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Caught my blonde slut wife on cam
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Very Loving Family Chapter Two by Jen L. Lee © 2012 George Charles awoke to a very strange feeling. He realized that it was coming from "down below" and when he fully awoke, he realized that someone was sucking his cock. Holy shit, it was his mother! At least, it looked like his mother. The woman giving him a blowjob had her long blonde hair down and she was wearing the most outlandish outfit. When she lifted her head and looked him in the eyes, yes, it was his mom!

The sixteen-year old blinked and tried to formulate his thoughts. "Christ mom, what're you doing? You were … sucking on my penis! Have you gone crazy? Whatever possessed you, what would dad say?" His mom still had her hand wrapped around his thick cock. "I don't know and I don't care, I kicked the lazy, cheating motherfucker out this morning and had the locks changed. What I was doing darling was sucking your thick, long, wonderful cock the way I've wanted to for months.

When I'm done doing that, we're also going innocent school girl fucked by her class teacher fuck and anything else we want to do. We have the entire summer to screw, so let's not waste too much time." George couldn't believe it as his mother started sucking him again. Where was the quiet, respectable soccer mom, the pillar of the PTA? The Bianca Charles who was so casually sucking his dick was wearing a black PVC corset trimmed with red, a black thong and stripper heels.

She looked wild and wanton, almost crazed. The mother who had raised him would have cautioned him away from women such as this.

That mother would have been wrong! This was so good, the best feeling he had ever enjoyed.

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The 36-year old blonde was making his cock feel so good and his head was spinning. He moved a bit to force his hard young cock further down her throat. Bianca whimpered a little but she didn't stop sucking. Her mouth was hot and her tongue was skilled. George had heard other guys talk about getting blowjobs from their girlfriends. He doubted that any of them could have been as good as his mother. Yeah, he knew that he should put a stop to this. It was incest, after all.

He didn't intend to do that, he wanted to see it through until the end. He hadn't done anything wrong; his mom had come into his room and started this. He had been asleep, what could he have done? Might as well relax and enjoy it. His groans were very loud, although he tried to muffle them. He didn't want to wake his sister Christy. She was sleeping in her room at the other end of the hall.

No way would his 9-months younger sister have understood this. She probably would have freaked out and called the cops or something. He wanted to fuck his mom the way she had said. Even if it was just this one time, he wanted to know what it was like to fuck a woman! "Go ahead baby and cum for mommy," Bianca purred as she licked up from his balls to the crown of his cock. "I want to swallow your jizz; I'm such a slut-mommy. We're going to have a lot of fun, you and I. Don't be afraid to cum too soon, I've been sucking on your wonderful prick for30 minutes now.

That's very impressive, your asshole father could barely last ten." She continued sucking and George knew that he couldn't last much longer. His groans grew louder and he gushed his load down her throat. Bianca stunned her son by swallowing all of it. She wasn't even having a problem with that, all his cum went down her throat and she didn't gag or anything!

"Holy shit mom, that was incredible," George said when he stopped panting. "I don't know what got into you, but I'm all for it. What are we going to do next?" "Well darling, I thought that next I would teach you to eat my pussy and …" "Mom? George? Oh my God, what are you two doing?" dyke milf makayla cox enjoys lesbian duo with teen izzy bell stood in the doorway to her older brother's bedroom.

The petite young blonde had a glassy look in her pale blue eyes. George and Bianca stopped for a minute and George noticed how pretty his sister was. Funny, he had never really noticed before. "Don't ask stupid fucking questions, Christy," Bianca snapped at her daughter.

"I raised you with more brains than that. As you can see from the condition of your brother's cock, I just finished sucking him off. I was about to show him how to eat my pussy before you so rudely interrupted us." "But Mommy that's incest!" "Like I honestly give a fuck," Bianca said with a candor that stunned both of her children. "I intend to live life the way I want to from now on.

If I see something that I want, I intend to go after it. Better get used to it kids, mommy's changing. As a matter of fact, Christy darling, it's been a long time since mommy has eaten pussy and I bet yours is absolutely delicious.

If you think you can handle being a naughty horny oriental pussy jerking off stockings japanese slut, why don't you join us here? I'll eat your pussy while your brother is eating mine and once he has fucked me, I'll let you fuck him too.

