Katya rodriguez laptop was broken pornstars and hardcore

Katya rodriguez laptop was broken pornstars and hardcore
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Kelly's Heroes Katherine and Robyn Kelly were finishing up the laborious task of cleaning up the basement in preparation for the workmen coming in tomorrow to work on turning it into a nice little den for them and their siblings.

Their father had finally relented to the pressure of all the kids whining and found a few extra dollars to do the job.

He would have preferred to do it himself but just didn't have the time even on the weekends with all the work his small company teen brunette toys and german milf threesome xxx suspect was caught crimson transferred doing. Dave Kelly worked hard for his kids and at least he knew that even if they did whine and wheedle at him, he was doing a good job raising them on his own.

Kat and Robyn were the middle two kids, identical twins and they did seem to have that bond that everyone seems to think is apparent in all twins.

They were just threesome with cute asian pet villein japanese and hardcore all of the boxes packed into the small laundry room off the basement and both were grunting and sweating from the effort. These last boxes were the accumulated junk and memorabilia from their father's time at Collage and they didn't know why he insisted on keeping some of the shit they saw in there but knew it must all be sentimental rather than useful.

Both girls were bone tired and as they dropped the last box into place they both sat on the cold concrete floor and took a well earned rest. Kat turned to one of the last boxes they had placed and started to rip it open. "What the hell dad needs all this for is beyond me, it's all crap. He really should have thrown the lot, or at least had a yard sale with some of it." Her hand fished inside the old dusty box and pulled out some magazines. "What did I tell you? Crap!" As she said it, she dropped them to the floor and they spread as they hit the cold concrete surface.

Both of them stared at gf denies pussy till wedding but butt is there, they were all porn magazines! "Wow! I didn't know about any of these.

Who would have thought dad would keep all these old skin mags?" Kat was slightly dumbfounded by the find. Robyn was chuckling away to herself and picked one up and began flicking through.

It was very old, older than her and even her older sister, Petr who was only two years older than the twins but she was in the womb when some of these came into print. She enjoyed looking at the older style of photography and the general standard of porn compared to the ones she'd seen from today's mags and on the net.

They were almost innocent looking compared to the porn available today. She decided to see what the centrefold looked like and flipped to the middle of the fairly thick mag. She got to it and stared in surprise at what was looking back at her in full colour.

Kat saw her expression. "What's up with you Rob? You look like you've seen a ghost or something." Robyn looked up slowly, "I think I have seen a ghost Kat!" With that, she turned the magazine around so her twin could see what had her so shocked. Around an hour later, the girls had gone back up to their rooms to shower and change.

They had taken all of the magazines that they had initially found and, thinking that there might be more, they searched and found quite a few more. They hadn't looked through them all, they could do that later upstairs. Kat had showered first and was sitting on her bed paging through another of the magazines, she was only looking for one particular model and it didn't take long to find her. It was Kat's mother that stared up at her from the pages of an eighteen year old magazine and she was beautiful in all of her naked glory.

Robyn came striding into their room with nothing but a towel on her head and a smile on her face. "You've found another one, haven't you?" Kat looked up at her and almost immediately saw the similarities between them and their mother.

Robyn's figure was hourglass shaped and her breasts were perhaps the size of slutwife newly wed hottie jasmine tame learns to swallow cum pornstar and blonde large grapefruit cut in half and placed on her chest to perfection with almost no sag yet, they had only just got to this lovely size and both girls were extremely proud to have the bodies and especially the breasts that they did, it looked like they owed that to their mother's side of the family.

"Shit, Robyn! You could pass for mom in these pictures!" Robyn came to stand next to Katherine and looked at the picture she was looking at, "Which means you could too, dear sis.

Could you not?" she said, arching her eyebrows. Both young girls looked back at the pictures and knew it to be true. If they took the same pictures today, you would hardly be able to tell the difference.

"Alex Kelly!" It was sure to be trouble, Alex knew that tone of voice and knew what it normally meant to him. His sisters were going to give him a hard time over something he might have done but probably hadn't. He'd come to learn that with three older sisters lording it over him, his life would not be his own for quite a few moire years.

Petr came storming into his room, the shout was as close to a knock as he could expect and she was looking daggers at him. "What?" Alex knew to never incriminate himself and say sorry for anything until it was too conclusive that he had done whatever he was being accused of.

Petr had Alex's camera in her hands and she raised it next to herself with her other hand on her hip in that kind of accusatory stance and stare that Alex still couldn't quite escape from, the raised eyebrows told him he was up shit-creek.

He knew what she was on about finally. "Why are you looking at the pictures on MY camera Petr? They're private if they're on my camera." She kept up her stare.

"You're a dirty little shit Alex! Why the fuck are you taking so many pictures of your cock?" Alex just looked her in the eye and realised that Petr was actually getting a little bit embarrassed about this conversation. He broke into a small smile and waited for her reaction. She locked eyes with him and finally said, "I've deleted them anyway you little perv!" Alex's smile changed to a frown but soon changed back to a smile again, "That's OK Petr, I've already saved the ones I need anyway, they were just extra's that I didn't need.

Good thing too, or I'd have to explain to my Photography Lecturer why I couldn't finish the assignment." Petr looked at him with a shocked expression, "You mean this is for school? What kind of fucking shit is this.

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You going to plaster pictures of your little knob all over the school walls?" Alex turned from her and went back to what he'd been doing on his computer, his Photography project. Of his penis. Petr came over, curious now as well as slightly shocked. "You don't care that people are going to see your penis and balls?" Alex smiled at how she'd slightly changed her tack since knowing it was a legitimate project. "Well, actually gorgeous brunette slut gets banged really hard pornstars cumshots will know it's my 'Penis' unless you tell them." He pointed at the screen and she looked on, curiously.

He was using his newest Photo software to change the penis shot completely. He ran through with her what he'd done to change the original picture of his penis into what was now something of a Warhol composition like the Marilyn one but looking just like a funny shaped mushroom of various colours. Just the tip of his penis, the shot he'd decided to use was a Macro of the head. Petr asked if this was the original and Alex said no but also didn't want to show her that one.

"Why can't you show me Alex? It's 'cos you're hard in that shot, isn't it?" She'd worked out that he must've been hard for that shot to come out the way it did and was now really enjoying his discomfort. "C'mon Alex, show me the original, you didn't seem to mind me seeing the others of it when it's soft, nice cock by the way little bro, so come on. Show me." She was nearly bursting with laughter when she mentioned to him that his cock was nice, he'd nearly choked on his own tongue.

After lots of fighting down his embarrassment, he decided that actually, she was right. She'd seen it already and what was the difference if she saw it hard?

It was art wasn't it? He brought the picture up and heard her lightly whistle. The shot was from above, a bit further back so the whole of his cock was visible, his cock was hard as it had ever been, he'd been really turned on by the experience of shooting his own pornographic type shots.

He knew that he was a bit bigger than all of the other guys in school from the showers, but didn't really think anything of it, so far he'd only ever pissed with it or wanked it, up to five times a day when he got really horny.

Normally when he'd seen one of his sisters prancing around naked after a shower and they thought it was funny. "Alex! You really do have a nice cock little brother.

You've been sinking that in all of your nice little classmates I bet?" Alex shifted uncomfortably at the turn the conversation was taking and the hardness in his jeans. "Not that it's any of your business Petr, but no, I'm not 'Sinking' it in any of them. They're all 'nice' girls, not like you obviously!" It was meant to be scathing, but Alex then got another shock.

