Lea lexis got her mouth and pussy drilled by a bbc

Lea lexis got her mouth and pussy drilled by a bbc
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LOVE SLAVE Thursday Stephanie and I have been friends for a long time. I have liked her for most of that time and I watched her go through boyfriend after boyfriend, silently cursing them yet envying them at the same time. We were both in our late twenties. I am 6 foot 2 and about 250 pounds.

Stephanie is the classic blonde bombshell at about 5 foot 10 and about 140 pounds ( I never had the nerve to ask her what her exact weight is, despite all that's happened.) She has big 34c tits and has a nice round ass. Her skin is perfectly smooth and she is always made up very classy. She is a very classy woman all the way around. It all came to a head one night when we were sitting on her couch watching TV.

It wasn't too late, about 8:30. Nothing serious, just hanging around, not even really talking; just enjoying one of the long comfortable silences that you can only have with a really good friend. I glanced at my watch, and knowing that she had to get up early and I didn't, told her to let me know when she was ready for me to leave. Now, as an adult male, I realize that this could have been taken in more than one way, but I wasn't even thinking along those lines.

I really truly meant for her to let me know when she wanted me to go. We sat there for a few more minutes, and then she got up saying that she was going to go to bed, and started to walk upstairs. No goodbye, no see you tomorrow, no nothing. Again, not thinking along those lines, (that I should have followed her upstairs and said a really cool line, like "I guess you aren't ready for me to leave either.") I blurted out, "Well, I guess I'll go home then." She came back down the stairs; I should say she clumped back down the stairs.

Looking back I can see the disappointment in her face, that at the time, I was oblivious to. I still didn't understand what was going on. I can be such a jackass sometimes, I am so lucky things turned out the way they did. I had stood up and was standing by the door, when she came over to it and laid her hand on the doorknob and just stood there while she stared out into space for a minute.

Then she straightened out and looked as if she decided something, and told me "lets go sit down so we can talk." We sat down and she started. "I wanted to tell you that I.I. I'm sorry." "Sorry for what" I said. She said, "I am sorry that we haven't been together before now." Finally catching on, it only took me a second to say, "So does this mean that we can be together AFTER now?" with a smirk on my face.

She said "I'm not finished. The reason I am saying that I am sorry is that I have always known how you have felt about me, but you obviously have not known how I have felt about you." I wanted to say, "How do you feel about me", but she rushed through with "And because I have known it is mostly my fault, I have decided to make it up to you." Wide-eyed I said, "That sounds promising." She gave me a smirk and said "Yes, it is.

I have decided to be your love slave for the next six months. After that we will see." She continued, "I will do anything you want. Whenever, wherever, however. As much as you want, as long, and as often.

Its the least I can do for you since you have waited for me for so long." I sat there stunned for a while not trusting my voice, because I did not want to screw this up. When I could finally speak I said, "It is said that power corrupts. And that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I have never been given even a limited reign much less an unlimited one such as the one you are talking about before. I have no idea what I will do with this. I cannot in good conscience agree to this without asking you at least once, are you sure that you want to do this." She watched me carefully while I was saying this and then said, "I actually told myself that if you asked me that, then I would change my mind.

Because I did not want to be with someone who could find fault with something being given to them on a silver platter. But, hearing that explanation, I can't fault your asking it. So I will say yes, I am sure that I want to.

I love you and I know that you would never do anything to truly hurt me. With that being said, I will ask for a couple of small conditions which I don't think you will mind.

First, I don't think that I would be into extreme pain. But we can start out light and see where that goes. Next, even though I know I said whenever and wherever, I would appreciate it if this doesn't affect my work mybabysittersclub sexy babysitter fucked by old perv boss. I don't mind being late every once in a while if you want us to stay home and fuck.

But not too much. Oh, and last I want us to go visit my parents every once in a while on the weekends. I mean its not like we can have sex ALL the time." (you wanna bet) I sat there and digested all this information and thought she would have to think that I would be an idiot not to accept conditions.

I said "Is that it?" She said "That's it." I said "I can accept those conditions, but I have a small one of my own. We are not to lie to each other. About anything. For this to work the way we want it to we have to be totally honest with each other. You mustn't be afraid of me or what I might think or do about anything.

Can you do that?" She nodded. "Good. And by the way, I think you are wrong about not being able to have sex all the time. So first things first; I think my first command should not come as a shock to you: take off your clothes." I remember very clearly the outfit she had on. It was a white button down blouse tucked into some khaki shorts. She had long ago kicked off her sandals so she started unbuttoning her shorts. I told her to turn around while she slid them down.

She turned and slid them down very slowly and bent way over as she did so. From this angle I could see her great ass and could see down the bottom of her shirt to her breasts in her big white bra. She had a pink thong that did nothing to cover any of her ass or asshole, and it didn't cover much of her already moist pussy. What was there I slowly moved out of the way and I just looked at the heart of her femininity. Next I told her to stand up and take off her shirt and bra.

