Indoors fucking with a sexy doxy hardcore and creampie

Indoors fucking with a sexy doxy hardcore and creampie
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I was going to make this one big story, but figured that the different aspects may or may not be appreciated by different crowds. Again, if characters are important to you, read part one first. If you're just into sex, i may suggest skipping the first half.

Happy reading part 2: Brittany drove down Justin's street excited as could be. Her and Justin would be heading to her boyfriend's school and getting to the campus was quite a drive, but she was ready to see her boyfriend again, as she hadn't in a couple of months.

Brittany pulled into Justin's driveway, finding Shelby's car parked there as well. "Well, it looks like someone spent the night," she thought to herself, smiling that Justin most likely got lucky last night. Not wanting to interrupt the couple by barging in, she texted Justin's phone instead. A simple "I'm here" was soon answered with a "come on in". She entered, finding Justin walking back into the living room. "Hey! I was just cleaning up from breakfast.

Do you want some? We have french toast, eggs, and bacon," Justin offered. "Sounds delicious, but I just ate!" Brittany declined hugging her friend with a hello. "Where is Shelby anyway? Still recovering from last night?" she said with a wink, not sure if Justin knew that she knew.

"What? Oh, yeah, no she's in the bathroom. Getting all pretty and that sort of thing," Justin explained. He then leaned in and whispered, "Cleaning up, more like it." As if on cue, Shelby appeared at the top of the stairs. "Hi, Brittany!" she exclaimed, running down and hugging the girl. The two weren't the closest of friends, but always seemed to have fun when they were together, sharing a common interest that was Justin.

"You're looking good today! Going to surprise that boyfriend of yours, huh?" "You know it!" Brittany replied excitedly. "You look amazing yourself! Oh, but here, you have a little water on your collar, let me get-" she cut herself off as she noticed it wasn't water. "Well, nevermind, it'll evaporate soon enough, right? Breakfast smells amazing, I'm guessing that you are the culprit?" "Oh yes, do you want some?" Shelby inquired, forgetting all about it.

"Oh, that's okay. I was just telling Justin I had already ate, but thank you though!" "We should really get going," Justin advised, noting his clock was marching steadily past 11. "Alright, let me get my bags from my car to yours, and you can bring yours out. It was great seeing you Shelby! I'm sorry you couldn't come with us!" Brittany hugged her goodbye. "Yeah, work is a bitch," Shelby answered. She offered to help Justin with his bags, but he politely declined.

Running up to the room, he quickly returned with a small luggage case and a backpack. He turned and hugged Shelby. "I'd kiss you goodbye, but. Learning how to lick pussy in college know where your mouth has been," he jested. Instead, he gently patted her on the ass, and with a quick exchange of "love you"s, he accompanied Brittany to the car. Piling into Justin's luxury sedan style car, the duo grabbed everything they thought they would need.

Clothes for two days, plenty of food and drinks, and most importantly, music. Finally ready, Justin pulled out of the driveway, making a beeline for the interstate. Plugging in Brittany's iTouch, the teens cycled through the songs until 'I'm Glad You Came' started sounding through the speakers. "Don't you dare change it!" Justin demanded playfully. "As if I was going to skip this song," Brittany replied with a smirk. The teens drove down the road singing at the top of their lungs.

Justin's eyes wandered over to Brittany, who was dancing in her seat. Watching her body in motion was complete bliss. Her Mexican side was coming out as she wiggled against the constraints of her seat.

Glancing as often as he dared, while still keeping his eyes on his road, Justin tattooed brunette babe chloe carter gets fucked hard and nice by her chatmate deepthroat squirting getting very aroused.

"Damn, girl, if you keep dancing like that, I'ma just turn this car around and we can dance with our clothes off at my place," Justin teased. "Only in your wet dreams, sweety. I'm loyal to my John. But don't worry, I'll hook you up with a little hottie tonight at the party, and you can imagine she's me while you. do your thing," Brittany responded, keeping in tact with her "look but don't touch" policy she had with Justin.

"Unless Shelby is your fuel now," she replied, faking hurt feelings. "Yeah yeah, you just wait. Pretty soon you won't be able to resist me, girl," Justin concluded, both of them laughing. "I'll have you both at the same time!" The song ended, and instead was replaced by a Taylor Swift song. Reading Justin's mind, Brittany hit the 'next' button before she was ordered to.

Sifting through the next ten songs, Justin was quickly discouraged. "Here, take my iPod. I have a playlist that is all dance/party mixes. That way I can watch you dance without interruption," he winked. Swapping out the MP3 player was quick, and Brittany started up the suggested playlist on shuffle. Soon enough, "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga was playing. Brittany looked over at Justin with rolling eyes. "What?! It's a good dancing song!" Justin defended himself. "You're such a fag." Brittany jested, quickly adding "Are you sure you don't want me to find you a guy at this party?" "Are you sure you don't want to suck my dick?" Justin countered with the best thing he could think of at the moment.

The pair traveled down the road. Brittany had to admit, she enjoyed most of the songs on Justin's playlist, and she did enjoy dancing, especially if it meant driving Justin crazy only a seat away. Out of the blue, Brittany called out, "Oh! I almost forgot!" Unfastening her seat belt she twisted in her seat and reached into the back seats of the car, sifting through her backpack. Justin gawked at her magnificent ass as her body was turned, displaying it proudly.

Her tight jeans hugged her curves perfectly, which was a miracle of evolution with a slender body such as hers. "You're staring at my ass, arn't you?" Brittany laughed, already knowing the answer. "It's taking all my willpower not to just reach out and grab it," Justin admitted truthfully. "Well we wouldn't want you getting in a wreck, would we?" Brittany replied, wiggling her butt playfully only inches from Justin's face.

"Just restrain yourself and keep your eyes on the road until I get buckled back in, I'd rather not die, kay?" Justin reluctantly followed orders. A few seconds later, Brittany popped back up, hot story zoya afroz from flim the xpose "Got it!", then refastened her seat restraints.

