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Red head nurse copper penny ron jeremy vintage
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Joseph drove away from the fuel depot working through the gears to get his rig back up on the highway heading East. He felt a lump in his throat and turned his favorite County and Western music up louder then usual. Even with a song he knew well playing he couldn't push his thoughts of the beautiful young hitchhiker out of his mind. "I'm just being stupid aren't I, Ol'Jack?

Lot lizards come and go and I'm too old to think a young woman like her would have feelings for an old goat like me. It's just you and I again. I'm sure you were ready to have all of your space back in the truck. Hell that sleeper is barely big enough for one man, let alone an old trucker, a hitchhiker and a dog, don't ya think" he said to his long time best friend.

Ol'Jack let out a whine and rest his head on the passenger seat where Sammi had been sitting. "Thanks a lot old friend you at least could pretend you don't miss her too." He sat quiet a while turning the music down to a more reasonable level.

Occasionally a tear would escape from one of his eyes and he would sniffle and grab a tissue to wipe his nose or cheek. After a few hours on the road he decided to take a pit stop to empty his bladder and maybe get a bite to eat. He also figured his dog needed to do the same. When he bent down to pick up the leash Joseph spotted the white piece of paper folded under the leash.

He picked it up hot busty czech babe gets screwed in abandoned place eurobabe and bigtits began to read.

. ________ Dearest Joseph and Ol'Jack, It is with a very heavy heart that I find myself writing this letter to you. I cannot begin to put into words how much I appreciate everything that you and Ol'Jack have done for me. Running away from home was the hardest decision I have ever made in my entire life but my mother was blind to the abuse her boyfriend moist euro lovely bitches play with hard weenie hardcore and groupsex inflicting on me.

But making the choice to run away from home, leaving my mom with him, was even a tougher choice. While I am young, I have seen plenty of stories on TV and online about the dangers of running away and being on the road. But I am confident that if I had remained at home, I would have been taken from home against my will and would have had more horrifying things done to me by men worse then the many things that already have been done.

I can hardly find the words to describe how you and Ol'Jack turned what could have been a horrible experience into several of the most amazing days I have had in my life.

As every minute passed from the moment you first picked me up I began to learn what an amazing man you are. While several men have pushed their mouths against mine I will forever remember the first kiss that we shared in the motel.

I apologize for my reaction, but I promise you I will never forget the kind, gentle, compassion in that kiss. I will forever remember that kiss as my first kiss because that was the first kiss I ever wanted.

When you held my had at the amusement park and ran with me from ride to ride I felt like little kids having the most fun in the world but it also felt like the most romantic first date. Thank you for sharing all the stories about you and your wife.

A love like that can only come a few times in a person's life and I only hope I someday find that kind of love. Every minute that I spent in the truck with you and Ol'Jack, even listening to the hours of county music, were the best moments of my life. I will never forget the time we spent together. It was almost impossible to make the choice to leave you and Ol'Jack and I question if it was the right decision but I wasn't willing to risk putting you in danger from what I have run away from.

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While I cannot prove it I have a very strong feeling that they are looking for me and I don't want to bring my past into your lives. I'm so sorry that the night in the hotel I was unable to make love with you. I can't explain what happens to me other then to say I have flashbacks. Please know it was not anything that you did and if only I would have been able to share that with you I know it would have been the most loving, romantic and beautiful experience of my life.

Joseph, I don't want to sound like a girl with a teenaged crush but I'm scared I have fallen in love with you and Ol'Jack. And that's why I had to make the decision to head off on my own because if I caused anything to happen to you or Ol'Jack I would forever hate myself.

Know I love you both with all my heart and will never ever forget you. Thank you for everything. Love always, beautiful blonde makes him eat her cunt Sammi ________ .

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. . .The only time Joseph had ever wept since being a kid was at the funeral home the first time he saw his long time wife in a casket, that was until now. He sat parked in the cab of his truck holding Sammi's letter in his hand.

His dog came and set his head in his master's lap as the trucker sat there and sobbed.

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He questioned if he made the right decision to let Sammi go but she had the right to make her own decisions and if he didn't let her, he would have been no different then the people who abused her but even knowing that couldn't change how he felt.

He was mad at himself for letting himself believe he could fall in love in just a few days.

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He sat in the cab longer then he should have and wept on and off while petting his dog. Eventually he took Ol' Jack for a walk, got himself a bite to eat, fed the dog and hit the road again. But he couldn't help hope that one day he would see Sammi again.