Hot punk teen ive looked up to president oaks my whole life i indeed believe that i

Hot punk teen ive looked up to president oaks my whole life i indeed believe that i
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I approached the sliding doors to the emergency room with one thought on my mind, "This has got to be the most embarrassing thing I have ever done." But there was no other option. The 911 operator told me to seek medical attention right away and at 10 o'clock at night this was about my only option.

It wasn't hot outside but there was sweat running down my forehead. I made my way through the sliding doors and made eye contact with the blond middle aged, approximately 40 maybe a few years younger, nurse sitting behind the counter. It was too late to turn back now, so I approached the counter and had a seat in the chair which was kind of hard to do with my cock poking me in the stomach.

"May I help you sir?" "Umm, well, you see&hellip. I've got a little problem. I was at my parents' house for like five hours luscious girl takes meaty cock in face hole moving furniture and stuff like that.

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I was starting to get sore so I went into their medicine cabinet and grabbed what I thought were Aleve and popped two of them in my mouth thinking nothing of it. Well as it turns out it was actually Viagra and it's been like three hours and I still have well…you know. I know I am supposed to wait four hours but the 911 operator said that since I took two I should come to the hospital right away." I was so nervous I think I blurted the whole thing out without breathing once.

The nurse was trying like hell not to laugh but her ear to ear smile was enough to kill any self pride I had left. "You know you're not the first one this has happened to. I am just going to get some info from you and then take you to the next station so that I can get your vitals." After she was done taking all the info she had me wait a second and then we went into the other room as she had said would petite teen kira adams sucks the biggest dick on the couch. As she began to take my blood pressure I noticed her eyes darting here and there.

They would look down towards my cock and then quickly look away. After about four or five times I couldn't help but take the upper hand in this really embarrassing moment. "I have it tucked into my belt." "Oh, sorry I couldn't help it. Curiosity always gets the best of me." Her face turned bright red and she started fumbling around with the equipment.

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I couldn't help but laugh at the situation; she was acting more nervous than me. "Really it's ok, I would have done the same thing if I was in your shoes and I am not even gay." We both laughed pretty hard and then she went back to work on getting all my tests in. After she was done she started to walk me back a hallway away from the Emergency Room which struck me as a little odd.

The Emergency Waiting Room looked empty. So all the rooms couldn't possibly be taken up but I continued to follow and didn't question. We entered a room a good distance away from the Emergency Room. "I'm putting you in a room back here away from everything because it is a little more private, and with your condition I am slutty stepmom cocksucks stepteen boyfriend blowjob and milf that is what you want." "It sure is.

That is awfully nice of you." "Hey it's the least I could do for totally making an already embarrassing situation even worse earlier. However you are going to have to strip down and put this gown on. Feel free to get under the covers and watch the TV, the doctor will be in with you shortly." I did as instructed and was watching Family Guy when the doctor, about a 45 year old male, entered with an unbelievably attractive nurse about 15 minutes later.

She was in her mid 20's, with black hair pulled into a bun, she stood about 5'2'' and weighed about 125 pounds. However it had to be her green eyes that caught my attention the most. They were the kind of eyes that just seem to draw you in. If I wasn't already hard from the Viagra it wouldn't have taken me long to stiffen up for her. "Hi Adam, I'm Dr. Walik and this is my nurse Megan. So I hear you are in quite the predicament." "Yeah you could say that." "Well Adam the procedure to get this to go away is a little intense so I am going to wade this out a little bit and see if it goes down on its own.

I want you to be completely relaxed though so I am going to give you some meds that will probably knock you out for a little bit." "Ok, sounds good." "Would you like me to administer his meds doctor?" It was the first Tushy bosses wife karla kush first time anal said since entering the room.

She had such a sweet voice, it sounded more like it should belong to a child rather than a 20 some year old women. "No that's ok Megan I'll take care of that, but I do want you to be the one to keep checking on him.

I don't want anyone else in here; the poor guy is embarrassed enough." "Ok doctor." They left the room and I waited about 45 minutes for the doctor to return with the meds. I was extremely tired and just said fuck it and closed my eyes. At this point I was so damn tired I didn't need the meds. I fell asleep pretty quickly. However, it didn't last that long.

About a half hour later I was wide awake staring at the ceiling. I probably could have used those meds anyway. I really didn't have much of a choice at this point though I had to deal with what I had. So I laid there trying desperately to get some sleep for the longest time. This turned out to be an impossible task. I kept my eyes closed though in hopes that sleep would come sooner or later. About an hour or so after I had originally fell asleep I heard the door to my room open.

I figured it was just Megan checking on me. I figured that she would see that my eyes were closed and assume that I was sleeping. Since I was still lying on my back she would also notice that I was still very much erect. After seeing these two things she would do an about face and leave the room, well at least that is what I was hoping. The door closed shortly after it opened and for a second or two I was extremely relieved that she didn't stay long.

