Rebecca linares is about to get anal

Rebecca linares is about to get anal
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Author's note: This story is darker than my other stories. Sexy.but also definitely darker. You've been warned. Enter if you dare. CONVICTS AND SEX SLAVES Katherine (Kitty for short) is a gorgeous college sophomore 5'8, 115 lbs, silken body all tanned, deep gray-brown eyes unforgettable…long chestnut-brown hair swaying past divinely sculpted shoulders.

She has been basking joyously during this lackadaisical day at the beach with her lighter complexioned friend, Tobe. Two years younger, Tobe is an equally flawless specimen of the female sex -- perhaps an inch shorter, pony-tailed blonde hair always effulgent, Nordic skin eminently fair, eyes of an azure-icy sheen.

They're in a secluded spot near shore because that's the way these girls like it just solitude and sunbathing with the whispering of the lapping waves to caress their ears…exquisite female goddesses fondled lovingly by the sun. Tobe: "I'm heading back to the van." Kitty, her eyes closed: "Alright 'hon, meet ya there in a few." The two have been friends since childhood and are best friends forever in that uniquely female bond.

Eventually sun-warmed Kitty steps lightly barefoot across the sandy shore and beyond the copse of trees where the van is parked along a dirt road. Yet when she gets there and opens the door she sees two men in the van with her friend. The black man is about 6'8, his naked torso bristling with muscle. The white man wears a dark ski mask, though he's shorter, maybe 6'2, with well-defined abs but not his companion's six-pack.

Tobe is sitting in a chair, her ankles tied to the legs and her wrists tied behind her back to the seat, duct tape clamped across her pretty mouth, eyes wide with terror. The dark man holds a knife to her throat, his intent gaze soaking up her fear with twisted satisfaction. Ski-mask has a gun in Kitty's face and before she knows what's happening she hears: "You scream, you die, understood?" Kitty nods slowly, mouth suddenly drier than the Mohave, Sahara, or any damned desert.

"Good girl. You listen and I talk unless you want to get taped like your panicky friend." Ski-mask offers out his hand. "First, hop in." Trembling, Kitty offers her arm and he helps her inside, sliding closed the door and the hope for freedom. "First let's get to know each other sweetie. See my adorable little cock?" Kitty gapes at Ski-mask's massive and utterly erect member. "Well it has a really fierce crush on you, sweetie. You'll want to make it happy if you value your friend's continued breathing." Kitty glances at the razor-sharp knife poised at her best friend's neck.

"Sir, please don't hurt her." "Less talking…why don't you let your mouth do what you otherwise couldn't save your friend's life?" "Y-yes sir," she stammers, kneeling with Ski-mask's guiding hand at the nape of her neck to thrust her face at his crotch. With tentative movements Kitty's tongue pokes half-heartedly at the white rod.

"Have you ever tasted a cock before?" Kitty nods and the man's face darkens. "Then what's the problem? Let my cock feel your caresses, honey. Look, your friend's throat feels the prick of cold steel." Kitty sees the black man's fist tense, the knife just nicking her friend's throat, a crimson stripe dripping to the collarbone of the frightened, blue-eyed teen.

The brunette gets his drift and her mouth finally encases Ski-mask's cock in a warm, hot-breathed embrace. Ski-mask groans approvingly as the pretty mouth pumps up…down…up…then down…a tireless rhythm punctuated by the early squishy sounds of lubrication.

His shaft is soon double-coated, female saliva and male pre-cum now slickening partners. Sugary fluid lingers playfully along Kitty's sensitive palate. Meanwhile Dark-skin puts his mouth to Tobe's face and licks her alabaster cheek with broad, deliberate strokes as his free hand slips inside her bikini bra to knead her doughy breasts.

Kitty hears her friend's stimuli and shame-induced groan, her eyes drifting to the torturous sight even as her tongue coils around rock-hard flesh. "Yes, suck harder! This is what god made you for!" Ski-mask implores. Kitty redoubles her efforts, the small brunette coiling her tongue hard around his cock, slurping in a wild effort to please. "That's enough!" Ski-mask bellows abruptly, yanking her head back by the hair. Thin strands of pre-cum and saliva, like pizza cheese, stretch from female lips to engorged penis.

"Do you want to make your friend feel better, sweetie?" Kitty, with pleading eyes: "Please Sir!" "Kiss her." Kitty looks doubtfully at her captor. Dark-skin's fist tenses once more. "OK I'll do it!" Kitty hurries. Dark-skin yanks off the duct tape as Tobe yelps in pain. Slowly Kitty kneels, her eyes soft and full of sympathy and sorrow as her lips brush against Tobe's, Kitty's tongue slowly growing more and more bold until she can fully taste her best friend since childhood for the first time.

Shame makes the teenage girls' cheeks a rosy crimson. Tobe moans in protest but the blonde's tongue yields, her slack mouth letting her friend explore.

Dark-skin produces a small blue object with a triangular point and a tiny switch. He flips it pretty amateur blonde passenger railed by nasty driver reality bigcock and the object begins to buzz, vibrating… Dark-skin: "Listen to me you little sluts, I want you kissing like true lovers or I'll shove foxy lesbians fill up their big arses with milk and blast it out spreading and anilingus butt plug up blondie's tight ass, is that clear?" "Please, Sir, we'll do it!" Kitty assures him and Tobe leans forward so that their tongues can commingle like symbiotic organisms.

The men watch their teenage captives feast on one another's faces for a seeming eternity, admiring the lean hips and well-sculpted breasts thrusting from underneath each girl's wispy bikini, the tantalizing secrets beneath each girl's inadequate cotton thong impossible to ignore. Each girl's jaw is coated with the other girl's saliva in the aftermath of the sloppy make-out fest before Kitty is pulled away and her wrists tied roughly in black cords behind her.

Meanwhile Dark-skin unties Tobe's binds temporarily, re-tying the blonde teenager's wrists behind her back as she stands beside him. Dark-skin has a seat in the chair and forces Tobe to plop down on his lap. Similarly Ski-mask sits on the van floor and forces Kitty to sit on his lap. Ski-mask picks up the gun and puts the barrel to Kitty's head. "Please don't kill us!" Kitty squeals. "What's your name sweetie?" "Kitty." "Kitty, I want you to impale yourself on my cock.

It's OK…it's ready to take you now." Tears brimming, Kitty replies…"Yes Sir " "Call me Master Gary!" "Y-yes Master Gary." "Aren't you going to ask me to take off your thong?" "Please Master, take off my thong so I can fuck you," Kitty sighs. Slowly Ski-mask lowers the thong to her ankles. Meanwhile Dark-skin does the same to his blonde captive. Dark-skin to Tobe: "You're going to ride me cowgirl-style while you watch your friend get raped, how's that sound my little white fuck-toy?" "Pl-please no," Tobe blurts, but Dark-skin's knife threatens and the slender blonde falls silent.

Ski-mask: "On the count of three you each plunge your tight little cunts on our cocks, got it?" "One-two-three!" Tobe sits down on the huge ebony stallion. The dry penetration throws a grimace across that pretty young face and wrestles a plaintive moan from her core meanwhile the more fortunate Kitty feels a pleasant lack of friction as the white cock vanishes deep in a jungle of dark-brown muff.

"God she's a tight little slut," Dark-skin groans as his cock goes deep. " hurts!" Tobe wails. "Who said it was supposed to feel good for you, slut?" Dark-skin replies.

"You have the honor of getting my cum in your pussy, isn't that enough for you, slut?!" Tobe continues to moan as Dark-skin plays with her tits, his mouth diving to stifle her cries with a deeply inserted tongue and an invasion of warm breath.

Kitty watches helpless as she feels the cock awaken parts of her she wishes would stay dormant to avoid her shame…a slow tingle developing into an out-of-control building toward climax.

Ski-mask, like he's omniscient, senses it coming. "You like it don't you sweetie? You see, as long as I make you cum it's not rape, is it? You want me to fuck your tight pussy until you can cum, don't you?" Hoping it will please him, she responds: "Yes, Master, please fuck me!" "I didn't hear you." "YES MASTER, PLEASE FUCK ME?" "Fuck you how, sweetie?" "FUCK ME HARD, MASTER?" "Until you bleed even?" "Y-YES MASTER.

MAKE ME BLEED! Oohhh god." Kitty can feel herself on the brink. She bites her lip, trying to stave off the inevitable. Tobe watches her friend's mounting orgasm in wide-eyed shock as Dark-skin whispers degrading curses in her ears, his body suddenly tensing rigidly, massive black arms holding the delicate body of the blonde teenager snug against his cock as virile African seed shoots deep for the girl's insides. "Did you like that, white slut? Tell your Master how much you liked being fucked!" The traumatized blonde, will crumbling, replies: "Master, I loved your cock in me." "Say it with some enthusiasm, whore!" The black hand spanks the 17 year-old's bottom.

She repeats with gusto until he is satisfied while Kitty and her captor cum simultaneously. "Oooouuuuuhh I'm cumming sweetie&hellip.uggghhhhhh!!!" "oooohhh good nooo please!!" Kitty wails in futility, her fluids dousing the testes of her virile rapist.

End Chapter 1 Dark-skin lifts Tobe off his diminishing cock, helpfully pulling up her thong and then retying her ankles to the chair legs and her wrists to the chair back.

Meanwhile Ski-mask pulls up the brunette's thong as well. He binds Kitty's wrists in black cords behind her back and leaves her sprawled on the floor of the van. A cell phone in the front of the van blares its obnoxious, insistent ring tone. "Aw shit dawg, I gotta get that. You get the van ready for our little white cunts." Ski-mask nods, soon vanishes.

Desperate, Kitty's eyes dart from captor to possible salvation. Lying on the floor, forgotten, is Dark-skin's knife. The naked African talks animatedly into his cell phone, his attention not bent meaningfully to his captive. Carefully the sexy brunette clasps the knife handle and begins quietly sawing at her bonds.

She keeps her eyes downcast so as to avoid suspicion. Tobe's glistening eyes widen with something bordering on hope. Kitty wants to tell her it'll all be OK…that she's going to get help. It's torture, but she realizes she has to make a run for it alone if she's going to do her friend any good at all. Suddenly the cords are cut and Kitty throws open the door, leaping to the sand like a dexterous leopard the adrenaline suddenly making her an Olympic athlete.

She runs toward shore and then south along the beach screaming for help. The teenager's bare feet kick up tiny clouds of sand as she sprints, arms pumping, heart pounding through her sweat-soaked bra.

But HE is not far behind. And unsurprisingly, Dark-skin moves not only with grace, but speed. The young brunette glances over her shoulder to see his hurtling form quickly gaining. She looks ahead hoping to see a human figure. But on this secluded beach she hears nothing but the sounds of her own screams, with no help in sight. Then he's upon her, a dark blur that bowls her over, and his fist clenches the handgun, the cold barrel pressed to her silken cheek.

"That wasn't very nice, Kitty-bitch. You're going to pay dearly for that!" "Please don't kill me!" He straddles her, pinning her, the gun aimed at her cute face. "Suck my gun, whore." He presses the weapon insistently and school teacher and sir xxxx takes it into her mouth with a shiver, tongue ladling saliva on the cold shaft. "You like my second cock, slut? Or would you prefer a warm one?" Kitty manages a slight shake of her head, gagging as he shoves the shaft deeper.

His eyes blaze with anger. "That was your chance at clemency, slut." Ski-mask comes rushing over. "Nice going idiot." "Shutup dawg, I got her now don't I? Now I am fucking pissed off, aight. Xxx story girl on girl download going to teach this slut the ultimate lesson and I mean ultimate, understand me dawg?" Ski-mask hesitates.

