Real people taping there love making session in daybed

Real people taping there love making session in daybed
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Being the Operations Manager for a large Mail-order Catalogue can be stressful and can sometimes have some ridiculous hours which keeps me away from home quite a bit. I'm sure I spend more time in the warehouse than I do with my wife and kids. Every year I have to hire a large amount of casual workers to get through the Christmas season and for the most part I pay no attention to any of the grunts I have to hire past the interview stage. Last year was a little different.

As I was plowing through the two days of endless interviews, one person caught my eye and her name was Lori. I had my head down in a mountain of paperwork when she walked in and I caught the scent of some pretty intoxicating perfume that made me take notice right away.

"Lori Shandler?" I asked. "My name is Jack Roth." I stood and shook hands with a six foot goddess with long curly blonde hair and a stunning figure.

She was dressed pretty formal considering the job she was applying for but you could tell that there was a spectacular body trapped in that pantsuit. I explained to her that beautiful teen hottie rides and blows dick hardcore blowjob was pretty much a labour driven job and I couldn't understand why she was applying with the qualifications she had.

Then I noticed she hadn't worked at all in the last five years. Lori had explained that her husband had lost his job and she was desperate to get some work to help pay the bills until he could sex doctor sex stories xxx com another job. I told her I would hire her for a guaranteed five months and would re-access after that For the first couple of weeks I made sure say hello and see how she was doing.

Let me say that she looked even hotter in jeans and a t-shirt! She was obviously a very fit woman and between her hour glass ass and above average sized tits, it was difficult to keep my eyes off of her. Usually after two weeks of the new crew being trained I do a quick review of their work so far, cut off any deadweight and then bring them all to our local roadhouse for beer and wings to get to know them a little. I met with my floor supervisor in the afternoon and reviewed the staff report with him.

"So what about this Lori girl? She working out ok?" I asked. "Yea, she'll work out fine but she takes some pretty long bathroom breaks" explained the supervisor. Out at the bar after a couple of pints, I sat down next to Lori to talk her up. "So, I hear the job is working out Ok for you. It's not too demeaning for you is it?" "The job is perfect Mr. Roth. Thank you so much for helping me out." Lori said. "Call me Jack. Only my dad is Mr.

Roth." I explained with a smile. "Play your cards right and you can maybe get full time hours if you want it" I explained. "That depends on how long it takes for my husband to get another job. Once he does, I'll probably get something in my field, now that our son will be starting school next year." Said Lori. I couldn't help notice how she was looking at me and she probably noticed the same from me.

I just wasn't sure yet if she looked at every other guy that way. The flirting continued for the next two weeks and I was convinced at that point that Lori seemed to have a thing for me.

As I was staring out my office window down at the production floor and Lori, my supervisor knocked on my door. "Jack, I gotta talk to you about Lori. Her bathroom breaks are still rather long and I feel like I have to say something to her." "Ok, bring her up to my office and I will talk to her." I instructed.

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"Jack, you sure you want to waste your time with that? I can do that for ya." "Not a problem, send her up." The supervisor walked out of my office somewhat puzzled as I rarely got involved in such trivial things. "Thanks for coming in Lori. I have something I need to discuss with you." "What is it Jack? Oh my god, you're not firing me are you?" said Lori with a ting of panic.

"No, no. Not at all. I just need to get some clarification on a sensitive matter." I explained. "Ok, what is it?" Lori looked even more nervous now. "Listen, as you know you get two 15 minute breaks and half an hour for lunch but my floor supervisor says that your bathroom breaks are a little on the long side. Do you have a condition we need to know about that would explain that?" Lori's face went beat red and she seemed really uncomfortable.

You could tell she was trying to decide what to say and the words were not just coming out. "I don't mean to pry but you have to give me something." I asked. "Well, the reason why is because&hellip." "Because why?" I demanded and then she looked up at me bit her lip and said, "I really like to masturbate." She cringed after she said these words half expecting me to fire her on the spot.

"Oh, OK" I stated blandly, "This will stay between you and I but I will need proof. Write down my cell phone number and I will expect evidence to support your claim. That will be all." Lori left my office with her jaw hanging open and speechless. Within minutes of the scheduled afternoon break I received a text from Lori. Nothing written, only a photo that I recognized as the women's bathroom just past the lunch room.

She decided to send me a selfie. Here was Lori sitting on the toilet, pants and underwear around her ankles, legs spread wide with a few fingers buried in her snatch. This immediately made my cock stand to attention in my pants.

She was beautifully shaved and her cunt lips looked moist and deep red. "Exactly what I was hoping for. Next time I want to watch." was what I texted back. "I can send a video but you can't watch me in person. That would only lead to bad things and I won't cheat on my husband." Lori replied. "Not if you play the game" I quickly shot back.

"What game?" "I'll text you the rules later." Was all I wrote to her. Now I've had this idea for a long time but I was really waiting for the opportunity to try it on someone and see if I could pull it off.

I had resisted cheating on my wife because in general terms cheating all had a way of catching up with you. There were always expectations of moving things forward, leaving your wife or husband, dealing with messy emotions and not once have I seen it end well for anyone. But what if you could set up some rules and boundaries that would eliminate all the messy stuff that comes with an affair. What if there was a way to honestly communicate that this was for sexual pleasure and nothing else?

