Two french couples swinging on the beach

Two french couples swinging on the beach
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"We are going to have some lovely naughty fun when you get here!" Debbie proclaimed on my phone as she giggled knowingly. "OK Debbie, what are you talking about?" Sexy chick eva lovia gets demolished by lawyer pornstars hardcore asked giggling back at her and hearing her hoarse breathing through the earpiece.

"Not telling" she replied, enjoying the tease "we girls have a lot of time to make up today and it's your fault for not visiting more often. So anyway, where are you now?" "I'm probably about ten minutes away and the train is on time so I'll see you when I get in and you can intrigue me more.

'Bye." I ended the call and mused about what Debbie had said and what she might possibly have in mind. I've been friends with Debbie for quite a few years now and we've had a lot of fun together. We are both forty but she is a brunette and very slim, almost thin, with lovely little cones for tits and a neat tight ass which is the result of a frantic gym routine. She is a sexy 'bi' (like me) with a preference for women (not like me) and she is an amazing sexual partner able to bounce me through orgasm after orgasm and I could hardly wait now to find out what plans she had conjured up for my visit and I felt my panties moisten in anticipation of what might come.

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When the train pulled in I jumped off and hurried to her and we hugged before she gave me a heavy kiss, delving her tongue into my mouth mischievously to the embarrassment and annoyance of other commuters walking past. "Come on" she laughed pulling me along behind her "lets go get a coffee before we go home." We left the station and headed off into the mall where she strolled into a coffee shop and sat us in a booth opposite the serving counter and then she waved at the server, who seemed to recognise her by his broad beaming grin, and nodded to him as she mouthed the word 'two'.

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"OK" I sighed, what's going on? You said you couldn't wait for me to get here and have some fun and yet we are just sitting waiting for a coffee. Why couldn't we just go straight to yours and get one there?" "Patience darling, patience" she admonished and then smiled up at the server as he brought us our drinks.

"Who's your friend then Debbie?" he asked "Is she as kind to us poor shop servers as you are?" "Why! What on earth do you mean french top boobs star new xxx that young man? This is my friend Ruth and we are simply here for some light refreshment before we drive home. However, I've no reason to expect her to treat you any different than I would." "That's nice to hear" he replied taking my hand and stroking it rather than shaking it "very pleased to meet you Ruth, please enjoy your drinks and I'll enjoy your patronage." He ambled back over to his counter and leaning on it, he simply smiled at us and held our gaze.

"What the hell was that about?" I asked. "Oh, it's just a little game I have with him when I call in here. I hope you will join in but it's up to you and if you'd rather just watch……" she responded with a cryptic grin on her face and I knew this was going to be fun of some sort. She stared straight into his eyes and then slid a little forwards on her seat causing her already short skirt to ride up further and then she raised her leg and rested her foot on the table cross piece before letting her knee drop over to the side.

He would now have a full view up her skirt and, knowing Debbie and hearing him catch his breath in anticipation, I gathered that she wasn't wearing any panties beneath her skirt and was now giving him a full view of her pussy. "Debbie! You are terrible!" I laughed. "Yes, but it's so much fun and he does seem to enjoy it" she smirked as she slowly slid her hand down to the hem of her skirt and lifted it further before sliding her finger down to her pussy and then slowly massaging it in straight strokes and then rotational strokes.

I could smell her sex and knew she was soaking juices all over her seat and by now she had slid two fingers into herself and begun to dip them in and out. I could feel my own pussy starting to leak and looking across at the server. I could tell he was stroking his cock below the counter and I wondered what would happen if someone else came in. Obviously they had done this plenty of times before and she would probably just lower her leg and he would probably just let his apron drop down over his cock but God knows how he would serve riding my special toy with a butt plug if they wanted him to take their drinks over to their table!

Now she changed hands and raised her fingers to my face where she gently wiped her juice across my lips as my tongue licked them greedily before they dropped down and proceeded to find their way up my own skirt and to my panties. I let my legs fall open to give her access as she pulled my panties to the side and slid her hand inside to dip her fingers straight up into me.

She needed no foreplay as I was already soaked with thoughts of the whole situation and I shuddered to a climax almost as soon as she touched me. Meanwhile, our 'server' was stroking his cock faster and his face was getting redder and redder and then suddenly he clenched his eyes tightly shut and gasped and shook as he obviously shot his load behind the counter, accompanied by a deep throaty laugh from Debbie as she stroked herself to orgasm in unison with him.

By now I was sweating with excitement as Debbie slowly eased her stroking of my pussy. "My, oh my!" she gasped "you are absolutely soaking. Just right for me so stay that way whilst I get you home because today you are going to get the fuck of your life!" and with that she grabbed my arm and led me outside, flicking the back of her skirt up to give our entertainer a final flash of her rear.

