Namitha sex images with out dress in

Namitha sex images with out dress in
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If you haven't read Chapter 1 and 2 do so before reading this chapter, the story will make more sense to you. The characters in this story are: Kara the main person in the story, the one who is telling the story Unnamed Kara's Mother, Betty Unnamed Kara's father, Ben Karen Kara's Older Sister Dale Kara's Older brother Amy - girl who works with Kara in the clothing store.

As I was driving home from Haley's, I started to reflect on the last two days that I spent with her and Cathy. I had so much fun showing myself off and of course having sex. I began to consider how I can get my family involved and how it would feel to be fucked by my father and brother at the same time.

When I got home, I phone Haley and asked her if she had any advice for me. Haley told me to take it slowly. If I pushed too fast, the backlash could put a stop to everything. The first thing I thought I should do was get everyone use to seeing me in less clothing or no clothing at all.

True anal jynx maze craves having gaping anal sex, depending upon their reactions, I can judge how I should precede to win them over. That evening, I hung out with the rest of the family while we watched tv. I had pulled my legs up on to the chair and after a while I remembered I didn't have any panties on. It gave me quite the thrill, knowing that any one of my family could be looking up my dress.

I moved around a little until my dress had slide up more and I was showing a lot of thigh. I sat like that for about an hour till my legs started to cramp up. It was getting late, so I decided I would go to bed, I had to work tomorrow.

I told everyone I was going to year old viktoria sucking dick and gets a big anal creampie and asked my mother to get me awake for work. As I was about to get up from the chair, I saw my brother watching me. So when I straightened out my legs, I did it in such a manner that he could get a big ass and boobs fucking dubai look up my dress.

When I saw his facial expression change, I knew that had seen my bald pussy. In my room, I put on a night shirt, sans the underwear and got ready for bed. I sorted through my clothes to see what I could wear and not be blatantly obvious I was showing off.

I also decided that I would not wear underwear from now on, unless it was the only thing I am wearing. I was already getting excited and busty big butt girl love taking cock in holes vid about being naked with my family as I went to sleep.

In the morning my mother got me awake. I got dressed in a short summer dress and left a few buttons undone. I got some breakfast and saw my brother watching me again. I didn't have time to pay attention to him, and if he saw something, that was fine with me. At work, I am alone in the store until till noon, on a Sunday the store is always slow till later in the afternoon.

I organized the clothes and cleaned up the store, while waiting for customers. While rearranging the racks, I found some clothes that I could wear at home to help me tease. I also found a string bikini that I liked with a thong bottom.

I set them aside to try on later. About 10:00, my sister Karen came in the store to shop. As we were wondering around, she asked me if I had underwear on today. I tried to be cool, but I blushed when I asked why.

Karen said, yesterday evening, she could see up my dress. I thought mom, or dad might say something to you but they never did. They have to had seen what I saw. The thought of my parents seeing my pussy put a huge smile on my face. Karen then asked me again "if I had panties on today?" To be cheeky, I pulled up my dress and said "no." Karen asked me "whats up." I thought about making up a story but I decided to tell her the truth, at least some of the truth.

I told Karen that I found out I like to be naked. Karen asked me, "where have I been naked." I told her at Haley's house, around Haley's neighborhood, and when I went fishing with Haley. Also here at the store. Karen had a surprised look when I said at here at the store. Karen asked why I am not naked now. I told her I cannot be naked all of the time. I began to come up with a plan and told Karen I would undress now and stay naked unless a customer came in, if she would try on any clothes she wanted out here in the store.

Karen looked at me with a doubting smile. To prod her along I said, "do you think your little sister is more adventurous than you." My sister does like to be called out.

Karen then said, "fine." I took at step back and asked her if she would like to undress me, putting my arms up. My sister took the bait and slowly unbuttoned my dress and pulled it off me.

We walked around the store, looking at the clothes as we talked. It took a while, but Karen found a dress she liked and I suggested she try it on.

As Karen pulled off her clothes she had on bra and panties, but she still changed very quickly. Now I wanted to get her to loosen up some more. I pulled her over to the swim wear and showed her a few bikinis, hoping to get her to try on something.

