Hot tanned babe gets her pussy banged

Hot tanned babe gets her pussy banged
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The last chapter. If you read it, please take a moment to let me know what you think or any areas of improvement. My first story so I am looking for feedback to help improve.

------ One afternoon after work, Aaron sat in the waiting room of Phoenix children's hospital. Kristy had been volunteering there in the activities program, and her car was in the shop for a few days so Aaron volunteered to pick her up. After a few minutes of waiting, a grandmotherly receptionist eventually came in to talk to Aaron.

"Are you here for Kristy?" "Yes, yes I am. Is she almost done with her time?" "Yes, you can go in and see her," the older woman said with a warm smile. "You must be Aaron. Kristy's talked so much about you!" "Oh, really? Positive comments, I hope," he laughed. "Oh, of course, she thinks the world of you.

I must say, Kristy is just the sweetest little thing, just adorable. She's so generous with her time, and all the kids love her to death. There was this one poor little girl who would just sit in the corner of the playroom and not talk to anyone, and we couldn't figure out how to get her to interact and play with the others, but Kristy got her to open up somehow.

No idea how she did it, she just worked her magic somehow. You're a very lucky man." Aaron teen beauty jasmine callipygian creampied with an epic view of budapest confused. "Lucky man? Oh, no, I'm not her boyfriend, I'm her." He paused. He didn't know what Kristy had been saying about him and the nature of their relationship, but it clearly gave this woman the impression they were dating, so revealing he was her stepbrother might cause some complications.

".I'm her friend. Friend. We're just friends." The woman had a chuckle at that. "Well, with the way she talks about you, I don't expect that to be the case for long. If I were you, son, I would lock that sweetheart up as soon as possible." Aaron smiled at what the woman had said and considered his good fortune. He was guided toward the playroom, where Kristy was finishing up her volunteer work for the day.

As he walked up and stood in the doorway, he saw Kristy lying on the floor, helping a little girl of about 4 or 5 color inside the lines of her coloring book as a few other kids played around them. "And what animal is that a picture of, Violet?" Kristy asked as she pointed at a page in the book. "Ellfum," the little girl responded as best she could. "That's right! Elephant! You're so smart!" she said as the girl laughed happily. Aaron laughed at this site before deciding to announce his presence.

"Knock knock," he said. Kristy popped up when she noticed him, and walked towards him to give him a hug. "Hey Kristy, who is that guy? Is this your boooooooooooooooyfriend?" a slightly older girl of 9 or 10 teasingly asked as she laughed. Kristy smiled and pointed at Aaron. "Oh, this guy? No, he's my personal driver. I get a personal driver because I'm very important, you see," she joked.

"That's right. Your car is ready, ma'am," Aaron laughed. Kristy then addressed the group of kids in the room. "I'm going to have to go, kids. You all behave yourselves, okay?" There were some protests as they all walked up to her individually and held their arms up so Kristy could pick them up and give them hugs. "Hey now, don't be sad, I'll be back next week!" Aaron was slightly apprehensive about kids, but it warmed his heart to see Kristy being so great with them and brightening their day.

The two of them started to walk towards the entrance, but Kristy stopped him once they reached the ward with the older children's rooms. There was a boy of about 13 whose parents went to Pittsburgh and who was a big Panthers fan, who had asked if Kristy could get Aaron to sign a football for him, which he obliged. The two of them then both left the hospital and drove back in his car, casually chatting.

As they approached an exit on the freeway, Kristy turned to him. "There's a business complex off this next exit that closes at five and is totally abandoned with no cars by seven," she smiled. "Oh, really, now?" Aaron laughed. He quickly got into the rightmost land to make an exit and then followed her directions to said complex.

He pulled into an area completely devoid of any other cars and parked in a spot in the corner. "This area looks completely abandoned," Aaron smiled. "Why did you want me to pull over into here, miss?" Kristy undid her seatbelt and then rubbed her hand over Aaron's crotch. "Oh, no real reason," she said as she reached her hand to stroke his crotch outside his pants while she leaned over to kiss the side of his face.

She leaned in to kiss his earlobe, and then he turned his face to meet her as their lips met and he swirled his tongue in her mouth. Eventually, she broke the kiss and then slowly slithered her way to the gap between the driver seat and the passenger seat to crawl into the back of the car. Kristy got stuck in between the seats for a moment as she tried to crawl through, with her shapely ass sticking up in the air, on display in her tight jeans.

Aaron gazed upon her and then used his left hand to give her ass a light and playful slap. "Ow!" she said playfully as she crawled through and readjusted herself to lie sideways on the backseat. "Why did you just slap my ass? That's gross. You're my big brother, you're not supposed to slap your little sister's ass, you pervert!

Keep your hands to yourself!" He laughed and then got up out of the front seat of the car, walked around to pull both front seats as far forward as possible, then opened the back seat to join her. He crawled down to lay on top of her, then grabbed the back of her head and continued to kiss her as he slid his finger down the front of her pants to stick his finger in her. Aaron knew that he had never felt anything like this before for any girl that he had been with. Not even Jessica, who at one point he was convinced he would spend the rest of his life with when they were in high school.