"What were you getting, anyway?" Justin inquired, answered by Brittany's holding up a baggie filled with green buds. "Ooooh someone had a payday!" he added with a wink. Taking her pipe with her other hand, Brittany measured slim brunette amateur fucks in fake taxi the weed, then reached around for something else.

"Shit!! I totally forgot my lighter!" she exclaimed, rather bummed. "I have one, if you want it. Just gatta do something for me first," Justin said, grinning from ear to bubble butt teen girlfriend zoey wayne pounded and jizzed on. "What, you expect me to flash you for nothing more than a lighter?" she laughed.

"Besides, if you have a lighter in your car, it's probably." Brittany's voice trailed, as she opened up the glove box. Finding her prize, and shutting it back up, she was grinning even bigger than Justin had only moments before. ".Right here! Now turn off the air conditioner," she ordered as she lit the bud. Inhaling from the pipe for quite a few seconds, Brittany paused, looking at the ceiling.

Moments passed, and finally, she exhaled, sending the gas into the air. "Gimme," Justin beckoned, receiving the small pipe. Driving pretty blonde masseuse pussy banged by her nasty client his elbows, he had to relight the substance, then inhaled greedily.

Passing the pipe back, Justin couldn't help but cough as the byproducts filled his lungs. Brittany laughed at his attempt, then proceeded to take another hit. "That's some pretty good shit, girl," Justin complimented, and she thanked him.

This continued for a while, as the car slowly filled with their exhaling compounds. The conversation varied from the current song (and what the couple thought of the artist), to birthday plans, and finally, to sex (what else).

"Don't get me wrong. John is AMAZING in bed. And his dick is HUGE! I love it," Brittany continued her speech. "It's just. We never do anything exciting any more." She frowned, reminiscing to the first few months of their relationship, when they would have tried anything, just for the forbiddenness and sexualness of it. "Well not that I'm not fascinated with what he brings to the table for you.

But hey! It's your birthday coming up. I'm sure he'll stuff you like a turkey, ya know?" Justin comforted, grinning as he did so. "Yeah, I hope so. I need it soooooo bad," Brittany trailed off, before taking another hit of the weed she was still lighting. Then her voice changed to a serious tone.

"How big is your dick anyway?" She asked, as if her question was not any more invasive than asking a favorite color. Justin was taken off guard, if only slightly. Sure, their relationship seemed to have no taboos in it, but here she was, talking about the boyfriend she was loyal to, and had just shot down Justin's attempts (if you could call them attempts, Justin would have labeled them as mere teasing), and now she was inquiring what Justin's size was. "I'm. uh, seven inches," Justin answered, sure that Brittany wasn't asking out of interest, but rather simple curiosity.

"Oh, see? That's not bad at all," Brittany coached. "John is nine inches, but like I said, he is the biggest I've seen. Well, outside of those interracial pornos, right?" she added, giggling.

"Well, I've heard you complain about him not being. interesting enough. So I'm guessing that while nine inches may feel nice, the kid ain't got nothing on my sense of adventure!" Justin countered, laughing.

"What kind of excitement are you looking for anyway?" "Oh, I don't know." Brittany thought for a moment. "When we first started dating, he was always so horny. It was almost annoying, but now I miss it! He would convince me to do stuff in the movie theater, in the bathroom stalls at school, even in his car while he drove.

Now, we only fuck in his dorm, and its not even like he tries to seduce me. I. I miss him taking charge like he used to. Damn it, I want him to get me to do something freaky that I don't even think I want to do!" "How about swinging?" Justin probed. "I bet you don't think you wanna do that," he winked, knowing his attempt would again be blown off.

"Very funny Jay. But seriously, I wouldn't mind doing anything short of other people. But he doesn't ASK me for anything. He barely even gets on top of me anymore. He just lays there while I bounce on him or suck him off. *I* have to do all the work.

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*I* have to ask him for sex. It's like he's not even interested anymore. I'm hoping that this weekend he will just fuck me senseless. I really do." There was a long pause as she waited for him to speak. Finally, she added, "Penny for your thoughts?" "Oh! Sorry, I was just imagining. you bouncing. nevermind!" Justin laughed. "Well. here's hoping we both have hot, crazy, kinky sex, huh? And if John doesn't do it for ya, you're always welcome to join whoever I'm with, alright?" Justin concluded.

"Now let me hit that one more time, before I turn the A.C. back on. It's getting hella humid in here." The conversation quickly jumped to birthday shopping ideas, and the previous topic was all but forgotten about.

All of the sudden, Brittany pipped back in. "Listen sweety, I do enjoy our relationship. It's absolutely perfect, and just what I need in my life. I even enjoy us teasing each other and flirting. And two busty sluts have some lesbian fun masturbation brunette be honest, if I wasn't dating Johnny right now, we would probably have had mind blowing sex.

Many times in fact. But I don't want to lead you on. No matter how much we flirt, no matter how fucked up i get, I will not sleep with you.

I am completely loyal to Johnny, and the thing is. I don't WANT to fall for you and ruin everything I have going for us. So, while this is fun, I hope you realize nothing will come of it besides this friendship." Her voice trailed, hoping to not hurt Justin's pride too much.

"No, no! Brittany, you don't understand. The reason I flirt so heavily with you is because I know nothing will come of it. I mean, don't get me wrong, if you would LET me? This car would be pulled over. I would hit that so hard, whoever could pull me out would be the rightful king of England!" That brought a rather loud laugh out of Brittany as Justin continued.

"But I don't expect anything like that from you. I know how much you love John. And I wouldn't ruin that for you. I love you, and that means I want you to be happy, okay? So staying friends without benefits is perfect for me. Cause I really don't think there's anyone out there quite like you, so I'm lucky to just be in this car with you, ya know?" Justin topped off, meaning every word. Brittany was blushing by the time Justin wrapped up with his speech. "You are the sweetest thing ever, hun," she said, kissing him on the cheek.

Glancing forward once more, she noticed that they were pulling off of the freeway, the car now slowing down onto the exit ramp that lead to the university John attended. Justin switched off the air conditioner, proceeding to roll down the windows, their combined "greenhouse gasses" leaking out of the car. Cruising 20 miles an hour down the Miami street, they were greeted by thousands of people walking outside.

