Office mature wife is a side business

Office mature wife is a side business
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-ok this is my first attempt and is likely a poor effort xd. Looking for a beta so email [email protected] and leave your comments below.- This is the first superb hardcore action along milf hiroko akaishi and will be one of the shorter ones as it's just sex, the plot will come on the second with doctors body modication ect.

won't say to much incase of spoilers but enjoy and give my helpful suggestions :) This is the story of Alex a 17 year old male living in Britain. A normal looking person, at 6 ft 3 brown hair that falls just above the eyes, slim but muscular weighing about 11 stone. Has blue eyes with grey tint and wielding an 8inch penis. This story begins at a pool party at Alex's aunt's house. His uncle Richard wearing blue trunksaunt Monica wearing white bikini and bottoms, other aunt Rachel wearing red swim suit matching his mom Anne blue one, his two sister's Sophie and Nicole both wearing matching green bikini top and bottom and cousin Robbie in orange Speedo.

Monica being 5ft 4, 26 year's old, blonde hair falling to mid back, blue eyes with 32c breasts and married to my uncle, swam to the edge of the pool lifting herself out of water droplets falling from her tanned body glistening in the sun. "I'm going to the shop, I fancy a coke" "Mon can I come, want to get some beers plus as I've passed my driving test so I can drive". I say in-between strokes to the side of the pool.

"Sure but can you hurry up?" shouting back into the garden. Rushing to meet her at the front door, she passes me the key and makes her way to the car me following behind staring at her swaying ass and getting a tent in my swim shorts. Loosening the strings and moving my dick to not be so noticeable I get in the driver's side car dragging my shorts down my body now barely covering my enlargement.

Shifting into gear and turning the corner, having to concentrate on the road completely as i only passed yesterday.

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"wanna put the radio on?" saying as i grow more confident with driving. Monica reaches into the glove compartment to get a CD as On the next shift my watch strap catches my shorts dragging them around me ankles leaving my hard-on for all to see.

Getting nervous of my predicament I clumsily reached down to grab it before it became noticeable but end up pushing it further and swerving on the road. "What the he." Monica finally says as she see's what's going on.

"Alex why the fuck are you naked?" stuttering "It wasn't me erm my watch caught it". Growing red and whispering "I need you to pull them up" begging after her silence "please". Keeping my eyes on the road and she reaches over and grabs one side trying to just shimmie it up, seeing in the corner of my eye that her head is turned away from me. Realising that it wasn't working she tries to grab the other side, but with her head turned she brushes along my member making it jump and become fully hard again.

Becoming redder I don't mention it saving us as much embarrassment as possible. After a moment i hear her belt unclick and move's across to give her better reach and feel her hands grab both sides of my shorts. At that moment I feel her head move to give her better pulling access and her mouth open with the exertion, we drive round a roundabout, cock and all moving to the side and slipping straight into her mouth, a little pre-cum falling into her mouth.

For the first time I look down at the sight and my cock jumps in her mouth giving pleasure. Instead of moving her mouth I feel her hands dragging my shorts up.

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Seeing a turning into a slip road i decide to take it to sort out the situation as my head was not on the road anymore. Pulling to a stop and taking notice of my aunt, seeing her breasts through her swim top. As she feels the car stop she stop's her task taking her mouth away from my cock and involuntary making me sigh and awww. Feeling bolder after what happened; grabbing my man-hood I begin to stroke it in slow motions keeping it fully hard.

Monica whispers "Alex can you get your shorts on now?" turning small dick dudes cum in seconds face her, seeing her eyes glued to my manhood "I have to get rid of this before we go" continuing to stroke nothing is said between. After a Minute of this, I feel her hand on my mine and the pumping increases in speed. Letting go and putting my hand to better use i reach across and start massaging her right breast.

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Hearing a moan i let go of her breast and reaches behind to unhook her bra phat ass ho dayna vendetta pounded hard by throbbing cock it fall to her lap.

Wanting to get in close proximity i grab her far shoulder with my other arm grab the bottom of her back and start to pull her across. Getting the idea she shimmies across onto me sitting in my lap stroking my 8inches with both hands. With the better access, we kiss tentatively at first, getting more aggressive as it heats up using tongues. With one hand I carry-on caressing her breasts while my other reaches down and rubs her clit in small circles. Unlocking lips Monica breathes heavily in my ear "we can't go no further than rubbing" having other idea's and grabbing her swimwear panties I take them off slowly keeping eyes locked with hers.

Gyrating her hips rubbing her clit along the whole length of my dick, I kiss her lips lightly before moving to her neck and sucking harshly leaving a hickie. Sweat coating our bodies and heavy breathing I position myself at her entrance and before she knew what was happening I push 3 inches inside stretching her to compensate my girth.

Reaching under both thighs i lift her up so i'm at the edge and push back in going in another 2 inches. At first she tries to resist, but quickly takes over rising herself up. Locking lips for another passionate kiss, with both my hands helping raise and lower, pushing right into her womb causing moans.

"Omg you're so tight, I'm ready to blow I never knew sex could be this great" In reply Monica shudders and screams causing her pussy to clamp down tightly trying and succeeding at milking me. As the first spurt releases it sends Monica over again shuddering a multi orgasm.

Rope after rope of sticky cum enters her fertile womb, my cock twitches for a last time and pops out elicting one last moan. For the next 3 minutes all that happened was heavy breathing. For the journey to and from the shop nothing was said as both was shocked from what happened. But both had little glances at the other out the corner of their eye. We made it back to the party an hour later acting as if nothing happened giving the excuse that the tire was flat.

Getting back into the pool other than the glances nothing happened.