Big tit blonde riley steele takes a big dick in her perfect ass

Big tit blonde riley steele takes a big dick in her perfect ass
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Everything was going great during the summer. DeJuan was keeping me busy with the modeling and his friends were keeping me busy with fucking.

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But summer was almost over and DeJuan told me and my mom we were take a trip down south to his buddy who had a boat and sail the gulf for a week before I had to go back to school as a reward. So the next day we headed out for a Florida and one last party before school. The ride down was a blast. I was in the back of a rented van and being played with the whole way down.

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DeJuan made my mom drive most of the way. Whenever we stopped for gas or food I put on a short sun dress and nothing underneath. At one pit stop a guy came up and asked me if I was the little farm girl off he internet.

When i said I was he lead me around back with DeJuan and gave him 20 bucks and had me kneel before him. Reaching up I undid his pants and pulled out his white cock. It must of been either 7 or 8 inches long. "Now be a good little slut and show the nice man what your mouth is made for." DeJuan told me.

Engulfing his cock I started to bob my head back and forth. Looking up I saw that he was taking pics of me with his cell phone. Swirling my tounge and humming on him I did my best to get him off quickly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw hot milf fucking in lingerie on sofa mom but DeJuan shooed her away telling her I was earning my keep on this trip.

After that at each stop DeJuan did his best to pimp me, my mom or both of us to help pay for the gas. Early the next morning we arrived at DeJuan's friends house. He was introduced to me as Gene. When he hugged me he grabbed my ass and then lifted my dress off me. I was naked exept for my slut collar and he attached a leash to it.

Leading me to his basement I was placed inside a cage. "Don't worry April you won't be there for long." he told me as he went back up stairs to help unload the van.

They left me there for the rest of the day and into the night with nothing to eat and only a bowl to drink out of. When they did come and get me it was to put me in a bikini and to head out for the boat. Gene's boat was a yacht with a lot of rooms. Me, DeJuan and Gene went on the yacht and my mom was taken to another boat by a couple big black men. When I asked where my mom was going I was told it was ok and we would meet up later on.

As soon as we were out of site of land I was was told to strip and get on all fours. Doing as I was told the two men stood besides me and took turns fucking my throat.

As they used my mouth they kept on saying how much money they would be making on this trip and how they wished I was younger. Gene pulled away from me and walked behind me and rammed his cock up my ass. When i cried out he told me to shut up or I could swim back to shore. For the next two days they took turns using my body however they wanted.

The only time I was allowed to eat was if one of them came all over my food. Late on the second night we pulled into a harbor and I was told to put on my yellow string bikini. DeJuan also had me put my blonde hair into pig tails. All three of us got off the boat and walked into town.

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As we were walking Gene reaches over and pulls both my bikini cups so my nipples were exposed. I started to complain, that is when DeJuan slapped my hard across the face and told me to shut up.

After walking for about an hour we came to a large run down building. Going inside Gene asked for the manager and a very dark skin black man came out. He seemed to know DeJuan and Gene as they shook hands and acted like old friends. Walking over to me he had me turn around and bend over.

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Once I was bent over and my ass towards him he smacked it hard. "The little slut listens well enough." he said. He then untied my bikini top and bottoms and had me follow them to a side room. Inside he had me get on all fours and stay there. The guys all sat down on a large couch and the manager rang a bell. Almost at once a older woman came in leading a large dog.

Knowing what they wanted I lowered my face to the floor and spread my legs. The dog mounted me and stabbed at my pussy a few times before finding it.

All three local story pathan with fresh boy to laugh at me when I started to moan. The dog knotted me and we were ass to ass. When that happen the manage asked" how much?" "50 grand for her." DeJuan responded "You see how well she is trained and her mom is all ready taken care of." Ringing the bell again the same woman came out with a suit case.

The manager gave it to DeJuan. Walking over to me while I was still knotted to the dog DeJuan knelt down and said. "Now April be a good girl for your new owner. He paid a lot for you." "Why are you doing this to me?" I asked Looking down smiling at me me said," This is my job.

I find whore like your mother and little sluts like you. Train the little sluts and sell them. Your mom i sold to a snuff film company. If you are good you won't end up like her." then he got up and left When the dog pulled out of me the manager half dragged me to a joining room. Two big men picked me up and tied me face down to the table.

Strapping me down they told me my new name was 73 and to make sure i would not forget it it was gonna be put on my ass. The meaner fast love sex with 2 of the two guys that tied me down used a blow torch to heat up some numbers and branded my ass with the number 73. When I screamed from the pain they just laughed.

One of them asked me my name and when I said April I was hit across the soles of my feet with a wooden rod. It took five times before I said 73. It took a little while for my number to heal and start to blister up.

When it was they bent me over the table and each took a turn raping me. They seemed to enjoy slapping and spanking my new brand.

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Each one took a turn ramming his big black cock into my little white pussy. When the last one came inside my pussy I was told the faster I give them a baby the better off I would be. They cleaned me up some and put a leash on me. Leading up some flights of stairs I was placed inside a room with the number 73 on the door. Inside was a small bed and toliet. In the roof was a chain with a chocker attached to it and the choker was put around my neck and locked.

This all happened 4 years ago and in that time I have given my owners 3 baby girls and a baby boy. I do sometimes think how it all could of been different if i went to stay with my dad's instead of my mom.

the end!