He had broken it off with her eventually for reasons that he never fully understood, just because he eventually felt that there wasn't any romantic spark. He had sometimes thought sensual chick is geeting urinated on and blasts wet snatch to that decision and regretted it, not sure if that was his best shot at love and he squandered it. But now that he was with Kristy, he knew. Kristy was everything he had been looking for.

She was so compassionate, so loving, the person he felt he could finally be himself with. It was a damn shame that she was his stepsister and they couldn't full embrace being lovers holivr bumsbus audition part stocking and tattoos public, but he figured they could work around that and that people would eventually understand. Kristy reached down to grab his belt and started to pull it off.

He knew that he could be in for another relatively mindless fuck session, but he decided to take a risk and make his feelings known, at least vaguely. "Listen, Kris, before we start this, for this time at least, I had something I want to ask you." "It's not about asking me to stop calling you big brother again, is it?" she smiled. "I think we've both firmly established that won't happen." "No, it's not that," he sighed. He did want her to stop calling him that, but he had sort of gotten used to it and knew it was a lost cause.

"It's just that." "Yes?" He continued. "It's just that. I've definitely appreciated the times where you've introduced your friends to me and let me, uh, be with them, massive dongs are welcome girlfriend and hardcore our time with Tracy has been fun, but." "But what?" she smiled, almost as if she knew where this was going.

"But. I think I want you all to myself from now on," he finally said. "I want us to be.exclusive. Even brazilian babe seduces two big black guys third world media it's only in private." "Oh, do you now?" she smiled.

"Well, Tracy will be disappointed. I sure don't mind." Kristy then sat up, and implored Aaron to do the same. She undid the top of his pants and pulled them down his waist to some degree, as his partially erect cock sprung out.

She then lowered her head to his lap, smiled and then looked up at him. "Guess that means I'm all yours, big brother." She stuck her tongue out and started to gently lick the underside of his cock a few times, before wrapping her mouth around it.

Aaron felt his heart flicker a bit. He realized the deal sounded stupid for him on paper she wasn't sleeping with anyone else, and he was giving up the chance to sleep around and enjoy threesomes. But forget that he knew it would make his times with the one he really wanted more pure. Besides, his father had instilled a strict moral code in Aaron and he had never cheated whenever he had a girlfriend. Kristy was definitely in that territory now, even if they couldn't make it public, and he would feel wrong being with anyone else.

Aaron grabbed the back of Kristy's head as she continued to suck him off. He wanted to return the favor, but didn't want the blowjob to stop.

Luckily, there's a solution for that. "Here, get up for a moment and let me lie down," he said. He lifted himself from the seat for a moment and pulled his pants further down before lying down across the back seats, part of his legs hanging out the open car door they left open.

She stood up as much as she could to adjust and accommodate him in the confined spaces of the car. She smiled. She was crouched over him, in her t-shirt and panties. He reached his finger over and pulled the panties down, and she smiled and sat on him for a moment to help take them completely off. "Now what?" she smiled. "Now get on top of me," he replied.

She started to move her face towards him. "Nope, not that way. The other way," he smiled as he reached over to open the door closest to his head for room.

"Oh, I see what you're getting at, naughty boy," she laughed. She turned around and lay on top of him facing the opposite way. With her head as his cock again, she started to lick it, as she adjusted her legs so that they straddled both sides of his head so his face could meet her pussy. Having Kristy's pussy right up in his face was a beautiful sight, Aaron thought to himself.

He started to tease the outer edges with his tongue as they started to 69. He gently rose his right hand up to slowly caress her ass cheek as they did so. After several minutes of 69ing, he felt that she was sufficiently wet. "Looks elizabeth olsen sex scene in oldboy (hd tube porn our situations are taken care of," he smiled.

"Let's close these doors just in case someone is near, since our mouths won't be occupied anymore and we wouldn't want anyone to hear." They both got up to sit in the seats as they closed the doors on either side.

Kristy then lifted off her shirt, as he undid his pants and boxers the rest of the way, throwing them in the front. "Hear what?" Kristy smiled as she nudged up next to him, her asscheeks meeting his thighs as she presented her back to him so he could undo her bra.

"What, do you plan on fucking me or something?" "Not exactly," he replied as he undid her bra and then reached in from behind to tweak her nipples in his hands. "I plan to make love to you." Kristy suddenly giggled. "Oh, that's cheesy as all get-out. Did you read that in a romance novel or something?" "Not as cheesy as using the phrase 'as all get out.' Who still says that?" he laughed. "Hmm, fair point. Okay, how about you fuck me AND make love to me at the same time?" "Sounds good to me," he said as he pulled her in to kiss her.

He then lay down in the seat and she positioned herself to straddle him while facing him, grabbing the seat and the back of car as leverage. Her pussy hovered around his erect dick as she slowly rubbed the outside of her folds up and down it. "So you really want to be exclusive, huh?" she smiled. "Sure, works for me," he said, hoping she would stop teasing him and he could get enter her already.

"You know what that means though, right?" she smiled. "What?" She slowly lowered herself onto his cock as he felt her sweetness surround him. "It means you own this fucking pussy, big brother." She leaned in to kiss him as she humped herself up and down his cock, before leaning back again as she moaned. "Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck your personal pussy. Or make love to it, whichever you prefer," she smiled.

