Tight anal masturbation with big dildo from slut teen

Tight anal masturbation with big dildo from slut teen
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As I told you, the last 6 months went by ok.

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It took that long to sort out all the paper work so my sister could have herself declared an emancipated minor. This all happened around the time my boyfriend's flat mate moved out. He'd been asking me to move in with him regularly for months, but I couldn't leave Katie. Now that there was a spare room Katie and I decided to move in with Tom. She'd have her own room and the money from the government meant she'd be able to pay towards the rent.

Tom knew I didn't have a lot of money coming in, just a small grant so he agreed to give me time to find a part time job.

He said he didn't need the money anyway and as I was sharing his room it was already paid for. I convinced him I wanted to pay my share. I guess I was being proud as I'd always found away even if I had been offering up my pussy for money. I couldn't tell Tom this, so I just said that I'd had some money put away and I'd look for a job part time.

Michael was fine with us moving out. He said he'd miss us but he was happy we were moving on to new things. It didn't take him long to find someone else. I met her once. He definitely had a thing for young blondes. She looked a little sex xxx pon story 2019 sex stories amazing my sister and I and was 18. It only took Katie and I a couple of days to get settled in and I felt so much better knowing that the I wasn't cheating on Tom anymore and he was dead happy when I told him I had decided to go on the pill so he could finally pump his spunk into my pussy.

He'd been begging to bareback me since we first started going out. About a week after we moved him I let him pump me with his cum. It felt great letting him fuck me like that. I loved him and the smile on his face with he shot his first wad of spunk into me made me happier than I'd ever been.

I eventually got a job in a bar about ten minutes walk from home. Friday and Saturday nights 18h.to Midnight. With cleaning up I'd normally get home around 1 in the morning. Sometimes a little later. Everything was great for a fezw months and it's would be my 20th birthday in a couple of weeks and I was happy. Tom and I were fucking like rabbits. One evening we were in bed, Tom had my legs over his shoulder sand he was ploughing my pussy hard and fast the way I like it.

I'd already cum twice and I was on the verge of another orgasm when he started panting and groaning about how tight my pussy was.

This really turned me on and I realised how much I really loved him.

Then he said, "You've got such a tight pussy Katie." I moved my head to look him in the eyes. "What was that?" I mumbled. "I said you've got a tight pussy baby." He rammed his dick into me a couple more time, then he started grunting and shot hot sticky spunk into my cunt.

He collapsed on top of me and the wrapped his arms around me. I rolled onto my side and turned the light off. He gathered me up in his arms and told me he loved me, but I knew he'd called out Katie's name while fucking me and in the dark I cried silently until I fell asleep in his arms. I talked to Katie the next day and asked her if Tom had been coming onto her.

She looked a little cagey and explained that she didn't want to upset me. "He asked me if he could fuck me." "When?" I asked. "He's been asking me for about a month." "Did you let him fuck you?" I demanded a tear in my eye. "No. I'd never do that to you.

I swear Lucy. I wouldn't do something like that." She was so sincere that I had to believe her and I confronted Tom about it that very night. We had a big fight about it. He admitted that even though he loved me, he was desperate to fuck her. It's all he could think about. "Why do you want to fuck her if you love me," I shouted. "She's so fucking hot. She's 16 and just legal. Come on baby. Hot pretty amazing gal dominated and fucked hardcore and bondage know she'd be up to a threesome if you talked to her." I stormed out of the house and went to work.

Tom normally comes into the bar when I work, but that night he didn't.

It was a busy night and part of my job was talking to the customers. There was this one black guy in the bar who kept looking over at me, and after the fight I had with Tom I had to admit I was flattered. Tom had spent the last month imagining I was my little sister every time he fucked me and now a guy was looking at me for me. He was 5f10 and had the body of Adonis. I was working with Lindsey. She was the bar manager. She was 26 and I rarely saw her out of the bar.

She was a beautiful girl, 5ft7 with long red hair and pale blue eyes. The night was coming to an kat dior gets tied up and fucked and we'd called last orders. The last two guys in the bar were the black guy and his black friend. "Come I guys. Drink up and get out so we can close up," I joked.

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The guy who'd been checking me out stood up and walked towards the bar. "I thought I'd come over here and pretend to chat you up before we left." "Why pretend," I teased. "I'm only here visiting my friend for the night. The best I could do is take you in the back for a quickie and fuck your pussy off." I think I went red as my flash flushed hot. "I can't believe you just said that," I replied.

"Like I said. I only have tonight." I smiled and carried on cleaning up. "So how about it. You gunna let me fuck you?" I laughed. "I don't even know your name." "I'm Jay and my friend over there is Mark." I shook my head and I saw Lindsey smiling at me. "I can't. I have a boyfriend," I replied. "I won't tell him. Maybe your friend over there could take care of Mark." I smiled at Lindsey and she walked across and took Mark by the hand.

She dragged him around the corner, but before she disappeared out of sight she said, "this stays between us." I knew what she meant. She had a boyfriend and she wouldn't want him finding out. That also meant that she'd keep her mouth shut.

I walked around the bar and stood next to him. I'd never fucked a black man before. "How old are you? I asked. "29. And you." "I'm 19." "I love teenage pussy," he said and kissed me forcibly on the lips. He undid his belt and pulled his zip down. Before he got his cock out, I was already on my knees ready to take it in my mouth. His semi hard cock plopped out and I grabbed it in one hand and fed it into my mouth.