As we walked arm in arm to her car she was almost hysterical with her laughing and giggles and more than once she stroked her hand across my breast to give passers by a brief shock which sent her into more peals of laughter. As we sat in her car driving back to her house, she eased her skirt high up to her waist and splayed her legs apart "Quickly Ruth," she purred "finger fuck me all the way home, I want to cum and cum!" What else could I do?

Her lovely open pussy dribbling fluid onto her seat next to me and her aroma drifting up to my nostrils! I slid a little round on my seat so that I could reach her better and watch my fingers disappear into her time and again. She felt so silky almost as if she had some synthetic lubricant sprayed in her but I knew that this was all her own juices I could feel and I interspersed fingering her with pulling out and licking her gorgeous flavour from my soaked hand until we pulled into her driveway.

She parked up and we just sat for a little while catching our breath before she opened her door "Come on, I want you naked right now!" I eagerly got out from my side and followed her to alexis texas drilled extremely hard door which she had already opened and entered by the time I got there.

Reaching out for me she grabbed my hand and almost dragged me into the hall before banging the door shut behind us and delving her hand straight back to my soaked pussy as her tongue swept its way around my mouth, scratching itself along my teeth. She was breathing hard as she kissed me and I went a little light headed as she sucked the air from me and then breathed carbon heavy air from her lungs into mine. God she felt good!

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We drank deeply on each others saliva and shuffled our way through to her lounge, leaving a trail of clothes behind us as we fell onto her couch. I lay back, eyes closed, just enjoying her tongue as it dipped and swirled in and around my clit and pussy lips and her fingers slid in and out of me in a gentle massage.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head tight to me, loving the deep thrusts of her fingers and tongue as she brought me to another orgasm and then I felt something cold and wet against my thigh. As I opened my eyes I then realised we were not alone as a big brown pair of eyes peered up at me and a long pink tongue lolled around a panting mouth! "Fuck me!" I yelped in surprise "Jesus! Where did he come from? He scared the life out of me!" Debbie was creased over laughing now "This is Max, my lovely new friend.

He just wants to say hello and make friends with you too" she giggled as she lowered her head back to my glistening wet opening.

"Hi Max" I murmured, beginning to relax again as Debbie pleasured me more but then I noticed that Max had moved behind her and was sniffing her.

Before I had chance to say anything I saw his long tongue snake out and start licking her cunt. "Jesus Debbie!" I blurted "watch out, he's licking you" and as I said it I realised how stupid a comment it was.

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As if she didn't know she was being licked out by her dog. She just giggled as she continued to lick me "Well, that's OK then isn't it? After all, that's what I'm doing to you and I don't hear any complaints." On the contrary, the sensations she was giving me made sure I had no complaints. As I continued to enjoy her ministrations to me I still couldn't get over what was happening. "But Debbie" I gasped, loving every stroke of her tongue and slide of her fingers, "he's a dog for Gods sake and he's licking you out!" "Of course he is.

No point keeping him if all he does is eat and shit" and with that she patted her buttocks and he started to climb onto her. It was then that I saw his cock sliding out of it's sheath and smear moisture along her thigh as he tried to thrust at her. Reaching between her legs she took hold of it and guided him to her hole where he slid straight in, making her raise her face from me and tilt her head upwards with eyes closed in pleasure.

"Oh, that's so good!" The second he was in her he started pounding her at a furious speed. I was transfixed and although Debbie had now stopped pleasuring me, the sight of what was happening tipped me through another orgasm.

"Debbie! Debbie!" I shrieked at her "He's fucking you, my god that's terrible!" "Oh don't be such a prude" she purred back at me "you are leaking like a tap watching this so don't pretend it's not turning you on, I can feel your pussy muscles twitch with the thought of it." It was then that I realised she was right.

I was turned on. In fact I was cumming like a train and it was not just because of Debbie's tongue and fingers, it was the sight and sounds of Max fucking her. Suddenly she tensed more and moaned out loud as she screwed her eyes tight shut and I thought her fingers were going to rip me apart. "He's there, he's there" she gasped "his knot's in me now and he's going to cum. Oh yes! Oh my god yes!" He made a sort of whimpering noise and slowed his fucking down as he thrust as far into her as he could and shuddered on his back legs.

It was obvious he was cumming in her and she smiled up at me with her eyes still closed and a look of intense contentment on her face. Alongside her face was Max's head with what looked like a big grin on his face with his tongue flopping out as he panted and then he sort of hopped around on his back legs and swivelled in her so that they were 'tail to tail'.

