Cute brunette gets a nice cream pie

Cute brunette gets a nice cream pie
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Caste Study 301: Now that's what I call a COCK~tail dress: Chapter 17 Welcome back to another episode of Case Study 301. So, the last few chapters we've been dealing wicked slut likes to be on top hardcore and blowjob Kristen Foster reliving a dark moment in her life eight years ago.

While her father in the present day is six thousand miles away at his estate in Portugal as Agent Murphy and Detective Porter reveal to him that is long lost daughter Kristen is alive and well. The pace of our story is going to pick up now so hold on as we start to jump from one place to the next across stepmom angel allwood hot ffm threeway sex on the couch threesome blowjob globe.

Okay, here we go! Meanwhile back at Camelot clinic in New Mexico: Doctor Miles Spencer slipped out of his home before the sun rose this morning. He arrived at his office early enough that there was no one there. Miles' recent trepidation about his home life has left him feeling utterly defenseless against the two dysfunctional females that he is living with.

He chuckled to himself as he lay on his couch in his office thinking how out of control they both are and how they both stunning babe plays with two dicks at once him of the reality TV show the Kardashians.

He felt the only way to have any solace was to escape from home before both his girlfriend and daughter awoke this teen alexis celebrates anniversary by threesome sex with milf bianca. He's been dealing with his girlfriend Courtney's psychological problems for the past several weeks now.

Courtney has been an absolute emotional wreck as she continues to reveal secret after secret of from her youth that is going to require years and years of ongoing therapy. She's revealed to Miles that during her summer break from school when she was ten-years-old that she was molested repeatedly almost on a daily basis.

The elderly woman that her parents chose to babysit her when they were at work also had her twenty-year-oldgrandson living with her in the home at the time. He became Courtney's source of entertainment as her babysitter a gentile old grandmother took to drinking bloody Mary's most of the day causing her to enjoy her many naps or should I say she passed out from drinking too much.

The grandson's name was George and he was the one that actually took care of Courtney. The games the played between them started off innocent enough with some slight touching of each other's privates. Then things escalated when he would help her change out of her bathing suit when she finished swimming and he also helped her to wash hot teen displays her ass in red lingerie in the bathroom.

Eventually the lust he had for young females finally came to the surface and eventually he began having sexual intercourse with her as his grandmother remained passed out on the back porch most afternoons. The sexual activity had become so normal for Courtney that she came to enjoy her special playtime with George.

She had come to enjoy playing with his privates and ensuring George with a pleasurable afternoon during their naked episodes. It was only several nights ago that Courtney finally dispelled one last demon that was torturing her inner soul. With as much love and compassion as she could muster Courtney revealed to Miles that just over a year ago she started having a secret love affair.

It was shocking enough that she was cheating on him as it were but when Courtney told him that she was having an affair with her own renowned Psychiatrist of a father it seemed to be too much for Miles to handle ~ at first. Her lame excuses that her father was, 'living utterly alone in a huge home after a bitter divorce' and that his 'depression was beginning to overtake his life.' She felt sorry for her father and somehow or some way she has found herself being a surrogate sexual outlet for her father.

Now, the average person wouldn't recognize all of Miles' accolades as a psychiatrist and the many things that he has achieved in his field over the years. After all Psychiatrists don't have an awards show like the Oscars or the Grammy's. Miles was best known in his field for being able to help people with head injuries or people who overdosed or slipped into short coma's or just lost huge chunks of their memories.

He developed several techniques that allowed him to hypnotize his patient and he would slowly repair their memory loss to the point that the person actually could later recollect more about their lives than they had ever done before. These techniques worked so flawlessly that after 911 he was recruited by the FBI, CIA and the NSA to help them with captured Hot awesome hottie rides like a wild pro terrorists.

You remember on the news that the US government had all those safe houses around the world. Well, Miles and his colleagues tortured these terrorist members. Now they didn't washboard them or anything like that but they did things that were much worse as they slowly destroyed their realities and got them to reveal their plans of destruction. His work was so successful along with his colleagues that they were able to thwart many more attacks on the US but other countries as well.

With all of his accomplishments there are still several Psychiatrists that even he holds in high esteem. One of those men he holds above all others just happens to be his girlfriend's father Dr. Jeremy Albright. Miles began to debate with himself about Courtney's role with her father. Now, he thought, 'it would be one thing if Courtney was a naive young female with no real educational background that would lead her down a path of her father's manipulations of sexual dalliances.

But in reality Courtney is in her mid-thirties and graduated with honors from Princeton with a Psychology Degree. Miles thought to himself, 'Now in order to seduce a person who knows nothing of manipulation of the mind it is easy for a well-trained psychiatrist like Dr. Albright to overpower them and to take advantage of them.' But the thing that befuddled Miles was with all the training that his girlfriend Courtney has had over the years and is such a well-trained psychiatrist of her own account.

How could she have fallen for her father's manipulations? Or not even recognize them? Unless she just wanted to be her father's sex toy all along? Perhaps she has some form of Oedipus complex? Then there was the issue of Miles' own flesh and blood Amy. Miles rose from the couch and plopped down in his oversized leather chair.

He spun his chair around in his office and began staring out of the large bay window behind him. The promise of an exciting and new day began as the sun's rays were just starting to emerge from the crests of the mountain tops. Miles sat gazing at the burnt orange mountains in his leather chair. His mind began to wander contemplating how out of control Amy has become at home in the past few weeks. She has been engineering secretive plans of seduction for Miles at every turn when he is at home.

Miles was perplexed sitting in his chair and thought, 'How in the hell could I have let Amy give me a blowjob in my car while at our church parking lot? Right after Mass nonetheless? Then almost getting caught by our own priest only seconds after Amy swallowed my load that I deposited in her mouth?' Then he realized that it was his own fault.

He was the one who put the idea of incest into her head. He was the one who had to test out his theory of young prepubescent females being Seductresses. He realized that it was his deliberate questioning that probably pushed her down the path of wanting to be with her father. Miles basically implied that because Amy had witnessed him having sexual relations with his ex-wife and now with his girlfriend Courtney that Amy feels that the only thing missing in her relationship with her father was that special intimacy of sex.

That she felt she needed to be like her mother and Courtney and emulate what they were doing with him to make her love for her father complete just like them. Miles was now reclining his chair as the sun rose even higher in the sky as recollections ran thru his mind of his daughter Amy. He began to press the palm of his hand over his pants moving it upwards and downwards on his shaft as he thought how Amy upped her game.

She has taken to giving him good morning blowjobs in the kitchen while Courtney dresses in her father's bedroom right above them. Miles hung his head in shame and thought 'how could I have succumbed to the feminine wiles of my own daughter that has just crossed over from being a young girl to a teenager? How did I unlock the beast within her?' If those two scenarios weren't bad enough for Miles to deal with on a daily basis there is the little matter of his patient Kristen Foster.

She on the other hand has led him down a much darker and even greater ominous path in scope. Not only because of the myriad of moral issues of him fucking her every therapy session but the ethical issues that will eventually cost him his license to practice and throw him in jail for many years. The past graba escondida asu amiga lesbiana3 and a half Miles has been secretly exploiting his co-ed patient Kristen Foster during their therapy sessions while he had her hypnotized.

Miles has been an active participant in Busty blondie comes for enjoyment hardcore massage personal hypnotic visions that she unveils from her murky subconscious mind.

Miles realized that each time he and Kristen cross over that imaginary line she sucks dick as ice cream hardcore blowjob doctor patient confidentiality into sexual congress he is letting her down ~ instead of what he's supposed to be doing ~ analyzing her thoughts and bringing her solutions to her psychological problems.

Miles shook for a few moments wondering where he had gone wrong with each of these three relationships. What was the direct correlation for him turning into the morbid sexual creature that he had become over the past few months? The only answer he came up with was the influence that subjugated them from the sick, twisted and perverted mind of his patient, Kristen Foster. Miles mind shifted thinking now only of his patient. He felt after what Kristen just went through several days ago mentally with the agony of recanting her story of being brutally raped and beaten seemed to be very hard on her.

Also for some strange reason it was just as hard on Miles as he was beginning to feel he had an uncanny vested interest in her wellbeing. Miles realized that his unhealthy relationship with Kristen was skewing his ability to help her.

Her own rape would have been bad enough but she is still living with the scars of the loss of her younger brother. That same evening, in which Kristen was raped, her younger brother was apparently poisoned by the three men who took part in the home invasion. It also didn't help that her mother was beaten and raped as well that night and all three were left for dead.

You should now that Kristen has remained in a Catatonic state from the moment she arrived at Camelot. Now, being Catatonic basically means she remains in a coma like state but is awake not sleeping like actual comma patients.

The poor girl sits or lies in her bed all day as if she is a real live breathing statue. Miles was lost in deep in thought taking in the majestic mountains from his office window when he heard noises coming from the outer office. He surmised that the noises must be coming from his assistant Trish. He buzzed for her, "Morning Trish." Trish was just putting down her handbag and was startled by the buzzing sound of the intercom and that her boss was actually in before she was and she pushed the button, "Hey, Miles you're in early today." Miles said, "Hey, Trish can you come in for a minute please." Trish said, "Sure I was about to get some coffee ~ you want some?" Miles said, "Sure I think I'm going to need it." Several minutes later Trish opened her boss' door and walked in with his coffee and when she looked at him she said, "Holy crap Miles you look hell.

I think you need to take a vacation. You should get away for a while and take Amy and Courtney with you too." Miles thought about having those two alone somewhere would be an utter disaster especially with his daughter Amy wanting to experiment sexually with him every chance she gets and he said, "You're right but there are too many sick people in this facility.

Look when Carl gets in would you please tell him to bring down Kristen Foster first today, okay?" Trish said, "Boss, I've been meaning to ask you, the other day ~ how ~ in ~ the hell ~ did you get Kristen to actually walk and talk like she was normal? I mean she appeared to be a perfectly normal young girl.

As if nothing ever happened to her? How did you break the spell of her being Catatonic? It was like a miracle and then twenty minutes later when your session was over she returned to that horrible Catatonic state again." Miles said, "I have been tapping into her subconscious mind and that is where I've found her or should I say a shadow of the real her. While I have her hypnotized in her mind she steps into her memories and lives them out because she feels safe in her memories. When I first found a mirror image of her she was as a little girl younger than ten.

Now, she has slowly progressed up in age to the point where she feels that she just became a teenager. The real Kristen, well, she's hiding from the real world in her own subconscious mind and I've yet to find the real Kristen. Now, it has become a game of hide and go-seek between her and me. I need to draw her out and create a safe and welcoming place for her here in real world otherwise she'll remain like she is right now for the rest of her life." Trish said, "Well, that's a lot of pressure on you or should I say for anyone.

You still look like shit and you just need to disappear for a while to get your old self back, you know, recharge the batteries and get back to the man that I know." Miles peered across his desk at Trish who was about the same age as his own mother and said, "I'm so glad you came with me from New York out here to New Mexico.

I know it was hard for you to leave your big family and move your husband and kids out here. I don't think I could have survived out here without you." There was a long pause as he knew how far down the rabbit trail he has fallen both professionally and at home. It just hit Miles that he needs to change his life and he said, "From the bottom of my heart ~ Trish ~ Thank you for sticking it out with me." Trish looking at his face saw a myriad of emotions running through the brilliant psychiatrists mind and said, "You're welcome Miles and thank you for allowing me to be a part of something that is so much larger than just you and me." Miles said, "Okay, that's enough dilly-dallying!

I'm going to set up for Kristen's submissive bbw sucking and doggystyle hardcore blowjob session let me know when Carl is on his way." Trish stood up and moved to his office door and said, "Do you want it open or closed boss?" Miles said, "Closed I have some important things to deal with and I need silence to concentrate.

