Lil skeet got my dick way down her throat

Lil skeet got my dick way down her throat
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The Bimbo Formula Chapter 9: Dominating the Bimbo Boss by mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Alice Donna Wilson hung up her cell phone. "Okay, she went for it.

You'll have your meeting at 9 AM tomorrow with Ms. Beigh." Donna swallowed, her hips shifting and making those big, juicy tits of her sway. Since receiving the bimbo serum, my sexuality had blossomed. Gone was the mousy chemist that only let Frank make love to me in the missionary position. Now I loved all aspects of sex, even with another woman.

And the fact that the other woman was my former supervisor at BT Chemical, a bitchy, fat harridan that had made my life miserable and now stood trembling in nervous excitement made my pussy so wet.

And it was already full of multiple men's cum. I wanted Donna's mouth licking my pussy, cleaning it up. She deserved to pay for how she treated me. Right now, we both had the intelligence serum in our bodies, driving back the bimbo serum's affect on our brains. I really and truly wanted to savor this moment before we both slipped back into giggling, happy bimbohood. ava ramons hubby watches her get fucked teazeworld and voyeur going to screw you over," Donna protested.

"Ms. Beigh is a conniving bitch." "A conniving bitch that wants to be hot like you and my wife," Frank grinned. My nerdy husband looked so sexy and commanding right now. He always had a fit body and, as I learned since becoming a bimbo, a pretty big cock. Not the biggest cock I had fucked—I knew a few Black guys that really stretched my pussy—but he was delightful to feel inside of me.

I loved my husband so much for letting me have fun as a bimbo. My pussy clenched again. "Now, you need to apologize to my wife for being a cunt," Frank said. "What about the injection?" Donna asked. "I don't want to go back to being fat. Please." Frank had lied to her, telling her the intelligence injection was actually reversing the bimbo process and she would revert back to her former self if we didn't reverse it.

It was how we recruited her to this plan. The fear shone in her eyes. She would rather be hot and stupid then fat and intelligent. But as I learned, being a bimbo was so much fun it was worth that little trade off. "You'll get it after you apologize," Frank growled. He had grown so confident. I stretched out on our bed, my legs spread wide, my pussy dripping with men's cum. Tonight's bimbo party had been so much fun. "I'm so sorry for being a cunt to you," Donna said. She swallowed.

Her face, which had once been ugly like a toad, was now so gorgeous. Those lips were lush. I had to feel them licking my pussy. "I was just angry all the time. My husband left me for a pretty woman. I couldn't control my weight. Being mean to you made me feel like I had some power." "Remember how I told you to apologize," Frank growled in her ear. What had my husband told her? Donna's eyes widened. "No, I'm not gay." "That didn't stop you from having fun at the bimbo wife orgy," grinned Frank.

"I have it all on tape. After you apologized to me by letting me fuck your ass, you happily ate pussy, sucked titties, and even rimmed Kimberly's asshole." Donna flushed. "I was a bimbo then. It just seemed I couldn't help myself." "And if you want to be a bimbo again, then you need to apologize to me," I moaned, squeezing my large tits.

My pussy itched. I squirmed on the bed. "Come on, Donna. Apologize with that beautiful mouth of yours. Just dig your face in there and lick my pussy clean." Donna's eyes fixed on mine. Hot story zoya afroz from flim the xpose licked those red lips. Her nipples were hard topping her heavy tits. Her lithe thighs pressed together.

Juices stained them. She was a bimbo. The process made us so horny all the time. I think it helped to make us so gullible. We just wanted to satiate our bodies and needed any excuse to give us permission.

No matter how flimsy. "Come lick my pussy and apologize for being a cunt," I moaned. "Apologize to my wife," Frank said. "And I'll give you the injection. You'll go back to being dumb and happy and gorgeous. We'll make sure you have a hunky man to pamper your body." Donna took a deep breath. "I've already licked one pussy," she whispered to herself. Her masturbation on top of my washing machines trembled.

She rocked on the balls of her feet. That made those lush tits jiggle so wickedly. I squeezed mine again. "I licked more than one. They tasted good. And a few even had Frank's cum in them. Cute brunette nanny jojo kiss drilled by pervert man can do this. I can do this. "I can do this." She suddenly threw herself forward, almost jumping onto the bed, and ended up between my spread thighs.

The mattress teen friends step daughter anal pale cutie banging on the border sent vibrations rippling across the mattress. Her hands seized my legs, stroking up and down them as she leaned down.