I then told her to stand up straight and lace her hands behind her head while I just took in the sight of those luscious tits.

I reached up and squeezed both her breasts to find that they are very firm yet soft to the touch. My german teen fingers her pussy and squeeze her big perfect tits all naked favorite view is of a woman on all fours with her ass in the air and her back arched with her legs spread. I told her to do this next, and she bent over and took her thong off. I also said "I expect this to be the last time I tell you to take your clothes off.

From now on, when you are alone in this house or we are alone in this house, you are not to wear any clothes at all. In fact, I don't want you to wear any underwear ever, unless it is really cold outside. When you come home from work or from us going to dinner or something, you have sixty seconds to be undressed from the time you walk in the door.

I may decide for you to wear certain outfits at times but that will be the only exception. We will put a robe in the closet by the front door for you to wear if we have company. Of course I say we because I will be moving in with you." During this my cock got as hard as it had ever been.

I was slowly rubbing it through my shorts as I looked at her sweet pussy and her ass. I started to stand up and take my shorts off but thought why should I? I told her to turn around and take my shorts off. She did and my boner shot up like a ruler that had been hit on the side of a desk. I wouldn't have been surprised to hear it go "twang!" My next command was short and sweet. "Suck it." She started to take it in her hand and stroke it and came closer with her face.

I pushed her hand away and said "mouth only." I sat down. She smiled up at me and grabbed both my knees and spread my legs wide and took sex beeg sani liwan com cock in her mouth. She started to move up and down and every once in a while would take it out of her mouth to lick the tip. It was so stiff that it hurt. She started to speed up as if she were trying to make me come.

I was ready for this, and said, "Slow down. I want this to take a while. I hope for your sake that you like sucking dick because you are going to be doing it a lot." She just looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth and nodded and smiled around my dick.

Then she went back to what she was doing. While she sucked me that first time I formed a rough plan for us for the next few days, as well as an outline of our time for the next six months.

When I could take it no more I told her to make me cum. She went faster and faster until I shot about 8 big squirts into her mouth. I hadn't been with a woman in a few years shemale renata araujo and a guy exchange blowjobs and then he fucks her it felt like I had never cum before.

She took her mouth off me and I said "No. Wait until it goes completely down. Slowly." When it was limp again I told her to sit on the couch next to me and play with herself while we talked. She sat down and spread her legs and slowly started to storys xxx nia as de 18 her smooth shaven pussy.

She looked at me as if she didn't expect me to say that. I shocked her though when I asked her "Do you have any items of a sexual nature in your house?" She turned beet red when I asked that.

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Then I started a list, "you know, dildoes, vibrators, anal beads, oils, any porn magazines or movies, handcuffs, rope, lotion, or anything else?" She just stared with her jaw opening wider as the list grew longer. She just kept slowly rubbing her pussy as she sat there thinking every once in a while sticking a finger in her hole or stopping babe gets fucked in both holes telsev tickle her button.

She suddenly seemed to remember that I had asked a question and replied, "I have a few things, I have a small vibrator and a dildo and some regular lotion, not necessarily for sex, and I have one movie but it isn't mine, I am borrowing it from Shannon." I told her, "Go upstairs and get everything and bring it down here as fast as you can." I started to think about her sister Shannon while she ran up the stairs two at a time.

While not as pretty as Stephanie, She has an even nicer body. Bigger boobs (about 36D) and a better ass. A little taller, and a little skinnier. Shannon and I didn't connect as well as Steph and I did but we still had a good friendship. Stephanie DID say that she would do anything I wanted. If I could convince her to let Shannon in on our little game things could get REAL interesting. I decided not to push my luck for now and put that idea on a back burner when I heard Stephanie coming fast down the stairs.

She had exactly what she said she had, a very small bullet type vibrator and one small colored vibrating dildo that you can get at any novelty shop, busty blonde sucks bbc interracial and pornstars a couple of really skimpy lingerie items. She said "I know that you didn't mention lingerie but I thought these are pretty damn sexual, so I brought them." She only had three pieces of lingerie and two of them demi delia has her huge tits jizzed together.

A black bra with openings for the nipples and a matching panty that had a slit mom hot fuck son and eat pussym the crotch. And also a red thing that I am not sure what you would call it but it was shaped like a one piece bikini, but the material was made of squares of crossed strings about a quarter inch apart and nothing in the holes.

When she put it on the squares of the crossed strings were actually diamonds and it left nothing to the imagination. I took one in each hand the vibrator and dildo and then tossed them aside. I said, "These will never do. How can you be expected to have good orgasms with such pathetic equipment." I had noticed something and was purposely not mentioning it until now. "You took good initiative with the lingerie, but I think that you forgot something." "The movie!" she yelled, then started to run toward the stairs.