Thanks for the coffee Trish." Trish nodded and winked at him knowing something was bothering him and said, "It's going to be alright boss ~ whatever is bothering you ~ things have a way of ~ just working out." Then she shut the door behind her. Miles looked at his checklist that he has for each patient. He sets a particular mood for each of his patients that help them to remain calm and relaxed during their sessions with him.

With Kristen she likes the aroma of vanilla so that meant setting candles around his office. It also helps with the lighting of his office as she likes soft lighting.

He pulled the shades and dimmed the lights in his office. She also likes soothing music and Bach seems to do the trick. Several minutes after his office was setup, Carl knocked on his door and ushered Kristen into Miles' office.

Miles saw his beautiful co-ed patient as Carl was wheeling her to the couch and gently sat her down and he said, "Good morning Carl.

Thank you for bringing her down." Carl said, "Good morning Doc. Hey Doc, it sure does seem like she's in a better mood today, now that hot babes with sexy asses get to suck a dick at a porn audition threesome hardcore sees you ~ that is. I think I can see it in her eyes." Miles stared at Kristen for a moment and saw the same blank stare as he always has and said, "Well I'm glad that one of us is starting to pick up on some things around here because I certainly am not.

Thanks Carl we'll be about an hour today." With that Carl let himself out of the office and shutting the door behind him. Miles began their session and started asking the same exhaustive thirty baseline questions that he always does before each and every session with her trying to invoke some form of response from her. As usual Kristen just sat there motionless and silently staring at something that was invisible behind his head. Her breathing was shallow and there hot japanese twins airi and meiri twin angels no movement she just sat there like a living statue.

Miles using his pen bounced a soft beam of light from one of the candles from inside of the room right into her eyes. Now, most people would react and look away or their head would flinch but that is how Miles hypnotized her. Once under he once again used the technique of Regression implanting a date and a time for her. That way he was tapped directly into her subconscious mind and he asked his first question, "During our last session Kristen you told me that after you left the hospital after your rape, your daddy took you home and your mother had been arrested by the police.

Can you tell me what happened with your mother? Kristen's body was slowly beginning to relax and wasn't so rigid now. You could start to see the light actually filling up her blue eyes and her face started becoming softer. Her hands and feet started to move and eventually after a few moments there came a smile and she crossed her legs Indian-style again. Her skirt rose over her knees and Miles glimpsed down between her thighs and noticed that she was wearing a purple almost see thru thong today.

The blood naturally began to push inside of his penis just by the sight of her tight labia and the memories of how wonderful it feels to enter inside of her.

Then Kristen's smile was almost from ear to ear and said, "Good morning Dr. Spencer. Let me think about that for a second. I wasn't sure at first what was going on with mommy but later my daddy and I found out that the DA lady ~ she said my mommy did a lot of bad things like, child endangerment, manslaughter and possession of controlled narcotics, distribution and like seven other things that I can't remember right now.

Daddy told me she was just saying all of those bad things so she could keep mommy locked up in jail because the DA lady didn't like my mommy very much." Miles said, "Where was your dad when all this started?" Kristen said, "At first he was still in Europe ~ you know ~ he was working on starting the new line of Ale products for the Latrobe beer company." Miles thought to himself that, Kristen hasn't deviated from her story from one therapy session to other therapy sessions.

There was a thread of consistency in her story. He just couldn't believe the amount of sexual abuse that she had taken at this point in her life and at such a young age. It was beyond his comprehension that Kristen felt like all the various sexual and physical abuses that she has endured were supposed to be ~ just like happen ~ as if it were normal for all girls that age. Miles refocused and said, "When did your dad get home?" Kristen said, "He got home several days later after everything happened to me ~ you know ~ my rape and my brother and my mommy." Miles said, "What happened after your father got home?" Kristen said, "Things got really bad after he came home especially for my mother.

My daddy and my Pop-Pop paid a lot of money for a lawyer from Pittsburgh. I remember my daddy was really upset because the DA lady of Latrobe was pushing for a fast court date to keep mommy in jail forever. My mommy's lawyer asked the nice judge for something called ~ a change of venue ~ yeah that's what he asked for ~ because of like ~ our family's new and very bad reputation ~ you see that DA lady told everyone in court about our family secrets.

What she said about our family in court went around our town really fast. Once everyone in town found out what was going on at our home over the years, you know, with the sex parties and all ~ the people in town started looking at and treating all of my family members differently. The judge told my mommy's lawyer that mommy was going to have her court case right inside of Latrobe.

The people the DA lady picked to be on my mommy's jury where like katies fine ass oiled up and fucked mommy's best friends that she grew up with. They had just found out about my mommy's and daddies secret lifestyle of being swingers and had orgies at our house right under the noses of everyone in town. Daddy said that made a lot of people mad at us. I don't know why?

I mean we never hurt anyone and anyone who showed up was just like us. Before that people really liked us and asked us to parties and special events all the time. After that my Pap-Pap called a family meeting and told everyone that, 'it was okay that everyone knows that my mommy and daddy are swingers.

But it's not okay if everyone in town were to find out that both sides of our family were nudists and about the incest thing that goes on inside of our family.

He said, 'we all needed to keep the secrets about our whole family having sex together especially with us kids. No one should ever find out that we are a special family; that is different from everyone else.' He said that, 'my mommy might have to suffer a little bit perky tits brunette teen stepsis drilled by thick cock order to keep the secrets of both of our families and all the other special families ~ you know ~ so all the mommy's and daddies could stay out of trouble.' It was really important for mommy to stay quiet about all of us being nudists, swingers and incest with so many other families and especially about all the orgies that we've had with us younger kids.

It really hurt my mommy's defense that she couldn't tell the truth about the way we lived. Our lawyer thought that because my mom and I were both raped by those horrible men and that my brother was tricked into drinking Clorox by those awful men that it would help her with her defense but it didn't. It was only about a month after my mom got arrested when she went to court. The trial only lasted about two weeks and then it was all over and my mom was found guilty by the jury.

They all thought she was just as bad as the three men that broke into our house. I mean they were all found guilty of murder and went to jail for a lifetime. The people who she grew up with turned on her and believed that my mommy turned into like the big huge gross monster or something like that. I don't it understand Dr. Spencer. These people grew up with my mommy and came over to our house for like 4th of July parties, Christmas parties and barbeques all the time.

They all knew my mommy better than that DA lady and somehow the DA lady made my mommy into some kind of horrible sex creature. Her best friends in the whole wide world found her guilty and couldn't see the little girl that they all grew up with anymore.

The sorry your associates sister fucks becky sins got caught by her stepbro using their dads later said, 'mommy had to go to jail for twelve years for being a really bad person and an even worse mommy.'" Miles asked, "So, what happened at home after your mommy went to jail?" Kristen said, "My daddy stayed home with me because I still had casts on both of my arms and my one leg.

I needed help to take a bath and every time I needed to use the bathroom. You know to wipe me clean and all. Daddy didn't call it a vacation from work; he called it a leave of absence from his job. He wanted to make sure I was okay after my rape. I still had some bleeding from between my legs and I was having nightmares about it almost every night.

Then a couple of weeks later after my mommy went to jail my Pap-Pap came over to our house and had like a super duper secret meeting with my daddy. I tried listening to them just outside my dad's office door. I knew it was wrong to eavesdrop and listen in on private meetings but my world was upside down and just ~ like ~ all mushy.

Pap-Pap who was one of my daddy's boss' told him that Latrobe Beer was planning on firing him soon. They argued for a while but then my daddy realized that Pap-Pap was on his side and not the beer company's side. See my Pap-Pap was on his side and he sat on some kind of special board or something like that. Pap-Pap handed over all sorts of secret memo's and documents that he got from Latrobe to help daddy if he wanted to sue the company." Miles said, "So, did Latrobe beer fire your father?" Kristen said, "It was about a month later that they fired him." Miles said, "Did your daddy ever tell you what the reason was?" Kristen said, "Daddy told me the company said, 'It was because he wasn't able to make the Ale products that he was supposed to in Europe on time.' That was a lie because all the breweries over there are still open and make up more than fifty percent of the company's earnings today." Miles said, "So did your dad find another job?" Kristen said, "No, he ended up suing them for what he called 'wrongful termination.' Is that right?

Did I say that right Doctor Spencer?" Miles nodded his head, "Yes that's how you say it." Kristen said, "Well anyway, my daddy claimed they fired him because he was a Nudist and a Swinger. He claimed because the company is based in western Pennsylvania and the family values of the company are very conservative they were being very biased against him.

He claimed that he was being discriminated against because of his personal beliefs." Miles began to chuckle at her, "So, how did it go?" Kristen was laughing too, "I know it sounds silly but the stuff that my Pap-Pap gave my daddy were notes, memos and emails from like those other board members and all. There was a ton of stuff from other high ranking employees of the company. Those memos and emails were more damaging against the company than my daddy's suit because it made them out to be ~ I guess ~ bigots ~ is what my daddy called them.

They settled with my father for an undisclosed amount of money but it was huge ~ like millions and millions. My daddy told me that it was something called, severance pay, for the amount of money they were going to make off of the sales of the Ales they were producing in Europe." Meanwhile back in Los Angeles: Special Agents Eric Walker and Danny Lambert were both scanning thru the case files trying to pick up any innocuous details that could help them solve who was behind the quadruple homicides in Los Angeles.

They have been interviewing hotel staff, staff from the night club. All those interviews just led them to another person who was mentioned that might be able to help them. Things were heating up as the investigation was beginning to start to come into focus. From the very fringe of people that weren't even there the night of the assassination of Salvatore Palandolpho their small clues were actually were forming the inroads that was going to lead them to the person or persons that mommy amp step son share a couch mandy flores behind the hit that fateful night.

Eric and Danny were at the main FBI office in Los Angeles as their boss Special Agent Tom Murphy was on the phone with them from the Azore Islands just off the coast of Portugal. Tom wanted them to interview Adam McCormick's wife to confirm Adam's alibi. Danny said, "Boss we've kept away from Adam and his wife like you said so that they could remain calm and re-enter back into their normal patterns of their lives and then snatch them up.

Won't this raise a red flag with Adam?" Tom was on edge himself he was psyching himself up to go into action. He was about to apprehend Latisha Ruiz the sister of the known assassin Alejandro Ruiz within the hour. Having his underlings questioning his motives at this moment wasn't what he was looking for and said, "Danny what I need from you right now! ~" Tom calmed himself a little and said, "What I need from you and Eric is not to push too hard and far with her.

I need you to push her to a point that she is will to nudge Adam out from whatever rock he's hiding under and try to find out his real purpose in all of this is?" Danny on the other end said, "I hate it when you're in the field and you're trying to apprehend a suspect you get all kinds of hyper boss.

Trust me Eric and I will do our best." It was about an hour later when Danny and Eric pulled up to the McCormick's home in Hermosa Beach south of Los Angeles.

As they sat in the car watching the McCormick home Eric turned to Danny and said, "This guy Adam is smart. Look at this house it is so non-assuming. You would never think that the guy who's living in this house big black cock vz japan be dealing as much dope as he does in his nightclub.

No one would ever believe that he is kidnapping young women as well as helping to move illegal Mexican's across the border." Danny said, "I think that's the whole point. The less flashy you are and seem to blend in to be normal society just like your neighbors ~ nobody is going to suspect a damn thing. You see it on the news all the time when somebody does something that is just awful.

All the neighbors who are interviewed on TV say how nice they are and couldn't believe that the person was involved in something so heinous. Let's not get carried away in there today. Let's stick to Adam's alibi story and allow her to offer up whatever information she wants to give out. Are you wired to record all of this?" Eric said, "She won't know a thing." He put his suit jacket on and they made their way to the house.

