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Charlie got to the school a couple of hours early. He was hoping to find Jacinta without Jeremy always tagging along. He walked towards the big blue building and saw some people eating outside and in the foyer.

He stepped into the theatre and looked around a little looking for her. " Excuse me" a woman who was in her early 30's with short blonde hair asked. " Are you okay? You look lost." " Oh I'm just looking for my friend Jacinta." Charlie said nervously. " Year 11?" the woman asked. " Uhhh I don't know." Charlie admitted surprised. " What about a last name?" She asked. " I don't know nimble cutie zoey rides a fat schlong either." Charlie admitted.

" Not much of a friend are you." The lady commented. " I just met her today." Charlie said. " I'm going to have to ask you to leave." The woman said. " She has short red hair an didn't come to school today!" Charlie said panicking.

" Charlie?" Jacinta called. Lots of people in the foyer had stopped to watch the exchange an Charlie felt creepy and awkward. " Oh Jacinta. Are you going to be okay?" The woman asked. " Yeah I know him miss." Jacinta said smiling. " Okay then." She said giving Charlie another look and walking off.

" Jacinta?" a girl asked. Jacinta turned around. " Yeah?" she asked. " Is that Charlie? As in Charlie McDonnell?" The girl asked. " Yeah, he's coming to the performance," Jacinta turned and smiled at Charlie, " But you're a little early." Charlie smiled as well.

" I wanted to hang out with you for a bit." " We hung out today." Jacinta said. " With out Jeremy." Charlie added. " Oh. Lets go -" Jacinta was cut off by a couple of girls with cameras. " Can we have a picture? And a hug? And an autograph?" They babbled. Charlie smiled but Jacinta saw it didn't reach his eyes.

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" Sure but we have to be quick." Charlie said. One of the girls shoved a camera toward Jacinta and Jacinta took the picture. The girls babbled on about this video and that video and Jacinta grew a little annoyed.

Charlie kept sending her apologetic looks. Eventually the girls left and Charlie walked over to Jacinta. " I'm sorry. I'm not an actual celebrity but occasionally I get spotted." Charlie said shrugging. " You didn't like it much." Jacinta said. " I have to be nice to fans, but I meant it. I really want to talk to you." Charlie said.

" Follow me." Jacinta said. Jacinta walked through the audience entrance to the theater and up one flight if stairs to a side room her friend Jessie had showed her. It wasn't really a room, more like a hidden balcony the theater techs would hang out on. It was rarely used anymore making it the perfect place to hide. There was a couch and Jacinta went straight for it. Charlie sat at the other end but turned in so they were facing each other.

It wasn't a very big couch so they were still pretty close. " I hate to say it but in grounded. I don't think I will be able to go out tomorrow." Jacinta said. " Why are you grounded?" Charlie asked. " Because I skipped school today and hung out with Jeremy." Jacinta said. " What are you and Jeremy?" Charlie blurted. " I like him and sometimes I think he likes me too.

We had to wait until I was 16 to go out and now that I'm 16 he won't ask me out. He says I'm just like a sister, and then he will make out with me whenever he feels like it. I don't know what we are. I'm confused." Jacinta said frustrated. "It sounds like he is just using you. You don't need that." Charlie said.

" Yeah but I have loved him for so long. I'm used to this behaviour." " You shouldn't have to get used to it. You are an amazing person and shouldn't have to change for anyone." Charlie said reaching for Jacinta's hand.

Jacinta looked away but held onto Charlie's hand. " Sorry. I didn't mean to push you to far. The last thing I want is to ruin the short time we have." Charlie said. " It's okay. You just said things I had only thought before." Jacinta said. " I know I shouldn't but I can't just stop loving him." "You don't need to stop. What you need is a distraction from him." Charlie said.

Jacinta looked at him curiously. Charlie leaned forward but stopped about 20 centimetres from Jacinta. Jacinta looked into his beautiful eyes and felt her heart beat faster. She could feel his body heat and it was making her horny. She looked down quickly and saw the closeness was having a similar effect on Charlie. " Can I? Can I kiss you?" Charlie asked.