We'll be a naughty fucking family, just the three of us," their mother suggested. "Mommy, I … I don't know if I should …" "Of course you should, Christy," Bianca said, using honeyed words to entice her youngest child.

"Sex is wonderful and nothing to be afraid of, nothing at all. You can enjoy men and women both, I used to love pretty girls like you. Your brother well darling, just look redhead girlfriend cockriding after blowjob forwomen amateurs that magnificent prick of his.

So thick and long, wouldn't that feel nice stuffed inside your sweet little cunt? Wouldn't you like that or have mommy sucking on those perky tits of yours? Mmm, you can baby, you can, all you have to do is come over to the bed and join us," she said, licking her full, red lips.

Christy stood as if rooted to the spot and then, it appeared as if her inhibitions shattered. She dropped her pretty white nightgown to floor. George looked at his tanned, curvy mom and then looked over at his gorgeous little sister. With her ash-blonde hair, sexy blue eyes and perfect, upturned tits, she was beautiful. She had nice legs and a wonderful ass. She crawled into bed beside him and put a hand on his arm as if to reassure herself that it was all happening. Bianca nuzzled her daughter's neck and then turned the girl's face to her own.

She kissed the sweet fifteen-year old with an open mouth and let her tongue slide along Christy's lips. When Christy's tongue came out in response, her mother sucked on it a little before releasing the girl. She fell back against her brother, neither of them quite aware of just how naked they both were.

"I wish I had a camera, you should see just how gorgeous you both look together," Bianca smiled. "Oh, wait a minute," she cried out and ran out of the room. She came back a few minutes later with her camera and took a picture of the two confused teens. "A nice memento of our first time together. All right darlings, it's time to really get this party in high gear. Christy, you move that yummy little cunt to the top of the bed, that's right.

Mmm, how lovely, but you should shave or wax baby it's so much more erotic. Maybe mommy will do that for you. George, what you need to do is lick my cunt from behind go slowly, it's not a race. The juices may surprise you at first, but I promise you, they don't taste bad. If I shake a little, then you'll know that you've made me cum. I certainly intend to make your little sister cum; she's such a gorgeous little bitch." The tiny little blonde shivered as her mother kissed her but she didn't pull away.

George just looked on in awe. "Holy shit, mom," he gasped as he watched his mother push his sister on to her back on his bed.

"Okay kids, I think you can call me Bianca when we're all fucking like mom shower and caught son peeping the beautiful mother said. She turned her head to look at George and then back towards her daughter. "Better yet, call me Candy like they used to when I was younger. It's what my lovers called me because I was so fucking sweet," she purred with a soft laugh.

"Mommy, I can't get over the way you're acting," Christy gasped. "What's happened that made you change so much," she asked. "I'll explain it all later, kids," Bianca / Candy said to her children. "Right now, fucking is the number one priority.

George, start eating my cunt and don't stop until you've made me cum? Got that, you little bastard? Okay Christy, mommy's gonna devour your sweet little box, so get ready!" Despite what "Candy" said to her children, there really was no way to prepare for what followed.

George's initial foray into oral sex was still ongoing and he made sure to touch and taste his mom without being too rough. Despite his athletic prowess, his mom and sister had often teased him about being a big teddy bear. His mouth and fingers probed his mother's pussy but he made sure to keep an eye on what she was doing with Christy.

It really was so fucking sexy. The pretty blonde teen was propped up on several pillows with her mother between her legs. Candy's beautiful face was buried deep in her daughter's sweet muff and she was going after the girl like there was no tomorrow.

Christy gasped and moaned. George could see how turned on his sibling was because her cotton-candy nipples were stiff and erect. He thrilled to the fact that later on, he himself would get to taste those nipples. He would get to fuck his sister, maybe even be her first fuck, the way his mom was going to be for him!

He was fairly sure that she was a virgin. Christy was very popular but also very shy and somewhat introverted. She'd only been on a few dates and had no steady boyfriend. He hoped that he would be a good fuck for his gorgeous kid sister. George would pay careful attention when he got around to fucking his mom and learn from example. Fucking his mom! No matter how many times he thought about that in his head, it was still crazy and exciting.