Eric rapped the front door and they waited several minutes and just as they were ready to knock on the door again it opened. Standing in front of Danny and Eric was Skye McCormick, Adam McCormick's stunning wife. Adam is part owner of the Vanguard nightclub along with his now dead partner Sal Palandolpho.

Skye stood about 5'4" with bleach blond hair with black eyebrows obviously the carpet doesn't match the drapes, if you know what I mean? She had crystal blue eyes with a nose that looks like it had been worked on. She had 36 DD's that were definitely fakes they were being pushed right up under her neck and her camisole was barely keeping them contained. Her waist thinned towards her curvy hips. She was wearing a nice pair of turquoise colored leggings that were snug to her ass and thighs on her feet she had ordinary flip flops with a nice pedicure.

Then Eric gulped a little and said, "Good morning Ma'am I am Agent Eric Walker FBI and this is my partner Agent Danny Lambert." Skye McCormick was surprised that two FBI Agents would be knocking on her door at eight in the morning, "Good morning gentlemen, how can I help you?" Danny said, "We would like a few words brunette babe dava gets a creampie in bed you and your husband this morning." Skye was completely debriefed about her husband's questioning by the LA Police several weeks ago.

She also knew that the FBI thinks that Sal Palandolpho had been murdered but Adam doesn't believe that Sal was murdered he believes that he has left the country. Adam is holding on to the belief that Sal is actually still alive. He feels that the FBI is looking at him for something completely different, "I am sorry gentlemen but my husband isn't at home right now. If you call his secretary I am sure that you can make contact with him that way." Skye was stepping back into the house and pushing the door closed when Eric's hand stopped the door and said, "Ma'am we came all the way to speak with him.

Do you have an idea when he may be home today?" Skye said, "Well, at the moment he isn't even in the country." Danny saw that there was a circle developing between Skye and Eric and he said, "He's out of the country when will he return?" Skye said, "It should be a few days." Danny then stepped forward blocking the door as he stood in the vestibule of the home shaved babe is fingering wet pussy outdoor said, "That's fine we still need to speak to you about your husband's alibi anyway.

If we could have twenty minutes this morning we could still accomplish what we need." Skye said, "Well, I just put on a pot of coffee because I am expecting a girlfriend of mine in about a half an hour or so. If you gentlemen can ask your questions before she gets here then come on in." She turned and Danny held the door for Eric and they were allowed to enter the home.

From the outside it was very modest home but inside you can see that there has been a lot attention to detail to create a beach friendly home. As Skye was moving through to the kitchen she offered them a seat in a beautiful Mexican style kitchen as they sat Skye said, "Gentlemen I wasn't ready for company can you give me a few minutes to change into something a little more appropriate." Eric said, "Sure not a problem and we'll just make ourselves at home down here in the kitchen, you know with the coffee and all." Skye made her way up the stairs and as they heard her bedroom door shut Eric turned his microphone off and he said to Danny, "Damn we need to move out here dude.

Did you see her she has to be in her mid to late thirties ~ I mean damn man all the chicks out here are so friggin hot." Meanwhile back in New Mexico at Camelot: Miles was questioning the events after Kristen's mother was incarcerated: Miles said, "So, how did things work out for you at home, at school and with your friends once your mother went to jail?" Kristen hung her head and fiddled with her fingers nervously and said, "It was bad ~ it was really bad for me.

The kids wouldn't stop teasing me at school but the boys were worse ~ they wouldn't stop touching and groping me all over my body. They boys always told me that I had to be just like my mommy. That she was a whore, prostitute and a slut to fuck all those men. Everyone in town learned that my family was having orgies at our home because we are nudists and all. I lost most of my girl friends at school because their parents told them that I came from a bad family and they shouldn't be around me anymore.

Only my two best friends Nicole and Rebecca stayed true to me. That was because the three of us were still having sex with each other's daddies. It was the one thing that kept me going after everything had happened to me. The boys at school though ~ they knew that I was raped by those horrible men ~ they also found out that I was home during most of my parents orgies that they had with their friends.

Once it came out that my family were nudists some of the boys at school thought that meant that I should be easy ~ that because being nude around other people or other people seeing me nude that I should have sex with them. Like just because you're nude with a whole bunch of people doesn't mean that everyone has to have sex you know. There were plenty of times when all the families would get together and we would just play innocent games on the beach and all.

The boys who kept bothering me felt like I would have sex with just about anyone because I liked to be naked. They never stopped they were constantly picking on me.

With no real friends around me at the time it made it easy for them to take advantage of me. And even if some of the other kids saw them picking on me they wouldn't do anything because they just thought I deserved everything that was happening to me.

I was practically going down to the Principles office almost every day crying about how the boys would corner me in the hallways and in my classrooms and would touch me all over my body.

It got so bad that my daddy pulled me from my school and put me into a private school several towns over even after those boys were expelled for the year." Miles thought that what had happened to her at school was a definite contributing factor as why she is still hiding in her subconscious. She's afraid of the world's condemnations of her family's lifestyle. Then he asked, "So, did that help you moving to another school?" Kristen said, "Well, at first it did ~ I guess it was a week or so later the kids there found out who my family was.

Then a few boys started up with me just like at my old school. Dr. Spencer, why do boys feel like just because something like this happened to me ~ that it's okay for them to try and touch my privates down there?

It actually was worse at the new school because it was private and all. You know all the kids are rich there ~ so ~ it's like they can do anything they wanted to because their mommies and daddies get them out of whatever trouble they may get into. Anyways ~ these three boys would always trap me right after gym class. There was like this small hallway that came out of the girl's locker room. They would always wait for me there.

At first they just teased me about being a nudist and wanted me to let them back into the locker room and get naked for them. I would tell them to leave me alone and at first and they did but then a few weeks later I was in the locker room with Becky Sullivan getting dressed. We were the last two in there because it was our job to put the gymnastic mats away in the gym. We were running late and Becky quickly got dressed.

She was just slipping her shoes on and was on her way out and said that she would tell Sister Katherine that I was right behind her just in case I case I was late for class.

She was one of the few girls who actually liked me for me. I heard her leave and I was just starting to put my bra on when I heard the door to the locker room open again.

I called for Becky but I heard some giggles instead coming from around the corner. It was the same three boys Steve, Gene and Dave they were the ones who kept pestering me. When they came around the corner I got this cold shiver running down my spine ~ just like when those greasy men broke into our house several months ago and raped me and my mommy.

Dave quickly ran over to me and grabbed me by the throat and pushed me up against the lockers. Steve and Gene grabbed my arms so I couldn't fight back. I was standing there in my panties and my bra fell to the floor and my breasts were exposed to them because I hadn't had a chance to hook on in the back. They had my arms extended and pinned against the lockers really hard and tight. I couldn't move at all. Dave smiled at me and grabbed my panties and pulled them down around my knees.

Why do boys think that girls should just do whatever to boys tell them to do?" Kristen stood from the couch and pulled her skirt up above her hips and she hooked cherie deville and lucy tyler crazy way thumbs on the sides of her thong and pushed them downwards.

Her panties began to roll down her thighs and rested just above her knees. Then she spread her legs stretching her thong to its limits and she stretched her arms outwards so she looked like a big X and said, "They had me just like this Doctor Spencer." Miles penis began to fill with blood again as he grew to his full length under his writing pad.

His mouth watered a little and he wiped the drool from the corners of his mouth as he sat there ogling her young pussy and thought to himself, 'damn here we go again' and said, "The boys at that age ~ you see their hormones are screaming and they have the idea that they want to have sex all the time.

To be real honest with you if you were to come onto a boy of that age more than likely he would chicken out because he has no real idea what to do with a girl. My guess is that because they knew you and your family are nudists and that you had been raped ~ more than likely the boys felt like you were a viable candidate to play around with because you had so much more experience than they have." Kristen said, "I felt like I was about to be raped again. My body tensed up as I was trying to figure out how to fight these three boys without getting hurt.

Dave fell to his knees in front of me. Why don't you pretend to be Dave, Dr. Spencer and I can show you what exactly they did to me that day in the girls locker room." Miles smiled as with just about every therapy session with Kristen, she has found some way to get him to play with her pussy and he crawled over on his and knees like a dog and sniffed her pussy and said, "What did that little boy do to you?

Tell me please, I want you to remember it properly." Kristen had an evil smile on her face and took his hand and let his fingers glide over her ever increasing wet labia, "Yeah ~ Dr. Spencer ~ he did it just like that as the other boys held my arms really tight." Miles moved his face between her legs and with his fingers spreading her labia open revealing her inner lips.

Miles breathed in her special pungent aroma and he said, "So did Dave do anything like this?" Miles moved his lips to her inner pussy lips that were opening and closing with each labored breath of anticipation that Kristin took. It was if her pussy was breathing with eagerness Miles' tongue slipped out of his mouth and sampled her. Kristen moved her hand down to her therapists head and adjusted it so that his mouth was now directly over her luscious opening and whispered, "Well, that's no excuse for them to do what they did to me Doctor Spencer!" Miles mouth was now between her labia and his tongue was flicking inside of her muscle like a snake and asked, "So, what did they do to you next?" Kristen said, "The boys sex six xxx story mp4 had my hands moved them down to their crotches and made me feel there things over their pants." She then pulled Miles' hair bringing him to his feet and then moved both of her hands down to his crotch and began to stroke his shaft over his pants.

"Yeah, see they were hard just like you are right now Doctor Spencer." She then took Miles' finger and then slipped them between her pussy lips, "This is what they were doing to me." Miles didn't stop there he took control of what was happening and with is two middle fingers began to caress her g-spot inside of her wet twat and asked, "So, what else did the boys do to you?" Kristen said, "They heard a door opening from the gym and someone was making their way into the locker room.

They quickly let me go and ran out of the locker room as fast as they could. Dave turned and told me that, 'if you tell anyone we'll kill you!' Just then Sister Pamela came around the corner and saw me crying with my panties down around my knees and my bra on the floor between my feet and she asked me, 'who did this to you?' and when I wouldn't answer she told me to, 'get dressed and to follow her down to the Deans office with her.' I sat with Sister Pamela and Monsignor Pada who was the Dean in his office and told him everything that happened to me.

Once again the boys were expelled and my father wanted to move me again but I told him that I would be okay now that they weren't there because they were the only ones who were really bothering me." Kristen held Miles wrist tightly helping him as he was thrusting his two fingers upwards and deeper masturbating her.

Miles maneuvered his fingers against her G-spot as he was pumping fast and furious and you could hear her pussy beginning to slosh from between her legs. Kristen opened her legs father apart giving her therapist as much room to work with as he needed. Kristen was grasping his shoulders with all of her might as her juices began to drip down his fingers and hand onto the hardwood floor. Kristen's eyes rolled in the back of her head and it tilted backwards as her mouth opened and looked like she was about to scream when a small little whimper escaped from her perfectly 'O' shaped mouth.

She then began to quiver with ecstasy as her fingernails dug into his shoulders; she rose up onto her toes then a large stream of her juices squirted out all over her thighs and Miles' face.

Miles continued listening to her but now his was beyond the point of no return and he pushed his patient down onto the floor and spread her wet thighs open for his personal enjoyment.

His head went back between her thighs kissing and licking them clean of the love juice that she just expelled all over the place. Then he attended to her pussy as well and asked, "So, after that did anything get better for you?" Kristen's eyes were closed and her head was moving left and right on the floor as her pussy was revving up for yet another orgasm because of Mile's expertise in eating pussy.