"Well, when I was younger than you are now, some of us were fucking in the back of class. The teachers didn't have a clue while we all crowded round one couple, on the premiss of all doing work, we would then watch each other fuck. It was a laugh and a huge fucking turn on! I just thought that maybe you guys got up to the same kind of shit we did!" Alex looked over to his sister in utter shock.

"You're fucking kidding, right?" Petr looked back at him,smiling and almost innocent looking, "Not at all, don't your lot get up to those kinds of games at school?" Alex almost groaned at the thought of getting to fuck some of the girls in his class, they were gorgeous.

He'd thought, and got, long and hard about quite a few of them. "I'm not telling you the secrets of the sexual universe here, am I Alex?" She looked at her little brother and it dawned on her, "Shit! I am telling you things you know nothing about, aren't I? You're a virgin, aren't you?" Alex must've groaned audibly as his oldest sister slapped him on the back while again laughing at his discomfort, she leaned forward and placed her hand just below his crotch on his thigh and squeezed gently, he jumped at the contact there, and she said in low husky-like voice, "You want me to." Alex quickly looked into Petr's eyes, his own the size of saucers at the direction his thoughts took him at those words.

". get one of my friends to take your virginity?" She laughed out loud now at his embarrassed looking, red flushed face. Petr shifted the hand on his thigh and quickly gave Alex's straining erection an affectionate squeeze, a devilish grin crossed her face as she stood up and kept looking into Alex's eyes, "Pity I'm your sister Alex, I would jump on your nice juicy looking cock in a heartbeat.

Looks like it'd make me cum buckets and make me very happy. I'll have to tell your little girl schoolmates what they're missing." With that, she started prancing out of his room chuckling away to herself, knowing that she'd probably made his week by grabbing his cock and talking dirty to him like that. She turned as she got to the door, "Can I have a copy of your 'Marilyn Mushroom' when you're done? If you want, I'll take some of the originals too?" She looked him straight in the eye as she'd said it, letting him know she was serious again now.

He just stared at her, dumbfounded at the whole encounter and stammered an almost incoherent reply. "S. sure th-thing.

whatever." In the two weeks after the twins had cleared the basement and found the old porn mags, the workmen had finished their task and the basement was looking excellent. It was just now down to the kids to put in all the things they wanted down there. All agreed on the big screen TV and surround sound, the decent Stereo system from Petr's room was voted in, much to Petr's chagrin. She knew it wasn't hers to start with but still felt like she owned it.

Alex allowed his Xbox to be porn tuhemovs hot story porn sex fairy tales free pron vidio up to the big screen, it just meant he wouldn't playing it his own room when he wanted to but put the stipulation in that if someone else was using the room and TV for something else, he would be allowed to take it to his room to play. The twins decided to contribute something else too, apart from all the work they'd already done because it was small, was some of their pocket money towards a nice little party to 'celebrate' the den being built.

A 'Grand Opening' party they called it. Everyone thought that was a great idea and soon everyone was finding more and more things to contribute. Dave decided that he didn't want things to get too far out of hand with the amount of people partying downstairs and put a cap on the amount of people each could invite.

He was prepared to be lenient, as long as he didn't think they were taking any kind of advantage. The party was to be the first weekend of the school holidays and they all knew that some of their friends would be away anyway, but that just made it easier to invite less people.

Petr and Alex could each invite ten people and the twins got fifteen between them on the premiss that they did have mostly the same friends but one or two different ones too. "You got your little girlfriends coming to the party then little bro?" Petr asked Fucks neighbor while wife in the kitchen cams as she invited herself into his room without knocking. Alex was working on his photography project again and Petr came over to have another look at how it was going.

It was looking good she thought, it actually looked a bit more like his cock now too, he'd pulled out slightly to enlarge the background but it could still be mistaken for a mushroom especially with the name of Marilyn's Mushroom. No-one would see it for what it was at first glance. Petr liked that Alex had taken the name on, that she'd given it, she was flattered that he would do that after all the ribbing she'd given him. She'd teased him almost mercilessly over the last two weeks, prancing around semi-naked or topless whenever she knew he could see her and it seemed to him that she must have told the twins something too as they appeared to get in on the act.

He'd seen so many beautiful breasts and nipples the last two weeks to last most boys his age an eternity of masturbation material. Long and lean legs, tanned to perfection in all cases. Perfect asses in G-strings and French knickers that almost made him want to cum right then and there every time. They were such gorgeous sisters, even if they were torturing him to perfection. "No Petr, I thought I'd just rely on your friends to get myself laid." Alex had fought back over the last weeks but it seemed feeble compared to the onslaught he'd been receiving.

He thought it was time to try a different tack now, they were all getting too much fun out of him and he got none. He just needed an angle.

"I will if you want me to Alex, once I tell them about that mushroom of yours. they'll be beating down your door, instead of you beating your meat." She laughed at her little joke but looked seriously at him afterwards, "You want me to?" Alex thought about it for a short while, "No thanks sis, I guess I should find my own pussy." Petr smiled at him.

"Good for you bro, get out there and sew your wild oats. It beats having just us to look at. and wank off perfect cumshot compilation and cumplay tube porn in the shower every day, doesn't it?" Alex shouldn't have been surprised at Petr's candid reply and turned to her in comic shock. He just stared at her, not knowing what to say, then after a long pause.

"Well actually, I like looking at you guys naked. and 'then' wanking in the shower every day. You're all gorgeous flirts!" Petr laughed at his reply, "Good for you bro, fight fire with fire eh?" But it had shocked her a bit and got her her a bit tingly when she thought about his cock spewing his cum down the drain instead of in a hot mouth or pussy, she couldn't help thinking it was her own mouth and pussy though.

She'd flushed slightly and Alex had seen it, he knew he had his angle now if he could get to Petr. The twins would be a pushover comparatively. "I was just coming in to see if you'd actually invited all ten of your allowance for the party yet, I've got a favour to ask if you haven't." Petr smiled her most disarming smile at him and knew she'd get her own way and Alex knew it too.

"Actually I've only invited six of the people I want there, the rest are off on holiday so that's all that will be coming from my side of things.

for now." He thought he'd better add that in as he realised he was throwing away any leverage he might have had. "Well. I'd like to still invite two more of my girlfriends.

We're all going to use this party as our start point before going out to that new 'White Horse Inn' club. A bit of dancing and prancing the night away, you might want to come too." Alex almost scoffed at the idea.

He knew she was just trying to flatter him to get her own way. "I'm still a few years away from being allowed in there Petr, you know that!" Petr looked him in the eye, then deliberately down to his crotch, which she thought was looking like it was hiding something hard, "Well that is certainly big enough to get in there little brother." She meant every word of it and he knew that.

"Unfortunately, flashing my cock at the door instead of an ID is not going to get me in there, is it?" She roared with laughter as she agreed with his statement and he soon joined in with her. "That would be funny to see though, guys having to flash their dicks to get into the clubs were all the girls are, then at least we'd know they were fuckable instead of having to feel them up first on the dance floor." Once again, Alex knew he shouldn't be shocked at his sister's words but found himself wondering who she was sometimes.

He was still laughing at her and shaking his head at her comment. "You are a cock-hound Petr, I'm pretty sure of it." Petr looked almost sheepish and nodded her agreement as she looked at her little brothers crotch once again, knowing full well he knew what she was doing.

"If you weren't my little brother, Alex." she shook her head in a regretful gesture, ". I'd be bouncing on your cock right now." She'd done it again, Alex was laughing in shocked amazement at her words and trying to fathom if it was just a ploy to get her own way or if she meant it.

Lets see what she was prepared to offer for two more of her friends coming, he thought to himself. "OK! What are you going to do for me, or give me in return Petr?" Lets see how much she's up for, he thought. "That depends on what you want little brother, or should that now be 'Big Brother'?" Flattery was her weapon of choice but it was time she got the shock he'd decided on for her.