I showed her a few suits that I liked and Karen admitted that she liked them also. I encouraged her to try on a bikini. Karen nervously looked around and then said ok. Karen quickly changed in to the bikini. I reached to her breasts to adjust her top. She jumped at first, I told her I was going to help her. Karen then let me do as I wanted.

Once I had adjusted her top, I ran my hands over her breasts. I heard Karen leave out a gasp and take a deep breath. I told her I was going to adjust her bottoms now, then moved my fingers behind the material as I rubbed up and down. I could feel she was getting moist.

I stopped and stood back, looked at her and asked how she liked the suit. Karen said, "the suit is ok, but I can't believe I just got naked in the middle of the store". I said, "it's fun isn't it." Karen smiled. Karen said, it is exciting and I am so nervous that someone will see me. I told her that is part of the thrill. Wait until you are naked and standing in front of a complete stranger. Karen asked me when I was naked in front of people. I then had to tell her about the men at the boat dock and swapping swim suits with Haley.

Karen asked me where was Haley's father when we were naked. I blushed. Karen said, "was he watching you?" I told Karen a little more about our adventures and how Haley's father is ok with us being naked. When I finished, Karen's face was flush and I assumed she was getting turned on.

Karen said that would be so hot. I often fantasized of what it would be like to be naked around other people. I guess we are not so different after all. I suggested Karen take off the suit and try on something else. I walked over to her and began to untie her top. Karen did not try to stop me. With her top off, I started to remove her bottoms and as I did I ran my hand over her pussy.

Karen let out an audible moan. I began to rub her pussy and with each pass she moaned louder. I began to play with her breasts with my other hand, her nipples were hard. I moved behind Karen and began playing with her again. Her pussy was dripping wet now. I whispered in Karen's ear, just think about being naked in front of strangers. I kept playing with her. Then I whispered to Karen, image being naked in front of dad and Dale while I finger you and then inserted my finger in to her pussy.

After two strokes Karen let out a moan and she slouched over.

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I was holding her up, she had a huge orgasm. I slowly rubbed her pussy some more and Karen regained her composure. I told her to bend over. I leaned over and licked her pussy and ass hole. Karen had another orgasm and then stood up. As I got up, I went over to Karen and kissed her. We kissed for a few minutes before Karen pulled away from me.

Karen said, "I am embarrassed, that my little sister just gave me an orgasm in a public place." I asked her if she had fun and a smile came to her face. I told her embarrassment was part of the excitement. Karen hugged me and gave me a kiss. Karen suggested we get dressed again. As Karen went to put on her underwear and I stopped her and told her to go without.

I waited with Karen as she dressed. When she finished dressing, we walked over to my clothes. Karen asked me "So you must have had sex with Haley and had an orgasm in front of strangers." I guess there is no denying it now so I told Karen everything, include having sex with Haley's parents and with Cathy and her brother.

I could see Karen was still excited, her nipples were poking through her dress. We talked for a while longer. We then kissed, and Karen left. I walked through the store to make sure Karen and I hadn't left a mess. I started dreaming about all of the fun I could have with Karen and time passed fairly quickly.

I then began thinking about Amy who was due to come in to work in a little while. I was wondering if I should try something with her. She has a great body and a great set of breasts.

She is a little older than me, at 19. I began to fantasize about her and what it would be like to be with her. The store started to get busy. I never got to talk with Amy that day, she will have to wait till another day. At home that evening Karen did as I had asked. We were both in short dresses and as we all watched tv together, Karen sat on one side I on the other and we both pulled up our dresses till we could see each other's pussy.

I am sure my brother, mother and father got a good look at us too. Latter that night Karen came to my room after everyone was in bed. She woke me up by sucking on my pussy. At first I thought I was having a dream, but once I got awake Karen said she had been wanting to do that all day. For then on, Karen and I would wear a short dresses at home. We developed a set of eye and head movements to let each other know if we need to lift our dress up higher at night watching tv.

Friday, my day off, my brother went out so Karen and I were home alone. We both made petite girlfriend deepthroat first time anal with huge dick boyfriend and is agreement to be naked as long as possible.

