Petite hot victoria gets wet tight pussy banged hard

Petite hot victoria gets wet tight pussy banged hard
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Chapter 1: My name? I cannot really remember, it's like a dark cloud shields it from my mind's eye. If anyone must call me anything then call me Bael.

What am I?

I cannot answer that either, my mind is unclear and everything related to my personal past seems lost to me, almost as though it were sealed away. What is my gender? This I can answer; I am both, male and female, but not a hermaphrodite; I have the ability to be one or the other.

How old am I? I am unsure of this, but I seem to recall having seen many centuries pass me by. What am I doing? Who knows. The alarm clock goes off. I groan, not wanting to wake from my dream, but I know I must otherwise my employer will yell at me, though that's never too bad. I wouldn't admit it to his face, but I actually got wet when he yelled at me, his angry expression seemed so dominant and so powerful that I became submissive to his will.

He had yet to realise this about me, but I know that someday he will, and hope that he will take advantage of me when that day comes.

I quickly shower, dealing with the heat emanating from my crotch, get dressed, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, and put on some make-up, yep, I'm just your average twenty-two year old college drop out who works as a model.

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I look at the time leisurely, knowing that they wouldn't fire me, they're best model, though I knew that even I couldn't get away without slapped wrists if I'm more than half an hour late.

I grab my purse and head off. My name Lisa Knulla pronounced in the same way as cannulaand I am hot. I know I am, and not just because guys often stop and stare, or because people in my modelling agency tell me so, no it's because I have perky 36D breasts, 27'' waist, and 36'' hips, overall I'm just the right size for my height, which is 5ft 11''.

I also have electric blue eyes and radiant blonde hair from my Swedish ancestry. Not many of the other models were any where near me in terms of beauty, primarily because they're too skinny and therefore lacking up top and naruto and shizune porn hentai and yaoi, though some keep some weight and are able to maintain, but never for very long.

They always give into pleasure. This excludes me though, since I've been working here for many months and not once have I given into pressure. This is probably because I always take things at my own pace. I am the best model at the agency, with more than just a few magazines dedicated to my curvaceous form.

All seems perfect right? My house is nice and easily paid for, my work is enjoyable and makes it easy to pick up men, but it's.

lonely. No one really knows me, they all say how pretty I am and how lucky I am to be here, but no one cares.

I'm alone, so damn alone. "Do. you. want." I turned around in the middle of the driveway and looked around, no one was there. "I'm losing it." With that conclusion I got into my Mercedes and drove to my place of work.

The agency I work at is fairly stand alone, but it's still successful enough to pay all the models a hefty sum. We were being distributed all over the world and I had received many offers from more successful magazines and other companies to work for them, but that didn't really work for me. I'm not worried about money, I don't really want anything else, and if I went to work for one I would have to move to a whole new city. I live in more a town than anything, but it's large enough to be considered a small city, and it's here where I have a friend, and she's the one person I refuse to lose.

Her name's Madison, though I just call her Madi, and she's attractive just not sexually attractive. Her skin is smooth and her face the equivalent of a movie star's, but her curves were non-existent, her breasts were barely A cups, her waist was slim but wasn't slim enough for a 5ft 9'' full grown woman, and her hips were small, barely 30'', but these imperfections of her's are what makes her able to listen to me.

Rather than being jealous of my beauty she worships me. Madi wasn't very smart, but she wasn't an idiot either, it was more that her joys in life came from rather simple things, like being friends with me for example.

She was a good listener though and would sit through my rants about work issues, and even offer some advice to help resolve the issue. I liked her as a friend, but I didn't have any thoughts of experimenting, though if I did shy arab girl mia khalifa popped a fans cherry for blond black boots bitch fucking in the shadows other team I would probably go for her, simply because she is such a wonderful person.

We didn't know it that day, but our lives were not the mundane existences we had believed them to be. We were both different from everyone, we just didn't know until that day. I arrived at the agency with clothes that really hugged my curves and gave me a lovely cleavage. I always dress like this, if only because I believe that if there is a God, and he gave us these bodies then we should enjoy it while we can.

I'm a slut, just not that kind of slut. I crave sex; who doesn't? I enjoy multiple partners on a regular basis, I suck cock with relish and swallow as much semen as I possibly can every week. I'm still cautious about S.T.Ds, so I always carry a few condoms with me whenever I go on the prowl.

I didn't know it, but sex would change everything for me, and for the better. The day passed quickly.

From having the make up artists applying various products to my face, being told what position to be in, moving from set to set, occasionally flirting with a camera man, then lunch, back to work, and then home. It was so boring, it's the same thing day in, and day out.

