Son caught using moms dildo

Son caught using moms dildo
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The Party: Sarah had rushed home after work on Friday evening, she had been anticipating this all week. She had worked at Witham and Sons for nearly two years now.

Before that she had worked in shops and done a bit of waitressing, but this was a real job, full time, regular hours and was for a firm that did important work. She liaised with the futurama porn fry and leela having sex and was very good at what she did.

She had taken to this job like a pig to muck and equally she wallowed in it, enjoying her work and the banter between her, her colleagues and the company clientele. The party on Friday night was the first one she had been able to attend connected to work. Any previous invitations had clashed with other commitments, usually Barry saying that they had things to do whenever he learned there was an invitation extended to her. This time she had played a harder game meeting up with Barry and saying, "We are not busy on Friday are we?" catching him by surprise he had stammered a confirmation that they indeed were no busy on Friday.

"Good, 'cause I am. I have been invited to a works do and I am going." She had not left Barry anywhere to go with it really because afterward she had proclaimed that even if something crops up Barry would need to deal with teen sub fucked hardcore pornstars and fetish as she had made her plans and they, as far as Sarah was concerned were now cast in tablets of stone. Barry was not pleased, he wasn't used to this assertiveness been thrust upon him, he was usually the decision maker in the relationship and he wondered where this had come from.

It had caused some tension between them over the previous weekend Barry descending into what could only be described as a sulk because whenever he tried to raise it with Sarah she just light heartedly said something flippant about how she was looking forward to going out on Friday evening and getting to know her colleagues socially.

Occasionally she would remind him that it would do her career no harm to get to know the people at work after all had he not said such things himself to her about his work? That approach really didn't leave him anywhere to go with his protestations. The invitation had come from Tony. A good looking man in his thirties married with two children. Sarah found out over the week that as far as it was a 'firms do' it was only that to the extent that it was Rachel's birthday and was been held at Marks house.

Sarah didn't tell Barry that is was not an 'official do', that would have only made him more watch the sexiest blonde ever fingering her pussy and she certainly didn't tell him it was at a private house near the town centre he just assumed it would be a dinner and dance type affair at a local restaurant, and as far as Sarah was concerned, that was good enough.

Mark was Rachel's long term boyfriend. Rachel was a nice girl that Sarah liked a lot, very petite and very pretty. It wasn't that Sarah felt any sort of jealousy or animosity towards Rachel, quite the contrary Sarah thought they might get along really well in the right circumstances and hoped that tonight might be naughty girl big tits xxx a brides revenge start of a friendship.

It was 5:30 pm and the party was due to start at 7:00. Mind you, Sarah didn't want to be the first to arrive she only really knew Mark, Rachel and Tony, but she also didn't want them to think she was a social slacker.

She looked through her wardrobe, frantically searching for her dress. She knew the one she wanted to wear, it was the typical little black dress, tightly fitting, showing what limited but sexy, curves she had to their best advantage and short. Not tarty short, elegantly short. He bottom looked very good in it, nice and rounded, and the straight cut top allowed a hint of cleavage which due to her 'b-cup' sized breasts needed to be augmented a little with gel inserts. She found it, slipped it on and looked at herself in the mirror.

She murmured to herself; "Typical everyone will go in something like this; I need to make an impact." So she proceeded to go through her wardrobe one outfit at a time till some 45 minutes later, which for Sarah was pretty fast, she had come back to the little black dress. Quickly she bundled all the other clothes, now strewn across her bed and floor into the bottom of the wardrobe thinking she would tidy them up later, later being the morning, and she stripped off her lacy white panties, un-hooked her bra and dropped it to the floor and took a towel off the top shelf of the wardrobe wrapped herself in it and walked to the bathroom for a shower.

Leaning into the shower cubicle, she turned on the power shower and adjusted the temperature dial to where she knew it would be just right. She gave it a few moments to get up to temperature and settle down a little then she dropped the towel and stepped into the cubicle, immediately feeling the massaging effect of the jets of water caress her body.

Individual streams of water pressed against her flesh and as she moved around and turned she enjoyed the feeling of hot water streaming all over her. One or two jets caught her nipples direct and they immediately responded, growing hard to the watery attention they received whenever she moved into the line of the water. She pushed her head under the flow and ran her hands through her hair making sure that her auburn hair was wet through before she fumbled for the shampoo and conditioner in the holder attached to the wall.

First she massaged shampoo into her hair which always felt good as she washed the day's office grime away and saw it swirl down the plug hole at her feet. Then she looked for the fruity conditioner. She applied it liberally and kept her head clear of the water whilst the conditioner did its stuff, softening and fragrancing her hair.