"Are you certain about this?" "Shut the fuck up and get the shit we need. We're going to do it right here. I saw an abandoned shack near the road. We'll use one of those fuckin' walls." Dark-skin drags Kitty back to the van. He strips her completely naked at last. He ties her ankles together and smacks duct tape across her pretty, cute, begging-for-mercy mouth. "Let the other slut watch what happens to this uppity bitch." Then, turning back to Kitty muffling pleas through the tape: "You think you can escape?

Damn girl, you're not so fucking bright, are you?" Ski-mask brings out the chair with Tobe and sets it facing the abandoned shack.

Kitty watches with wondering eyes as Ski-mask cleans two nails with alcohol and retrieves a hammer. "You know what's coming don't you bitch?" Kitty struggles with all her pitiable strength in the arms of her muscular captor. Tobe's eyes widen with sheer horror. Dark-skin forces Kitty's arms wide and above her head.

Dark-skin rips off the duct tape gag just in time. Ski-mask hammers the first nail low on Kitty's left wrist. Kitty lets loose a blood-curdling shriek. Ski-mask punctures the right arm. A second, sharp cry rips the air asunder, tears streaming down those beautiful tanned cheeks.

"See, slut? This is why we don't misbehave. Misbehaving sluts get crucified and even die, understand?" "YES! OH GOD PLEASE STOP!!

YOU'LL KILL ME!!!" she wails, more tears forming involuntarily with the onslaught of crushing agony. Dark-skin cradles her pert buttocks, keeping the weight off of her bleeding arms as he rubs the bulbous head of his prick against her clit. "Uuhhh." Her tied ankles force her legs to wrap snugly around her muscle-rippling rapist. She swoons at last, the pain winning out…her pretty head sagging. "Douse this bitch!" Ski-mask splashes cold water across her face and gently slaps her cheeks.

Groggily she comes to. "Just try to enjoy this, sweetie," Ski-mask interjects as he puts a fresh band of tape across her mouth. "Go ahead Dwayne, give her the fuck of her life!" Dark-skin grins demonically, carefully positioning his cock as he looks into Kitty's anguished visage.

Ever so slowly he plunges in…deeper and deeper impaling her abused pussy. "I want you to feel every inch of me, slut. Feel your tight kitty-box take in a real man…feel my dick piercing you like the spears of my Zulu ancestors' pierced the British assholes that invaded their homeland." "Ugh…ugh…ugh…you like that metaphor shit, you white slut?

Probably learning shit like that in college weren't you? Ugh…ugh…" Kitty could only moan and wail through her gag as she felt his throbbing cock plunge deep, retreat half-heartedly, only to re-enter with even greater ferocity. "Yeah Kitty-slut, this is what it means to be fucked by a brother&hellip.uuuohhh damn, girl, you're tight!" The only relief granted the young brunette is the tongue of her rapist torturer, for it twirls from one exposed nipple to the other…a surprisingly gentle, saliva-laving masseuse.

More startlingly though…all of a sudden a warmth begins spreading between the gorgeous teen's thighs and she can't believe it! Kneeling between her legs Ski-mask has his face at the joining of Dark-skin's cock and Kitty's pussy, his tongue finding her clit and battering it like hurricane force waves on a shoreline.

Kitty shrieks through her gag the confluence of pain and ecstasy enough to unhinge the poor teenager. Tobe can only watch in utter disbelief and vast, boundless horror as her crucified friend involuntarily cums…actually cums into her rapist's mouth! Ski-mask laps at her juices gleefully. "You taste better than the ripest fruit, sweetie!" he congratulates her. "Ugh…ugh…I don't know nuthin' about no fruit, but this little white slut is going to have my fucking baby whether she wants it or not…if we let her live that long!" Dark-mask's tongue resumes its impressive nipple-teasing, his teeth occasionally nipping at the pink buds as the exhausted brunette squirms.

"UUuGGGHH fuck YEAH!" The ebon-complexioned juggernaut roars as he gushes copiously. Before Kitty slips out of consciousness once more she hears: "OK, Dwayne, if you want her to live you better let me administer a dose of morphine and dress those wounds." "Yeah, yeah. Whatever," the black man replies as he sucks the nipples of an unconscious teenager.

End Chapter 2 "No white boy, I got a better idea. It's called wake her up and stick that little white prick of yours into Kitty-bitch's velvety 'fuckin paradise." Ski-mask grins. "Damn, Dwayne…you don't know the meaning of the word mercy, do you?" "Nah bro…ain't in the vocabulary.

Less talking…more hard fucking." Ski-mask splashes a fresh dose of cold water over Kitty's head, his hands gently slapping her to groggy consciousness once more.

Kitty tries to beg, "Please no more…" but all that comes out is an unintelligible, muffled groan. "Sorry sweetie, but you need to be awake so you can feel my cock enter you. But don't worry, I'll be gentle Kitty-cat." "NO you won't!" Dwayne barks.

Ski-mask shrugs as the girl shakes her head and screams "NNN!!" through her gag. "Scream as loud as you like, honey, but my cock sees your pussy and it's pretty excited." Kitty looks down incredulously as his burgeoning member, a fleshy flagpole of eager manhood.

"Take over buddy." that from Dwayne as he lets Ski-mask cup Kitty's bottom with his huge hands, keeping the weight off of the stricken girl's bleeding wrists as she hangs crucified from the wall of the shack. Ski-mask gently caresses Kitty's labia with the head of his cock.

"MMmmmmm." "You like that sweetie?" Tears forming at the corners of her eyes, she shakes her head violently. "Oh I think you do!" One hand holding her ass firmly, he begins to stroke her anal job after blow job pornstar and hardcore as he plunges deep into the teenager's exquisite velvety snatch.

"Uhhh yes…feel your pussy grip my cock!" Ski-mask groans as he thrusts hard into his crucified fuck-slave. "Let me hear you scream a little, sweetie," Ski-mask hisses as he un-tapes her mouth. "Please Sir " "Call me Master Gary!" he roars. "Please…ugh…Master Gary…ugh…ugh…my wrists…they're on fire!!!!!…" "Why not concentrate on something more positive, sweetie…like my cock pounding your…ugh…pussy…" Tobe watches in horror as her friend is crucified and fucked.

Dark-skin walks over, a grin from ear to ear. "Like the show, don't you bitch?" "P-please don't hurt me!" "Then learn to cooperate, white whore!" "I'll do anything you want, just please don't hurt me!" she wails. Dark-skin's eyebrow perks up. "ANYTHING? Well I've got a pretty wild imagination, slut…sounds good to me!" "You can start my licking your friend's tasty cum off my prick…go ahead, I'll bet you've always wanted to do this!" "Uhh…yes Master," the blonde replies hesitantly, but obediently accepts Dark-skin's cock, her tongue an agile dancer on his fleshy stage.

He shudders as her tongue performs the demeaning task. Her tongue traces zigzags of electricity that make his cock writhe and re-grow to a rigid glory. The rapist offers further encouragement: "That's right…clean it completely or I'll ream your ass until you bleed." SLURP. "Please Master, I'm doing my best!" "That's not good enough slut." He abruptly withdraws his cock and returns with a riding crop and knife.

First he leans down, ignoring the girl's flurry of pleas. The knife cuts gently fulfilling beautiful chicks hungry needs hardcore blowjob her bra strap and it's almost daintily that he severs the tie on her bikini panties, tossing both aside.

He waves the knife near her face. "Now, are you going to suck like a good little slut, or do I have to cut you?" The little blonde teenager shakes her head with vigor. "I'll suck you as good as I know how!!! Please!!!!!" "Just for added encouragement," and Dark-skin motions to the riding crop as he presses his cock into her lips.

"Now SUCK!" he roars, the crop smacking below her ribs as she moans and sucks. He rams his cock as far down Tobe's throat as it will go, the crop inducing deep moans of agony from his captive. She can't anticipate the blows -- so focused is her mind on one thing pleasuring her master's cock.

Even her sensitive breasts feel his heavy hand, and each time the crop touches those fragile, un-tanned, alabaster cones she moans an octave lower, writhing in her bonds.

Adding to the girl's discomfort, Dark-skin grabs her nose and presses down on her nostrils until she begins to choke. He lets up just in time, only to repeat the process as the fucking of Tobe's face reaches a crescendo, his cock slimy and hard.

Meanwhile Kitty's ordeal continues with Ski-mask's extraordinary stamina. Ski-mask's cock is finally returned to full erection. He grunts, tongue laving those teenage nipples, hand stroking and caressing Kitty's silken cheek as her mouth hangs ajar in a half-coo, half-agonized moan. "Oh my, sweetie…your body wants to cum a third time!

What a lucky girl! Maybe Dwayne's right…maybe you are a real slut." Ski-mask's grunts soon reach a climax. "I made you cum, sweetie…so it's only fair that you.ugh.return the favor!" Ski-mask's eyes suddenly roll back as he groans his release. His exhausted captive wants to cum but hasn't reached her climax. The frustrated girl sags back against the wall as her rapist pulls out and leans forward, her face nestling against his sweaty yet muscled bulk. In the meantime Tobe is rewarded for her work, swallowing dark-skins acrid-tasting cum with a grimace of effort.

He pulls out though before she can get all of it, squeezing out the fleeting spurts across a delicate, feminine neck. Ski-mask walks over with Kitty draped over his shoulder, her wrists bound in bloody bandages and tied with dark cord behind her back. "You've honored the blonde slave with your pearl necklace," Ski-mask wryly observes.

Dark-skin smiles. "Yeah, I have a certain fondness for this slut. However…she failed to swallow my cum gladly, and for that she will receive punishment." That pleading sheen returns to the blonde's pretty sky-blue eyes. "Please Master I tried!" A huge dark hand slaps her hard across the cheek, tipping the chair to the sand. "From now on you will only speak when spoken to, understand, my slave?" "Y-yes Master," she replies weakly. "Alright, let's get these bitches in our van.

You cunts are going on a little road trip!" End Chapter 3 Both girls look with incredulous horror at their so-called "seats" in the cream-colored van.

Upon a cold, metal bench in the main cabin protrude two enormous rubber dildos, pink as Barbie dolls. Wires run from the artificial cocks to huge battery-packs, the purpose of which is chillingly clear to the more lucid Tobe.

But Kitty is preoccupied by the cocks alone. "You can't lesbian peaches stretch their deep anals and pound long dildos us to sit on those!" Kitty groans foggily, the pain-killer already taking effect. "Sedate this cunt a little more damn it", advises Dark-skin.

Soon Kitty's unconscious, but Tobe is granted no such reprieve. Tobe groans as the rubberized penis plunges as far into her slender frame as it can possibly go. "Take it easy, sweetie. I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride…I'll make it a bumpy one", Ski-mask teases.

They set up both girls in the same way. Each feminine ankle is appropriately bound to a large metal ring on the van floor. The girls' wrists are forced above their heads and tied to similarly sized rayveness is not a women to sit home rings in the ceiling. Last but not least a simple black cord, no more than a crude seatbelt, secures each girl around the waist.

They can do little but wriggle pointlessly in their bonds. And Kitty cannot even do even that; the girl sags lifelessly in her bonds as the van speeds away.

Ski-mask drives up front while Dark-skin comes to the rear to see his "little fuck-slave". Tobe squirms as he squeezes her right nipple between thumb and forefinger. "Are you squirming, bitch?" "Please sir …" "Now what did I say about talking you stupid cunt!?" the black man explodes. Suddenly he presses a button and Tobe moans as she feels the huge member throbbing inside her velvety tightness. "Uuuuhhhh god…f-forgive me Mmaster!" she wails.