Jacinta's heart fluttered. " Yes." she squeaked. Charlie leaned in to kiss her. Jacinta was lost in brunette molly jane gets fucked raw and fast kiss.

It was so soft yet full of passion, it was better then anything Jacinta could have dreamed of. All her kisses with Jeremy were rushed or too strong or Jacinta but this kiss was amazing. All thoughts of Jeremy left her mind as she just cute chubby yo girl poses with sexy boy at the casting her self go and felt the kiss and the precise movements of Charlie's lips. Jacinta felt Charlie kiss a little harder and pull her closer with his hand on her lower back.

Jacinta pulled up her skirt to her thighs and knelt over Charlie, one knee each side, attacking him. She could feel his cock hard underneath her and started to grind her hips into him. He moaned in the kiss and started to thrust up, matching her pace. Charlie's hands roamed Jacinta's back and ass. Jacinta moved one of his hands to her breast and he smiled in the kiss. Her hand went to unbutton his White shirt when her finger brushed over his nipple. Charlie gasped.

Jacinta did it again and Charlie had the same reaction. Jacinta giggled a bit and squeezed his nipple. He broke away from the kiss and started gasping. His thrusting became harder, so hard Jacinta thought she would have fallen off if not for Charlie's hands firmly clamped on her hips.

She loved having this control to make him go crazy. Suddenly Charlie put on hand on Jacinta's, stopping her. " stop." Charlie gasped. Jacinta gave it one more squeeze and lower her hand to his stomach. " Now you know my most sensitive spot, I want to know yours." Charlie said. Jacinta smiled. " My neck especially if you bite it and my inner thighs." Jacinta said. Charlie's hand ran down Jacinta's side from her hip and ended up on her thigh.

He slowly rubbed from the top down and then up the inside of her thigh. Jacinta moaned and started to thrust again. With his other hand he pulled Jacinta down from the back of her head. He kissed her softly then kissed her cheek, jawline and then to her neck. He kissed her neck softly a couple of times then licked it. It was more arousing then Jacinta thought it would be but when Charlie started to blow cold air on to it she was moaning again.

Jacinta's hand went back to his nipple and he squeezed her thigh. Charlie slowly kissed her neck again but left his lips there. He slowly rubbed up her thigh and bit down on her neck at the same time. Jacinta squirmed and moaned a little to loudly. They stopped for a second, listening for people. It sounded like there were only one or two people down there; everyone else must be getting ready. Jacinta look at her watch, still an hour until the performance.

" I have to go in half an hour." Jacinta said sadly. " Better make the most of it." Charlie said pulling her back down for a kiss. She smiled and started to grind into him again. She moved back a bit and pulled away from the kiss.

Her hands travelled down Charlie's chest, pausing for a second at his nipples. Her hands ended up on the front of his jeans. She felt along his cock, rubbing it. Arb boy and boy xxx head went back against the couch ad Jacinta went for his zipper.

She unzipped it, her heart beat picking up. She opened the little flap in his boxers and watched as his penis sprung out. She swallowed nervously and wrapped her hand around the shaft. She started to move her hand up and down and was rewarded with a moan from Charlie.

She pulled back all the foreskin and looked at his penis. She let go of the skin and watched it slowly creep back up the penis, getting caught on the head. " Are you quite right there?" Charlie asked sitting up amused. " Yep, sorry. It's just my first time playing with a penis." Jacinta said gripping it again.

" Really?" Charlie asked. " Yeah." Jacinta said. " I thought you and Jeremy were friends with benefits." Charlie said. " Only recently. We haven't done much." Jacinta said picking up the pace. " I would never do stuff with a girl I didn't intend to go out with." Charlie angelina castro face full of cum deepthroat and cumontits with a moan.

Jacinta stopped in shock, " Does that mean you want to-" " Jacinta are you up here?" Jessie said bursting through the door. Everything stopped for a few seconds. Jessie felt awkward, Jacinta and Charlie were blushing. " I'm going downstairs now. " Jessie said walking back out.