Girls were prancing around in skimpy swim suits, guys opted to go shirtless to escape the heat. Justin noticed a particular little Cuban girl in a string bikini that barely covered her at all. "I forgot how much I loved Miami this time of year," he commentated, turning to Brittany. "Wanna get a couple white T-shirts and do a girls gone wild video?" He quickly added, "You're more than welcome to participate!" "Thanks, but I think I'll pass.

But depending on how drunk I get at these parties, you and the rest of the campus might get a free show anyway," Brittany teased with a wink. Finding the campus quickly, with Brittany's direction, Justin pulled the car into the student housing lot.

Putting it in park, Justin shut off the ignition. Brittany unbuckled and again twisted herself, reaching into the back seat. The student parking sticker in her hand, she reached for the back window, her ass again mere inches from Justin's face. Justin shrugged as his hand snuck up to her cute little butt, giving it a playful squeeze. Brittany gasped and shot back towards the front of the car. Glaring at him while trying to hide her playfulness, her eyes demanded an explanation.

"Hey, you said to stay focused so I didn't crash. I figured that was a green light now that I'm parked," Justin explained, grinning from ear to ear. Brittany giggled, playfully slapping Justin's cheek, opening the car door and climbing out. "Well I guess I can't give you another opportunity then. Sucks for you, cause you just lost your view," she scolded, opening the back door. Placing the window cling in the corner of the car, she then proceeded to grab the teenager's backpacks.

Tossing Justin's over the top of the car into his awaiting hands, they were set to leave. Walking towards the building, Brittany looked at her phone. "Okay, it's going to be two o'clock in a few minutes. That mean's John won't be in his dorm for another few hours.

Want to go to the cafeteria and get something to eat before we head up there? Or want to drop our stuff off first?" "I vote for food," Justin replied, noticing how late it was and knowing he hadn't had lunch yet. "Alright, follow me, lets see if I remember where everything is, right?" Brittany said, starting off towards one of the shorter, wider buildings. She paused a minute, reaching into her backpack and pulling out a spray perfume. A couple of squirts on them both to hide the fresh smell of cannabis and they were off.

Soon enough, the two teens found the cafeteria, still filled with the later lunch crowd of students. As they were not active students, they had to pay cash for the meals, but to Justin's surprise, the food looked rather delicious.

Walking back to the main commons area, he realized that they were not given silverware, and announced that he would go back to the kitchen area to retrieve them. Walking back toward the food line, Justin found a small side cart that contained napkins, condiment packets, and the plastic eating utensils. Grabbing a fork and spoon for the both of them, he turned around, noting that a group of guys had already swarmed around Brittany. Walking hurriedly back to her, he made sure everything was okay.

"All I'm sayin is, sweety, at this college, you gatta grab every opportunity you can! And it just so happens, my dick's nickname is opportunity. And opportunity wants to be knockin on you," one of the more bold men that had encircled her was saying. He was a tall black kid, and Justin thought he recognized him as one of the schools many football players. "Sorry guys, she's taken," Justin made his presence known, handing Brittany the eating ware.

"What, by you?", the familiar looking stranger laughed. "Shit, here I thought you was just her dog. Fetchin what the pretty girl needed. Why don't you run along and fetch her a couple of napkins.

Help her clean up after I'm finished," he continued, giving high fives to his buddies at his oh-so-witty sexual joke. Brittany scowled and voiced sweet sweetie opens up juicy slit and gets devirginized objections. "Look man, just back off and let the girl eat her lunch. It's been a long drive," Justin offered his best diplomatic approach, before adding in a stern tone, "And like I said; she's taken." Now Justin wasn't a small guy, but compared to most of the guys in the current situation, he was not at a physical advantage, and the harassers took notice.

"Look here, you little shit-stain. I haven't seen you around before. So before I get your girl to give her promise ring back to ya, why don't you save yourself some face and just leave now. Because if you keep pissing me off, by the time I'm done with you, you won't have much face left to save." Brittany piped up, now at the end of her rope.

"Oh so the clever black boy can quote Eminem, and make himself feel big and bad, huh?" She stood up out of her seat, adding a whopping two inches to her height. Now attracting a little attention from the people in close proximity, the boys looked around nervously. "Why don't you and your cute bigass ebony babes fucked in black threesome posse just get out of here, before a promise ring gets shoved up your ass?" Justin couldn't help but grin at Brittany's little body in her ferocious state.

"Damn girl, you got a mouth on you. I like 'em sassy, but I'ma have to teach you a little lesson in respect," the kid countered, but it was apparent that he was losing his footing over the girl. "You even try to teach her anything, it's gonna be looking like Virginia Tech up in here." Justin warned, a cold look in his eyes as he reached for a small pocket knife.

Not pulling it out of it's concealed location, he hoped that the group of kids would assume it was something a little scarier. "Shiiiit man, he was just playin," one of the other kids stepped in front of his friend, pushing him back into the crowd." He herded the group backwards, whispering at them to cut it out and step away. "Listen to your back-up singer, asshole," Brittany got in a last few words, causing another smirk to creep across Justin's face, before he saw the group disperse from the commons alltogether.

Sexy latina teen fingers her pussy on webcam turned to Justin, voicing her gratitude.

"Damn it, how many times are you going to make me say it?" she smiled. "You are the sweetest thing ever!" She hugged him before sitting down, finally ready to eat. The two started stabbing the pasta noodles with the plastic forks, when Justin added in, "Back-up singer.? Really.?" Brittany laughed, apologizing for her rushed attempt, only making Justin laugh and shake his head at her more. He looked up, finding her eyes, automatically locking together. She showed her entire soul through those eye.

Her emotions and her ambitions. He could sense the power of her entire being through her deep irides. He was jealous of John, that much was clear.

But even though he had moved on to accept that fact, he would never ruin Brittany's happiness for his own fantasy. Finishing up, Brittany announced her mini-itinerary. "John should be out of his first class in a few minutes, and I was planning on surprising him in the hallways before we go back to his dorm.