The trick is and by my thinking, the thrill is to stay within the agreed upon rules. The rules are pretty simple and leave a great many things to explore. This is what I texted to Lori. Rule One: No mouth contact on any body part. No lips, no tits, no cock, no ass or any other body part can touch each other's mouth. Rule Two: No penetration. No cunt or ass can be penetrated on either individual I was pretty nervous waiting for a response from Lori and she must have thought about it for a while because it took three days for her to text back.

"Your rules are great but there is one big problem with your game, trust." "That's why there are stages to the game to build trust." I immediately replied. "How do I know if you won't just pin me down and fuck the hell out of me right away?" asked Lori.

"Would you like to hear about stage one that will put your mind at ease?" I asked. "I don't know. Jack, you are really hot and the thought of masturbating with someone other than my girlfriends is really appealing but again it's the trust issue." "Let me tell you about stage one and if you don't like it, we can forget about the whole thing." She agreed after some more coaxing and this what happened Stage One was ayana angel and sara jay big booty revenge the third floor of our complex, there are a series of empty offices from a previous tenant.

It been vacant for a couple of years now and no one goes up there. There are a series of rooms that have glass walls connecting them. Each room has doors from the main hallway that lock from the inside. Only the emergency lighting is used in the hallways with the power cut to all other lighting on that floor. It was after 11pm, all the staff had gone home and I occupied one room and Lori was in the connecting office. I know Lori would be nervous and somewhat skeptical so I made the first move.

I walked up to the window facing her, dropped my pants to expose the raging hard-on in my underwear. I put one hand up to the glass and with other started to run my fingers up the shaft of my concealed weapon. Lori's eyes widen to the sight of me rubbing my cock through my underwear and it didn't take her long before she cupped her breast in her tight cotton tee. She was aroused but remained a good ten feet from the window. I didn't care, I had a pretty good view of her whole body. Lori slid her other hand down between her thighs and ran two fingers over her camel toe filled jeans.

Lori asked me to pull my underwear off but I refused unless she pulled her shirt off. She thought about for all about two seconds and then quickly pulled it off. Her tits engulfed by her gorgeous busty blonde vivian west masturbates before a cock arrives pornstars hardcore bra sent a chill down my spine. As soon as I pulled my shorts off, my beast was fully exposed and rock hard. I let her look at it for a bit before I reached down and grabbed the tip.

Lori now had both of her hands buried between her legs trying to stimulate her clit through her jeans. I turned my body sideways and began to stroke my cock so she could see green eyed stunner adriana chechik is a pro cock sucker whole shaft and watch my hand move up and down.

You could tell she was frustrated with the restriction from her jeans and was now weighing the option of pulling her own pants down. Lust took over logic and Lori undid her pants and pulled them down. What she couldn't control was her panties coming down along with her jeans exposing a very wet snatch.

She fumbled to pull her panties back up but stopped when she heard me moan and pick up the pace on my engorged cock. Lori walked closer, spread her legs and plunged fucking old mamas hairy wet juicy pussy whole hand into her waiting cunt. She looked me straight in the eye and began to dig for gold. This was such an amazing site to me and I wanted it to last forever.

I tried to slow the pace down to live in the moment but Lori begged me to cum for her. I turned to face the window and shot heavy streams of cum against the glass. Thrusting my pelvis, I squeezed out a heavy load that coated the window like streams of rain. Lori was beside herself and she was starting to hunch over with pleasure.

She looked down at her dripping cunt and began to tremble under a wave of orgasm. As she panted for breathe I watching a little trickle of cum run down the inside of her leg. This to me was beautiful. Stage one was repeated a few times over the next two weeks and Lori was now comfortable aussie lesbian chloe b paula to go to Stage Two which was to be in the same room together. I assured her that I would only move closer if she allowed it.

She was nervous but I once again started for her leaning against the wall on the other side of the room. Lori loved to watch me pull my cock and it drove her wild. She was sitting on the carpet legs spread, bent at the knees completely naked now with a dildo buzzing loudly as she pushed it in and out of her sopping cunt. As she neared orgasm, she asked me to move closer to her. She could tell I was close too and she wanted a good view of my load leaving my cock. I watched her mouth open and her tongue pop out as if I was about to give her a facial but I was still a safe distance away for that.

I started to hold my breath and I held it off as long as I could but then began to spurt another heavy load onto the floor in front of her. My second thrust was powerful sex amazes fellow during massage hardcore handjob a splash of my cum landed on her foot. Lori immediately started to scream as her body tensed and waves of pleasure fell over her.

She smiled and looked at me to say, "I'm starting to trust you more and more each time." After the second encounter at stage two Lori asked me what stage three would be. "Are you sure you're ready? It's a big step." I said with bravado. She had the cutest smile on her face when she nodded yes. "Alright then, the next step involves touching each other." Judging by the continued smile on her face, she was fine with that.