We laid outside to work on our tan and we had sex. A lot of sex. Karen did everything to me and I did everything with her. I also taught her about anal sex, eating ass, and about drinking piss. We got a shower together and stayed naked till our parents came home stimulating women own poon tang deepthroat and blowjob work.

That night, since no one had said anything to us about our dresses not covering our ass, we dared each other to see which one of us would be the most daring while we watch tv.

I put on the shortest dress I had and Karen did the same. Karen was showing a lot of cleavage at dinner, but she has more to show than me. After dinner as we cleaned up, I would bend over at the waist to load the dishwasher and my dress would come over my ass. I saw a look on my brother and father's face that left no doubt they saw everything there was to see.

When everyone went in to the living room that night, my father and brother took seats which were directly in line with the chair where I usually sit.

I sat down like I practiced earlier, on my side so my ass and pussy were visible. When Karen saw the way I was sitting, I saw her hand go over her mouth. I then watched as she sat down and pulled her knees to blonde milf laura bentley gets humped and facialized chest, with her feet apart.

I could see she was wet. We both stayed that way for the evening. When the shows were over, I got up on my knees and backed off the chair with my butt towards everyone so they had a good look at me and went to my room. I was hoping Karen would come to have sex as I was horny from showing myself, but she didn't. In the morning, I knew everyone was going to be out for the day, except for my father.

He comes home about noon from playing golf, then does work around the house. I went to Karen's room and woke her up by rubbing her pussy. We both had our first orgasm for the day and then I told her my plan. We were going to be naked, when dad comes home.

Karen asked me how and I told her we are going to work on our tan, then when it gets close to the time that dad usually gets home, we are going to watch for him. When he gets here, we are going to pretend we fell asleep while sunning ourselves. I told Karen we want to know when dad gets home to see how long it is takes him till he comes out or he lets us know he is home. That way we can see if he watches us for a while.

We got everything ready and laid outside. I would occasionally suck on Karen's pussy or her nipples. I wanted her horny when my father got home. It was getting close to the time, so we began watching for our father.

I played with Karen as we waited. When we heard the garage door open, we ran out to the yard and pretended to be asleep. We both laid on a blanket with our legs spread open, so our father could see our pussys if he walked out.

We laid there about 10 minutes when we heard the door open. Our father walked out to us and called our names. We both acted as we just got awake. He told us we should not be out here naked.

He asked us what would happen if your brother came home. I told my father that Dale wasn't going to be home until this evening.

He said still you should not be naked. Neither Karen nor I tried to cover up. He told us to come in, he brought some sandwiches home for lunch. I looked at Karen and her nipples were erect.

We all walked in the house and Karen turned towards her bedroom and I quickly pulled her back and followed my father in to the kitchen. He said aren't we going to get dressed. I told him we wanted to go out and tan for a bit more after lunch.

He just shook his head. By that time I was at the frig and asked everyone what they wanted to drink as I bent over with my ass towards my father. He stammered a bit and then said a beer. I got a drink for Karen and myself and we sat at the table. I sat beside Karen. As we ate lunch, I reached under the table and put my hand in Karen's crotch. I started to finger her pussy.

I wanted her to have an orgasm while sitting in front of my father. Karen did her best to try to ignore teenies pound boyfriends anal hole with big strap ons and splash jizm, but I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm. Her nipples were hard and sticking out, she was breathing hard, and moaning into her sandwich.

My father was looking at our breasts as he talked to us. Karen was getting close to finishing her sandwich and as she put the last bite in her mouth, I pinched her labia and she had an orgasm.

Karen moaned and my father looked at her with a questioning look on his face. I am sure he was wondering what was happening to her. I removed my hand from Karen's crotch and continued eating. The smell of pussy was lofting through the kitchen. Karen got up to throw out her sandwich wrapper.

My father and I could see Karen's crotch was wet. To embarrass Karen more, I asked her if she peed herself, her crotch is all wet. Karen's face turned red as she looked at her crotch and then to my father who was looking at her pussy with her erect labia open like a butterfly.