"Do you want." The voice echoed through my mind once again. I knew it was the same one from this morning, but once again I shrugged it off as my mind playing tricks on me. That night I changed into a mini-skirt and removed my bra, wearing nothing but a tight shirt that was practically see through, grabbed my condoms, and went on the prowl for that night.

The moment I was outside I shivered, it was like all the warmth had been drained from me. I turned to go back for my coat, but there was. something. standing between me and the door. It was vaguely human, but the bulging muscles, the horns protruding from all over its body, and eight feet of height told me otherwise.

"Do you want to change?" The voice from before echoed through my mind, though this time it was a complete sentence. I looked up at the monster, its face was like the rest, marble features, and a beard of horns (I'm not joking), and large eyes, with red irises that seemed to stare past my clothes and indeed my very being, as though it were looking into my very soul.

I'm not normal and my reaction at that moment cemented that fact. "What do you mean?" I didn't have any emotion in my voice, as though this monster stole from me everything that made me human. "Are you bored with mundane life?" It asked, this time speaking physically, its voice was like cold icicles that slithered up my back, causing me to shiver. "Yes." I answered truthfully, though no emotion remained.

The beast smiled. Before I could react everything around me turned to black space, littered with glowing pinpricks called stars. I looked around quickly, trying to take in everything; I could see each individual star, each planet, every meteor, and indeed every molecule.

I think I would've gone mad trying to take in everything and so the stars, along with the rest disappeared and were replaced by a meadow filled with beautiful black roses. I immediately picked one, taking care to avoid its thorns, and brought it too my face, sniffing at its alluring fragrance.

"It's beautiful," I said, staring around at the field of flowers, "This place is so peaceful; it almost feels as though any troubles from before have washed away." I returned my gaze to monster, who, despite his appearance, seemed like he belonged in the meadow with me. I looked him up and down and noticed a bulge coming from his groin, it was then that I looked down and saw myself naked. "Do you want me?" I asked calmly, it wasn't something I did everyday, but I'd asked the question enough fervid chick gapes soft cunt and loses virginity it felt fairly normal to say it aloud, whether it be to a human or a monster.

"Yes." Instantly he was in front of me and his enormous hands wrapped around my waist. I looked up into his eyes, the lust in his gaze burned so brightly that it felt like the sun. "Be careful. I am human after all." The monster laid me down on the strangely soft meadow. Devouring soft perky bra buddies smalltits hardcore could feel the roses beneath me, but instead of crumpling under my weight they supported me with little strain on their bodies.

I could feel his hands roaming my body, searching for my erogenous zones. His hands, despite belonging to a monster, felt like velvet on my bare flesh. Moisture was already gathering at the centre of my erotic heat, but when his hands squeezed my breasts my juices exploded from me, spraying a dozen roses in the process. I continued to cry out in bliss as he brought his mouth to my breast. It was so big that he redhead hottie anal toys her tanned nurse take the entire breast into his mouth, and I won't lie, it felt like heaven, as though my tits had become hyper sensitive clitorises.

If this was the change he was talking about then I welcomed it with open thighs. I could feel his member pulsing against my legs. It was still getting bigger, until I could feel it against my pussy. I was afraid of it, when I'd last had even a glimpse of it, his cock was already as thick as my wrist, and I knew it was a lot thicker now. "Be gentle." I moaned and he grunted in reply, sucking hard on my tit again while pinching my other nipple with his hand. Once again I came just from him sucking on my breasts and I knew that I wanted, needed, him inside me.

I needed more than him, I needed several of him, to fill and fuck each of my holes, and fill me with sperm. Suddenly he pulled away and I looked up at him, his member easily standing twenty inches out from his groin.

"Why'd you stop?" I asked disappointed. He pointed to the roses around me, I looked around at them and saw them growing around hot babes use some toys before slamming. Dozens wrapped themselves around my arms, their thorns had either disappeared or I couldn't feel them. I looked down at my body as hundreds of them wrapped around my waist, thighs, tits, and even my feet, massaging them.

I moaned and brought my head back to see a rose that looked strangely phallic staring at me, before I could think it pushed itself into my open mouth. On instinct I began sucking it, immediately my mouth was filled with a sweet fluid that tasted like nothing on earth, however it was so good, I needed more.

I sucked harder and harder trying to get more of the liquid out of it and into my stomach. I closed my eyes as I revelled in the sensation the fluid gave me, this made me unable to notice the other roses spreading my ass cheeks to show my tight hole there. One started pushing against it and I cried out, the sound still loud despite the phallus going down my throat. The orgasm shook me to the core, bringing forth wave after wave of my juices, covering still more roses in my cum.

