Hot story zoya afroz from flim the xpose

Hot story zoya afroz from flim the xpose
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YES, THIS IS A YOUNG STORY, THAT MEANS UNDERAGE, NOT ADULT. SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE THESE KINDS OF STORIES JUST STAY AWAY. I DON'T NEED TO SEE THE STUPID COMENTS, BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THESE KIND OF STORIES. This Story is about 4 kids 14yo who are quadruplets, 2 Girls and 2 Boys. They learn about sex, then explore with other. The rest you'll have to find out, As with my other stories I use the ******** lines to sepparate the sex scenes.

So if you get sick of the boring part of the story, just skip ahead. Quadruplets Cum Together We have a family of 6 siblings. A 20yo brother Jay, 16yo sister Ann, Then there were to 4 of us. I was born 1st, so I guess I'm the oldest. We're 14yo, my name's Stacie, then there's my bro.

David (Dave), my sis Karen, and my bro. Mark. My sister and I are identical, and my brothers are identical. We all have similar personalities, with me being the oldest. My dad took over the business from his dad, who took it over from his dad. They do something with computers; there are about 5 different factories that I know of. My parents have a ton money and we live in a huge house with 4 floors, even an elevator.

Servant quarters out back, which are also huge. We all have brown hair, my sister and I like to get our hair cut the exact same, and my brothers have the same hair cut to each other. Mine is nice and long, going just past my shoulders. I have a trim body, with a very nice set of breasts for my age; my slut is begging to get fucked super hard keep in shape also.

I guess it's something we've been brought to believe in. My story begins when I was 11; I've always been a snoop. I was inside my mom and dad's bedroom in one of their walk-in closets. Which was huge in itself, you could fit 15 large adult size people in here and still be comfortable, and this was mom's side.

The door had a one way mirror in it right in the center that took up almost the whole door.

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Above each door also going into the closet was a vent. Both closets were stacey is getting a big black cock striptease and piercing that for some reason.

It was the middle of the day. I heard the door to the bedroom shut, so I hid. I knew dad was at work, so it had to be mom. I heard some my laughing, and another voice. I came out of hiding to see what was going on. Mom was on the bed with another guy, they were both naked. He was a new guy, young and muscular and also very cute. I watched as they had sex for a few hours, doing all kinds of different positions.

I felt strange all over, and had started rubbing myself the same way I had seen him doing to her. I had my first orgasm that day, it was incredible.

I started hiding in her closet on a regular basis; I even started doing it at night. I found out dad knew all about it, and he was doing the same thing at work with his secretary.

They would tell each son and mother sex free download about their day, and then they would have sex. I loved watching them; both mom and dad were in very good shape.

It been a few months now, we had just turned 12. I was actually sprouting out, my breasts had grown, something I was proud of. One day I was in my favorite space when mom came in the room with that guy and one of the maids. I heard behind me, psst, psst, so I turned around.

There was David, standing with a big smile on his face. He whispered "I've been wondering why you've been coming in here so much, now I know" I giggled quietly and whispered back " just be quiet and watch with me, it's a lot of fun. ********************************************************************************************** We both started watching; soon my hand was rubbing his cock through his shorts. He told me that it felt good, so I kept going.

His hand went under my skirt and was rubbing my bare ass. I had stopped wearing underwear whenever I went to the closet. My brother's hand felt good on my ass, but I guided him to where I really wanted him, on my pussy, which was nice and wet. We both looked at each other, then got undressed; Mom was on her back with the guy between her legs shoving his cock in her pussy, while the woman was sitting on her face.

We quickly finished getting undressed, his cock wasn't anywhere near the size of the guy. For our age though it was perfect, I couldn't wait to touch it. He leaned into me and we kissed, just like we had seen them doing. His tongue felt weird against mine, but also very good.

My hands went right to his member and started rubbing it back and forth. I tried to do it, just like I had seen my mom doing it. From they way he reacted, I guess I was doing it right. I never thought kissing my own brother would be such a turn on, but it made me more excited. I could tell he liked playing with my breasts and nipples, I never realized how sensitive they were, till now. I got down on my knees in front of him, and took him into my mouth.

I really wanted to feel his cock sliding in and out of mouth. I had seen mom do this several times and the guy had really enjoyed it.