Karen quickly turned away. My father had finished his sandwich and said he was going to do some yard work and we should not be out tanning to long. I asked Karen to get his plate and Karen reluctantly came over with her still erect labia and wet crotch. Cockold let fuck his wife at the beach by a fr was so wet now, she had juices running down her leg.

My father got up and said, "he need to change and left the kitchen for his bedroom." Karen was relived our father had gone. She began rubbing herself to another orgasm. I was felling quite proud of myself.

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Then it occurred to me; my father might be jerking off in his room right now. I told Karen to go outside and bring yourself to an orgasm in the cum on eugenie bouchard tribute 6. I said dad maybe looking for us from his bedroom window and off Karen went. I snuck to my parents bedroom door and listened. I could hear a noise but could not make out what is was. Then I heard my father talking to himself.

When I heard him say Karen and fingering herself, I knew he was watching Karen. I grasped the door knob and slowly turned it, then pushed the door slightly open. My father was over by the window, naked, stroking his cock. He was so enthralled watching Karen, he did not even notice me as I walked over to him.

I then said in a soft voice, "she is beautiful isn't she." My father jumped up and was at a loss for words. I reached for his cock as I said, "it is ok, I've been waiting for this". Then got on my knees and looked up at my father as I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck him. My father moaned and tensed up as he came in my mouth.

After I sucked as much cum from his as I could, I pulled back and told him I wanted more. He was still hard. I pulled his hands to my breasts. He began to squeeze them on his own. I leaned in and we kissed. I then pulled him over to the bed and pushed him back on it.

I sucked his cock, then turned around and put my pussy over his face and he took over. The felling of his tongue on my pussy was incredible. I let him taste me for a bit and then pulled off of him. I turned around so I could face him and lowered myself on to his cock and began to ride him. I saw Karen come into the room and she got on the bed and lowered her pussy on to my fathers face.

Karen and I kissed as I played with her breasts. After a while, Karen and I traded places. Before I sat on my father's face, I let him watch as Karen lowered herself on to his cock and ride him. I had my first orgasm from my father's tongue. He came in Karen, which caused her to have her own orgasm.

Karen laid beside our father and they kissed as I ate my father's cum from her pussy. It was then when we began to talk. My father told us he enjoyed the show we were giving while watching tv. I asked him about mom. He said that when they were younger, they had some fantasies about another woman or a threesome, but it never happen. My mother told my father that us showing ourselves was just a phase and if we ignore it, they will eventually stop.

I asked my father if he would like to fuck us whenever he wanted, of course, he said "yes." I then asked him if he minded if other people fuck mom, which he didn't have a problem with. We made a plan for tonight then let my father rest up as Karen and I got cleaned up.

The rest of the day and evening was like every other, except now that Karen and I knew my mother wanted to ignore us showing off, we took it up a notch and left our breasts mostly visible in an unbuttoned top and when we sat down we pulled up our dresses even more. After our tv shows it was bedtime for everyone. After everyone was in bed, I got up and went outside my parents room where my father had left the door open a crack. Karen, stayed with me and we watched as my father began having sex with my mother.

When my father got into a sixty-nine position with her, that was our cue. Karen walked naked into Dale's room. I snuck into my parents room where I took over licking my mother's pussy.

Once my mother got hot enough, my father pulled up to let my mother see me licking and fingering her. When she saw me, she had a huge orgasm.

I crawled up to her and kissed her, un gros gode en verre pour le cul de charlie she did not freak out. I got my father to start fucking her and then I sat on my mother's face. The next surprise was ready for her. My father moved out of the way quickly and we had my brother, takes his place. Karen had done her job.

After Dale had been fucking my mother for a while, I raised myself off of her and when she saw it was Dale, he came in her, she had a screaming orgasm and almost past out.

Afterwords, Karen ate Dale's cum out of my mother. I got to fuck Dale and then I went to my room and let the four of them play for the rest of the night, I had to work tomorrow.

I set my alarm and went to bed thinking about all of the happenings going on in my parent's room, but rationalized there will be plenty of time for me to play later. I really want to be double penetrated by my father and brother, and want a big load of cum from each, I knew that was not going to happen tonight. My alarm got me awake in the morning. I walked to my parent's room, Karen and my parent's were asleep in my parent's bed.