"STOP!" I yelled, (a little harder than I meant to. I scared her and me with that but I couldn't stop now) "Come back over here and assume the position." I wanted to see if she knew what I was talking about and she did not disappoint me. She laid over my legs with her ass right in my lap. "Before I start this I want to say that I take no pleasure in this.

This is not really my thing. But if I have to give you some punishment to make sure that you continue to do as I ask, then I will." I was rubbing her pussy while I was talking to her and without warning slapped her hard on her right cheek. Again I had done something I had not meant to do, because I hit her harder than I intended. You could easily see the outline of my hand on her butt. To her credit she did not react much to the slap.

I continued to hit her (not quite as hard) alternating cheeks in an uneven rhythm so she couldn't tell where the next one was going to be, until I counted silently to 30. I played with her pussy some more as I said "I hope that I don't have to do that too often." Although I had a feeling that even if she didn't make any mistakes, she would purposely find reasons to get me to punish her because she was DRENCHED!

I meant it when I said that this wasn't really my thing, but I thought for her sake I might get into it. I grabbed the dildo and shoved it fast into her cunt. She reacted just as I hoped and shoved her ass into my hand as soon as I touched her pussy with it.

I started to move it in and out as fast as I could. I wanted her to cum quick because I was going to try to get her to cum again right after that. She came pretty hard and I felt her juices dripping onto my leg. All the while my cock was getting super hard sexy teacher facial in class. I took the dildo out of her pussy and shoved it in her ass. She gasped as I said "Ride me. And use your muscles to keep the dildo in your ass." She got on top of me and slid her silky pussy down on my cock.

I checked the dildo with my hand and sure enough it had slipped out a little so I pushed it all the way in again. I can't say I blame her, but she started to ride me like a madwoman.

I gently rubbed her back as I said "Slowly, slowly. You will learn that most of the time I curvy blondie luna star gets her holes stretched pornstars and hardcore things to be slow, but I will tell you when I want them to be fast." She gratefully slowed down.

this gave me a chance to grab and nuzzle her boobs while she slowly went up and down. I could easily feel her gripping my cock with her pussy as she tried to keep the dildo in her ass.

We enjoyed this for a while. (I had found out shaved cock girl miho gets screwed in the backyard myself that if I had the discipline to go real slow then not only did it feel reeeaaally good, but I could stay hard for a good while.) I periodically checked the dildo and made sure it was all the way in.

I didn't have to push it in much but each time I had to put it in a little bit. And each time I could feel the dildo bump into my cock through her skin. After a while I got the idea to turn the dildo on. WOW. I could feel that, and so could she.

She started to get faster and faster no matter how many times I told her to slow down. But by then I didn't really care and neither did she.

She exploded just a fraction of a second before I did and then she collapsed in my arms. We were both exhausted and we just lay there trying to control our breathing. The only sound other than our breathing was the slight hum of the dildo. When we were able to move I reminded her to go get the movie.

She didn't move quite as fast this time because she was worn out as well as her ass still stinging. (She told me later) She brought it down and it was as much as I expected, a cheaply made movie with a simple plot about several couples sneaking away from a party one at a time. The sex was pretty standard but the women were pretty good looking.

It would have been pretty dull if I didn't have Steph there to play with while it was on, plus the fact she kept stroking my cock (slowly) the whole time. By the time it was over I had pretty much regained my erection. We turned the TV off and went upstairs. I lay down in her bed and told her to make sure I was hard, and she took the cue and put my cock in her mouth again. She only sucked it for a couple minutes before I was hard yet again. (I almost couldn't believe it but considering the situation.) I then told her that for the last fuck of the night we could do what she wanted.

She got on top of me and started to ride me very slowly. She took my hands and applied them to her chest. She then put her hand between her legs and started to rub her clit while she rode me. Even though I know she had to be exhausted, she made this one last longer than anything so far that night. After I don't know how long she finally leaned into me and started to speed up. That was it for me and I shot off what couldn't have been too much in her sloshy pussy.

My cum must have triggered her because she started to shudder on top of me and she came and fell to my side. As I kissed her ever so softly I realized that we hadn't even kissed until then. With our last remaining strength she turned away from me and I put my arm around her and cupped her tit in my hand. Then we had no choice but to fall asleep. Friday When I woke up she was still asleep but the morning light was bright in the window. I gently stroked her skin on her stomach and her breasts.

I could feel her nipples getting hard under my fingers. I lightly pinched the closest one and she jumped and her eyes came open. She looked at me and smiled and I started to rub lower down and put my hand over her slit. I slowly rubbed the outer lips for a while before putting one, then two, then three fingers into her as she got wetter and wetter.

Soon I was pounding her cunt with my hand, and she quickly got off, raising her ass off the bed. We got up and went to the bathroom.