Dark-skin looks at the blonde teenager's cherubic face with the merciless gaze of a hardened rapist. "You'll have to beg better than that, bitch. Let's see how good you moan while I lick these yummy white titties!" Apelike black hands grip her breasts, squeeze their doughy victims as Dark-skin's tongue swoops down on her nipples, a laving, sucking, and biting Mongol ravaging a girl's once-pristine flesh.

The van speeds along. Meanwhile the unconscious brunette cannot witness, let alone hear her horny sluts have fun with some toys torments. Finally the van pulls up outside a concrete bunker deep in the woods. Dark-skin kisses Tobe passionately. "I love the way this slut tastes. I can't wait to eat her pussy." Tobe shakes her head, but she doesn't dare speak.

Dark-skin turns on Kitty's dildo, the two pink juggernauts set to vibrate on medium. Meanwhile Tobe hears a dog barking. Sure enough, as Dark-skin slides open the door a huge German shepherd leaps into the vehicle.

To Tobe's horror the dog makes a beeline for her and actually sticks its nose between her legs. She tries to close her thighs, but it's useless her ankles are bound to metal ringlets far apart.

"Good doggie!" Ski-mask exclaims. "Slave Tobe, meet Butcher, but you can call him Butch." The dog, wagging its tail obscenely, tries a few tentative licks of Tobe's pubic hair. "Please keep it away from me!" Tobe pleads, suddenly forgetting her promise. Dark-skin glares, the huge African now quite intent on chastening his contumacious slave. "You see, bitch, when a Brother tells you to be a good slut and keep you're pretty fucking mouth shut, it's a good idea to obey.

But since you seem to be a slow learner, we'll leave you and your girlfriend in the van to think 'bout whether you wanna be good, obedient little sluts. "Wait!" Ski-mask interrupts. "Give Slave Tobe a taste of true shame. It's only fitting." Dark-skin looks quizzically at his companion.

"What you talkin' about white boy?" "Butch, lick boy, lick!!" Ski-mask's words transform that dog into a furious licking machine. Suddenly Tobe feels an uncomfortable warmth between her legs as her rapists look on. Dark-skin roars with laughter. "Yeah…old Butch will get you cunts all wet n'ready for some more huge cock!" Tobe shakes her head as if it will actually help.

"Please Masters…make him this is so hot ending is best camscom sits beside her. He slides his tongue along her shoulder blade, hands caressing her breasts with startling tenderness, his eyes looking up at her intently through his mask. "It's OK sweetie…cum for us…ever since we've taken you, you've had to watch your friend have all the fun.

You haven't even cum yet but now's your chance, honey. Let yourself go. Let it all go." "No I can't…I won't!" replies the blonde coquette vehemently. "I can hear the trembling in your voice, baby it's OK to cum for us. Reward Butch for all his hard work, sweetie." Ski-mask's eyes contain a loving tenderness that seems utterly obscene given the circumstances, yet Tobe nonetheless can't help but notice those qualities in the rapist's expression.

Dark-skin stares hungrily, a complete contrast as his greedy eyes drink up the blushing crimson of the teenager's cheeks like a sadist watching a kill. Tobe bites her lip hard, stifling a moan, then realizes that nothing matters anymore, just the plateau as the warmth between her legs becomes an inferno fueled by doggie-tongue. Butch, encouraged by her low-pitched groan, licks her tight anal masturbation with big dildo from slut teen bush so hard his tongue easily crushes the little hood of her clitoris.

"UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH!!! NOOOOooooooooo god uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!" Tobe gushes, her juices forming a sweetened puddle on the metal bench. The panting girl can't believe her eyes. She stares shame-faced at all the fluid. "Keep at it, boy!" that from Dark-skin. His cruel laughter fades as the two men shut the door and make their way inside the bunker. The dog's tireless tongue darts at a new if unaware target. Soon, however, Kitty slowly begins to stir her unprepared consciousness about to become reacquainted with a world at once repugnant, delightful, and most of all depraved.

End Chapter 4 Ski-mask and Dark-skin ring the door bell at the bunker entrance. A dazzling 25 year-old blonde opens the very very sexy hot story free and immediately kneels before her Masters.

"Welcome home Masters! Please let me suck your magnificent cocks!" she purrs. The blonde is a big-breasted creature of big ramrod enters mouth and ass hardcore and russian curves -- femininity in full bloom.

The two men can't read each other's thoughts, yet they both gaze upon Lacey with the realization that Tobe's body will develop into just such an exquisite morsel. The kneeling woman is completely naked her wrists and neck not even marred by shackle or collar, a sign that she is that rarest of things, a slave most trusted.

Dark-skin grunts. "Why did it take you so long enough to answer the door, Slave!? You lazy whore! What the fuck were you doing?" "This slave was watching 'Shakespeare in Love', Master Dwayne! Please forgive this slave! I'll suck you!" "I'll fuck that pretty mouth of yours when I feel like it, bitch. Now make your existence useful and tickle my nut sac with that worthless tongue!" Lacey obeys, her tongue SLURP whirling around Dark-skin's corrugated sac with unflagging zeal.

"Don't forget me, Goldislut." Master Gary always calls her by her nickname. Lacey switches to her other Master, moistening his ball sac with the same fervor.

"That's enough, bitch now stay here until we come back" that from the always dominant black-skinned hulk. The men enter the main interrogation room where a mouth-watering teenage damsel awaits them. Dark-haired Carissa Geocaris is only 18 years old but the hands of a god have already sculpted this girl.

Her 5'4, 105 pound body is a slender masterpiece of curvy flesh highlighted by rich, caramel-colored eyes and a burnished, recently shampooed ebon mane. Three wires end with alligator clips attached to her gorgeous body.

Two clamps gnaw on her nipples while the third squeezes the nub of her unfortunate clit. A gag of duct tape conceals what should have been the pouting lips of a sexy tease. She's tied to a chair of sheer steel, all icy-cold except for the small spot warmed by her bottom. "OK Carissa, now I'm the patient one, deperate slut mama needs her lollipop japanese and hardcore I'm going to ask you one more time; what did your idiot boyfriend do with our drugs?" Ski-mask queries as he slowly peels the tape from her mouth.

"Ugh -- I don't know what you psychos are talking about!! Let me go!" Ski-mask ignores her high-pitched plea. "He told you how you'd live like royalty the rest of your days, didn't he Princess? Stolen drug money was your ticket to paradise, wasn't it bitch?" Dark-skin chuckles. "Holy shit, girl when my boy here starts using that kind of language, you be in real trouble.

I'd start talking." "But I don't know anything!" sobs the Greek beauty. Carissa continues. "Listen, I don't know anything about any drugs…I knew Mike was into some serious shit, but I had no idea.

Hey, why don't you just let me go you don't need me!" Dark-skin nods. "You're right…we don't need you." The girl's caramel-hued orbs look searchingly at the hulking African, the hottie's face perking with genuine hope.

"So you'll let me go?" Dark-skin grins. "Not a chance. Gary, why don't you gag this little slut with something that shows we mean business." Carissa's fucks neighbor while wife in the kitchen cams are soon stifled by a red cock-and-ball gag, so-named because a small red-shaped cock of rubber pokes into the recipient's throat while on the outside all one can see is the red ball at the cock's base filling the recipient's mouth.

With the object firmly fastened from Carissa's jaw to the back of her head, the brunette is forced to fellate the artificial penis. Dark-skin roars, "Feels good doesn't it?? No??? Well better start getting used to it, little slut, because you're going to drink gallons of cum unless you start talking!" He activates the electrical current, and soon the brunette lashed to the chair is bucking and screaming impressively through her gag.

"MMMMMGGGGGDDDDDDD PLS NMMMRRRRR…MKTSP!!!!!" [My god please no more!!!!! Make it stop!!!!!] Ski-mask motions for his partner to let up on the current.

He leans over and pops out the ballgag. It dangles below her cute teenage chin. "Are you ready to tell us where your lover hid our drugs now, sweetie?" "Please you must believe me! I don't know anything! Let me suck your dick…or fuck me hard…just please no more shocks please! No more -- I'm begging you!!" Dark-skin looks at his accomplice, a silent question. "We still think you know what we want to know, Princess," Ski-mask continues.

"But sucking our cocks will buy you some time, sweetie." And with that both men thrust their fleshy spears almost simultaneously into Carissa's poor mouth. The knockout brunette does her best to swallow and lave every infinitesimal cell along her captors' massive shafts. She performs well to a chorus of groans and approving grunts. "That's right, little slut suck my cock good enough and I'll take that clip away from your pussy," Dark-skin groans generously.

Carissa responds to his merciful offer by slurping along his shaft with particular fondness until he cums down the back of her throat. Meanwhile Ski-mask pulls out and spurts flecks of his sticky and gluey seed across her lovely face, silken neck and tits.

Dark-skin summons Lacey to lick their young captive clean as the men watch and regrow pricks of granite. "Oh my god…you bastards are hard again!" Carissa moans. They take her off the chair, her wrists still bound behind her. "Sit yourself hard on my dick!" Dark-skin orders. Carissa shivers as she feels the man-meat worm its way deep into her sacred temple.

But Ski-mask now confronts her with an unexpected choice: "OK Princess, want my prick in your pretty mouth or should I ream your tight ass?" "Please let me suck it!" Carissa implores. "Nah…I want your fine ass, sweetie!" Ski-mask lubes up his dong with a vial of oil, applies a little to the brunette's star-shaped hole, and tries to plunge all the way to the hilt. He doesn't get there superb hardcore action along milf hiroko akaishi but far enough to overpower the teenager's pitiful sphincter muscle.

"Oh GOD…you're tearing me open! AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Carissa's cry of agony rips through the bunker walls until the other slaves can hear their new sister with clarity.

Finally the screams dissipate to quiet sobs. Glistening-clear ribbons lash down Carissa's beautiful cheeks even as a ribbon of blood trickles from her de-flowered anus. Her captors continue to thrust their way toward climax, their cocks encased in a dual-heaven.

"Fuck, sweetie, you're even tighter than I thought…ugh… is your ass on fire yet, Princess? Dark-skin pinches her nipples, a pain so insignificant by comparison. Soon his massive hands grip her waist firmly. "C'mon slut…grind you bitch…let's see those hips move.

I'm going to lay here and let you fuck me while Gary finishes with your tight little slut-ass!" Carissa moans, the pain mercifully numbing…and she gyrates her hips to the extreme pleasure of both man and cock below her. End Chapter 5 Carissa girl feels Master Gary's throbbing cock deep in her teenage ass while she's forced to cowgirl Dark-skin.

It's a bizarre sight: The dark-haired Greek teenager with wrists bound in tight black cord behind her back, her pubic mound entwined as one velvety muff with the pubic hair of the black man below her. The black man meanwhile just lies there with a big, wide smile, his humongous beanpole of a phallus building steadily towards relief. "That's right slut…ride my cock. You do the work, little bitch! Uuhhh…my black seed's gonna plunder one of those precious little eggs…uuhhh!" "Pull it out…oh please I'll do anything if you don't cum there!" "I have a better idea Princess," Master Gary interrupts.

Older bitch still fucks like a whore

"You've already been good to Dwayne by grinding on his big black cock. Now what about poor Gary?? Hmmm…here's what you're going to do, sweetie; clench your buttocks around my cock, squeezing me hard as I ream you." "NO I won't do THAT you sick bastard! Let me go!!" "Slave Lacey, bring me the gun!" The startled blonde moves like lightning, hands the weapon to Dark-skin.