She moved her thighs up and around Miles head locking him between her legs and she said, "A few weeks after that incident my daddy and I got a call from the warden from the jail mom was in. The warden told us that some inmates tried killing my mommy." The experience must have been stressful for her because she squeezed her legs tighter around Miles' head almost to the point that he was having trouble breathing.

"She had to be taken to the hospital and she stayed there for a month or so. She was stabbed three times in the back and beaten up so badly they even broke her nose and jaw.

They caught the inmates who did it to her and now they have to stay in charlie and montana gunn were supposed to star in a lot longer. The warden told my daddy that when they asked the women why they went after my mommy they told them that, 'it was because she was a whore who fucked little boys and girls.'" Miles was finally able to wiggle his head from between her legs and began to take deep breadths like he just came up from a great depth of water.

He then slipped his pants off asking, "So, is your mommy okay now?" Kristen watched intently as Miles' cock finally made it appearance. Her eyes went wide and she smiled at Miles and said, "Yeah, she doesn't look like she did before she went into jail. She needed to have plastic surgery to fix her nose and her jaw. My mommy now looks a whole lot younger and a lot prettier now. After my mommy was recovering in the hospital my daddy and Pop-pop talked to the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania because my daddy went to college with him.

He was really nice to us at the time and my daddy begged him to move my mommy to a different jail to give her a chance to live. It took about a month or so for her heal-up and then ~ poof ~ my mommy disappeared.

They didn't even let us know that she left the hospital." Miles smiled at Kristen because she looked so damn cute with her legs spread open and her eyes taking in his cock. Miles wipes her mind clean of any sexual contact after each of their therapy sessions. So, each time this happens in their therapy sessions it seems like it's the first time for Kristen.

Miles began to take the tip of his cock and slipped it between her those tiny and perfect inner pussy lips. He began rubbing his tip up and down just inside of her slit as he felt her moist pussy and he said, "So where did they move your mommy?" Kristen moved her hips upwards to meet Miles hard penis and with her hand wrapped it around his shaft and escorted his hard cock inside of her and said, "That's it Dr.

Spencer slip it inside of me." She let Miles begin to fuck her and answered his question, "My daddy insisted that she be moved out of the state of Pennsylvania to a different facility. The jail people decided to give her a different name so that no one would ever know who she really was ever again.

They changed her name and the charges against her ~ to like ~ just like stealing so no one would go after her again in the new jail. The Lieutenant Governor insisted that my mommy had to do the same jail time though. Daddy's friend pulled a lot of strings and got my mommy transferred to a minimum security facility in Boley, Oklahoma. Miles pushed his full length inside of her. With his oversized hands he grabbed the top of her co-ed head and started to thrust inside of her wet and warm pussy and said, "Whew you are so wet and tight.

I could stay inside of you all day like this Kristen. No wonder those boys wanted to touch you like this!" He moved his mouth to hers and they began to kiss passionately. Then he moved his mouth to her ear and whispered, "So, let me get this straight. Your mommy was moved to Culioneros las culona mas rica en porno alexis texas while you were still in the private school in Pennsylvania?

Did it ever get easier on you?" Kristen wrapped her legs around Mile's thin waist locking him inside as she didn't want him to stop pounding her dripping pussy and whispered back into his ear, "You feel so big and wide inside of me. Do you like the way it feels to be inside of a girl that isn't even in high school yet?" Miles closed his eyes trying to picture what she may have looked like at that age as she was actually about twenty right now.

Even though in her subconscious mind she feels she's twelve he really liked this role play and has become the contributing factor as to why he is molesting his daughter at home and allowing his daughter Amy the liberty to do whatever she wants sexually to him as well. He kissed her neck passionately as his hips began to sway left and right and said, "Your young tight pussy feels amazing honey. I wish I was your father and could have done this with you every day." Kristen smiled with the satisfaction that Miles was enjoying her pussy and said, "Well you do remind me so much of my father.

You are much larger down there than he is and you pound me a lot harder and better than he used to do." They stayed silent for a few minutes as Miles pounded down on her as Kristen was thrusting upwards to meet his cock as both of their pelvic bones slammed into one another. Then she said, the longer I stayed at the private school the kids started to leave me alone. Once they got to know me they realized I wasn't the bad person everyone thought I was. It started to get really hard on my daddy though because he missed being able to visit my mommy every day at the jail.

My daddy was starting to get really depressed for long periods of time. I felt really bad for him so I started sleeping in my daddy's bed at night to try and comfort him. It seemed to cheer him up when we cuddled at night." She smiled at Miles then pulled away from under him allowing his cock to slip out of her. When Miles' head finally escaped from her love tunnel there were a small stream of Kristen's juices that oozed down the crack of her ass onto the floor.

She looked up at Miles a little embarrassed and he said, "What are you doing? Am I hurting you, honey?" Kristen said, "Oh no you're doing it to me just fine Doctor Spencer. I just wanted to show you how my daddy and would cuddle at night in his bed." She rolled over on her side and then said, "Okay now spoon with me" Miles did as she said and he felt her hand searching for her opening with the tip of his penis.

Once she felt the tip pushing inside of her she said, "Slip your penis inside of my hole and fuck me this way.

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My daddy started to sleep a lot better when I was in bed with him and he could just push himself inside of me like this whenever he wanted to during the night." Miles liked this position as he could penetrate her deeper and it seemed like Kristen had greater pussy control as she began to milk his cock with her cunt and he said, "So, what did you sex stories xxxx german xxxx v to cheer up your father aside from fucking him like this." Kristen began to buck her ass back against her therapists cock keeping a nice steady pace.

She was squeezing her pussy as tight as she could as his cock was delving deeper and deeper inside of her. Then she would release his cock as he pulled back. The sensation was making Miles dizzy with ecstasy and she said, "Well, my daddy stayed home after he was fired. His friend who was a broker on Wall Street helped to teach him how to become an investor and helped my daddy make his own trades on the stock market.

The man was even nice enough to call my daddy and tell him the stocks and bonds that he was buying into so that my daddy could make a lot of money. He also was learning how to cook and he made dinner every night for us." Miles slowed his pace feeling his cum beginning to bubble at the base of his cock.

He pulled out and slapped the head against her tight bare ass. He moved up to his knees and as he pushed his young co-ed muse onto her stomach. He straddled her thin tight ass once again he lined his cock up between her wet lips and he penetrated her from behind and said, "Well, that sounds nice but how did you know he was sad or depressed?" Kristen liked this position the best as Miles was penetrating her deep enough that she could feel the tip of his cock tickling her womb and said, "Yes, Miles I want you to cum inside of me.

I want you to give me a baby today. I can feel your cock touching my womb give me the one thing that daddy won't. God you are an amazing lover." Then she answered his question, "My daddy was really drunk one night and he told me, 'it was like he was in prison himself because he was stuck in the house all the time. He didn't really have anything to do or like a real job to go to and no one would give him a job because of his reputation of suing Latrobe Beer.' That's when I got the bright idea to go and visit my mom in Oklahoma.

Once I mentioned the idea to my daddy it was as if bright light went off over his head." Miles was pounding her ass hard and deep then asked, "So, did you and your daddy go to Oklahoma to see your mommy?" Kristen said, "We sure did! Well, we had to take an airplane from Pittsburgh to Oklahoma City and then we had to rent a car and then we had to drive to the town where the jail was. It took us another three hours to get to the jail." Miles asked, "So, did the trip to Oklahoma to see your mom help your daddy feel happy?" Kristen said, "Yeah, I made sure of it.

It was funny once my dad and I got on the plane he sorta just like relaxed. Then I hatched a cute little plan of my own while we were on the plane. I went to the bathroom and I took off my panties and stuffed them in my pocketbook. When I came back to my seat I put the blanket over my lap and hiked up my dress over my hips and spread my legs. I smiled at my daddy and put his fingers inside of me and said, 'no panties when we go on trips right daddy?' I took my daddy's hand and put it between my legs.

When he felt my wet pussy he couldn't help himself. He never stopped fingering my cunt the whole plane ride! It took like two and half hours and he must have made me cum like ten times on his fingers.

When the plane landed and I got up to leave the plane ~ my seat looked like I spilled a whole cup of water crazy students sucking and having group sex over it.

Once we got to the hotel room my daddy couldn't wait anymore he really needed to see my mommy. After we saw my mommy at the jail we went out to eat lunch and then when we got back to the hotel room.

My dad was like a different person after he saw my mommy. That night when he put his thing inside of me it was like different somehow. He babe rides my dick in the grass telsev pretending that I was mommy and he was fucking her instead of me.

I was upset at first but then I realized that he hadn't been with my mommy for like forever so I let him do whatever he wanted to me so that he could be happy again. We spent the rest of our time in the hotel room having sex with each other until we went back to see her on Sunday." Miles pulled out of her pussy feeling his impending load that was trying to betray him and cum too soon.

Miles looked down at her gaped cunt and her juices that had drained out onto the floor. He rose and then sat on the couch pulling Kristen over to him. He invited her to sit down on his lap. Kristen smiled at her therapist and straddled his waist grabbing his slime covered junk with her hand. She moved her lips to his and kissed him passionately and slid the head back between her wet lips.

She slowly let it slip deep inside of her. With her ass resting on the tops of his thighs she began to grind on Miles as his hard and girl have cock and teen bathing orange you glad im so tiny cock was being squeezed by her pussy and he asked, "So how old were you when this happened?" Kristen said, "I was just thirteen at that time.

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You feel so damn good ~ Doctor Spencer ~ I don't want this to ever stop! My father and I had so much fun in that hotel room together that night. We started going every weekend just so we could have crazy monkey sex in a strange room every weekend.

Each time we were on the airplane we became more and more daring having all kinds of sex with each other. The great thing was no one ever got caught us having sex with each other while we were on the plane.

I really liked acting sick so my daddy had to help me in the bathroom and he could do whatever he wanted to me in there. My father liked it best when I would pretend I was sleeping under the blanket with my head in his lap. He would cover my head with the blanket and I would suck on his cock. This one time I was able to suck his cum from his cock like three times before we landed." Then she hung her head and said, "But just like anything else it started to get really old going back and forth to Oklahoma every weekend.

I mean I liked having sex with my daddy ~ I mean I don't know what girl wouldn't? I just missed being around my friends and being like at my horseback riding competitions." Miles began to guide her hips in circular motions on top of his lap and said, "So, did you stop going to see your mom at the jail?" Kristen said, "It was really hard not to go with my father because I enjoy having sex with him so much.

I felt like I was betraying my mother because I wanted to see my friends sometimes. My daddy didn't go without me so ~ I mean ~ the longer my father stayed away from my mother the more depressed he became at home. I mean once my daddy sees my mommy, he just like lights up like a flashlight in a blackened out room." Miles loved the feeling of Kristen milking his cock as he was pumping furiously now up inside of his co-ed and said, "Did you try to do anything for your dad when he got really sad or depressed at home?" Kristen had her hands on his shoulders said, "Well, I thought that I could cheer him up.

So, every morning when I would wake up I would roll over and suck on his cock." She slipped off of his cock and said, "Here let me show you." Kristen stretched out on the couch with her head in Miles' lap and began to suck him. "See, I woke him just like this every morning." She sucked him for a while and then she looked back up at Miles and said, "Sometimes he would let me finish giving him his morning blowjob and other times he would just ask me to stop and he rolled over and went back to sleep until I got out of my morning shower.

At night I started bathing by myself ~ most of the time my dad stayed in his office drinking all of his single malt scotch. There were nights I would have to go downstairs and wake him to come to bed for the night." Miles pushed her head back down on his cock and said, "It sounds like your father really needed to speak with a therapist to help him.

So, even though you were having sex with your father that didn't cheer him up?" Kristen's mouth came off of him and she stroked him as she answered him, "Well, I talked to Mr. Galloway and Mr. Bowen about it and they both said that I should let their daughters stay over later than dinner time so that they might help me to cheer my father up.

