Blonde teen takes care of a dick

Blonde teen takes care of a dick
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I woke up with a bad headache. When I cleared my thoughts I realized I was in a hospital bed. My memory was coming back and the last thing I remembered was seeing headlights coming straight at the front of my car. I looked around. My arm had a tube connected to a drip bag stuck into it and I had many monitors attached to my body.

Next I saw my wife asleep in a chair next to my bed. I tried to say something but it came out as more of a croak. Sue did hear it and quickly sat up. Seeing my eyes open, she rushed over and kissed me. I cleared my throat and in a weak voice, I asked her what happened. She told me that another car had crossed into my lane and hit me head-on.

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I asked if anyone else was hurt. She said that the other driver and his passenger were killed. They were driving a smaller vehicle than I was. Then I asked her when it was and she said that I had been out for two days. She told me that I had seven broken ribs, a broken sternum, a bad concussion, a lot of bad bruises and numerous small cuts and abrasions.

Sue called for the nurse. When she entered she said, "Hello Mr. Thomas. I'm happy to see that you are back with us. We've been taking good care of you and your wife has been by your side the whole time. I'll tell your doctor that you are awake." I was in the hospital for another eight days. It was two more days before I could drag myself out of the hospital bed, with help, and get to the bathroom. It felt good to get that hose that went to a collection bottle off of my cock.

I guess that is what astronauts have to do when they are in their space suits. A couple days after I was able to start taking walks up and down the halls of my ward, I told them that I wanted to go home.

I was told that I would be allowed to leave but that I would need a hospital bed at home to be able to get up and down without a lot of pain. I would probably need it for at least a month. They ordered it for me and it was put in the tiny teen anal first time yr old refugee in my hotel room for sex bedroom. It wouldn't fit in the master bedroom.

As much as I wanted to be in the same bed as Sue, I needed the tilt of the hospital bed and the grab rails to be able to get in and out of bed and it was still to painful to do without. About three weeks after I returned home I lay in my own bed for the first time. Sue carefully got in next to me.

I was very pleased at this progress. Sue very carefully came next to me and we kissed. I dozed off and when I woke, she was still there with me. Sue reached over and very gently rubbed me between my legs.

It was the first time we had any sexual contact since the accident. Nothing happened and I encouraged her to do more. Still I did not react to her touches. I had a doctor's appointment the next day. I brought him up to date on my progress and also told him about not being able to get an erection. He told me that my insides had been pretty badly beaten up and that he was not surprised and that it might be some time before I could get any reaction down there but that I should be able to eventually return to normal function.

He said not to use Viagra or any other ED med because my body needed to heal at its own pace. I was unhappy to get this news but understood. That night, Sue was consoling me and telling me that it was not a problem for her. She was just happy that I would get all better in every way and we would go back to our love making when the time was right.

A couple nights later I insisted on sleeping in my bed with my wife. Before sleeping I took her hand and put it on my package.

She tried to encourage an erection from it but to no avail. Then she bent down and took my male member in her mouth. It felt wonderful but I still did not get hard. She worked my neighbors sex tapes layna laurel mimi allen me for several minutes but never got me up. Then I felt that I was getting ready to cum.

I told Sue. She has never liked me to cum in her mouth but this time she didn't stop.

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I told her again and then emptied a load in her mouth. It felt wonderful. It had been so long. Sue swallowed my babe is nailed from the behind after performing rodeo on ramrod and smiled at me. We kissed and then we went to sleep. For the next week or so, without complaint, Sue repeated orally pleasuring me every couple days, swallowing every time but still not getting the desired reaction from my manhood.

I would reach over and rub her pussy while she did it. Then one day I woke from a nap and dragged myself out of the recliner chair. As I slowly went down the hall to the bathroom, I passed the master bedroom.

The door was open a little and I heard quiet moaning coming from inside. Stopping to peek in I saw Sue naked on her back with her legs spread wide and her fingers rapidly rubbing her clit and dipping in and out of her cunt, working at bringing herself to an orgasm.

I watched my loving wife trying to get herself off because I was unable to do it for her. It was only then that I realized that my accident was causing her as much torment as it was causing me. I spent hours thinking about this predicament. How long till I could get an erection?

Would I ever be able to get one again? The thought was frustrating. Finally my thoughts came up with a solution to Sue's portion of the problem. I had a close friend named Frank. Frank and I bowled and fished together. Sometimes he came over and we watched NASCAR races. Sue also liked Frank and enjoyed his visits. Frank had visited several times after my accident and I called and asked him to come over again.

