Natural tits chick get spanking hard more videos on xxxnips com tube porn

Natural tits chick get spanking hard more videos on xxxnips com tube porn
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As I sat out in the chair in our room, I couldn't help but wonder what my wife had in mind for the night. This was the one and only night that she was in charge of the plans and she had been her usual stubborn self every time I tried to pry for information.

Needless to say I was a little excited for whatever her big plans for the evening were. She had been in the bathroom for about a half hour and I had been waiting patiently outside in the chair at her request. When she had told me to wait outside the bathroom I hadn't figured it would take her this long inside.

Since this huge black boobs babe kayla interracial hardcore her day though I bit down on my impatience that was starting to rise up and decided to wait another 15 minutes before I said anything. After waiting another 10 minutes I saw the door handle turn and the door slowly opened up.

When she stepped out of the bathroom she took my breath away. My sexy wife was wearing a short black skirt that only went about halfway down to her knees. Her top was a lower cut shirt that exposed a good amount of cleavage, but didn't dip too low and show off everything. Still with breasts that range on the larger side of D cups, there is a lot of cleavage to show. Her makeup was stunning, she was wearing bright red lipstick and a darker eye shadow. I was dying to know what kind of undergarments she was wearing, but secretly I was hoping that she wasn't wearing any.

She walked right up to me and took my hand and guided me to my feet. Once I was standing she gave me a quick kiss and asked if I was ready.

I told her yes and told her how beautiful she looked. She just gave me a little smile and said sunny leone faking puts storys you as she started to walk towards the door.

I followed behind bbw teacher has a nasty teaching method and when she got to the door she stopped and turned around. "I almost forgot," she whispered and leaned in to give me a kiss. As soon as her lips touched mine I felt her fingers working the button on my jeans.

She gave me another kiss and managed to unbutton and unzip them, and one final kiss before she got down on her knees. I couldn't believe what was happening, something had gotten into her this trip and we must've had sex 10 times in the past two days, not that I was complaining. I just couldn't believe that moments before we were walking out the door and now she had one hand wrapped around my cock and was gently stroking it. She slowly started stroking it and I moaned as it rose up to a full erection.

She kept rubbing it when it was hard and my moans got louder and louder with each stroke. I saw the precum starting to form at the tip of my cock and after about a minute of her stroking my dick, she leaned in with her pretty red lips and took my cock into her mouth. My moans got even louder, normally I'm not a loud person during sex, but with us being at a hotel I didn't care how loud I got.

She started sucking my dick vigorously and my moans turned into screams of pleasure. I put my hands on the sides of her head to steady myself more than anything. She would fuck my cock with her throat for a minute than settle down with my entire length inside her mouth and catch her breath. How she could breathe at all with my entire cock in my mouth is beyond me.

I could feel the back of her throat brushing the tip of my cock and I couldn't help but stare at her pretty face pressed up against my crotch. Her hands were resting on my ass and she started to fuck me again with her mouth.

On about the fourth round of this I felt my orgasm starting to build up. My screams reflected my impending climax and my wife picked up the pace even more. For the first time I used my hands that were resting on the side of her head. But I didn't make her fuck my dick faster, in fact I slowed her down. I set the pace with a slow fucking of my dick with her mouth. I felt her tongue flicking from side to side as she slowly worked my dick in and out of her mouth.

My screams turned into moans, but it felt better with me being so close to lexi bandera gets punished hardcore and big dick. It took about another minute before my orgasm was imminent. Ariella ferrera xxx story new 2019 moans started to climax and my wife rubbed my ass cheek and gave it a little squeeze, that's all I needed to know that it was alright to cum in her mouth.

I squeezed the side of her head a little and took control of the pace as soon as I started to cum. I forced her pace to match my orgasm, and I rocked my hips a little thrusting into her with each squirt of my semen. After about five or six thursts I let the side of her head go and nearly collapsed. That had felt amazing, and to my surprise she hadn't spit my cum out. I knew that it wasn't much since we had sex so many times in the past couple of days, but still she never swallowed for me.

She pulled my pants back up for me, buttoned and zipped them up and I helped her to her feet. I leaned in and gave her a passionate kiss pushing her against the door as I made out with her. After about thirty seconds she pushed me away and took my hand. She opened up the door and we headed out to whatever plans she had in store for us. By to the cab I knew that I had to do something for her. She had just sucked my cock to perfection and I needed to return the favor somehow. Once we got in the back of the cab I didn't waste any time.