I turned the water on while she sat down to pee. I told her to spread her legs good so I could watch. I reached down and started stroking myself and she grabbed my hand and pulled me close to her. "I will help you with that.

I am here to make sure you don't have to pleasure yourself at all. I will do everything." Then she started stroking me lightly and then took me in her mouth. I let her go as fast as she wanted and I came pretty quickly. I said, "Hurry up lets get in the shower." I handed her the soap and she quickly lathered up her hands and reached down and grabbed my cock which was still somewhat stiff.

Using the soap and her hands slowly she got me back up to full hardness. I turned her around and soaped up my hands and rubbed her tits as she reached behind her and still stroked me. This was another favorite of mine, and I told her so. "Every morning we will take a shower together and you will use the soap and get me off with your hands. And after that you will make sure I stay hard and you will use your tits to get me off again.

We won't do that this morning since you just blew me a few minutes ago, but probably later today. I agreed that I wouldn't disrupt your work schedule much, but this one time I think I should get an exception. You need to call work and tell them you won't be in today.

Today is Friday, and it will look suspicious, but, such is life. We have a lot to do today." She continued to milk my cock as she looked back at me and smiled. "I was going to anyway." I laughed and kissed her hard. As we were kissing my hands were massaging her breasts and I went faster and more insistent. She mirrored me and her hand flew on my cock until I came so hard I almost fell. I had fun finishing cleaning her off and she cleaned me and we rinsed off and got out.

As we toweled off, I said that we would go downstairs for breakfast. She called work and told them she would not be coming as I kissed the back of her neck, and massaged her boobs. When we got downstairs she started to go into the kitchen but I told her to come back to the dining table. I grabbed her by the waist and put her on the dining table and spread her legs wide.

Her hand went to her slit and started to rub it. "Lay back," I said. I sat down and got a real close look at her clean wide open pussy. She was not wet yet, but I would change that. I used my fingers to move her lips around as I explored her pussy. I stuck my tongue in her very quickly and then just as quick took it out.

I licked around the edges of her hole and beautiful tiffany takes it up the butt a moan from her when I lightly grazed her clit with my teeth. I started to push my tongue in and out and she started to buck her hips.

When I thought she was close I concentrated on her clit and she came very soon after that. I said "Now that I have had breakfast, we can eat." She laughed and went into the kitchen to make us some eggs and toast. While she cooked we talked the normal talk of two long time friends, who just happened to be naked.

It was great that we could still be ourselves. After we ate we talked about our new situation. I told her that I would not have her on a very strict regimen, but once I had the timing down, there would be a set schedule for us. She didn't know it yet but I had already decided that the times she wasn't actively pleasuring me, either she or I would be pleasuring her.

I thought I would let it be a surprise. She told me that I had indeed surprised her with some of the things that we had done so far, but that she was still going to do whatever I asked. She had assumed that I would just ask for sex every night before bed, and not be that creative. Even though we were very close, we did not discuss sex much and she was surprised with the depth of my knowledge since she knew that I had not been with a woman in a while, and when I was it had not been for very long and that very unsatisfying.

I had not told her exactly why it wasn't satisfying. No woman could match me for the things I wanted to do. Some would try some things while others would do different things, but none would do everything. They never took the initiative with sex, I had to every time. That wasn't a big deal, but I just wanted it. With our situation her taking the initiative would actually be difficult for her, because I would be having us pretty busy most of the time.

Turns out I didn't mind. Besides, you could say she took the initiative for all of it when she tolf me she would be my love slave. I went and sat on the couch and told her to come assume the position.

She asked, "What did I do wrong?" "Nothing" I told her, "it's just that the way you reacted last night I thought that you should have a spanking every day." She just looked at me for a moment with a look on her face that was hard to read. She shrugged her shoulders and came and got in my lap.

I gave her 10 good whacks and I checked her pussy. Sure enough, she was wet. I rubbed her pussy and ass for a while getting my own enjoyment out of doing so. When she was all hot and bothered (and I was pretty hard again) I told her to get off and suck my cock slowly again.

I could tell she was upset, she probably thought I was going to get her off again. She was wrong for two reasons. One, it was my turn, and two, I had decided that for the rest of the day I was going to try to keep her as keyed up as possible, but without a release until that night. I was going to keep her constantly horny hoping that I would get her off soon.

The dildo was still on the couch and I told her to put it in her pussy while she blew me, and to not let it fall out. She put it in and I could tell from the tightness of her ass that she was squeezing her muscles to keep the dildo in her. It took a while before I was ready for her to make me come. I came hard again but not too much came out.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. She sat back on her feet and looked sort of sad. "Is something wrong?" I asked. "No, not really." "We said that we would be honest with each other. Are you regretting that we did this?" "No, No, No! I'm sorry, we did say that but its not serious, its just that my knees hurt." I laughed, relieved. "In that case, when we go shopping today we will look for some soft pillows for you to kneel on.

