Perv old mister fucking his next door young girl

Perv old mister fucking his next door young girl
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My niece Debbie-The final chapter "Have I ever sucked your cock?" "WHAT. Where the hell is that coming from?" My niece and I were sitting on the porch waiting for her hubby and my wife to get back with our drinks, and it was all I could do to stay seated, and not run, when Debbie asked that question. Of course, I knew that she had sucked me off while drunk, and presumably unaware, but this was becoming scary.

"Debbie, what are you thinking, asking me something like that?" "It's just that my drinking sometimes gets out of hand, and later I have memories that I'm not sure are real or dreams. That's why I asked. I had memories of sucking you off". "Here are your drinks guys".

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My wife's voice. Thankfully a reprieve from a very awkward conversation. "You guys looked a little awkward. What were you discussing while we were gone?" "Nothin Hun. Just small talk". I hoped that would end things there until, Debbie spoke and my body stiffened.

Debbie said: "We were discussing whether husbands always expected their wives to swallow". My jaw dropped, and I saw her hubby get rigid in his chair and go red in the face. "And just how did that conversation start?" her hubby asked. My wife laughed and said "Is the Pope catholic?

Of course men want to be swallowed". "I have to pee; be right back". I took the cowardly way out of awkwardness, and quickly exited. As I stood in the bathroom, I imagined Debbie sucking and swallowing my cum, and grew instantly hard. After my cock settled down, I hesitantly returned to the porch, not knowing what to expect.

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I was relieved to hear laughter. I guess the alcohol was lightening their moods and the tension seemed gone. "What do you say we put some music on and dance?

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My wife said. Everyone agreed, so we drank more, danced a lot and everyone seemed loose and in a good mood. I took a breather and sat in the kitchen with a drink, and Debbie soon followed. She never mentioned blowjobs or dreams, and things seemed back to normal.

"Great slow song, let's dance?" As we swayed to the music, Debbie pushed her pussy into me and swayed her hips.

I was instantly hard and grinding my cock into her. I danced us closer to the door to the rec room so I could keep an eye on her hubby and my wife. As I glanced over Debbie's shoulder, I was shocked to see my wife on her knees with his cock buried deep in her mouth. He had his eyes closed and was moaning quietly as he thrust in and out of her mouth. I wasn't sure what I should do next, but I turned us so Debbie was looking towards the scene in the rec room.

There was just a small tremor in Debbie as she saw what was happening, and then I heard her whisper "I want to suck you off". My cock was throbbing uncontrollably and took over my thinking. I gently placed my sunny leone sex xxx vb sex storiespage3 on top of her head and gave a slight push and she dropped to her knees.

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She had my cock out and deep in her mouth as soon as she got to her knees. With one eye on the rec room and the other on Debbie slurping and sucking, I began gently thrusting into her mouth.

She took my balls in her hand and massaged them as she sucked, and I could feel that sensation of a coming ejaculation. I cupped her face in my hands and thrusted harder into her mouth. As my load pumped into her mouth and she slurped and gulped, I heard familiar sounds from the rec room.

"I'm gonna cum. Swallow it sex stories pics of new syles romance fucking. I could hear my wife slurping and swallowing just as Debbie finished emptying my balls. I watched Debbie finish cleaning up my cock with her tongue, and then glanced back at the rec room.

It was empty. I helped Debbie to her feet and then took her hand and led her through the other rooms looking for my wife and her hubby. Nothing. I decided to try upstairs where all the bedrooms were. I saw that the door to the guest bedroom was closed., as Debbie tried to pull me towards the master bedroom. I had to check that room. As I went to quietly open the door, I heard my wife say "Take me up the ass". I let them be and took Debbie into the Master bedroom. I had us both stripped in no time, and my rejuvenated cock back in her mouth.

I then decided to do like my wife and get some tight anal sex. "Debbie, I'm gonna fuck you up the ass. Moan if you want it". She moaned and I decided to use the missionary position so I could see her face as I sodomized her.

A little spit on my cockhead, and I slipped into her, and sank deep and just lay there for a minute enjoying the sensation of her tight ass squeezing my cock. Debbie grabbed my ass with both hands obviously wanting me to thrust into her ass. "Tell me what you want Debbie".

"I want you to fuck my ass hard and fast".

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I began pumping my cock harder and harder, and you could hear my balls slapping off her ass cheeks. She squirmed under me filth makes adorable hottie jump on cock moaned until I knew that I was going to unload inside her. Torrents of cum shot deep into her ass and she kept squirming until the last spasm. I pulled out of her and lay down beside her to recuperate, but then it occurred to me that we had an awkward situation to deal with sooner than later.

We got dressed and headed downstairs, as I noticed that the guest bedroom door was open and the room was unoccupied. Not knowing what I would face when I got downstairs, I slowly made the trek. I was surprised to see them fully clothed and dancing in the rec room.

Believe it or not, no one said a word about what had taken place, so we joined them and Debbie and I resumed dancing. We all went to bed shortly afterwards and my wife never said a word other than goodnight. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?