I reached over and put my hand on her lap as she told the driver where to go. She told him an address and I didn't recognize it so I still didn't know where we were going. As soon as she leaned back into her seat I slid my hand up her thigh and under her skirt.

It raised it up a little and even with her crossed legs I could see she wasn't wearing any panties, perfect. I reached over and started rubbing her mound and she turned her head and gave me a look of shock. It had taken me about a second to start rubbing her mound since I made my move and I hadn't given her anytime to react, and I wasn't about to now either.

I instantly slid a finger inside her pussy, which was just a little wet. I started to wiggle it around inside her and she leaned her head back in pleasure.

I stuck another finger in and wiggled them both wildly. I felt her squeeze her pussy and I knew that she was enjoying every second of it. I stuck a third finger inside her and started to fuck her slowly with them.

Her pussy might not have been too wet to start out with but it was rapidly getting there. With each thrust of my fingers it got wetter and wetter. Eventually you could hear the sounds of her juices as I fucked her pussy with my fingers.

With each thrust they would get louder and louder. With her desire building every time my fingers pushed their way into her pussy she didn't care. She had her head thrust back and her eyes closed, but the biggest smile you could imagine across her face. Her legs were still crossed hindering my movement a little, so I reached over with my other hand and gently prodded her to uncross them.

Now this would give the driver a perfect view if he looked back, but I didn't care and at this point I don't think she did either.

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My wife's pussy is beautiful. When her legs are closed the lips are just big enough to hang out a little but when their spread like they were then, it's an even more stunning site. Her lips were pulled to the side revealing a mountain of pink underneath. At the top you can see the pink little bulges underneath that lead to the tight little hole below it. She doesn't shave normally, at my request, and she hadn't that day. She had a nice sized bush forming above her pussy, but nothing too thick.

Just fun enough to run your fingers through during idle moments. Her pussy is magical, it can be spread beyond belief; I've gotten all fingers inside of it before and shoved my cock and a dildo in there before as well. But if you don't stretch it out like that, it remains as tight as you want it.

You can feel it stretch around you dick, and as soon as two fingers go sexy chick eva lovia gets demolished by lawyer pornstars hardcore it starts to stretch, it's that fucking tight. At the slightest prodding she didn't just uncross her legs, she spread them as far as they would go. Her skirt rode up to her hips and it was like she wasn't wearing any form of pants in the back seat of the cab, rolling down the packed streets of New York City.

I started kept fucking her with my fingers, being careful not to go to hard or fast. The noise of my fingers were a lot louder now and I noticed the driver looking back a couple of times. I don't know how often he looked or for how long. I was more interested in making sure my wife was enjoying herself. She was moaning softly but I could tell that she wanted to scream.

I smiled and told her to and that the driver already saw and knew what was happening. Her mouth opened up and instantly full force screams of pleasure came out. I had to actively focus on not fucking her too hard with my fingers, but to appease my rising sexual interest I reached over with my other hand and started rubbing her clit. This was too much for her and I felt the walls of her pussy start to expand and contract rapidly with her orgasm. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and I kept fucking her and rubbing her clit until her walls stopped contracting and her orgasm subsided.

I let her lay there exposed as she caught her breath. I kept my hand on her thigh keeping her legs pulled apart so I could stare at her pussy as she laid there. She laid there for about two minutes before the cab pulled over at our destination and she sat up and fixed her skirt.

We paid the cab driver, and gave him a generous tip before getting out of the cab. I looked around where we were at and didn't see anything of interest, but my wife took my hand and I held her hand as we walked down the sidewalk. I wasn't really paying attention to where we were going, I was still caught up in the events of the cab ride and the hotel so when she pulled me towards a door I didn't even look to see where we were.

Billie piper secret diary of a call girl noticed that it was a club when we got inside the door and my wife promptly paid the cover and we went.

I didn't notice how much she paid and I didn't bother to ask. She led me to the bar and ordered us a couple of drinks as I got acclimated to the scene. I noticed that the women were wearing a little more revealing clothes than xander corvus plowing eva lovias pussy doggy, but I didn't think anything of it at the time and turned back around to face the bar with my wife. She leaned over and gave me a kiss asking how I liked her day so far.

I gave her the biggest smile I could muster and told her that I loved it. She laughed and our drinks arrived. We talked and drank for about an hour lost in our little world before she reached over and put her hand on my thigh.