I sucked it hard, taking long strokes and massaging the tip with my tongue. It wasn't very long, but it was easily thicker than any cock I'd ever seen. I know a lot of girls like long cocks, but I much prefer fat one's. They fill me wide hips thick thighs small waist girls nude creampie so much more and I knew this cock was going to feel so good inside my dripping wet cunt. He moaned as I sucked. "Yes, suck that nigger cock," he groaned.

He grabbed hold of my head and started to fuck my mouth. I gagged a few times and placed my hands on his thighs to try and push him away. I could taste his salty pre-cum as it trickled from the end of his black cock and i mixed it with saliva to get a good taste before swallowing it.

He pulled his cock right out of me and helped me to my feet.

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He yanked my denim skirt up around my waste and lifted me up onto one of the bar stools. He looked down at my pussy lips and massaged my clit with th etip of his cock, rubbing it up and down my labia. "I love white pussy," he said and pulled my panties right off. "You ever had black cock," he demanded. I shook my head. "No," I mumbled. "Well I'm going to show you what a black cock can do and them I'm going to fill that white teenage cunt with black nigger spunk." He pulled my t-shirt off and I unclasped my bra letting my tits fall out.

He grabbed them roughly and squeezed them hard. He pulled me forward so I wrapped my legs around his back. I looked down and watched as he started to push his fat cock into my tight wet pussy. He didn't push it in though. He just teased my clit with tip. "Beg for it slut," he commanded. real mother and son zex fuck my pussy," I begged. "I love white slags like you. I love it when they beg for cock." "Shut the fuck up and stick the cock in my cunt," I growled through my teeth.

He slammed it all the way in before pulling it out and then continuing a nice slow but hard rhythm. "Fuck my harder," I moaned.

"Not like that. Repeat after me. 'Fuck my white slut pussy with your big nigger cock." I didn't like using the nigger word. I'd always been told that it was racist for a white person to say it, but I was so hot and horny I begged him while gasping for breath. "Fuck my white pussy with you big fat nigger dick." "White slut pussy," he repeated.

"My white slut pussy," I gasped. "What do you want whore?" "I want you to bang your fat nigger cock in my white slut pussy," I begged. "Fuck me like a white teenage whore," I added at the end. He picked up the pace, slamming his cock into me. He pulled his cock out, japanese teenage minx pleasures two big cocks me off the chair and dragged me over to the pool table.

I knew what he was going to do. It was a male fantasy to fuck on the pool table. Tom had already bent me over it a half dozen times and fucked my like a dog. Lindsey had even admitted that she watched us a couple of times and masturbated while Tom fucked me. That's how I knew she was a bit of a tart and it's probably why we got on so well.

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As expected, Jay bent me over the pool table and started to fuck me even harder. My legs went weak when I climaxed and cum started to roll down my thighs. "Take my black cum you slag," he screamed and pumped spunk into my cunt. Several hot spurts of cum struck my cervix warmin git from the inside and my pussy clamped around his dick as I orgasmed again.

He kept his dick inside me until it went soft and then slowly pulled it out and wipped the cum and pussy juices on my skirt. When I stood up and turned around, Lindsey and Mark were watching us and smiling. Mark was doing up his belt and Lindsey still had her little black dress in her hand adn her cute tits were out for Jay to see. Jay pulled up his trousers as I caught my breath and headed straight voluptuous chick in seethrough lingerie gets enjoyed the door.

As he and Mark left I heard him say, "White girls are such dirty sluts. They'll let anyone cum in their cunts." Then they disappeared laughing. With Jay cum dripping from my pussy lips, I locked the door while Lindsey poured us a couple of large whiskies.

We sat down, still partially dressed and laughed about what whores we'd been. Again promising never to tell anyone about it. "I still feel horny," I mumbled. "You ever fuck a girl?" Lindsey laughed.

"Yes. I replied. "Just the one." I didn't tell her that I'd fucked my sister. I didn't think that was a good idea. "Why?" I smiled. "Because I want to like black cum from your pussy." "OK," I giggled. I flashed my eyes at her and said, "Pool table." She nodded and we ran to the pool table. I jumped on and lay on my back and Lindsey lowered her ginger haired pussy on to my face so I could like on it and she buried her head between my thighs.

I lapped at her clit and got a mouthful of Mark's cum mixed with her pussy juice. I decide, even mixed with Mark's cum, that she definitely tasted different to Katie. Not better or worse, just different. I shuddered as an orgasm rippled through me and waves of heat rolled over my scalp.

I knew Lindsey had cum when her legs gave way and she almost smothered me with her snatch. We left two patches of pussy juice and cum on th etable when we'd finished. I arrived home just before 2am and took a shower before climbing into bed. I didn't want Tom to smell the spunk on me. He was still awake and wrapped his arms around me. "Did you think about what I said," he whispered. I knew he was talking about a threesome with Katie and I felt so guilty about Jay that I replied, "I'll think about it." He started kissing me and he said, "I want to fuck you right now." Obviously the idea of a threesome had really turned him on and I didn't feel like could object after what I'd done at the bar so I rolled onto my back and let him fuck me.

He pumped a wad of spunk into my cunt and I smiled at the thought of his juice mixing with all that black cum already in me. I thought about what Jay had said as he left the bar. 'I really am a filthy whore.' I smiled, rolled over and went to sleep still sex very sex sex sex sex sex a little guilty.