Culioneros las culona mas rica en porno alexis texas

Culioneros las culona mas rica en porno alexis texas
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Fbailey story number 623 My Wife Wants You I was just sitting there in the hotel restaurant in Wichita, Kansas minding my own business as I usually did when I was out of town on business.

I had just finished my meal, paid my bill, and I was enjoying a nice glass of wine when he approached me.

He said, "My wife wants you." I asked, "For what?" He laughed softly and then he sat down at my table, leaned in a little closer, and said, "She wants you to fuck her brains out. We are here from out of town. We don't do this back in Syracuse where we come from.

She picked you out so if you are willing she will spend the entire night in your room and you can do anything sexual to her. If you look over at the woman in the blue dress she will open her legs for you." I looked in the direction that he luscious hottie loves mixing sex and massage hardcore handjob indicated. There was a lady sitting alone and facing me at a table.

She smiled at me and then she opened her legs so that I could see her bright white panties. She held her legs open as long as I was willing to watch.

Then all of a sudden she closed them. I looked around and smiled at her because she had attracted the attention of two small boys that were shouting at their mother to look at the lady with her legs spread. Of course when the mother looked around there was noting to see. I liked what I had seen and said, "Okay.

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Please send her over here to sit with me until I finish my wine." He said, "I will. May I have your room number…just in case." I pulled out my room card and then I realized that my room number was not on it.

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I told him that I would have his wife phone him when we got to my room. He seemed a little disturbed by that. So I told him that I could make up a room number if he wanted me too. He gave a little chuckle and said that it would be okay. He went to her and they talked for a minute before he left her. She then came directly to my table and said, "Hi I'm Ginger, may I sit down?" I told her my name and asked, "Is your name really, Ginger?" She replied, "Yes it is.

I am Ginger Bloom from Syracuse, New York. I work for the University there and I am here on business. I really want to spend the night with you. You can do anything sexual that you want to, to me. I do have to leave your room by ten o'clock in the morning to check out and get to the airport for my flight home. That should give you fifteen hours to molest me.

I can always sleep on the plane. My husband won't mind." I finished my wine and asked her if she would like something to drink up in my room. She smiled and said, "Just you." As I walked her out of the restaurant and toward the elevators I was thinking her last remark over.

Just you, could mean that she would drink my cum or it could mean that she would drink my urine. Either way Petite girl gets her tight pussy fucked was sure that it was sexual. We sunny leone hot sexy girls the elevator and I pressed the button for the sixth floor.

Before the doors closed the woman and the two boys from the restaurant entered and also pressed the button for the sixth floor. Ginger and I backed up and stood behind them in one corner. The boys were giggling and their mother was trying to control them and I slipped my hand up the back of Ginger's skirt to cup an ass cheek.

She just continued to look forward and smiled. Then she wiggled her ass just a little more in my hand. The elevator stopped on the second floor and two older people got in. The mother backed up into me, realized what she had done, and then wiggled her butt around. I reached my other hand down and slipped it up under her skirt to cup an ass cheek. She wiggled her butt some more and opened her stance up to let me get my hand between her legs.

Ginger did the same thing so in unison I slipped my fingers into the leg openings of their panties and up into their moist pussies. I finger fucked them both together until the doors opened up and her two sons went running out into the hallway. The mother stepped forward with my fingers still inside her. Ginger saw what I had been doing and just smiled. We went into the hallway and the doors closed behind us taking the older couple up two more floors.

Ginger said, "Would you like to join us in our room later, perhaps after their father has them in bed.

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You need to get away from them for a while and I am sure that my man can finish what he started in a very good way." The woman looked at Ginger then at me, she closed her eyes for a moment, and then she heard her children screaming at her to hurry up. She smiled and asked, "What is your room number?" Fortunately I remember my room number and told her.

I repeated it and then she repeated it and beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams, "After nine o'clock." Surprisingly Ginger leaned in and kissed her deeply. The mother's arms went around Ginger's neck. Ginger's hand went under the woman's skirt and the woman moaned. I knew that Ginger was finger fucking the woman like I had except she could get to the woman's clit, where I couldn't.

They broke off their kiss and the woman said, "Screw it, I'll just drop the little bastards with my husband and I'll be right back." I walked Ginger to my room and opened the door for her. She stayed out in the hallway and I went inside. Soon she whispered, "She's coming." Shortly they came in and quickly closed the door behind them.

The mother said, "Hello. We were never properly introduced. My name is Cindy Collins and I live in Rochester, New York.

My husband is here on business and we go home tomorrow." Ginger said, "I'm Ginger and I'm from Syracuse, New York. Small world." I only told her my name.

I did not feel that they needed to know that I lived between them, after all they both thought that they were fucking a stranger that they would never see again and who was I to spoil it for them.

Ginger knew exactly why she was there for and just undressed before helping Cindy out of her clothes. Apparently Cindy knew why she was there too. She pushed Ginger onto the bed and jumped on top of her in a sixty-nine position.

Those two girls went wild before my eyes. I had full sexual permission so I set up my video recorder and let it record. Cindy really did need a night out away from her two little monsters. She howled like a banshee whenever Ginger gave her an orgasm. I had been trying to figure out which of the two girls I wanted to fuck the most.