And, like she was pulling off a bandaid fast to get it over with, she lunged forward. Donna Wilson, my cunt of an ex-supervisor, buried her lips into my pussy and licked. "Oh, yes," I gasped as her tongue slid through my cum-filled folds. Her tongue's caress sent flutters of excitement through my hot, horny body. "Apologize for being a cunt. Clean my pussy and make me cum." Donna's tongue reached my clit.

She swirled slowly around the nub. My body shuddered and moans escaped my lips. My fingers sank into my pillowy tits. My nipples ached at the summit of my breasts. My fingers slid up, grasping the fat, pink nubs as Donna teased my clit.

My fingers rolled my nipples, shooting more delight down to my pussy. I moaned and writhed on the bed. There were so many times I had fantasized of getting my revenge on Donna Wilson. I had never imagined I would make her lick my pussy, but I had other ideas. Making her do my work, cleaning my house, mowing my lawn, running my errands, getting her fired, even slapping her across the face on the day I quit.

But this was the best revenge ever. Her dark eyes stared up my body. Her black hair spilled across my thighs, so silky smooth, so much better than the horrid, short, butch haircut she had before.

Now she was so feminine and soft, so gorgeous and horny. Now she loved my pussy. "Mmm, lick out all that cum," I moaned. "That's four different men's cum in me. Including a Black man." Frank let out a groan behind him as Donna gasped.

She pulled her face away, her lips smeared with cum and juices. She stared down at my pussy half-in-shock and half-in-awe. Was she envious? Did she want to fuck a bunch of men? I bet she did. I bet most women had fantasies like about that. "That's right," I said, staring at Frank. "I fucked a Black man with a big, thick dick.

He stretched my pussy open. Mmm, I came so hard on him. He taught me a wicked way to perform a lap dance. Oh, yes, he had his cock so deep in me." Frank stroked his hard cock.

"You naughty slut." "So naughty," I moaned as I seized Donna's hair and pulled her lips back into my pussy. She didn't fight it. She buried her tongue into my pussy and licked up all the cum leaking out. Her moans were so wicked. She loved it. "I was a naughty wife, Frank.

And it's all recorded. You can watch all four of your wives being so naughty." "Yes," groaned Frank. "Four wives?" moaned Donna. "Uh-huh," I gasped, pulling her face back down. "Don't stop licking until your done apologizing." Her tongue dug back into my folds, exploring deeper, searching for more of the cum.

I smiled at Frank. Lust shone in his handsome face. I licked my lips as he stroked that hard cock. I created the serum that let his cock cum over and over. His balls produced seminal fluid so much faster than a normal man. And it looked like he needed relief. "Go on, honey, fuck the apologizing slut," I moaned.

"Ram your cock into her pussy. Make the cunt satisfy us both." "Damn, I love you," Frank groaned as he seized Donna's hips. "Oh, yes," Donna panted into my pussy as Frank slammed his cock into her cunt. Her face pressed into my pussy from the force of Frank's thrusts. He wasn't gentle.

He wanted to pound the bitch. "Fuck her," I moaned, humping against Donna's lips. "Fuck her so hard. Mmm, yes. This is so hot, Frank." "Yes, it is," he growled. His hand cracked down hard on Donna's ass. "Apologize to my wife, slut." Donna moaned into my pussy. "I'm so sorry," she panted between licks. "So sorry.

Mmm, let me make you feel so good." I groaned as her tongue fluttered through my depths. My back arched. The pleasure built inside of me. I shuddered and bucked. My big tits flopped about. My nipples were so hard. I groaned and sighed, my toes curling as I writhed on the bed.

Donna panted and groaned into my pussy as Frank slammed his dick into her. The slap of his balls on her flesh echoed through the room. Such a delicious, wicked sound. "Frank," I panted. "Oh, yes, Frank. Fuck that slut. I love it. She moans into my pussy and that feels amazing. Fuck." My body tensed. I humped against her mouth.

Her tongue drove so deep into my pussy. I gasped and shuddered. I couldn't believe how wonderful this was. We were dominating her. She was our slut for the evening. We had to keep her. Not as one of our wives, but as our sex slave. A concubine, maybe. "You're going to be our slut," I moaned. "We'll take care of you so long as you serve us. You'll be our little sex slave." "What?" Donna gasped. Frank's hand cracked down on her ass.

"Keep licking, slut." Donna squeaked into my pussy, then kept devouring me. Her eyes burned she did not even take off her jeans she wants to fuck so badly passion. She let out a low, shuddering moan.

Her tongue thrust into my depths as she came. Her eyes rolled back into her head and Frank let out a moan. "Fuck, this whore just came," groaned Frank. "You called her a sex slave and she came. What a slut." "Yes," I panted, pulling hard on her black hair. Her moaning lips vibrated my pussy. I gasped and shuddered. My back arched. The pleasure erupted through me. I bucked and writhed, the bedsprings squeaking beneath my thrashing body as our sex slave devoured my pussy and the juices gushing into her mouth.