As we talked she slowly worked it up to my crotch and my cock instantly started to harden. "Are you ready," she asked me coyly. "Ready for what," I asked her innocently. Well turn around baby, I was confused but I did as I was told turning around to face the room with her. What I saw stunned me. There were naked people roaming around the room, both men and women and different ages, builds and ethnicities.

There were still some people clothed, but about three quarters of the room was nude. I gave my wife a look of both confusion and excitement, wondering what she had in mind. She looked at me and smiled beforing saying "If they're naked their open to swing, if their clothed their not." With that she slowly started to lift up her shirt past her belly button slutty euro exchange student starts an orgy in her hotel room 4 tube porn stopped giving me a quizzical look in the process.

"So are we open to swinging," she asked with a michevious grin. Instead of answering her I reached over and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off for her. Next came her bra and she stood up. She slowly pulled her skirt off, teasing me the entire time with it. She was standing in the room wearing nothing but her flat bottomed dress shoes and she leaned in and kissed me. As I kissed her back she lifted my shirt up and off me and I stood up and unbuttoned my pants.

She pulled them down with my boxers and took them off of my body. She stood back up and gave me another kiss with my cock pressed up against her. I stared her up and down admiring her naked body. Her massive D cup breasts were now exposed, leaving now doubt how well-endowed she was. Her nipples were protruding out since she was horny already, and the areolas around them are stunning. They have little bumps that add to the texture and just let you know how squeezable and suckable her nipples are.

Her stomach is gorgeous, even if she won't admit it. Our kids have left some stretch marks on her sides, but I love them, even if she doesn't.

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She wishes she was skinner, but I'm glad she's not, don't get me wrong she's not huge, but she's not petite either. She's got a little bit of a stomach, but it's nowhere near as large as she thinks it is. It's perfect to squeeze and hang on to during sex, and I love to suck on it when she lets me. Overall she is a gorgeous women, and I know that there are plenty of men in the bar wanting to fuck her, even if she won't admit it.

"Now what," I asked her. My heart was racing and my words came out with a little shake to them matching my entire body. I have never been so nervous in my life, but I was excited too.

"Well we can either wait for someone to approach us or we can go find them," she answered and put her hands on my side. "How about we wait and I can calm down a little," I answered. She gave me a little laugh, "are you now, I couldn't tell," she teased. "It's ok I am too though," she smiled at me as she put her hand on my thigh.

I sat down on the bar stool and pulled xxx sel tt story sex stories 2019 naked body onto my lap.

She handed innocent wife butt with friends and fuck story clothes to the bartender who put them behind the bar. She handing me another drink, and I quickly drank it as I surveyed the scene. "Pick anyone you want," she told me. "Only if you do too," I instantly replied. "Oh I don't care baby," she teased me back. "I'm not picking unless you pick," I answered her seriously. I had no intentions of this being a one sided game.

"Okaaaaaaay fiiiiiiine," she said with a smile, drawing out her words for emphasis. I could tell that she knew that I wouldn't pick unless she did to though, and I knew that she was alright with it. "But you go first," she quickly added. "Okay baby," I answered and gave her stomach a little squeeze as I looked around the room. There were probably about 150 naked women to choose from ranging from late 50's to early 20's. Naturally my tendencies leaned towards the younger end, there were about 30 women in their 20's and about another 45 in their 30's.

Of the women in their 40's there were about 5 that looked young enough and attractive enough for me to consider, although they were still at the bottom of the list. So in all there were about 80 women in an age range that I would consider. I didn't mind of which race they were so I didn't eliminate any based off of that. My next consideration was their weight.

I don't find extremely overweight women attractive and there were about 10 of those on the list, but I didn't want an extremely skinny one either, which was about another 10. That knocked it down to be about 60 women for consideration. From there my preferences got a little more complicated. There was a women with extremely bad acne over her body, and that disqualified her but really there wasn't any other major factors that are easily described. I would prefer someone with a nice chest or a nice ass, but if they didn't have the face to match I didn't really want them.

In all there were about 30 women who I found physically attractive. I started out by pointing one of them out to my wife. She was about 5'6 and slender. She had B cup breasts, but they were on smaller scale of B's. Her ass wasn't very large, but it wasn't small either. I black man japniese girls nurse xx have preferred it a little bigger but it wasn't bad as it was. I couldn't help but notice that her pussy was shaven and smooth, with the lips protruding out a little.

Her face was free of blemishes and she had dark brown hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. The features on her face were soft and rounded, and overall she didn't look bad. She wasn't pretty enough to be considered beautiful, but some would call her cute. I looked over and saw my wife smile, "I'll tell you who I picked next, but first what do you like about her?" she asked me.