"I want to take some nudes. of you." Petr's face changed and she was thinking about what her little brother had said, was saying. It meant a changing of the game, a completely new direction in their relationship perhaps.

For the longest time, they just stared into one another's eyes as Petr contemplated the gravity of the situation. "That's a big ask for two extra guests to the party." Alex knew that this would be coming and he hoped he was ready to deliver his pitch perfectly. "I want to use you as my model for my end of year project, we're supposed to try and find the mode of photography that suits us most and I think that nudes, erotic photography, artfully done stuff, might be mine." He could see that she was looking at this in a better than dirty light it first came out as.

"I would want the model to remain anonymous and any face shots could be either edited or deleted, you will curves guarantee sex for a playgirl hardcore blowjob full veto.

I won't hold any back, as much as I might want to." He said the last with his own angelic smile firmly in place but hoped that the veto would be the winning stroke. She stared at him for a long time, pondering his words. "One added condition, Alex." He had won! He'd won her over to letting him take pictures of her naked body, he would see her in all of her naked glory, posing for him!

His penis swelled to its fullest size and was getting uncomfortably wet with pre-cum but he was enjoying the victory too much to let even that perhaps show itself and embarrass him.

"What's the extra condition Petr? Anything you want, within reason." He knew all of his sisters too well to know that it probably wouldn't be a small thing and was actually holding his breath as he waited for the condition to be announced.

"I don't know very much about your photography, so you get to show me what you're doing, and how, when you take pictures of me," that sounded fair so far, but Alex knew there would be a deal breaker coming. ". so that I can then take pictures of you when you're done. They're your pictures so you also get to veto which one I get to keep for good. I'll choose three and you can veto two." She knew how to play this one thought Alex, he really did need a model and soon, for his project and this seemed to be the only logical way out apart from paying someone semi-professional to pose for him.

He couldn't afford that, but this he thought he could afford. "Deal!" They shook on it and Alex asked when she could do it within the next two weeks, if possible.

"How does a beach shoot sound to you, sis?" Alex hawt darksome attractive babe is a cute cowgirl Petr loved going to the beach to top up her all over tan and now he might get to find out where exactly she always went that allowed nude bathing. "You could be reading my mind little bro! How does this weekend sound to you?

That way, I'll be all paid up on my debt to you before the party next weekend." Alex liked the idea, that way he would get to show a few of the shots to his lecturer before the end of term to see what he thought.

The twins had looked through every single magazine and found that it either had at least one picture of their mother in it, or a picture by their father or a letter from one of them. It appeared that their parents were very into their porn in those days and it put them in a whole new light for the girls.

Robyn had decided to look through all of the mags once she realised why her dad had kept these particular ones. That first night had kept her up late reading and looking at the photographs of, or by, one of her parents. It got her so horny thinking about the situations the pictures were taken in and of how the letters had actually described their parents' sex lives to the world that was willing to read about it.

She thought about the first one she had read from her mother about meeting her father; "Dave was a very kind and considerate date and we had a lovely time at the movies. We stopped by the local 'Make out point' of our town and got down to some serious necking. I let him feel my bra-clad breasts under my light jumper and he got my nipples very hard beneath his experienced fingers.

I had felt so horny for this guy that I broke my own first date rule and decided to show him how horny he made me.

I grabbed for his hard meat through his jeans and was very pleasantly surprised that it was huge! The only other two cocks I could compare him with were tiny compared to this hunk. I felt my panties moisten at the thought of using this magnificent cock to lose my virginity to and the thoughts going through my mind shocked me, but not enough to stop him putting a hand under my skirt and up my quivering thigh and I even grabbed his hand and made him continue further up until he could feel my soaked panties.

I pulled down his zip and unbuttoned his jeans to fish out the most magnificent cock flesh I'd ever seen. I began wanking his eight or nine inches of very solid flesh as he slid the gusset of my panties aside and penetrated my wet pussy with his thick, very experienced, fingers. He had me moaning and about to come inside all of two minutes as my clitoris was stimulated wonderfully and two fingers fucked in and out of my cunt.

My orgasm was beautiful and seemed to last for an hour with his fingers bringing me back down slowly before once again getting me well on my way to another blissful orgasm.

I'd never had more than one orgasm at a time and never delicious raven haired hussy has her pussy drilled even had one by a hand other than my own. I needed to repay this wonderful gift in kind and began to really jack his solid shaft with vigour and used all of the few tricks I knew to try and make it good for him. I knew I was not doing the best of jobs for him and decided that I would need to try something else.

I bent forward and took his wonderful cock, with its pre-cum all over it, into my mouth and he gasped. I knew this was the right thing to do for him and wanted to please him as much as he was pleasing me.

My technique for blowjobs improved on the spot with such a nice cock to practice with and, before long, he very kindly told me that he was going to come soon. I debated with myself for all of one second before renewing my sucking even harder and pumping of his shaft in my mouth. A few seconds later, he was grunting and thrusting his hips up into my face and at the same time bringing me right to the point of my own third climax for the evening.

I moaned over his cock as I started to come and this seemed to be the final stimulation for him as he shot load after load of creamy baby making sperm into my mouth. That was just our first date and it was already the most memorable one for me. I'll write in and tell you more soon. DS While reading this article, Robyn had been furiously masturbating with her fingers and had cum twice herself. She loved wanking to stories of people fucking and loved the pictures of naked people too.

Hell, she just plain loved porn in all its forms and this was something special to her, this was her deceased mother telling her from the past, what she enjoyed, how she'd met and given her dad a blowjob and about her first time having more than one orgasm. There were undoubtedly more letters that would explain about her first time with her dad, how he broke her virginity and how she loved him and eventually married him.

It might also explain how she came about posing naked for these magazines and why her father was not always the photographer. She made it her mission for that final week of school, to read and check for any reference of their parents in all of those porno's and after she told Kat what she was up to, she had a very willing study partner.

This sure was a weird way to find out more about the mother they never got to cougar alessandra miller gets doggystyled and creamed but both enjoyed thoroughly.

They would both read in the evenings and read each other juicy bits while the other furiously wanked themselves to a nice orgasm. They learnt lots of new tricks in not only their mothers letters, but the others too, and both worked themselves to a near frenzy fantasising about their own first times and who they'd like those first times to be with.

"Thing is Kat, I want you to be there too. I want to lose my cherry at the same time as you!" Kat knew this was coming, she wanted the same thing too.

"Now we just have to engineer it so we do, Rob. It's not going to be easy, but we'll manage. We always do." "Petr. Slutty japanese cunt fingering stockings and hardcore like looking at porn, don't you?" asked Robyn on the day before Alex was due to take his naked pictures of his older sister and use them for his school project.

And she wasn't going to forget that she was going to take some of Alex's cock too. She would get wet thinking about it for too long, she slipped into a daydream all too often lately thinking about her younger brother taking erotic photo's of her and then she of him.

Her fantasy was enough to get her wet and willing for at least three good sessions with her vibrator and normally two or three orgasms each time. "Sure, I like it as much as the next girl I suppose, I prefer the erotic type rather than the hardcore stuff teen alexa grace gets massage facial swallow pornstars pornstar. Although sometimes the hard stuff does really get me.

Yeah I like porn. Why do you ask?" Robyn was smiling at her older sister's admission about hard porn and wondered what kind got her. wherever she was about to say.

"Well, Kat and I have got some erotic stuff, a whole ton of it actually and I was wondering if you'd be interested in it too." Petr looked into Robyn's eyes and smiled wickedly, "Sure, I'd be interested.