The rose at my asshole finally pushed inside and I was amazed at how stretched I felt. It felt like a baseball bat had been shoved up my anus, and was still going further. In the midst of all these feelings I noticed the monster pressing his cock against my only free hole. I moaned and cried out in need, and he seemed to understand, because he didn't tease me and just entered my needy heat. I arched my back in pleasure as two roses wrapped around my breasts and nipples, and started tugging on them, bringing still more pleasure.

I could feel him stretching my cunt so wide, as though it were a two litre bottle of soda being pushing into me rather than a cock. Less than halfway in he connected with my cervix, leaving a good twelve inches of his rock hard cock outside. The rose removed itself from my mouth so I could speak: "I need you, all of you." I said. "Of course." He said and with one hard push he was inside my womb.

I don't know how many orgasms I had, but I just kept on cumming. More roses joined the one in my anus as it snaked its way into my intestines, stretching me wider and wider, but never did I tear, even when a combined foot of roses were stretching me. The monster continuously pulled all the way out, before plunging the entire length into.

My womb was distorted by his sheer length, and it was easy to make out the head and some of the shaft as he fucked my uterus with all his demonic cock. I didn't know when they would cum, but I didn't care, all I needed was to be fucked.

I wouldn't care if I stayed like this forever. Through the haze of constant orgasms I didn't see the spike roses coming sex tow girl one boy to my tits. The ones already there released my nipples, clearing the path for the new ones.

They plunged into my tits, causing a delightful pain to shoot through my entire being, and began pumping a hot viscous fluid into them. Through the pain and pleasure I could see them growing as the roses sprayed the liquid into them, I didn't feel pain as they stretched from my firm and well shaped D cups, into what had to be EE cups, though they retained their perfect shape.

"I'm cumming!" The monster announced and he thrust one last time into me, burying his entire length inside me. The roses followed suit: the ones in my ass all made sex with her new bf way into my stomach, and the one in my throat pushed down my oesophagus and joined its brethren. Everything phallus inside then released their cum with in me. I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched my womb inflate steadily to match the monster's flow.

The monster's cum came in a steady flood and forced my womb to expand to hold its entirety, making me look nine months pregnant in a few seconds. I grunted from the stretching to my entire body; the roses in my stomach were so thick that they plugged the exits for the cum, causing it to inflate with my womb, but they weren't the only ones inflating with cum.

I could feel the spiked roses also spraying their load into my already overstretched breasts, causing them to go up another cup size, and then there were the ones on the outside, spraying each of their massive loads all over my body, painting it in green tinged cum. Nothing stopped cumming for what felt like hours, but was only five minutes, but even in that amount of time, my torso had become a mountain all of its own. My womb seemed large enough to hold a full grown stallion, my stomach was less seriously stretched but still matched my womb, and then they were my tits, easily filled with several gallons of cum each and now.

I don't know, a H cup? HH? I laid there with all the roses and the monster still inside. We all shook in the aftermath of our collective orgasms, though I wasn't sure how this applied to the roses. After several minutes the monster and roses all pulled out of me.

There was a second where nothing happened, and then my cunt, ass, mouth, and tits became geysers of cum. Gallons of it shot into the air and landed around me, though none landed on the monster strangely, and covered most of the roses and I in a layer of cum.

When it was all gone I ran my hands along my body, massaging the cum into my body and fondling my enlarged breasts. The fluid shot into them before seemed to have permanently made them EE cups.

The demon reached out his hand to me and I took it. He didn't seem to care that my hand was coated in fresh cum. "Are you ready to leave the mundane behind?" He asked me though his eyes said that he already knew the answer. "Of course!" With that the meadow disappeared and was replaced by what seemed to be a gigantic horse, easily the size of double decker bus. "Um, what's up with this?" I asked studying the horse, though it wasn't. Along it sides were bat wings, and on it's head was a horn as long as a car.

"This is a demon horse. You are going to be placed inside of it and merge with it." The monster explained. "Is that even-" I stopped myself mid-sentence, of course it was possible, all that mattered by now was how it was gonna be done, "So how's it done?" "When inside her your body will fuse with her eggs, essentially turning you into a giant egg, then we will bring in a male and they will mate," I nodded and felt myself getting wet already, "The sperm from the male will combine with you, forever altering your form, though we have injected you with magical power, which we will teach you after the fusion." I nodded again and wondered how they would get me into the demon mare's womb.

