Stepmom kate linn likes to help gina valentina

Stepmom kate linn likes to help gina valentina
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Intro: This is my first story… So bear with me please. Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated. My name is Adam and to put it simply, my girlfriend, Michelle, is a nympho. Always craving sex and never too sore or tired to have a little fun. I must say, it is a blessing. And in a way, it's my fault (not that I'm complaining). We started dating when I was 16 and she was 13.

At the time, she was a sweet, innocent little girl. After a few weeks, our conversations and actions turned a little bit naughty and as she puts it "I corrupted her." But man, I'm glad I did. But that was 4 years ago. Now, she stand at 5'3", 130 lbs, she is a tiny girl but beautifully proportioned. From top to bottom, she is perfect. She is part Mexican, making her a little bit darker with a great complexion.

Amazing long black and red hair, with sparkling brown eyes and a cute smile, GORGEOUS 36 DDD boobs (yes, DDD on that slim, toned body) without the slightest bit of sag that some larger breasts have, beautiful curves and a flat stomach that lead to her delicious ass.

And her legs, oh my god. She is a runner, with perfectly toned legs. God, I could stare at them for hours. I'm 6'4, extremely thin, with light blue eyes, shaggy blonde hair, and fairly muscular gorgeous hottie with a bangin body hardcore and massage a six pack and some definition.

But&hellip. Back to the story. We have always enjoyed tons and tons of sex. Everything from simple groping, to full-on, bed-rocking, sweat-dripping, exhausting, hardcore sex in just about every room of the house imaginable.

But nothing had prepared me for what she had in store for me this night. I've known she was bi for a few years, but she told me she had never acted out on it, so I assumed she was just bi-curious and wondered what the touch of another girl felt like.

This night started out like any other. We were just lying in her room, hot petite blonde with big tits we found the suspects in the back of the studio alone, watching some movie (I was too busy staring at her boobs). She rolls over, looks into my eyes and kisses me passionately.

I kissed back, our lips slightly parted with our tongues dancing together briefly. She pulls back, and then lowers her head a little so she can start kissing my neck, lightly biting at first. Right in the middle, her phone buzzes so she stops and reads the text. This is nothing out of the ordinary, so I ignore it and just wait for her to finish. She giggles a little then goes back to kissing me.

"What's so funny?" I said, curious about the text that made her laugh. "Oh, nothing. Amanda was just bored. I told her we were busy though" Amanda… Her best friend. Harsh ladhki xxxx story sex stories was just as beautiful… A little bit taller, maybe 5'5", with 34 C's and a great ass.

She was just as attractive in her own ways. I had fantasized about her more than once and my girlfriend had even admitted that she thought Amanda was pretty too. I had just assumed that it was nothing special. But boy was I wrong. Things between my girlfriend and I had been heating up as time passed.

We went from making out, to lightly petting each other, and at this point, my head was between her legs, lightly tongueing her slit, just teasing her for more to come. I was lost in my actions and never heard the front door open. Needless to say, I was surprised when Amanda quickly opened the bedroom door and scared the shit outta me. "You were kidding about being busy." She said with a smirk. "Well, I'm horny and Adam has just been teasing me all day." Michelle replied.

I looked at both girls in awe, forgetting that Michelle's cunt was spread over for Amanda to see. I sat there, stunned, partly from being scared ava addams perfect milf tits big boobs pornstar, partly because I was in too much shock to move. Michelle managed to slide herself out from lying down, got up, and pulled Amanda into a deep kiss. I stood helpless as I watched my girlfriend and her best friend make out and rub each other all over.

Michelle's hand immediately went up Amanda's shirt, feeling her gorgeous breasts, while Amanda had her hand on my girlfriend's ass, squeezing and lightly spanking it. I was motionless. My cock was straining against my shorts, wanting some sort of attention. But obviously I was being neglected for her friend.

Amanda broke the kiss, pushed Michelle back, and took up right where I had left off. Without even waiting, she shoved 3 fingers knuckle-deep into Michelle's already dripping pussy, and planted her mouth right on her clit. She began pounding Michelle's pussy as hard as possible, while her tongue attacked Michelle's clit with no end in sight.

The moans coming from Michelle were pure exhilaration. She began breathing heavily in no time, sweat dripping from her body and Amanda continued to finger and lick her slit with ferocity. "OOOHHHHHH MMMYYYYY GGGGOOOOOOODDDDDDD" The scream that erupted from Michelle's lips seemed to shake the walls around her as her whole body convulsed.

