Nova brooks and tegan james ffm threeway in the bedroom

Nova brooks and tegan james ffm threeway in the bedroom
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Finally, I had everything I needed to dress up for a little fantasy today. Ever since I was a little boy, I had always thought my neighbor Steven was extremely handsome and sexy. At 6 feet 3 inches, Steven is exactly what described as tall, dark, hard tone and muscular. Tonight, I would finally have my chance to fulfill a fantasy to show him just how much I wanted him.

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When I was growing up, I always heard he was ladies man with many women lusting and chasing after him. So I always lusted every time I seen him with a women or in passing but not as boy but real mother sucking her son cock12 women thinking Steven deserved better. As soon as I reach eighteen, I always dreamed of being Steven's passionate lover and sex toy as long as he will have me.

I finally got nerve at nineteen. I was only 5'6" and 100lbs, not exactly a man's man and more a feminine man. Since I always was on the scrawny side, I always looked more petite. For some reason my hips have always been wide, my waist really small, 24 inches, and my bottom nice, round and firm.

I had kept my dark black hair usually in a pony tail trying my best to look cool. All it did was make me look prettier with my hair down. Well tonight, it would just make me look sexier.

Tonight, I had decided to wear a black tight micro mini skirt, kinky masseuse cum mouth massage and jerking pink leopard lacey thong, pink with black lace Eva Plunge Bra, a pink halter, and 5-inch black stilettos.

My skirt being too short for panty hose, I decided on pink thigh-hi silk stockings along with additional white anklet socks with red bow. Well, it is time to get ready!! First, I showered and shaved off all the hair on my body. I smoothed some jasmine body lotion all over myself to make my skin feel nice and soft. Then I put on my make up to highlight my blue eyes and to accentuate my cheek bones. Also, I put on some pink lipstick to make my plump lips look even better.

I brushed out my hair and styled it like Jessica Alba in a recently bought magazine. I slowly slipped on my lacey thongs settling into my crack, loving the feel of lace. I placed a maxi pad to hide my little bulge and then glued my 36 DD cup silicone falsies onto my chest. I am amazed at how real they looked and felt. I slipped over Eva Plunge Bra over newly enhanced breast. Then, I pulled up my mini skirt so it barely covered my ass. Oh god, if I bent over just a little, Steven would get a great view of my tight little firm ass and enhanced breast.

Finally, I put on my sexy pink halter top. Then, I slipped on pink thigh-hi and then my white anklets. Afterward, I slipped on my 5 inch stilettos and performed a little practice walk in front of the mirror. Damn I looked so hot! I was probably the hottest piece of ass Steven would ever see in long time.

I was amazed at how easy it was for me to look like a hot little big breasted sweet sixteen year old teenage girl awaiting for Prince Charming to rock her world. Tonight, I hoped to receive my sweet sixteen-gift from Steven. After double checking in mirror one last time to ensure everything was perfect, I went downstairs to drive a friend's car from my apartment to my parent's home.

I borrowed the car just for my little seduction. Since my parents were out of town on vacation, they would not accidently recognizing me by chance on my little sexy seduction.

Knowingly, it was late in the afternoon and Steven would be home shortly, I drove up the street parking in front of my home. I decided to wait at home for hunky Steven, to come home. I wanted to think of the perfect proper excuse to come over. There came Steven still in a dark suit from work, just in time as I stared lustfully hidden behind draped window.

I gave him a little time to get in house so he can take off his jacket and tie to relax after long hard day at work as a very successful corporate lawyer. Then I exited my house to the car so I can pop one of my tires on the car. I smoothed out my skirt and walked towards Steven's house ringing the doorbell.

As Steven opened the door, I shivered at the lust in his eyes looking me up and down. "May I help you Miss?" I smiled coyly and responded, "Well like I totally hope so.

My name's Tiffany. I have a flat tire and I need to use a phone?" Smiling lustfully, Steven opened the door to let me in to the house. As I walked past him, I rubbed my breasts on his arm and tossed my hair to the side. I smiled as I glance down seeing a large bulge in Steven's pants. Sensual chick is geeting urinated on and blasts wet snatch escorted me to the phone.

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He sat down behind me on a chair devouring me with his eyes. I dropped my bag bending down to pick it up noticing from reflection form Flat Screen TV that Steven had dropped his mouth open getting an eyeful of my tight petite ass wearing pink lacey thongs.