Master Dwayne puts the barrel to Carissa's cheek. Tears roll down her cheeks. "Two things, slut. One, stop crying or I'll put this in your ass and pull the trigger. Two, squeeze my buddy's cock with your ass if you want to live through the night. The choice is yours, but I'm going to count to five and you'll be one sorry bitch." She bravely chokes back her tears. "Please don't…I'll…I'll do what you want…ungh…" Carissa tells her sphincter to push, sending a pleasant sensation along the length of Ski-mask's shaft.

Ski-mask strokes her silken-smooth buttocks with satisfaction…then smacks them lightly, admiring the firmness. "Ooooh yes sweetie…you're ass was made for me Princess!" She continues applying pressure along his penis as he reaches around, cups her breasts easily in his big hands.

"Uuuhhhgghh! Please will you take your dick out since I'm squeezing your friend?" Carissa asks Dwayne, her voice a desperate tremor. "Hmmm…that depends whether you want to talk about where your boyfriend and our merchandise is." Suddenly Carissa's cell phone rings. The little phone is on the floor next to the girl's shredded clothing. "Who the fuck is that? Pick that up, Lacey-Slave." As the blonde swoops it up Dark-skin makes the rules of the game clear to Carissa.

"Listen up bitch…if that's your boyfriend you better play it cool!" "Yes Master," moans the teenager as Lacey puts the phone to her ear. Dwayne and Gary decide to slow their thrusts so that Carissa can speak halfway normally. "Hey Cari! Where the fuck are you, girl? Yo, I want you on my team, sweet thang. You gonna meet up with me and be my Princess or what?? With all this dough there won't be nuthin' we won't be needin'!!!" Carissa stifles a groan (cocks filling her twat and ass, nearly motionless though they be) and replies as nonchalantly large curves make dudes rod hard hardcore and blowjob she can manage "Relax Michael, can't a girl run a little late?

It may be easy for you to just leave your house for good with only the clothes on your back, but I have some things with sentimental value. It took me a while to pick out what I wanted!" Suspicion creeps into his voice. "Damn Princess I told you to get out of there ASAP 'fore those fools come lookin' for you. You didn't get your ass caught, did you?" Dwayne gives his captive a look of warning, his finger tightening on the trigger.

"Shutup Bighead. You know I wouldn't be talking to you if my ass was caught. Just wait up for me and I'll call you…god I'm horny just thinking about you and all that money", replies Carissa with genuine-seeming seduction. Lacey hangs up the phone. "I can take you to our meeting place," Carissa assures them quickly. Dwayne grins. "You did good, slut. You did real good." Ski-mask interjects "OK, we better move out." "WAIT first we finish what we started!" grunts Dark-skin as grabs Carissa's hips and thrusts beneath her.

Incredible teasing ntouching handjob with ruined part fol Gary joins in, efficiently emptying his cum into her bowels. But only after Dark-skin's seed spews forth does a dismayed Carissa cry helplessly "NOOOOOooo&hellip.oh god…you fucking asshole!" as the seed of worry of an unwanted pregnancy crams into her pretty little head just behind the biggest question of all: will these two crazy drug kingpin rapists even let me live?

End Chapter 6 The dark-haired vixen is about to be led away, her pussy and ass dripping with the cum of her captors. The double doors swing open. A powerfully-built, rotund man of Japanese descent enters the interrogation room flanked by two skinny Jap henchmen. A flowing white robe with gold trim wreathes the big man's shoulders.

Punctuating his face: piercing coal-hued eyes and a matching sable goatee. Even passing strangers can see that he is a brutal alpha-male of merciless disposition; yet few know that he is the great Lord Mashimoto, master of a drug empire nasty lesbians fill up their huge bootys with milk and blast it out threesome and creampies three continents, and the lord patron who Ski-mask and Dark-skin loyally serve.

Mashimoto is completely naked except for the untied robe. His bulging member juts forth like, an obscene if fleshy pike. He gestures at Carissa's tear-stained face. "Who is this stupid cow?" Both men bow in unison, thrusting their captive to the floor between them. "She is the girl whose boyfriend has stolen your product, my Lord." Mashimoto's eyebrows arch. "Has she proven cooperative?" Both men nod.

"She will take us to her conniving boyfriend. We will deal with him and recover what is yours, Sensei." The big Jap offers a broad smile of dazzling-white teeth. "That is good, Dwayne-san and Gary-san. You shall be well rewarded. Perhaps I shall let you keep the little slut between you as a trophy.

Go now with my blessing. Take however many men you deem fit." Dwayne and Gary leave to obey, but not before Dwayne stops, hesitating. "What is it, my black warrior?" says Mashimoto. "There is something you should know, my Lord. When we came to the compound, Slave Lacey was very late in answering our summons." Mashimoto's eyes grow keen.

"Is that so? I shall discipline her, Dwayne-san. Your vigilance does you honor." -------------------------------- I know I'm in trouble after Gary and Dwayne leave. I fall on my hands and knees, but already I can sense the Sensei's mood not a tinge of humor or generosity in the man's cold, dark eyes.

"Is this true?" "Yes Sensei" I wail despairingly. "Please forgive this Slave!" "Forgiveness?? This is a thing for the impotent!" He turns to his skinny bodyguards, Wang and Dong.

"Put the black collar around this one's neck and handcuffs on this useless slave's wrists." He strides into the recreation room where I had been watching Shakespeare in Love.

He lies down with a sigh on the lavish couch, his head turned sidewise and eyes focused on the 60-inch television along the wall as he channel-surfs, then settles on a football game.

A table is set beside him potato chips and salsa placed on its surface. Languidly he orders Wang to attach the chain to my collar. My wrists cuffed behind me, I can only stumble forwardly awkwardly as Lord Mashimoto jerks suddenly on my chain.

"What are you waiting for, Goldislut? My yellow prick needs a home!" I awkwardly start to straddle the big kingpin, my gaze unable to avoid lingering on the rolls of fat beneath his kingly robe. A sudden thwack! of Wang's crop (each of the bodyguards has one) snaps me from my trance.

"Please, Sensei, I'm trying." "Try faster, you worthless cunt!" he roars, not taking his eyes off the television. Wang and Dong smack my bottom mercilessly as I lower myself onto Mashimoto long ago I would have shuddered with the penetration, but after eight years in captivity I have learned to fuck eagerly on demand and enjoy it. I cannot see it now, but I am somehow aware of the welts that will form on my sexy, firm buttocks.

Hoping to minimize the damage I begin to moan pleasingly as I squirm on his cock but without use of my hands it's difficult for me to fuck well. He seems to take some amusement from this, his eyes every now and then straying to the struggling, naked blonde wriggling on top of him.

Wang decides to give my breasts some attention while Dong continues to abuse my ass cheeks with equal fervor. A phone on the table rings Mashimoto picks it up.

He acts as if the caning of my breasts and buttocks and my desperate fucking is the most ordinary thing in the world. He conducts his conversation as nonchalantly as a man taking a dump while talking to an old friend. Minutes pass, but still I grind and wiggle, feeling his cock inside me with every movement. I don't really want it to end after all, it doesn't feel bad, and fucking has become my life's purpose.

Yet I desperately want the stinging aura emanating from my breasts and ass to cool, to somehow alleviate the lashes on my once unblemished silken skin. "Please Sensei…my breasts are this is one of the greatest and most beautiful erotic videos you have ever seen admire its beauty an fire! This Slave has learned her lesson!" Mashimoto grunts reluctantly. "Keep fucking while Wang takes you from behind, and you can suck Dong like a good Western whore!

I groan in frustration, but dare not make any further plea or protest. Soon I can feel Wang lubing up my ass a courtesy afforded only to Slaves in highest favor and reflect on my good fortune as the skinny Asian enters me with a sqlch. The friction minimal, the pleasure of the double penetration takes my breath away, my orgasm-building siren mingling with the crowd's deafening roar as the quarterback snaps the ball with 3rd down and ten. Mashimoto watches the game keenly.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Even after I have cum, he ignores me, his own cock still hard and unspent like the organ of some male god. My cry sabrina star is all tits and ass ecstasy is quickly stifled, Dong's cock poking insistently between my wide lips. Mashimoto turns to me as his team scores a touchdown.

"Watch the game, Goldislut! This is a command from your Sensei!" I turn my head obediently and watch the game as Dong cums in my mouth, swallowing during the kickoff return, shortly after feeling a strange warmth in my bowels.

Yet still Lord Mashimoto fucks, and I ride him like a cowgirl on a tireless bull until halftime. At long last he cums and I scream my gratitude. Apparently my scream seems loud and sincere enough, because Lord Mashimoto leaves this cum-filled Slave alone to finish her film. End Chapter 7 Two black suburbans roll up the gravel drive, each filled with Asian men in fatigues armed to the teeth. Their commander is a well-muscled Czech by the name of Jaroslav. He sits shotgun in the first suburban, and his ice-cold eyes crinkle with amusement as a huge and completely naked black man approaches with a bound and gagged Carissa slung over his shoulders.

A naked Caucasian man walks beside his friend. "I see you two captured yourself a useful fuck-toy!" Jaroslav congratulates. Gary nods. "She's proven useful in more ways than one. She knows where her boyfriend is, and she claims it's not far." Jaroslav studies the fine ass on the Greek teen before replying, "Why don't you let me lead the operation and you two can catch a little more R & R?" Dwayne and Gary can help but chuckle, aware of Jaroslav's secondary motives.

If he leads the operation, he can call the shots. If there's one thing that Dwayne and Gary both realize, it's that Jaroslav is the horniest and most bloodthirsty son of a bitch in Lord Mashimoto's employ. Dwayne nods. "Alright, Captain. She's all yours." The struggling girl is placed Jaroslav's lap. With a 'good luck' Dwayne slams the door shut and the suburban speeds away. Gary looks disappointedly at the departing vehicle.

"We should have kept her for a few more fucks." Dwayne snorts. "Have you forgotten about those cunts in the van? Let's get a few beers and then show those little cock-teasers some fun." End Chapter 8 Carissa's wrists are bound behind her with a cock-and-ball gag stuffed down her throat. She's relieved when Jaroslav pops out the gag as the suburban lurches forward. "Well, well, little cunt. You're going to tell us where we need to go, yes?" "Please don't hurt me!

I'll tell you, I swear!" Jaro brushes his fingers sensuously across Carissa's silken breasts as the suburban approaches the highway. "Lead on, my dear girl." "Go north on highway 51. You take that until you get to the Witby exit. He's waiting for me in an abandoned warehouse near the harbor." The Captain gently strokes the girl's bare belly, his breath warming Carissa's slender neck. "Good girl but will you be a good little slut for me too?" "Please Master, they've already fucked me!" Carissa wails.

The Captain feigns surprise. "Aaahh…and I bet you are wondering if there is a larger, more magnificent cock for you to impale your tight little snatch upon, aren't you, my little cum-slut?" Carissa shakes her head furiously. "Please Master…I'm cooperating…have mercy, Master." Suddenly Jaro's huge hand squeezes her slender neck, forcing chocking gasps from the poor girl.

"Wrong answer, bitch! The more squirming you do, the more pain I have to offer you!" He holds the flailing girl to his chest with one arm as he unzips his pants and drags them to his knees. The driver glances over, his cock clearly hardening at the sight of his commander preparing to impale the girl. His crotch is now a mighty bulge, a fact his commander doesn't fail to notice.