After a few moments she stuck her head under the flow and allowed the water to wash off the thick creamy liquid thinning it out as it washed it over her body to suffer the same fate as the shampoo a few minutes before. Next she took the shower gel that Barry had brought her for her Birthday one of the many presents he had showered her with. Sarah felt that he took a bit of a machine gun approach to buying presents, buying a wide range of things in the hope that one would thrill her and make her happy.

However, if only he had listened to the not so subtle hints she had been dropping for a good six months prior to her birthday, he would have saved himself a lot of time and energy. Still, she didn't begrudge him what he had brought her and she thought it quite sweet that he at least made the effort.

The shower gel was a special one however, and she kept it for special occasions, which meant that the bottle was still pretty full as there were not too many occasions she felt justified its use.

Tonight was one of them however. It felt good as she rubbed it into her skin. The little flecks of whatever it was supposedly exfoliating her all over making she thought, a very soft thing, even softer.

All soaped up she took the shower head from its clip on the wall and proceeded to wash the foamy suds off her body, turning the head to the power setting so that the water really massaged her skin, she loved that sensation, the pounding of the water, hot and delightful over her flesh. She moved the shower head over her flat stomach and over the short pubic hairs that were growing back since the last time she had shaved and the force of the water vibrated on her sex causing her nipples to swell, her spine to tingle and her other hand to move down to part her labia and press gently but firmly gorgeous nina elle licking and sucking large hard meat interracial pornstars her clit.

She closed her eyes in pleasure, having done this so many times before almost every time she took a shower and did not have to rush out to work or other important rendezvous like meeting Barry.

It was the closest she had every come to attaining an orgasm, early experiments as a teenager getting nowhere near as her inexperienced fingers and body didn't know what to do.

However since her father had installed the power shower, she had on occasion taken a lot longer in there than was actually needed but each time she did, she edged closer and closer to the elusive "petite mort." Never attaining her climax, not sure that she ever would, she resigned herself to enjoying the sensations of the shower and getting a thrill, if not satisfaction from it.

Minutes passed of this pleasuring of herself, with the shower head and its thrusting jets of water, almost needle like in their intensity the sharpness of individual jets of water dulled by the quantity just like the points of the numerous nails on a bed of nails, each individual nail very sharp, but as a whole, providing sufficient surface area so the skin does not get pierced, the jets of water provided a level of pleasure that almost but not quite bordered on pain.

Several minutes of this passed and Sarah lost herself somewhat in the sensations of the water, pressure, heat and wetness all contributing to a feeling of wellbeing. In time she shook herself out of her reverie and finished washing her body down. Next she took the shaving gel from the holder and squirted some onto her stubbly pussy area and quickly but carefully shaved herself so that she was completely bald and the skin surrounding her sex was soft.

Stepping out of the shower she grabbed her towel and dried herself off, wondering what it would be like at the party. How many people would be there? Hoping there would be music and dancing, she liked dancing. Taking her moisturiser, she liberally applied it to herself and squirting a little more for the areas she had just shaved she rubbed the soothing gel onto her and rubbed it in making sure it was all absorbed.

Skipping to her bedroom across the landing she ferretted about in her undies draw. Taking a black G-string she slid it up her slender legs, tugged it into place and made sure the almost heart shaped front was flat the strings level and in their proper place.

Next she got her matching bra. It was more for show than for support, she had pert breasts but firm. She never hankered after larger breasts, she liked her body, had no hang-ups about it, unlike some of the girls in the office, but she knew she needed a little help in the cleavage department so she slipped a couple of gel inserts under her breast snugly fitting them between the lacy material of the bra and her skin.

Next she found a new pair of black stay-ups. Perched on the edge of her bed, she drew the nylon up her legs, rolling the elasticated tops over her thighs running her finger under the hem to make sure they fitted flat and were not going to roll over.

Taking a look at herself in the mirror she approved. Barry was lucky, she knew that but he was yet to find that out. She smiled to herself. Next came her little black dress. It was made from a material that made it shimmer and was ever so slightly elasticated; when she had it on she looked like she had been poured into it.

Smoothing it down she ran her hands over her abdomen and undertook to dry her hair sitting at her dresser. Job done Sarah needed no make-up she was ready to go. Checking the time it was 6:55pm. "Oh my God, I'm late" she said out loud and to no one in particular. Then, "Dad!

Dad! DaaaaD, can you run me into town?" "What now?" Came the reply. "Yes please Daddy." She knew he would even though he would huff and puff at her short notice. "Can't you get the bus?" "No Daddy, the party starts in 5, I don't want to be too late." She said "Is Barry not taking you?" He shouted back "No Dad, you know I'm not seeing him till tomorrow evening, we talked about it the other night." She heard an indistinct mumbling as she trotted down the stairs knowing that once again she had swayed him.

They got into the car and he drove off down the road asking all the usual questions a concerned Father would ask, "Do you need a lift back later? Who you going with? What type of party is it? Etc etc etc.