"I'll fuck you harder than 'all get-out,'" he laughed. He reached his hands up to grab her ass as she moved up and down sexy chick porn with gal getting fuck satisfaction giving it a playful smack. He started to move himself up and down more vigorously as his thrusts met the rhythm of her body so they could alternate between deep thrusts and shallow ones. After 8 minutes Kristy was brought to orgasm, and several minutes after that Aaron was ready for the same.

"I'm going to cum inside you, Kristy." "Oh, yes, fucking doing it! Fill up your little sister's pussy that you own!" He started to unleash himself inside her as she threw back her head and moaned as she continued to straddle him. "Oh, baby, it feels so good to have you inside me," she called out, exasperated.

When he was done, they both got up and started to reach for their clothes to put them on. Kristy then turned to him with a wicked smile.

"You know, bro, there's another part of the bargain that I didn't mention in our arrangement." "Oh yeah? What's that?" "It also means I own your dick," she laughed. She reached into him to grab his limp dick and squeeze it a bit. "Oh, I suppose you're right, ma'am," he laughed.

"And it better be ready to perform, because I intend to use it quite a bit." "Something tells me that won't be a problem, with you around," he said as he leaned in to gently kiss the side of her neck. ------------------------------------------------------------- A few weeks later, Aaron was out playing pickup basketball in an otherwise deep inside nubile stepmother and ex gf court with Stephen. After Aaron won by one point, the two of them sat down and started to talk.

"Hey man, you see that Lakers trade today?" Stephen asked. "Oh yeah, they got Dwight Howard. Crazy stuff. Didn't have to give up much, either. So not fair." "I know," Stephen replied, "they didn't even have to take on Hedo Turkoglu or Jason Richardson's large and terrible contracts in the deal!" "Well, I'm sure you know why they couldn't have taken Jason Richardson on the team," Aaron laughed.

"Why?" "Because.well, I don't know if this is true or not, but it's certainly a widespread rumor.but Steve Nash is on the Lakers now, and there was a rumor that Nash and Richardson were both on the Suns, Nash's wife cheated on him with Richardson, and that's why Nash got divorced from her." "No shit!" Stephen replied. "I had no idea. That would be crazy if it were true. I imagine it would be really difficult for her to sneak around with him considering the two of them were on the same team and on the same schedule." "Yeah, that would be crazy if true," Aaron laughed, thinking it was a bit of an oddly specific comment.

Stephen sighed and paused for a second. "Okay, I've been avoiding this but.speaking of sneaking around." Uh oh. Uh oh. ".I know what you and Kristy have been doing." Aaron felt a lump in his throat. What was going to happen? How had they not been more careful? This was the worst case scenario. "Don't worry, I won't say anything," Stephen followed up with.

Aaron stammered to come to his defense. "Listen.I'm sorry man, I know, I knew her before she became my stepsister and everything, so I really don't see her like a sister at all .I know it's awkward and everything, but it's not like us sleeping together is harming anyone." "Wait, WHAT? " Stephen yelled.

His eyes widened. "You two are having sex? What the fuck?

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I was talking about you two stealing mom's booze from her room!" Aaron stopped. Shit, did I just fuck this up? He pondered what a potentially huge mistake he made, before he realized the last part must have been a joke. Stephen laughed nervously. "No, no, sorry.

Sorry. I knew about the sleeping together and was talking about that. I was just trying to make a joke to diffuse an awkward situation." "Oh, thank God!

You had me going there for a second," Aaron laughed nervously. He waited for a bit then asked, "How did you know?" "I heard sexual noises a couple times when I woke up in the middle of the night, and since you were supposed to be sleeping on the couch which was downstairs and the noise was coming from upstairs I kind of figured that must be what was happening, since she's never had a one night stand or anything. I walked out and saw the couch empty to confirm it.

Also the times when the two of you leave together and then come back an hour or two later grinning like idiots was also pretty damning." Shit, Aaron thought, we should have been more careful.

"So, um, what are your thoughts on it?" "I'm totally fine with it," Stephen said to Aaron's relief. "You're not harming anyone.

I definitely predicted that this would happen. And it, uh, and this is really kind of made it so she stopped pestering me, so it's worked out for me personally." "Pestering you? How?" "Well, you know.the weird jokey flirting, the inappropriate touches, that kind of stuff," Stephen sighed. "You know, back in high school, there was a couple months where she was.very weird about her feelings toward me.

It was likely because she wasn't raised along with me, and a lot of the guys that she had met up until that point had treated her like shit, so when I moved in and treated her kindly she probably misunderstood it as romantic interest when I absolutely never viewed her as anything but my sister and was absolutely not having any part of it.

I tried to make it as clear as possible without actually breaching the subject, but it was x francesca le and friends cum swapping. At one point she and I were watching the news and there was a news story about a brother katya rodriguez laptop was broken pornstars and hardcore sister who were separated at birth but had met later in life, fell in love, and were trying to get married, and there was a debate about whether it should be allowed.

You know, individual rights and stuff like that. I talked at length about how I was totally against it and listed off all the negative side effects of biological incest. That news story was a godsend, because I was able to breach the subject matter without directly confronting her about the real matter at hand.

She more or less stopped after that, but she has occasionally thrown in an inappropriate comment or gesture since then." "Right, right," Aaron responded. It was good to get confirmation about his fears.