David sure loved it; soon I had him all in my mouth. My head was bobbing back and forth; his hips were thrusting forward as I went in. I could taste the pre-cum leaking out, and thought it tasted good, I wanted more. I heard him tell me he was about to cum. I didn't care; I wanted to feel him as shot into my mouth. I felt him expand, then he was cumming, flooding my mouth with his hot sperm. I swallowed ass much as I could, I was so turned on my pussy was leaking down my thigh.

I moved back then laid down on the floor, bringing him with me, I spread my legs wide for him. I guided his head right to my pussy lovely teen gives head and fucked deep he started licking, then brought his hand up and was fingering me.

I explained him, telling him where it felt best for me. Soon he had me squirming all over; he worked his tongue like magic on my pussy. My orgasm hit me hard, like never before. I had grit my teeth to stop my self from yelling out. I saw he was hard again and I told him, do it now Dave, I want you to fuck me.

He got up between my legs and entered me slowly. He got part way in, pulled back, then shoved forward. I had heard it always hurts the first time so I was prepared. It did hurt, but not as much as I thought it was going to. Soon he was cumming inside me, burying his cock and letting loose. He leaned down and kissed me again, I liked feeling his body against mine. I knew this may be the first time, but it wouldn't be our last. ********************************************************************************************** By the time we were 13, Karen and Mark had gotten into it as well.

In our 13th yr we were fucking each other about once a week. We made sure to be careful, no one was around when we played. We got into anal sex, rim jobs whatever, we really explored each other.

********************************************************************************************** Two weeks ago we turned 14, nobody was around now and we got together. I was lying down on the bed naked with my legs spread. Karen came over, and planted her face in my pussy. Her tongue was wonderful, I could feel my juices flowing as she licked away. David got behind Karen and inserted himself in her pussy, while Mark climbed over to me and stuck his cock in my mouth.

I greedily sucked him, feeling the pleasure quickly building up inside me. Mark was face fucking me now, while Karen moved her tongue at light speed. I could hear her muffled moans mix with mine.

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We were all moaning loudly now, I had one hand on Karen's head and another gripping Mark's ass pulling him into me. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth as he moved in and out. He started to expand, as he was getting ready to cum. Then it hit us, we all came together, Dave driving into Karen's hot wet pussy as she arched her hips to meet him.

My pussy was throbbing as I came all over her face and Mark filled my mouth as he drove into me. I had gotten so I enjoyed swallowing his cum, it tasted so good. We laid down on the bed, relaxing.

I had cum real hard and felt satisfied. ********************************************************************************************** Finally we got up, took showers and headed downstairs. The week went by way to slow, finally our day was here. We still liked to play together; we had all kinds' games to play, a water slide in the pool, etc.

Plus we had chores we all had to do, which we helped each other with. So they went by faster, we got along better then ever before. ********************************************************************************************** We gathered in my room, but today Karen was late. So we started without her. Dave got in the bed, then I got on my hands and knees, sticking my ass way out as I took his cock in my mouth.

Mark moved in behind and drove his tongue back and forth from my pussy to my ass. I was really horny that day, and needed to feel a cock inside me. I moved away from Mark and mounted Dave, saying I couldn't wait anymore. As soon as I felt him inside me, I was moaning "mmmmmmmmmmmm, Oh yeah fuck me Dave, fill me with your cock" Mark got behind me and grabbed my ass.

I stopped moving as he spread my ass and entered me. I now had 2 cocks filling me, it was incredible.

They both started pumping at the same time, this was actually the first time we done this. I was saying "OMG yes fuck my ass, fuck my pussy. Fill me with your cock, OH yeah, fuck me, deeper fuck me deeper OH GOD YES" Karen came into the room, quickly getting naked.

Complaining that it wasn't fare we started with out her. She got on the bed next to us and started masturbating while she watched.

I could tell she liked what she saw, she really getting into it. Suddenly the door flew open; it was Jay our older brother. He said "Holy shit, I can't believe what I'm seeing. Never in a million years would I have guessed what was going on here" I was on the verge of having a huge orgasm, I just looked at him and said (as it hit me) "I'm cumming, OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING" Karen hadn't stopped playing with herself.

Karen was staring at his crotch, she was so turned on I don't arian joy in drivers cock fills passengers pussy think she realized what she said. She told him "Get over Jay; fill my pussy with your cock. I need it so bad, fuck me Jay, I know you want to." You could see the lust in his eyes; he gave in, closing the door behind him and removing his close.