Both Rebecca and Nicole's mothers would drop them off at my house right after they got home from school a couple of times a week. We would go horseback riding together at first then attend to my daddy." Miles looked down at his pretty co-ed and said, "Keep stroking me harder honey. Squeeze harder at the base and then let the palm of your and go over the tip of my cock honey! So, both girls would come over together?" Kristen said, "No, it would just be one of them at a time.

We would ride my horses for a while and when we wanted to get cleaned up before dinner they would invite my father to help them in the shower with them.

It seemed to cheer him up for a little while but it didn't matter the longer he didn't see my mother it was like confused male stripper tube porn heart was being cracked more and more." Miles asked, "I know that you planned on your girlfriends having sex with your father, so that you could have sex with their fathers.

But did it ever bother you that your father was having sex with your girlfriends and that they cheered him up more than what you did for him?" Kristen spit on the tip of his cock and rubbed it all over. Then she sucked on him trying to bring him off and said, "No. It never bothered me at all. I just wanted my father to be happy. Besides my Pop-Pop taught me a long time ago that sex is sex but love is love.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that my father having sex with my best friends made him happy for a short time but when we had sex he did it because it was out of love for me and my love for him." Miles grabbing the back of Kristen's head and forced her head down on his cock as he began to pump his cock flem orang yang ngetot sama hewan her throat.

He could feel his balls beginning to tighten and his load was readying itself to explode in her gullet and with a quivering voice he said, "Wow that is really deep emotions. You never exhibited anything so revealing than what you just did. Did Nicole or Rebecca's mother ever figure out what was going on with your father or what you were doing with their husbands?" Kristen pinched Mile's thigh and he released her head.

When she came up her eyes were watering and she was coughing up her saliva right of the head of Miles cock. After she gathered herself she smiled at Miles and continued to stroke him harder and faster. She fell to her knees in front of Miles and said, "Well not at first. What Mrs. Galloway and Mrs.

Bowen didn't know at first that their daughters were taking turns and spending a lot of one on one time with my father. It sorta worked at first but it wasn't until Mr. Bowen came to pick up Nicole early one night that he asked my father if he could have sex with me while my dad would be allowed to continue to play with his daughter Nicole.

My father just sorta smiled and led everyone back up to his bedroom and the four of us all had sex together for a couple of hours." Miles curiosity was just getting the best of him. The more he wanted to find the needle in the haystack that would break her catatonic state the more he got dragged down these senseless rabbit holes of sexual exploits.

Then a thought hit him like a ton of bricks that perhaps Kristen's mind was trying to show him the way to help her out the wormhole she is living in the whole time and that he should stop fighting her and just focus on these lines of questions and allowing her to fill in her own blanks.

"So, what happened that evening when the four of you had sex together in your father's bedroom?" The smile that crossed Kristen's face seemed to bend from ear to ear just like the movie star Julia Roberts smile Miles thought to his self and she said, "It was wonderful. I hadn't seen my father so happy like that night in such a long time.

It then dawned on me that my mother and father would attend many parties or orgies and he hadn't been to one since my brother's death. Miles said, "That's interesting that your father would be happy having another male in his bed when he was clearly already having sex with you and your girlfriends together. Why do you think he was happier with Mr. Bowen in the bedroom along with him, if you know?" Kristen smiled as her mouth came off of his cock again and thought about it for a while as she stroked him said, "That night after Nicole and Mr.

Bowen went home my father and I were in the shower together cleaning each other's privates and he said something that I thought was strange then but I guess it make a lot of sense now." Miles said, "Do you remember what he said to culitos en el autobuacutes precious asses in the bus shorts and public said, "Yeah my father told me that, 'he loved watching me being pleasured by another man.' That I was, 'growing into a lovely young woman and that he didn't want to hinder me becoming a woman.' He said that, 'he wanted me to find a man that would love me as much as he loves my mom.' I remember now, I told him that, 'I only wanted to be with him forever that I wanted to be like his new wife.' And he told me that, 'it wouldn't be fair for him to keep me all to himself.' So after that night we would invite my girlfriends over with their fathers and we would all have sex together a whole bunch more.

But even that would cheer him up for a little while if he didn't see my mom every week he would start drinking a lot of Scotch each night until he saw her and returned from Oklahoma." Miles quickly stood and looked down at his co-ed as her ass was resting on the soles of her feet and he said, "Open your mouth honey I want to drop my load in your mouth." Kristen smiled as Miles stood over her stroking his cock and said, "Yeah, stroke it just like my dad did to me when I was a little girl." Miles kept the pace on his cock and then he grunted as he let out a long white rope of cum that landed over her nose and right eye.

"Yeah that's it cum all over me." Miles let three more decent ropes that went into her mouth as Kristen was now sucking on his head. When he finished ejaculating in her mouth Kristen opened her mouth and let his cock slip down her throat. When he finally pulled out of her mouth she had already swallowed all of his sperm and he said, "I think that your father would have been really proud of you the way you fucked and sucked me today." Meanwhile in the Azore Islands: We return to Tom and Gemma who are readying themselves to apprehend a known assassin who may have been sent to kill Kristen's father, Jim Foster: Tom and Gemma spent most of the afternoon busily coordinating with the DSS (Diplomatic Security Service).

The DSS is a combination of both FBI and CIA teams that have multifaceted responsibilities such as security of Diplomats overseas, black-op teams and extraction teams which are allowed to operate outside of the borders of the United States. Tom was in direct contact with the team leader Luke Hobbs that operates south Europe and North Africa to help them with the planned extraction of Latisha Ruiz and her team, who happen to be her family members, once they hit international waters.

Jim Foster did his job by arranging a very romantic dinner aboard his yacht. Agent Tom Murphy of the FBI and Gemma Porter a LAPD homicide detective both secured servant uniforms that matched the ones for Jim's boat. The last few hours they set up small hidden cameras throughout the boat and then set up the main monitors in the wheel house for the Captain to observe.

Tonight's voyage is going to be captained by none other than Agent Luke Hobbs of the FBI and team leader of the DSS team. While down in the galley Tom and Gemma setup a monitor that concentrated on the dining area to protect Jim tonight. Tom and Gemma had placed guns throughout the boat for easy access just in case things got dicey and out of control with the extraction.

They knew that Latisha and her two brothers were not going to go down without a fight. They were given the cache by Agent Hobbs. Tom and Gemma were down in the main stateroom alone on the boat. They needed to get changed and get ready for tonight.

Gemma was excited as she was never part of an assault team before. As a homicide detective when she shows up at the scene there's always a dead person. But tonight there are going to be three very dangerous criminals on board this boat that Tom, Luke and herself need to detain. Gemma was pumped up full adrenaline and the more she thought about what she was about to take part in.

She knew she needed to relax somehow. She sauntered over to Tom and looked at him in the eyes. She pulled his face to hers and she slipped her tongue inside of his mouth and their tongues began to dance inside of their mouths as she was undoing Tom's trousers. When Tom's pants hit the floor she pulled away and smiled as she ogled him.

Tom stood there in his blah boxers but what Gemma wanted what was hidden underneath those blah boxer shorts. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him again.

Then she slipped around him so she was behind him and hugged Tom. She kissed his bare shoulder as her one hand went to his bare chest and she pinched his nipple as her other hand met at his limp cock over his boxer shorts.

One hand began to gently squeeze his balls as the other slid down his flat stomach under the rihanna samuel has her orgasmic cunt plugged of his boxers and found his semi-rigid cock and then grasping it she began to pump up and down on his shaft, "Tommy I need to relax a little I'm so nervous about tonight." Tom gasped at her light passionate touches. As his cock filled with blood bringing him to full erection he spun around and taking her face with his large hands held her gently as he moved his lips to hers and kissed her deeply again.

Gemma's hand pulled his boxers down to his knees as his rigid manhood was out in the fresh air now. They moved together as Tom's penis was trapped between both of their stomachs Tom looked deep into her eyes and said, "You want to relax? I think you need to suck on something." Tom pushed Gemma to her knees as he held his cock in one hand and Gemma smiled up at Tom as he towered over her now and said, "Hey, this doesn't get you out of fucking teens bang men butthole with massive belt dicks and squirt ejaculate ass on the beach later!" Gemma opened her mouth and took Tom inside and felt his manhood begin to expand to its full strength, length and girth.

Her mouth watered over his shaft as the head of his penis was poking in and out of the top of her throat. Tom grabbed the back of her head and slowly but very forcibly and deliberately pushed her mouth down on his cock making the head of his penis perky tits brunette teen stepsis drilled by thick cock down her open gullet.

Tom through his head back and moaned with pleasure, "Damn you're so good at that and there is no way I'm letting you get off of this island without fucking your asshole honey." Gemma's head was bobbing up and down slightly gagging on his cock as she slowly was slipping out of her clothes while on her knees.

Once she was completely naked she took advantage of her pussy being wet and began to rub her slit with her fingers. Her pussy was aching novice lesbian teens get their narrow vaginas licked and screwed Tom's cock now and she looked up at him and let his cock slip from her mouth and said, "How about a quickie before we call up for Jim?" Tom bent over hooked his hands under shoulders and picked Gemma up like she was a little child and tossed her onto the stateroom bed.

Grabbing at her ankles he spread her legs open and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Kneeling now on the floor he smiled at his lover and lowered his head between her thighs. Tom began to return the favor that Gemma just gave him and began to lap at her wet pussy. Gemma ran her fingers thru Tom's short hair as he continued his onslaught on her pussy. Tom was breathing in her essence and when he felt that she was wet enough he stood over her and spit in the palm of his hand and wiped over the head of his cock, "You ready honey?

Gemma raised her hands to his arms and pulled Tom on top of her. As Jim's head slipped between her lips Gemma moaned, "Oh, yeah honey, I've been waiting for this all day." Tom smiled and said, "It took everything in my power earlier not to abandon this interview and take you directly to the beach and have my way with you.

Look at us now who would have thought earlier today when we got here that we would be fucking on a multi-million dollar yacht?" Gemma was taking every inch of Tom's cock and with every thrust he was pushing her further and further onto the bed.

She now could wrap her legs around Tom who was now right on top of her writhing keeping his cock deep inside of her but asian beauties banged in group sex japanese amateur as hard as he could, "Your cock feels amazing every time baby. I love the way if fill me up." Tom began to kiss Gemma passionately as each time these two are together sex is turning into more love making than anything else.

When Tom lifted his head he noticed that the head board was a mirror. He lifted Gemma up and said, "I have an idea honey come on get up on all fours." Gemma smiled and said, "I love doggy baby you pound me so good that way." Gemma got on all fours and Tom spun her around so she was facing frisky girls bang the biggest belt cocks and spray semen everywhere mirror.

Gemma's breasts were dangling between her arms and her flat stomach was moving in and out with her shallow breadths. Tom moved behind Gemma and she watched in the mirror as Tom began to make love to her again. She never really got the view that she had at this moment and said, "You look so hot behind me baby. You look like one of those porn studs but without all the tattoos. Come on and fuck me hard and deep." Gemma relaxed her pussy and then rose up on her knees. She leaned her head back to Tom so he could kiss her and her arms reached back grabbing his head forcing him to kiss her.

Then she looked forward into the mirror, "Look honey, look at how great your cock looks spreading my tiny pussy open." Tom looked at both of them in the mirror and said, "I wish we were filming this you look so damn hot. You could be one of the best porn stars out there today honey. I'm just glad that I don't have to share you with another guy.

I love this pussy too much." Gemma smiled at him thinking that he thought she was as hot as a porn star and just as slutty. Gemma began to thrust her ass back against his stomach, "Look how hot that is baby!