I had my choice between the woman that picked strange men up on business trips or the mother of two that was so horny that she let a complete stranger finger fuck her in an elevator. I chose Cindy. I rolled her over, got between her legs, and then I stuck my cock into her as deeply as I could. She cried out that I was too big and that I was killing her. I laughed thinking that she was roll playing. Besides I knew for a fact that I was just normal in that department.

She cried out horny chick trisha taking a large meaty dick smalltits and hardcore and asked me not to stop but to be more gentle.

I tried to be more gentle and she seemed to enjoy that. She was really tight down there for having two kids.

Later I found out that they had stitched her up extra tight at the hospital after childbirth at her husband's request. He wanted her to feel like a virgin and he got his wish. She told me that her husband was quite a bit smaller than I was. I just smiled as I gently stroked my cock into her. It was a great feeling and I could imagine a virgin being that tight. Anyway the thought really excited me and I came in her.

After I had pulled out Cindy said, "Oh my God that was the best fuck that I have ever had. You will have to come and visit me in Rochester some time. Stepmom brandi gives a blowjob tutorial using katys boyfriend call me and I'll be all yours." Ginger let Cindy give her another tongue lashing before she had to go back to her husband and children.

She wouldn't let Ginger lick her pussy because she wanted to keep my cum inside her all night long as a reminder of how wonderful sex could be. I hated to see Cindy leave just as much as she hated to go. She did leave me all of the ways that I could contact her by phone, email, and snail mail. Once Cindy was gone Ginger was fair game. She had seen my video camera, as did Cindy and neither one had been concerned about it.

I asked her to masturbate for me and she did a really nice job of it too. She opened her pussy lips, rubbed her clit, and moaned the whole time. She breathed heavily and cried as her orgasm hit. She could make porno movies…she was. I then had her pee and once again she was fantastic at it. She stood on the toilet seat and squatted down to piss in the bowl.

I asked her how brave she was and if she would dare walk down the hall and back. She just smiled and walked out the door. I got in a pair of pants quickly and flipped the door latch so that we could get back in.

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With no fear at all of getting caught, Ginger walked right down the middle of the corridor right to the end then she turned around and walked back toward me. As she entered my room we heard the elevator doors open and some people talking. She just smiled as I closed the door.

She told me that there was a nice area at the end of the hallway for pictures. That was where the ice machine, soda machine, and candy machines were located. I suggested that we wait until the people cleared the hall. She grabbed a towel out of the bathroom and wrapped it around her. It barely overlapped enough to close on her breasts and it tended to gap around her pussy. She grabbed the ice bucket and out the door she went again with me following her. At the end of the hall she said "Hello" and turned in.

I came around the corner to find a man just about to fill his container. Ginger asked him if he would mind me taking her picture with him. He just smiled and I pushed the trigger.

Ginger dropped the towel to the floor and stood by him. She pulled his hand to her breasts and then to her pussy and then she just snuggled into him for a kiss. He was most gracious and cooperated completely, even when she dropped his pants and sucked his cock dry.

He stood out in the hall to guard us while I finished photographing her, as if we needed his help. I did go down the hall in front propertysex hot property manager fucks pissed off tenant them and I had her towel.

The two of them walked at me carrying their ice buckets. He came to his door first and went in while Ginger watched and continued to come toward me. It was a very interesting trip for ice in deed. I tried to fuck her brains out but that was damn near impossible as I found out. We got a couple of hours sleep before she had to go back to her husband and catch their flight home. I got all of the ways to contact her too.

At the airport I ran into both ladies…we were all on the same plane to Syracuse. Ginger asked Cindy and I if we wanted to join the mile high club.

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Cindy was all for it. She wanted me to fill her pussy up again and I was happy to do it. Ginger let Cindy go in with me first. Cindy was just as determined, as she had been the night before. I went in first and sat down then she squeezed in between my legs and closed the door. I reached over and locked it, then I lifted up Cindy's skirt as she turned around, pulled her panties to one side, and sat down on my cock.

She was in too much of a hurry to be concerned about it hurting. She covered her mouth and sat right down. A moment later and she was bouncing around as if we were in some kind of turbulence. I thrust up at her and she cried out softly but didn't ask me to stop. Then all at once we both climaxed. When I was finished she stood up, adjusted her panties, lowered her skirt, and left. I waited a minute or two before I opened the door.

A woman was smiling at me and asked, "Could you do that again? With me this time." I sat back down and she came in. I explained the position that seemed to work best for Cindy but she had an idea of her own.

She removed her panties and sat down facing me. She lifted her blouse and bra up over her breasts and stuck one in my mouth. As she joined the mile high club she told me that she was on her way to Syracuse to see her granddaughter. She sure didn't look like a grandmother and she didn't feel like one either. I did get out of the bathroom and an hour later Ginger tapped me on the shoulder on her way to the rear of the plane.

Her idea was to lean over the toilet with me standing behind her. Her skirt rested on her back, her panties went in cameron dee shows her dick milking skills pocket, my cock went into her pussy, and my cum went into her love canal. She wiped up the excess and went back to sit next to her husband.

He turned around and gave me a thumbs up. As we waited for our luggage Ginger and I had to smile at Cindy trying to control her kids while her husband tried to find their luggage. I got a rather nice kiss from Ginger while Cindy waved. I waited a week and then I called Cindy. She said that her children were in school and that her husband was at work. Then she warned me about her nosey neighbors.

I suggested a motel and she was there before I was. She was even more excited than she had been in Wichita. The End My Wife Wants You 623