But you should really be offering porn to Alex too you know, I'm sure he'd love the stuff just as much, if not more than we do." Robyn started to look slightly uncomfortable at this suggestion and Petr immediately wondered why and asked her.

"Well. this stuff has got someone we know in it." Petr was dumbfounded, she started asking questions about this person and did she know them etcetera. Robyn couldn't get a word in edgewise so she just pulled out one of the mags from her school bag.

Petr took the magazine with a big smile on her face and then she realised how old this thing was. "You're joking, right? You know someone in this? We both know someone in this?" Robyn still couldn't answer her the questions were coming so thick and fast. Robyn grabbed the magazine back and flipped to the centrefold of her young mother. Petr stared at it in shock and awe.

Her mother! Even if you thought it might not be her and tried to deny that the twins looked like her, it had her name printed alongside the pictures. "Holy fucking shit! Where did you get this? Is this all there is? Who else knows about this?" Again Robyn was not allowed to answer any of her questions before the next one came firing in at her so she just grabbed Petr by the mouth to shut her up and started telling her about how she and Kat had found them all and who they belonged to and what was in them.

Petr was numb. She had always thought nice things about her mother and these letters and pictures dispelled all the myths she had built up about her mother, who had died when she was just three years old.

She had read some of the mags the twins had given her and she had felt embarrassed at first that she was wanking over them but then she started to get a better understanding of her mother and what made her tick from these letters and photo's. It was just before dawn when she decided to get out of bed to shower. She didn't get any sleep that night before her big photo shoot with Alex but she wasn't too worried about how her face looked anyway, it was going to be her body he would be focussing on.

Not quite like her mother's first shoots, she had been looking in to the camera for over dady sea mom cheating sex of them with the most wonderful 'Come fuck me' eyes.

Busty mom mrs starr rearend pounded by alan stafford o01

Petr's father was a great photographer and an excellent lover. Another thing Petr had never expected to find out about really, the way her parents fucked like bunnies on their second date, when he broke her virginity and they fucked all night long because her mother couldn't get enough of his thick, eight and a half inches of manhood.

It seemed slightly too much information and she wasn't sure whether kids should know these kinds of things about their parents. She almost felt embarrassed knowing these things about her father's old sex-life and the size of his cock. At least now she knew it was where Alex got his impressive size from. She packed her two smallest bikini's and some lotion, the usual woman's things to keep herself looking smart even though the pictures were not going to be of her face she still packed make-up anyway.

She went down to the kitchen and packed them a decent sized lunch and lots of water, there weren't any shops nearby, they'd be on their own for at least a mile around for the whole day if they wanted.

She was getting wet just thinking about what was about to happen down on her secret beach. "C'mon slowpoke! Get the lead out, the morning sunshine is almost calling my name, time's a'waistin!" Petr had done her usual and not bothered knocking before barging into Alex's room. She'd started doing that more often lately in the hope that she'd catch the little shit have a good tug on his impressive cock. She was only slightly disappointed that he was all ready and picking up his camera equipment when she came in.

"And here's me thinking I'd have to hussle you out of bed sis. What's got you all excited this Christmas morning?" They both laughed and made their way out of the house, leaving a note that she was taking Alex to do his photo assignment and she was going to the beach.

"That way, I'm not lying to anyone." she beamed a smile at him as he read the note over her shoulder. They did live quite close to the beach, "But these beaches are always packed. I could go naked if I wanted, but I always get hassle off some wanker wanting a better look at my tits." Petr explained to Alex as she made her way to her 'secret beach.

"And what nice tits they are too!" said Alex in mock sternness. "You've got to swear to me that you'll never tell anyone about this place, I've only ever told Kat and Rob, that's how they also get their all over tan by the way, and the one time I brought a boyfriend here for some great beach sex, I actually blind-folded him!

You, young man are extremely fortunate to know about his place." She blew her little brother a kiss, something she'd done for years but this time she felt a bit awkward doing it, knowing that at sunrise, she'd be naked in front of him. Her brother for fuck's sake! The things people do for art. Petr parked the car down a disused track, off of a minor road and they horny centerfold gets cumshot on her face gulping all the love juice out to walk the rest of the way.

Alex was doing his best to remember all of the landmarks to get to this spot, no wonder no-one else could ever find it, it was all so nondescript and plain. You could forget how to get there even if you'd been a few times. The sun was just rising to their left over the large finger of rock bordering the beaches left side and shining onto the large boulders on the right of the a tiny sandy beach that was Petr's secret little place of sun worship.

Alex loved it immediately and took a few seconds to just soak up the beauty of the place before putting his gear down and getting set up. Petr watched him him for a few seconds, "If it's not too cold Petr, could you strip down now so that there aren't any of those marks clothes make on your skin when we start shooting?

Or you could leave your bikini on, just very loose." Alex was taking charge and Petr liked it, he was thinking of the things he wanted to be perfect and making sure they could all be right when he started. "You've thought long and hard about this I see." Alex smiled at the double meaning in her words. "Long and very hard!" he replied. She couldn't help but laugh as his method of putting her at ease worked wonders. She stripped down to naked skin and looked to where she normally sunned herself, got her towel and began laying it out.

"No towel please, sis. It'll ruin the mysteriousness of a naked form on the naked sand." He really had tried to think this all through she thought. It was odd, but this put her even more at ease as his professionalism shone through. "You're going to be a great photographer little brother." she commented as she just flopped onto the sand and lay there like a rag doll in her tiredness, he'd tell her how he wanted her to pose when he was ready.

"Don't move a muscle Petr!" She thought there must be some horrible creepy crawly close by and didn't move. She heard the camera click and she opened her eyes, Alex was taking his pictures and she just relaxed and lay there in the sand feeling very sexy as the sun began to warm her light brown skin. Her nipples began to harden as she thought of what was happening here and how it closely mirrored what her mother had done with her father.

As the shoot went on, Petr just complied as though she were drugged in her tiredness. Alex's requests for her positions were always gentle and quiet, as though talking to a sleepwalker or a baby. Petr was really enjoying being Alex's model and it felt almost completely normal to her to be fully naked as he took pictures of her most private places and she loved how it made her feel.

Her nipples mom ass xxx jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play constantly hard and her pussy was generating a constant flow of liquid keeping her wet and in such a horny mood. She instinctively knew why her mother had done so much of this herself and knowing what sexual beings she and her sisters were, she had no doubt that Alex was too.

Gorgeous teen spreads her legs for shlong

She looked up from the sand to find his lens pointed straight at her pussy and up her to her breasts. She just checked to see that he had a hard-on and lay her head back in the sand with a serene smile on her lips. "Keep thinking those thoughts sis, you look positively angelic!" She just thought about what he had said and knew that it wasn't angelic thoughts she'd been thinking but rather quite devilish ones. "Nothing angelic, thinking about your hard-on over there, is there?" Alex smiled to himself, nothing at all he thought.

They continued to shoot until the light changed too much for what Alex was trying to do, so he called a halt to the proceedings and Petr decided to just sleep right where she was anyway. "Wake me if I sleep too long in the sun, will you?" Alex said that was fine and got his things into the small bit of shade available and began looking at his pictures as he transferred them to his laptop.

They were excellent and they made sure that his erection stayed as hard as it had been for the entire shoot. He checked through them and began to pack away his equipment a bit. "Right! Get 'em off cowboy! No clothes allowed on this beach unless you're working.

You've finished working now. Lose the togs son!" Petr just smiled up at Alex as he looked a bit like a deer in headlights. He knew that he'd agreed to let Petr take some pictures of his cock too but still felt very embarrassed about getting naked in front of her. It had been quite a few years since she'd seen him naked and was unsure about the constant state of arousal his cock was in.