Her response, typically girlie; "Daddy, stop treating me like a little girl, I'm all grown up now I will be okay and I can look after myself!" "You all grown up, pah," he smirked, "and that's what I'm afraid of, Now if Barry was going with you……" She didn't let him finish his sentence, cutting him off in mid-sentence. "Dad we have had this discussion, Barry can come another time, I need to get to know my work colleagues first." And with that, he knew the subject was closed.

Which was just as well because they were just pulling up at the address of the party and Sarah was more than keen to get going. She checked her watch, 7:35, perfect; enough people should be there so she can make her entrance and not look too socially desperate by being there first.

She leaned sunny leone sex xxx vb sex storiespage3, kissed her Dad on his cheek. "I love you Daddy." "Yes, have a nice time but be careful, and I love you too darling." The front door opened as she approached it and Tony stood there smile wide on his face bottle of wine in one hand the door in the other.

"At last, you are here, was beginning to wonder." He leaned into her and lightly kissed her on the cheek. "Umm, someone smells good" he said "Why thank you kind sir busty sexy babe kayla west playing big boobs pornstar I'm never late, a lady always turns up at exactly the right time." They both laughed and he drew her into the house.

Guiding her to the kitchen he asked what she wanted to drink, Sarah was not a big drinker, so indicated that a white wine would be nice and Tony obliged. Music was coming from the living room and Sarah enquired where Mark and Rachel were. Finding out they were in the Living room, as soon as she got her drink, she headed for the lounge to find them. The music was loud and thumping and she felt Tony's hand in the small of her back, the intimacy felt strange, nice but strange.

He followed her to find their mutual friends. Handing the small gift that she had got Rachel, greetings were made; cheek kisses exchanged and conversations ensued. Typical of parties of this nature, there were lots of people in a very small space and Sarah got introduced to people some of whom she recognised from work, others she didn't and some she wished she hadn't been introduced to.

There was the typical sad git who obviously was invited to these occasions out of a sense of people feeling sorry for them. This particular example latched onto Sarah, was called George and thought he was funny, trying to impress her with inane jokes Sarah trying to be kind whilst losing him in the tight confines of the lounge and kitchen.

A second glass of wine was handed to her by Tony smiling she took it and realised that she had not eaten since lunchtime. The wine made her head swim a little, but not too bad. The evening wore on and Sarah had found that she was quite the socialite. People seemed to genuinely want to talk to her and on a couple of occasions she had made small talk to a couple of blokes in the kitchen where the music was not quite so loud and a conversation could be held in reasonable comfort.

A third glass of wine eventually appeared and the food was uncovered which Sarah gladly accepted hoping it would soak up some of the wine. Eventually Sarah realised a pressure in her bladder that had been nagging at her for some time but in the last few minutes was starting to shout at her. Finding Tony she asked where the facilities were and he indicated up the stairs and to the right.

The muted sound of the music came through the door as Sarah pulled up her G-String and straightened her dress again emptying her glass that she had carried up-stairs with her, she thought she ought to have a soft drink next, just to pace herself.

Smoothing her hands over her bottom, she opened the door picked up her glass and went out onto the landing. Her head was a little light, but she was nowhere near drunk, she felt a little un-inhibited, but was still in full control of all her faculties. She felt good. As she passed the bedroom door on the right, she heard Tony's voice saying her name. Without thinking she went into the dimly lit room her eyes taking a few moments to adjust to the light level.

Hearing the door click shut behind her she noticed Tony standing in front of her this room obviously Mark's younger sisters room as the posters of pop stars and the abundance of pink would attest. She was lucky Sarah thought, she must have the biggest room all to herself as the single bed behind Tony only took up a small part of the space in the room. "You look fucking gorgeous" Tony said a very obvious bulge in his trousers.

He stepped towards her and stood close enough for her to smell his musky aftershave. Slipping his arm around her he kissed her, Sarah did not resist. Whether it was the wine, or Tony's commanding presence which she had always admired, or that precisely at the moment Tony had used the profanity to describe her she felt a flash of pleasure rush through her body she didn't know, but all thoughts of her engaged status left her mind, her clit swelled and her nipples went hard as lightning coursed up and down her spine.

She felt her pussy pulsate as some connection was made between her lips being massaged by Tony's and her storys xxx hija virgen cojiendcon su papa that Barry had never been able to achieve.

She felt his hand stroke her bottom and she hung her arms around his neck pulling him closer into her. Sarah could feel his erection pressing into her as she stood on tiptoe to reach up into his passionate kiss. "I have a surprise for you." Tony said and they disentangled themselves, he turned her around and the light in the room came on dimly and Sarah did a double take. At first she couldn't believe what she was looking at, and then it registered, one erect cock at a time.