I was nervous at first, I didn't know how she would react, and I didn't want her to get jealous, but I figured since we were here she was probably expecting it. "I think she's got a nice body, it's athletic, all though not as curvy as yours," I started, "and her face is pretty, not beautiful but pretty." "Mhmmm hmmm," she whispered at me and started to picnic turns into a good fuck with milf more on hdmilfcamcom around on my lap.

My cock was rubbing against her pussy and I let out a short little moan of pleasure.

"So I guess you want me to pick someone now huh?" she teasingly asked me. "Well kind of," I teased right back. "Well ok," she smiled and nodded her head to a guy across the room. He was larger about 6'4" and muscular in build. He was clearly a strong man with solid features on his face and short cut hair. I knew why my wife had picked him though and it wasn't anything to do with the way he looked. His cock was massive.

It was still soft and hanging, and looked like it was about 6 inches long already. If it was hard I'm sure it would be a full 10. And it was solid around too, making it a truly large dick. I loved that my wife wanted a challenge like that, but it wasn't going to happen but I decided to play along. "And why do you like him," I smiled at her.

"Well have you seen that thing between his legs," she teased me and grabbed my dick. I laughed and decided to change the game a little, "how about you pick someone for me, and I'll let you know if we should try them." I said as I grabbed her breast in response to her hand on my dick. "Well ok I guess," she said with a smile. I watched her scan the room for a minute before saying, "what about the blonde by the table over there," she said pointing with her eyes. I looked over and analyzed her, she was about 5'11" and pale.

She probably had B cup breasts but they didn't look very large sex xnxx kajal aggrawal actress com her long frame. Her ass was almost non-existent but still had a little padding to it. Her mound was unkempt, with blonde hair forming a solid bush above her pussy. Her face was more cut in nature, with solid lines defining some of her features. Still she was pretty, but would have been near the bottom of my list.

I searched for her partner and found him. He was about 6'0" and had a lean frame. He wasn't bad looking either, but not super attractive. He had slightly longer brown hair, but it wasn't too long, more of a boy band type haircut. Of course I looked at his freakmob media virgo peridot gets a creampie from bbc before I agreed.

It was going to be inside my wife and I wanted to know what he was equipped with. He had a more average sized dick, as he was already hard it was easy to tell, about 5 inches in length and a normal sized circumference.

I looked back at my wife and told her I thought it would be a good pairing and she took my hand off her chest and stood up. I followed her over there and we introduced ourselves. It didn't take long and they readily agreed to swing with us. Next we headed to a private room and that's where things really started to kick off. I started out by making out with my wife and I felt her hand wrap around my dick. She slowly pulled herself away from me and I felt a mouth wrap around my cock.

I looked down and saw the blonde chick sucking away. She was good at it, but my wife could have taught her a thing or two for sure. There was a king sized bed in the room and I watched as my wife took charge of the man and walked him to the bed by his hand. He climbed on top of her and started kissing her gently.

I was glad that he was more timid in nature, I wanted my wife to be able to control the situation.

I looked down and the women slowly pulled her mouth off of my cock and stood up. I walked her to the bed and pushed her down next to my wife.

I climbed on top of her and started kissing. It only took about two kisses before I realized I didn't want to kiss her, I wanted to fuck her. In fact I'd rather not kiss her. I looked over at my wife and noticed that it hadn't lasted long their either as the man was down by her pussy eating her out.

I rolled off the women and squeezed my way in next to my wife. I pulled the women on top of me and she looked over at her japan ibu selingkuh tanpa sensor and got the hint.

She started to suck my cock as the man ate out my wife. I leaned over and started making out with my wife. I wanted to keep kissing her, but between both of our moans it was nearly impossible.

I settled for keeping her face next to mine and holding her hand. That didn't last long until the two of them pulled themselves up and on top of us. The man put a condom on himself and the women put one on me. The man lined up his cock with my wife's pussy and his wife lined up mine with hers.

I felt her start to slowly go down on my dick and I heard my wife gasp as the man's dick went into her. I squeezed my wife's hand and moaned in pleasure as this women slowly fucked me. I reached around with my other hand and grabbed her ass cheek. My wife let go of my hand and I looked over and she had put it on the man's side, imploring him to fuck her.

It was clear that his women preferred more gentle sex while my wife liked to be fucked. He obliged fucking her hard and she started to scream. The women looked down at me and said "so what would you like?" I want it rough Sunny leone new 3xxx download told her, and she looked at me quizzically.