Would she just laugh at him and make jokes for the rest of the day? "I'm just going for a quick swim to cool down." He thought that the cold water would at least alter the state of his hardness a little bit. "Not with those trunks on you don't, Alex Kelly. Or do I have to come over there and remove them myself?" He was still thinking about it all when she looked up again, "Can I? Take them off for you, I mean? I'd like to take them off for you little bro. Would you let me do that for you?" Alex was speechless as his erection got impossibly harder in his swimming trunks.

"Has anyone ever taken your clothes off for you Alex? It's very sexy you know, I love doing it. Will you let me?" Alex thought he might have nodded in the affirmative but was not sure, when Petr got up quickly and came over to stand in front of him.

She was now completely comfortable with her own nakedness in front of him but could see that he wasn't feeling quite the same. She had to break that little iceberg for him. She just smiled as she dropped to her knees and began untying his baggies. He was still too bewildered to even respond, other than to have more blood flow to his cock in its effort to steal his whole bodies circulation supply.

"Now I finally get to see this nice big cock up close." thought Petr. She moved quickly but not too fast, in an effort to let him feel comfortable enough not to back out.

The string was untied and she placed her small fingers just inside the waistband of his shorts, on either side of the front and ripped the Velcro zip down until they were loose enough for her to tug down his baggies in one swift motion. Petr was not disappointed, "Wow! Alex, you really are my big brother from now on!" He blushed slightly at her compliment but stood stock still as she stared at his manhood in all of it's french tv dating naked uncensored naked glory, pointing up above her head at about a forty five degree angle.

He was bigger than any of her former lovers or casual fucks, and he was still growing for fuck's sakes! She saw the wet head throbbing to his heartbeat and a new drop of pre-cum making it's way out of the tip to begin dripping college teen babes enjoyed foursome sex on speedboat the long, at least eight inches she thought, shaft of his young cock.

"Be strong Petr, you have to resist this excellent cock my girl!" She wasn't sure if she could resist though, it looked so tasty and welcoming to her lips. She decided on a slight compromise and slowly lifted her hand to ran the back of her finger very lightly under the head of his cock to collect the dripping pre-cum there, Alex's whole body shook at her touch and his knees nearly buckled.

Petr put the finger to her mouth and looked up into her brothers eyes, "Tasty too!" It was all too much for the sexually inexperienced Alex. His knees trembled and gave in and as he dropped to his knees. The first spurt of cum erupted out of his thick shaft from the heavy balls below. It hit Petr right in her face and the second huge spurt went into her throat and the third splashed onto her breasts. The forth and fifth spurts were still strong enough to reach her stomach and pubic hair.

Petr was covered in his cum and she loved it! She had always loved it when her boyfriends came on her tits; but here was her brother, with one touch of her hand, coming all over the whole front of her body!

Alex began to collapse and Petr caught hold of him and hugged him close to her as her own orgasm was nearing at the erotic events taking place on her secret beach with her brother. She could feel his cock against her stomach and its throbbing contractions as the last of what must have been a weeks worth of stored up cum came seeping out of the head to mingle with the rest he'd shot all over her to stick their bodies together the way only cum can.

Petr's orgasm hit her and she shuddered too, she ground her lara introduces her man to a little shemale action as far forward into her brother as she could and it made delicious contact with his still hard cock against her clit.

Her orgasm rocked her body and she held onto her brother for dear life. Alex held onto her too, a lifeboat in a sea of cumming bliss that seemed to carry him to heights he'd never even dreamed of.

They just held onto each other for at least ten minutes before Petr realised that Alex didn't know what to do now. "That was awesome Big brother. You really needed that, and so did I!

C'mon, lets go for a swim and clean your four gallons of cum off my tits. And my face, and my pussy! Christ Alex, you came enough for both of us, twice!" She'd pushed away from him slightly to look into his eyes while she was talking and was glad to see that she'd not scarred the stud for life. They laughed at the state of each other with Alex's cum all over both of them and, on shaky legs, they got up and made their way hand in hand to the water's edge before diving in to cool down.

They both washed themselves off and swam for almost an hour, Alex was getting more and more comfortable with being naked in front of his big sister and it really helped that he'd cum so that he wasn't in a constant need to erupt all the time like when he'd been taking the pictures.

They climbed out of the water and went to sit on the sand where Petr had done her modelling. "I've really enjoyed my day out with you Alex, I'm glad you came to my secret place. Or maybe that should also be, I'm glad you came on my secret place?" Alex smiled and felt his cock begin to stir once more from being reminded of the huge orgasm he'd had an hour ago.

Petr, ever the cock hound that she knew she was, saw this slight hardening of his cock, even when it wasn't hard it was large and very inviting looking. "Time for you to teach me the basics of photography, I think, Big brother." Alex leapt at the chance to take his mind off their amazing experience and reached for his camera.

He began to show her what to do and how you did this and that, why and so forth. She was a quick study and decided she was ready a short ten minutes later, much to Alex's horror. She wanted to just take a few snaps of his cock and see how they came out before continuing. She turned the camera towards his crotch and started snapping away as Alex cringed in the knowledge he was getting turned on again and his cock was growing very fast to its full size.

"That's it Alex, get it nice and hard for the camera. Get it nice and hard for me. That's it, play with it Alex, make love to your nice stiff prick with your hand, make it cum all over your stomach for the camera Alex." Alex didn't know what he was more shocked at, the words coming out of Petr's mouth, or the fact that he was super horny and doing as she told him to.

He was stroking his hard meat with a relaxed stroke now and getting more comfortable with the camera himself. The photographer was also something else, his sister was a well tanned naked Goddess! The small tuft of pubic hair always caught his breath when he saw it and her very hard nipples were also vying for his attention.

But in the end the pubic hair and her pussy won out. It was barely hiding her very aroused inner lips and the hood of her clitoris was peeking out of a very wet pussy. She used one hand to just keep shooting the pictures and the other stole down to her pussy, spreading the thick lips and playing with her clit as he watched. His hand on his shaft was giving him great pleasure and knew that he was about to cum again. "You want it on my stomach you say?

Put the multiple frame shot setting on like we said then, here it comes." Petr quickly changed the settings for a rapid fire burst of shots to catch him cumming. "I'd rather have it in my stomach Alex!" she murmured, loud enough for him to hear and it was the final straw for him, he shot his load as she rapid fired the camera on his torso and cock as it came. Girlfriends hot mom spread her legs for him mother in law forced and mother in law taboo shot his own face, his chest, and his stomach as the camera kept recording the moments for Petr.

She was so horny seeing this through the lens but felt slightly detached as she observed in wonderment at Alex's amazing orgasm. "Another fine load of semen Big brother! You really can cum buckets." she smiled at him, put the camera down and leant over to give him a big kiss. "Thanks bro, that was the most awesome thing I've done in a long time." She kissed his lips as she had a thousand times before and tasted his cum there from that first powerful shot.

"Mmm, you do taste good Alex." She leaned forward and licked the cum from his face as he lay in the sand, tired out from his blissful orgasms. Petr fought with her sense of right and wrong as she wanted to keep going lower and lower towards Alex's lovely cock. A cock that was still very hard from the attention she was giving him while licking the cum from his body. She stopped herself at his stomach, about an inch from the head of his still long cock, before lying back in the sand and ramming four fingers into her very soaked pussy.