Jaro suddenly stops, motioning to the driver. "Saigo, I've always been a good commander, have I not? Always willing to share the spoils?" Saigo grins sheepishly, his cheeks crimson as he realizes the clear signal of carnal lust that his commander now notices.

"Yes, Captain, this is so!" he replies. "Pull over you get to fuck her while you drive…if you think you can handle that." "Yes, Captain, yes Sir!" Saigo salutes with enthusiasm, pulling to the side of the road. Soon the brunette is straddling the short Asian, whose pants are down around his ankles.

She faces away from him, shuddering as the cock feels its new, warm home in the girl's cunt. "Uuuhhh please be gentle," she moans as he begins thrusting upward while driving down the straight, open highway. She's feeling sore after her recent rape, and surprisingly Saigo slows his thrusts to meet her request. The men in the back jeer at the teenager, calling her every name imaginable- 'slut', 'cunt', 'cock-tease', 'whore', 'bitch', and even 'cum-toilet'. The attractive teenager can only moan as she feels Saigo's cock moving inside her, painfully aware of the jarring of sunny leon porn fucking vedio bump along the dilapidated highway.

Jaroslav looks disapprovingly at the impaled girl. "I don't think she's suffering enough, boys. What say we make her life a little more interesting?" He orders one of the men to hand him a riding crop from the trunk; soon the girl is squealing as her breasts are brutalized, the swat of the crop filling the air with a steady rhythm, the sensitive flesh of her tits on fire.

"Please no more! Oh god it hurts!" Carissa moans, her mind groping for some way that she can make her brutal tormenters relent. "Did I say it was supposed to feel good you stupid cow?!!!" roars Jaroslav, his hand bringing more retribution on her vulnerable breasts. Suddenly he lets up. "Now big lun and younger girls xxx story and grope those titties so I can hear her sing!

That's an order, Saigo!" Saigo somehow manages to obey and still keep the suburban from swerving, one hand on the wheel as his other hand roughly massages Carissa's battered breasts. Her groans find a new intensity as Saigo's hand stokes the stinging fire in her chest. She holds back her tears by biting her lip and moaning ever deeper, her plaintive grunts filling the van as Saigo thrusts faster and faster until it seems he's going to jump right off the seat.

Seeing his soldier close to climax, Jaro grabs the wheel and says, "Plunder this cunt's treasure box…I've got the wheel." Saigo does just that, his cock shuddering inside the warm cocoon. Carissa's agonizing moan continues long after the last drop of gism has left the launch pad.

She prays to some higher power to stop these bastards from impregnating her "OK men, now you each get a turn before this ride's over!" although suddenly the Captain's words take all hope away from her, plunging her into total despair as she's forced to straddle the first of many thugs in the back of the suburban. "Don't worry, we have another suburban filled with men just waiting to stuff you full!" The Captain laughs.

Carissa tries to pull her mind from her present torment, to travel to some distant place, but as the cock of the next man worms its way inside, the pain grows and her overused pussy burns in protest.

Shimizu grins. He can't believe his good fortune as the girl rides his cock. Truly his commander is a generous man! He forces Carissa to face him so he can see the hopelessness on her beautiful face. Her caramel-colored eyes look forlornly up at him. Suddenly his head catapults forward, his tongue sliding between her lips with unexpected force. She doesn't kiss back, merely accepts his tongue. But soon, with Jaroslav's crop smacking her buttocks and spurring her on, she begins to respond to his kisses, kissing back in a reluctant, dazed stupor as Shimizu relishes the feeling of her warmth along each and every inch of his waiting-to-explode member.

End Chapter 9 The dog was tireless, more machine than dog it seemed. Myveryfirsttime pornstar alice march does her first anal scene course the distraught teenagers had little time to ponder such metaphors as the rubberized mechanical cocks continued to wear their pussies sore…and as Butch's tongue forced a physiological response again and again…until both girls had managed to soak the seats where they were bound after many episodes of ecstasy.

Tobe can't believe this is happening. After being locked up in the van for what seems like hours, both naked captives are covered in sweat. The blonde turns joanna star tries bdsm amp the vibrator her brunette friend Kitty poor Kitty, wrists bound in bloody bandages and black cord to the van ceiling.

Tobe's hands are similarly bound, though she is conscious of her good fortune that she was not crucified. The crucifixion has taken a toll on her friend. Kitty's lost a lot of blood.

She seems sluggish and would have had difficulty staying lucid if not for the dog's periodic and dildo's constant attentions to her most intimate parts.

Kitty is now withstanding yet another barrage from Butch's lolling tongue. The nub of her clit is small but not too small for the dog to find and batter it with those mighty, even furious strokes. "Uuuuuhhhh god&hellip.bad dog! Stop it!!" Kitty moans for the umpteenth futile time. Tobe licks her lips, tasting salt. Thankful of the brief reprieve from the dog, she uses this moment to absorb her surroundings, trying to ignore the cock whooshing in and out of her twat.

We've got to get out of here! she hopes fiercely. She crowds out her fears with the singular task of escape. Suddenly the door of the van slides wide, a Latina in stilettos hopping in. "Butch, shoo!" The Latina's rebuke sends the dog into a hasty retreat, the German shepherd leaping from the van. Tobe looks submissively at the floor, stealing a glance at the Latina newcomer. The woman's breasts are impossibly huge, her coffee-hued hair cascading down her naked form like a regal mane, casting an impressive silhouette.

Diamonds adorn her lithe form. A bracelet sparkles on her left wrist, matched by a diamond necklace and diamond belly piercing. Even in this terrifying moment Tobe acknowledges the woman's beauty, seeing her for what she is a sizzling treasure, gem-bedecked. But the young blonde also notices what the fierce-eyed Latina has with her -- a cat'o'nine whip in one hand and what looks like a small toolbox in the other. The Latina offers disarming smile.

Yet her words are harshly spoken. "My name is Katerina, and I am the Mistress of the House, second only to Lord Mashimoto. You will obey my every command.

Is this understood?" Kitty and Tobe both answer softly: "Yes." You can hear a pin drop except for the droning of the two dildos buzzing deeply in the pussies of their teenage captives. Katerina saunters up to the brunette, her pussy barely an inch from the girl's face. "Your name, slave?" "Kitty." The woman's severe expression suddenly softens. "Would my brunette fuck-toy like me to give her pussy a rest?" "Please, oh yes!" replies Kitty, ignoring the mocking epithet, just hoping against hope for leniency.

Katerina shoves her crotch into the poor girl's face, but Kitty shakes her head. "Please don't." "Lick," the Latina orders, whip in hand. But Kitty foolishly makes her revulsion known: "I won't do that! Please just let us go…oh god…" "He can't do shit for you, babe. I'm your absolute goddess, and your life is in my hands, silly girl. Katerina puts down the whip and toolbox, opening the box to reveal a smaller box with three wires running from the box.

Each wire is tipped with an alligator clip. Katerina attaches one to each of the brunette's nipples. "Oh god what are you doing????!!!!!?" Quietly the Latina readies the voltage. "Are you going to lick me like a good little cunt??" "Please…I can't do that!

It-it's too nasty…I don't want to do that…I won't!" Kitty musters, finding the courage within to stand up to her tormentor. The dominatrix grins thinly. "So be it…bitch!" She turns the switch and suddenly Kitty's entire body stretches in a wild spasm of sheer agony as the brunette's screams are torn from her ribcage before she even has time to realize the electric voltage coursing through her naked body.

Meanwhile back in the bunker Dwayne and Gary watch the action courtesy of the video feed, their cocks more granite than flesh.

"Holy shit, bro…this shit is tight." The white man in the ski mask nods agreeably. "Perhaps we should see if the Mistress requires our assistance?" End Chapter 10 Mistress Katerina administers periodic shocks using 18 year-old Kitty's nipples as conduits, but even during the brief intervals there is no reprieve for the young captive as Gary lashes her sexy thighs, belly and breasts teasingly with the cat'o'nine whip.

Tobe watches in a mixture of horror-disbelief, even forgetting the rubber cock drilling her sore pussy. Suddenly Dwayne sits beside her, his hand roughly massaging the blonde's breasts, mouth whispering in her ear. "Well, well…Butch did a good job of making you cum, didn't he you little cum-slut? Look what you did to the seat you little whore." Tobe blushes bright, uneasily aware of her cum soaking the seat cushion beneath her. "Please Master…don't laura cute loves to ride on dick me." "I know what you want, baby…you want that nasty artificial dick pulled out of that tight pussy.

You want a real cock, don't you girl?" Tobe shakes her head vigorously, but it's no use. Dwayne undoes the ankle shackles and lifts her up off the whirring dildo. Yet the reprieve is brief indeed. No sooner does the big black hulk sit beside the whirring instrument, he gently sets her down on his cock, sighing pleasurably as he feels his member slip in.

"Blonde cuties like you always have such tight cunts…damn." Putting his hand beneath her chin, he swivels the teenager's head, forcing her to watch her friend's continuing ordeal. Kitty's screams are at least muffled now, the gag in her mouth preventing her from biting her own tongue off as the voltage incurs one painful spasm after another.

"Please…tell them to stop hurting her!" Tobe suddenly finds herself saying, thinking better of it too late. "Did you hear that, Mistress?" The Latina glares at the blonde slave. Katerina puts on a strap-on dildo, then, taking a tube of hot sauce, she slathers it all over the rubbery black shaft. "Suck this cock or I'll attach the last clip to your friend's clit!" Sobbing, Tobe starts licking. Soon her eyes are streaming uncontrollable tears, mucous tumbling from her nose as the hot sauce cleans out her sinuses.

Katerina dabs the mucous away from the blonde's face as she begins fucking Tobe's mouth even as Tobe continues to ride black dick.

Dwayne whispers perversely soothing words into the girl's ear. "You're doing great, cutie…my cock's ready to blow in you one more time…ugh…can you feel me moving inside you? Do you like getting raped by a huge black man with a cock large enough to satisfy you?" Tobe doesn't respond…her mouth too full to say much of anything, tears from the hot sauce still coursing down silken cheeks. "It's OK honey…you won't have to worry about any more pubescent boys trying to stick their pathetic ding-dongs in your tight pussy…my buddy here will give you all the pleasure you'll ever need!" Tobe groans in response, her mouth on fire even more than her overused snatch.

She wants to plead for them to stop, but the whirlwind of torments robs her of any ability to respond, only to be fucked in two holes like a helpless slave. Meanwhile Gary has decided to have mercy on the crucified brunette. Tearing the gag from her mouth, he offers his version of clemency: "Will you do everything I tell you to?" Kitty nods eagerly. "Please no more shocks! Fuck me any way you want, but please no more shocks!!" Gary grins.

"We'll get to the real fun later." He undoes her bonds, but forces her to get on all fours behind Mistress Katerina. Kitty blanches but doesn't disobey Gary's order to eat out Mistress Katerina's ass hole even as Katerina fucks the mouth of Kitty's blonde companion. The blonde's hands are bound in black cord straight above her head as she sits on the lap of her male rapist, his cock buried deep in her snatch as Mistress' strap-on dildo is shoved down her throat repeatedly.

Kitty gasps as Gary enters her cunt from behind, the five-person orgy unlike anything these poor, naked and sweat-soaked teenagers have ever known. Meanwhile back in his hot tub in the Grand Suite deep within his bunker, Lord Mashimoto smiles as he watches the live footage. Blonde twins just past their sixteenth birthday straddle each of his massive legs, their tongues tickling his chest and shoulders. He ignores them for a while, his cock re-inflating at the sight of the van orgy on a fifty-inch screen.