The next evening, Frank came to our house. When Sue was off doing something in the other room, I told Frank that I needed to talk to him about something I needed him to do for me. I told him about how I was recovering and also told him about not being able to get an erection and how much that was hurting Sue, even though she would not let me see that it was.

I told him that until I could perform again, I wanted him to have sex with Sue. Frank had a shocked look on his face and I repeated what I said. "Is Sue OK with this?", Frank asked. "I haven't brought it up yet. I wanted to talk to you first. If you say yes, we will try to get it to happen." Frank was single by choice, about our age, attractive and he daddy cums in his daughters mouth a reputation for being with a lot of the ladies.

"I must admit that I have always had a little bit of a crush on Sue." If that is what you really want and she is OK with it, I would be delighted to fill in for you." Sue and I were each 30 years old.

She was very attractive, with a great body. One part that I loved most was her chest. She had 32-C tits that still had not yet started to sag. She was not a virgin when I met her. She had sex with a couple of boyfriends before me but was not considered easy. Two and three years after we were married, I talked her into doing some swinging but we didn't stay at it long term.

When Sue came back into the room she brought a beer for each of us and we settled down to watch a movie. When the movie ended, I turned to her. "Sue, I know that I have not been able to satisfy you sexually for some time. You have been wonderful making me feel good but that is not enough. I'm going to bed now but I have asked Frank to stay a while and give you the sexual satisfaction you need and deserve.

"No, Paul, I'm OK. I can wait till you're ready, honest." I stood up, went over and kissed her. "Goodnight. You two have fun." I headed for the hospital bed that was still in the guest room. As I left, I saw Frank move over to the couch and sit next to Sue. Nothing happened for about a half hour. Then I heard them enter the master bedroom. The two rooms shared a common wall. I could hear them talking but not well enough to hear what was said. After several minutes, Sue got louder and I could hear what she was saying.

"Yes, put it in now.

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Fuck me. I need it so bad. It's been so long. Fuck me hard. Ohhhhh!" That last sound must have been as Frank shoved his prick into my wife's tight and wonderful pussy. For several minutes I could hear Sue making an occasional moan and then she got really loud. "Yes! Fuck! Fuck yes! Yesssssss!" Then all was quiet. I thought they were done and Frank would be getting dressed to go home but I didn't hear him leave.

After about ten minutes I heard noises starting again. They were going for seconds. "Shove your wonderful cock in me, Frank. I need it so bad. I need to be fucked till I come again. Oh shit yes." Soon I couldn't stand it. I got out of bed and went to the master bedroom door. I opened it enough to look in. Sue was on her back. Frank was between her legs and he had them over his shoulders.

I watched Frank's cock slamming into Sue's cunt and listened to both of them grunting with each thrust. How I wished that it was me giving my wife such a great fuck. They came at about the same time.

I think that Frank's explosive orgasm brought her to hers. Frank just grunted louder and held his prick deep In Sue as he emptied his spunk into her gorgeous and busty mom fucks young guy in the dressing room. Sue grabbed the sheets and rolled her head back and forth as she had one of the strongest orgasms that I ever remember her having.

She was as loud as she was the first time. I was happy for them and also happy that Sue was on the pill. As soon as Sue came down, she shifted position and sucked Frank's cum covered cock clean. As they lay next to each other, I walked over, leaned down and kissed her. She hadn't realized that I was watching and listening. "I love you. You needed that.

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I'm happy that you did it." She quietly replied, "Yes, I really did need that. Thank you. I love you so much." While we were doing this, Frank was dressing and getting ready to go home. Over the next three weeks, Frank came and spent time in bed with Sue five times. My body was healing well. I enjoyed listening to them fuck but never went to watch again. Then the wonderful day came. Sue wwe superstar trish stratus unlock xnxx giving me a blowjob when I got the first erection since the accident.

We both cheered and I rolled over and slipped my cock into her. I still could not give her the fuck I wanted to, but slow and steady brought us both to a satisfying climax.

I stayed with her and after she sucked my deflating cock clean we cuddled till we fell asleep. The next morning we talked about how nice it was that I had regained my manhood. Sue looked at me and quietly asked, "Can we still invite Frank to join us sometimes?" I smiled and kissed her.