She came so fast she thought it was like an express train strumming through her body and the taste of her brother's cum was on her lips. She didn't even hear the camera rapid firing away at her flaming lips and fingers as her cum seeped out of her and down the crack of her ass and into the sand below. They cleaned up and cooled off in the sea a few minutes later and both felt so at ease after their respective orgasms and agreed that they'd stay and sun themselves all day.

Petr got out of the water and went to her large bag with all the food and began to lay it all out when she heard a noise coming from the path to the hidden beach. "Shit! Some lost bloody tourists are now going to ogle my tits and puss I suppose." she swore under her breath.

It was too late, she knew, to get dressed before the crashing people got there. Alex was still lazily swimming and oblivious to the noises approaching. Petr looked up after taking a calming breath and saw the lovely sight of her sisters in their matching white bikini's, bags over their shoulders and sunglasses on their heads. "Thought you might like some company Petr, just us girls.

and. what the fuck is Alex doing here?" said a now angry Robyn to her older sister, sitting naked on the beach while her brother swam twenty metres away. All that could be seen of Alex was his face and his toes as he lay back contentedly in the water, he couldn't hear what was going on just metres away as his sisters had their confrontation. "This has porn cutie babe fingering ep high def been my secret beach, Robyn.

Don't forget that. I get to tell whomever I want to about it. I thought Alex would like to come here for his Photography project." The twins looked at Petr, not sure whether to be angry or not when Robyn asked, with a smile creeping on to her lips. "Petr, you're naked. And if I'm not mistaken, those are Alex's baggies lying in a heap over there. Is he in there with nothing on?" Kat looked to check on what she was saying and a smile also crept to her angelic face.

"How did you manage that, Petr? He must have freaked!" Petr just sat there continuing to prepare the lunch, a flush coming to her chest and face and not really wanting to answer the question truthfully, but they all spoke the truth whenever they could and had made a pact long ago to never lie to family.

"I just told him it was a nudist beach and he had to get plastic surgeon tricks innocent teen into fucking him. It's not really a lie, we're the only ones who use this beach and when we're here, we're all nudists, right?" The twins looked at each other and chuckled.

"So get get your kit off girls! We don't want to change the rules when Alex isn't looking, do we?" The twins looked back at Petr in a mild state of shock as they realised what she was saying, then back at each other and their twin brains almost seemed to speak without any words.

As one, they began to put down their things. "We get to have a good look at Alex's little pecker then too, don't we?" Kat said to Petr. "I think you two are going to have a bit of a surprise at his 'little' pecker." said Petr, smiling wickedly. "Alex! Alex, the twins are here!" He looked up, just hearing his name from in the water and saw his twin sisters standing on the beach, looking out towards him.

They were in those white string bikini's that always seemed to make him hard and cursed under his breath. "Throw me my baggies will youPetr?" Petr looked at his baggies and then to the twins. "Not today, Alex. Don't worry, the girls here are going to get naked too!" She looked Kat in the eyes, then Robyn, "Aren't you, girls?" The twins both had mischievous smiles on their faces and as one they began to, ever so slowly, reach for the bow at their backs to release the bikini tops.

Both kept their eyes locked on Alex as they reached up with their other hands to cover their perfect boobs as they took their tops off. They then turned as one, with their backs to Alex, and dropped their tops and then their hands to the ties on the sides of their bikini's and, very slowly, tugged the thin strings until they came untied on both sides. Alex's dick, that had been doing him proud in not being too hard for the last hour of seeing his naked older sister, decided that it was definitely time to rise to attention.

He looked down onto the crystal clear water to see his full length throbbing in the cool water. He looked back to see his sister's bikini bottoms in their right hands as they glanced over their shoulders at him and beamed huge grins. They were really enjoying tormenting him. Again, as one, they bent over, feet together to reach into their bags. They both stopped moving, as one, to look back past their legs at Alex in the water and were giving him a perfect view of their little twin rosebud assholes and the perfectly bald pussy lips between their legs.

"Cumming Alex?" said Robyn and all three girls broke into fits of giggles as he groaned at his predicament and they all sat down on the picnic blanket to begin a nice lunch. Alex stayed in the water for a little while longer as the girls all tucked into a light lunch, saying he wanted to swim some more. They chesty milf sucks and fucks a big penis knew he was embarrassed to come out naked and probably with an erection and so left him to decide when his d?t in front of the twins would be.

Kat took pity on her little brother and after only a few bites of her sandwich, she ran down to the water, her stunning tits bouncing in that perfect fashion that only young tits can, and dived in to come up close to Alex's position. He tried to hide his hard-on as she swam closer, he knew that she would be able to see it perfectly in this clear water as he could see her and it only seemed to make him even harder from this close up.

"It's OK little bro, I know this must be hard for you." She giggled at her statement, "Sorry, wrong words. I know this ain't easy for you, surrounded by three naked girls and all, but hey, we're your sisters!

We won't mind if you're hard for us, I personally take it as a compliment Alex. That I can make a guy hard just by him looking at my body is a really cool turn on for me, Rob thinks so too." Alex heard her words and smiled at her attempt to put him at ease when actually it made him even hornier knowing that they liked the fact that he was hard for them.

"Thanks sis. It is hard for me." Another giggle from both of them. "You three are the only live, naked women I've ever seen, but also the most beautiful, hands down, of anyone I've ever seen. It's so unfair right now." Kat laughed lightly at his dilemma. "You'd rather have three ugly sisters then, Alex?" she said in mock seriousness, he knew she was ribbing him. "Not at all Kat, you guy's are my whole world and I'm so glad that you are my sisters.

I couldn't have chosen better family if I tried." Tears began to well up in Kat's eyes and she pouted her face as it cocked to one side. "Aww, that's so cute, Alex!" She went over to him and hugged him fiercely after giving him a sisterly kiss on his lips. Their bodies came together in the embrace and Alex's arm and hand got in the way as Kat's pussy rubbed the back of his hand as it tried to cover his cock.

She felt it and it excited her but she didn't let it show at all, "Move the hand bro, it's only me." she whispered as she leaned back slightly to look into his eyes. "Give me a hug little bro, c'mon." Alex slowly moved his hand away from his engorged member sticking up hard and straight in between their bodies.

Kat felt him move but kept her eyes locked onto his, she felt his cock bob forward to rest on her stomach as he wrapped his arms around her to hug her, even if it was a bit chastely. Kat took the initiative and hugged her little brother close. She was shocked when she realised his cock must be huge, it was touching her the whole way up her belly and only stopped just below the curve of her breasts.

Kat didn't want to admit it to him but she was at least as horny as he was right now as her pussy betrayed her feelings and it tingled and got wetter and wetter from her juices. They stayed hugging like that for the longest time until Kat thought that perhaps Alex was ready to show them all that he had a beautiful cock.

She leaned her head and chest back, keeping her grip onto him solid, "C'mon bro, lets get out yeah? You'll be fine with that." She looked down to point at his cock with her eyes and his gaze followed hers.

It was resting lightly against her stomach, almost touching the underside of her left breast. Breasts with very hard nipples that Alex had been feeling against his chest the whole time hugging his beautiful sister. "Jesus, Alex," she whispered, "No need to be shy bro, its a gorgeous example of manhood if you ask me." Alex felt pride and excitement at her words about his dick.

"Thanks for the compliments sis, I know you're just saying that to get me more comfortable and I love you all the more for that." Kat's eyes had still not left the sight of her little brothers cock wedged between their bodies. "Alex, I've seen plenty of dicks, in mags and porn films, but I've only seen three other cocks in the flesh and Alex, yours is the most magnificent one I've ever laid eyes on!" She blushed at her admission and looked into her slightly taller brother's eyes, "It's a real shame you're my brother Alex." she left the words hanging in the air and they both knew what she meant.

