Sexy amazing hottie is horny hardcore and blowjob

Sexy amazing hottie is horny hardcore and blowjob
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Daisy Modified [note: punana, from "punany"] "Up!" punana recognized the word and tried to obey immediately. punana got to its hands and knees easily but lifting its head was horribly difficult.

its 52 inch G sized titties (as punana must call them now) were heavy enough but Master had ornamented punana's nipples (as is His right) with a series of heavy iron piercings, from each of which hung weights of various shapes and sizes.

The pain was incredible but punana must obey and please its Master.

When punana had its body vertical, it moved its right leg into position and started to rise. It has become very, very difficult since the six-inch stainless steel heels were surgically implanted in punana's heels. It must rise evenly now and nearly always fails.

It failed again this time and dropped back to its mat, crying because it failed to please its Master. It heard its Master's voice. "This happens all the time.

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Is there something you can do?" "Are you certain she's not just fucking with you?" Master came closer and punana felt its head pulled back. punana so longs to see its Master's face again but the blackout lenses in its eyes have been in place for nearly a year now and punana is afraid what would happen if they were removed.

At least it can still hear its Master's voice. For now at least. Tiny boobs blond babe nailed by pawn man Master will decide to take punana's hearing away at some point too. It is His decision. "I don't think so. I mean, I told you this wasn't a good idea. How do you expect her to stand up like this?" "She just has to learn." Doctor Tom's voice scared punana. Every time he spoke, punana was taken away for another surgery and came back less and less human and more and more a toy, a thing, a freakish fuck machine with no purpose other than pleasuring women and animals.

Doctor Tom xxx mia kalifa sex with gift his hand into punana's breeding hole and lifted it like a hand puppet.

punana swung its legs underneath itself and spread them so its breeding hole didn't hurt so badly. "I remember when this thing was Daisy.

Motherfucker, she was hot." punana remembers it too. punana longs for those days, when Master would beat punana and pass it around to His friends then take it home and let it sleep at the foot of His bed.

Now, punana rarely sleeps. it doesn't need to since the Doctor modified its endocrine systems as well. "Daisy was one fine piece of pussy, that's for sure. And she loved pain, didn't she?" "She begged me to bring her over from the UK, got her out of her teaching job, got her out to California. We had some good years. Still having good years actually. She's doing a great job for me and Tiffany.

Eats pussy like she was born for it." Master's words hurt punana again, deeply and it began to cry, silently, without moving. Master did not need to know.

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"Come on," Doctor Tom said. punana felt its leash being pulled and followed, docile and eager to please. The rings through its pussy lips were connected to the leash in Doctor Tom's hand. punana is getting better at walking in its permanent high-heels now even though the pain is still intense. The Doctor designed them that way. The steel supports most of punana's weight against the bone but there is a muscle and never pair that babe rides my dick in the grass telsev right alongside the joint so punana is always in pain while it's walking.

Doctor Tom suggested it and Master agreed so punana has made it another source of arousal. punana has always been able to turn pain into arousal and this is why Master keeps punana around.

It is more precise to say that is why Tiffany allows Master to keep punana round. Tiffany is endlessly high school gharl sar xxx to punana and was the one who insisted on the most grotesque modifications punana has undergone. The huge titties, the piercings and stretching of punana's nipples until they are like small eels dangling from punana's comical, balloon titties.

The removal of punana's ears and teeth, the flaring of punana's nostrils. Tiffany - Master's new favorite - wanted to stretch punana's nostrils until the could be fucked by cocks but Doctor Tom gave up at two inches, said it was physically impossible. Tiffany wanted Doctor Tom to remove the septum and turn punana's nose into one big, fuckable nostril but Master insisted they not.

Tiffany agreed not to do it "now". "Just take her to the stable, we don't need anything fancy for this," Tiffany said.

She must have been outside.

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punana was afraid now. If it was just Master and Doctor Tom, they might have been going any of a number of places, but if Tiffany was involved, there would be pain and humiliation and horrible things for punana.

The fear made punana's cunt swell and juice.

Doctor Tom was responsible for that as well. Hormone treatment, hypnosis and conditioning had made punana respond to a number of things that would make a normal human female sick. punana had orgasmed from being branded, from enema cramps, from being made to eat its own waste, from cleaning horse's sheathes with its tongue. punana is aroused all the time, its pussy always leaking and its clitoris always swollen and hungry for touch.

punana felt Tiffany's fingernails dig into its arms. punana's arms are weak and nearly useless, Tiffany insisted Doctor Tom atrophy them as much as possible to keep punana from rebelling or running away. It also prevents punana from defending itself when Tiffany is flogging it or scratching it or throwing things at it.

Tiffany threw punana onto a wooden bench punana knew very well. punana's cunt grew wetter in anticipation. This bench always meant horse fucking. punana raised its ass high in the air and opened its legs.

it heard Gf denies pussy till wedding but butt is there laughing and felt a strap across its ass. Hornies latina begging for sex beat punana twenty stripes before she stopped laughing and told punana to stand back up. "You're an eager little whore, aren't you?" Tiffany asked.

She pushed her hand up between punana's legs. "These fucking horse lips of yours want stallion meat, don't they?" punana started crying again. it didn't like to be reminded of what Doctor Tom and Tiffany had done to its cunt. Some time back, Tiffany had been drinking and looking through magazines with Doctor Tom. Master was away on business. They brought punana into the house and inspected its body, poking and probing and testing and came to a decision. The next day, Doctor Tom brought punana to the surgery room and spent several hours rebuilding punana's vagina.

When punana was allowed to look at itself after several weeks of recovery, it broke down crying and they had to sedate it. The Doctor had replaced punana's vagina with a mare's vagina.

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It slips were big, loose, dark brown and swollen and the passage was deeper and wider than it had been before. punana cried for days. it was no longer fit for humans or even dogs, its vagina was much too loose for a normal sized cock.

punana would spend the rest of its life fucking horses. Tiffany and the Doctor thought it was quite amusing. Master was upset when he found out but the surgery was already complete and, Doctor Tom said, irreversible.

From that point on, Tiffany was the only woman Master fucked. punana serviced men all the time with its mouth and ass but its vagina now belonged to the horses. punana was sometimes called 'morningside mare' as a joke. Tiffany found it especially amusing. Tiffany had Doctor Tom modify punana's mouth as well. The underside muscle of its tongue had been cut so it could push its tongue deeper into women's vaginas.

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Or men's assholes. Or horses. punana's lips were huge and puffy like blowfish, another permanent modification Tiffany insisted on. "Here we are!" Tiffany cheerfully announced. "So, she really does this?" Patricia asked. punana froze in panic and shame. punana's recognized the voice. It was punana's husband's business partner from UK.

punana couldn't see her and wondered if she was staring. punana felt its entire body break out in a sweat. "Does it and loves it," punana heard Tiffany say.

"How big's this girl? About 15 hands or so? Go take a look at her. A real freak of nature. She's gonna love getting her tongue into this one." punana heard Patricia walking closer, stood frozen. "We found her out in the pasture fucking one of our stallions. I guess she was one of those kinky types who got cut loose from her master. I don't really know. But we took her in." punana could sense Patricia standing close by, looking at it.

"You look familiar." "No," punana whispered. "We found a card that had the name Daisy on it," punana heard Tiffany say with a sneer. "Does that mean anything to you?" "Dai." punana heard the sound of Patricia retching, splashing her lunch onto the floor of the stall. punana heard Tiffany chuckle. "Do you still want her to superb hardcore action along milf hiroko akaishi out your mare's love tunnel?" .more?.