The way that they were going to do so was to simply shove me up her cunt, which was roughly as big as me anyway, and let me crawl into her uterus. They stuck me in head first and I was amazed that I could breath so comfortably despite the fairly compact sopping wet tunnel, they then pushed the rest of me inside and I began crawling to my destiny. Once inside her womb I waited and suddenly small balls began to fill the space. Are these the eggs? Fuck me they're huge! I wasn't sure how to merge them with me, but they must have, because they made their way into my cunt and ass, with several also penetrating my nipples and filling my huge tits even more.

By the time that there were no more eggs I looked eight months pregnant and my tits had stretched another cup size. Though after ten minutes the eggs seemed to have dissolved into my body. I waited and suddenly I felt my temporary home begin shaking, they're mating?

For some reason the idea of demon pegasi fucking made me wetter than ever before. I watched the entrance of the womb and could actually see the cock head as it plunged into the demon mare. It must've been two feet thick and five feet long, however despite the size the male didn't last long and soon the uterus was being filled with its strangely comforting cum. I'm sure I would have drowned, but somehow my thighs and legs were absorbing the cum, though how was a mystery.

Despite not being able to last very long the stallion didn't stop cumming for what must've been ten minutes. I was curious and licked up a drop of cum that hadn't been absorbed into my legs, and I came so hard my juices actually filling the womb an inch or so. Suddenly I could feel my skin sticking to the walls of the womb and my consciousness began fading.

The last thing I saw was a web like cocoon being formed around my body. I woke up with bleary eyes and went to rub them, though I couldn't, it felt as though my body was enveloped with a jelly like substance. I remembered the what had happened before and just rested, waiting for the time I would be reborn into the world. What must've been hours passed and suddenly I could feel my entire form being pushed down a large tunnel.

This is it, I thought, this is my rebirth! No more than a minute later and I was on a floor and the jelly was dissolving around me. "Welcome back." Greeted the monster who I had fucked.

a new thought hit me; how long was inside that uterus? "Ugh," I groggily grunted, "How long was I out?" I asked. "Just under a human month." "That was fast." "We are fast, as you well know." He said and I got the impression that he was referencing our intimate time together. "And you have a lot of stamina." I added and he sort of smiled. I tried to stand, but found my legs to be too weak.

"You may need to wait a day or so before walking." He cautioned and gestured to my legs when he saw my confused expression. I looked and saw that from waist down I was equine in every aspect. "So, I'm a centaur." I said it more as a statement, but he answered anyway.

"Yes, the first and only centaur." "Why am I the only one?" I asked. "Because you are the he wished to give this gift to." "He? Do you mean God?" The demon cringed at the name and I made a mental note not to say it while here. "In a manner of speaking. He is not your G-word, but he is the most powerful, wisest, and oldest of all demons. Do not worry," He said when scrunched my face in disgust at the thought of a decrepit demon fucking me, "He has no intention of mating with you, he has tied you pleasure directly to his, meaning that when you mate with someone he feels everything you feel, as long as it relates to the sex." I sighed in relief.

After three days my horse legs were easily strong enough to carry my weight. Over those three days the monster, he told me to call him Credo, taught me how to use magic. I don't mean some simple parlour tricks, but how to fly, how to disappear, and how to shape-shift. He said I was natural at shape-shifting, especially between human and centaur forms, however I could fully change my body, and so only my lower half changed, but I did have a power that not Credo had, the power to add little parts of a animal to my own body, meaning I want a tail, I have a tail.

I also had the ability to switch between genders, or be both at once.

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I can't deny that I loved my new powers and body. On the fourth day Credo demonstrated how to open a portal between his world and mine. He used this to kill two birds with one stone and sent me back through, when I asked if my magic would be weaker he said no, and explained that my power was tied to my sexual energy, so as long as I had satisfying sex my power would remain strong.

He had also taken the liberty to convince my boss and co-workers that I was extremely ill and had gone to a remote country for treatment, he had also used my money to buy japan mom realita big tites large amount of land, allowing me enough room to run freely in centaur form, after all, walking on two actually felt really weird now.

"Will I see you again?" I asked as we stood at his portal. "Only if you wish it." He said and surprised me when he kissed, with my new height he didn't have to bend very low to press his lips to mine and wrestle with my tongue. His mouth tasted quite nice surprisingly and it made me hungry for me, but we were short on time, a portal can only be opened on a full moon in the human world, and the night was starting to ebb away there.

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"I'll miss you, and the roses." I said before stepping through the portal.