Do you want to come? or." she offered. "Nah, I tell you what, I'ma head to the bathroom, then go back out to the car and grab a box of booze from the trunk. By the time I'm done, I'm hoping that you will be too, and we'll meet back at the dorm about the same time?" "Cock blocking me already, huh?" Brittany laughed, then noticed Justin hadn't taken the joke. Before his attempted apology, she quickly added "Darling, I'm kidding, don't trip. I'll see you back up there in around 10 minutes.

He has to go to his next class anyway," she assured. "His dorm number is 171 in the Kappa building. Think you can find that with your map?" with Justin's nod, she was put to ease. The pair hugged, then took off in different directions. Brittany marched towards the science department, where she remembered John's schedule would lead her. Finding the chemistry class that John had complained about a multitude of times, she simply leaned against the wall opposite the door.

Looking at her phone, she saw it was 2:29, only one more minute until the class would be officially let out. Not waiting for her phone to display the actual time, the door erupted into a volcano of students fleeing the classroom. Brittany saw John, talking with one of his friends Jasmine about the schoolwork, then continue to walk on, not even noticing Brittany in her obvious position.

He continued walking down the hall, Brittany now darting after him. "John!" she called out, noticing her lover's ears shoot up, turning around, a large grin crowding his face. "Hey baby!" she exclaimed as he ran up to her. He swung her up in the air, showering her with smiles and kisses. "How the hell did you get here babe? Oh damn it's good to see you! I was afraid I was going to miss your birthday!" he explained, but it was obvious that he was ecstatic to see her.

Jasmine walked up, hugging Brittany as soon as John was done. "It's good to see you girl! Happy early birthday!" she congratulated. Brittany thanked them both, then explained the day. "I rode down here with Justin to surprise you! We plan on staying here until tomorrow night, then we're going to have to go back home. We're going to hang out at your dorm until you get out of class, and I figure we would welcome me to adulthood with an amazing college party," she winked.

"And then you can give me a more. personal welcome!" she whispered into his ear, causing him to grin. "I'm lookin forward to that baby," John responded. "But now I'm fucked! How am I suppose to be able to concentrate in math when I know I'll just be waiting for class to be over so I can rush up to you?" "Well I guess you'll have to try REALLY hard, huh?" Brittany teased.

Turning to Jasmine, she continued, "Jasmine, you have the next class with him too? She'll make sure to keep you in line for me!" she warned her boyfriend with a giggle. "It was great seeing you baby! But I have to hurry up to your room so I can let Justin in. He'll be up there with all of the drinks we brought. I guess I'll clean up your section of the dorm while I'm waiting." Leaning up and kissing him softly, she made sure to add an "I love you," before she pulled away.

"Alright baby, I love you too. And you know my roommates never mind if you tidy up their areas either. Just warning you, the place is a mess.

I don't know what I'd do without your visits, baby," he jested, before planting one last kiss on her lips. "I'll see you in just a little over an hour, okay? Love you." Jasmine said her goodbyes as well, then the pair disappeared into the ocean of students. Brittany turned around and, her happiness renewed, she pranced up to his dorm on the other side of campus.

Finding Justin waiting with a fairly large luggage bag, she laughed at his readiness. "Damn, Jay, you're pretty excited to be popping your frat party cherry, arn't you?" she teased, walking up to the dorm room door. She knocked, waiting for a response. "Wait, you don't have a key?! What if all of them are in class??" Justin questioned. "Settle down, Nancy! I just promised his roommates I would always knock before I came in," she explained, laughing.

She slid the key that John had given her at the start of the year into the door. Entering the room, the entire place looked like the teenaged boys had been hoarding, broken into, then a twister came in and scattered everything even more for good measure. "Holy shit," was all Justin could manage out. "Don't worry, there's usually nothing growing in here," Brittany jested, picking up a delivery pizza box that was almost decomposing. "I'm going to spend a little while cleaning.

Luckily for you, they keep the couch and TV usable. They have a PS3 hooked up, and they won't mind if you use it." "You sure you don't want my help, hun?" Justin offered, feeling sorry for the maid who had apparently been drafted into service. "No, it's fine sweety. It really shouldn't take me long at all," Brittany assured. Luckily for her, the boys were on the ground floor, and only 20 feet or so from the boy's front door was a little outdoor sanctuary the university felt compelled to construct in the middle of all of the dorm buildings.

There was a pair of dumpsters in the corner, thus making the garbage trips much more bearable. In fact, after only 20 minutes, the floor was again visible. Brittany walked to the little kitchen, opening the fridge for inspection. "I don't believe it! The fridge looks as clean as the couch! Looks like they JUST went shopping too. Want me to make you something?" Brittany shouted to Justin. Turning around, Justin's eyes landed on Brittany's ass again, as she was bent over looking for the ingredients for who-knows-what.

"Uh, hell yeah?" Justin responded as if it was unneeded to ever ask such an obvious question. "I think I'm in love," he propertysex hot property manager fucks pissed off tenant. "You're right. I may be succumbing to the stereotype if I make you a sandwich while you play video games." Brittany teased.

"I know! I'll make you a quesadilla!" Justin erupted into laughter, "Right! Nothing stereotypical about a border-bunny chica fixing up some queso!" He continued laughing, only answered by a middle finger and a couple of giggles that slipped out of Brittany. "You're a dick," she finally made out, before adding a teasing warning, "You can make your own snack!" "Hey! Hazme mi quesadilla, ojete!" Justin continued.

"Comes mierda, asshole," Brittany laughed, but still continued to retrieve the ingredients. Before Justin knew it, the girl was carefully bringing out two entire quesadillas. "I guess I'm still pretty hungry." she admitted. Setting one plate on the coffee table in front of Justin, she walked around, taking a seat beside him. She reached forward to dig into her meal when Justin spoke up.

"Hold it," he said, snatching her plate right up from her, replacing it with the one she had made for him. "Don't want you to have spit in my food," he explained with a smirk. "That one won't taste as good. I made yours with LOVE! But whatever, trade away my love, hentai rape tagalog version vid if I care," Brittany faked a frown, biting into the swapped tortilla.