"I hope that it doesn't negatively affect your view of her or anything and you understand the circumstances behind it. Other than that period of weirdness, she has been an absolute blessing to have in my life.especially when she introduces me to some of her friends." Aaron laughed. "No, no, I understand.

Which ones of her friends did you hook up with?" "Rebecca and Alexis, I don't think she's really friends with them anymore." "Ah, okay, good.

I hooked up with Erica and Sandra, I wanted to make sure there wasn't any overlap," Aaron laughed. "Heh, who gives a shit about overlap? Everyone's slept with someone at one point. I don't mind being Eskimo brothers. In any case, so you're not exclusive and you both realize that you're just having fun? That's good, a truly intimate relationship where you want to get married or something is really the only possible complication." "Yeah, yeah, we're just having fun.

Not exclusive at all," Aaron lied. Deep down he knew it had gone way past the "just having fun" stage and they had started to love each other. He certainly wasn't going to tell Stephen that, however. "So anyway man, yeah, I really have nothing against it at all if you aren't biologically related.

Shit, you even knew each other beforehand, what's the issue, really? And you're a huge step above the two assholes she used to date, so as long as you're treating her nicely, which I'm sure you are.

No issue on my end." "That's great to know, I'm very relieved. Obviously your discretion is appreciated anyway, my dad has been alone for a long time and I don't want to do anything that could compromise his relationship with Heather." "Of course, of course." Aaron was relieved by this conversation.

He was angry that he and Kristy hadn't been more careful, but at the same time felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulders. Out of respect for Stephen he futurama porn fry and leela having sex that during periods of time where Stephen was at the house but the parents weren't he would still take Kristy out in his car and not in the bedroom, but he was glad that during those periods of time when only Stephen was at the house if he and Kristy wanted to sneak off together they didn't have to make up some bullshit excuse to him anymore.

Aaron and Stephen got back into Aaron's car as they rode home after their workout. Aaron suddenly remembered something Stephen had said earlier. "Hey, Stephen, what was that comment you made about 'eskimo brothers?' What does that mean?" "Oh, it means that if two guys have slept with the same woman, they're 'eskimo brothers.' Just a slang term I heard on a TV show, some of my friends and I have used that term when applicable." "And you really don't mind it at all?

Being 'eskimo brothers' with someone you know?" "Nah, don't give a damn. Everybody's slept with somebody before, don't care about overlap with my friends." "Interesting," Aaron thought.

"And from what I've seen, you prefer blondes, right?" "Indeed I do," Stephen laughed. "In that case, I have someone I think you might like to meet." ------------------------------------------------------------- A few weeks later, Aaron had gained enough money from his job to afford his own apartment that was closer to his workplace. He was sad that he wouldn't have his father, Stephen, Heather and especially Kristy as part of his day-to-day life anymore, but it was the right move, as he was definitely getting too old to live at home anymore.

There was also the added benefit that the place he decided to live at was in the middle of the commute from their house to the Arizona State campus, so Kristy could stop by after class whenever she wanted without having to go out of her way. Since Stephen was also gaining a decent amount of money at this point, their parents asked why the two of them couldn't move in together to share the cost, but he and Stephen had a conversation that affirmed that while in other circumstances that would be an ideal scenario, the fact that Aaron was sleeping with Stephen's sister made it way too strange and would be unfair to both of them.

Stephen in turn made up some excuse to their parents that he eventually wanted to buy a stake in his current company and needed to save up as much money as possible. Stephen also began to date Tracy per Aaron's recommendations, and the two of them seemed to hit it off really well. Tracy was initially upset that she was being cut out from Aaron and Kristy, but later thanked them as she realized it was just sex with them and that she had a real connection with Stephen.

Aaron enjoyed living on his own, and enjoyed the fact that Kristy stopped by whenever she could and they could be as loud as they wanted while making love in the comfort of a bed instead of a cramped lovely japanese honey takes on a hard dick. Aaron also made sure to visit home as often as he could as well to enjoy the non-sexual benefits of having a family. Just when it seemed that everything was going perfectly, Aaron soon received news that complicated matters.

From his visits home, Aaron surmised that his father and Heather had reached a rough patch of sorts, and he soon found out from conversations with Stephen that things didn't really seem to be working out between the two of them. They apparently both seemed to agree that they rushed into marriage and their lifestyles didn't seem to be compatible. Aaron knew that if the two of them split up that he and Kristy could eventually pursue a public relationship (it would still be considered odd, but in general people probably wouldn't care too much about the fact that their parents were married for less than a year, especially considering that's not even how they initially knew each other).

That being said, Aaron was fine with the situation at hand and that luxury paled in comparison to the fact that his father was his best friend and the person who raised him to be a man, and Aaron wanted him to find happiness after being alone for two decades. Stephen informed him that Kristy was unaware of the strife since their parents didn't know if she would be able to handle it, and might wrongfully blame herself.

They didn't want her to know about their issues until a divorce big ass white girl has a hard bondage sesh finalized. Eventually, however, the day of reckoning came. His father and Heather officially filed for divorce. Aaron had a lengthy conversation with his father, and Keith disclosed that the divorce was amicable and that they both realized that they just weren't compatible with each other as people.