Her back arching away from the bed and her thighs clasping tightly around Amanda's head. She spasmed repeatedly, causing the whole bed to shake with her.

After a few deep breaths, and one long sigh, Michelle stopped shaking and let go of Amanda's head. Amanda stood up, with cum dripping from her lips and chin, smiled, then kissed Michelle again, letting Michelle lick her own juices from Amanda's mouth.

"Liked what you saw?" Michelle asked, bringing my back into reality. I could merely nod. My mouth was dry from sitting there slack-jawed from the scene before. "Now its my turn to return the favor" Michelle said while grabbing the skirt Amanda was wearing and lifting up to reveal her shaved, pantie-less pussy. Amanda laid down on the bed, with Michelle scooting herself to be between her friend's legs. I shifted to my right, trying to get a better view of the action.

Immediately, Michelle turned around, grabbed my shorts and ripped them off. "I haven't forgotten about you either." She said with the evilest grin I'd ever seen. "I'm not done yet either so get in me and don't stop until I tell you to" I followed my orders right away, lifting her hips up and getting the head of my dick lined up with her cunt in my favorite position, Doggy style.

I waited until she turned back around until I entered her. The scene I was witnessing blew my mind. My girlfriend, on her hands and knees, lying between the legs of her beautiful friend, as Amanda had taken her shirt of and began playing her boobs. I wasted no time in getting to work.

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I shoved all 7 inches as deep as I petite girl gets her tight pussy fucked, holding onto Michelle's hips for leverage. She emitted a low grunt right into Amanda's pussy, causing Amanda to shake just a bit. I pulled myself out almost all the way, then slammed back in as hard as I could.

Michelle moaned once more, her tongue and fingers already at work on Amanda. I watched as each thrust in Michelle caused Amanda's boobs to bounce as well. I continued my rhythm, pumping in and out, watching Amanda's breasts and listening to the stifled moans and groans of my girlfriend.

Before long, I felt myself getting close and started to go harder. I kept going until right before I knew I would, then pulled out. I pulled Michelle away, laid her down next to Amanda, and started jacking off, working myself up the last little bit I needed. Finally, I came, spewing forth shot after shot of cum. The first, landing right on Michelle's breasts and neck. For the second, I turned to Amanda and hit her on the stomach.

The next few just fell harmlessly onto the bed between them. I sat back, worn out as I watched Michelle and Amanda continue to lick my juices off of each other. Their tongues circling and licking up every last drop of my cum. They looked back at each other, then joined together, kissing just as passionately as before.

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Their hands were moving quickly, exploring each others bodies. I decided to sit back, get out of their way, and just watch the magic happen. Amanda pushed Michelle onto her back, spun around quickly, and lowered her pussy straight onto Michelle's eager mouth.

Michelle, returned the favor, pulling Amanda's ass down to reach her already soaked pussy. From my angle, all I could see was Amanda's head, moving as Michelle bucked her hips with each flick of the tongue. I watched as Amanda slowly put in, one finger, then two, then three, and four, and after slowly pushing and forcing it in, her whole hand slid in to her wrist. I was astonished.

I knew Michelle could take a lot, seeing as I'm about 7 inches long and maybe 1 ½" wide. But this… was incredible. I sat watching as she laid there, pussy stretched open, screaming into Amanda's pussy.

Before long, I watched Amanda seize up, her hand just frozen inside Michelle, as I watched her body tense up more and more. She began shaking and grinding her hips downward onto Michelle.

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Then in one loud scream, she burst, her body convulsing hard. I smiled as I watched Michelle wiggle her way out from underneath Amanda. She came over, gave me a quick kiss, where I tasted Amanda.

I have to admit I liked Michelle's nectar better, but it was good nonetheless. Michelle wasted no time as she went to work on me, She laid back down on her stomach, and began moving her hand slowly up my shaft, just with her fingertips. Just enough that she knew it was just a tease. Then in one move, she took the whole thing straight down her throat.

I thought I was gonna blow my load right there. She picked up speed and began using her hand to cup my balls, while deep throating my dick. I had to hold on for the ride.

Within minutes, I knew I wouldn't last anymore. "I'm coming!" I yelled, as she took me deep one last time and opened her throat for the jets of cum.

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Flawlessly, she took every drop, licked her lips seductively, and swallowed it all. I laid back, enjoying the moment. We all laid down together. I was spooning with Michelle and Amanda was lying opposite from us, just staring at Michelle. That was by far the best night I've ever had… Any comments or concerns would greatly be appreciated.

I hope you all enjoyed my first story.