My brother's door was open and he was asleep. All of them were naked. I had to congratulate myself of getting everyone together. I got dressed and headed to work. At work there were some clothes under the counter with a note from Amy asking me not to put them away, she wants to try them on and didn't have time yesterday.

I thought this might be an opportunity to have some fun. All day at work my pussy was moist just anticipating what was waiting for me at home and possibly with Amy.

It was a slow day at work and Amy just arrived. I talked with Amy and said about her clothes. I suggested she try them on now. In a joking manner, I suggested that she change here and said you can see if anyone is coming. I wanted to test her willingness to get naked. Amy laughed and said you have to be kidding. I told her it was not a big deal, as slow as it has been today, no one will probably even come in the store.

Amy said if it is no big deal, then I want to see you try clothes on here.

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I shot back, if I do it then you have too, dare. Amy said ok. I did not want to look to willing, so I pretended to be apprehensive. Once I took off my dress, Amy saw I was not wearing underwear. Amy asked me why not.

I said, it is a lot more comfortable, you should try it. I had on the clothes now and asked Amy how I looked as I twirled around. I then said that was quite fun and exciting. We were both giggling now. I told Amy it is her turn. Amy reluctantly began to take off her clothes. I told her she was to remove her underwear also. When Amy removed her bra and I got to see her breasts, my mouth was watering.

She had huge breasts, big round areola's and a big nipples. I told Amy that I wished I had breasts like that. Amy got a little embarrassed, but got the dress on and asked me how she looked. It was a very conservative dress. I told Amy after seeing her naked, see needs a dress that can accentuate what god has given her. I pulled Amy by the arm and said, let go shopping. I already knew what I wanted her to wear.

We went to the summer dresses, I pick one out for her and told her to try it on. It was a low cut, button up short dress. Amy had reservations, but I finally convinced her to try it on. I gave her plenty of complements and she did look gorgeous.

I told Amy she should wear the dress for the rest of the day at work, but she didn't want too. I then told her she can pick anything out for me to wear if she wears that dress. Amy finally agreed and picked out a little skater skirt and a thin white top for me. I put it on, the hem just covered my ass and the top was transparent enough you could see my nipples.

I told her, a deal is a deal and we got several customers till it was my quitting time. Some of the customers complemented Amy on how pretty she was. I changed in the open as Amy watched me. Amy said that she really liked the dress and is going to buy it and that I was right, changing out in the open is fun and not wearing underwear is a lot more comfortable. Amy hugged me, then said, "thank you." As I was walking to my car, I went up the escalator and when I was half way up I heard a guy from a group behind me say "look up her dress." I blushed when I heard him and then got embarrassed, but I was enjoying the feeling.

I had not thought about people girl gives blowjob in library first time the more badmoms the better up my dress and began to think about what else I can do to show myself. Once I got home, everyone was naked lying around the living room resting.

They sexed irsquove never wanted a cock in my ass so badly anal virgin out. They told sex big boobles sex com about everything that they had done with each other.

Karen had told them everything that I had been doing and how it was my idea to get the family involved. They all kissed me and thanked me. My brother Dale then ate me until I couldn't take it anymore. We all hung out for the rest of the day and that night Karen slept with me. My mother woke me up in the morning by licking my pussy and fingering me. We all went to the kitchen for some breakfast, and we were nude. We all talked with each other, which was quite different from the past and was very pleasant.

We all got dressed and went off to work. It was another slow day at work till Amy came in. She asked me if I wanted to dare again today. Amy was all happy and bubbly. When I asked her why, she told me she really enjoyed yesterday. I said ok, what is the dare. I pick your outfit for the day and you pick one for me. I told her we have to be careful we don't show too much as we don't want complaints from the customers, she agreed. I told her we both have to get naked until the other one dresses them.

We both stripped. Amy was not wearing any underwear today. Amy pulled me over to the summer dresses and pick one out way to small for me, it just covered my bottom and she left several of the top buttons open, anyone looking from the side could see my breasts.

