Sensual teen opens up juicy vagina and loses virginity defloration and hardcore

Sensual teen opens up juicy vagina and loses virginity defloration and hardcore
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Ian had just finished his wonderful night with Janet and was heading back to his house via the backyard. He was about to open his sliding glass backdoor when he heard the fence gate open between his yard and Kathy's. She was just standing their with just a small loose fitting tank top and very wet emerald green panties on.

Ian could see she was overly excited by the hard nipples poking against her shirt and a wet trial dripping down her legs from her pussy. In her hand was a half bottle of Vodka and looked as if she had just woke and ran outside. It was obvious she had heard Janet's sexual screams and came outside to see what was happening. Kathy looked at him and said "you had Janet, now you can have me!" Ian walked quickly up to her and tore her shirt off, revealing a pair of C-cup breast with hard nipples.

Ian squeezed her left breast with his hand, causing her to organism on the spot. A massive teen milana witch gets bent over by hung tutor of fluids burst from her pussy and ran down her legs and hit the grass like a a cup of water had been dumped out.

A strong moan came from her mouth as she braced the fence to keep on her feet. Ian then grabbed her right breast and squeezed both causing a even larger release and making her fall into Ian's arms. He placed his hands under her ass and picked her up with some effort.

He carried her to her pool and gently put her in. He quickly undressed and entered the pool next to her. He put his mouth around her right breast and sucked on it causing her to moan loudly with each suck. He ripped her panties off and bite her nipple causing her to once again release heavily.

Kathy climbed onto Ian's lap and maneuvered his dick into her desperately waiting pussy. The entry caused her to release again with some power. Ian knew she was desperate, but so much as to organism with each touch. He pushed her back against the pool wall and began to thrust. Each thrust caused her to cry out louder and louder. Her daughters came out to find out what was happening.

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Just waking up to the sounds of sexual, the girls started to get a little aroused by the noises their mother was making. The twins came outside first and were surprised to see their mother getting fuck in the pool, but soon started to giggle in amusement. They wore just red and blue thong and no top, showing off their small virgin breast.

Ian gave her a few more thrusts and he shot his semen into Kathy. She arced her back to her head was almost touching the cement and was about to scream. The scream would have woke the neighborhood if Ian didn't place his hand over her mouth. Then Kathy slumped forward onto Ian's chest taking deep heavy breaths. The twins had a shocked look in their eyes seeing their mother organism with such intensity.

Ian pulled his dick out and stepped out of pool, showing his 7 inch dick in full erection. The twins stared at it with mouths open. Ian then turned and helped Kathy out of the pool.

He lead her to the door the twins came out with and entered the house den. He placed her down on a large sofa and stroked her hair. The twins walked up behind him and gave him a look of wanting.

Kathy raised up her head and scolded the girls "this is my sex toy. Get your own!" The twins retreated back to the door but didn't leave the room. Ian returned to Kathy's sofa and sat down next to her feet.

He got to her knees and moved to Ian's side and climbed onto his lap with her back to him. She put his dick back into her pussy and yet again, she had a large release of her juices on his lap and the carpet floor.

The twins, stunned by the event, began to get wet from their mother's energy and sexual appetite. She began to rock back and forth while moaning loudly. Soon, Lucy and Bre-ann entered the den and where shocked by the sight of their mother getting fucked on the sofa. Lucy wore a one piece nightgown and Bre-ann was wearing a sports bra and panties.

their nipples were already getting hard from watching and Ian and their mom. As their mother was getting her pussy fucked by a man half her age, the twins walked back to her and lowered to their knees.

They leaned forward and began to lick both her pussy and his dick as he trusts and she rolls back. Kathy felt her daughters hands on her waist and their tongues against her pussy. Her moans continued to get louder and soon the other two girls walked to the sofa and Lucy sat down. Bre-ann got to her knees and leaned in between her legs and started to lick her pussy.

After Kathy's next huge climax, she told the twins to go fuck their sisters and leave Ian to her. She lifted herself up off Ian's lap with a suction sound coming from her pussy as his dick was exiting. She got to her feet and almost fell forward until he caught her and held her in his arms.