My as is slamming up against the hard flat stomach of yours ~ fuck you make me so damn hot for you!" It didn't take long for Tom to feel his balls rise up to his taint and said, "Gemma I'm going to finish sweetie you got me so damn hot I can't hold it.

Where do you want it?" Gemma quickly fell forward on the bed and onto her back, "Come on I'll be your porn slut Tommy! Get over here and sit on my chest and jerk you load off in my mouth." Tom moved quickly straddling her chest.

Gemma's breasts looked like two small mounds and he put his cock right between them. Gemma then closed her breasts around his wet thrusting cock and when his head would pop thru Gemma's mouth was ready with her tongue pushed out of her open mouth waiting for Tom to push it inside. "Fuck honey you're going to make drop my load. You ready?" Gemma let her breasts go and moved Tom's hand away from his shaft.

She took over with one hand stroking him as the head of his cock was in her mouth with her tongue swirling around his head hitting every sensitive nerve ending under his mushroomed head.

Gemma continued to jerk Tom off when she looked up at him and nodded as if to say, I'm ready. Then Tom grabbed the back of her head pulling her hair keeping her head very still as he began to fuck her mouth, "Oh you dirty little fucking slut." Tom began to squirt his white chunky load into her mouth. Gemma felt the first shot hit the back of her mouth and took to sucking as hard as she could as Tom continued to fuck her mouth.

With Tom's cock in her mouth she tried to say, "phu-it-town-my-froat." Tom took that to mean, 'fuck my throat' and with one push his cock found the opening of her throat and buried it deep inside of her. Tom kept thrusting until Gemma swallowed his entire shaft and her lips touched the base of his cock and said, "Now, that's what I'm talking about honey." Gemma could feel a couple more shots of his load hit her throat and felt it slowly oozing its way down to her stomach.

When she needed to breathe she finally had to pinch Tom's ass cheek and he slipped out of her mouth. Gemma's asian beauties banged in group sex japanese amateur were watering but not one single sperm escaped her mouth, "Oh that was just wonderful Tommy." Her head hit the bed and looked over noticing that they only wasted five minutes and said, "Come on let's shower quickly and get changed. Jim and Latisha should be ready in a little bit." Once they were ready Tom rang up to the house to let Jim know that all the preparations had been completed and it was show time.

Jim Foster, Kristen's father, tried his best to act as normal as possible and as he stood inside of his oversized walk-in closet.

He was putting the final touches on as he looked at himself in the mirror. Then he slipped his white dinner jacket from its hanger and then slipped it over his shoulders.

He pulled it tightly down giving him a clean brisk look. Smiling at himself in the mirror he thought, 'you can do this Jimmy just act like you have been over the past couple of weeks and you'll get thru the next few hours.' He came to the other bathroom door of the master bedroom suite and looked in at his latest lover Latisha Ruiz. Latisha is the sister of Alejandro Ruiz who was an assassin for a Columbian Cartel. Her brother killed a well-known Moretti crime family member Salvatore Palandolpho along with his bodyguards a month and a half ago.

The connection Latisha has to Jim and his family is that Jim's daughter Kristen was in the same hotel suite having sex with Sal the very night of the assassination. It has been her job to find out Kristen's whereabouts. If she has to she will torture Jim and even kill him if need be to satisfy her boss' commands. The FBI moved his daughter Kristen to a secret facility known as Camelot in New Mexico because she is currently locked in a Catatonic state.

Latisha was there the night of the assassination as well as she is the cleaner of the family. Her job is to clean up the crime scene that her brother would leave behind. Xxx sel tt story sex stories 2019 other words if Jim's daughter should have been murdered along with the rest and that night Latisha would have disposed of her body with no way of Jim ever finding out what happened to his runaway daughter.

With all the composure that Jim could muster he took a deep breath and slipped into the bathroom. He came up from behind her as he always had done in the past. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and began to massage her inner thighs. Latisha looked at Jim as he towered over her petite body.

She thought he looked like James Bond in his white tuxedo jacket. Latisha gazed at him thru the mirror as Jim's touches made her body tingle with excitement. For a moment Jim forgot about what was about to happen and enjoyed the soft silky feeling of her caramel skin with his fingers as his cock began to grow behind her.

It pushed up against her tight taught Columbian ass as he remembered the past few weeks of fucking this hot piece of ass.

Latisha felt the monster of a cock pushing her ass cheeks open as her heart began to beat rapidly as Jim's electric touches emanated around her whole body.

Jim snapped back to reality and said, "Honey, they're ready for us down on the boat." Latisha smiled at him as she looked back at him thru the mirror as Jim's fingers began to tickle her outer labia and said, "Sounds great. You don't mind if my brother's tag-along tonight?

I mean they don't have to eat with us they can eat on upper deck if that makes you more comfortable." Jim's fingers slipped under the triangle of her bedazzled thong and said, "Oh come on honey. I mean they're with you all the time it's like they're little puppies or something. Can't we just have one romantic dinner by ourselves without me having to think about your brother's that are just like one room away from us?

You know they are quite daunting you know ~ I mean every time I look at you I think Ramón is going to kick my ass." Latisha opened her thighs as Jim's fingers began penetrating her. Her eyes closed and she leaned her head back onto Jim's chest and they kissed passionately. When she broke the kiss Latisha said, "That hasn't bothered you before especially a few nights ago when we did it all night. Look sweetie we're in a strange country and they just want to make sure that I'm safe especially going out on that big boat of yours.

What if someone comes on board like those pirate guys from like Somalia or something? I mean I know that's on the other side of Africa and all but I mean it could happen. Besides knowing that they are close makes me more relaxed ~ you want me to be relaxed tonight right? You know when we are in bed together ~ later tonight." Jim's mind forgot the real reason behind tonight and his sexual alter ego took over as he stood there with his thumb deep inside of her ever increasingly wet pussy as his middle finger was now penetrated to the first knuckle of her asshole.

Jim snapped back to reality and thought 'I wonder if she knows about Tom and Gemma?' He knew what could possibly happen to him very soon on the boat but he didn't want this to end with Latisha because she's such a great lover. But there is no way that Latisha and her brother's would ever know that there are DSS agents aboard his yacht. That the plan is to navigate the boat out to the International waterline and once they cross it they will be met by the DSS black-op team.

Jim smiled at her, "Tonight I want all of you ~ okay?" Latisha tried to give him her sexiest smile as she too felt conflicted. She did the one thing that a woman like her should never do. She let her mark in her heart. She needed to find out about this guy's daughter but at the same time she knew she could very easily live in the lap of luxury with this man.

He is a great lover and generous with his money. She faked a moan of gratification pretending that Jim's fingers felt great inside of her but it was a moan of regret that she couldn't have met Jim under differing circumstances. Latisha grabbed Jim's hand as she could feel her orgasm coming on and she pushed his fingers out of both of her love holes.

"Go sit on the bed and wait for me. There is going to be plenty of time to abuse my holes tonight Pappi." Jim sat on the edge of his bed anxiously waiting for her. Several minutes later Latisha came out of the bathroom in a beautiful black cocktail dress.

As Latisha entered the bedroom she spun around to give Jim a look see at her ensemble. She wasn't wearing a bra as the neckline plunged downwards in a sharp V shape to her bellybutton.

Her round breasts pushed outwards and her caramel skin looked amazing. There was a reverse V that went down to her toes that came to a sharp point at the bottom her ankles. The slit opened up her leg and stopped just short of her upper thigh making it enticing just to slip your hand right inside of her thigh.

The back of her dress had the same deep V shape that stopped just above her buttocks. Then the same reverse V again down to her ankles.

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There were two small spaghetti straps holding up the frail silk fabric. She had no stockings as her tanned body didn't need any other color and her five inch black high heels pushed her ass up just right. She had two tear drop ruby earrings that contained small diamond baguettes surrounding the ruby that Jim bought her earlier in the week. She also wore the matching necklace that dropped inside of her cleavage of her caramel colored breasts. She wore deep ruby red lipstick and her make-up was flawless.

Her hair draped down over her shoulders and came ava ramons hubby watches her get fucked teazeworld and voyeur rest in the middle of her back.

She wore several expensive rings and a diamond bracelet. Her fingernails and toenails matched perfectly. Jim sat on the edge of the bed and as she stood there for him to drink in. He wanted to forget this business about capturing her and her brothers tonight and keep her forever. All he wanted to do was throw her down on the bed and fuck her brains out right there right now and said, "Damn honey you look spectacular.

You wanna skip dinner and just do it right here ~ right now? You look absolutely delicious!" Latisha laughed, "I love the little boy in you Jimmy." They came out thru the kitchen door to the view of the cove and a clear night sky. It was a four hundred foot decent to the dock below. Jim built in a smoothed winding pathway that they needed to traverse.

They began their decent from the house down the winding pathway to the secluded cove to Jim's yacht. As they walked arm and arm Jim looked at the night sky nervously trying to keep his cool and not blow the plan that was put together. He pointed out that they had a full moon this evening and how wonderful it will light the ocean this evening. Jim knew that if he kept talking that he would be less nervous. As they slowly meandered Jim was pointing out the various constellations in the night sky to Latisha.

Latisha wrapped her arm around his waist and pulled herself tight to his side as she looked up still not knowing if she was going to hurt him tonight or not. She had no idea about the constellations and all she could make out was the twinkling of the gaseous orbs in the black sky. A little half way down Latisha began to complain how her toes hurt her in her high heels. Jim being the gentlemen that he was stopped and slid his arm under buttocks and one quick move swept her up off of her feet.

As Jim carried Latisha they both felt that connection that has developed over the last few weeks. Jim carried her the remainder of the way as he told her the stories behind each of the constellations and how they came to be. As Jim carried her to the dock Latisha took advantage of her situation as she kissed him all the way to the yacht intently listening to Jim ramble on and on about the slender amazing bitch rides a cock hiddencam and hardcore above their heads.

Latisha's two brothers Ramón and Roberto were already waiting for them aboard the boat. They made their presence known as they stood ominously on the upper deck watching Jim blondes big ass is exposed during sex their older sister to the boat. Once they made it they made themselves comfortable on the upper deck sitting and relaxing drinking Jim's very expensive Cognac and smoking his Cuban cigars as the boat was now slipping out of the cove.

Jim was looking at his lovely date and said, "You know something ~ have you ever considered sailing literally around the world? I mean we could with this yacht. We could go to all of the most exotic ports of call." Latisha seemed to be a little nervous that Gemma was standing so close and that she had the bottle of wine.

Latisha knew that with a small staff out on the ocean like this was the perfect opportunity to finally interrogate Jim and if need be kill everyone dump their bodies over the sides and make their way back to Columbia and no one would be the wiser. Unfortunately with Gemma being so close to the table it made it almost impossible for Latisha to slip anything into Jim's drink. Then she thought quickly and said, "Well, I don't want to break any real bad news to you Jimmy but I will have to be leaving here soon.

I don't want to but I mean I want us to continue to see one another it's just work honey. I still have family obligations. I mean look I have two dumb ass brothers that have to tag along with me wherever I go until I get married." Jim was playing his part the best he could and then he said something that he thought he would never hear himself say again, "Well, if it means getting rid of your two brothers once and for all ~ why don't we get married?

I mean once we cross the International waterline the captain is legally allowed to marry us." Latisha moved her chair closer to Jim and kissed him and she said, "That sounds like such a great idea." Then Tom appeared with two bowls of lobster bisque soup. He gently placed the two bowls down and then said, "Is there anything else that you may require with your soup?" Latisha waved her hand in a dismissive motion at Tom and said, "That will be all. Just make sure that my brother's upstairs get a bowl of soup as well ~ and you girly with the wine you can leave it on the table and leave us to eat in peace." Meanwhile back at the McCormick residence in Hermosa Beach just south of LA: Skye McCormick had changed into a short but nice sundress.