Apparently, to Aaron's surprise, his dad revealed that he and Heather had been casually dating off and on for quite a few years and wanted to see if a real relationship would work so they gave dating and then marriage a shot, but found out that outside the bedroom they just weren't right for each other as people. The divorce proceedings were extremely quick, as they agreed to terms quickly to avoid any issues. Aaron reassured his father that there would be other women in the future for him, feeling horrible about all of this.

Apparently, the three of them decided not to inform Kristy about the divorce until right before the three of them moved out, right before the divorce was finalized. Stephen moved into an apartment with some friends while Heather and Kristy moved into a condo together.

Aaron thought it was a bit of a bad move to hit Kristy with all this news all at once, so he gave her a week without contacting her in order to let her compose herself. Eventually Aaron received a text from Heather; she was away on business for a few days. She suggested that he should go talk to Kristy to sort the situation out and check up on her. Aaron was still sad at the fact that his father had not found happiness after all, but at least he knew that there was some consolation in the fact that now he and Kristy could sleep together, openly date after a while, and potentially even eventually marry with few repercussions.

Aaron texted Kristy that they needed to talk and she set up a time for him to drop by the condo, which she had to herself for a few days. Aaron was certainly hoping that after a week's time she wasn't filled with grief or anything, and would be ready to make love to him, without any incestuous complications this time as they were no longer siblings. On that day, Aaron walked up to her condo and knocked on the door. He heard Kristy's sweet voice answer that it was unlocked.

Aaron walked into the condo. Kristy was playing with her iPhone with the TV on. "Hey, what's up?" she said nonchalantly. She didn't look up from her phone as she talked to him. "How are you feeling?" Aaron asked. "You know, about everything?" "Eh, I feel fine," Kristy responded. "I could tell they weren't right for each other after a few months. No offense to your dad or anything, I'm mostly talking about on her part, she can't maintain relationships." "So you're not broken up or sad at all?" "Not really," Kristy replied bluntly.

"Well, I thought I'd be sad that I was moving out of that huge house with all that space, but we were sharing that house with four people and here it's just the two of us, so not really that big of a difference." Aaron was glad that she was taking it well and clearly wasn't broken up about it.

He decided to cut to the chase. "So, um, you busy later tonight?" he asked. "Actually, I'm really tired," she responded. It was only 9 pm, a time way earlier than she ever went to bed at before. "I think I'm going to go to sleep, you should probably leave." This was bizarre to Aaron, and he was certainly disappointed that he wouldn't be able to christen courtney swallowed a huge fat dick with her tonight, but he heather harmon knows how to do a proper deepthroat that she was hiding some sort of grief underneath the surface and wasn't ready yet.

He should give her some time. "Sure, sure, I understand, I'll leave." Aaron started to walk towards the door. Kristy called out to him as he left. "Hey Aaron, good luck with the whole sports marketing thing.

I hope you make it in the business and everything. You're a good guy; our time together has been fun." Aaron paused and thought about what she said. He started to get angry. "Wait, what did you say?" he responded. "Good luck? It HAS been fun, past tense? Are you saying you don't want to see me again?" "Well, I mean, no offense." Kristy replied, "but I mean, our parents aren't married anymore or anything, so what's the point?

I had a good time though, don't get me wrong! Thanks and everything!" Aaron was infuriated. After all the time he spent with her.after all the times they bonded.after the love that they have shared. His worst fears were now confirmed: she was using him. She was using him because he was technically her brother in some sense, so she was using him as a replacement for Stephen. Nothing about Aaron as a person meant anything to her; it was the fact that he was legally her sibling and nothing else.

And now that they weren't siblings anymore, she had no interest in him. No interest in the person that had been there for her for the last few months through all her troubles, no interest in the person that she had passionately been making love to. Aaron was deeply heartbroken, as well as being infuriated. "After everything," Aaron fumed, "after everything we've shared." He started yelling now. "You're just going to cocks in a single asshole penetration and deepthroat it off?

Just like that? We were more than just stepsiblings, Kristy! I shared everything with you! And now this? Now this?" "Listen, I'm sorry Aaron, you're a cool guy and everything, and it's know." she replied.

"You know? You know? I know what, Kristy? That I'm not technically your brother anymore? You're ditching me after everything we've shared, because of some piece of paper sitting in a court house?" Kristy shrugged. "Sorry, Aaron, I don't know what to tell you," she replied as she continued playing on her phone, breaking Aaron's heart into pieces.

Aaron's internal temperature was boiling, and he couldn't control himself anymore. "You know what? Fine, fine, whatever. Adios to you, get out of my life!" he yelled at her.

He was dying to yell out, "Why don't you go ahead and drug Stephen and rape him in his sleep, we both know that's what you really want!" and thought that in his mind, but was able to control himself and not say it out loud. Aaron stormed out of the room and started to walk briskly back towards his car. Kristy yelled something to him as he left, but he ignored her.

As he started to walk, his knees trembled as he remembered how he and Kristy had cuddled and watched movies together, how she always gave money to homeless people and taught him the compassion to do the same, how they had each other laughing to the point of tears with their inside jokes, how they had shared their secrets, concerns and ambitions with each other, how they had so many intimate moments, how they had passionately kissed, how they laid together comfortably in bed while making small talk, how they had passionately made love in a way neither of them had experienced before.