"That's it," I gasped as the pleasure rippled through my body. "Keep apologizing with that naughty mouth. Mmm, yes.

Don't you ever stop apologizing. Oh, fuck, yes. Keep licking me. Keep making me cum, slave." "Don't stop!" growled Frank. Crack! Donna yelped into my pussy, licking harder and harder. Her fingers tightened on my thighs. The slut loved it. Her tongue flew through my sensitive pussy lips. She kept nuzzling me, sending new waves of bliss that kept my orgasms rippling through my body.

My stomach undulated and clenched as the pleasure exploded through my body. I gasped and sighed, savoring every last moment of my delight. My head tossed, my red hair spilling across my face as I gasped and thrashed. "Frank," I screamed. "Oh, Frank, our slut is making me cum so fucking hard. Oh, yes. She's such a good slave." Crack! "Yes, she is," growled Frank, his face twisting. "Are you going to cum in our slut's cunt?" I demanded. "Are you going to flood her with blast after blast of cum?" "Uh-huh," Frank growled.

His hands tightened on Donna's hips. He slammed deep into her. "Fuck, I'm cumming in her cunt, babe. I'm dumping it all in her. That's what she is. My cum dump and your pussy licker. She's our slave." "Your slave," squeaked Donna as she thrashed.

"Yes," I gasped as the pleasure burst through me. My back arched. My tits heaved, and then I fell back on the bed, groaning in delight as my vision danced with stars as my multiple orgasms finally hit their peak. I soared on pleasure for this wonderful moment.

And then it flowed out of me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank Alice and Donna both panted as they lay on the bed. Donna's cunt leaked my cum. It dribbled out of her snatch and trickled across her thigh to the bedspread. Her ass burned red from my spanking. My cock dripped with her pussy juices.

"Now can I get the injection?" Donna asked as she panted. "I'll be your pussy-licking slave, Alice, and your cum dump, Frank. I just don't want to be ugly again." Tears beaded in her eyes. "Please. I'll be so happy. It was so freeing being a bimbo." I laughed and shook my head. "Did you think Frank injected me with a chemical that would make me ugly?" my redheaded wife asked.

"The bimbo process can't be reversed. The serum just restored your normal intelligence for about an hour. Soon, we'll both be slipping into that wonderful, smothering happiness." "So, Donna, go downstairs and help my wives clean up the house," I ordered.

"You and Ryan will be doing most of the work. I really doubt Janet, Becca, and Nicole are doing much." "I could just leave," Donna said. "Naked?" Alice asked. "In about fifteen minutes, you'll be back to being a bimbo.

Do you really want to be walking around naked and an airhead at night?" Donna shook her head. "No. I won't leave." She swallowed. "I'm sorry I was such a bitch to you." "Apology accepted, slave," Alice said, then sat up and kissed Donna on the lips. "Now go and clean up our house." "Yes.Mistress." A shudder ran through Donna, a smile playing on her lips. "Well, that was a surprise," I said as I pulled my wife closer.

"Now before you become an airhead, let's figure out the plan for dealing with Ms. Beigh tomorrow." Alice's grin widened. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ms. Beigh "Here you are, ma'am," Carmanjello, my sexy executive assistant said as he walked into my office with a stack any one know who this girl is riding the dildo papers.

The African-American hunk had such gorgeous skin and a smile that made me so wet. I leaned forward, my blouse low-cut to show off what little cleavage I had. It did not entice him. No amount of padding seemed to make my bony body attractive. I had hinted how I could shower him with gifts if he just sucked it up and fucked me with that gorgeous body and his big, Black cock.

It was why I hired him. "Legal says these are all the documents you require," he said, "along with the paperwork to file a lawsuit against Frank and Alice Jackman first time of the husband and wife xstory their company Beauty Technology, LLC." "Thank you," I tried to purr, but my voice came off more like a crackle. Carmanjello's polite smile almost slipped. A stab of anger shot through me.

He despised me. Why did I ever think hiring an attractive, male executive assistant was the answer. My last one had been a woman, but too pretty.

I needed a fat, ugly girl to work for me. Someone I could look down on. Not someone that saw me with disgust. "That will be all," I said, much cooler. "Let me know when they arrive." Carmanjello's smile almost faltered. His forehead momentarily creased. Shock widened his eyes. If he thought I would be nice to him just because he was attractive, then he should have sucked up his pride and fucked me hard.

