Ariella ferrera xxx story new 2019

Ariella ferrera xxx story new 2019
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Part 3: This is part 3 of my story about my plan for revenge of sorts. Part 1 showed my plans going awry. Part 2 showed success. After making several recordings I purchased a few wireless cameras to place around the house. I also bought software that would record only when it detected motion. That way I wouldn't have a lot of useless video. I ended up with video of me and Deena fucking in about every room in the house and even in the back yard. I had video of most of our friends using the bathroom.

I even have one of the husbands sniffing and stroking an impressive cock with Deena's panties. One video had Deena bent over the bath tub starting to wash her hair. She had on jeans but was topless to keep her shirt from getting wet. Butch came in and mounted her and was thrusting away.

Deena was fighting him off and he gave up because with the jeans on he wasn't getting anywhere. She scolded him but I saw her look under his belly and had an amazed look on her face. She chased him out of the bathroom but came back with an old shirt on and no jeans. When she bent back over the tub I could see she had no panties on either.

She went back to washing her hair. When she got it all shampooed up I could see her calling Butch and wiggling her ass.

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Butch came into the picture slowly and licked her from behind. She jumped from the contact but went back to doing her hair. Butch quickly mounted her again and hit the target right away. He was giving it to her and she seemed to not be sure if this was a good idea. It didn't take too long for her to start to thrust back against him. They were going at it for a while before it was apparent that she was cumming hard.

Butch went into overdrive giving it his best. Soon he pulled up tight and started cumming too. Deena seemed to be cumming right with him. After a minute Deena went back to finishing washing her hair. with Butch still on her back.

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She was moving around while she washed and rinsed her hair seeming to purposely move her ass more than necessary. Butch, as trained, stayed on her back until he was ready to pull out, but this time he must have been stimulated by Deena moving around.

He started to hump Deena slowly at first and then as fast as he could. Deena was bucking back against him like it was the best thing she ever experienced. Butch lasted a lot longer this time with Deena having several orgasms. Butch finally pulled up tight and dumped his second load in Deena.

She was in extacy the whole time. After Butch calmed down Deena tried to climb out from under him only to find she was knotted. She and Butch stayed like that for about ten minutes. The whole time Deena petted him and talked to him. When his cock big black cock vz japan plopped out of her she stared at his cock.

She leaned down and took it into her mouth and sucked it clean. Butch got up and walked away leaving Deena exhausted. She eventually got up and took a shower. I didn't see any more activity between them after that. I guessed that Deena decided that it would be a one time thing. I wanted to see more so I talked to Dirty foreplays by hot lesbian gorgeous babes about getting Butch fixed.

I told her he seemed to be paying too much attention to peoples crotches. She protested strongly against it giving several weak reasons. I told her he was a horny dog and unless we could find a bitch to take care of his needs we might have to do it. She told me she might know someone with a bitch to take care of him. I scanned the videos for any sign that Deena was going to help Butch out and finally struck pay dirt.

I saw Deena and Butch go into the basement but out of the cameras range. They stayed there for a while but I couldn't see what was going on. My only clue was once Butch walked into view with his red rocket exposed. I quickly repositioned the camera to catch the action. The next days video caught Deena jacking off Butch in the basement. She seemed to be just doing a job, not really into it herself.

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Deena said she was trying some training techniques on the dog. She asked me if I noticed any difference in Butches behavior. I told her he tried humping my leg that day while she was in the kitchen.

I again said we may have to get him fixed. She again was dead set against it. The next days video showed Deena jacking off Butch but when he got pretty excited she got under him and started sucking him.

That really drove him wild. He fucked her mouth for all he was worth. He was actually moving her across the floor with just his thrusting. She had 2 hands on his knot to make sure it didn't go in her mouth. Finally he came hard in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

She kept sucking for about ten minutes before his knot went down. She sucked off Butch for three days in a row before asking if Butch was being any better. She said she was trying a different training technique. I told her he tried humping me just five minutes before she asked. That really pissed her off. She muttered something about what the hell do I have to do to train him. I said that we should just get him fixed and that would blonde college girl liz black swallows a stiff cock care of it.

She replied with a real sharp no. She said she still had a few things to try. Well the next days video showed her on her knees with the same shirt as she used for shampooing. Butch mounted her real quick and went to business. She was trying to reach behind to control his knot but couldn't keep her balance so he rammed it in and out of her.

She didn't seem happy about that but went with it.

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Butch was giving her a good hard pounding and she tried but couldn't help but get excited and start cumming. Once she started she couldn't stop. Butch finally pulled up tight and started cumming. Deena seemed in heaven. She was having one long orgasm. When Butch was finally done Deena went over to the recliner, sat on the edge of it and collapsed backwards. I could see where this was going to go. Butch cleaned himself and then noticed where Deena was.

This was a familiar position for him so he jumped right up on Deena. Being exhausted she didn't seem to know what he was up to and just petted him.

Butch repositioned, humped a couple of times and soon Deena found he was up her pussy and ready for seconds. By then it was too late. Butch was fucking her full on. She was trapped on her back with a big dog fucking her missionary style. She got turned on right away and was quickly approaching a crushing orgasm. The different angle was rubbing fur across her clit and it was driving her wild.

Butch loved this position. He could get his cock in as deep as it could go. He was pulling Deena down on his cock as hard as he could. Deena was feeling his cock hitting virgin territory. No cock had ever been that deep before.