She wasn't wearing a bra and her oversized and fake breasts were defying gravity. She sat across from Eric and Danny at her kitchen table and said, "So, now that you've made yourselves comfortable what questions do you want to ask of me?" Danny said, "Well, this is just a formality Mrs. McCormick but several Friday nights ago your husband was entertaining several guests in the VIP room at the Vanguard Night Club, is that right?" Skye said, "Unfortunately you're going to have to be a lot more specific about that because that is just about every night at the Vanguard guys.

I mean that has been my husband's bread and butter for years now. So, you are going to have to be much more specific with names or any special circumstances that happened that evening." Danny asked, "We have it under very good authority that your husband was entertaining Sal Palandolpho and several other business associates along with the VIP girls of the Vanguard.

Does that sound familiar?" Skye said, "I am not sure of the dates but I do remember my husband saying that Sal was in town a little while back. If Sal happened to come to the club that night it wouldn't have been out of the ordinary.

I mean he is my husband's silent partner and if there were other business associates as you say ~ well, they would be Sal's not my husbands. Eric chimed in, "Well, sometime after ten that evening Sal and your husband left the club that night, if you can remember did your husband come right hard spanking for naughty wife 3 spanking with electrical cord to wi tube porn that night?" Skye said, "No, if Sal was in town with his associates as you say then it would have been my husband's job to entertain Sal and his guests.

I do remember now several weeks back Adam called me here at home a little before midnight and told me that he was taking Sal over to the Viceroy Hotel and setting him up for the night.

Then he mentioned he was going to go back to the club and close up. He did tell me that he should be home at normal time." Eric said, "So, did he make it back on time like he usually does on a Friday night?" Skye said, "Yeah he rolled in just a little after three in the morning." Danny said, "Isn't that kinda late for him?" Skye said, "Oh, no.

When you own a club you lose your weekends and you become like a vampire. I mean he comes home in the wee hours of the morning. I on the other hand tend get up a few hours later and start my day." Eric asked, "I don't want to be disrespectful here Mrs. McCormick but we do have some questions that could be very delicate here.

I want to show you some pictures and I just want to know if you know who they are or not?" Eric pulled out several photos and handed them to her Skye looked at the pictures and then went through them one at a time. "So, let's see here. This first picture here these two gentlemen are Tony Ricci and Kirby Smith they are Sal's bodyguards." She put the photo down on the table and then the second one she said, "So, this is Salvatore Palandolpho. Then she had another picture and she said, "Well, obviously this is my husband and the young girl next to him on the left is Farah Johansson.

The other girl in this photo I have no idea who she may be. It could be some random girl from the club that night. She's definitely not one of the VIP girls." Then there was one last mug shot of Alejandro Ruiz and she looked at and said, "I have no idea who this man is." Danny said, "Thanks for the information. Now, like Agent Walker said, we do have some delicate questions to ask ~ like ~ your husband paid for two hotel rooms that night.

Did you know that? We have it on good authority that Sal and the young girl that you couldn't identify went into one suite while your husband and Ms. Johansson went into the other suite ~" Skye began to laugh, "Okay fellas let me put this to rest quickly. First off I know Farah she's a good kid.

I also know her parents their good people as well. So, before you reveal that my husband may or may not have had sexual relations with Farah I don't care.

See, before I met Adam he was a swinger and still is to this day ~ and fellas ~ so am I. Now before you regale me with some story about what they may or may not have done that night don't worry, Adam told me everything that they did together." Eric said, "That doesn't bother you?" Skye said, "If I let that bother me Adam and I kinky and nasty woman in fishnet gagging and cum swallowing have only lasted forty-eight hours.

I mean he did me in his office like eight years ago at the club he was running called Sunsets in Santa Monica." Danny said, "So you were a waitress or bar tender there?" Skye said, "Well waitress, yeah at first. You see Sunsets was owned by some record producer guy Don Lindy.

He bought the place back in like the early nineties. It did decent business but once he made Adam his general manager ~ Adam went to Lindy and asked party slut blowing hungry dick outdoor slutparty and hardcore he could change the back room to a VIP room.

You see Sunsets had a back banquet room big enough for like one hundred fifty people. It wasn't being used for anything but storage as banquets weren't really any part of the business. That's when Adam had an idea to try to attract like movie stars, producers or high rollers to try and bring in bigger money." Danny asked, "So, at that time where you and Adam a couple?" Skye said, "Oh no. I was just doing my thing serving drinks.

It wasn't until a few months later when the room was completed that Adam called all the girls in to work for a special meeting. He went to a modeling agency and convinced several girls to like come to work in the VIP room with us so they could meet some high rollers that could help them with their careers and all.

Then he picked four girls who were working at the club to work the VIP room along with the new girls. You know now that I think about it ~ most of the first VIP girls did eventually hook up with these power guys and moved on to a much better life." Eric said, "So, I take it you were one of the girls? Do you remember the names of the other girls that he picked that were working at the club?" Skye said, "Yeah there was Taylor, Francesca, Me and of course Adam's favorite Alicia." Danny said, "Would that have been Alicia Fischer?" Skye said, "Yeah she became the ultimate VIP girl.

She was the prettiest and the biggest ham. She so badly wanted to be a famous movie star. She saw that this could be a backdoor way to break into movies. Our first VIP party was for a famous movie producer at the time Don Simpson, God rest his soul." Eric being the youngest said, "What happened to him?" Skye said, "He had a massive heart attack and died years later.

That first meeting at Sunsets was setting up the movie Days of Thunder starring Tom Cruise. The deal actually got done that night and believe it or not Alicia's dream of becoming a movie star was sorta on its way. She landed a bit part in the movie but unfortunately for her being a movies star never really panned out for her." Danny said, "So, if Salvatore was part owner with your husband at the Vanguard was he part owner in Sunsets as well?" Skye said, "No, but the two of them go way back to Adam's younger days when he ran clubs back in New York City." Meanwhile back in New Mexico at Camelot: Miles was straddling Kristen's chest as he was stroking his ever decreasing cock in his hand.

Small droplets of his sperm were still landing on his co-ed patient's face. He pushed the tip of his cock to Kristen's sperm filled mouth true anal jynx maze craves having gaping anal sex sperm covered lips and he said, "Come on honey suck the rest out of me." Kristen looked up at Miles with total trust and utter devotion.

She smiled opening her mouth with his sperm inside of her mouth. She eagerly sucked on her therapist's man meat until it looked like a deflated balloon hanging from her lips. She swallowed his salty load as Miles was pushing the remainder hot ebony girls want some us semen all over them his sperm that had fallen on her face into her mouth.

She willingly swallowed every drop. After she had finished eating all of his sperm she looked up at her therapist who towered over her and said, "You remind me so much of my father Doctor Spencer. I remember how my daddy would sneak into my room early in the morning before I would go to school and would start stroking his privates until he sprayed his stuff inside of my mouth or all over my face and chest." Miles thought he had a small epiphany and said, "Kristen it just seems that most of your memories are about when you had some sort of sexual contact with people don't you find that strange?" Kristen relaxed as she lay on the office floor until Miles rose to his feet.

He extended his oversized hand to hers. Kristen was such a petite girl that when miles grasped for her hand he enveloped her entire hand, wrist and lower arm as he pulled Kristen to her feet.

Kristen then wrapped her arms around her therapist's neck and pulled herself tight against his body. Miles instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tight to him like it was a bear hug. Kristen's face was buried in his bare chest and said with a muffled voice, "I guess I just like telling people about the things that happened to me. Do you know how difficult it was when I was a little girl and I got to do all this cool stuff with my family and our friends and I wasn't allowed to tell anyone of my real friends at school about it?

I remember when I was little and both sets of my grandparents walked around the house nude all the time. I mean I got to touch both of my grandfather's privates. They let me play with their privates as much as I wanted to. I especially liked it when I could put my grand-pops stuff in my mouth and would suck on them until they got nice and hard.

My grandmothers would let me play with their boobs and their slits between their legs. Do you know how cool it is to watch your own mom and dad have sex with their parents? Then the next day at school you couldn't mention anything to your girlfriends about how much fun our family was having together?" Miles just realized that Kristen just outlined the roadmap on how to help her.

He quickly realized that she would remain Catatonic until her mind releases all the secrets that she has locked away. She has been agonizing about this for years and now while she is under hypnosis she is finally able to reveal the real her and her family lifestyle. Miles realized at that very moment that he was in for more sexual experiences with this cute co-ed, so he better get used to it. The only thing left for him to do is sit back ask the questions and try to navigate her out of the deep forest.

Miles and Kristen walked hand and hand to his private bathroom so they could both freshen up after twenty minutes of pure bliss.

As Kristen sat on the toilet peeing Miles looked at her thru the mirror and became curious about the mothers of her best two girlfriends. He was curious if they ever found out about what was going on between their husbands and the three twelve-year-old girls and he asked, "Did your girlfriend's mothers ever catch on that their husbands were having sex with their own daughters or even having sex with you and your other girlfriends?" Kristen sat on the toilet with her elbow on her knee and a fist under her chin thinking about it and just like she found the long lost answer to a question that baffled her she said, "Well, not for a really long time.

It had to be like months before anyone got caught. I mean Doctor Spencer I couldn't count the amount of times that I had sex with Mr. Galloway or Mr. Bowen. Besides my girlfriends were having as much sex with my father as well. I have to believe that my girlfriends weren't fucking their dads as much at their homes. It seemed like they waited until they came over to my house because they were free to do whatever they wanted.

I mean my girlfriend's fathers enjoyed coming over to my home and taking turns having sex with us younger girls." Miles asked, "Well like I asked did any of the mother's find out about your little secret rendezvous?" Kristen said, "Well, everything was cool until early spring. Nicole came over one day to go horseback riding with me and her mother Amanda dropped her off. It had been like a week since we hung out together and Nicole was excited to get out on the horses and just go riding.

We were out for an hour or so when Nicole had to go to the bathroom really bad. She had to go you know ~ (she held up two fingers) number two and all. So we headed back towards the house and when we got back she couldn't hold it anymore and I told her to use the bathroom in the pool house because it was sensual teen opens up juicy vagina and loses virginity defloration and hardcore to the barn.

When she opened the door to the pool house there on the couch was her mother on her back with her legs wrapped around my father. They were both naked and my father and Nicole's mother were having hot and steamy sex.

They didn't even notice when Nicole crept in and slipped into the bathroom. I came in walking behind her I heard Mrs. Galloway moaning so I stayed behind the door and was peeking at them having fun. Mrs. Galloway got on top of my father and was riding him so good. I could see his big thick cock stretching her pussy open.

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You could see that she came several times as my daddy had a nice thick white ring of her sperm about half way down on his cock. I guess Nicole was watching her mother from the bathroom and as she got bold enough she walked out into the room.

Nicole walked over to the couch and looked at her mother and just sorta smiled at her and said, 'I see you're having fun mommy, please don't stop because of Me.' It looked like Amanda Nicole's mother was going to have a heart attack and fell off of my father onto the floor and tried to cover up her nakedness. My father on the other hand just remained on his back with that big thick piece of man meat pointing up at the ceiling.

Mrs. Galloway looked at me as I walked into the room and her mouth was wide open and her face turned like a really hot red and she said, 'oh honey I'm ~ I'm so, so sorry. This isn't what it looks like I swear!' I just looked at her and I said, 'don't stop because we're here my dad's a great lover and has a great cock doesn't he?' Then Nicole bent over the back of the couch and took my father's cock into her mouth and sucked him about half way down.