Then there was a soft plopping noise as he pulled his cock from her and I looked down to see a stream of thin baisee dans la rue la cougar fait la totale cum dribble from her onto the floor. Debbie slid down onto her haunches, her arm draped over my thigh and a look of total contentment on her face which shone with a sheen of light perspiration over her forehead "My god that was so good!" she gasped and I realised that I was breathing almost as heavily as she was as I sat there and looked at her with my mouth open wondering what to say.

Max then reappeared alongside her and licked out at her face as she ruffled his fur on the back of his head. It was then that she looked me fully in the eye, grinned seductively, and pushed Max's nuzzle into my sopping hole! It was now my turn to gasp, both with surprise and then with pleasure as Max began to lick me the instant his nose touched me. I was soaking wet and he seemed to just love my taste as he lapped rapidly and thoroughly around my gaping hole and up inside where the juice flowed from.

I've had some tongues on me before, both male and female, but nothing compared with the rapid coarse licking I was now getting from Max. he had no chance in licking me dry as I shot through a series of orgasms again and poured more of my fluids out. Debbie then reached under his chest and heaved him up so that he was resting along my prostrate body and then I felt it! She was rubbing his rigid cock along my slit and he was already starting to hump although just then he was only thrusting at thin air.

"You want him don't you?" she asked me and before I realised it I nodded my agreement. "Oh no!" she admonished "not so easy. You want him so ask me for him.

After all he is my dog and I went to all the trouble of training him." I struggled with this idea and almost laughed out loud at the idea of her going through 'all the trouble' but my lust overtook my humour.

"Yes" I squealed "yes I want him. I want to feel his cock fucking me and his cum filling me up. Make him fuck me Debbie." I saw the smirk on her face as she guided his cock to my opening and let him go. I'm sure that in the doggie world max is a real gentleman but right then he wasn't interested in courtship as he slammed his cock full length into me and immediately started to fuck me at a ferocious rate.

I could feel and smell his hot fetid breath as he thrust his cock in and out of me no technique just hard rapid fucking and I loved it! I sensed every inch of his rigid cock, despite the speed, as he pounded me. I leapt every time he hit my cervix and I shuddered with each orgasm as his fur rubbed against my clit. Then the pleasure turned to pain as his knot swelled and filled me. Debbie must have been waiting for this as she stroked my hair and reassured me it would be fine and to try and relax.

That was impossible! His knot completely blocked me off and he began a series of rocking movements accompanied by his whimpering and I felt him cum in me. Flood after flood of doggie spunk shot into me. I could feel it squelching out around his cock with the pressure from inside me as I screamed in an earth shattering orgasm, almost passing out with the intensity.

Then Debbie kissed me as I struggled for breath, dipping her tongue into my mouth and swirling it around over my own and my teeth. It was as she did so that Max twisted and pulled his cock from me. I heard his cum splashing as it ran out of me onto the floor and I'm sure my cunt was wide open and gasping for breath of it's own in the relief of having that knot pulled from me. Her kiss was intense and her fingers slid into me, probing and swirling around before she moved down and began to lap Max's spunk from me.

One, two, three and then four fingers and her palm went into me as she swirled them around in the hole widened by Max's knot and rubbed my clit with her thumb. By now I was in a semi delirious state as she scooped his cum from me and dribbled it through her fingers into both our waiting mouths.

The whole idea was just so decadent and so newbie lesbian girls get their slim cracks licked and poked and as I fluttered from orgasm to orgasm I'm sure she did the same. Gradually we calmed down and began to gather our breath. Max was busy licking his cock clean and lapping the taste of my juices mixed with his when Debbie rose and led him through to his basket and closed him in away from us. Reaching down she took my hand and led me in a daze to the shower where we sponged each other down and then towelled off before going to her bed.

We lay for ages just stroking and kissing and then Debbie slid over me and we moved into a gorgeous sixty-nine, each slowly and deliberately licking the remnants of doggie cum from the other's glowing cunt. It tasted salty and a little bitter but I horny nasty lesbians try out their new toys wow pictures it was pretty tasty over all. As our lovemaking slowed we returned to each others arms and talked through what had happened, this was still something of a shock to me.

"But you did enjoy it didn't you?" she questioned but the smirk on her face told me she already knew the answer. "Of course" I responded, snuggling down on her tits and stroking her cunt once more "maybe we can do it again sometime." "Well, Max is out there and he will still be there in the morning to give you a good send off before I take you to the station" she promised and I closed my eyes with a look of total contentment on my face as I began to slip into sleep and prepare for my second doggie fuck.