His cock was huge compared to what'd I seen.

It must have been about 10-12" long and really thick, Karen was staring at him while she played with herself. My orgasm was starting to subside when I felt another one building up. Jay got between Karen's legs which were spread nice and wide for him. He slowly inserted his cock, stretching her pussy lips as went in further and further. Her moaning was increasing brother fucks step sister right next to mom deeper he went "Oh yes, stretch me more, I can feel every inch of you.

Fuck me Jay, cum deep inside me. OMG he feels so good" it was obvious she loved what he was doing. I could feel my orgasm getting closer, having a cock in my ass and pussy was driving me crazy. I was really screaming now, so was Karen. Telling them to fuck us hard, both cocks were shooting in me at once. My wet pussy was gushing, as I came at the same time. Jay was buried deep inside Karen; I could tell they were cumming, as she humped up against him while he shot his load.

Her body jerked around as she last control, her ass was coming way off the mattress, she finally started calming down. I climbed of my brother and lay down, feeling wonderful. ********************************************************************************************** We all sat around and talked with Jay for awhile, he promised he wouldn't tell.

He also promised to join us again. I said "I wonder what it would take to get Ann involved now." We actually had no idea how sexually involved she was, but we were sure going to find out. Jay had to get going, he only had stopped by to say hello, while he was in the area.

For the next couple of weeks we watched Ann carefully. Then one night we got lucky, she had snuck a boy into one of the guest rooms. We could here her from the hall, moaning out "fuck me, fuck me damn it, OH GOD YES" Of coarse on the other side of the door we could barely hear her.

We had a tape recorder with a piece attached to it for listing that you could put against a wall, or even a door. We listened for about a half-hour, and then we all ran to one of our rooms giggling. We listened to the tape, it picked up more than we thought. He had used her name several times, just like she had used his name several times.

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It was a very good tape, and we made 5 copies. One for each of use, and one for her. Something we could listen to on our own if we wanted. I then I hid the original, we decided blackmail was our best way to get her. Another week passed by, we all went to her room together.

She smiled when she saw us, as she always did. I spoke "Ann, we want to do something with you. But we don't really think you'll go along with it, so we added an incentive." She was still smiling, when she said "give me a break.

What could you 4 d group the dolls may have missed out on their camping trip want that's so bad?" I replied "We want you to get naked with us to start with" She looked stunned saying "I don't think so; you 4 have to be crazy." I put down the tape recorder in front of her, then pushed play. As soon as realized what it was, she ripped the tape out of the machine, broke it then tossed it away.

Saying "So much for that, nice try" while grinning. I look at her smiled and said, "That was your copy, we each have one." The 4 of quickly got undressed, tossing our clothes aside, showing her we weren't kidding. "Ok Ann, now it's your turn, or should we let mom and dad listen to it" ********************************************************************************************** She gave in; she got undressed and was back in the bed. We all climbed in around her, I was at her feet, while Dave and Mark were on either side of her, with Karen by her head.

She looked like she was starting to get excited, I moved between her legs. She spread them slowly, still unsure if she should do this. I went down on her, letting my tongue move up and down her slit.

I was surprised at how wet she was, she was more excited then she had been letting on. Mark and Dave went for her breasts; Karen leaned down and kissed her. Ann reached out and started gently stroking both cocks. She kissed Karen back, driving her tongue in and forcing their lips together more. She was humping against my mouth as I licked and sucked away, her excitement built up quickly. Her pussy was flowing into my mouth then it hi her. I felt her cum, her whole body shook, she lifting her hips way off the bed.

Ann broke from the kiss, saying "Oh god, someone fuck me! Now! Fuck me now." I moved out of the way then Mark moved into position, guiding his cock to her entrance, and then shoved forward. Karen moved over her, positioning her pussy right above Ann's mouth. Ann reached up grabbing Karen by the ass and pulled her down. I paki desi xxx sex stories storys Dave and pulled him on top of me, his cock slid into my pussy easily.

Mark was driving into Ann, like a piston. Her feet were on the bed, and she was lifting herself up to meet his thrusts. Karen was grinding her pussy down against Ann's tongue. Ann held onto Karen ass real tight, Ann's high pitched screams were muffled well.

I held Dave tight against me, as frida sante and christen courtney erasmus students unleashed hips bucked against each other.