His mouth worked over her pussy eagerly and she had been right, she was sweet and very juicy. He could hear her moaning into Christy's tight little pussy and it was really getting him hot. His cock was already stiff as a crowbar; it would not require any further sucking when I came time to stuff it inside his mom's gorgeous pussy.

"Oh God DAMN baby, you're a good little pussy licker," Candy moaned when she came up for air. She kissed her son and he tasted his sister on her lips how fucking cool that was and sweet must have run in the family!

"A whole lot of girls have been missing out, but we're going to fix that. By next year, you'll be two of the most popular kids around and you'll be able to fuck and suck with anyone you want.

I can also promise you that not all of your lovers will be kids your age, you'll be able to handle anything that's thrown at you," Candy told them. "Oh mommy," Christy breathed, her small breasts rising and falling. "It all sounds so wonderful, but how can you be sure?" "Because I'm going to be your teacher and you won't have to worry about bringing lovers home," Candy smiled as she stroked and fondled Christy's pert young breasts. "In fact, I'll encourage it. You find anyone you think is sexy and worth fucking, bring them home and show them what hot kids you are.

If they're cool enough, we can have parties maybe even orgies. Would you like that, my naughty darlings?" "Hell mom, yeah!" George grinned while his sister nodded. "I really like the new you, this `Candy', she's fucking hot!" "Yes she is sweetheart, Candy is a fucking slut," their mother said as she ran her gentle hands along Christy's thigh.

"Come here baby, it's time for you to look at your first cock. George is a lot bigger than most boys his tight sweet girl feeling the wrath sextury and hardcore, but pussies stretch.

When it comes time to fuck him, it might hurt a little, but we'll do our best to take care of that. You want to fuck your brother, don't you?" "God yes mommy, he's so strong and handsome," Christy gushed. She'd harbored a secret crush on her older brother for years. "Good baby, you're a little whore underneath, just like mommy," Candy encouraged her. "Have you ever been fucked before or is this your first time?" "F-first time mommy, although I've given a few blowjobs," Christy admitted.

"I know I'm not as good as you are, but I want to hot brunette victoria show her nice tits and suck a huge dick don't you taste your brother's cock then, he tastes very nice," Candy encouraged her daughter. "Lick him a little before I let him fuck me. Go ahead baby, he's waiting for you." Christy nodded, thrilled at the new kind of fun she was having. Wouldn't the kids at school be shocked if they saw sweet, demure little Christy with a big cock in her mouth?

Or stunned to see her naked and in bed with her brother and her mother? She took George's cock in in tiny hand and stroked it. Then she lowered her eager mouth down and began to lick the veiny shaft. Mommy was right, he tasted nice it was really cool how it twitched and jerked under her tongue. She wanted to do this as often as her older brother would let her! George groaned under his sister's oral assault and did his best not to cum.

He didn't want to lose his load in his sister's mouth, as tempting as that was. He had to be at his full strength in order to fuck Candy.

Their mom was watching the pair of horny teens with eager, blazing eyes. "Okay Christy, that's enough," the gorgeous mother told her youngest child. "I know it's tempting to have your brother cum in your mouth because he's so delicious, but I need his cock now.

I want him to fuck me or rather, I'm going to fuck him! Pay attention darlings, because this is the best way to fuck for your first time!" Candy got on top of her son's prone body and wriggled down upon her son's thick prick.

George groaned again, he couldn't believe that anything could feel so hot and so tight. The walls of his mother's pussy were squeezing his cock as she began to move up and down on him. His mother couldn't believe how hard, thick and virile her son was. With some experience under his belt, he would be a force to be reckoned with.

She and Christy would damned well make sure that he got that experience. Christy couldn't believe what a slut that her mother had turned into, not that she objected. It was really cool to see her mom acting this way and so much fun to be a part of. She reached out and captured one of her mother's tits in her hands and fondled it while her brother fucked back against their mother's frantically fucking body. The three of them were joined together in a pool of incestuous lust, each of them contributing to the rising desire of the room.

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Candy gave her son an amazing first fuck. She put him through the ropes and he came through like a champ.

He didn't seem to tire and he didn't complain about her taking the lead. He just did his best to keep up with her and his best was quite remarkable, given his experience. It was also worth noting just how fast little Christy had adapted to all of these goings-on.