If he had given me a few orgasms, I would have treated him right. I smiled at his retreat. There was fear in his posture. Fear was better than desire. Generating fear was true power. Inspiring fear was evelin gets fucked by her nymphomaniac stepmum skill that had to be cultivated and learned, it wasn't the product of random genetics and luck.

Well, it wasn't until today. My fingers rubbed together. Frank's beauty serum would be mine. I would make so much money selling it.

And I would be its first recipient. When I was hot and beautiful, Carmanjello would regret not sucking up his pride and fucking me.

He would miss out. Men would be lining up to fuck me and Carmanjello would be left in the cold with a big pair of blue balls. I would transfer him to the worst part of the company. We had a plant in Manitoba, Canada. I hoped he liked the subzero temperatures.

I swiveled in my executive, leather chair and stared out my busty black booty babe bounces butt big tits of my corner office at Beigh-Taylor Chemical. I should rename the company. I had screwed over and forced out my former partner, so why should his name remain?

I stared down at the parking lot below. Five stories up, people seemed so small. The workers flowed in to start performing their experiments that would make the company more and more money.

It galled me to think we let Frank's breakthrough get away. I needed to fire his supervisor for ever thinking his project was a waste of time and resources. I kept looking out the window, hoping to spot the car that held Frank and his wife. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank I tried not to be nervous as I pulled into BT Chemical's parking lot. It had been months since Veronica Beigh had fired me.

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I parked and looked at my women. Nicole, Becca, and Janet were crammed into the backseat, all giggling with excitement. Donna arrived in her own car, injected with the intelligent serum, to keep up appearances. I glanced at Alice. She had a big, giggly smile on her lips as she shifted in excitement. She wore a dark-green dress with a plunging neckline and a tight skirt.

Her large tits strained the front of her dress as she bounced in her seat. "Oooh, this is so amazing, Frank," Alice giggled. "I can't believe we're back here. Are we working here again?" "Don't you remember the plan?" I asked as I pulled out the intelligence serum. "Right, plan. We have a plan." She let out a giggle. "What is it? I can't remember." "You will." I plunged the serum into her thigh. The giggly smile became a wicked smile as her intelligence returned.

"Oh, yes, the plan. Mmm, two hung fellows bang a stunning looker facial boobs do this, honey." I climbed out of the car. I wore my best suit and tie, chosen by Alice, and grabbed my briefcase. It had legal papers that Ryan drew cougars need cock reagan foxx finds the meat she needs for us.

The asshole's past as a lawyer, before Alice's neutering serum turned him into our beta male servant, had come in handy. Alice took my arm and our three wives giggled as they followed behind us.

Donna stood in the building's entrance, a big smile on her lips as she waited to greet us. "Master, Mistress," she busty black booty babe bounces butt big tits when we walked in. "If you would follow me. I'm supposed to lead you up there." Donna strode in front, wearing a dress she borrowed from Janet—they turned out to be about the same size.

My eyes enjoyed Donna's ass writhing beneath the dress. I knew for a fact that ass was well-spanked and red. We rode the elevators up to the fifth floor and Donna led us to Ms. Beigh's office. The last time I had been here was when she fired me. Veronica Beigh enjoyed being hands on when she fired people. The only difference phoenix marie is hungry for cock in her big ass 06 tube porn the space before her office was the Black man sitting at the secretary's desk.

Alice let out a purring moan. I was learning my wife had a thing for Black men. It was hot to watch her be fucked by one. "Ms. Beigh will be with you in a few minutes," the man said. His name plate read Carmanjello. "She's taking a very important phone call." I sat down, my wife beside me. I held her hand as we waited. My stomach twisted. Today would make or break us. Would I be able to outfox the conniving bitch? Or would she gain the upper hand and ruin us? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ms.

Beigh "They're here, Ms. Beigh," Carmanjello reported over the intercom. "I'm taking a very important phone call. The meeting will start a little late," I lied. Meetings started late always made people nervous and put them off-balanced. My fingers clenched and relaxed.

I was nervous, too, but I had the upper hand. I had the paperwork carefully laid out on the meeting table in my office. I sat at the head of the table in my comfortable chair. The remaining chairs were not comfortable at all. I took calming breaths as I let the minutes tick buy.

I kept my eyes closed as I vividly remembered the day I thrust the metaphorical dagger into my partner's back and gained sole control over the company.

I knew today would be even more satisfying than that day. Finally, it was time. I reached out and pushed on the intercom.

"Carmanjello, I'm ready to meet with the Jackmans now." "Yes, ma'am," he answered, now trying to sound contrite.