She felt safe and comfortable in his arms and didn't want him to let go. His hands cupped around her breast. His dick pressing against her ass. The smell of sweat from his body was intoxicating. Ian looked at the girls and asked them to get a bottle of Vodka for her to help her relax. Gabby jumped up, leaving Lucy feeling unsatisfied and headed to the front room.

Ian walked Kathy past the 3 girls and headed towards Kathy's bedroom. Just as they reached the door, Gabby came running up with a bottle of bourbon.

Kathy took the bottle from her and told cunt of hotty is banged hardcore and blowjob she wasn't going to fuck Ian. He belonged to her and to "go fuck Richard or something".

This caught Ian's attention briefly, then went back to focus on Kathy. He got her to her bed and laid her down. Kathy took a huge gulp from the bottle of bourbon and handed it to him. Ian took a small sip and gave it back to her. She to a second huge gulp and placed it on her nightstand. Ian climbed on top of her and spread her legs wide. He moved up to her waist and began to lick and chew her busty hottie gets her hairy pussy rammed.

Kathy exploded in juices and soaked the sheets and the mattress. Such a large release saturated Ian's face and hair with some entering his mouth. The taste was sweet and warm. He continued to work on her pussy through several heavy releases and Kathy was screaming with everyone.

Her daughters were spying on them through her bedroom windows. Ian saw them and gestured them to come inside.

Kathy had by now drank 3 quarters of the bottle and was now totally drunk. This made controlling her easier.

Now he could ask her things and get information he could use on the girls. A completely honest lying cheating wife placed his dick into her pussy with some force and she almost fell off the bed. He began to thrust just as the girls came in the bedroom and watch as he pumped their mother with a dominate rhythm.

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Her body twitched and squirmed while her C breast flopped all over. The girls just watched as their mother was being dominated and her moans made them wet and horny. Ian kept his pace as Kathy's body was going crazy with sexual ecstasy and her screams just made him thrust harder. He fired off his load into her pussy as she released a fluid mass that took the girls by total surprise. He finished his last few thrust and shot the last of his semen into her and quickly pulled out.

Kathy passed out just after the organism and laid on her fluid covered bed. Ian leaned up to her and kissed her gently on her lips. As Kathy rested from her morning sexual excises, Ian entered the shower and washed himself down. He looked and saw Lucy at the door totally naked.

She walked into the shower and looked into his eyes with a look of desire and loneliness. Ian took a strong careful look at the beauty in the shower at him. Her body was wonderful. Nice firm breast and a shaved pussy what was dripping juices. Ian took a deep breath and told her he was to tired from doing her mother. He told her that he wanted to finish with her mother before he slept with anyone else. Lucy gave him a quick kiss on the lips and left looking slut lesbian and super small teens huge cocks an nearly life sized teddy bear with a in sad disappointment.

Ian finished his shower and dried off. He went back to the pool and got his cloths. He got dressed and did a quick look around house. Bre and Lucy shared one room and the twins had theirs. The older sisters had 2 windows that faced the street and their for were covered up with heavy drapes.

The twins had just one window the faced the backyard and had no covers at all. Not even basic blinds. The house bar had some 30+ bottles of alcohol from scotch to bourbon, to whiskey to cognac. The house was very clean and orderly and well furnished, no cheap crap.

He walked around for about 20 mins before he heard Kathy call out for him.

Ian walked into her room and saw her laying on her stomach trying to get to her knees. She was still drunk and had little energy left.

Ian unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. he climbed onto the bed behind her and pulled her ass up till it was equal height with his dick. Kathy tried to get to all fours, but kept loosing her balance and falling on her face. Ian spread her legs and rammed his dick into her. She jumped and released on to Ian, but he kept thrusting.

As he worked toward his own climax, he asked her what the deal was with Richard and the twins. Between moans and screams, she told him that the twins have a massive crush on him and masturbate to the fantasy of him sexy teen girl keeps moaning hardcore blowjob them. She would hear them call out his name in mid orgasm. He could feel the pressure building in his dick and just as he was about to come, he pushed as deep as he could into her pussy and released his load.

Kathy screamed and fell to her stomach breathing heavily. He pulled out and got off the bed. He zipped up his pants, kissed Kathy good bye and headed out. He bumped into the girls and said farewell to them. He left through the backdoor and closed the fence gate behind and went inside his home. Now he need to rest and think about his next move.

He had a good fuck and gain some important information he could use. 3 down and 1 to go.