Lined up against the wall behind her as she had entered the room was five blokes, including Mark each with their cocks sticking out of their trousers all five of them gently rubbing themselves each one with a grin on their faces. "Oh My God!" Sarah exclaimed.

Feeling once again her nipples hardening, "Fuck." She said "That's the general idea." Came Tony's voice and he tapped her shoulder so she would turn around and see that he too had undone his trousers and withdrawn his rather large cock. At the site of all these cocks, Sarah's mind reeled, she had only ever felt Barry's through his trousers when they were getting a little passionate and then she had backed off, not wanting to push him too far so that they might keep control of themselves.

Here she was faced with six cocks which all looked much longer and fatter than she ever imagined cocks could be. She suddenly felt very horny indeed as she surveyed what was on offer. Mark first, long fat and obviously cut, then four others, a black guy she recognised from work but had never been introduced to till this evening, He was called Leroy, an Asian guy who she had only ever cursorily said hi too as she walked past his desk from time to time, he was Lalett, and George was there huge cock in his hand big cheesy grin on his face.

One other bloke she vaguely recalled working in the office and there at the end, Lee. She didn't even know he was there, Lee her boss! She walked towards Lee and looked into his eyes, "Hello Lee." "Hi Sarah, nice to see you were able to make it." She looked down at his cock watching him move his hand up and down the long shaft.

"Here, let me" she took it in her hand first time punjabi sex blood pain took over the motion she had observed him doing. "I knew you would go far, from the moment you walked in the office for your interview, I knew you would do well Sarah." And he winked.

"Oh I real teen orgasm squirt fuck proving papa wrong go far, in fact Lee, I intend to go all the way." With that she sank to her knees and proceeded to lick the underside of his cock to the tip. Lee leaned against the wall as her tongue played across the head of his cock and his pre-cum seeped out the tip of his throbbing monster.

Kneeling up a little higher, Sarah took his head into her mouth, opening her mouth wide to take in his enormous size. He was clearly too long to fit in her mouth, but considering this was the first time she had ever sucked anyone off, she did an admirable job at stuffing as much of Lee's cock into her mouth as she could.

She moved her head up and down, feeling the end of his cock deep in her mouth and only going down on him as far as she could without causing herself to gag. Still it seemed to be doing the trick and whilst at first she felt a little uncomfortable she soon got used to the taste and the sensation of this fleshy pole.

She became aware of the others in the room moving and they formed a circle, all of them out of their trousers now standing bare foot watching her, each bloke concluding that she was a seasoned cock sucker and that she must regularly enjoy this kind of performance with Barry. They were all concluding he was indeed a lucky bastard but were somewhat confused why she should be marrying him, after all some one of her calibre in the fuck department could have any bloke she wanted and Barry, well he was a bit of a nerd.

What they did not realise of course was her secret, that she was still a virgin. That state of affairs however, would not be lasting long though. Not now. She felt a change in attitude of Lee as she sucked harder and faster and she felt his hands on her head moving it for her, He was holding her head quit firmly and Lee was now wanking himself into her mouth and she realised that he was going to cum and that she was not going to be able to move her head from his cock, his hands holding firmer and firmer on her head making sure she would have to take whatever come out of this throbbing pipe into her mouth.

A few seconds later and the warm sticky gloop that was the contents of Lee's balls a few moments before, filled her mouth and all she could do was swallow hard and quickly and even so some cum trickled out of her mouth down her chin.

"Me next" it was Mark's undeniable voice. Sarah didn't even think about the relationship status of the blokes anymore she was their plaything for the night now, it slowly dawned on her. She turned to see him advancing on her grabbing her hair, pulling her head back and quite roughly shoving his cock into her mouth, running her teeth along the head of his cock as she reacted too slowly to the force of his thrust.

Notwithstanding Mark's roughness she found that her body was reacting to this male attention, a tingling sensation growing between her legs and moistness forming there she had not felt before.

Mark continued to simply fuck her face until he too emptied the contents of his balls into her mouth, Sarah once again having to swallow to prevent her gaging. She had learned quickly and realised that she needed to breathe through her nose when her mouth was full of fleshy cock.

By the time she had swallowed Marks salty deposits she was toally up for what their plans were and feeling unbelievably horny. She knelt back panting holding one hand up and gasped; "Give me a minute, need to get my breath back" Next in line was the Leroy, his very thick cock glistening with cum on the end his scrotum hanging low and hairy between his thighs, Sarah looking, panting then licking her lips, swallowing she leaned forward open mouthed and took this man slowly into her mouth holding the base of his cock at bay with her hand.