At long last he can stand it no more, ordering his two "worthless cock-teases" to grind on cock as all females were meant to.

End Chapter 11 Told from Tobe's point of view… This can't be happening! Yet here I am naked, my sore arms chained above me trapped in this sauna-like van sitting on the lap of my muscular rapist.

I can feel his throbbing cock in my snatch. A feeling of absolute fullness. I'm only 17, and his rod of ebony is humongous. I face away from him, his lips brushing my ear with demonic caresses. "I bet you want to lick Mistress's ass once your friend is done, don't you, you little lez slut?" I ignore the black man's mocking words, my face painted with weeping rivulets as the very same Mistress pushes her strap-on cock so far down my throat I begin to gag.

My mouth and throat are on fire the Tabasco sauce applied to the strap-on cock wreaking a maelstrom of pain as mucous involuntarily dribbles down my angelic face.

Mistress wipes it away with a rag, offering surreal words of encouragement. "I think the blonde enjoys sucking cock. That's good, because soon it will be your only hope for survival, my little cunt." The anklets above my feet are metal, cold and unyielding as my tormentors. For now, they are unattached to the metal rings on the van floor, the better for the black Dwayne to lift me off the vibrating dildo and impale me on his eager prick.

I watch with despair as my best friend Kitty is forced to do the despicable…her face scrunched against the fine ass of Katerina even as Gary grips her from behind, his cock plowing in and out with a gruesome zealotry. It is impossible to disengage from the moment and so Beautiful gorgeous blowjob noise complaints make messy hoe cops like me raw for phat do what I can; I struggle.

I flail my slender arms and squirm on Dwayne's mighty cock, moaning for reprieve. Yet this only seems to please my captor more, for his dick solidifies like a diamond shaft, his thrusts upward more insistent and far from gentle. I feel agonizing pain between my thighs, a fire not quite as intense as the one in my throat but equally impossible to ignore.

My eyes are fixed on Kitty.

I dian proun hub dever bhabhi

The brunette teenager that was once my friend has been transformed into a lifeless fuck-slave, her tongue eagerly obeying the large Caucasian man raping her doggy-style as she is forced to lick the ass hole of the tall and imposing latina beauty. I can feel Dwayne's huge hands roaming roughly across my chest now. Suddenly they squeeze my doughy breasts, taking my moan down a few octaves. Just as abruptly his nimble fingers pinch my nipples, wrestling another groan through my teenage lips.

As I squirm helplessly Dwayne's evil, fleshy worm invades my fleshy core. I try a different tack, pulling back from Katerina's dildo and screaming shrilly for them to let my friend and I go. Yet to my astonishment Katerina only laughs and the black-skinned hulk provides only encouragement between his grunt-laced rapture: "Ugh…ugh…ugh…that's right you white slut…go ahead and scream…ugh…Maybe the chinks will hear you and realize that you need to get stuffed with a few dozen good yellow pricks…ugh…ugh…" "An excellent idea, Dwayne!

Perhaps I shall call some of Lord Mashimoto's sentries to help break you in, my cute legal age teenager honey sucks dick hiddencam hardcore girl!" I start to shake my head as she reinserts the strap-on with the warning "then start sucking, silly girl!" All of a sudden black hands squeeze my throat and I nearly choke on the dildo, writhing, heart pounding in my chest as the need for oxygen makes me feel oh so light-headed.

"Don't let her pass out!" Mistress orders sternly as the black man lets go his death grip in time to roar his satisfaction. "Now I cum in that soppy little cunt of yours, bitch!" I scream a muffled "GGDDD NNN PLSS", but the muscle-bound hulk replies with a deepening grunt and an enraptured close of eyelids as he feels the copious load of jism squirting.

"Aaaahhh…can you feel them swimming inside you, Slave? My homeys are going to get exactly what they want, whore!" As he lifts me off his withering member he asks for my name. Mistress pulls out teen webcam masturbation glasses xxx assslave yoga long enough for me to answer.

"Tobe", I have time to reply before the rubber strap-on fills my mouth once more. "Slave Tobe, you are one sizzling little cum dumpster!" congratulates the huge black man. For the first time in over an hour my pussy is free of any cocks, fleshy or rubberized.

I breathe a sigh of relief, already exhausted from my ordeal as Katerina pulls her strap-on out of my mouth, saliva dribbling down to my chin. Dwayne's tongue laves my left nipple. A moan erupts from my lips, born of how can it be?

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genuine pleasure. Mistress Katerina suddenly coos, the tickle of Kitty's tongue in her ass actually bringing her to climax. Squirting liquid douses my face in a sweet musk as the latina lets off a sonorous and ecstatic wail. I breathe in her sweetness, feeling her sticky spurt all over my face.

"Fuck…I gotta piss!" Katerina hisses, and to my abject horror the gorgeous latina urinates all over my breasts. With a loud oath Dwayne ducks slut schoolgirl heather gables crimes of the cunt of the way just in time. The unpleasant potency of the urine mixes with the aroma of Mistress' cum, my body nothing more than a receptacle for the woman's twisted pleasures.

"Awww look what I did to poor little Slave Tobe!" Katerina laughs mockingly. "Slave Kitty, why don't you give your friend a thorough cleaning with your tongue?" The nonchalant tone belies the actual force behind the remark it is a command, and the consequences of disobedience will be harsh indeed. "Yes, Mistress," poor Kitty replies meekly. As she begins to slurp the urine off my breasts, Kitty lingers over my nipples, her tongue sucking my sensitive buds so hard and unexpectantly that a sudden insanity permeates my body, its response to the stimulus appalling to me.

Gary continues pounding Kitty, but between grunts he makes a startling observation. "Hey look! Blondie is actually getting wet. You like your friend's tongue all over those hot little titties, don't you sweetie?" I can only moan and with painful humiliation speak the truth through clenched teeth. "Yes…Master." Taking the cat'o'nine, Katerina brings the whip to bear with a SMACK across my bare bottom.

"AAEEEEIIIIII!" "We didn't hear you, sweet girl." "Yes Mistress!" "Yes, what?" Mistress prompts. "I love Kitty's tongue on my hot little titties!" I wail hopefully, wondering if my enthusiasm will encourage some measure of leniency.

Soon I have my answer, for Mistress leans until my face is nestled against her swelling chest. "It is good to be honest, girl. Now you shall have your reward. First class anal sex porn video scene me if you can lick tits as skillfully as your slutty friend!" My tongue makes obedient strokes so tender, gentle yet passionate. Yet these are interrupted violently as a strange prodding sensation suddenly puts pressure on my anal sphincter, causing me to jump back as if I've just sat on a cactus.

"That's enough!" Katerina roars, and to her credit both males are stilled by her angry tone. "You two have had enough fun. I'll take it from here. Now go make yourself useful elsewhere.

I said GO!" Gary hastily pulls his cock out of Kitty's snatch and the two men leap from the van grumbling various oaths and curses. Katerina frees us from our bonds briefly, only to cuff our wrists behind our backs. Katerina sits on the still vibrating cock that I had been riding earlier and orders Kitty and I to take turn licking her clit. We obey, slurping up her spurt, her hands gently caressing our hair and cheeks, every now and then pushing our mouths even harder against her nub.

"Use your teeth!" she orders me, and I graze the top of her clit just so, causing a shudder of pleasure that soon has my visage dripping with her juices. British slut nadia in a solo scene with toys in both holes lick super slim teen riding pov chops, and the sweetness is admittedly far from unpleasant.

Kitty kisses me with a tender passion as the harsh command of our Mistress instructs her. End Chapter 12 "Oh god…keep kissing, you hot little cunts!…Tobe, make sure your friend can taste my spurt on your tongue…god you two are going to make me cum again…oh god yes!&hellip.Aaaaahh!" Katerina groans in yet another release, the cum-spray so copious it somehow blankets both pairs of teenage tits.

Tobe and Kitty suffer quietly, their chests shining like burnished breastplates. Well-pleased, Katerina admires her handiwork. She trails her fingers playfully across the glistening stickiness as her teenage slaves shiver under the cold, gentle touch of their 30-year-old goddess. End Chapter 13 "Alright you little lez-cunts!

Time to lick each other's tits until you've cleaned off all of my cum!" Tobe takes the initiative, her mouth stroking the sexy cones of flesh as her friend can do 'naught but moan. Katerina picks up her cell. "Master Mashimoto, I have two new slaves for your perusing " "This I know!

I have been watching, and I must admit that your little display was a most pleasant diversion. Now I shall meet these new fuck-toys personally." "Yes Master, shall I send them over immediately or would you like them cleaned first?" "Hmmm.

I see Dwayne-san and Gary-san got carried away with the brunette. See that her wounds are tended to. But I will send Dong and Wang to collect the other girl." "As you command, my Lord." End Chapter 14 Two cruel-eyed Asian thugs clean out Tobe's orifices none too gently in the cold shower.

They undo her ponytail, letting her hair fall into disarray about her shoulders. Then they throw her a teal bikini top and thongs, dirty couple having sex out in public she dutifully dons before being escorted to the hot tub. There is no one in the tub, and the blonde teenager sinks gratefully into its rejuvenating warmth.

The thugs stand by the huge double-doors as if waiting for someone's arrival. Tobe can't believe her temporary good fortune, but her nerves remain on edge. What will do they do with, she wonders. How short will this reprieve prove to be? Worried thoughts whirl around her pretty head, but then the doors swing open and a huge, slightly rotund Asian man in flowing white robes strides forth.

One of the guards takes his robe, and he is completely naked underneath. He settles comfortably across from Tobe, his eyes intently soaking in all the curves of the teen's slender body. "Greetings, Slave Tobe. Welcome to my Grand Suite. I hope that all of this hard fucking has not left you too exhausted, dear girl, for your enslavement has only just begun!" Tobe's sunny leon xxxporn storys 2019 go wide, a fist-sized lump forming in her throat.

"Wh-what do you mean, Sir? What are you going to do with me?" Mashimoto's eyes narrow harshly. "You will call me Master or I will tell Dong and Wang over there that your ass is too tight and begs for their throbbing cocks. Tobe quickly shakes her head. "Forgive me, Master!" "I will do so, but first come here, sweet girl. Let me get a better look at you!" Reluctantly Tobe wades across the tub and sits on the kingpin's lap.

The man fondles those teenage breasts absentmindedly while he continues. "Well, I have a number of options. I could sell you to a biker gang or one of my associates in the drug smuggling business." He smiles as a look of alarm blossoms across her pleading face. "Or…I could sell you for ransom if you family is wealthy enough.

Of course…I could always keep you as my own personal fuck slave." "P-please Master…ransom me!" The Master shakes his head. "I'm not sure I can do that. I've never seen such a fine young ass" as if to accentuate the point, he slaps her bottom playfully with the palm of his hand.

"And I'm a sucker for blondes…all three of my personal slaves are blondes, and while I've enjoyed fucking their brains out, every now and then my cock yearns for a new flavor." "Please Master, I'll do anything if you let me go!" Tobe wails. real college orgy filmed by the students Master asks incredulously. Tobe nods eagerly. "Katerina tells me that you have not yet been deflowered. Perhaps if you let me take your ass, I will show leniency." Tobe bites her lip, the decision agonizing but easy to make given the options.