However, as I lay there I could have sworn I was hearing two sets of feet crossing the room towards my bed. At first I just played it off as an echo in the virtually empty room. I was soon proven very wrong when I heard the individuals talking. "God damn Megan, look how high it pushes that blanket into the air." This was a new voice, one I hadn't heard since coming to the hospital.

It was definitely a female's voice and actually sounded kind of sexy. I wasn't about to get my hopes up though. "I told you it was huge, you didn't believe me though now did you. Now that you've seen it let's get out of here." "No way, I have got to see this with my own eyes." "Come on Laura; don't tell me your intending to uncover him to see the real thing are you?" "No, I am going to uncover his impressive member so the both of us can see it." One side of me was a little concerned and wanted me to snap my eyes open and ask what the hell was going on.

However, the other side of me, the younger more sexually driven side, which just happened to be more dominant and controlling side, was telling me to just play along. And of course that is the side that won. The sheet was lifted and making its way down over my chest, stomach and eventually over my cock then falling onto me again just below my knees. It was a good thing that there were no machines hooked up to me checking my vitals because they would have been off the charts at this point.

My heart had to be going a mile a minute. If it hadn't been for the TV being on I would have worried they might have heard it pounding. Just as Laura grabbed the bottom of my gown I heard Megan moved a little closer and was now standing right beside the bed. "I can't believe you are doing this Laura. I have to admit there is a little piece of me that wants to stop you, however there is a much bigger portion of me that really wants to see this.

I don't think I have ever been more excited and scared in my life." "I knew there was a naughty side to you Megan." The room got really quiet again as Laura grabbed my gown and lifted it up over my cock and let it fall onto my chest. "Wow, I don't think I have ever seen one that big, how about you Laura?" I couldn't help but let my chest flare out a little. "No I can't say I have. You should get up there and mount it." "What, no way, you have to be crazy." "Oh come on Megan, live a little.

Where is that wild side that was showing its face around here a moment ago?

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I'll tell you what; I'll even lube it up for you." I was sure I was going to here a rebuttal from Megan but all was quiet as Laura grabbed hold of my cock and went right to work sucking it. Now I have gotten a lot of blow jobs and none of them were anything like this.

Most women start off all slow and then work up to a quicker pace slowly. However, Laura wasn't having any of that. She went right to work assaulting my cock with her mouth, tongue and hand. She took almost all of my 8'' into her mouth then slid it out and jammed it back in again. She kept up this quick tempo for a minute or two at which time she pulled it out and went to work on the head of my cock as she stroked the lower portions of it.

I was so overcome with pleasure that it took everything I had not to moan and grab a hold of her hair. I opened my eyes just cause I couldn't take it anymore. Laura was too busy sucking my cock to notice and Megan was too caught up in watching Laura go to town on my cock to even care what I was doing. Laura's tongue began circling around the head of my cock sending shockwave after shockwave of pleasure through my body.

Then when her tongue made its way to the bottom she drove my cock into her mouth this time taking all of it in. She pulled off slowly leaving a trail of saliva behind. When black and white big boob got to the head she gave one last hard blanca puta alta verapaz guatemala san cristobal verapaz while pulling off making a loud sucking sound.

My body went limp and I closed my eyes again taking the opportunity to try to calm myself down. I had a feeling that the moment wasn't going to last for long though. If Megan didn't mount me Laura would. "There you go Megan, mount up." I was actually surprised that Megan didn't even put up a fight. After taking a moment to get undressed Megan was up on the bed straddling me.

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My eyes were closed so I couldn't be totally sure of which way she was facing but as she mounted me I felt a breeze across my face so I was pretty sure she was facing the other way. I opened my eyes slowly just to make sure. Upon opening them I was greeted with one of the most amazing asses I have ever seen in my life. It was unbelievably round with a smooth finish and a slight tan with no tan line.

The thought of her lying out on the beach naked was one I would carry with me for a while. Her pink puckered up ass hole stared me right in the face and I knew there was no way I was going to get into that whole without a lot of prep work.

Megan lifted herself up as Laura grabbed hold of my cock from the bottom of the bed. As Megan lowered herself slowly onto my cock Laura held it still for her. "Oh my God this feels unbelievable, it's so damn big. I don't think I can take all of it into me. " "Come on Megan you can do it." Megan continued to lower herself down slowly. She got about ¾ of big tits teen masturbating on pornwatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom way down before lifting herself back up again.

After getting to the top she began her decent again. I'm not sure if it was the Viagra or the fact that I was paying more attention to every movement but I could literally feel every ridge and crevice of the inside of Megan's vagina. The feeling was totally amazing. As she started to lift herself up again it was as if the ridges were grabbing hold of my cock giving it the ultimate sensation.

With every thrust Megan's speed increased. She road me like a champ for a few minutes never really being able to take the entire length of my shaft. After about three or four minutes I could feel her body start to shudder a bit.

I had never before paid attention to a woman climaxing before so I wasn't quite sure it that was what was happening. However, she started to lose a little bit of her rhythm and I could feel her vaginal wall contracting and releasing my cock, so I was pretty sure that was a good indicator. I couldn't help but think this was a great opportunity to take control of the situation.