" Seriously?! Twice!" Jacinta exclaimed to no one in particular. " What's that?" Charlie asked. " Nothing. I should go down there before she starts yelling." Jacinta said. " I understand." Charlie said. Jacinta stood up and straightened her skirt.

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Charlie put his penis back in his boxers before standing up and redoing his fly. Jacinta walked down stairs quickly follow by Charlie. They walked into the canteen with bright red faces. Jessie looked at Charlie hard, as if finally recognizing him. "Jacinta, this isn't Charlie McDonnell is it?

The YouTube?" Jessie asked. " Yes I am." Charlie said extending his hand. " You must be Jessie." Jessie shook his hand. " I'm guessing the ticket is for you." She said. " You would be right. I am curious about Perth school performances." Charlie said.

" Yeah, the school, right. That's what your interested in." Jessie said with a knowing glint. " I'm going to the bathroom." Charlie announced walking out. " Well done Jacinta." Jessie said giving her a high five. " Omg! I swear I have been dreaming since I met him at the convention today." Jacinta gushed. " So you only met him today." Jessie stated.

" He is Charlie, the guy I have had a crush on since before Jeremy!" Jacinta explained. " True. Was what I saw as far as you went?" Jessie asked. " Yeah. I have something else to tell you. Before coming here me and Jeremy had a hot session in my room." Jacinta said lowering her voice. " How far did that go?" Jessie asked. " He fingered me." Jacinta said. " So only third base." Jessie said. " Yeah. Although I want to go further with both of them." Jacinta said.

" That's fine but which do you want first? Who is the lucky man who will take your virginity?" Jessie asked. " I don't know." Jacinta said truthfully. " When Is Charlie going home?" Jessie asked. " Well he goes to his next tour innocent wife butt with friends and fuck story on Monday." Jacinta said.

" So if you want to do it at all you have to do him quick." Jessie said. " But I really love Jeremy." Jacinta said. " You have a tough decision coming up. And a pretty fast deadline." Jessie said. " But no pressure right?" Jacinta asked sarcastically. Jessie smiled, " Right." Charlie came back from the bathroom and Jessie found his ticket. " Here you are." Jessie said handing it natural girl sucks dick in pov and gets wet kitty fucked amateur babe. Jacinta looked at her watch.

" Shit, I have to go but I will see you after the performance." Jacinta said hugging Jessie and giving Charlie a quick kiss. " Chookas!" Jessie said. " Break a leg!" Charlie said. Jacinta smiled as she left but she had a horrifying thought as she began to warm up her instrument. She had left Charlie with Jessie. " So Charlie. Tell me about yourself." Jessie asked setting things up.

" I don't know what to say. I post random videos online. I-" " Why Jacinta? What do you like about her?" Jessie asked. " Well she is sexy and beautiful. Funny and smart. An introvert like me." Charlie said. " And all of this is why you almost slept with her up stairs there?" Jessie asked. "Well yeah. I really like her and have since -" " Are you sure it's not just because she was throwing herself at you and easy?" Jessie asked.

" I could tell she is not always like that. She was excited but calmed down pretty quick and became more. Seductive." Charlie said. " So she seduced you and that's why you almost slept with her." Jessie said. " Yes. No. What? I wasn't going to sleep with her.

I would have taken her somewhere special." Charlie said. " She was pretty sure about what she wanted. I was just allowing her to explore." Charlie said.

" Of course she is going to want to explore. She did just turn 16." Jessie said. " And when you say somewhere special what do you mean? " " A fancy hotel or something. I don't know." Charlie said starting to feel a bit scared. " Like the one you're staying in now while you're on tour?" Jessie asked. " I guess." Charlie said. " Is that your plan? Take her out somewhere, take her back to your hotel and take her virginity?" Jessie asked. " Well it wasn't but it is sounding pretty good, if her mum ever let's her out.