No. He couldn't end that. He couldn't end that like this. Aaron turned around and headed back to the condo. He opened the door and walked in. "Listen." Aaron said to her as she turned her head up to look at him. "I'm.sorry. I didn't mean any of that. I hope you understand why I was upset." She continued to be silent as he resumed his talk. Aaron knew he needed to pour his heart out.

He couldn't mess this up. "Listen, I.I've cherished every moment I've spent with you. The whole sleeping together thing, it was great, it really was, and way better than anything I've ever experienced before. But you know what? I don't care about that. I don't care if I never get to feel your physical touch ever again for the rest of my life.

I just know that you need you IN my life, in any capacity!" Kristy listened in rapt attention as he continued. "You've touched me with your endless generosity and compassion.

You've taught me to care for my fellow man in a manner that I never had before. You've made me a better person. You're the only person I've ever met with whom I've felt that every moment I spent with them made me a better person. You're caring, and you're loving, and you're wonderful." Both of them began to hold back tears as Aaron continued. "I've had long term girlfriends before but never felt anything with them even close to the way I feel for you. And it wasn't just as a lover, or as a mate.

I felt, for the first time, what it was like to have a sister someone who will love you, unconditionally, no matter how much you fuck up or the mistakes you make, the feeling of someone who will always be there, will always care, who you can share anything with." "And so," he finalized, "all in all, the truth is, no matter what you decide, it's your decision whether you want to see me again or not. But you need to know a few things. First of all, I will always love you." He paused.

Both of them shuddered. It was the first time either of them had said that. He continued, "And I need you to be in my life, in any capacity, from now until the day I die." He paused and composed himself again. He finished his speech. "And I will always consider you my sister." That did it. She walked over, pulled down his pants, pulled out his cock and began enthusiastically sucking his cock.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aaron and Kristy made love that night so furiously that they felt they were possessed. After she initially took his cock in her mouth, they had sex in as many ways as they could. They finished up with Aaron entering her from behind as they orgasmed together after almost an hour of love.

Aaron finished inside her, his hot cum deposited deep in her pussy. After a few minutes, Kristy cleaned herself. They both calmed down and then embraced together in her bed. "You know what, Aaron?" she said. "You're really not as smart as you think you are. Did you know that?" Aaron was confused. "What do you mean?" "I can't believe you fell for that act," she said as she kissed him on the forehead. "I was playing hard to get because I knew it would get you to admit that you loved me.

And boy, did I get that and way more!" "Are you just saying that to make me feel better?" "Oh, I had a feeling you would be skeptical, big brother," Kristy laughed as she replied. "So I composed a draft on my e-mail and then waited until your car parked to send the e-mail to you on my phone as you walked in, because I knew I would keep you so occupied that you wouldn't have any chance to check your e-mail on your phone while you were here. Please, brother, check your e-mail right now!" Aaron reached for his phone and launched his e-mail app.

He saw that he had an e-mail from Kristy at 8:57pm, a few minutes before he walked into her condo to talk to her. He started to well up as he read what the e-mail said. --- My dearest Aaron, I will always love you and I can't wait to feel your love deep inside me later tonight.

Sorry in advance for the charade, but I think we will both eventually agree that it was well worth it! In addition, I want to see what our lovemaking would be like if you thought that you lost me and then won me back again by admitting that you loved me. I hope my high school drama classes taught me enough for me to be able to pretend, at least for a short while, while that I don't want to immediately jump on the love of my life as soon as you enter the door!

Love always, Kristy --- Aaron re-read the e-mail and almost felt like weeping. She loved him, always had, always will, and never stopped. Everything he ever wanted. He embraced her, and they went to sleep. Aaron felt he was in heaven. Still, there was one last detail that needed to be checked. One last confirmation. A few hours later, Aaron slowly snuck away as Kristy was soundly sleeping, and closed the bedroom door behind him.

Aaron opened up the backpack that Kristy had left at the doorstep, and pulled out her laptop. For maximum caution, he zipped her bag back up and then walked into the bathroom and locked the door. He put her laptop on the counter and opened it up. Aaron felt bad about invading her privacy like this, but he had to know. It was far too important. With the laptop opened, he trembled as he began to input letters he had previously entered in awesome gf is getting nailed doggy style to crack the password.

Please don't work, he thought to himself. Please don't work. He put his fingers on the keyboard and slowly entered the word. S-T-E-P-H-E-N. The moment between when he hit enter after typing that word and when the computer registered his response felt like an eternity. The answer: "PASSWORD INCORRECT. TRY AGAIN." Aaron sighed in relief. Could it be? Maybe she changed it up, or inputted his middle name or birthday also or something for more security.

Big ramrod enters mouth and ass hardcore and russian had one more chance. Aaron went back to the "Enter password" screen, and entered the letters extremely slowly.

This was it. This would decide his future. He pressed shift, then hit the "A" button to input a capital "A." He hit then same button again without shift, then an "r," then an "o," then an "n." A-a-r-o-n. He closed his eyes, almost fearful of the result. This was it. This was the moment. He opened them again. "ACCESS GRANTED." Aaron was on the verge of tears as he closed the laptop and put it back in her backpack. Then, he blissfully walked back to bed, and decided to wake up the woman he loved, from her sleep for another lovemaking session.