"Yes Master, please…take me in my ass!" "Such enthusiasm…this slave impresses her Master!" Mashimoto replies, and suddenly his mouth dips forward and the two tongues entwine, lips glued together. Tobe finds herself responding to the brute, partly out of fear and partly out of something much more primal and instinctual. Finally, as their lips part, Mashimoto shows a seldom-seen side of generosity. "Mount up!" "Beg your pardon, Master?" "I have decided to let you squeeze my magnificent cock with your pussy instead of your ass, my sexy little cunt.

Now will you mount or do I need to involve my subordinates?" "No Master! Please! I'll fuck you!" She eagerly pulls her bikini thong aside so his cock can gain entry. She groans, splashing in the hot tub as she rides his cock in rhythmic circles, working her sexy hips as she grinds away. "Aaahhh…yes… squeeze me harder with your tight little twat…you are a truly exquisite little fuck-toy." Their mouths entwine once more, but this time Tobe's lips swoop down daringly upon her captor.

She is soon rewarded as strong arms embrace her, crushing the teenager against that massive chest as she squirms eagerly on his dong.

"I will cum soon…grind like your life depends on it, slut!" His words become harsh as their kissing resumes, his tongue a rough invader lost in the revelry of a tasty girl. Tobe wraps her arms around his neck, her flowing mane of golden-lush hair swaying as she grinds her body like an energizer bunny on cock. Master roughly yanks the bikini low enough for her breasts to pop out, feasting eagerly on those supple mounds.

"Uuuhh…" she can't believe this is happening. His tongue works feverishly, and the warmth between her legs has nothing to do with the hot water. The golden-haired beauty is soon aware of Master's golden cock spewing its vast treasure.

She too sullies the water, crying out in an appallingly ecstatic orgasm. She sighs, collapsing against Master's strong chest, her face nestling against him, the girl's breathing ragged and warm on the kingpin's bulk.

End Chapter 15 Before Tobe can begin to plead with her Master about her best friend's fate, Master's hand and chloroform rag smother the girl's mouth. She has time for only the briefest muffled protest before the blackness takes her, the beautiful girl sagging limply against Master's chest. It only takes a wave of Lord Mashimoto's hand and his two closest attendants, Dong and Wang, drag the captive out of the tub and stretch her lifeless body on the cold tiles.

"Put the collar and cuffs on and give her a try," offers the kingpin insouciantly. Dong and Wang strip off their military fatigues, the short Asian men standing with cocks erect as they gaze hungrily at the poor teenager unconscious and unaware of her own luscious, now-glistening curves. Slowly and savoringly they snap the dark leather collar in place around Tobe's slender neck and place her arms behind her back, snapping the dark cuffs tightly around her wrists.

"What are you waiting for?" Mashimoto growls harshly. "Dong, you first!" "I obey!" salutes the man, ripping away horny oriental pussy jerking off stockings japanese bikini panty and quickly kneeling to insert his penis.

"Uhh&hellip.uhhh…thank you Sensei!…by our Shinto ancestors, her tight cunt welcomes my girth! With another savage tear the eager henchman yanks off the girl's bra. Now he grips the drugged girl's buttocks hard with both hands and pushes her pelvis to meet each of his thrusts, although her ass cheeks are too slippery to offer very meaningful leverage. Wang watches intently, only reluctantly withdrawing his gaze in response to his Master's query as Dong drives his face into the blonde's doughy and impressively sculpted rack.

"Wang, what do you think I should do with the slut?" Mashimoto wonders aloud. Meanwhile Dong's tongue doesn't bother to deftly tease the nipples of his unconscious captive. Instead Dong nips brutally at her little pink buds, sometimes twisting them savagely between his teeth.

The girl groans, though her eyes remain closed as if enthralled by nightmares. Mashimoto looks doubtfully at the naked girl. Her head starts to thrash slowly. More wordless groans, but other than that the teenager doesn't stir. "Dong-san, did you apply enough chloroform to the rag?" Mashimoto asks sharply." "Uhh…uuh…yes Sensei! She is only dreaming, Sensei. Uhh…she is unconscious as I fuck her brains out, you have my word!" Satisfied Mashimoto turns back to Wang, ignoring the brutal rape of an unconscious girl as if it were the most trifling thing.

"Well?" Wang looks into his master's penetrating gaze, shrugs. "I am not as keen on these round-eyed cunts, honorable Sensei. If I were you I would sell the bitch for ransom if her parents are rich or to Razur-san or one of your associates.

This is but your servant's humble opinion, great Sensei," Wang concludes with a respectful bow. Meanwhile Dong moistens his index finger and uses it to gently probe the outer rim of Tobe's star-shaped hole. Lord Mashimoto, noticing, barks kelly madison all wet solo bathtub masturbation huge naturals big boobs yet, Dong-san!

Her ass will remain virgin for the time being!" "Yes, honorable Sensei," Dong replies, a hint of disappointment evident despite his unwavering loyalty. "UUUHHH…time for me to cum, sleepy little slut!" the henchman roars.

A sudden grunt punctuates his release as Dong rams to the hilt. He pauses in her depths, holding throughout his diminishing spasms until the girl's cushioned love canal has milked all the millions of Dong's slant-eyed tadpoles from his bulbous cock-head. End Chapter 16 "You see, sweet girl? Look at all the fun your friend is having! All those hard cocks cumming in her sweet little pussy…I bet it makes you wet just thinking of it, yes?" Kitty sits unbelieving, collar 'round her neck, wrists tied to chair back and ankles tied to chair legs, the huge 60-inch screen chronicling every agonizing moment as her best friend rides the cock of a huge rotund Asian man, and is then promptly drugged and raped unconscious by two more slant-eyed thugs.

The feed includes not only video, but also audio, the grunts of the henchman singing robustly through the speakers. Beside the brunette stands a busty latina beauty.

Sweet juices trickle down Katerina's thighs, her fingers pressing deeply between her labia minora. Almost two dozen lusty-grinning thugs in military fatigues stand in a semi-circle watching the screen. Kitty watches as the bulky kingpin named Mashimoto orders his two henchmen to carry Tobe away. The brunette proceeds to watch on one of the smaller screens as Dong and Wang place Tobe on a small bed, tying her ankles to the bedposts before fastening a ballgag around her mouth.

A low-level guard in fatigues hands Mashimoto his cell phone. He dials rapidly and soon a phone on a nearby table chimes. Katerina picks up. "Yes, Sensei. I have dressed her wounds and cleaned her thoroughly. Would you like to come inspect her, Great One?" "That will not be necessary. I have already made up my mind. Their fine asses will make nice additions to my slave harem. Please instruct the men that in payment for their fine work on bringing in the last shipment they may break her in to their hearts' content." "It will be done as you wish, honorable Sensei." "Good.

When they're done with her don't bother to clean her. Just bring her to my personal quarters." "Yes, Sensei." "That will be all." Kitty shakes her head in horror. "Please don't let them hurt me! You're a woman. Please, you must understand! Just let us go…oh god…" she trails off, her pleas crumbling into uncontrollable sobbing. Even as she cries over twenty muscle-bound young mercenaries strip completely naked. They are of many nationalities but they have one thing in common -- cocks so hard the veins are clearly visible bulging along the surface.

Katerina walks over to the table, retrieving a small cat'o'nine whip. She kneels and gently lifts Kitty's doxy with boobs enjoys sex to max naturaltits and hardcore and tear-stained face, one finger placed under the brunette's chin.

"Shush now, dear girl. Don't you think it odd?" Kitty blinks her eyes, forcing back a tear. "Wh-what's odd?" she repeats stupidly. The latina's hands move sexily along Kitty's rounded breasts, delighting in the curve of her belly, now her hips…now trailing all the way to her pubic muff, gently ruffling the hair with playful glee.

"Here you are, a beautiful young girl, Katherine. You have this gorgeous face that would make a model blush, and a body that absolutely sizzles, sweet girl! Nature has made you for an obvious purpose. You, a fleshy sculpture, a masterpiece that would make men the world over grow hard just at the mere sight of you. Do you realize what power that is, what blessing, that creation had such a driven purpose for you?

These creatures, men they live their life not even knowing you exist, and then suddenly, in the tenth of one second, your existence becomes everything to them. They become maddened, obsessed, all in the briefest time and for no rational reason!

Perplexed, the brunette teenager sputters "But I don't understand. What does this have to do freakmob media virgo peridot gets a creampie from bbc raping me??!

Oh please just help me! Don't let them touch me! You kiss me, you do whatever you want to me, just no more horrible penises…I don't think I could take it!" Katerina withdraws, towering back at her full height.

"What does it have to do with your rape????!" The latina laughs. "It has everything to do with it, silly girl! Your body was made for a purpose, you stupid cunt.

It was made to fuck hard cocks. Nature, not I or Great Mashimoto or anyone else, has determined that is right and proper for you to be raped like a little fuck-slave. If Nature had desired otherwise, your body would not be such a wonder and it would not have this hypnotic, all-encompassing effect on every male of the human race!" "And some females," Katerina adds wryly, taking a step back and uncoiling the whip.

"What do you think, boys? Would you like me to play with her a little before you begin?" The men chime in unison: "Yes Mistress!" "I have an idea," she purrs, kneeling before Kitty once more and stroking the brunette's jaw in feigned tenderness. "Why don't you tell these men how very, very badly you want their big, nasty cocks to pound that tight little twat of yours?

How's that sound?" The brunette hesitates with trembling lips. "No…I won't! Leave me alone you crazy bitch!" THWACK. "EEEEEEEEK!" The blow of the whip lands squarely across those busty cones, deep lines of red destined to form where the reed-like lashes have bit into tendrils of oh-so-terribly-sensitive breast. "Please stop!" she wails as the SWISH roars in the silence once more, the whip raking her silken tummy. "Sweetie, either you tell these men how much you need their big nasty cocks to impale you or I will make sure those cute titties never feel the same again!" Kitty nods.

"OK, I'll do it!" SWISH, this time between the stricken brunette's legs, even grazing her tiny clit. "YEEEEK. Oh god stop please!!!! I want their cocks in me, OK? I want their big nasty cocks!!" the brunette hottie wails plaintively. SMACK, Katerina's palm connects solidly with Kitty's butt cheek. "That's a start, Slave.

But I want you to elaborate…and say it with feeling this time, you whore!" Kitty cries out with all her might: "Please I want all their big nasty cocks in my pussy! I want to be fucked hard all night long!" Kitty's desperate eyes search for signs of the dominatrix's favor. "All night?" Katerina replies wryly. "Well, I doubt Sensei wants to wait that long to see you, but you do have quite a bit of fucking to do. I think you just may get your wish! What do you think boys?" A general chorus of laughter meets her remark.

Suddenly, like a child become bored with an old toy, Katerina waves nonchalantly. "Go ahead boys, have your way with her!" Soon the chair is all but trampled as half a dozen hands frantically undo her bonds, not to give her freedom, but to allow penetration at all the proper angles.

Kitty's startled cries become wails of pain and shocked disbelief as the first two men cooperate to achieve the swiftest of double penetrations. Yet Kitty is soon even deprived of the privilege of letting her pain known as the insistent shoving of cock through those once-pouting lips stifles her screams.

Katerina smiles and all of a sudden there is a familiar dampness between her thighs. She realizes with a certain fondness that this gang rape, fed in video and audio to dozens of other rooms in the compound, will reach many, many orgasm-laced crescendos. End Chapter 17 Tobe's wrists are bound behind her back in black cord and her ankles are bound in the same material to two bedposts.

A huge television screen looms on the wall at the foot of the bed. On that screen Tobe sees a black man lying on the ground. Atop him rides a tanned and naked brunette.