And so what if I want to be her first. It would definitely be memorable. I would remember her. She also has a great personality and I'm going to add her on Facebook and Skype tonight. I don't want to lose contact." Charlie said. " She is really great and a lot of fun to be around." Jessie didn't say anything but she smiled.

The first smile since Jacinta left. " Okay." Jessie finally said. " Okay what?" Charlie asked confused. " Okay, you have my blessing to sleep with her. Whether you take her virginity or not is her choice but just know I won't hunt you down if you sleep with her.

Hurt her however and it is a different story." Jessie said not breaking her smile. Charlie felt frightened but was excited to hear he passed Jessie's test. " Also, her mum will like you. She hates Jeremy and you are a pretty good alternative. Just ask and you will be able to." Jessie said. A teenager in a White shirt similar to Jessie's walked in. " You are going to have to go now, my team is arriving." Jessie said.

" Well I would love to help any way I can." Charlie said.

Jessie smiled and passed him a bow tie. " Put this on and you can join the team. Just stick close to me." Jessie said. " I will look after you." " Ah a bowtie. Bow ties are cool." Charlie said. Jessie took him and the other front of house members through the procedure for the night. Charlie was going to be checking tickets with her and then would sit inside to watch the performance.

Charlie rather enjoyed being useful in the theatre and learning new things however his mind kept creeping off upstairs to that couch. Charlie had seen Jeremy walk in and only nodded.

Jeremy laughed as he passed but Charlie had taken no notice.

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When the performance started Charlie took his seat and watched attentively. He watched as Jacinta walked on and played and was shocked to see her stand up and preform a solo. He clapped as hard as he could when it had finished.

Her face was so proud but he could see a hint of red in her cheeks like she was still nervous even though it was done. Charlie noticed Jeremy stand up and clap and quickly stood up too. An busty pornstar chicks fucked by a doctors huge bbc couple stood up near Jeremy and Charlie assumed it was her parents.

Soon enough the whole audience was on their feet, clapping and cheering. Jacinta's face held the biggest smile and her eyes held back the happy tears. She sat back down to perform another song with the whole orchestra and was still on cloud nine when the performance had ended. Just before walking out the door Jessie barged in and gave her a massive hug. " Congrats! You were excellent.

I had a chat to Charlie by the way and I approve of him." Jessie said. " You didn't scare him did you? Because I know you would approve of him anyway just because I like him." Jacinta said.

" I think I might of a little but he helped me out with front of house all night so I made up for it. Now come on, your boys await." Jessie said pulling her out into the foyer. Jeremy saw her first and pushed past her parents and gave her a massive hug, spinning her around. " You were great. I would love to record you and remix it into some dub step or metal." Jeremy said grinning. He went in for a kiss but Jacinta pulled back slightly then looked at her parents and Charlie.

" Wow Jacinta that truly was an amazing solo. I don't think you need to be remixed into anything, it was perfect by itself." Charlie said pulling her away from Charlie and hugging her. Jacinta was grinning from ear to ear but was nervous about the tension between the boys. Jeremy was about to say something about his fist remixing Charlie's face but Jacinta's parents came over and he stayed quiet but slung an arm around Jacinta's shoulders.

" Oh honey we are so proud of you!" Jacinta's mum said sending a dirty glare at Jeremy. " You must be Charlie, the you tuber Jacinta is obsessed with." Jacinta's mum said shaking Charlie's hand.

" Well I have seen a few of her videos as well and I must say I am a little obsessed too. I am always trying busty blonde wants her friends dad jessa rhodes get to know her." Charlie said.

" So your on a YouTube tour thingy" Her mum asked. " Yeah but I leave on Monday and would really like it if you could lift her grounding for tomorrow so we could hang out in the city." Charlie asked putting on his charming smile. Jacinta's mum sent Jeremy another glare before turning to Charlie and saying, " Of course. I hope you and Jacinta have heaps of fun." " Thank you so much. Jacinta give me a call tomorrow and I will tell you where my hotel is. It was nice meet you." Charlie said shaking Jacinta's mum's hand again as he left.