Then I pretended to phone my daddy leaving a message to call me back at this phone number. I hung up the phone and turned to Steven saying with a little pout of my lips, "I hope you do not mind me staying here until my daddy calls back, do you?" Steven stuttered to say that it is fine. Then I walked to him sitting so close beside him that my breasts pressed against his arm and crossed my legs. I said to Steven flirtatiously, "Thank you so much for all your help.

My daddy should call back soon." After, I placed my hand on his thigh squeezing slightly. I can heard Steven starting breathing gradually heavier as he says, "It's really no problem Tiffany. Would you like a drink?" "Sure rum and coke would be great." I replied with alluring look. Steven simply smiled pouring me a drink while fixing a double brandy for him. As he sat back down, I snuggled against him and whisper, "Hmm that tastes so good, but I bet this would taste a lot better." I rubbed his cock through his pants turning to look into his eyes passionately and lustfully.

Steven slowly leaned towards me and started to kiss me with a passion I never knew he had. He devoured my mouth while he rubbed his hands all over my tight little body. He pulled me onto his lap squeezing my petite ass under my skirt as he slipped his delicious tongue into my mouth. I moaned with pleasure ripping open his shirt impatiently exposing a muscular washboard abs. I whispered to Steven, "I love to suck your manly cock, Steven." This drove Steven wildly as he pulled out his cock telling me, "Suck it you little slut!" I kneeled down kissing and licking head of Steven's 9-inch rock-hard cock before I slipped it between my lips swallowing down Steven's humongous cock.

I played with Steven's balls while I relaxed my throat bobbling up and down on his long thick cock. He moaned as he reached down to grab my head fucking my mouth while I moaned with pleasure and ecstasy. After a few more minutes of face fucking, I felt Steven tense up as he shoved his cock all the way into my mouth releasing his load with a hard passionate grunt. I swallowed all of Steven's cum like a good girl.

Then I licked and kissed the top off his cock to ensure sure I swallowed all of his delicious cum not wasting a drop. With his strong muscular arms, Steven pulled me up onto his lap again taking off my sexy halter top playing with my perky large breasts in lacy Eva Plunge Bra. I moaned with pleasure as squeezed my tits with one hand and rubbing my ass with the other while I grinding myself with legs wrap around him until Steven's cock started to harden again after 10 minutes of passionate kissing.

Feeling the pressure of ever hardening and straining first time punjabi sex blood pain cock against me, I whispered, "Steven, it is my time of the month but would you, please fuck my tight ass. Pretty please my sugar-daddy.

" Chuckling, Steven turned me around pulling my panties to my ankles then licked my asshole deeply and passionately. I moaned and screamed for him to eat my ass. Steven lovingly ate my ass as I moaned with escalating erotic pleasure. Then he slowly slipped his rock-hard cock into me as he was bending me over the leather couch. I moaned so erotically yelling, "Steven stop teasing me and fuck me hard! Fuck me hard! I want you inside me! I want you inside me!" Steven chuckled again and started to fuck me good and hard while I moaned with pleasure so loudly believing that I would wake up the dead.

Steven continued to fuck me like a jack hammer both rhythmically and passionately in growing intensity growing deeper and larger inside me for at least 10 minute to point of I almost lost consciousness.

I asked Steven, "Sugar-daddy can I ride your humongous cock? Pretty please with red cherries on top. Steven grabbed me and he lifted me to front of the leather couch with his gigantic rock-hard cock still inside me. Then, Steven turned me around to face him so I can ride cock like a hobby horse as any passionate possessed women would ride her Knight in Shining Armor.

As I straddled him, he sucked on my breasts squeezing my ass. I jumped up and down moaning and loving every minute riding his gigantic hard cock. Steven kissed me over and over as I ride his cock. I slow down occasionally and a few times to take a breath then stated again ride cock picking up my pace until he grunted and cummed in my ass with one big squirt and several smaller ones.

I kept kissing Steven and riding his cock until he was limp and then I cuddled with him on the couch until he fell asleep. While Steven fell completely asleep, I picked up my clothes and tip toed out the door to my house right next door to change back to male persona. The next morning, Steven knocked mother daughter exchange club 53 my door happily to see me.

He must have known I was not Tiffany but Timmy because I never asked for his phone number yesterday when I left a message. He smiled at me and said, "Timmy, if Tiffany could be ready in forty-five minutes I would love for her to come back over to my house for a warm-up for tonight." I said, "Tonight." "Tonight, I would love to take Tiffany to candlelight dinner, wild dancing and wonderful hot and passionate night in my home even better than last night." I blushed and stuttered, "Oh Steven, how did you know it was me?" Now what on earth was I going to wear .

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