She happily obliged. old man gay story porn next few weeks were mostly blissful for Aaron. He was rising in the ranks of his agency, and had a girl he was in love with. Now that their parents weren't married anymore, he doubted anyone would care if they found out the two of them were stepsiblings for less than a year, and he mulled over his options as to when to make the relationship public.

He had even started to do internet research on engagement rings. However, there was one hiccup: Kristy continued to refer to him as "big brother" during sex, and to refer to herself as his little sister. Although he did think of her as somewhat of a sister outside the bedroom, he certainly didn't feel that way at tied up and fucked interracial analmal training in bed and felt weird strange about it.

He wanted her to be his lover, without any weird incestuous complications. He was able to power through her references, but he never got into that at all and never reciprocated those terms during sex, as he still felt sheepish about it. He hoped she would eventually get over it, especially now that they weren't stepsiblings any more. A short while after the divorce, Aaron's father texted him and told him that they needed to talk.

Aaron assumed that his dad needed to talk about his feelings about the divorce, so he immediately agreed and drove down to his house after work on a Friday. Aaron pulled up to park his car in his father's driveway and then walked in to talk to him.

"What's up Dad?" he asked as he strolled in. "You said you needed to talk about something?" His father was sitting on the couch, looking apprehensive and distraught.

"Hey, you alright, man? I know it sucks having to be divorced, but you told me that Kathryn was a much better fit for you, right?" Aaron continued, referring to the woman his dad started to date after the divorce was finalized. "Yes, yes, it's not that." his father replied.

"It's not about my feelings or's just.well, son, there's something I finally need to tell you. It's just.I haven't been completely honest with you." Aaron was extremely curious and asked what he was talking about. "The truth is.well, as you know I told you that Heather and I had known each other for over 20 years.

And we had been lovers off and on for that whole period of time, just deciding to give it a real go. We thought that we could be able to put our chips all in and marry each other, but it didn't really work out so well, as you could tell." "Yeah, sure, you told me that already." That wasn't a huge deal, so what was his dad really trying to tell him?

"Well, the thing is." his father continued. "I've been keeping a secret from you. We've both been keeping a secret, from everyone. And I'm sorry that I haven't told you before, but a lot of that was because I thought I had a chance with her long-term, which I realize I don't at this point, and was trying to protect her." Aaron started to get confused.

"What are you talking about?" His father sighed before he continued. "You see, the thing wasn't just 'several years,' it's actually over 20 years ago. Back when she was still married. We met, and instantly had an attraction to each other, and eventually we gave in, even though she was married." Aaron was slightly taken aback by this, given the strong morals Keith always instilled in him.

Still, there was probably some explanation. "I understand, Dad. I don't have a lower opinion of you because you slept with a married woman, who knows what was going on there. Obviously Allen was never right for her." "Thanks for understanding. I promised her I would never tell anyone this in order to preserve her reputation, not even my own son, and I also wanted you to think of me as an example to live your life by, so I didn't want you to know about this.

But, unfortunately, that's not the full story." "Not the full story? Huh?" "Well, you see." his father responded hesitantly.

"We were both careless, and we began to have sex without protection. Eventually, I impregnated her behind her husband's back, and shortly after she had the baby Allen decided to perform blood tests on it and realized that he was not the baby's biological father.

The baby was mine, leading to the divorce." Aaron was shocked by this. He had a long lost brother or sister out there somewhere, that they had probably given up for adoption, or.wait. He suddenly realized the possibility of something horrific, and his face turned white as a ghost.

No. No. No. Aaron suspected where this was going. He did his best to keep a blank stare on his face. "And the baby that the two of you gave that baby up for adoption, correct?" Please say yes, Aaron thought. Please say yes. His father sighed and paused. "Not exactly. Aaron.that child was Kristy. She really is your sister, biologically." Aaron sat on the floor with his hands over his mouth, almost hyperventilating. Everything he had planned for his future, for his life, changed in one instance.

"I'm so sorry I never told you earlier," Keith replied, "but I loved Heather and never wanted to expose her as someone who cheated on her husband. I couldn't tell anyone, even you, because she wanted to maintain her reputation and I needed to keep aware of that and protect it, for both her personal and professional life." Aaron was sitting in the corner of the room now. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He stood up, held his hands to his forehand, and began to pace around the room nervously.

His father continued to talk as Aaron paced. "The two of us talked recently and we realized that you and Kristy were always going off to the movies or whatnot together, so you must really enjoy your bonding time as siblings, and we both decided to reveal the truth to the two of you so you could continue that even after Heather and I had split up.

Also, since you were now in each other's lives without being stepsiblings we wanted to make absolutely sure that nothing happened between the two of you." Aaron continued to pace, but he thought to himself, "Yeah, Dad, we always snuck off so we could have sex. I have been fucking my biological papy and son fuck a maid this entire time and fell in love with her and you decided not to say a word about it until now." He didn't say these things out loud, of course, but he felt them at the surface.

Aaron's horror turned into rage. Nevertheless, he knew he had to be cautious; he had to find a way of dancing around the real subject matter at hand. "What the FUCK, dad?" he cried out. "How the hell could you not tell me this? You didn't tell me I had a real sister this whole time? Shit, dad, she went to my high school! What if I had hooked up with her then?" "Well," his father replied, "I knew that you always told me about how you wanted to stay true to Jessica and not cheat when you had a girlfriend, so I knew that situation wouldn't arise.