Or maybe for the long term, a different style of furniture or something.

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Like I told you, you will be sucking my cock a whole lot so we should find a way for you to be comfortable doing it. I don't want your discomfort to affect you doing a good job." She looked kind of stunned for a second then remembered something. "Shopping?" "Yes. I want to go buy some better sex toys, and even though I have some adult movies, I have seen them all numerous times.

I want to get some new ones, but not like the crap Shannon has, I can find us some good stuff." She suggested, "What about a rental place? I know the manager of a video store and they have porn there.

I have never gotten any, but he lets me rent movies for free. I think you may have even met him before. Its worth a shot." I agreed, "That's awesome. If we can score some free porn that would be great. And if it ever seemed like we were taking advantage we could just pay for it." "I don't think he would mind any. Besides, I think he sort of has a crush on me." That gave me an incredible idea that had me hard just thinking about it.

I took her roughly onto the table and put my cock in her and pumped as fast as I could. I was aware of my promise to myself to not let her come, so I tried to go so fast she wouldn't have time. She could tell something was on my mind but waited until I shot off into her before asking, "What got into you? It must have been good considering how fast you got hard." This time, I was mindful that we had promised to be honest, but I wanted to kind of feel her out to see how she would react.

We sat on the couch again as I said, "You said that you would do anything I asked, right?" "Yes." she said simply. "For example, what if I said I wanted to have sex with another woman and you at the same time?" She thought and said "To be honest, I don't think I would be too happy about it.

But I guess I would do it if you wanted." I assured her, "I promise this is purely hypothetical at this point. What about another man? What if I told you to have sex with, or give a blow job to, another man while I watched." "I can't imagine you wanting that but I guess if you said you wanted it, I would be okay with it.

Where exactly are you going with this?" "I was just thinking about the video store manager. I think there is something we could offer him that wouldn't cost us anything." Now, I know I shocked her with this one. "You would let another man be with me just to get free porn?" she asked.

"Not just free porn," I said, "A LOT of free porn. Like every night. And I'm not suggesting he can fuck you whenever he likes, just maybe a blowjob every once in a while. And he wouldn't just be with you, I would be there each time. Honestly the thought of seeing you go down on another guy is getting me hot." For a minute I thought that I just blew the whole deal. She just sat quietly and thought for a long while. She was breathing evenly, so I didn't think she was too upset. I don't think I breathed at all until she said, "You really think you would like watching me with another man, even if its just a blowjob?" I wasn't completely sure but I said "Yes." I just kept thinking that six months of free porn would be worth the occasional blowjob.

And I would be there to make sure that it didn't get out of hand. "Besides," I said, "we may not have to do it at all. I just thought we could have a backup plan if he started to be upset about us using him like that. Not to mention we may not even use much porn at all, I just thought that it could be an option." I started to think about what I was saying. It was like I was a little kid trying to get my way, not the master of a love slave.

Well, I was new to this so I was bound to make mistakes. I just had to learn from them. I vowed at that moment that I would not let brunette beach fuck rough rectal hump for lexy banderas birthday question my decisions again. "You said that you would do as I asked" I said as harshly as I could manage.

"I know that we didn't discuss other people, but it is something that I may want and I expect you to do as I say. Like you said before, I will not do anything to truly hurt you, but I will punish you if you do not agree with my wishes." She looked stunned at me again and then got a small smile as she cast her eyes down and said "yes, master" Until this moment I wasn't sure if I had wanted her to call me master but when I heard her call me that, my mind was made up.

"Assume the position." Russian mom n son rape download story best got in my lap again and I gave her twenty HARD strokes.

I felt her pussy and she was very wet again, but I could tell this time I had actually hurt her. I tried to act like I didn't notice. "'Lets go upstairs so we can get you dressed." Shopping I picked out a very loose schoolgirl type skirt that was a bit longer than I wanted but she didn't have any that short that would katie morgan brings a new definition to sex easily.

Another item to add to the shopping list. Luckily I had a good bit of money saved up. Its easy to save money when you live with your parents and have no girlfriend to blow it on. I also gave her a white button down top that I didn't let her button any, and had her tie it together just below her tits. This had the effect of squeezing her tits together and showing a whole acre of cleavage. Some white pumps completed her outfit. We went downstairs to the car and when we got in I told her to make sure her door was locked, and to lean against it and play with herself while I drove.

I purposely took a while driving around. Whenever she looked like she was getting close, I would tell her to stop and put her legs together. Then I would tell her to start again. I had been trying to decide where to go first. We went to an adult store that had a wide range of products. I told her which items I wanted her to get but that she was to carry them. There were a few large dildos, a couple vibrators bigger than the one she had, a butt plug, some anal beads, a penis pump and a cock ring for me, and the best was last.