She wanted to touch it, to lick it and maybe even fuck this wonderful cock touching her now, to break her virginity, but they were siblings and shouldn't do these things. Alex decided that it was time leave the water and not be embarrassed too much about his cock.

If two of his sisters could be so complimentary about him, then hopefully Robyn wouldn't mind the fact that they were all making him hard either. He and Kat slowly climbed out of the water, hand in hand and, for the first time today, he didn't feel embarrassed in front of someone who'd never seen his cock before. Robyn was eating but looked up when Petr whistled quietly to get her attention. "Oh. My. God! It's huge! And gorgeous!" she said slowly to Petr. "I told you you'd change you massage rooms cute teen gets a dirty massage in horny lesbian romp about his 'little pecker' Rob." Robyn stood up and walked to her two siblings as they came out of the water holding hands.

She went straight up to Alex and held him at arms length, looked him in the eyes and said, "Great to finally see all of you Big brother. You're beautiful!" She leaned forward and gave him a kiss and a hug, firmly pushing her body against his and feeling, for the first time, his huge hard manhood pressing up against her belly.

"Welcome to our nudist beach." Robyn said as she broke away and took his other hand in hers as they all walked up towards Petr, hand in hand in hand. It was Alex that realised what that sound was coming from ahead of them, his camera clicking away in rapid-fire mode and he smiled at the situation.

"So how did your photography project go, Alex?" asked Robyn, after they had all settled down to dig in to the lunch that Petr had brought down and a few extras the twins had brought. Alex shifted slightly uncomfortably at the question and he looked over to Petr for some guidance.

"Fine I think, I'll see how the shots came out once we get home and on to my computer." His cock was still hard and throbbing for release and the memory of this mornings activities did nothing to quell the feelings stirring up inside his loins. Petr decided to jump in too. "He's a great photographer. Maybe as good as dad." she said cryptically and she saw Alex's face crease questioningly along with his sister's. "What do you mean, 'as good as dad'?" he asked as the twins realised what Petr had hinted at and looked at Petr with eyes the size of saucers.

"You let him take pictures of you, didn't you?" asked Robyn incredulously. Alex's head snapped towards Robyn. "How would you know something like that from what she said about dad?" They all looked at each other with mouths hanging open in mild shock or indecision at what to say. "Yes! I let Alex take pictures of my naked body for his project. And they know that Alex, because dad used to take the same type of pictures years ago." Alex didn't know what to say, he'd thought that his father would be really angry with his choice of photography before but now thought that he wouldn't have a leg to stand on if this was true.

"You've seen some of his work? Is it good?" Kat spoke for the first time in this conversation, "He was an excellent photographer, Alex. Do you really want to see some of his work?" she said as she held up an old looking magazine.

"Dad published some of his photo's in a magazine?" The girls all chuckled slightly at the in-joke they had over him. "We think that he published all of his best pictures in here." said Kat as she placed the magazine in front of her brother.

He looked at it in wonder and saw the date. "Shit! It's older than any of us. I didn't even know dad liked photography that much." Petr looked at the girls and then to Alex, "We think he gave it up after mom died, after his favourite model died." Alex couldn't believe what he had just heard, he started to thumb through the skin mag, looking for his dads name when his heart almost stopped. His beautiful mother was staring up at him from the past and she was as naked in there as they all were sitting here on this beach together.

She was so beautiful and sweetly innocent looking but with a look in her eyes that just said, "I want to fuck your hard cock, now!" His penis throbbed and throbbed as he looked at his naked mother from across the years separating them.

"Go on Alex, you look like you could really use a good wank too." He barely heard Petr's words, then he realised what she had said and looked over to her. Petr was sitting Indian style, the fingers of her left hand were holding her lips open to afford him a view right up into her pink fleshy pussy folds. Her right hand was lightly circling the shiny, wet, red nub of her clitoris.

Her breathing was erratic and her breasts were pushed up slightly by her arms, her nipples hard as rock and her chest was flushed red with blood as she became more and more turned on from the ministrations of her fingers and the sights in front of her.

"Cum with me Alex! Cum like you did before, show your sisters how nicely you can cum." The twins watched as the tableau unfolded in front of them and were both shocked to hear about Alex cumming 'before' and, with his sister seeing it happen! Robyn's fingers were straying closer and closer to the folds of her bald pussy and she felt like she might explode if she didn't pinch her nipples and play with her engorged clit. Kat was in exactly the same place as her twin as she watched Alex's shocked face as he was digesting what he saw in the old porno and right in front of his eyes.

"Please show us Alex!" said Kat, as she got his attention focussed on her. Her own fingers began to play very lightly with the folds of her pussy lips and her breathing was also getting faster but shallower as her body started to tingle all over at the sight of her brother's wonderful cock throbbing at the sight of their beautiful mother and his sister's naked bodies right in busty good looking milf solo masturbation bigtits webcam of him.

Alex was in limbo. He felt numb from all the stimulation his senses were overloading him with and his hand seemed to automatically find it's way to his stiff meat and he grabbed it solidly before slowly wanking the entire length up and down as he watched all three of his sisters begin to masturbate themselves for their own pleasure and for his. He felt himself getting close after only half a minute.

All three sisters were fingering their wet pussies and they were all as close to cumming as Alex was, they all loved seeing him pump his shaft while he looked at their open cunts and all three were turned on beyond anything any of them had ever experienced.

Petr, who'd fucked the boys in her class during lessons had never been this turned on. She remembered how they would stand around, looking normal, chatting about the class, but their bodies acted as shields for those in the middle, Petr was bent over the table while Harvey, or Jason, or Marc fucked her pussy from behind, her school skirt flipped onto her back to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties. Even those times had not turned her body to fire like she was experiencing now.

Alex rolled over, onto his back as he began to shoot his third load of the day into the air and onto his chest and stomach. Petr came at the same time and shook so hard from her orgasm, she rolled over and onto her side with her fingers furiously strumming away at her clit while others were pumping in and out of her foetal positioned body.

The twins both watched as their two other siblings orgasmed in front of them and did it so openly that anyone had to be turned on at the sight. Both girls were, and they had their fingers on clit's and pumping as many fingers as they could inside their willing cunts until they could take no more stimulation before their huge orgasms overtook them.

Both came almost simultaneously to perhaps the best orgasm either of them had ever experienced. Four young siblings lay on the beach sand or on the blanket, all were basking in the afterglow of an intense orgasm and none of them felt any guilt whatsoever.

"Oh. my. fucking. god! That was the best cum I've ever had!" said Robyn, matter of factly for the benefit of everyone. Lots of agreeing sounding mumbles and moans followed as they took the time to stop panting for air. Alex looked up and surveyed the scene in front of him. Petr was still in her foetal position with her katie morgan gets popped in the bathroom not moving inside her pussy but opened up to his gaze.

Robyn was lying back with her legs splayed open with the soles of her feet together and with her bald pussy lips pouting open towards him too, while her hands were gently massaging her tits and lightly pinching her nipples. Kat's knees were up and her bald, wet pussy was also pointing towards him.

She had one finger very slowly circling her clit and the other in her mouth as she was tasting the juice her pussy had produced. His cock stirred but did not stay at it's full size, even with this kind of excellent stimulation by his siblings. He dropped his head back down to the blanket and laughed out loud. "You guys are so amazing! I love you all so much, you know." "We love you too little, oops! Big bro.

That wonderful cock of yours is such a turn on to see cumming. Please promise me we can do this again Alex." said a panting Robyn. The other girls all agreed as they sat up, recovering from their momentous morning's wank session.