When she came up off of it she looked at her mother and said, 'damn mommy your juices taste so good on my boyfriend's cock.'" Miles said, "You and Nicole weren't upset about your father and her mother having sex together?" Kristen had toilet paper wrapped around her fingers as she wiped herself clean.

She shrugged her shoulders and chuckled at Miles, "Why would we? I mean we were already having sex with each other's fathers. I mean their grown-ups they can do whatever they want to. Besides that was my goal the whole time was to make both of my girlfriend's family's special incest family's like mine.

It was about a half hour later my dad and Nicole's mother Amanda came into the house. Nicole just walked up to her mom and hugged her and asked, 'Isn't Mr. Foster an unbelievably great lover mommy?' Mrs. Galloway just stood there not knowing what to say and Nicole just smiled and said, 'he has a really nice big and thick cock doesn't he? Mr. Foster is really nice to me when he slips it inside all of my holes.' Nicole's mother Amanda was shocked at what Nicole was telling her and she screamed, 'OH MY GOD' and Nicole just hugged her really tight and told her to sit down.

Then she told her mommy about how she was having sex with my daddy, Mr. Bowen and even her own father. It took her mom a little while to understand what Nicole told her. Then she asked my dad, 'is she lying, did you fuck her? Did Sam Bowen fuck her too and even my own husband?' And my dad said, 'No, she isn't lying to you.'" Miles wanted to just re-affirm her story and especially her age and asked, "Ah, Kristen, can you tell me again how old Nicole and you were when all this happened?" Kristen stood from the toilet and walked over behind Miles and hugged him tight and said, "I think that we were both just a little older than twelve at the time.

Ebony song xxx story sani leon we were both twelve because it happened before my dad and I moved away." Miles then became really curious as more and more information was just flowing out of her now as opposed to a month ago when he had to practically pull it from her, "You mentioned before that you moved?

Where did you move to?" Kristen spun Miles around as they stood both naked holding each other like they were long time lovers and she shrugged her shoulders as if Miles should already know the answer to the question, "We moved just before I started school the following year." Miles figured alexis adams well toasted pussy he would come back to that question later he didn't want to break the flow as the information was just pouring out of her, "So, Amanda or Mrs.

Galloway what did she do when she found out that your father had sex with her daughter or that her own pretty blonde masseuse pussy banged by her nasty client had sex with her own twelve-year-old daughter?" Kristen shook her head pushing the blonde hair away from Miles' eyes and said, "Well, Mrs.

Galloway took my father by the hand and led him out of the pool house into the main house. They went into his office and they didn't come out for like an hour or so. Nicole and I were actually kinda nervous that my daddy and her daddy might be in a whole bunch of trouble but when Mrs. Galloway came out Amanda was all sweaty and you could see small drops of my daddy's sperm in her hair and she just smiled at the two of us. She was real quiet and just moved her pointing finger at us and we went into the family room and sat on the couch like we just got caught doing something really bad.

We sat there not knowing what to say or do and then just as I was about to tell her that all of this was my idea she just put her finger over her lips and blew like air escaping from a tire 'shhhh'.

I stayed quiet and she said, 'okay this is what we are going to do. You two are going to keep doing what you have been doing with your daddies.

It seems that you have been making them really happy lately. I am going to talk to Fawn or should I say Mrs. Bowen and our three families are going to be a whole lot closer than we ever were before.'" Miles said, "So, it seems that you succeeded in your quest. You turned both of your girlfriend's families into special families just like yours." Kristen smiled, "Yeah it's was the first time that I learned that I could basically get anything Cunt of hotty is banged hardcore and blowjob wanted if I am willing to have sex with men.

Guys are really easy that way. I mean after that day our families got really close. From then on, us girls were allowed to sleep over each other's girlfriends houses even on a weekday nights.

The cool thing about that was I got to have sex with whomever I wanted to once I was their homes. I mean I loved having sex ~ so it wasn't like a punishment or anything. Mrs. Bowen really liked just girl time with me and Rebecca.

She had all kinds of toys and these, belt like things, that you put on and there was a fake penis on the end and we could pretend to be boys and have sex with other girls. Amanda really liked having sex with us girls as well. The other good news was we got to have sex with all the other brothers and sisters too. It was just like old times when my mommy and daddy went to all of their special friend's houses we started a new group of people to fool around with." Miles said, "So how about your mother did your daddy and you just stop going to Oklahoma to see your mom at the jail?" Kristen said, "Oh slender teenage looker has her asshole drilled no.

But once school was over my daddy started leaving me behind in Latrobe. I was just fine with that because I got to stay with the Galloway's or the Bowen's house for whole weekends or sometimes longer. I felt kinda guilty that my dad was gone all the time to see my mom and I wasn't going to see her. No matter how much fun I was having with my girlfriend's family's and staying at their houses I just felt like there was a big hole like right here where my stomach is." Miles and Kristen began to redress each other as they spoke and Miles asked, "Well, maybe you really missed your mom more than you thought?

I mean you were having too much fun doing the same things that your mom used to do with older men in her swinging groups before she went to jail and now she was sitting all by herself being lonely while and you got to have all the fun." Kirsten interrupted Miles, "Yeah I guess you were right because right after the fourth of July I talked to my daddy.

I asked him if he really liked staying so far away from my mom and he said, 'it was really important for me to get a good education and the school I was going to happen to be one of the best in the area.' Then I asked him, 'could we move to Oklahoma to be closer to mommy?' And fuck teaching xx story mom just hugged me and said, 'I want to move to Oklahoma to be close to mommy too but I don't want you to give up your friends I know how important they are to you.' Then I realized that I was just being selfish and told my daddy, 'the next time you go to Oklahoma you should stay for a while and try to find us a new home for all of us.'" Miles and Kristen exited the bathroom holding hands and Miles asked, "Well, you already told me that you moved.

So was it hard for you to leave your friends and their daddies that you were having sex with?" Kristen said, "Not really as long as I had my daddy. Well, then my daddy got really good at the stock market and was making us a lot of money. Mr.

Galloway and Mr. Bowen asked my daddy to help them with their money too. So, my daddy started investing money for the Galloway's and the Bowens.

He got in on something called and IPO thingy for the new beer company that Latrobe luxury frau jasmine jae loves when a man dominates starting over in Europe.

My Pap-Pap who still worked for Latrobe Beer took all of my dad's money and my girlfriend's family money and put it all together as one. My daddy knew how important it was because it was all of their savings so he went Europe.

He met this guy in Two hot milf lesbians bianca breeze and april oneil are very horny who owned the breweries they wanted to buy and produce the new Ales, his name was Johansson. That's how they were going to make all this money and all. My daddy wanted to make 100% sure that the two companies were going into business together.

It was in late July that year and my daddy surprised me and he took me with him to Sweden. He said that Mr. Johansson and his wife wanted to meet our family. After they met us at our hotel the Johansson's invited me and my daddy to his house for dinner. I thought it was going to be really boring but they had a daughter who was like a year or two older than me. Her name was Farah and she was so cool. It turns out that they were just like our family ~ you know ~ a special family. Part of the deal for my dad to get in on the deal for the IPO thingy was that Theresa the mother wanted me to have sex with her and her husband Gabe or Mr.

Johansson." Miles was absolutely appalled by that last statement. It was one thing for her family who lived in an incestuous lifestyle for decades to take advantage of her. But for her father to just give away his only daughter for the all might dollar sickened him and he asked, "You mean to tell me the that the only way for your father to be part of this deal was he had to basically sell you to the Johansson guy like you were some sort of prostitute?" Kristen sat there for a moment and heard the disgust in his voice and said, "It wasn't anything like that Doctor Spencer.

I mean my father and Mr. Johansson both wanted to have sex with each other's daughters so they just agreed to it. It wasn't like I was tied to the bed or that I wasn't willing to have sex with him. He was a decent looking kinda guy. I mean I've had sex with men that are part of our nudist clubs that are short, fat and hairy all over their bodies and still had a lot of fun with them.

Mr. Johansson was really tall like over six foot and blonde hair and blue eyes just like you. His body wasn't perfect or anything but he was cute and I didn't mind as long as my daddy said it was okay.

Besides, my dad and Farah got to be all alone together as well. It was really weird having sex with them because I never met them before but my father asked me to do it because it was really important for him and the Galloway's and Bowen's as well.

Besides I will do anything for my daddy." Miles said, "So like ~ Wow ~ really? ~ That seems just like ~ wow Kristen. You just had sex with strangers and a married couple to boot? I mean you were only twelve, right?" Kristen said, "Well, I don't know about the 'to boot' thing but I just don't think that you get it. I told you before sex for me ~ it's just sex Doctor Spencer.

In our family it's just like if you went to a friend's house and you hugged the mother and kissed her on the cheek. They just think that you're friendly and it doesn't mean anything. You see, in my family being naked around other people who are just like us is just normal and if someone wants to have sex with you that is just like hugging a person. So, yeah I did it because my daddy needed my help. Besides I was the woman of the house now and like my Mom-Mom told me at the hospital 'I should do anything that my daddy tells me to do.' Well, my daddy told me to go with mister and misses Johansson and I did and whatever happens in the room happened." Miles was too annoyed by her father's lack of or no sense of morality and said, "So, what happened after that night?" Kristen said, "Well, their daughter Farah and I became really good friends believe it or not.

She even came to visit me after we moved to Oklahoma the following summer. She stayed the whole summer once with me and my daddy." Miles asked, "So, did your daddy make a lot of money from the IPO thingy?" Kristen said, "Well, it was enough money that my daddy said that the Galloway's and the Bowen's were able to pay off their homes and cars and credit cards.

It worked out for everybody they all got a lot richer than they were before." Miles said, "So, when did you go to Oklahoma?" Kristen said, "We moved a short time after we came back from Sweden. My daddy and I flew out to Oklahoma and we visited with my mommy every day. I hadn't seen her in like over a month. My daddy left us alone for a while and we talked about all sorts of things that I was up to." Miles asked, "Did you tell her what you did to your girlfriend's family?" Kristen said, "Yeah I told her everything.

I don't need to hide anything from my mommy. I still loved her and all." Miles wanted to know if there was a shred of morality within the family and asked, "Was your mommy upset with you for what you did to the Bowen's and the Galloway's?

Or that your dad was having sex with your pre-teen girlfriends and their mom's?" Kristen said, "No, she just hugged me and said that 'I was a chip off of the old block' and 'she was really proud of me.' After I met with my mom my dad took me to look at some houses that he found not too far from my mom's jail.

There was one really cool old farmhouse. It reminded me so much of our home back in Latrobe and it had a new and bigger barn than ours it could hold all of my horses and more. I told my daddy that I wanted that house and he bought it for me and my mom. The next day when we went back to the jail and we told our mom and I hadn't seen her smile like that since before she went to jail." Miles said, "So did you stay in Latrobe until they moved everything to your new house?" Kristen said, "Oh no.

Daddy and I kept everything at the Latrobe house and we just bought all kinds of new furniture for the Oklahoma house. He even had this older fat lady come out to the new house and she kinda decorated the whole place for us. We had to wait like three weeks after we bought the house before we could move in because there were all kinds of guys fixing everything for us.

Then about a week before school started we moved into the new house in Oklahoma." Miles said, "Well, Kristen that was a great session why mom and son in walking sex we end it here and then we can pick up later where you left off okay?" End of Chapter 17 Well don't go anywhere as things are going to start to really come together over the next few chapters.

You'll definitely want to be around to see what happens to Kristen, Miles, Tom, Gemma, Eric and Danny next. The next chapter will be posted soon as I am editing it right now. Thanks again for taking the time to read all the sick and demented things that cross thru my mind.