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With the deep cock, fur rubbing her clit and now the knot swelling and ramming in and out, Deena went into what looked like convulsions. She was cumming hard and holding on tight to Butch and forcing him in deeper with her legs behind him. Butch kept fucking her like that for about 10 minutes before he pulled up tight and came too. Deena looked like she was going crazy under Butches body. He was just standing there emptying into her and panting.

Deena was panting too. She finally pushed Butch off of her and out plopped his cock. Cum poured out of her when she sat up. She looked down at it and reached down for a taste. Then she bent down and gave the drilling a choco beaver hardcore and blowjob a lick before sucking up as much as she could and swallowing it.

She left for what I assumed was a shower before returning to clean up. That evening she asked how Butch was behaving. I replied that he seemed to be doing ok today. She said that it was about time. She said she finally found the right training technique. Without looking at her I told her she better keep at it to make it stick. I was hoping she would continue with his training. The videos showed she was continuing exactly as before each time she had a chance.

I was scheduling time away just so she had a chance every day.

All this fucking with the dog didn't take away from what I was getting at night. Deena seemed energized at night now. Part 4: One day I came back early on purpose and caught Deena before she had a chance to shower and maneuvered her into the bedroom. we made out for a while on the bed with her trying to fight me off from going farther. I went to go down on her knowing that she had just taken care of Butch. She resisted a lot but I wasn't giving up. I started sucking her pussy and she was still resisting.

When I started sucking on her clit she gave in and started moaning. She started grinding against my face while I slurped hers and Butches juices. She was juicier than ever before and I knew why. The taste was pretty good, not like I expected at all.

She came a couple of times before she swung around into a sixty nine sitting on my face and she really went to town on me too. The cum really poured out of her when she came in that position. It only took a few minutes for her to suck the cum out of me. I pumped a really good load into her mouth and she swallowed it all I thought.

She sucked me until I was soft. She climbed off of my face, cuddled up and then gave me a big cum laced kiss. It seems she didn't lusty intrusion from a thick dong hardcore blowjob all of my load after all. She saved some for me, but not enough to make it obvious. I ignored it and we swapped cummy spit for a while. We both took quick showers and then crashed in each others embrace early for the night.

The next day was Saturday and I was outside moving a flower pot on a high shelf when it spilled over onto my head. I got dirt all through my hair so I went in to wash my hair. I took my shirt off outside and shook the loose dirt off of me.

Deena was laughing at me when I came in. Thinking about what Butch did to Deena when she washed her hair I stripped and went to the tub to wash mine like Deena usually did hers. Deena must of thought I was going into the shower because she didn't follow me. I bent over the tub and quickly started shampooing my hair knowing that Butch wouldn't pass up the opportunity.

I could hear Deena in the kitchen, a few doors away busy with something. Sure enough Butch came in and after licking my ass, jumped on and started fucking me. I waited until he was in real good before calling for help.

Deena came running and tried to pull Butch off of me but wasn't nina hartley lisa ann jada fire asslick enough. Butch was holding on tight. He wasn't about to part with a good piece of ass. I made a fuss about him killing me but my cock was rock hard. Deena told me to just relax and don't fight him.

She was laughing a little about my predicament but did feel sorry for me. I rinsed my hair while Butch pummeled my ass. I told Deena it felt like my cock was going to explode. She looked under and said that my cock was as big as she has ever seen me. It was bobbing to Butch's thrusting. She laid down and started sucking on my cock and said she could feel it throbbing with Butch's thrusting.

She started to suck real hard on it while Butch was hammering my ass. I could feel the knot swelling and pushing in and out of my ass giving me a good reaming. Butch finally pulled up tight and I could feel his knot swell up even bigger before he started unloading his cum into my ass. Deena knew what was happening and really sucked me in deep and I let loose with my cum.

She sucked for as long as I was hard and then some.

I think she didn't want me to find out that i was tied to Butch. She kept sucking me and I never went soft. She was kind of pushing me back like she was trying to deep throat me. I found out that she was really trying to stimulate Butch into doing a double on me.

I was enjoying the sucking so much that I had almost forgotten about Butch, until he started unlocked japanese grandpa sex teen uncensored again. I started to weakly fight against him but he was holding on tight. Deena acted like she didn't know what was happening and kept sucking on me. She got up and said she was sorry.

I told her that she might as well get back down and suck me because It might keep my mind off of it. She went right back down and went back to work. She knew it would take longer for Butch this time so she started out with long slow strokes of her tongue. She would suck on the tip for a while and suddenly deep throat me.

She was driving me crazier than Butch was with his thrusting. I was so hard it felt like the tip of my cock would blow off. When Deena saw that Butch was getting there, she started sucking harder than ever. That is all it took for me. I blew the biggest load of my life. Butch pulled in tight and added his second load to my ass.

Deena was taking all I had and sucked until I had to pull her away by the hair. My cock was about as worn out as it could be. After we calmed down Butch climbed off of me and pulled his still swollen cock out of my ass. Cum poured out of my ass onto the floor.

I got up and jumped into the shower leaving Deena to clean up the mess. I watched and saw her lean down slurp it up. I called to her to join me in the shower. She got in and I immediately kissed her with a passionate kiss. I told her I never came so hard in my life and that maybe we could do something like that again if she would share the pain with me.

She just kissed me back passionately as an answer. We had many good times with Butch after that and eventually I even showed her some of the videos that I had captured, not the ones of me training Butch.

They are in a special place under password protection.