Then, smiling, she leaned over to where Justin was, taking the biggest bite that she could muster out of his. "Hey! What the hell, girl?" Justin scolded, trying to keep in the laughter. "Get your own!" The teens ate their munchies away, and soon enough, Brittany was doing the dishes.

This included not only the two plates and skillet she had used for the cheesy snacks she had just made, but the tower of dishes that remained all over the counter from the current tenants. Brittany, in all her of archaeological skills, estimated the dirty dishes were up to two months old, some of them. She sighed happily at her mate's bachelor-ness, as she really didn't mind cleaning up after him and his friends.

"And you're sure I can't help you out?" Justin offered, but was quickly shot down again. Moving out of the kitchen, Brittany moved to John's bed, which probably hadn't been made since the last time she had visited. Pulling off the comforter completely, as to better reach the sheets, she was amazed to find that the boy actually used the usual three layers. Most of his roommates had a bottom sheet and a blanket or two. Brittany shed a tear of pride at John's evolution, stripping the middle sheet as well.

"Maybe I should just wash these? Precious sex with sweet sweethearts pornstar and hardcore are starting to sme." Brittany started, but cut herself off shortly. "What did you say?" Justin asked, but there was no answer. Pausing his game and turning around, he saw Brittany standing like a statue. "What's wrong girl?" he offered, standing up and walking over to her.

"Wh. what is that?" Brittany pointed at a red lace lingerie bottom laying at the foot son blackmails mom sex stories sex storys John's bottom sheet.

"Oh hell." was all that Justin could manage. Tears already starting to swell up in her eyes, Brittany croaked out "Maybe.

it's not what it looks like!" "Sweety, listen to me. It MAY not be what it looks like. But I don't want to get your hopes up. Cause it might be exactly what it looks like." Justin comforted, offering a hug. Brittany took it, bawling into his shoulder. "Do you want me to stay here when he comes home?

Or would you rather I go find something at the drink machine?" "No! I want you here. I need you to be my brain, because mine will not be working," Brittany said between sobs and gasps. The next fifteen minutes crawled by as slowly as possible. Brittany's eyes were drying up, but she felt no better. She leaned against Justin on the couch as he held her. Finally, she heard a key in the door. Swinging open, the door revealed John was, indeed, home.

He announced his coming, then reached out to Brittany for a hug. "Wait. what's wrong baby?" Brittany stood up, composing herself. "While cleaning today.*sniff*. I found something." she my teacher never had this kind of side boobs penetration missionary to get out. Justin remained on the couch, pressing down all impulses to jump John right then and there.

"Baby! What did you find?" John asked, honest curiosity in his voice. Brittany pointed to the panties that were still laying on John's bed. John's eyes followed her finger, landing on the clothing in question. His eye's bulged, and quickly, he recovered. "Baby no! That's not even close to what it looks like!" He paused, looking at Justin. "Maybe you can give us some privacy?" he offered. Justin was about to speak when Brittany cut in. "I want him here. I am having a hard time trusting you right now!" Fury was apparent in her voice as she spoke.

"Baby girl, I really think we need to talk this out just the two of us. We need to fix this bridge that was destroyed. Now I love you, and I want to explain, but-" "Then explain! What are they doing in your bed sheets? How'd they get there? Who's are they?!" "Justin, please go get something from the snack machine," John pleaded, offering Justin a dollar for the snack. Again, right as Justin was about to respond, Brittany took control of the conversation. "He's full, thanks.

Now start explaining, before you really piss me off!" "Alright baby! Alright! Look, its a really simple story," John conceded. "The uh. The guys here. They wanted to perv old mister fucking his next door young girl me a hard time about never having sex at the parties we throw.

See, I don't sleep around because of you!" "Oh, you're such a fucking gentleman!" Brittany praised with sarcasm. John continued his narration. "Well they always give me a hard time. So uh. they got me those panties as a prank, cause they were insulting my manhood for not sleeping around, see?" John concluded.

"And you WORE them? Why were they in your bed?!" Brittany asked, a little less sure of herself. "They bribed me with a hundred bucks if I wore them ONE night. I ended up kicking them off as soon as I was under the hottie lick cock enjoys it in anal hardcore and blowjob so I wouldn't have to actually wear them all night. I uh. must have forgotten that they were there. Look, I'd really like it if we could talk this out, just the two of us baby.

I think it would be a lot better if me and you worked this out without an audience." Her will and anger both fading, Brittany nodded. "Justin." she started, and Justin knew that she had given in.

Not wanting to instigate trouble with John there, but knowing in his heart that the story was complete bullshit, Justin headed for the door.

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John held up the dollar he had offered earlier, and Justin snatched it out of his hands. Crumbling it in front of John, he threw the balled-up bill across the room, glaring at John the entire time. Walking passed the couple, he left the dorm in rage.

"I don't think he believes your story, John," Brittany said, again angry, knowing that Justin probably knew best, and that she should follow his sub-textual warning.

"Baby, you have to trust me. Without trust, how is this going to work? What about you and Justin? You guys are best friends, hanging out DAY IN and DAY OUT! While I'm hours away. But I trust you, because I love you and know you love me. If you can't trust ME. then there really isn't love." John coaxed. "I do love you. Soooooo much." Brittany nearly erupted into tears again. "That is why this hurts SO much! I want to believe you-," "Then believe me german teen fingers her pussy and squeeze her big perfect tits all naked. I wore them for a hundred bucks.

That is the truth. There was no other girl. Just you baby," John concluded. Knowing she had lost her will, Brittany collapsed into his arms, still crying. John held her tight, whispering that it was okay and that he loved her.

Looking down into her eyes as she looked up at his, he kissed her lips gently. The gentle kiss lasted only seconds as soon, it morphed into a full-fledged make out session, and Brittany found herself being lowered onto the couch. "Baby, wait," Brittany stopped him as her back hit the cushions.

"I. I can't do this." she admitted, still unsure of her feelings. "I need to talk this out with someone." "You mean talk it out with Justin." John finished her sentence for her, hurt in his tone.

"See? I have been trusting you two for years, and it's because I love you. If you REALLY can't trust me. Maybe this relationship is a mistake." "NO! John, I trust you! I just. I can't!" Brittany struggled to stay afloat to no avail.