They had a pair of underwear that was basically one size fits all, that had a vibrator attached in the front right at the clit and it came with a wireless remote control. I couldn't wait to use it. I gave her my credit card and she went to pay for them with her arms full of all this sex stuff.

It was so funny, she could barely carry it all. When we got out to the car she started to put the items in the back. I told her to go ahead and put them up front with us.

We drove around some more, and I had her try just about everything in the bags before we came to the mall. Again I didn't let her cum.

When she would get close I would have her stop and say "I want to see you try something else." She started to get really frustrated, and was ripping each item open faster and euro doxies acquire nailed by the pool hardcore and groupsex each time.

When we parked I told her to take the anal plug and put it in her ass. She was to have it in there while we were at the mall.

She was squirming at first, but then she seemed to get used to it. The first store we went to I picked out some skirts and shirts that I would want her to wear when we went out. All the skirts were loose and short, and the shirts would show off her tits when worn properly. I had her put on one of the skirts as we left the store. It was very loose and it came about two inches below her pussy. Any bending over and she would be she would be shooting some beaver shots. As well as showing off her butt plug.

The next thing I had us do was ride up and down the escalators about 10 times. I tried to make sure that there would be people (especially men) behind her. I would have her go up and then I would wait a little bit, after others went up, to make sure I could see her as well as see the reactions of the mall goers. Knowing where to look and what to expect, I could just make out the butt plug. I could see several people look at her and then look around as if thinking they were going to get caught looking, and then look again.

A couple of them even looked down at me and I just tried my best to look like nothing was out of the ordinary. I thought that we shouldn't do this for very long so we wouldn't get in trouble. Next we went to an electronics store. I bought a nice digital video camera that caught my blonde slut wife on cam took decent still pictures.

It cost a good bit but it was worth it and I had been meaning to get one anyway. She looked a little surprised but didn't say anything. Next we went to get the pillows, and then we decided it was time to leave. It turned out we had ended up on the top floor when we got back to the store that was closest our car. I decided that we should take the elevator down. When we got on I glanced around and sure enough there was a camera. I didn't let that stop me from my next move.

As the doors were closing I reached for her and put one hand up her skirt and one hand in her blouse. I stuck three fingers into her and pumped in and out as hard and as fast as I could while I stuck my tongue down her throat, and squeezed her tit and pinched her nipple. There wasn't a lot she could do because she was carrying our bags. When I felt the elevator hit bottom I stopped. She looked a bit disheveled as well as a bit ticked off because I had got her close again. She put the bags down and very sarcastically straightened her shirt, and pulled down her skirt.

She then picked up the bags again and walked out the elevator as if nothing had happened. I couldn't help but laugh. We got to the car, and I sorted through the bags and took the camera out while I let her put the rest of the bags stellar beauty is presenting her spread tight cunt in close up fingering trimmed the trunk, and we got in and I told her she knew how I wanted her to sit.

She lifted her skirt to her waist and sat toward me and started to play with her pussy, while I took the camera out and was figuring it out. I told her to get the largest dildo and to put it in her and to push it in and out real slow. I had to slow her down a couple times to be sure that there was no way she could get off. I started to take pictures of her playing with herself, and without her knowing, I took some video also.

I stopped my camerawork and said "Just one more stop," as I started the car. I think by this time she was starting to realize that I was trying to not let her cum, but I still acted as if I had just changed my mind as I told her to stop playing with herself and to rub my cock through my shorts.

I told her she could use her hand and then take my cock out and suck on it, but that I was to cum just as we were pulling into the video store. I had her give me directions before she started to play with me. It was very close to her house, so It did not take me too long to get there. She timed her assignment pretty well.

She kept looking out the window to see how close we were getting and she would moderate her speed as necessary. I came into her mouth just as I turned off the car, and we just sat there for a minute, while I recovered.

She started to look really nervous and I knew just what she was thinking. "Just think," I said, "he might not even be in there." After that I told her that I had been thinking about it, and I told her a way to bring it up.

We agreed that we would try to get them without offering any sort of sexual "payment." We went in, and he was there.

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It turns out that I had met him before, and he remembered me, and I acted like I remembered him to help things go more smoothly. Honestly, he looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't pick him out in a lineup if I had to.

We talked for a little bit and he gave Steph the perfect opening. "So is this just a social hot babes with sexy asses get to suck a dick at a porn audition threesome hardcore or did you guys want some movies?" I had a feeling that he must have a lot of "friends" that would come and get movies from him but not see him otherwise.

And by him asking, it kept the "friends" from being awkward and asking if it was okay. I decided that this was a good guy, and that he deserved something for his trouble. I let Steph begin as we had planned and waited for my opening. She said, "I was telling him about your place, and how you would let me rent movies for nothing. He asked me if I could tell or not if you thought I was taking advantage of you. I told him that you never seemed like it to me but that we would come so that I could tell you I am sorry if you feel that way, and that we would like to pay from now on." (the idea, of course, was that if he really didn't mind then he would have no problem and tell us not to worry about it.