Too late. I would start shopping for his replacement today. Carmanjello opened the door and ushered in the Jackmans. Frank, no longer looking like a nerd, strolled in wearing a nice suit.

He had a fitter body then I remembered, and slut spreads her legs and gets nailed moved with confidence. I frowned. What happened to the scared, nerdy scientist I had intimidated on the day I fired him?

And his wife was even more changed. Hers I understood. She went from being an overweight, frumpy chemist to a knockout bombshell strutting through my office in a tight, clinging dress that showed off her enhanced assets. I wanted those changes. Three other women, all equally as busty and curvy as Alice, strolled in, giggling as they moved to the end of the table. They clearly were here as eye candy, a trio of empty headed models Frank and Alice had hired to make my aunt give me freedom company seem more brazilian playgirl loves hot fucking hardcore and blowjob. But Donna had told me the truth.

They were on the verge of bankruptcy. They needed cash fast. "It's so nice to see you," I lied, extending my hand. Frank took it, a smile on his face.

"Yes, it is." Alice then shook my hand, a big smile on her face. "Yes, my husband and I are so excited for this opportunity." They were so gullible to think I would help them. They sat down, taking seats on either side of me.

Frank opened his briefcase and pulled out his own papers. Then he produced a vial of a greenish-yellow liquid with a milky swirl dancing through it. My body trembled as he set a syringe, capped with plastic and filled with the same substance, beside it. "Is that.?." My mouth watered. "Yes," Frank nodded. "But the production is expensive. The chemicals and the time to manufacture.we need resources and a proper facility to mass produce.

We're looking for a partner to own 25% of our company for a measly $500,000. That'll give us the capital to buy the facility, equipment, and the chemicals.

We can hire staff, train them to make it, and be in business in three months. We expect demand to be very high, even with the cost that we'll sell the product at." I licked my lips, letting his words roll over me as I stared at the chemical. They spoke rapidly, trying to overwhelm me as they described the procedure. They pointed to the bimbos giggling at the end of the table and Alice to demonstrate the results of the treatment.

"And there are no side-effects?" I asked. I couldn't pull my eyes away. "None," Frank asked. "None of the lab mice experienced any issues and as you can see from my wife, she's perfectly fine." "Well, there's one tiny side-effect," Alice laughed, "it's increased my libido. But is that really a bad thing?" "No," I said. "And just one injection?" "Yes," Frank nodded, then launched into a complicated explanation about chemical bonding and all these big words that my scientist always use at meetings to make their discovery sound so important and profound.

Normally, there presentation was on a better moisturizer or food flavoring. But this was actually something profound. Revolutionizing. "So I think you'll see that a half-million is really peanuts considering the way this will change the world of plastic surgery," Frank added. "We'll make a lot of plastic surgeons angry," grinned Alice, "but technology has a way of making things obsolete." I wanted to reach out and snatch the chemical and inject myself, but I held back.

The important things first. I tapped the paperwork before me, a smile crossing my lips, then I pushed the first document forward. Frank frowned as he looked at it. "You want to buy our company? It's not for sale." Alice looked over the table. "And for $10,000. This is insulting, Veronica. We can take our discovery to dozens of venture capitalist firms. They would all line up to invest in our business." She shoved the paper back at me. "I always knew you were a bitch." My smile grew and a I reached for the other stack of papers.

"I had my legal department gather these up. First, here's the employment contract you signed when we hired you, Frank. I had the pertinent part highlighted." Frank snatched it from me and swallowed as he read it. "You were working on this chemical's development when we fired you. And since anything you discover based on research performed in our labs is property of Beigh-Taylor Chemical." I reached out and snagged the syringe. "This is mine.

If you don't sign the contract and let me buy your company, my lawyer will file this document with the courts. It's several things. One is a lawsuit asserting my rights to your compound. The second is an injunction to keep you from selling it." I popped off the plastic cap as both of their faces paled. They both swallowed as I stared at the chemical in the syringe.

My smile grew as I watched them squirm. Get $10,000 or go even more in debt fighting a losing lawsuit. "I have proof that this is derived from research performed at my company," I continued as I tapped the syringe to get rid of the air bubbles. "We have reams of documentation, including you on tape describing your idea.

I will win. Sure it will take me maybe five or more years and cost you hundreds of thousands in legal fees fighting it. Or." They stared into each other's eyes as I stood up. I dominated them. They thought they could come in here and do business with me?

They were just pathetic scientist. They never should have been allowed out of the lab. It was a pity I couldn't undo Alice's changes and make her into a fat woman again. But, with that body, she could make a killing as an escort to pay the bills. She did have that increased libido to satisfy. "Where do I inject this?" I asked. "Thigh or buttock," Frank muttered. His shoulders sagged. He buried his face into his hands. He was crushed. Defeated. I had won. I injected the compound into my thigh.

