Amateur milf with big tits fucks a big cock shaved curvy

Amateur milf with big tits fucks a big cock shaved curvy
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my name is rodney rawr and i'm a devil i try to hide it from others i dont fall in busty latina on cam watch more of her at ulacamcom because i always try and run i did some stuff i'm not happy about i drink when i'm sad i go to clubs let girls do what they want i should not let them do this is the story of my fucking life of a devil it was lunch and i was setting outside everyone was inside eating lunch shadow: hi your rodney right?

rodndy: yea how do you know my name shadow: everyone does your new here rodney: whatever shadow sets next to him rodney: what do you want shadow: nothing what you doing later rodney: i dont know video games shadow: come to my house we can have fun rodney: fine whatever he walks away to his next class shadow: you have the same class as me that's great!

rodney: is just bio shadow: set next to me rodney: ok shadow: so how do you like your first day so far rodney: fine the bell rang and it was time to go home and shadow and rodney were in shadow's bedroom shadow: so my mom and dad are gone what you wanna do rodney: i dont know you ask me to come shadow: yea i did umm you like anyone at school rodney: no shadow: o umm lets play a game rodney: ok shadow: is called just do it rodney: how do you play shadow: ok so i ask you to do something and you have to do it and if you dont then you lose a turn rodney: how do you win shadow: umm if the person doesn't do what the person says three times then the other one wins rodney: ok you go first shadow: take off your pants he takes on his paints rodney: umm do you like anyone at school shadow: umm yes only one rodney: who shadow: omg!

you rodney: o umm your turn shadow: take off your boxsers rodney takes them off rodney: why you doing this shadow: i like you now fuck me hard rodney: shadow this is not a good idea for me to do this shadow: fuck me rodney lays on her and fuck her as hard as he could trying not to get horny shadow: ooopww yes!

rodney: what do you think of devil's shadow: there scary rodney: he gets up. there not scary not all of them!

shadow: so what just fuck me rodney rawr fuck me hard rodney: i'm a devil!

his horns grow and his tail came out his dick was burning hot he pushed her on the bed and put his dick far as he could inside her shadow: oooowwwww! the pain feels so good ooooowww ! rodney: want more pain shadow: oowwww yessssss rodney pushed her in him his dick got more hot his body was getting burning shadow: rodney! stop! ooooo his body was on fire burning shadow she was feeling a organism coming shadow: aaaa! is coming is is .FUCK FUCK OOOOWWW YYYEEESSSSS FUCK ME HARD OOO FUCK OOO he got up and looked at her she was all red he felt bad for hurting her but she loved it shadow: fuck me!

rodney jumped on her putting his dick far in as he could shadow: oooowwww yes make me organism again ooooo aaaa!

rodney: push me close pull me in shadow: oooowwwe yes! fuck rodney goes in more shadow: aaaa! the pain the fucking pain oooowwww dont stop oooowwwww yes! harder faster oooooowwwww rodney was breathing havey and so was shadow shadow: oooowww yea! rodney: aaa!

oooow shadow: oooooww yes shadow screams loud rodney: ooow yea o yea pull me closer oooo! shadow: ooooo! yes o fuck me oooww yesssss! rodney puts his hands in her butt and rubs inside hard and fast shadow: oooooww it feels so fucking good oooooowwwwwwwwww oooowwww yeaaaa!!! fuck fuck rodney: is this what you do to every new boy that comes in fuck them learn there secret i dont know why i'm let yoj do this to me for i dont know why .'.

sorry dont know what else to lots of orgasms for a darksome slut hold one.''''''' shadow: no! i love you and i want you forever rodney: i dont know if i like you or hate you i just i dont know right now aaaaa!!!.

shadow: rodney take it down your on fire your tail . rodney: i dont know anymore i just .

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i dont know anymore . shadow: i can help you through this shit just let me help you ok let me help you rodney: you dont love me you dont even know me!

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shadow: i do love you and i kinda know you rodney: go away! he walks out of the room and slame the door behind him . next day. shadow: rodney! rodney: go away shadow shadow: no talk to me did you not like are time in bed i did you were great rodney: i dont know i just dont want a relationship with anyone right now! shadow: aaaaaaa!!! your so aaaaaa! whatever rodney aaaaaa!!! whatever!! rodney: your the one who bagging me to fuck you!

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shadow: what! you could have pass rodney: whatever just go away shadow: aaaaaaaaa! .………………………………………………… …………… … boy: dude you ok? rodney: get away from me! boy: yo man just talking to you need help man rodney: no! get the hell away from me he got out his knife and killed him he felt bad for doing that he ran away shadow: so you killed a boy and now crying over .to be counted.