College teen babes enjoyed foursome sex on speedboat

College teen babes enjoyed foursome sex on speedboat
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Try as I wanted I couldn't stay away from those toilets. The memory of my depraved pleasure in sucking on 2 cocks and being fucked played on my mind.

I relived the moment when the first cock exploded in my mouth, the feel of his cum shooting into my throat and tasting the warm salty load as I swallowed. The humiliation of feeling powerless to stop HIM fucking my asshole, making me his cum slut. The following week I went back.

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It was the same day around the same time. The toilets were empty. There were a couple of cars in the car park but no one inside them. I felt like there was no one there. I stepped inside it was quite dark and there was no sound. Looking across to the two toilet cubicles, I could see both doors open, no occupants. I stepped further in… Then I saw at one of the two urinals, a man standing seemingly urinating. He was fiftyish stocky with a beard, wearing casual tracksuit bottoms and a coat.

He looked at me over his shoulder, so I quickly went into the cubicle to relieve myself. I didn't shut the door but stood waiting to piss. My cock seemed to take ages to release and I was aware of the silence. He had to be pissing too right?

But there was no sound. Finally my bladder released a trickle of nervous pee. I had no further reason to be there, so I started to leave. I stepped out and saw him still standing at the urinal. Again he looked at me over his shoulder, this time a little longer. We made eye contact, I smiled and nodded a hi, he did the same. As I started to leave he partially turned. I was almost out of the door at that point, but my instinct made me stop.

I took a step backwards and looked again. He turned a little more and I saw that he was now exposing a hard cock held in his hand, a nervous smile on his face. His cock was quite thick and uncut standing like a pole in his hand the head was showing slightlyin its foreskin it was an impressive sight! I stepped towards him and reached a hand out to stroke him.

He let me run a hand over his length then rubbed my cock through my trousers. To my embarrassment I wasn't even semi erect, I was too scared at that moment. He started to unbutton my trousers but I stopped him by kneeling in reagan foxx bang my dr com of his thick erect tool and grasping it in my hand, he gave a small grunt of pleasure and turned so he was fully facing me.

His cock was so hot! It was very pink and clean and although the head was still half hidden by his foreskin it looked big and bulbous Unable to control the urge any more I slowly pulled his foreskin back so his glans was fully on display I leant in and licked his cock head.

I could taste the hint of piss that he must have passed, salty and harsh but sexy and musky at the same time, there was also a slight drop of precum that felt sticky amateur party babes get plowed at sexyparty tube porn it touched my lips.

I gently kissed his cock head and licked again slowly savouring this gorgeous cock. He was really hard, his cock pushing out from his clothing in a jutting curve. Then I realised why he was wearing tracksuit bottoms, he simply pushed them down to his knees, exposing his whole cock and balls to my attention, even pulling his tshirt up to expose his small paunch and hairy belly.

I licked the length of his shaft, covering it in sloppy kisses and then sucked half his cock head into my mouth. He groaned and made a sound of approval. As I knelt he took back control of his cock, lifting it so his balls were pushing out and he brought a hand to my headdirecting my mouth to his sack.

Eagerly I licked his balls, opening my mouth wide to bathe each sphere in my saliva and sucking and licking into the hairy bush around his scrotum. Tilting my head further I licked underneath, feeling my tongue brush into the soft spot between his balls and asshole. He opened his legs as wide as his clothing would allow, so that I could lick him in that sensitive spot.

My hand grasped his cock again and I slowly wanked him as I worked on his sack. I stopped and brought my mouth up to start on his cock head again, pulling his foreskin fully back to expose that blunt thick head I kissed and licked it letting my tongue run all round the crown and slit feeling it swell slightly as I aroused him even further. I was suddenly aware that I was on my knees in an open toilet urinal, fully engaged in sucking a very hard cock and open to allcomers entering the block!!

He alexis adams well toasted pussy have had the same thought as we disengaged and I nodded towards the cubicle.

He smiled and we made our way in, shutting the door behind us. Once we were inside, I lowered my own pantsletting my now engorged cock hollie macks tight teen pussy pounded over and over again of its restraints.

He took it in his hand and we spent a few moments rubbing each other gently, he bringing me to full erection and I continuing to caress his fully hard member.

I knelt in front of him again. This time he pushed his clothing fully to the floor and stepped out of one leg, so he was naked from the waist down. He had stocky muscular thighs and a flat bottom, his balls were high and tight but jutted nicely under his curving thickness.

I placed my hands on his lower hips running them up and down his thighs as I once more took his cock in my mouth.

Now I actually fully engulfed his cock head. I was aware that I had to open my mouth wider to take it all in, it felt so sexy and dirty. I brought a hand up to gently tease and rub the underside of his balls as I began to suck slowly up and down his swollen shaft he grunted again in pleasure and responded by pushing forward. I increased my tempo to slicken all of his cock with my saliva and allow more of his girth into my mouth. He was starting to build a rhythm, changing the tempo stepmom teaches guy how to satisfy pussy like a champ the sex from me sucking to him fucking my face.

I let him take control pushing me deeper and deeper onto his thick cock until he grasped the back of my head and pushed me as far as he could thrust onto his shaft. I felt his cock hit the back of my throat and I loved it!! It felt so hot and sexy to take a cock like this I could feel the saliva build as my throat gagged slightly then he assaulted it again pushing hard so my nose was now into his pubes and his cock had entered my throat. Oh god it was such a turn on to be used like this!!

He held me there for a few moments then withdrew so his saliva covered cock was back onto my lips. I was mad with lust!! I sucked and licked his drool covered member bathing his cock head and shaft with my lips and tongue.

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He let me worship his cock then grasped my head and started to fuck my mouth again, going deeper down until he hit my throat and pushing me into his hairy belly as he fucked me in a short hard motion so his cock was violating my throat again. I let him use me until I couldn't hold him there any longer then backed off. He started wanking his cock in my face, letting me run my tongue all over his head and sucking his crown into my mouth.

At the same time I was running my hands over his ass and balls squeezing and rubbing him and sliding a finger into his ass crack.

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He relaxed his cheeks slightly to let my finger brush his asshole, it felt slightly moist from his exertions as I brushed my finger round it and teased him. The action must have pushed him over the edge, as he once more started to push me down his shaft, This time I could taste a lot of precum oozing from his slit, making his cock much more slippery (and sexy!) He was now thrusting in and out of my mouth, using his hips and ass in a circular motion, his cock fully engorged and hard.

I just relaxed and let him build to his orgasm almost crying out in ecstasy as he fucked my face. He tensed and groaned deeply then as he pushed as far as he could he shot his spunk down my throat I felt the first two jets of cum just go straight down then he pulled back slightly and his other emissions spurted into my mouth, coating my tongue. His cum tasted salty and felt thick as I swirled my tongue round his cock head feeling him twitch and shudder as he orgasmed.

I didn't think twice but swallowed his gift and let his cock slowly pull out of my well used mouth.

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He pulled it back for a moment, holding it before my avid gaze before offering it back to hentai rape tagalog version vid to slowly suck it deep into my eager mouth to taste his juices as he relaxed.

After a few more slow sucks he withdrew and stood back to adjust his clothing. He glanced down at my own hard precum leaking cock, but made no attempt to offer relief. Instead he mouthed a quiet thank you and left the cubicle. I sat on the toilet and masturbated, reliving the feel and taste of his oral assault. My lips still tasting his cum coated cock as I finally shot my cum onto the toilet floor.