And then I obviously knew that you wouldn't do anything when you were stepsiblings." "Shit, dad, that doesn't matter! You don't know all the circumstances! Maybe Jessica was into threesomes, and liked to bring other girls on the cheer team into bed with us!" His dad's face was suddenly frozen in horror as he considered the possibility.

"No," Keith replied, "please tell me that didn'" "No, no, that was just a hypothetical," Aaron responded, "but still, it could have chair fraiche et papys niqueurs old men and hot sex 4, that's my point." "Well, something happened at some point," Keith said in turn, "because when I first told you, you almost started hyperventilating. It was more than just the shock at finding out about a new relative.

You looked positively traumatized." Shit, he had him there. Aaron began to rack his brain for the best excuse he could.

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Think, damn it. Finally, he had the perfect one. "Listen, dad.oh God, I can't believe I'm about to say this.but the thing time in high school I bought the cheer calendar and masturbated to her picture." Aaron decided to go further with this lie to re-enforce it. "I jacked off to a picture of my OWN FUCKING SISTER! Because of you not telling me about her!

That's traumatizing shit right there! Forever unclean!" "Oh God," his father replied, "Oh, Jesus. I'm so sorry. I never thought about something like that. That's awful." His father grabbed a pen and held it up.

"Alright, pretend that this pen is small tits lesbo pussy pumped with fat dildo memory eraser thing from Men in Black. Flash! Alright, that memory has been erased. No more." "It doesn't work like that in real life." "Fine, fine," his father sighed. "Listen, just do your best to suppress that memory and enjoy the sunny leon sex storys downlod. Reconnect with Kristy, forget that ever happened, and make new happy memories with her as your sister." Later that night, Aaron drove back to his apartment.

His emotions were a whirlwind in his head. He got a text from Kristy saying they needed to talk and she was coming over.

He sat in bed staring at the ceiling for a while before eventually Kristy made her way over. He got up to open the door and let her in.

"Hey," she said. He couldn't look her in the eyes. "Hey," he responded. They stood in silence for a few more moments. "So., your mom told you?" Aaron asked. "Yeah," she replied, "And your dad." "Yeah." The silence was excruciating.

Kristy finally spoke up. "Well, I guess I should say OUR da." Aaron cut her off. "Yeah, guess so." Another moment of silence. Aaron had a lump in his throat. "So," Kristy finally asked, "what do we do about this?" --------------------------------------------------------------- One hour later, Aaron was unleashing more cum than he ever had before into Kristy's pussy, while at the same time Kristy orgasmed for the fourth time that night, breaking their previous record.

"Oh yes! Fuck me! Fill me up with your cum, big brother! Don't stop!" Kristy screamed. "That's it!" Aaron yelled out enthusiastically. "Take my cum, little sister! Take your big brother's cum deep inside your pussy!" --------------------------------------------------------------- Later that night after the greatest session of his life, Aaron looked his little sister in the eye as they lay side by side on the bed, pressed together.

Their left hands were raised, their fingers intertwined. "So, how did you feel when Dad told you?" Kristy smiled. "I was.confused, at first. In denial. Felt strange," he responded. "Betrayed by my father at first, definitely, and angry, before I realized he was just trying to do what he thought was best.

Ashamed, xnxx mom son 1980 movie first, that I had been with my sister. Just little bits of every type of emotion swirling around like a tornado in my head. Eventually it subsided, and I don't know what it was. There was a part of me that was like a light deep down, and it was telling me something I at first didn't want to hear, but then it came through. It came through the muddled emotions, and it told me 'everything makes sense' and that 'everything is right.' I knew I loved you, as both a sister and a lover, and now it made sense why." She leaned in towards him and started to rub his chest.

"How about you?" he continued. "What was going through your head when your mom told you?" "Well, it's definitely a huge shock to hear that the person you thought was your father actually isn't," Kristy said with some vague remorse, "but it was a relief, also, in so many ways. The whole time I was growing up, Allen the man I thought was my dad always treated me coldly. He liked Stephen alright, but always treated me poorly, never wanted to spend time with me.

I always wondered why my dad never loved me, felt that it something wrong with me. But when I heard who my real father was, it finally made sense, and I was so happy it's a nice man and not that jerk." "Yeah, my.OUR dad is a good guy. Glad you feel that way about your parentage," he replied. "But how did you feel when you learned that I was your real brother?" Kristy looked up into his eyes and kissed her brother on the forehead. "Well, when she told me about you, it didn't really have much of an effect." "It didn't have an effect?" he smiled, curious.

"That the guy you love and have been romantic with was your biological brother?" "No, not really," she replied with a smile. Kristy then rolled herself over so she was on top of him. She lifted herself up so she was sitting upright on him. "Because, when my mom told me that you were my big brother." She leaned in to kiss his earlobe, then lingered there to whisper seductively into his ear.

".ten years ago.I hadn't even met you yet." Aaron grabbed the back of his little sister's head and brought her in for another passionate kiss. The End Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed my first story series. As this is my first time writing an erotic story (there's another one published on my account that I put up a week or so ago, but I actually wrote this one first) I would really, really appreciate comments and feedback to help me improve in the future.

If you read it, please take a minute to let me know what you think.

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