Teen webcam masturbation glasses xxx assslave yoga

Teen webcam masturbation glasses xxx assslave yoga
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I worked for an elderly man named Marvin age sixty-eight taking care of him. He suffered from mental retardation. Most of the time I spent the days and evenings with him helping him bathe, dress, and eat. I had a fulltime job at eighteen years of age.

I was there so much I was practically living there but I didn't stay overnight. One morning I walked into his bedroom and found him masturbating. He had his pants and underwear down to his knees. His cock was out and stiff. It was so big and thick I couldn't take my eyes off it.

Seeing his big cock as he continued to stroke it even with me there made my cunt wet and hot. It throbbed for his cock to fill it. "Let me help you along," I said sitting down on the edge of the bed and I reached for his cock. I stroked it with both hands. His flesh was warm and firm. "Can I see you naked?" The porn-star latina in latinaporn tube porn retarded old man asked. It was such a bold question it surprised me. "Yes, sure," I said standing up to take off my clothes.

I climbed on to the bed and straddled him sitting just below his groin so his cock wasn't inside me yet. "Ooohhh," he moaned while playing with my tits.

His hands cupped and fondled them.

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He leaned forward to suckle on each nipple. Pleasure warmed through my body at his touch. He turned his attention to my cunt leaning down to it. His mouth opened and his tongue licked up my slit. His fingers went to my pussy lips and spread them apart so he could lick into my opening.

"Oh God," I said when his tongue lapped over my clit. The old mentally retarded man smiled up at me and continued to eat my pussy out. His fingers rubbed over my sex and he pushed one into me. I moaned again making him want to pump his finger in and out of me to make me moan some more. He licked and sucked at my cunt fingering it until I came. "Will you sit on my cock?" He asked his eyes hooded staring at me. "Yes, of course," I said sitting down on him now taking his erection into my hands and aiming the head of it at my slit.

I lowered my weight down on his thick flesh police gangbang oil and blonde blue eyes milf xxx milf cops into me until he had me fully impaled on his penis. "Oh my God, you're so big." I started riding the old mentally retarded man sliding my slick cunt up and down his cock.

He cried out, "Oh God! Oh your cunt is so tight around my dick!" It was so nice and big stretching out my pussy. The more his prick pounded into my pleasure spot, the quicker I was to cum. "Oh Marvin, you feel so good inside me," I moaned bouncing up and down on his cock. "Your cock is so big. Do you know who else has a big cock and stretches my cunt? My doggy, Marvin." "You have sex with your dog?" He groaned at me the more I rode his cock.

I nodded. "Can you bring him over here and show me? I want to watch." "Yes, Marvin, I'll go get Buddy and come back after you cum inside me." I leaned forward to kiss the old mentally retarded man.

We kissed open mouth with our tongues swirling against each other's. I slid up and down his cock until nude interview with handjob with busty redhead jenny groaned loudly and trembled shooting his load into me. The old man had so much cum squirting into me.

Oh God, it felt so good behaving like his whore. I quickly dressed and hurried to pick up my dog, a Great Dane my grandpa adopted. His name was Buddy. I returned to Marvin's place with Buddy. Having sex with my dog was easy since we didn't have him fixed.

He was horny all the time and wanted it right away with me when he knew the signs. "God, you look so hot like that," Marvin said. On the carpeted floor in Marvin's room, I sat naked with Buddy. I kept my legs parted so he could have a sniff of my cunt.

Already his penis was emerging from its sheath dripping pre-cum. I let the dog lap at my cunt for a little while until my juices spilled down and I couldn't take seeing his erection anymore.

I had to suck him off.

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"Come here, boy, let me suck your cock," I cooed to the dog while Marvin watched and touched himself. I reached my hands out and grasped his unsheathed penis. It was hot, red and veiny dripping a lot of pre-ejaculate. I caught the liquid in my mouth and licked the tip of his penis.

Then I covered it with my mouth and sucked down drinking the pre-ejaculate. Holding the dog's cock at its base below the knot, I licked and sucked on it tasting and drinking. "I want to see the dog fuck you," Marvin said impatiently stroking his erection in his hands. I get onto my hands and knees and Buddy knows to mount me. The Great Dane humped against me aiming his cock at my folds. I reached my hand back and grasped his penis pushing the tip into my cunt.

Oh God, the dog bucked his hips wildly feeling himself sliding into my tight little cunny.

"Oh God, boy, fuck me, yes, fuck me!" I cried as the canine pounded his cock into me. The thick erection of the dog speared into me over and over again spreading apart my cunt walls and stretching me tightly around him. His long thick flesh pumped into me expanding me with every thrust. I knew the dog was desperate to knot me and I was desperate for him to do the same. In another thrust, his knot sunk into me and he tied himself to me.

Oh God, the big knot stretched me so wide around him. It pressed into my g-spot and pushed me to my limit inside. "Oh God, Marvin, Buddy's knotting my cunt. Oh God, it feels so damn good," I moaned while on the floor still on my hands and knees. The fur and weight of the dog leaning against me while he buried his cock inside me making my pussy ache so much.

"Marvin, do you want me to suck you off? Come here in front of me so I can suck your cock." Marvin climbed down from the bed and knelt in front of me. It was my favorite thing to do, suck a cock while a dog knotted my cunt. He pushed the head of his cock past my lips and rocked his hips. He groaned while fucking my mouth. I sucked down on him swallowing his pre-cum. "Oh yea, oh God, suck me," Marvin moaned looking down at me. His body trembled and his cock twitched spurting his semen into my mouth.

I swallowed the mentally retarded old man's cum as it sprayed down my throat. I stayed in position for as long as the dog wanted to knot felony are made public property groped and fucked by strangers. It shrank and pulled out of my cunt releasing the dog's sperm.

My cunt drooled doggy cum spilling down my thighs and to the floor. I went back to sucking the dog off tasting myself on him. The canine's slick wet cock dribbled cum as I held it, I licked him, rubbed my lips all over his hot flesh and I sucked down on him. I fondled and stroked the dog while sucking him off and I drank his cum filling my belly with his sperm.