's frozen up shit. It was three Days back at around 6 pm that Rahul, who was already back home from college, heard Sapna's car pulling in the garage. "Great, mom's finally back." thought Rahul. As soon as he went to the door (to give his mom a welcome back kiss), the door opened and Sapna fell right into his arm, "I can't do this beta, I can't take this anymore" she said, sobbing in her son's arm.

"I really need to shit Rahul, please understand…" said Sapna looking at her son pleadingly. Rahul helped his weakened mother to the couch "Mom if you can't even handle something this small, you will never be able to survive through what I am going to do to you on my birthday." "Please beta Rahul," she cried.

Rahul thought for a moment while Sapna continued to cry because of the cramping pain in her bowels. "Ok mom, this is what we are going to do." Rahul said, with gusto "I will allow you to take a shit but I am going to save it and feed it to you on my birthday, how does that sound mother?" Hearing that, at first, a look of pure disgust crossed Sapna's already pained face.

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After that look disappeared, Sapna said "Ok beta that sounds wonderful. Can I please shit now?" "Not so fast mother, after you are done, I will be putting the plug back in and you can't remove it till my birthday, Agreed?" "Yes beta, anything you say." After this, Sapna was allowed to shit into the containers. Following which, the butt plug was promptly put back in its place… Rahul carried the frozen pieces of Sapna's turd into the bedroom, using the pictures of Sapna's parents as a platter.

There, he set down dinner for his mother on the puke covered floor. After this, he made me fuck my sweet valiyamma malayalam and teaching other preparations which included, among other things, laying out all the tools, putting a kettle of water to boil, making a noose in the middle of the living room etc.

etc. .Heading back into the bedroom, Rahul lit up a cigarette to mask the overwhelming stench of puke and piss, filling the room. Looking at his mother half dressed, one tit out, lying in her own vomit, with her dupatta still around her neck, her head held back by her hair and surrounded by the platters of shit she was going to have to eat, Rahul thought that she looked like a typical snuff whore right about then… As the cigarette neared the end, Rahul got ready to wake his lovely mother from her sleep.

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Winding the dupatta around her neck, he pulled hard at the ends, choking her. Sapna woke up quite suddenly, unable to breathe, hands tied and with pain all over her body. she was confused and thought that she was having some sort of nightmare. Rahul took the (now finished) cigarette, pulled up Sapna's kameez to expose her bellybutton and stuffed the burning end right inside.

Terrified and in pain, Sapna tried to scream for help but couldn't as Rahul kept strangling her with her dupatta. "Good morning dear mother." cooed Rahul into Sapna's ear, "you have been a real dirty girl, you know?" Rahul whispered.

Hearing Rahul's voice, she remembered what was happening to her and why she was feeling all the pain. "I am so sorry beta," Sapna whimpered, as Rahul slowly eased the hold on her neck. "I am sorry too mom but a dirty slut like you needs to be punished severely, right?" Rahul asked.

Sapna was sobbing and shaking violently, in between her sobs she cried, "Yes beta, a disgusting whore like me deserves the most severe punishment." "Well that's certainly true" said Rahul with a smirk on his face "I will take care of that, but for now, clean up this mess you have made" Sapna stood frozen in her place, hearing this command.

She didn't understand how she was supposed to do anything with her hands tied up like that. Rahul got a hold of her stretched out neck and slammed her face right into the turd lying on her father's portrait. "Lick it clean rand (Hindi-prostitute), don't you understand?" screamed Rahul. Sapna knew better than to disobey her son's commands by now. She pointed her naked ass up in the air, kneeling on the ground so she could reach the mess. Sapna first licked the frozen turd to check the taste, making the most revolted of expression on her beautiful and shit smeared, pretty face.

"Beta please…" Sapna pleaded with Rahul.

In return, Rahul kicked her right in her pussy sending her sprawling. Clambering back up into position with a more determined look than before, she took a small negacomendcu da novinha e fazendela chora sem pena10 out of the turd and started gaging.

Rahul who was sitting on the bed, had lit up another cigarette and was watching Sapna struggle through the monumental task of consuming all that filth around her. He couldn't see how his mother could possibly finish eating all that, Especially because each time that she was done with eating a few bites, she would start retching and gagging horribly and throw up a bit more. Her white face was red and swollen from all the slaps, all the veins in her necks were engorged, showing the amount of strain that she was under.

During one of her gagging episodes, he used the cigarette to burn her exposed nipple while he fucked her in the pussy. Somehow, Sapna managed to finish lapping up all the filth in just under an hour and kneeled there, waiting for her sons next command, with all manners of filth covering her face. If you are one of the few people who enjoyed this "shitshow", I'd love to hear from you. Any of you can reach me at my email id [email protected]