John gently pushed her back onto the couch, kissing her. John brushed his hand against her cheek as he continued pressing his lips to hers. Giving in, she noticed she was kissing him back, sighing in submission. "I love you baby," John added in, solidifying his control he had managed over her. Running his other hand against her side, John continued to caress her as he slowly tugged up on her shirt. Without saying a word, Brittany gave in, lifting up her arms to make it easier to remove the t-shirt she had been wearing.

Soon enough, her bra was dropped as well, John gently massaging her breasts as he continued to kiss her. Pulling back, John sat up, undoing his pants a little, silently communicating to Brittany that he wanted her to finish the job. Responding with compliance, Brittany reached to John's crotch, tugging down on his pants until they were at his knees. She quickly continued, releasing his large member from the confides of his boxers. Grasping it loosely, Brittany began to jerk at the dick.

Only seconds after, she reached her head down, engulfing the oversized cock in her mouth with ease. Bobbing her head up and down, Brittany looked up at John, desiring approval. She was still very mad, but she couldn't bring herself to do anything more than obey him. Without warning, however, John pulled his dick away from her lips, cupping her hips and twisting her, assisting her body in turning itself breakingasses black angelika black and back p new release. Rolling with the flow, Brittany soon found herself on all fours, facing away from John.

Not even a second later, she felt his dick pierce her pussy, slamming full speed into her. She didn't mind doggy style at all. Sure, she occasionally liked the romance that came with looking each other in the eyes as they made love, but today, she was perfectly fine with just getting fucked like an animal.

Moaning now, Brittany was in heaven. The anger was now completely gone, replaced only by lust. She wanted to be fucked, and fucked good. Moving her body in sync with John's to maximize both of their pleasure, she couldn't help uttering out a few moans directing them to a deity. John was now furiously pumping in and out of her, which was actually new for him. She usually had to do all of the work, and she loved how into this he was getting.

She was just about to compliment him on his excessive labito when she heard a key fumbling around the door's lock. Her mind raced. The door was already unlocked, as Justin had slammed it in a hurry. This must be one of John's roommates coming in, as Justin would have known. Jumping to attention, she started toward her clothes to cover herself before the intruder could catch them in the act.

She found herself restrained, however, as John's hands prevented her from moving from her quite vulnerable position. She looked at him, her eyes asking him what the hell he was doing. "Do you want to get caught?!" she whispered in a hushed tone. "I don't really care. I just want to keep fucking your brains out, girl," John replied, a grin on his face as his tone was NOT hushed at all.

Sure enough, the door opened and John's roommate Cameron waltzed in. "Hey bro, there's a-" his voice shut off abruptly as he eyes took in the scene around him. He stood there, motionless and speechless for a few moments. Then, he composed himself, his shoulders relaxing, brunette tries to fit a huge cock into her tight pussy he let out an every-day "Oh, hey Brittany." He walked over, slumping his body onto the chair that was only feet away from the couple.

Brittany looked at him puzzled, as if this was an everyday occurrence. "The house looks great! Thanks for cleaning it for us today!" Cameron complimented her, his tone as even as if her and John were merely watching TV with him. "You're the best, I hope you know." Brittany realized that John still hadn't stopped humping her. His dick was still sliding in and out of her drenched pussy, although it was only now that he resumed his previous tenacity. As he plunged into her again, Brittany let out a whimper, muffled by her shame of Cameron being only a few feet away.

"Hey baby, why don't you ask Cam if he wants to join us? It seems very hard sexy sex stories story free little rude to make him be the third wheel, sitting over there by his lonesome," John suggested in a condescending tone, as if Brittany had forgotten her manners. Brittany was shocked at John's boldness. She wheeled her neck around to look in his eyes, but found his face was as serious as it had been during their fight.

"But. baby." she started. "You've. been my only. No one else has ever. has ever gotten anything. I thought you liked that about me." "I do baby. But I'm here, making sure nothing goes too far.

I just want you to give him a good time a little bit," and with that, he spanked Brittany's ass, causing her to yelp. He looked at her and again commanded her to invite his friend over. "You don't have to fuck him, I can still be your only. Just use your head," he grinned at his pun, but it wasn't a jolly grin to Brittany, it was sadistic. She knew there was no arguing with him.

Turning around and facing Cameron, she swallowed the huge lump forming in her throat. "Would. would you like to join us over here.?" she managed to get out. "What, you mean like sit with you? There's not much room on the couch." Cameron toyed with her, forcing her to say EXACTLY what John planned to have her do.

"No. I mean, uh. I mean, join us. sexually," Brittany almost cried getting out the words. She couldn't remember a time in her life when she tripped on her own words.

Her charismatic skills had now completely left her, replaced only by shame, making her a bumbling fool. "Oooooh you mean you want to suck my cock while the love of your life watches, fucking you from behind like a dog?" Cameron rephrased, no emotion showing on his face.

Shocked at the brutal truth in his words, Brittany was barely able to make out a single syllable. Finally, she was able to reply with "Yes." "Then say it," Cameron commanded, truly loving the girl's humiliation. "I. I want to suck your cock. While the L-L-love of my life fucks me from behind like a dog!" Brittany practically screamed, forcing the words out, tasting their sting as they left her mouth.

She erupted into tears, sobbing as she watched Cameron stand up, unfastening his pants. She looked at John, who she could tell was enjoying this. And she hated him for it. How could she still love him after this? But she did. She loved AND hated him for everything he had ever done. She longed to go back home, but she still longed to be with John. Suddenly her thought process was interrupted. "It ain't gonna suck itself, Brit," Cameron pulled her back to reality as his dick was now merely inches away from her face.

Brittany reached her hand up slowly blonde teen charlyse bella having sex with bf grab ahold of it. Before she could grab it, Cameron yelled at her. "Hey! No hands bitch!" Suddenly, she felt John lunge forward as he grabbed both of her wrists. Twisting them upward, he was able to pin both of her hands against the small of her back, causing only a little pain for the girl. Brittany found herself on her belly, her legs spread and folded as John continued to leisurely fuck her, more interested in Cameron's taking charge.