I reached up and grabbed Megan by the hips and drove my cock all the way to the hilt inside her. She became frantic for a moment trying to search around and push off of me. I just held her tight and continued to ram my cock deep into her now extremely wet pussy. Her body shuddered one last time and she shot her head back as she climaxed, spilling her juices out all over my cock and testicles. I even felt them flowing down along the crack of my ass. I continued pounding into her, now it was my turn.

Megan had fallen backwards onto me making it a little harder to pound into her but I found a way. After a couple of seconds I felt something on my testicles. When I looked down I saw who had to be Laura licking Megan's juices off my testicles, then she moved up and started lashing out at Megan's clitoris with her tongue. The assault brought Megan to a second climax in no time at all. Moments later I felt that all too familiar tingling feeling in the base of my testicles.

I didn't know if Megan was on any birth control so I made it very clear that I was about to climax. Megan was too exhausted to even care so she just lay there. Laura, however, had other plans. She pulled my cock out of Megan's vagina and inserted it into her mouth and began sucking and stroking sexy hoes play with each others body outdoors pornstars and hardcore with one goal in mind.

I shot my load into her mouth and she swallowed every last drop while continuing to squeeze every last drop of cum she could out of my member. Megan and I both let our bodies go completely limp from exhaustion. After about a minute or two we were brought out of our slumber by Laura's stern voice. "What the hell do you think you guys are doing?" Laura was standing at the bottom of the bed completely naked with her hands on her hips.

"I still have not had my turn yet." I could see from Laura's body why she seemed so experienced.

Her body was amazing, what made it more impressive was she seemed to be in her mid to late 30's. She stood about 5'5'' and probably weighed around 120 with a modest C-cup breast size.

She had long blond hair, blue eyes and a slightly tanned body.

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I know this probably describes your typical attractive blond and if it hadn't been for the little details I wouldn't have been overly impressed. Things like her slim finely toned belly accented with the always hot belly ring, her blond pubic hair was cut into the shape of a heart, and she had a tattoo just above her pubic line of an angel holding a pitch fork, just to name a few of the features.

However, it wasn't the physical attributes that really turned me on the most about Laura. It was the air of her presence. She seemed to be outlined by an invisible aura that just emanated sexiness. Kind of like an Angelina Jolie, even women notice the natural sexiness she carries with her wherever she goes. Anyway, for a moment or two Megan and I just laid there almost dumbfounded.

"Don't worry honey I know you're exhausted so I have no problem doing all the work. You on the other hand," she said pointing at Megan, "I want you to do some stimulation to my clit as I did to yours." "But I'm not a lesbian; I've never done that before" "Neither am I, it's not about beauty receives rudely fucked schoolgirl and hardcore a lesbian or anything like that it is all about the sexual experience." Megan didn't seem too convinced but she slid off me and made her way to the end of the bed as Laura climbed on, turned around and straddled me.

I was expecting her to rest her ass on my stomach until she got situated but that wasn't the case at all. She lowered herself right onto my cock taking the entire 8'' in without any hesitation, and then took the time to adjust herself. It was becoming very apparent that Laura didn't like to waste time when it came to sex and as I would soon find out again, she was very erotic asian pussy shaving and ace fuck at it.

She leaned back, placing her hands on either side of me just as Megan had done earlier. She then went right to work riding me. Megan stood there seemingly contemplating whether she actually wanted to do it or not.

I couldn't really get a good look at Megan because Laura was obviously in the way but I tried like hell, I really wanted to see her tongue going to work on Laura's clit. Her hesitation had me a little disappointed. It didn't last for long though, I couldn't see the look that Laura gave Megan, but whatever the look was it got Megan moving.

She lowered her head to Laura's clit and began to lick it at a very slow pace. It didn't take her long to find out that she liked it though cause after a few laps Megan's pace quickened a great deal. With the image fresh in my head, I lay back down and enjoyed the ride.

It wasn't long after that Laura and I were brought to climax. And the same as before I made it very clear that I was going to blow my load. I thought that Megan would pull my cock out so that I at least wouldn't unload inside Laura, however Laura wasn't having it. She held her self firmly on me and with one hand held Megan's head in position on her clit.

I became extremely uneasy but there was no turning the tides now I had already begun to shoot my load inside her. Laura climaxed at just about the same time as me. Her head shot back and she let out a soft moan. I could tell she was trying to keep somewhat quiet. Afterwards she did the same as Megan and collapsed onto my chest. Before I had a chance to question what the hell she was thinking Laura calmed the burning rage inside.

"Don't worry honey; my tubes were tied two years ago. I assure you that you won't be getting any surprise phone calls from me unless it's to get my hands on the impressive member of yours." "Feel free, and it looks like I'll be here the rest of the night. Stop by anytime." "We'll keep that in mind." Laura said as she slid off me.

Megan was already heading to the bathroom that was inside my hospital room with her clothes in her hand. Laura grabbed hers and was right behind her. After coming out of the bathroom they both waved goodbye and left the room. I didn't have any trouble falling asleep after that.