Minutes passed and she could hear moaning and groaning coming from the big black man, but at no point did he seem ready to cum. She took him fervid chick is geeting peed on and ejaculates wet cunt of her mouth to get her breath back and wanked him hard with her right hand, taking him again tasting the fresh juice that had seeped out of his cock swallowing as a mixture of pre-cum and saliva filled her mouth. She heard George tell him to hurry up, that he wasn't the only one wanting to fuck this sexy bitch's mouth, but he just grunted and grunted as she tried her hardest to make him cum.

eventually, he stepped away, still rock hard and his balls full whilst George took his place. This time it blondes big ass is exposed during sex only a few minutes for Sarah's mouth to be flooded once again with a slightly more salty tasting ejaculate. She heard the banter between the six men in the room, some saying they couldn't wait to see her tits others saying they want to taste her pussy all agreeing that they were going to enjoy spreading her legs and taking what they wanted.

This talk, knowing it was directed at her made Sarah feel desired and stupidly horny. She felt something dribble down the inside of her thigh and then was surprised to feel hands mauling at her ass, lifting her dress; "Fuck, nice legs, fantastic arse" said one "The sluts got a fuckable ass there" said another "Fucking horny bitch is cumming already feel" Tony said as he run his hand up the inside of her thigh over the nylon of her stay-ups onto the warm fleshy skin near her sex.

"Fuck me" said Lalett, as he also pushed his finger into her pussy "clean shaven, wet and obviously ready for a good fucking. "What a slag." Said another. Each time they called her a slut or slag or horny bitch, Sarah felt a thrill run through her.

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They were words that were not used in her circle of family and close friends, and she never heard these business men talk like this teen webcam masturbation glasses xxx assslave yoga the office, not using such blatantly profane language anyway. Suddenly her mouth was been filled again with warm cum and because her mind had wondered off what she was doing for a few moments she was unprepared for it and it trickled out her mouth and more of it run down her chin.

Dripping. She felt very exposed as she realised her arse was on show to the men still standing behind her so she pulled her skirt down almost an automatic reflex and two of the blokes giggled; "Don't bother luv, were taking that off in a bit," and laughter went round the room.

Over the next 15 minutes or so, Sarah finished off sucking the remaining cocks till they all, but Leroy, had cum in her mouth. Upon the successful completion of this task, they opened cans of fresh beer each, and Sarah noticed that there was two trays of 24 cans of Stella stacked in the corner and realised she was in for a long night.

"Still," she thought, "in for a penny, in for a pound." "Come here." Said Lee Sarah stood, and walked over to him, apart from the dishevelled hair there was not much to show that she had just sucked and swallowed the cum of five men and tried for a long time to do the same to a sixth.

She stood in front of Lee and took his cock in her hand, felt it grow stiff again at her touch. She marvelled at its girth. With her other hand she took his can of beer and took a long draft washing the bitter tasting liquid round her mouth then washing the cum down, handing it back she pulled Lee towards the bed. She lifted her dress and sat on the edge. "Now as the boss, you get to taste first; she lifted her legs and pulled her G-string to one side.

Lee's eyes widened. He rubbed himself as he knelt as if in a state of worship and if truth be known, he uttered a silent prayer of thanks to whichever deity might happen to be listening.

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Sarah climaxed several times during the oral onslaught to her pussy, each man took turns to lick her clit and finger her pussy, Leroy, having the biggest tongue made her scream out as he shoved it up into her vagina his wetted fingers slipping into her asshole a sensation she never thought she would feel, let alone enjoy. She had felt Stella poured out onto her pussy by at least two of the men, the cold fizzing liquid making her feel at once cold and hot.

Then when they had gone down on her their warm mouths and tongues had soon sunny leon sexy xxx mp4 story her sex organs back up.

Her little black dress was soaking from a mixture of Stella, saliva and her pussy juices. This was the first time in her life that she had reached a climax. She could not begin to describe the sensations that ran through her body but rather than diminishing, she realised that the intensity of each climax was increasing.

She wondered as she lay back, legs spread wide, her dress up round her waist her nylon stay-ups now holed and torn in places due to the over enthusiasm of some of the blokes feeling her thighs and kissing and nibbling her skin between licking her pussy. In between George and Leroy going down on her, she took the opportunity to kick of her patent leather black shoes, so there she was, left, panting, dripping, spread wide and breathless having cum seven to eight times.

As she looked up she realised that they had all started to advance on her again, Lee the only one holding back, 5 big cocks pointing in her direction. "Do I get to choose who is first?" she asked. "No," came the voice from behind the men, "I choose as your boss, and it is going to be George." "Cum on then, cum do me if you can" Sarah teased and suddenly George looked apprehensive and unsure of himself.

Jeers went up from the other five and George was pushed forward, Sarah realising that all six blokes had got naked George who didn't actually look too bad naked, he must work out a little Sarah thought, advanced and knelt down between her legs. "Take them off" Sarah said and so George pushed his hand either side of Sarah's legs, grabbed the thin thread of her G-string and pulled them down her thighs.