Her chin now directly on the couch, Brittany's eyes looked up as Cameron laid his dick at eye level with her. "Mouth only this time," he commanded, as if she had a choice in the matter. Brittany opened her mouth, reaching for the dick she didn't even want with her tongue. But Cameron wasn't done tormenting her yet. He slowly inched his dick away from her face, causing Brittany to stretch farther and farther, reaching for the cock that was always just out of reach. Cameron laughed as her tongue was sticking out, as she tried her best to catch his prick, as he continued to toy with her.

Finally, he had had enough and allowed her to wrap her lips around it. He smiled as her face showed small traces of victory and pride for finally getting hold of his member. Brittany noticed it too, and even more shame spilled over her. How could she feel victorious about sucking his dick? It was unwanted, and only about 4 inches, and yet Cameron felt compelled to make her hate the situation even more. His dick tasted different too.

It was weird, a lot saltier than John's. It was easy enough to fit the whole member in her mouth though, and she figured if John forced her into giving head to someone else, at least it wasn't in her home town where she would have to deal with that person awesome gf is getting nailed doggy style. Pushing these thoughts aside, she resumed her blowjob, while still trying to feel some comfort from her boyfriend.

But as if the fates hated her even more, her shame was still not yet over. She heard a knock on the door, followed by Justin announcing it was him. "Come on in, man!" John shouted, as Brittany knew deep in her heart that he would. She heard the door open, and although she was turned the opposite direction, she could feel Justin's eyes taking in the scene.

Justin's jaw dropped as he saw his best friend getting fucked by two men. He took in the sight of her naked body. Her small boobs were pressed against the couch, but her ass was up in the air, perfectly displaying her gorgeous pussy as it was fucked mercilessly. Justin noticed he himself was getting very aroused, liking the fact that Brittany had apparently decided to let him watch.

Coming around into the middle of the room, his eyes locked on with Brittany's. Again, he noted he could see her entire soul in those eyes of hers, and he felt he knew exactly what she was thinking.

This wasn't by choice. Her eyes showed nothing but emotional pain and shame. "What the fuck is going on?" Justin demanded, realizing the situation at hand and hoping that his anger would stop the situation. "Tell him super sexy babe parties and sucks cock John demanded, giving Brittany another rough spank on her ass. Brittany screamed from the slap. Then, collecting herself, she did her best not to cry as she explained; "I am sucking his cock.

as. the love of my life is fucking me like a dog." That was it. She was completely defeated, and she knew it. "Fuuuuuuck, not for long," Cameron exclaimed as he slammed his dick back into her mouth. "I'm getting close here!" He humped into her, face-fucking her for a few more seconds before he started shrieking. Pulling his dick out, he proceeded to launch his seed across Brittany's cheek. Wave after wave of sperm made contact with her face, bringing Brittany almost to tears again as she coughed.

Justin just watched, rage building up quickly. He had half a mind to beat the shit out of both boys right there and then. But before he could, John continued Brittany's torment. "Hey baby, now that Cam is done, we have another third-wheel. Why don't you make him feel welcome too." Holding back all of her emotions, knowing she would burst into tears again, Brittany muttered out the words she knew John wanted to hear.

"Justin. p-p-please let me suck your cock while m-my boyfriend fucks my brains out," she managed, still hating herself for the situation she was in. Justin's heart was in turmoil. He had wanted this very girl to want him for four years, and here she was, offering to suck his dick. He had already seen her naked for the first time today, and she was just as sexy as he had imagined.

Yet he couldn't bring himself to let her do this, no matter how badly he wanted it. He saw the humiliation in her eyes. The pleading for this to all be over, and Justin would be damned if he was the one that dragged this hell on longer for her. "Nah, fuck that. I'm leaving," Justin announced. "Are you coming home with me?" he asked Brittany, "I'll wait for you in the hallway," he explained, changing the tone of the entire situation.

With that, he grabbed his backpack, heading for the door. "Wait!" Brittany exclaimed, hopping off of the couch, chasing after Justin. "No, I can't wait. Something has come up and I need to go home. If you want a ride back, you'll have to come with me now," he explained calmly. Then, without another word, he turned around, heading out into the hall, closing the door behind him. Brittany rushed back to the middle of the room. She grabbed a washcloth off the ground, wiping her face off.

Content that she had gotten all of Cameron's spunk off, Brittany reached for her clothes. "What do you think you're doing?!" John demanded. Brittany opened her mouth to explain the obvious, but was cut off. "Look, he doesn't ACTUALLY have to go, he just thinks we raped you or some shit. Just go out there, talk to him, and convince him that you liked it.

Then just bring him back in here, and we can continue on with your birthday weekend, the way that we planned to!" Brittany paused for a moment, taking in all the words.

She hated herself for letting him manipulate her like that, but she allowed herself to nod her head, agreeing with John. No matter how badly she wanted to go with Justin and just be home again, she craved more time with John.

Accepting that she would go out and talk Justin down, Brittany reached for her bra. "AGAIN! What are you doing?" John asked, annoyance clear in his voice. "I'm putting my clothes on so I can go out and talk to him?" Brittany said, as if it was obvious.

"It's college. People won't think twice if you're out there naked. Now go, and leave your clothes in here," John commanded with another evil grin.

Brittany couldn't believe all that John had coerced her into doing in only the few hours she had been there. But she found herself, again, obeying his command as she headed for the door, completely nude. Opening the door, she found Justin was standing against the wall right outside. She closed the door behind her, feeling his eyes stare holes into her bare body. "Aaaaand you come out naked. Why am I not surprised?" Justin said in an annoyed tone that hurt Brittany more than he intended it to.

Explaining his lack of patience, he continued. "Look, that bastard cheated on you. You and I both know it. You were supposed to be telling him off, but instead, you just get on your back and obey his every command! Where is your strong will? The one that takes shit from no one. The one that I respect more than anyone.

Because this side of you is pretty pathetic." "I know." Brittany admitted, to herself as well. "But Justin, I need him. You don't even understand!" "I don't understand?

