Black coke xnxx story in uk

Black coke xnxx story in uk
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I have been very sexual throughout my life, but just recently got into sexual literature. It took me a while, but I decided to write the story of my very sexual life. I hope I can provide everyone with pleasure in writing the way I have done in life. This is my first story, so bear with me. It might seem slow, but i gurantee the stories will get better and better. Consider this my intro into good things to come. Comment and enjoy.

Throughout my life, I have been called a whore, slut, bitch, cunt, prostitute, piece of ass, doll, fucktoy, cumdump, sex slave, just to name the most common.

Throughout my life, I have been these things at least at some point. My first story is of how i became what i am, it starts at the very beggining, with the person I looked up to, my mother.

This is not a story of blame, guilt, or justification. It is the story of my first love, my idol, the most beautiful woman in the world. This is just the way things are, and I would not change my life. My grandparents are both German, but moved to California about 3 years before my mother was born. My mom is the youngest of 3 daughters, all who inhereted my grandmother's good looks. My grandma is a 5 foot 2, blue eyed blonde, with a petite frame, but voluptous DD sized breasts.

Though my aunts are really pretty, my mom is the most similar to grandma. Growing up in California, she was always at the beach, and wearing bikinis.

She started developing early, and was already big blonde pig tails and beach car make that money by the time she was 12.

Looking at pictures of her from that time, she almost looks over developed for her small little girl frame, but she was gorgeous.

This naturally drew much attention from the boys and men. She started dating a much older Mexican man, that got her pregnant and left her. I was born to a 13 year old mother. My grandparents supported my mother so she continued on with school.

She recovered her body quickly and was very popular in school. She was a cheerleader and ran track. I felt really happy to have such a young and beautiful mother, but almost looked at her as a sister. Like the popular beautiful sister that you look up to and want to be like.

Since i could walk, i would follow mom around, and would try to put on her makeup, and her clothes. I also liked to shower with her, and admire her voluptous body. I wished I would grow up to be just like her. My grandma would care for me in those early years, when mom was gone to school or out with one of her boyfriends. I would run around the house most of the day, which allowed me to play with mom's wardrobe. I liked specially liked putting on her underwear and bras, and dreamed of filling it up one day.

I was fascinated by mom's breasts since I can remember, I loved crawling on top of her and just feeling them. I kissed them and carressed them often, and knew they were special. I don't know what my mom made of all this, but she seemed to enjoy it. I didn't realice what made my mom's breasts so special, until I got to see her run slutwife newly wed hottie jasmine tame learns to swallow cum pornstar and blonde. I went to one of her track meets, and loved the way my mom looked in her short shorts and tight fitting shorts.

She ran about 4 laps, and her big breasts bounced all throughout. That was when I noticed how boys and men looked at my mom. I didn't know it at the time, but I now recognize the look of absolute lust. I had seem some men look at my grandma like that, but it was like fire the way they looked at my mom. I overheard boys and men talking about the, "big tittied blonde", and realized just how special she was, and wanted to grow like her more than ever.

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I went to a few more track meets, and football games where she cheered, and her breasts always caught men's attention. My grandfather died when I was about 4, which besides bringing much sadness to the family, also brought many financial problems. My mom got an after school job at a diner near our home, and my grandma got a job at as a cashier a conveniance store during the daytime.

My grandma was still good looking, and had many men who wanted to date her. She didn't date anyone for some time, but eventually had men coming to our house and sleeping over. My mom hated her job, but she started coming around because of the good tips she got from men because of her looks.

I overheard a conversation where my mom told her that her boss was harrassing her, which she hated, but she was keeping her job because there was nothing else. My mom came home one early from work one night crying because her boss had groped her breasts and she walked out. When she walked into the house, she found my grandmother having sex with a guy she had liked from school. They got in an argument, and my mom laura cute loves to ride on dick me and left the house.

That night we slept at a hotel, and mom cried all night, and it broke my heart to see her like that. She kept saying it would be ok, and promised we would have our own place and everything we wanted.

The next morning, mom dropped out of school, and went back to the diner where she worked.

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She sat me in one of the tables and told me to wait for her. She walked up to her boss, who was a fat black man, then they went to behind the counters and through some doors. She came back some time later and told me we could go, that we needed to look for a place.

Much later in life, I asked my mom what happened that day, and she told me she gave him what he wanted. Mom told me her boss had been wanting to fuck her since she went there to ask for a job, and had harrassed her since the first day there.

That day, she knew she needed her job, so she told him she was gonna do everything he wanted, but she needed extra hours, and a big pay raise.

He agreed, but demanded that she prove it. Continued in Part 2