The string was soaking and the lacy front piece was damp. He chucked them behind him and fixed his eyes on Sara's totally exposed pussy and mumbled.

"Fucking juicy cunt hole that." He took his cock in his hand and pressed the head against the lips of Sarah's pussy hole. Until that night nothing other than a tampax had gone so deep, but George pushed the thick head of his cock past the pressure of her lips and as he did so she tore a little and blood ran from her hole into her ass.

The pain was at once hurtful and thrilling as Sarah realised she was losing her virginity. And to George of all people! She was about to be fucked by a man for the first time and it was a nerd! Still he had a big cock and she felt it as every inch of its length pressed into her soaking wet pussy.

She felt an intense pleasure as she felt her vagina walls stretch taking him into herself and then she felt an intense thrill as she felt the head of his cock rub the inside wall of her vagina so far up inside her she thought she would feel him in her bladder.

His head had just rubbed against her G-spot and it felt like waves of gentle electric current were traveling through her. He pulled back and pushed in again, she laid her head back, eyes closed tightly as she savoured each movement her back beginning to want to arch but in her position having nowhere to go.

Then he started to pump into her frantically, pushing her across the bed with each thrust grunting and groaning as he fucked her 'not-so-virgin-anymore' pussy with short hard thrusts. In no time he had ejaculated into her, his cock pulsing and throbbing as he did so leaving Sarah wanting more.

Her G-spot was stimulated now and she needed to have it stimulated even more, so after a few seconds allowing Georg to recover from his fast ejaculation, she looked Leroy in the eye and beckoned him to fuck her. Leroy didn't need asking twice. In a flash he had somewhat roughly shoved George out of the way and had shoved two fat fingers into Sarah's wet pussy, while he leaned forward and pulled down her dress and bra to expose her left tit.

He hungrily sucked on her hard nipple and Sarah winced in pain but a pain mixed with pleasure as he pumped his fingers into her, finger fucking her dripping pussy and sucking her nipple hard.

"Fuck me for fuck sake" the words came hoarsely from Sarah's throat. Within a few moments his fingers had been replaced by his fat cock, further stretching Sarah's cunt wider. Leroy's fingers were dark and wet with George's cum and he moved his hand to her face and he pushed his cum soaked fingers into her mouth, she sucked on them hungrily.

Her sucking made his fingertips tingle and he started a rhythmic thrust into her slim sexy body. Her head was now pressing against the bedroom wall and each thrust caused her to bang it against the stud partition wall making a dull thud. She was too much into the sensations coursing through her lithe form to notice but in days to come would feel a little sore patch on the crown of her head from the constant banging. The dull thuds were heard in the adjoining bedroom, where Rachel sat with two friends, watching the proceedings on a TV, the image bright and clear the scene in full colour.

The digital camera sat on top of the wardrobe unknown to Sarah. Eventually Sarah would discover that this was a regular event at this firm. Well at least in the section she had joined. The guys there regularly gang-banged and Rachel and the two other women who sat with her had themselves on a number of occasion's been the subject-matter of the gang bang. Once 'initiated' into this exclusive club, the female members had the right to watch and be involved in the group's selection of the next member, male or female.

Unbeknown to Sarah, this was George's first time also. Leroy was picking up his pace now. He had been fucking Sarah for at least five minutes and occasionally Sarah heard the distinct chatter the others and "pssst" sound of cans of beer being opened whilst the remaining men waited their turn. As far as Sarah was concerned Leroy could keep this up as long as he wanted.

Each thrust, was more intense than the last or so it seemed to her. Leroy's cock was thrusting so deep into Sarah, that on both the inward thrust and the outward pull-back he was massaging her G-spot with the head of his black rod of meat, sending intense sensations flooding through her body.

Leroy squeezed her tits, somehow without Sarah realising it, he had managed to fully expose her breasts her bra wrapped around her body under her tits and her dress now a crumpled mess covering her tummy area. His thrusting became more intense and harder, her head thudding solidly now on the wall. Then he let out a huge cry and growl like an animal in pain and he released his load into her.

So intense was the ejaculation she felt it hit her cervix and flood her pussy. As he privat amateure geiles amateur teeny macht es vor der cam tube porn his advantage home and pulsated inside her, she felt his warm cum, mixed with her juices and what was left of George's ejaculate fill her and squeeze between his cock and her vagina walls, and push itself out of her body running down into her exposed ass-hole.

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Whilst she had not cum at that stage through Leroy's ministrations, the sensation of being so full was unbelievable and she pulled on his buttocks to press him deeper into her so deep because she wanted to feel this humongous man flesh for as long as she could.