And if he did mind, then hopefully the offer of paying would at least make him feel better about it, and still tell us not to worry about it.) He thought for a minute and said just what I thought he would, "No, its no problem, but I appreciate the offer. We're friends. You can get whatever you want." Stephanie jumped on the chance, "Whatever we want?" He nodded. "Because here is the thing, the reason your shop came up is because we were talking about porn, and I mentioned that you had a good bit.

Does that apply to porn, too?" she asked all sweetly. He hesitated just long enough to tell, but then said "Yeah, that's fine." Everything was going according to plan, and it was here that I decided to step in and let Steph know that I had changed it. "How about this:" I said, "You are being such a good sport about this. Steph tells me that you sort of have a crush on her.

What do you have to say about that?" Both him and her said at the same time "What????" I looked at Stephanie and said "I changed my mind. I will tell you later." Then I turned back to him. "Let me assure you that it is not a problem, in fact I am starting to see it as the solution." hot ebony babe sucking and fingering at gloryhole room masturbation blowjob He stared at me as if I was crazy and he had no idea what I was talking about, which of course he didn't.

"Well, do you think she's sexy?" small tits lesbo pussy pumped with fat dildo He said "Well yeah, but." I rushed on, "I want to let you in on a secret.

Stephanie has agreed to be my sex slave for the next six months. She will do anything I ask. I was thinking that if you could see your way to letting us get some movies, then I would be willing to tell her to show off her body to you whenever we come." He said "You have got to be kidding me." I said "Stephanie, am I kidding?" She said devouring soft perky bra buddies smalltits hardcore Next I said, "Steph, turn around, lift up your skirt and show him what you have back there." Now, I didn't think about what I was saying, but luckily he did.

Also, we were lucky that there were no other customers in the store. Before she could do anything, he said, "lets go into the office, someone could walk in on us here." I was embarrassed that I had not thought of that and I apologized.

"Sorry, man, I just wasn't thinking." When we got in the office I said "Something else just occurred to me. You're not married or anything are you? I guess what I am saying is that I don't want to try to get you to do something you shouldn't or aren't willing to do." He chuckled, "Believe me, I am willing." I smiled and said "Go ahead, Stephanie.

Show yourself off." She turned around and lifted her skirt and showed off her ass and her butt plug. He just whistled low and long. Then she surprised me and him by turning around and putting her leg up on the desk, and he could see right up her pussy. She started to rub it and put her fingers into herself. I reminded her to go slow. She flashed me a wicked look. Next she untied her shirt and showed him her beautiful tits. She grabbed them and pinched her nipples.

Then she took them in turn to her mouth and licked each one. It looked like she carolyn reese the king of coochie creampie big tits really getting off on showing herself to him. He seemed to enjoy it too. It was at this point that we heard the bell on the door and he said, "Shit. Oh well I knew that couldn't last. You guys go ahead and pick out whatever you want.

I really don't mind." Then he went out into the lobby and shut the office door. While she straightened out her clothes, Steph looked at me for a second and asked softly, "why did you change your mind?" I explained the thoughts that I had earlier. She looked thoughtful for a minute, and said, "I think you are right. I think that he does ask first, now that you mention it." She paused, and then stunned me with "You know this says something about you also.

You were able to recognize the fact that he is a good man, because you are a good man yourself. It's one of the reasons I love you and have given myself to you." I literally almost got choked up. I said "Don't go calling me a good man until all this is over." She had finished collecting herself, and I reached over and kissed her, and told her "lets go get some movies." We have seen so many movies, I can't remember them all, but I do remember a couple of those first ones.

There was definitely one with big tits, as well as one with girls masturbating. That one gave Stephanie an idea of things to come for her. I always try to stay away from "plot" movies, and end up with compilations that are pure sex. I was pleased at the selection that he had in his store. Stephanie had said that they had a "good bit," but that was an understatement.

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We would not lack for movies to watch. We picked out a couple more and went out into the store. There were more people here now, so we didn't stay too long. Stephanie did go give him a hug and even gave him a kiss. I think he even managed to grab her ass. I shook his hand and told him thanks. He said "No, thank you." When we got in the car Stephanie gave me a passionate kiss. "I am so horny, I can't wait to get home. I will be your whore for mia malkova sex stories porn sexy beautiful hardcore storys, but please let me come soon." I told her that she was going to be my whore anyway.

I told her to get the largest dildo and to fuck herself with it while we drove home, but to go slow. She groaned at that, but she did it. Then I noticed that I was getting hungry, and asked her if she was too. She said that she could eat a bit. We went through a drive through, and I told her that she could stop playing with herself but to keep the dildo in her.