Our warehouse has a gym at the front of the building that all staff can use from 6am to 9pm. After that it was locked up. In front of the free weights there is a large mirror for everyone to use when exercising. First we faced each other and ran our hands all over each other's clothed bodies. I cupped both of her large tits and pushed them together and I couldn't take my eyes off of them.

Lori reached down with her hand and pressed it against my strained cock. I made sure not to get my face to close to hers to show her I had no intention of kissing her. We began to help each other shed ourselves of all our clothing. I then slowly started to run my hand down her back to her ass and forced my fingers between her cheeks.

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I could see Lori watching my every move in the large mirror in front of us. With one hand on her ass, I reached for her nipple and placed it between my two fingers. The reach had my cock squish up against her thigh and Lori began to softly moan.

I grinded my cock against her thigh as both my hands were busy exploring the crack of her ass and her heaving breast. I then turned so we were both facing the mirror, I took her right hand and placed it on my cock. I took my left hand and reached down between her legs to jacks pov scene kayden kross p freevideos her smooth, wet cunt lips.

She jerked me and I dug my fingers into her pussy as we watched in the mirror. Soon our hands moved faster and we both wanted to make the other cum so bad. I was the first again to lose control and spray my load on the mat in front of me. Lori shuddered soon after and quivered under the force of my fingers.

I certainly thought that stage three would happen a couple more times but two days after the first encounter at stage three, I received a text from Lori saying, "So what is stage four and when can we get together?" Obviously she trusted me now and it was time to introduce the final stage.

"The next and final stage goes like this, I can now cum on any part of your body except in your mouth, in your cunt or in your ass. The original rules still apply so no fucking or kissing of any kind.

Understand?" I explained. "When can we get together?" was her only reply. The best place to pull this off was at work so I wouldn't have to get a hotel and have a charge on my credit card. The staff room has a large couch and plenty of open space to make this special. Lori lay naked on her back, on the couch. She looked up at me with excitement in her eyes knowing that I would not deceive her or try to take advantage of the situation.

I stood over her with a raging hard-on knowing that all the work I put in was now about to pay off, fulfilling my ultimate fantasy. I eased down to the couch and placed my balls directly on her foot. I grabbed her ankle with both hands and started to sway my cock and balls across the top of her foot. Lori turned on her vibrator and started to run it down her body towards her waiting cunt.

I then slid my cock up her calf, over her knee and up her thigh stopping just before her snatch. I pushed her other leg aside to expose the pinkness of her moist flaps. I ran my hand up the inside of her leg slowly and lightly brushed her slit. Lori was moaning already as my cock lay on her thigh inches away from her wetness. I then dragged my cock up through her stomach and stopped just under her tits. I grabbed both her tits in my hands and squeezed her nipples. Her breasts felt so firm as I played with them.

I then lifted jelena jensen casey calvert home schooled part two body and bounced my cock over her swollen nipples. All of this was making Lori extremely hot and she reached down with both arms to insert her vibrator into her waiting cunt. The motion of bringing her arms down pushed her tits together and I took that as an opportunity to stuff my cock between them.

Pre-cum oozed out of my shaft which helped me when I starting thrusting between her tits. Lori watched my cock pop in and out from her tits inches away from her face.

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I could hear Lori's vibrator sloshing in and out of her wetness and it was driving me insane. I pulled teacher hordly student sexx mobi cock out from between her tits and asked her to lie on her stomach. She complied and I sat on her back facing her ass and started to slide my cock down her back stopping at the top of her crack. I grabbed her ass checks with both my hands and massaged them.

She spread her legs and I ran my hand along the crack of her ass and circled my finger around her hole. With my other hand I stuffed two fingers into her wet pussy.

Simultaneously I started to fuck her ass and cunt with my hands. Lori started to buck and bounce and I fought to keep my fingers fully inserted into both of her holes. She let out a scream and proceeded to soak my fingers with her juices. I quickened the pace even more and I could feel her start to tense up again and she coated my hands again with glistening wetness. I pulled my fingers out of her and looked at my hands covered in sticky goodness. Lori rolled over, slid off the couch and sat on the floor with her back against the couch.

I sat on my knees directly above her on the couch. Lori looked up for a full view of my cock and balls.

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I wrapped my juice filled hands around my cock and started to pump it. "I'm going to cum all over you!" I shouted. Lori's eyes sexy busty blonde massaging her hairy pussy and swollen clit left my hands as I pumped my meat for her. The stickiness of her cum sounded and felt amazing on my purple cock. I began to beat my cock for all it was worth waiting to cum all over this beautiful girl.

My first shot landed on her stomach and Lori gasped. My second and third blast landed on her tits. The remainder of my cum landed on the top of Lori's head. Lori's fingers ran through the pools of cum on her tits, scooping up cum with her fingers and putting it in her mouth.

I stood over her and watched. My cum was all over her body and I enjoyed every second of it. I had many encounters with Lori over the remaining months but it was becoming increasingly difficult to stop ourselves from fucking and sucking. Lori's husband had found another job and we both agreed that we should end it before any rules of the game were broken. We still touch base from time to time and neither of us regretted what we did or how we did it.

So the game can work if you have the right people but just like any other sport, you can't play the game forever.