Situations reversed, you'd be telling me I was a fucking idiot. Remember Chyanne? EXACT same situation. I loved her, she cheated, and you told me that I was being retarded and she wasn't worth it. Don't be a hypocrite and lets GO HOME!" "Jay." Brittany started, not finding any words that would help her stance. "I know you're right. But I can't leave yet.

I can't just give up right before my birthday. Can't we stay? Go to the party? I'll keep you by my side at all times to make sure John doesn't have control over me. Please sweety? I can't leave him." "You're just going to let him get away for raping you like that." Justin spoke, the judgement bleeding through his words.

"He didn't rape me!" Brittany screamed, not in anger, but desperation. "He convinced me that without trust, a long distance relationship is pointless, and we made up!

Then. he took charge! Like I had always wanted him to!" "Are you saying you enjoyed being controlled like that?" Justin asked, now puzzled. "Well.

no. I didn't like it as much as I thought. But mostly just because I felt like he was pimping me out. If it wasn't for the roommate and you, I would have loved it. The actual fucking felt great! Before we were interrupted that is. But he didn't rape me!" "Alright, alright fine. We can stay for the weekend. But you need to be careful. We both know those panties you found were NOT a prank on him." ".I know." Brittany managed, her heart sinking as she let out the words. She heard giggling from down the hall as a couple laughed at her nakedness.

Returning back to reality, she realized quite a few people were staring at her. "Can we go back inside?" she asked as she tried to cover herself. "Yeah, lets. But first, here," Justin held up a napkin he had gotten out of his backpack. "You missed a spot," he explained as he helped her wipe the remaining cum off of her face.

"Thank you." Brittany croaked, even more ashamed, as if that were possible today. She took the used napkin and turned, ready to go inside as quickly as possible. "Brittany," Justin turned her back around, now face to face.

"I love you, okay? Don't ever think less than that." He paused, then added playfully, "I'd kiss you right now if I hadn't known what was just on your face." "Thanks asshole." Brittany joked back.

"But I love you too sweety. Thank you for always being there for me," she replied, noting that the only good thing she had experienced in the last hour was learning that Justin cared about her more than anything, willing to say no to free oral sex AND save her from herself. Again, Brittany turned to go inside. She reached for the door handle, but before she could turn it, she felt Justin's hand gripping her bare ass.

She grinned, whispering to him "Cut that out, we need to go inside now." "Just making sure you realize that me turning you down was a VERY rare occurrence. Any other time and I would have taken all of this for as long as you'd let me," Justin explained, now fully groping every inch of the gorgeous ass in front of him. Swatting his hand away playfully, Brittany quickly entered the dorm, followed closely by Justin. Filing pack into the room, Brittany announced her presence, which made John smile knowing he had successfully convinced her yet again.

As Justin sat down on the chair across from the newly-appointed orgy couch, (or maybe not so newly-appointed, this was college after all, right?) Brittany picked up her clothing that was still sprawled all over the floor. Once she had collected all of it, she grabbed her backpack and headed toward the bathroom to change. "Where are you going baby?" John asked, knowing Brittany would take the hint that he didn't want her to redress out of sight, or maybe not even redress at all. "I'm going into the bathroom to change.

I will be back out in a few minutes," Brittany said matter-of-factually. "Come on baby, we've all seen ya naked before, you don't need to hide yourself," John coaxed, suggesting to keep the situation as-is. "I need to change.

And I need a mirror too, thanks. I will be back out in a few minutes," Brittany repeated herself, holding her ground for once, looking to Justin with pride.

With that, she turned and walked into the bathroom, not caring to wait for John's rebuttal. Justin looked over to John, who was still ogling the girl's ass as she walked out of site. Once the door shut, he turned to Justin, bragging, "Isn't that ass just amazing?

It's always been like that, since sophomore year. Well. her freshman year I guess," John explained. "Look, cut the crap dude," Justin started in. "Neither one of us believe your little panties story. Be straight with me. Are you cheating on Brittany?" Justin hot milf fucking in lingerie on sofa before adding, "Keep in mind I already know the answer." "You listen to me asshole," John replied in a whisper, as to not alert Brittany of the situation outside of her bathroom.

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"I love Brittany, alright? I love her a lot, and that's never going to change. So I don't care if you try to meddle in our relationship, it's not going to work. She loves me back, so much that it's an obsession. I could fuck five girls right in front of her and convince her that SHE wanted it.

"She likes being ordered around, likes me taking charge," John continued. "If I pull back for a few months, she starts thinking that she's doing something wrong, and she will do ANYTHING that I ask her ma kendra lust and stepdaughter get banged wrong. She's stronger than that, and she will leave you if you hurt her. I will make sure of it," Justin countered. "You wanna bet?

I can treat her however I want to, and she will enjoy it because she thinks I'm 'doing it for her'," John concluded. "You guys are planning to leave tomorrow night, after we have a huge party this evening, right?

During the party, I will get her to do whatever I want, whenever I want. After the party, I will beg her to stay an extra night, and even after treating her like shit all night, she will agree to stay with me." "You're wrong.

She won't put up with your shit anymore," Justin kept fighting. "Hey, you can think whatever you want. But I promise you, if you don't tell her what's up, you will see just how weak she is for me." "Why the fuck would you do this anyway?" Justin inquired. "Simply to prove a point. I love Brittany, there's no doubt about that. But during my year of college here, I've learned exactly how wrapped around my finger she is," John explained.

"What the fuck? That ain't love dude," Justin was disgusted at John's train of thought. "Well, hey, you go ahead and have faith in Brittany. Don't tell her anything, and see what happens. Just watch as I prove her ignorance," John finished.

"Fine, you know what? I know she won't stay with you. You have a deal, asshole," Justin agreed out of rage, defending his best friend. "I know she's stronger than that." As if on cue, Brittany emerged from the bathroom, hair fixed and redressed.

John turned his attention to her as he explained, "Alright babe, I texted my boys who own the frat house and they're good to go for a party tonight. If you and Justin take all the booze you brought, I'm betting it'll be a pretty awesome night." "Oh I'm excited!" Brittany shouted, seeming to already forget what transpired only minutes ago. "What time are we heading over?" Justin and John glared at each other as John read off the details.