Exhausted, Leroy pulled out of her, making a slurping noise as her reluctant pussy closed up behind his withdrawing cock. His tool was a shiny meat sword and Sarah lusted after it hungrily. Any physical pain she had felt from the loss of her virginity was now completely gone and forgotten, she was enjoying the sensations of all this testosterone fuelled attention and wanted more.

The emotional fall out, if there was any, she would deal with at the appropriate time. Lee, striding across the room, obviously fully aroused, took her by the wrist and pulled her to an upright sitting position. "Get on your knees my little slut." She obeyed her ass exposed to the room, her cunt dripping white gloopy cum down her now bare thighs.

She felt something cold and metal on her back and realised that from somewhere a knife had been produced. She felt more than heard the unmistakable tearing sound of material as the pressure of her little black dress was relieved from her body and her bra strap pinged off her back.

Now she was utterly naked. Arms spread across the bed in a mockery of worship she felt a cock from behind pushed up into her and for the first time like so many first times this evening was fucked doggie style, feeling every bit the randy red hot horny bitch that these men had made her.

The different position of Lee's cock inside her renewed and gave new sensations to Sarah. The head of his tool rubbed her G-spot in a new way and she found herself convulsing as she rose to a climax. Each thrust took her closer. She was a gibbering wreck as she even drooled she was so far gone into ecstasy, Lee was on one knee his other leg bent so he could move his body in the necessary up down motion his cock pointing downwards almost so it looked like he was fucking her as if he were doing press-ups.

Still it worked. Sarah underwent a series of climax's with each thrust each one more intense than the last, till they peaked in intensity and she felt like she would pass out, her legs now soaking wet with her own ejaculate then the sensations lessened in intensity till eventually she relaxed and just enjoyed the rhythmic thrusting of Lee into her body.

He slapped her arse cheek hard, the crack sounding like a gun going off in Sarah's brain, and the stinging sensation of the slap coming several seconds later. As the stinging subsided, her pussy was subjected to yet another filling of cum as Lee ejaculated into her before collapsing over her body, panting harshly into the back of her son and mom massge sex. "You are a fucking sensational whore." He xxx story sex stories indiyan porn as murmurs from the two blokes still to enjoy this tight pussy came drifting back into Lee's consciousness.

Sarah felt a dull wave run through her body as the words Lee had whispered sank in. Compared to her experience under Leroy and her boss Lee the two remaining fucks she received were perfunctory, pleasurable, but perfunctory. They were not long fucks, and Sarah now felt her pussy dripping and the warm wet sensation was somewhat soothing on her flesh that was starting to feel a little sore.

Still, she felt good, sitting now against the bed, eyes closed legs spread wide all pretence of decency gone. "Well that's two down, one to go" said Mark. Sarah, looked puzzled at him, wondering what he meant.

The others made coarse jokes about every holes a goal and spit roasting a bitch on heat and to Sarah's consternation they seemed to be sharing an in-joke and she was the only one not in on it. Leroy, went to a bag that was located near the door and pulled out a purple tube. He flipped the top and squeezed clear gel into the palm of his hand. Rubbing his hands together lightly he then proceeded to smother the clear gel over his erect penis whilst Lee and George grabbed Sarah by the upper arm, one either side and positioned her into the middle of the room into a kneeling position.

It was the first real sense of alarm Sarah had felt all night as is began to dawn on her what they meant to do. "If you relax and just enjoy it, it won't hurt." Mark tried to assure her.

He took a long draught from his beer can, threw it to one side and opened another. Meanwhile Sarah felt a cold sensation over her anus as Leroy administered lubricant direct from the tube he had earlier retrieved from the bag. Passing old amputee gets cock sucked and rode on by blonde tube around each took a little and treated their tools the same way that Leroy had.

Dread filled Sarah, each of these cocks was fat and long and they intended to fuck her arse. Lee and George held her gently but very firmly in place as Leroy positioned himself on his knees behind her. First he probed her anus ring with his finger tips, whispering "yea babe, yeah, nice tight hole, good, girl, enjoy this, just relax, don't tense up, feel's good doesn't it baby, let Leroy work his magic baby, that's it just relax." Sarah tried focusing on Leroy's voice, she had heard rumours of girls enjoying anal sex but people who she normally socialised with would never have openly talked about such things, it was very much a taboo subject.

Not that Sarah had even thought too much about it, and now, here she was, about to be rodgered up the arse by six lady fyre a man has teat the biggest cocks she could imagine. She felt Leroy's fingers go deep and she had the feeling she wanted to defecate. But, as she thought about it, she felt no pain.

Her sphincter was stretched and she heard Leroy's attempts at relaxing her amongst the jeers of the others egging him on to slip another, then another then another finger in. Eventually she felt him remove his fingers and sliding a finger into her pussy, which made her gasp with pleasure, she felt him push his cocks head against her arsehole and press it in. Her sphincter spread wide and from Leroy's perspective looked like it was swallowing his cock.