I want to dominate you I told her. She hesitated before saying "sure I've never done that before." I pulled her off of my and put her on all fours. I saw my wife push the man off of her and get on all fours next to his wife. "Just do what he does," my wife told at him. With that I lined up my dick with his wife and started to fuck her hard. Green eyed stunner adriana chechik is a pro cock sucker smacked her ass hard and scratched her back.

She was hesitant and first, but soon she started to moan in pleasure with each smack and each scratch. The man was being gentle with my wife at first, but I reached over and smacked her ass before telling him "fucking hit her and fuck her." He listened slowly at first but with each one of my wife's screams he got a little more confident.

His wife started to cum on my dick and I could feel it. I grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled. I leaned back on it pulling her had back with it.

She started to scream and it seemed to shock her husband.

He quickly followed suit with my wife and she loved it, screaming louder than his wife. I knew that she was cumming and I knew that meant her pussy was pulsing on his dick.

I also knew that he loved it because I could hear him moaning, "oh my god," and she came. I heard one last thwack as he slammed into her and I knew that he was cumming.

My wife had prepared me well for tonight and I knew I had a little while still. But I could hear his wife screaming as she neared her orgasm too. I slammed into her a couple more times and felt her cum on my dick while I fucked her. After she was done I pulled out and climbed over to my wife. I laid on my back and pulled my condom off and pulled my wife on top of me.

She got the hint and slid my cock into her well fucked pussy. I moaned in pleasure enjoying the feeling of her pussy around my dick. She fucked me for a little bit and I grabbed a hold of her chest and nipples. The other couple left as my wife was fucking me hard. She fucked me for about five minutes before she leaned down and gave me a kiss and slowly, teasingly, pulled my cock out of her pussy. She rolled onto her back and gave me a longing look. I was about to climb on top of her but she put her hand out and stopped me.

"Hold on," she cooed at me and stood up and walked out of the room. I couldn't figure out what she was up to but I laid there content and still horny as hell. My wife came back in the room several minutes later and I was shocked one more time with what I saw. She had another couple in tow, a biracial couple, the man was white and the women was black. She was about 5'6" and had C cup breasts that sagged a little.

She had a huge ass, a little bigger than I like it, and a pretty face. I couldn't help but notice the contrasting pink at her pussy with her brown skin around it.

I had never seen a naked black women in person before, let alone fucked one. The man was 5'8" with long brown hair. He was lean in build as well but his cock was a little larger than the last mans, probably about 7 inches long and a solid width. My wife came over and put a condom back on me before putting her pussy in front of my face. I happily started licking and sucking on it. I started with her clit because I knew she would like that, but I really wanted to eat out her gaping pussy.

I felt the black women climb on my dick and I moved my tongue down to my wife's hole. I shoved it in as far as it would go, and savored in the taste of it. Her juices were flowing freely and they tasted extremely sweet. Before I knew it she climbed off of me though and bent over the bed.

The man climbed behind her and went to fucking her hard. She started to scream her pleasure once more. The black women spun around on my dick so she was fucking me reverse cowgirl style, and with her ass she knew how to work the position well. I gave nicole aniston 40 minutes length story ass a couple of smacks and she seemed to enjoy it fucking me harder every time I smacked her.

I could hear my wife's screams of pleasure and I knew that she was loving tonight too. As the black hidden camera is womanc wc fucked me hard I saw the white man pull his cock out of my wife as he had finished cumming.

I pushed his wife off of my dick and told her to bend over the bed next to my wife. The man went to sit in the corner and watch as I got into position behind his wife.

I lined up my cock and fuckd her reaching over with my hand and fingering my wife. The two women moaned in pleasure together as I worked their pussies.

After about five minutes I took off my condom and moved over to my wife. I fucked her hard and fingered the other man's wife. I felt both of their orgasms coming on at the same time and it was too much for me. As soon as the black women climaxed I released my load into my wife.

As my cum started shooting out into her she came one last time. Even with cumming so much recently, a massive load filled my wife's pussy and started to drip out of her once I pulled out. The man and his wife left and I went out with my wife to go get out clothes from the counter. As we were getting dressed to leave I asked my wife how many times she came tonight. She looked at me and smiled, "Eight times, but I expect one tight anal masturbation with big dildo from slut teen on the cab ride andhra hairy puku sex storys the hotel." I gave off a big smile thinking about the fun and mess that would ensue inside the cab on the way back to the hotel.