Harley raine and kelly erikson dont care where their deadbeat husbands are

Harley raine and kelly erikson dont care where their deadbeat husbands are
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Simon Lau was a handsome boy. He was asian, his family had come to the US from Hong Kong many years ago. He was 18 now, and had lived in the US most of his life. Standing 5'9" tall, Simon was amazingly attractive. His brown eyes magical, and his shoulder-long raven-dark hair gave him an angelic look. It was summer, and Simon had never been this happy to get the vacation.

It had been a hard big ass big boops curvy lebanon mlif story in school, but he had managed. He was popular in school, having the attention of many girls and the envy of some guys. Ever since childhood, Tiffany had been Simon's best friend. Tiffany was also asian, although a bit more shy and quiet.

This summer, Tiffany and his family was going to China. Tiffany was excited about it, so was Simon, but at the same time a little disappointed, because he was going nowhere. They should be these for 3 weeks, and Simon promised to take care of Stingy, Tiffany's dog. Stingy was a labrador, and Tiffany had had him for about 4 or 5 years. Simon knew him well and liked him a lot, so he was happy to should look after him.

When Tiffany and her parents were off, they dropped Stingy off at Simon's house, and both Simon and his parents wished them a good trip. Simon and Tiffany hugged for a long time as they said goodbye. Tiffany said goodbye to Stingy, and they were off to the airport. Both Simon and Stingy stayed outside in the garden long after Tiffany were gone.

Simon played with Stingy, throwing a ball as he ran and fetched. They played like that for a long time. About a week later, one evening Stingy came to Simon as he sat by his computer. Stingy missed his owners at first, but now seemed to have adjusted to these new people.

He began humping his leg all the sudden. Simon got a big shock, and tried to push Stingy away, but all Stingy did was growl and kept on humping. He was scared that he might try to bite him, and dared not call on his mother.

He sat frozen as Stingy humped away on his leg.

He felt his cock bang up against his leg. He saw his cock, it was about 5 inches long, and about an inch in diameter.

He had never seen a dog's cock before and just sat staring at it, as it rammed against his leg, oozing pre-cum on his leg. It didn't take him long before he increased his humping.

He panted and then he came. The cum sprayed unto his leg, and he saw his cock swell up. He didn't believe it. It was amazing. Then he got off his and he took a towel from the closet and wiped off his cum. Stingy sat on the floor licking his heath. Simon looked at him in awe, then went and threw the towel into the laundry room. When he got back, Stingy layed on the floor looking at his as he returned to the computer.

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He sat down again, with his legs away from him, and continued surfing the net. A few days later, as Simon came out from the bath and sat down on the bed, Stingy came to him and jumped on the bed, sitting next to him. Simon was drying his hair, and suddenly saw the tip of his cock appear from the heath.

Then followed more of his cock, until it was all poking out. Reluctantly he reached down and touched his heath. It was warm and furry. Then he moved his fingers to his cock, touching it. It wasn't slimy and disgusting as he thought it would be.

His fingers ran over the whole cock, stopping at the tip. Then he stopped and went to lock the door, and went back to Stingy who sat on the bed, his cock still poking out. He turned on the radio, to cloud any noise he or the dog might utter! He was getting excited, and wanted to kiss and lick his cock.

He sat down infront of him, and ran his fingers over his furry chest, then went downwards over his belly. Again he caressed his heath. He leaned forward, stuck out the tip of his tongue, and let it touch the cock. It didn't taste yucky. He began licking the cock all over, and mom sleeping and son xxx Stingy stood up, startling Simon. He made him come down on the floor, and he got beneath him.

He was on his back, looking up at his cock. He raised his head and took his cock into his mouth, and sucked on the tip, flickering his tongue on the underside of the cock. Stingy started thrusting in his mouth, and his cock oozed some pre-cum on his tongue. He figured it was pre-cum and swallowed it, loving the salty taste.

He began to move his head to match his humping, as he continued to suck on his hard cock. He tightened his lips around his humping cock, sucking more passionately, caressing his sheath and belly with mom guy gives his friends mother a creampie hands.

Stingy was coating his mouth with pre-cum, which he let fill his mouth gradually before swallowing. Suddenly Stingy began to tremble and pant loudly. Simon took his cock out of his mouth, as it began to swell. And he just managed to get it out, before the first jet of cum sprayed from his big cock. It splashed on his lips, and went into his mouth.

He swallowed it. It was oily and spicy, not like his own cum, this was better. He began stroking his cock, as the jism sprayed out on his face. He kept on cumming, and he felt the cock swell even more in his hand. He had never had cum on his face before, but he loved it. It felt so wonderful, the warm cum oozing down his chin and neck. Licking his lips, tasting even more of the dogcum. He saw his knot up close to his face, and smiled. As the last trickle of cum dripped from the cock, he licked the entire cock, cleaning him.

Shortly after, he got up, and went to the mirror. Looking at himself with cum oozing all over his face. He smiled, it was a divine sight. He wish that he had tried this earlier. But this wasn't going to be the only time, he thought to himself, and scooped the cum from his cheeks with a finger and licked it off.

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He liked the taste of dogcum. He went to Stingy and stroked his head, whispering "Thank you". Then he went into the shower. During the remaining days Simon had Stingy, nothing exciting happened, eventhough he desperately wanted it to.

He often tried to make him hard by caressing his heath, but no such luck, much to his disappointment. Then came the day when Tiffany and his family came home and got Stingy. Tiffany thanked Simon for looking after him, Simon said that he was more than happy to had looked after him, and he would do it again anytime if he needed someone to look after him. Stingy was excited to see his owners and ran around barking.

They all laughed at him. Simon was over at Tiffany every day like usual, but now he paid more attention to Stingy, hoping one day to have another experience with him. THE END.