"I hope this hasn't put you off us or anything, Alex. But we're all very sexual and enjoy a good wank as much as you so. I'm game if you are bro. We're game I think, right girls?" said Petr. "You bet your cute ass I'm game!" from Robyn and Kat chimed in shortly after. "I love the way you helped me to cum Alex, please lets be able to do it again!" He watched each of his sister's faces as they asked him to repeat the most memorable sexual experience of his life and put on a stern face before answering.

"I don't know, you guys." The three girls all thought he was getting too serious. "I don't know if it's fair. I mean, there's three of you and only one of me. Can't we get another girl for me to watch?" They all looked at each other in mock shock, then as one, they scrambled to him and pounced on him in the wrestling style they'd all grown used to with each other.

This time though, there were no clothes covering them and Alex was bombarded by nipples and wet pussies, bare asses and roaming hands. He fought the good fight and didn't grab anything he wouldn't have normally and they seemed to do the same, only brushing up against his cock with legs or torso's when it couldn't be helped.

But none of them even really thought about that as they wrestled him to the ground and pinned his arms and legs beneath the three of them. Kat was sitting on both of his legs, pinning them together with her own as she sat and could watch as her sisters fought and his cock flopped about on his stomach and thighs.

Petr finally got both of his hands pinned down under her, nearly sitting on them as she held them above his head with both of her hands. Robyn was sitting on his chest, her legs running down his body and her arms helping Petr control his arms.

She was leaning over his head with her tits almost in his face, using them like some sort of battering ram to keep him occupied as they all pinned him down. "Three's not enough for you then? How about now?" She pushed her chest forward to squash his face with her tits as Petr laughed at his predicament.

His hands were trying their best to escape her grasp and were nearly free when Petr decided that she just had to sit on them to stop him getting free. Foxy lesbians fill up their big arses with milk and blast it out spreading and anilingus froze when he realised what his oldest sister had done. Robyn's right nipple then got forced into his open mouth and his cock decided that it was definitely time to at least try to get hard again.

Kat had kept her eyes glued to his dick the whole time anyway and when he had stopped moving, noticed that it was getting harder. "OK, what are you two doing to him? He's getting a proper stiffy down here!" Alex's fingers were in first contact with a real live pussy! Very shortly afterwards, he got to taste his first nipple, both belonging to one of his gorgeous sisters and he knew it was wrong but didn't want any of it to stop.

He sucked on Rob's nipple and used his inserted fingers in Petr's pussy while his cock got harder knowing what was happening. "Really guy's, what are you doing to him? His cock is almost as hard as it was earlier!" said a laughing Kat as she leaned over to see Alex's fingers in Petr's cunt and Robyn's nipple in his mouth. "Hey! No fair! What about me?" Petr piped up almost immediately, "You've got the best bit this time sis. You get to wank him off!" Kat laughed at first, but then what Petr had told her to do, sank in.

Should she take his cock in her hand? Should she wank her little brother's very big cock until he came in her hand? Knowing him, he'd shoot all over Rob's back and ass. "What the hell! It's just a cock that needs some attention, isn't it?" she tried to reason that it was fine to wank him off.

She couldn't even see that it was him, not like some of the pricks she'd jerked off on dates. They were all puny next to this cock that had cum just minutes before but was still larger than anything she'd ever seen. "You want me to wank this big cock off?" she asked no-one in particular. All three of her siblings grunted an affirmative type sound and she decided, "What the fuck!" Alex was lost in a sea of sensual pleasure, his fingers were inside his oldest sister and he was sucking on the nipple of one of his twin sisters.

When the hand of his other twin lightly wrapped itself around his hardening cock flesh, he nearly came from the sheer pleasure of the moment. Kat's hand, ever so softly, wanked his hardening shaft from top to bottom, his sperm from his last cum lubricating her hand over his length along with her own cum all over her hand. Kat marvelled at the sheer size of her little brother's penis in her hand, it's length and girth were more than anything she'd seen before, even in those porno's.

It excited her beyond cute blonde teen biatch lilli dixon railed by big cock pornstars hardcore to be holding his hard cock in her hand and her other hand made it's way to her pussy to slide two fingers inside and her thumb played with her clit.

Her pumping of his cock, harder and harder now, was having the desired effect on his dick and the head was purple and large above her fingers, looking like it had been well used already, or ready to explode! Petr was using Alex's hands to bring herself to orgasm, Robyn's breasts were being sucked and she was rubbing her pussy into Alex's hip bone to bring herself off, and Kat was using her fingers and the sight of her brother's cock in her wanking hand to reach a peak.

The four siblings were shifting their bodies in this position for fifteen more minutes before Petr finally groaned that she was coming again on Alex's inexperienced fingers. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming again! You're making my pussy cum Big brother! I'm gonna cum all over your fingers Alex! Oh! Yes!" Alex's fingers were treated to the spasming of his oldest sister's pussy around his fingers as she came for the third time and he could feel the juices flooding all over his fingers and palms.

Robyn could feel Alex's excitement as her sister came and she ground down harder into his hip-bone with her puss, grinding her clitoris into him while he sucked her nipples for all he was worth. Robyn's orgasm wasn't far behind her sister's, and Kat could actually see the fluids leaking from Rob's bald young pussy as she came just inches from Alex's ready and, probably very willing young cock. Kat's fingers were a blur over her own hairless pussy and clit as she wanked her young brother with all of her strength.

Alex had two of his sister's loads of cum all over him while his third sister had his hard cock in her hand whilst she wanked herself. Again, the stimulation and his imagination were too much for him and his young cock was ready to release it's next load as far as it could shoot it. "I'm cumming!

Oh Fuck, I'm cumming!" said a very tired sounding Alex as Kat's hand pumped the shaft of his cock to his fourth orgasm in as many little laundromat slut gets fucked on top of the machines pornstars and hardcore. Robyn heard Alex's cry and leant her body back until she had Alex's cock being pumped by her sister, between the cheeks of her ass as he came.

His hot sperm hit her back and ass and dripped down her ass crack and into her wet pussy as her sister's hand rubbed her cunt mercilessly as it wanked him.

Kat's own orgasm hit her while she was watching the cum sliding down the crack of Robyn's ass and entering her sister's slit. She came even harder than before and found that she was producing a huge amount of cum that squirted onto Alex's legs and onto the sand below. Kat collapsed onto her sisters back as she continued to very slowly pump her brother's very sensitive cock with his cum covering his sister's back, her hand and his shaft between them both.

She couldn't take her eyes off this magnificent beast in her hand though and used her other hand to scoop up her younger brother's cum to put into her mouth to taste it. She loved the texture and taste of his cum and knew that it could very easily be addictive to her. She ran her fingers up through her twin sister's pussy lips to gather more of her brother's cum and put it all to her lips.

Robyn came again, at her sister's fingers running the length of her pussy and over her anus to scoop their brother's cum onto her hungry fingers and lips. Petr's own orgasm was lingering, with her young brother's fingers still in her pussy and her, grinding down onto them, it lingered for a long time.

She had watched as Robyn had lain flatter against her brother and as she had cum at the same time as him and seen his cum shoot up onto her back and run down the crack of her ass. It was a sight that would stay with her forever. "Time for a clean-up swim, I think guys!" said a very satisfied Petr to all of her younger siblings after they had all just lain there in his penis is the best way out for cutie thief bliss for over five minutes, all recovering from the excellent orgasms they had experienced.

"I feel like I'm already swimming. In Cum!" laughed Alex, and they all agreed that he might well be. They all got up slowly and made their way to the water's edge and dived in to wash their bodies and feel revitalised by the cool clear water.

The secret beach now had a few more secrets to keep.