She knew that deep down her beautiful little girl was a nasty little whore and she would make sure to give Christy the sexual education of a lifetime. Candy had no intention of living by outdated social mores. Bianca would be the face she presented to the public but Candy was the face she would wear in front of her lovers.

Yes, lovers. Now that her husband was gone and out of her house, she intended to have as much sex as she could find. Keeping herself in good shape all of these years was going to pay big dividends. A lot of men and a number of women in her social circle knew Bianca was a beautiful, graceful woman who carried herself well. Now those she chose to honor with her body would discover the sexual dynamo that lay underneath.

"God mommy, fuck him, it's so hot seeing George's cock go in and out of your pussy," Christy groaned as her fingers moved in and out of her own cunt.

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She loved the visual of the mother-son fucking that was going on before her very eyes. She couldn't wait to feel her brother's cock spearing in and out of her own needy pussy, making her virginity a thing of the past! Candy saw the passion in her daughter's pretty blue eyes and knew it was mirrored in her own.

The newly-kinky mommy wanted to see her kids fucking; it would be the ultimate thrill. She removed herself from George's cock and licked it a few times, tasting the mixture of her flavors and hers. "Go and fuck your sister," she instructed him. "The little bitch needs it bad." Christy almost squealed with delight when she heard what her mom said.

She didn't mind her mom calling her nasty names, it was kind of sexy. George approached her and it was obvious he had been paying attention to their mom. "Get on top of me, sis," he said to Christy.

"You can fuck me and control the speed, that way; it probably won't hurt too bad the first time. I'll be as gentle as I can and mom's here to help if you need it." Christy nodded and lowered her slick, wet pussy down on to her brother's cock.

She didn't know if she could take it, but she wanted to! It breached the walls of her pussy and the first few inches felt, so, so good! More went in as she squirmed down and it started to hurt. She felt her mother's gentle, reassuring hands on her breasts, making her feel nice. Then, Candy gave her a gentle shove down. She yelped at the onrush of pain and then the pain began to ebb. A hot feeling suffused her body and then she began to respond to the cock that was inside her pussy. She was fucking George!

She wasn't a virgin anymore, she was a young woman who was being fucked for the very first time and her gorgeous mommy was helping! If it got any better than this, Christy didn't want to know about it! "Mommy, mommy, it feels so good!" The fat redhead big tits pussy licking gold shover blonde groaned as she bounced up and down on her brother's cock. George couldn't believe how tight she was and was glad that their mom had lubricated Christy or he might not have gotten it inside of her!

"How good does it feel baby? Tell me, use the words," Candy encouraged her daughter. Christy knew what her depraved parent wanted to hear and she was sure it would excite George as well.

"It feels so good, so fucking good, George's thick cock deep inside my cunt," she howled. "I feel like such a little slut!" "You are a little slut darling, just like your mommy," Candy said to her daughter. "I'm thrilled by this, by both of my naughty children." She crushed her lips to the pretty teen and they kissed passionately while Christy fucked her brother. George thought that this was the best day of his entire life. George's balls felt as if they were about to explode and his mother could see he needed to cum by the look on his face.

She told Christy that she needed to give up his cock for a bit and the girl protested, but she understood her brother needed to cum.

She didn't know if George could tell, but his cock had already given her two cums, so it was only fair. When she got off his dick, she and her mom treated him to a hot, double-BJ that ended with him cumming all over their beautiful hardcore bombshell mea melone banged by huge dicks up her tight asshole. When they kissed each other and started licking it off, George's spent cock was already twitching and showing signs of renewed life.

Candy was impressed to see that she had been raising such a stallion for all these years. He was much better than his worthless father. After hours of intense sex, she fixed them all a nice meal and explained her reasons for their father's expulsion. After losing his job last year, he had made no effort to find a new one, leaving her to be the breadwinner. That was her first issue. When she found out he had a much-younger girlfriend and was sponging off her, that was the final straw.

She packed his bags and dirty couple having sex out in public him out.

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He wasn't a good enough lover to try and save their failing marriage. Her kids, her wonderful kids, would keep her pussy happy and satisfied. Nor did she intend to make them her only partners. She would find new lovers and encourage them to do likewise. She watched Christy give her brother a blowjob and thought of the sexual fun that lay ahead and smiled naughtily.