We pulled up and got our food and it was very anticlimactic because they didn't even notice the dildo just sticking out of her skirt.

Oh, well, there will be more opportunities. We ate on the way home and when we got there we unloaded all our bags and brought them inside and sorted through them and put them away. She was putting away the clothes while I took all the toys and put them on the table.

I glanced at my watch and smiled. When she came downstairs, I was sitting on the couch naked, and told her to assume the position. She looked shocked and then realized she had forgotten to take her clothes off. She shrugged and corrected it before she laid across my legs.

I spanked her and then told her to make me come with her tits. She took my cock in her mouth to get it hard, and then leaned in and wrapped her tits around my cock. She bounced up and down my cock until I shot off on her tits and face.

I told her to get up on the table with her ass in the air. I positioned the camera, putting it on the kitchen counter and pointing it at her ass, and turned the video cute connie pleasures a fat meat pole on. I put the pillows under her knees and sat in the chair. Her pussy was right at my eye level.

Her ass was nice and red from the spanking.

I picked up the smallest dildo and started to move it in and out slowly. She would rock back at me to try to get me to go faster but I would only go slow. I picked up one of the vibrators, and turned it on and put it in her ass. She moaned and tried to get me to go fast again, but I pulled the dildo out and said "I will decide when you will come and not before." She stopped moving, but she didn't stop moaning. I put the next largest dildo in her pussy and pumped it in and our while the first vibrator was in her ass.

I took the second vibrator in my other hand and turned it on and put it briefly against her clit. She couldn't help herself and started to move again. I stayed slow and took the vibrator away from her clit. Then I took the dildo out of her pussy and took my time about changing to the largest one. She was so wet and I had been stretching her so it went in easily.

I put the vibrator against her clit again, and started to move the dildo very slowly. She was moving again and I didn't slow down but I didn't speed up either. I took the vibrator away from her clit and put it down and reached under her and played with her tits. It was a delicate balance, keeping her from coming, yet keeping her on the brink, and she was constantly moaning. I kept mixing things up for a while, until she started to beg.

"Please let me come! I am going crazy! I can't keep this up much more! Please please please let me come! I want to fuck you so bad! Please let me fuck you!" I decided that it was almost time. I got up, picked up the camera and went to the couch. I sat down and told her to come get me hard. I filmed her while she sucked my dick. She was really into it, hoping that I would let her come soon. I had to tell her a few times to slow down. I told her to go grab the cock ring and to put it on me.

She ran back to the table and got it and put it on me. It took a bit of effort to get ashley adams fucked by old man as I was extremely hard. I thought I was hard before, but that was nothing compared to what it felt like with the cock ring. I stroked it a couple times while she looked up at me expectantly. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to feel her mouth on my hard as steel cock, as well as make her wait just a bit more, and I told her to suck it some more.

She moaned in frustration, but put her lips on the tip of my cock and started to go down on me. It was more difficult for her to get it into her mouth with it so hard, as well as being even bigger than normal. She couldn't even point it at her like normal because it would barely move because it was so hard!

She soon got used to the new size and started going up and down real slow. This was awesome. I would definitely have her do this judy and the beast griffin drew day.

Twice on the weekends. My cock had never been so hard or felt soooo good. I told her she could make me come, and then she could get on top of me. She started to suck me like she was possessed. It only took a couple minutes of her sucking like that to get me off and she jumped up and slammed her pussy down fast on my hard fucking cock.

I knew that I would not be able to control her and she started to buck up and down like a bronco. Her tits were bouncing in my face and I would lick them whenever I had a chance. She started talking, "This is the hardest cock I have ever had! I am going to ride your cock all night!

That's it lick my tits. Oh my God this feels so fucking good!

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This pussy loves your hard cock! I'm going to fuck you! Fuck you! Oh, Fuck me! Oh FUCK!" She did not take long before she screamed out "FUCK!!!!" One more time as she had a powerful orgasm.

She recovered for a minute with my cock still buried deep in her cunt. I could feel her juices dripping into my legs. She was breathing hard from the effort, and I waited till she calmed down. I flexed my ass muscles to make my cock jump, and she rose up and started to ride me again, slowly this time. We kissed passionately and I fondled her breasts as we took it nice and slow for a long time. Even though I was as hard as I had ever been, I had just come in her mouth, and since she had just come so strongly, it took a while before we were ready to come again.

This was one of the best fucks we would ever have. She would go very slow, and if she got tired she would stop and kiss me, and shove her boobs in my face, while I palmed her ass.

Eventually, I got close to coming. I told her that I was close and she went super fast again. She came again, and then I came after her. I told her to get off me and to take the cock ring off because my cock was hurting bad.

It wasn't too bad when we were fucking, but it was painful now. Maybe I wouldn't use it that often. More open saxy faking storys ktrenakaf come