A cool sensation rushed through me. The chemical flowed into my veins. I set the syringe down as my body grew warmer and warmer. I wondered how long the changes would take. Frank suddenly straightened and a victorious smile crossed Alice's lips. My stomach knotted as the warmth spread through my body.

Why were they suddenly so relaxed and triumphant? Frank had a smirk on his lips as he pulled out another set of documents. "This document here nominates me to be the CEO of BT Chemicals," Frank smiled, "with a salary of $5.6 million a year. We had our own lawyer work all night on these." "He was such czech home orgy party 8 dear," Alice laughed, then she reached in and pulled out a second document.

"And this one says you'll sell us BT Chemical for $10 million, to be paid out over the course of ten years with 0% interest." "Very generous of you," grinned Frank. "Why would I." A giggle burst out of my throat. I waved my hand at my neck. It was so hot in here. "Why would I do any." Another giggle. I shook my head and looked down at my blouse.

It was so tight. My boobs were growing. Flesh covered my bony, thin figure. I gasped, quickly unbuttoning my blouse. My poor tits were aching in my bra. I had to free them. Another giggle burst from my lips. "I need to free my titties. I bet you want to see them." Why did I say that? It was so hot in here. I couldn't think. I just had to.bare my titties. "Yes, let's see those gorgeous titties," Alice purred. "Uh-huh," I grinned as my blouse slipped off my shoulders. I reached behind me and freed my big titties.

They bounced out of my bra and jiggled. "Wow, look at them. They're so big and round and big." I squeezed them. "I have titties." "Yes, you do," Frank smiled. "Now, we just need you to sign a few documents. You want to do that, right? It's your responsibility as the President to do it." "Of course I will," I beamed. "I'm the Prezzydent.

I sign things all the time." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice Ms. Beigh happily signed and initialed every part of the documents we put before her while her naked tits bounced and jiggled. They were firm and plump, topped by hard, dark-red nipples that kept brushing the table when she leaned in which brought a gale of giggles from the bimbofied bitch.

My pussy was so wet beneath my dress and Frank's cock bulged his pants. I sat on the table's edge by Ms. Beigh as she signed the last paper with a big flourish. "There," she pronounced. "You're now my company's see-ee-oh. What's that?" "The CEO," I purred, stroking her light-brown hair, "is in charge of the company and the President's boss." "That's me," giggled Ms. Beigh. "I'm Veronica Beigh, Prezzydent of BT Chem-chem-chemychals." "Uh-huh," I told her as my fingers slid through her silky hair.

It was a gorgeous shade, enhancing her plump lips and wide, blue eyes. "So that means you're Frank's sex slave. The President is always the CEO's sex slave." "It does?" she gasped in astonishment.

"I had no idea." Another giggle burst through her lips, making those gorgeous tits jiggle. "You know what blow job games end with sexy fucking sex slave is, Ms. Beigh?" asked Frank. "It's a person that does every thing their Master orders," she responded.

"I used to pay this man to be my sex slave. I would spank his bottom as he ate my pussy and then fuck him with a strap-on." Her eyes widened. "Are you going to fuck me with a strap-on, Mr. see-ee-oh Frank?" "Master," he answered.

"And I have a big, thick cock to fuck you with." "I'll be wearing the strap-on," I purred, my pussy growing wetter. "Because I'm one of Frank's wives. And you belong to us, too. You and Donna are our sex slaves now." I pointed to the end of the room where Donna lay bent over the table while Janet, Becca, and Nicole took turns spanking her ass." "Is Donna a Prezzydent, too?" asked Ms. Beigh. "A Vice-President," smiled Frank as he unbuckled his belt. "Now, slave," I purred, yanking Ms.

Beigh's head to the right so she looked at Frank's cock. "You need to start sucking. It's time to serve." "Okay," she smiled as Frank's cock came out. "I'm a good Prezzydent, so I'll be the goodest sex slave ever." My pussy clenched as the bitch who tried to black guy and human sex story our lives sucked Frank's cock into her mouth.

Ms. Beigh let out the happiest sigh in the world as she sucked. Her cheeks hollowed while she bobbed her head. Frank groaned, his hand running through the bitch's hair as he slid his dick in and out of her mouth. I slid up Ms. Beigh's skirt. It clung tight to her now curvy ass.

She had been so skinny and bony her panties had half-disappeared into her butt-crack. I pulled them off and discovered a wet, bare pussy, smelling tart and delicious. My hand caressed Ms. Beigh. "The little slut is so wet from sucking your cock," I purred.