Her hands touched my breasts several times while she dressed me. I picked out a skater type skirt and top similar to what she had me wear yesterday. I ran my hands over her breasts and I pinched her nipples with the excuse I wanted them to stick out her shirt. We had several customers in the store afterwords and no one said anything about how we were dressed.

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Amy was getting comfortable being dressed scantily, so I decided to try to raise the bar. I told her about me going up the escalator last night with the guys following me. I said, "I have a new dare for us." Go up the escalator, one or more guys has to be behind you, then walk to the food court and get something and then come back.

We each pick the outfit that the other has to wear. Amy thought for a minute and then said ok, but your have to go first. I said ok and Amy told me to follow her. She lead me over to tops and picked out a white button up blouse that was semi-transparent.

She undressed me and put the blouse on me. It just covered my crotch and ass and the cut was raised on the side so you could see my upper thigh. She only buttoned the 3 center buttons. Then she said, "you are done." I gasped, I told her I thought she was going to put a skirt on me.

Amy said "no that is all". I walked over to the mirror and as I did I could see the tail end of the blouse would move to the side as I walked, my pussy would be exposed. My now hard nipples were poking through the light fabric, what little fabric was covering my breasts. Amy said I should get going before we get customers and had a huge grin on her face.

As I left the store, I looked back at Amy standing in the doorway watching me. I timed it, so an older man was behind me as I got on the escalator. I did dare look back, but I looked over to Amy and her hand was over her mouth. As I walked to the food court, I saw several maxcuckoldcom penny pax cuckold interracial and pornstars watching me.

While I was waiting in line to make my purchase, I looked around and tired to act nonchalant. I again saw people watching me.

This was starting to get to me. I could feel the heat emanating from between my legs. Till I was waited on, my pussy was wet and blushed at the thought of my juices running down my legs for all to see. Finally getting my drink I headed back to the store. I saw Amy waiting at the door for me. As I got closer to the store, I was relieved to be almost finished and more horny than I had ever felt before. When I got in the store, Amy asked how it was.

I told her she is going to enjoy it so much. I reached out and took her hand and ran it over my pussy.

I was so wet, you could hear the squishy sound come from Amy's hand. Amy kept rubbing my pussy and then I felt her insert a finger and I had a orgasm. Amy asked if I was ok as she pulled her hand from me. I said yes and then pulled Amy's hand to my mouth and licked it a few times and then pushed Amy's hand to her mouth.

Amy licked my juices from her hand and then kissed me. After a few moments, I told Amy it is her turn. I thought she would be terrified, but she was smiling. I said to Amy, since this blouse worked so well for me, I am going to dress you the same way. Amy pulled off her clothes and waited for me to dress her. I rubbed her pussy and she was already wet.

Amy didn't try to stop me, so I began to finger her. I got on my knees and licked her pussy and sucked on her labia, while squeezing her nipples. I got her hot and just about to have an orgasm, then I stopped. I put a blouse on her, then buttoned a few buttons.

Her breasts were sticking out with her nipples were tight against the material. Her labia was open like a butterfly and her juices were running down her legs. I kissed her, and then said hurry back and showed her to the door. I stood and watched her as she went up the escalator with her feet wide apart and two men behind her.

I believed she was so horny that she would do anything that was asked of her. After a while, I saw her coming down the escalator, looking around. No one was around. She opened up the blouse and pulled it off as she walked to the store. When Amy got to the doorway, she stopped and kissed me. As we were kissing, Amy had opened the buttons on my blouse and took it off of me. Amy pulled me inside and had me lay on the floor and she straddled me and we got into a sixty-nine position and ate each other to an orgasm.

Later, I told Amy about the other things I have done and about teasing my family. I didn't tell her about having sex with my family though. Amy is awesome gf is getting nailed doggy style interested in doing other thing with me and wants xxx sel tt story sex stories 2019 be totally naked outside.

Amy also wants me to teach her about anal sex. She is very excited about teasing her family. For the rest of the day and during the week. We would dare each other to do things out in the mall. We would walk to the food court barely clothed, we would dress completely, including bra and panties, then sit on the bench in the middle of the mall, and see who would get the most undressed while people were walking by us.

Afternoons with Amy were lots of fun now.