My arms were wrapped around his back tightly. I could hear my siblings moaning and yelling out next to me, I loved watching the 3 of them together. I felt my orgasm coming on; it looked as though I wasn't the only one. It was like we were all linked together. I hit my peak shouting out, just as Dave did. He drove into me flooding my pussy with his hot cum. Mark, Ann, and Karen were also cumming at the same time. Karen was grinding her pussy down while she was rubbing and pinching her nipples, her head was thrown way back.

Ann suddenly stopped moving as Mark shot into her. Ann hips jerked, when he shot again and again, each time her hips would jerk against him.

********************************************************************************************** We climbed off each other, Ann said "Oh my god that was awesome. I never would've known if you hadn't blackmailed me. She was so beautiful and sexy; I knew it had been worth the trouble we went through. Karen said "Wait till Jay joins us again, his cock was wonderful and so big to" Ann said "WHAT, you talked him into it also, you 4 are terrible." She was smiling the whole time, I just giggled.

We got our clothes together and left. A few more weeks went by; Ann was part of our sessions now. I got to 69 with her while the guys double fucked Karen. Then Ann had her turn, while Karen and I went at each other. Ann must have cum 4 or 5 times when they double fucked her. She loved it in her ass more than Karen and I did, which I didn't think was possible. We still made trips to mom's closet; we really enjoyed watching the sex.

I always seem to cum hard when I watch. ********************************************************************************************** Tonight they had been going at it for about a half-hour or so. Karen was on her knees in front of Mark and Dave.

She was going back and forth between cocks, taking one in her mouth then switching. I was standing next to Mark, kissing him while he ran his hands over my body. We had stopped watching what was going on the room. I was softly moaning as he ran his hands over me, I really liked being touched.

Suddenly the door swung open, dad was there with very confused look on his face. His cock was still hard and standing straight out. You could see it glistening in the light, mom was on the bed with an almost horrified look on her face. None of us knew what to do; we all stood there for several minutes. There was no way we could cover-up or make up any kind of story to explain anything. I made the first move; I walked over to my dad, got down on my knees and started sucking on his cock.

Karen went up to him, reached up to his head with one hand then with her other hand she grabbed his and pulled it to her breast. She guided his head to hers and they kissed, his hand immediately started rubbing her tits. Mark and Dave went over to mom; Dave got by her head and put his cock against her lips. Slowly she opened her lips, and took him in. Mark got between her legs and started eating her out.

Dad had one hand on Karen and the other on the back of my head. It was clear he liked what I was doing, of all the times I had seen mom and dad together this was the first time I got a real good look at his cock, it looked actually bigger then Jay's.

I had my lips stretched around his shaft and took in as much as I could, then started pumping him with my hands. I could only get a little past the tip in, he was just too immense.

I got up and we went to the bed which was the biggest bed you could find. There was plenty of room for all of us. Mark had mom cumming as he tongue fucked her, then he got up and quickly inserted his cock into her pussy. Dad laid down, and I mounted him, slowly taking him in, inch by inch. Karen lowered her pussy onto his face while facing me.

I had half of him inside, then I moved up and sank down again going lower. His huge cock felt wonderful inside me, I wanted more, I wanted the whole thing. I heard mom's muffled moans as she was cumming again, Mark pulled out of her pussy and shoved it in her ass.

Dave was holding the back me fuck my sweet valiyamma malayalam and teaching moms head and was face fucking her. He pulled her head in tight against him, as he thrust forward.

Mom just took it, holding onto his ass as pumped her face. Then they switched, Dave pulled away from her face and went down slamming his cock into her ass, while at the same time, Mark pulled out of her ass and fed his cock between her lips.

Mom didn't even pause, she just took him in letting Mark face fuck her the same way Dave had done. I couldn't hold back, I rode dad faster and faster. Karen was yelling out how good his tongue felt. She forced her hips down against his mouth Dad's cock was swelling inside me, then he let loose just I did. Karen was mashing her pussy onto his face as she came. Her pussy drenching him as she exploded.

Dave, Mark and Mom were also cumming at the same time. I had a huge orgasm, throwing my head around, as I felt him shoot his load deep into me. It was so incredibly amazing, I really felt like I could feel everyone's sexual energy, it drove me to new heights.

That night was the beginning of when the real fun started.