"She loves being our sex slave." Ms. Beigh moaned. It could have been a yes, but it was hard to tell with her mouth around my husband's dick. I pushed my fingers deep into her pussy. She groaned around Frank's cock and, based on the expression on my husband's face, sucked harder.

Her pussy clenched on my fingers. She was wet and silky, her pussy sucking at my fingers, eager to be filled by a cock. I pulled my fingers out and stared at them, then I wiped her juices off on her ass.

"You were such a mean President," I purred. "Presidents are good, loving women who always obey their CEO and his wives. They don't be mean to their employees and fire them. Now don't bite my husband's cock, slut." My hand cracked down hard on her ass. My pussy clenched at the stinging sound. I licked my lips at the red handprint.

Frank had given me and my wives red asses before, but I never realized how exciting it was to administer one. "Frank, once a week, you need to give me the intelligent serum just so I can spank her naughty ass," I groaned as my hand slapped down again. The sound of my hand spanking her ass echoed through the office. "Yes," he groaned, his hips thrusting forward, slamming his cock deeper and deeper into her blackmail kidnap rep sex vidios. "And you, slut, relax your throat." My hand cracked down again as Ms.

Beigh shuddered. Frank groaned, forcing more of his dick into her mouth. I swallowed, remembering the first time I busty amateur cate in tight blue spandex a cock. That had been so hot. Frank forced the bitch's lips right into his pubic hair. "That's it, swallow my husband's cock," I growled and smacked her ass hard again. Ms. Beigh yelped. Tears filled her eyes, but she never stopped sucking and her pussy never stopped leaking juices.

I had a feeling all bimbofied women loved to be spanked harder, drinking in the pain and the humiliation, their bodies transforming it into pleasurable lust. Crack! "You are our slave now," I moaned, my pussy so on fire.

"Ours!" Crack! "Spank her naughty ass," groaned Frank, his hips thrusting away, fucking his cock down Ms. Beigh's throat while his balls smacked her lips. "Damn, she loves it.

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She sucks so hard." "She's our slut," I grinned and spanked her wet pussy. Teen friends step daughter threesome he comes back the favor by providing a strong. Beigh's muffled moans exploded out of her. Juices squirted from her pussy and splashed onto the carpet while she writhed and shuddered. Frank clutched her hair hard, his face twisting as he fucked her mouth faster. "Cum in the slut," I groaned, my pussy on fire. I moved to the desk and pushed up my skirt, revealing my bare, wet pussy.

"Fuck her and then make her eat my pussy." "Yes," growled Frank. "Drink my cum, slut. Every day you'll suck my cock while I work in this office. Then you'll lick my wife's pussy. It's now the CEO and his chief wife's office." I smiled at my husband. This was our company. We would soon be billionaires. Janet, Nicole, Becca, and I would be the best wives, keeping Frank happy while keeping the sex slaves in line. I was sure we'd pick up more sluts than just Donna and Ms.

Beigh. And the wives and I would have our fun. We were bimbos. "Fuck," Frank growled. His cum dripped out of Ms. Beigh's mouth as he groaned. Then he ripped his dick out of her mouth. "Now lick my wife's pussy, slave." Ms. Beigh buried her face between my thighs and licked like a good sex slave. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank "Oh, yes, yes, yes, lick my pussy, bitch," hissed Alice as she writhed on Ms.

Beigh's mouth. My dick was hard. "Are you going to fuck her ass now?" Janet asked as she spanked Donna's rear. Becca and Nicole had grown bored with the discipline and were tribbing hard on the floor, the sexy bimbos gasping and moaning. "I am," I grinned, staring at Ms.

Beigh's curvy, red ass. "I dreamed of fucking the bitch's ass so many times. I always know she just needed to be fucked hard to straighten her out." "You did not," moaned Alice. "No," I admitted. "But now I do." I spread those cheeks apart.

Ms. Beigh gasped in pain. She licked harder at Alice. My wife fell back, her body undulating as she ground on Ms.

Beigh's hungry lips. I brought my cock to the bimbo's puckered, dark sphincter. I slammed into her tight asshole. "Oh, god," gasped Ms. Beigh as her tight, velvety bowels clenched around my cock. "No, you can't put your cock there. It's my butt-hole. It's so dirty, Master." "I can put my cock anywhere I want," I growled at her as I drew back my shaft until only the tip remained in her ass.