Then it closed around its head and he gently pushed his length into her tight ass. She felt the width of his cock in her and tried her hardest not to clamp her muscles thinking she did not want it to hurt, but still there was a burning sensation as her muscles fought against the unnatural movement of his solid pole. She opened her eyes to see George kneeling in front of her.

Cock in hand, his other hand reaching out to her face; grabbing her chin, he shuffled forward. Egged on by Mark, George pressed his cock to her lips and she opened her mouth, tasting the gel smothered pole it sliding easily past her lips into her willing mouth.

In unison, Leroy and George slid in and out of Sarah. First both pulled out and Sarah felt the weird sensation of her body being stretched. She knew of course it wasn't and it was just psychological, but the sensation of being drawn apart was unmistakable as was the sensation of being compressed as they both pushed into her, Leroy into her Arse, George into her mouth. They did this several times, slowly and deliberately.

Leroy still murmuring encouraging remarks about relaxing, being a good girl and that she was fucking gorgeous. She relaxed more and Leroy took this to take up the pace.

George followed suit, Sarah knelt there and began to enjoy it. George had obviously gained control after his first speedy ejaculation into Sarah's mouth as now he was face fucking her like a pro. Leroy, was stepping up the pace and Sarah now totally relaxed was enjoying taking his full length into her. She looked up right into the eyes of Tony who was wanking, and obviously enjoying watching Sarah being spit roasted.

In time Leroy came in her arse, once again subjecting her to the sensation of being filled to over flowing and his cum running out of her anus and downwards this time, because of her orientation, into her pussy. George quickly followed suite in her mouth but as he ejaculated he withdrew and spurted cum into her face and hair. "Taking it like a real porn star now!" George, he had definitely become more confident as the evening had progressed she noticed, he laughed and squeezed every last drop of cum from his cock onto her face.

Then two others took their place and proceeded to fuck her arse and mouth in unison Lalett to the rear and Lee to her mouth. However before they cum, they swapped places and Lee ended up ejaculating into her arse.

Her inner thigh was soaking with dripping cum and her mouth was full of the taste of semen. When it was Tony's turn he instructed Leroy to lie on his back and have Sarah straddle him. She slowly lowered herself onto Leroy's cock and pressed herself into him. He squeezed and mauled her tits and told her she was the best fuck he had ever had.

Sarah didn't register this, but had she, she would have found it ironic that given her virginal state only a few short hours ago this obviously experienced guy was thinking her an expert. Leroy, safely tucked into her tight pussy, Tony came at her from the rear. This felt tighter than anything before. The extra lube he used made her grateful, but when she realised what was happening she tensed up again.

"Relax Baby," came Tony's voice, you can take it. And she did. A few moments to allow her to get used to a double penetration and she revelled in the sensation of having these two men fuck her between her legs. The icing on the cake was when Lee grabbed her hair, lifting her face and rammed his cock into her mouth. All the men were superslut skaylar extreme from canada with prolapse fisting and more now quite drunk and the dirty talk was flowing thick and fast.

Sarah was drunk with lust desire and cum. Never did she imagine that sex could be this good and pleasurable. Never did she ever imagine she would play the role of a slut and an unpaid whore and be gang fucked by six blokes, never did she ever think she would have lost her virginity in such a dramatic janine lindemulder and dyanna lauren but this party or now she thought about it, was it more of a set up had changed all that.

From this day on Group sex art an overdue anal payment would never be the same again. Too many cocks had entered her for life to be the same. Barry was looking decidedly boring compared to these men who took control and took what they wanted. She wondered what would have happened if she had not been so willing. Probably the same she thought to herself, only I might have got hurt. Still she was a more than willing participant and as Leroy, Tony and Lee all ejaculated into her youthful lithe body for the last time and she felt the warm stickiness of semen and her own juices flow from every hole she had, including she realised cum spurting over her head and into her hair as the others wanked off over her she relished it for what it was.

Spent, they all eventually crawled or collapsed to a place to sleep within the room. Sarah noticed that most of the Stella had gone and that empty cans littered the floor and shelves and bed of this bedroom, she noticed that there were stains on the bed clothes and that she was slumped in a damp patch on the carpet. She dozed, naked curling into a foetal position as the room grew quiet as in turn each man dozed off to sleep.

In the room next door, Rachel and her friend who had been watching on the TV monitor fell asleep too. The digital video camera perched on the wardrobe eventually ran out of recoding space on its memory card and although she was not aware of it, it was the device turning off and beeping that stirred Sarah and made her realise she needed to get home.

She looked at her clothes, her G-string was nowhere to be seen and her little black dress had been cut up so that the men could get to her. It was no use she would have to find something outside. She would worry about getting home in a minute, for now she needed to find something to cover her nakedness.

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