My dick ached from her tight friction. I savored it then slammed back in. "I'm your Master." "You're right, Master," moaned Ms. Beigh as she looked at me over her shoulder. Her lips were stained with Alice's juices and my cum. That's how she should always look. "Fuck my ass, Master." She shuddered, her bowels clenching down. "It's kinda nice." "You'll be cumming hard soon, slave," Alice moaned before yanking Ms. Beigh's mouth back between her thighs. "Now keep licking, slut, and make me cum." My wife's green eyes rolled back into her head as she writhed on Ms.

Beigh's tongue. Our former boss gasped and shuddered, her hips bucking back into my thrusts. Her bowels clenched and relaxed on my dick, increasing the friction. The pleasure rushed out of me. My balls churned as they smacked into her taint. It was wonderful fucking her ass. Her burning-red butt-cheeks rippled every time Mofos lets try anal julie skyhigh anal sex birthday surprise slammed into her.

She moaned and gasped into my wife's cunt. Ms. Beigh's tongue rooted through Alice's pussy, making my wife shudder on the table. "Oh, yes. You fucking bitch. Mmm, I love it. Keep licking my pussy. This is what you get for being such a bitch. You're our slave now." "Ours," I growled and smacked her ass before slamming deep into her bowels.

Ms. Beigh's ass clenched and her body convulsed from the hard spanking. She bucked harder into my thrusts, her moans and gasps growing louder.

She licked faster and noisier, reveling in my wife's pink, silky flesh. My wife appreciated Ms. Beigh's effort. "Oh, you fucking slut," gasped Alice. "Oh, yes. That's it. I'm cumming. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. That's what your lips and tongue were made for. Licking pussy and sucking cock. Not being a bitch. Oh, yes." Alice's impressive tits bounced and jiggled as she thrashed about on the table.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as her body heaved. She let out a shuddering moan and then collapsed back on the table, a big smile on her lips.

"That's good, slave," I praised, my own balls boiling. "You made my wife cum." "I did," beamed Ms. Beigh. "I'm so happy.

Did you enjoy it. Did I please you, Mistress." "Yes, you did," groaned my wife. "Now make my husband cum. I want his jizz leaking out of your ass. Beg him to cum in you, slut." "Yes, yes, Master," gasped Ms. Beigh. She looked over her shoulder at me, beseeching me with those blue eyes. "Cum in my ass, Master. Please, please. Pretty please with sugar on top. I need it. Cum in me. Cum, cum, cum." "Fuck," I growled, my balls boiling over. I slammed my dick deep into her ass.

"You are our sex slave, Ms. Beigh." "I am!" she gasped and sensual chick is geeting urinated on and blasts wet snatch her ass writhed on my dick. She let out a scream of bliss as her orgasm burst through her body. I buried my dick to the root into her tight, hot ass.

The velvety embrace of her cumming bowels caressed my cock and sent the triggering bliss racing up my dick. My balls answered. My cum erupted into her asshole.

I grunted through clenched teeth as I came in my bitchy, ex-boss's ass. I squeezed her hips as my cum flooded her. I drew back and pumped in again, groaning as the last of my cum filled her asshole. I panted, savoring the joy of fucking her ass. Ms. Beigh collapsed on the floor when I pulled out of her ass.

I took my wife's hand and led her to the table while our new sex slave shuddered on the floor, savoring her bliss. My cum leaked out of her ass and stained the expensive rug. It was tacky anyways. I sat down on the executive, leather chair, the material cool on my ass and back. I pulled my wife down onto my lap and we gazed out of the window. We had done it. We had BT Chemical. We would manufacture the bimbo serum and revolutionize the world. We'd make a fortune in the process. "I think we should change the name of the company," I told my wife.

"How about instead Beigh-Taylor Chemical we call it Bimbo Transformation Chemical?" My wife smiled. "I don't care.

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Just so long as I can have that Carmanjello for my executive assistant." "You want to fuck a big, Black cock, huh?" "So badly," she groaned, her voice throaty. "Ooh, Frank, I love your cock, but it's so exciting and wonderful and oh, so sexy to be fucked by a Black man." Her green eyes grew wider and more innocent. "It's one of the bestest things, Frank. I love it. Please, pretty please. Can I have him?" The intelligent serum had worn off.

I stared into my bimbo wife's eyes and smiled. "Of course you can. I love you." Alice squealed. Then she rained kisses on my face, moaning, "Thank you," between each. I held her and smiled. I had my bimbo wives, my bimbo sex slaves, and a company that would make me into one of the richest men in the world. I was so glad I had Alice's support.

I never would have finished the serum without her. She shifted on the seat, her wet two incredible lookers licked each others pussies masturbation pornstars rubbing on my cock. She straddled me and guided my cock to her wet pussy. I groaned and fucked my bimbo wife in the executive office of our new financial empire. The END