A Jap penetrates the brunette's ass from behind, clenching her slender arms with whitened knuckles to keep perfect balance despite his frenzied thrusting. A third man, Caucasian, holds the brunette's hair at the nape of her neck and helpfully shoves her mouth forward onto his eager prick. Tobe turns away, trying to blot out the horror. But the blonde teenager can hear the sounds of her friend's desperate groans through massive speakers.

End Chapter 18 Lord Mashimoto watches all of it on his bank of monitors Kitty's gang rape and her blonde angela white busty aussie hardcore and facial uncomfortable reaction in the next room. He smiles until a guard approaches, interrupting his reverie. "What is it?? Can't you see I'm busy?" he asks brusquely. "Forgive me, Sensei, but I came to tell you that two blonde teenagers were found on the beach. They are twins, and most gorgeous.

Mistress Katerina said that I should offer to bring them to you in case you would like some entertainment until your men are done with the brunette whore." Mashimoto grins. "That is most considerate of the Mistress. Have the young sluts brought to the Pony chamber. "It will be as you wish." Bowing, the guard backs out of the room. End Chapter 19 Mashimoto calls in his two highest-ranking henchmen, Wang and Dong.

They quickly enter, black robes rustling as they scurry forward to bow. The rotund kingpin looks disapprovingly at one of his screens, for this is what he sees: Tobe naked and completely helpless. The unfortunate girl's ankles tied to bedposts, wrists bound behind her back, a black leather collar gleaming around her neck, her eyes squeezed shut to blot out the horrible images of her best friend Kitty being gang-raped by more than a dozen men.

"Wang-san. Dong-san. You are my most loyal servants. Now I have a most rewarding task for you! The young blonde slut in the Slave Viewing Room refuses to watch her friend's ordeal. Go punish her as you see fit! Wicked grins spread across their slant-eyed visages; bowing, they disappear. End Chapter 20 Tobe's eyes fly open as she hears the door opening. Two men in black robes college teen babes enjoyed foursome sex on speedboat. One stands on each side of the bed.

They gaze upon her nakedness with predatory eyes, disrobing to reveal their nakedness beneath. Tobe shakes her head.

"PLS—NNN--MR!" the blonde pleads through the ballgag as Kitty's muffled groans provide a certain appropriate ambience. "Why do you not watch your friend's rape with pleasure?" demands Wang.

"Stupid cunt, now you receive just punishment for your insolence!" Wang plugs a small device into the wall socket. Next he attaches the alligator clip at the end of another wire, gently and precisely squeezing it around Tobe's poor clitoris. Tobe shakes her head vigorously, but her muffled protests go unheeded.

Wang begins to caress the 17-year-old's little tits, leaning forward to whisper how 100 volts are about to be conducted through her pussy. "Would you like me to fuck you instead?" Dong offers.

The blonde teenager's eyes light up at the possibility. She nods with a whip-lashing vigor, but Dong only laughs. "I can't hear you, bitch! Oh well…I guess you want some electricity in your pussy!" She tries to plead through her gag again, but the sudden shock to her pussy makes the swan-slender girl writhe on the bed.

Even after the shock subsides, the painful tingling of annihilated nerves leaves a dull agony. Tobe shakes her head again, cheeks now tear-streaked.

Wang is about to turn the dial again when Dong stops him. "Wait!" The little Asian straddles the girl, bending low over her beautiful face to lap at the glistening ribbons. Dong positions his cock below her cute button nose and temporarily unfastens the ballgag. "SUCK you slut!" Tobe opens her mouth and lets him enter. She massages his wormy flesh, a vast improvement from writhing agony. Eager to please, her tongue beats against cock-flesh like a patricia major casting pierre woodman chef, only the meal is cum rather than bread.

Dong groans not Kitty-like groans borne from pain, but groans of satisfaction and pleasure. Tobe can't believe this is happening to her. One moment she and her friend were basking up the sun of a California beach near the Mexican border.

Now they are sex slaves that must please to stay alive! Somehow, Tobe vows, I will get back my freedom and rescue Kitty! Despite the degradation and pain, her spirit is alive and defiant, like a wild mare. Of course she does not realize how her hope is borne not from hope, but from fortunate experience; unlike Kitty, she has not endured crucifixion, anal violation and massive gang rape.

Little does she know the fate that would await her if she tries and fails to escape… "Hurry up, Dong-san! This is not just your show, you selfish bastard." Dong sighs as he pulls out and spurts his seed along Tobe's lips and cheeks. "There, now you are real beauty, round-eye!" he mocks. Dong re-fastens the ballgag and gets off the bed just in time for another jolt to rip through the slender girl. She spasms violently, screaming helplessly through her gag.

Suddenly her noble thoughts of redemption seem like wispy daydreams. "I love the way she squirms", Wang remarks, letting a third wave of electricity rocket Tobe's cunt to oblivion. Tobe bites down on her gag with the force of a crocodile's jaw. Finally the shock subsides. She is barely conscious now as each of the henchmen leans low over the naked girl and sucks one of her tits. Now Wang's tongue laps at her neck and chin, tasting Tobe's drool.

"Damn…this round-eye bitch tastes good" Wang murmurs. Unhooking the alligator clip over her clit, Wang begins to tongue-stroke in earnest as his partner unfastens her ballgag, the sweet song of sex is the best medicine coast to coast moans beginning to fill the room. "Uuuhhh…please Master!" Tobe shudders.

Meanwhile Dong helpfully gathers swaths of his cum still glistening like dewy pellets on her cheeks, ordering her to suck his own cum off of each finger as he offers it between her lips. With muffled moans the teenage girl obeys. Just to satisfy his own whims, Dong now tosses the ball gag aside and puts duct tape brunette babe dava gets a creampie in bed her mouth instead, knowing that he will be the one to rip it off her precious lips.

Now Wang puts a dark mask on (emulating Master Gary) and sits down on the bed beside her. "Lift her onto my cock and keep licking her clit!" Wang bellows. Dong is irritated by his brother's commands, but he acquiesces. First Dong undoes Tobe's bonds, retying her hands to a crossbar over the bed. Wang sits expectantly on the soft mattress, the girl squirming on his lap.

Her flowing blonde hair cascades like a waterfall of gold down the henchman's muscled six-pack. Wang gropes the teen's silken breasts with confident hands. "Yes Round-eye…you know that my cock is hard for you…it will sink deep into your pussy like a glorious Mongol arrow!" Tobe shakes her head and wriggles.

She feels a hard shaft, moist with pre-cum, against her left ass cheek. She tries to press her legs together, but Dong's hands grip the insides of her thighs and his massive forearms force them wide. "Keep them wide so my friend can fuck you, disobedient cunt!" Dong bellows between tongue strokes. Now Wang is in position, and he forces her swiftly on top of him. She gasps as she becomes his fleshy glove, the sexy girl feeling every inch of his wormy parasite. Dong licks furiously. Wang gropes madly, squeezing her breasts painfully even as she gets impaled.

Tobe squeezes her eyes tight. What else can she do, save squirm…but even that only adds to her pain. Soon she realizes the wisdom of sagging limply in her rapist's grasp, hoping that he will at least satisfy himself swiftly. Wang, between grunts: "This blonde slut is wet for my cock…look how she hangs loosely in my arms! No more struggle, only my cock drilling your sweet pussy and the warmth of pleasure between your legs!" As if in answer, all Tobe can do is moan; suddenly she is embarrassingly aware of a keen sensation mounting, of a clitoral masseuse, Dong's tongue ringing the doorbell to female orgasm.

Tobe shakes her head. No, I can't let them do this! She pleads to herself, willing to resurrect an inner strength to fight off the humiliation and manipulation of her captors. Inexorably, however, she feels herself go, her juices spurting helplessly onto her rapist's balls like a splashy 'thank-you'. Just moments later Wang half-strangles her in the midst of his own climactic revelry.

Dong stands up grinning, the glory of Tobe's cum dancing on his palate. "Now for cumming without Lord Mashimoto's permission we must punish you some more!" he admonishes gleefully. Tobe screams out "NNN!" but Dong rips off the duct tape and reinserts the crimson ball gag. Soon she finds herself in the same position; ankles tied to bedposts, wrists bound behind her back, and gator clip tightly around her clit. The electric shocks give her relentless spasms until mercilessly all senses malfunction, the faces of the two grinning henchmen blotted out completely, for the blonde girl has passed out.

Tobe welcomes the sweet blackness. Groggy-eyed, she comes to with a feeling of fullness between her legs. The cruel Asians are gone, but a giant rubber vibrator, softly purring, lies embedded between her sexy thighs, its strap snugly lashed across her clitoris.

Orgasm after orgasm washes over her, the sheets soon becoming soaked with her juices and fragrant with her scent. Realizing that there will be no escape, the teenage hottie lets her mind surrender to the wild pleasures to come.

End Chapter 21 A big, muscle-bound black man enters the room. He unfastens Tobe's ball gag and yanks out the vibrator, then cuffs her hands and attaches the cuffs to the ceiling, forcing her to stand on the bed.

"Remember me, bitch?" "Master Raze!" "That's right." The black man strips naked and starts rubbing a whitish-green paste along his prodigious cock. "Wh-what are you doing?" "You like peppermint, little bitch?" "Please don't rape me again!" But the big, dark-skinned brute shakes his head.

"No way, slut. You need a real cock. "Please…you've already fucked me!" Tobe wails. "That may be, bitch…but your tight ass needs a good reaming with my Dark Stallion." Tobe flails, screaming "NO!" "Keep screaming, bitch!

It will only make me harder when I fuck you!" brother fuck hairy sleeping sister Raze's fingers drip with the lovely fragranced paste, slipping sensuously inside Tobe's star-shaped anus, massaging the rim of her ass with slow, agonizing arcs.

He smears the excess oil on Tobe's ass cheeks, wiping his hands dry until the teenager's buttocks is practically gleaming. One massive hand digs under the studded dog collar around her swan-like neck, squeezing just lightly enough to not choke off all of the young teenager's air. As the girl gasps for air, slowly, and with great relish, the black man thrusts his cock between her legs. But he aims too low on purpose, his giant black dick protruding between her thighs below her pussy.

Raze gently makes thrusting gestures with his groin, the thick, hard shaft scraping against her pussy lips and clit. "UUUUUUUHHHHHHH God…why don't you just fuck me again???…please! !" He sucks her ear lobe hard. Another moan escapes the lips of the petite blonde captive. "Do you want my cock in your pussy instead? Can you not bear the thought of this humongous African dick remaining your poor, tight little virgin white ass, little white girl?" His hand temporarily allows her to take a full breath, just long enough for the girl to plead "Master, please fuck my pussy!!!!" The big black man pauses as if seriously considering switching targets.

"Nah, your cute little ass is mine, slut." She screams like a siren as he pulls back and prods at her tiny orifice. She wriggles, but his hand clenches around her neck until she nearly passes out, her tushy bosses wife karla kush first time anal faltering.

Her sphincter pushes with valor against the hot awesome hottie rides like a wild pro intruder, but at last the dark worm presses inexorably deeper, a small POP passing almost unnoticed as the cock enters a good four inches.

He revels in the look of anguish on her face, then pulls out, pushing in a little farther the next time, then farther still. Finally his cock is completely encased by Tobe's tight orifice, her expression awash with agony.

"Please take it out! It's too big! You'll tear me open!" wails the teenager. Ignoring her pleas he begins thrusting in and out with manly vigor. Her musical groans and the tightness of her ass make his cock hard as diamond.

MEANWHILE… The collar and restraints have been taken off the brunette so that the female slaves can lick every inch of the girl as 20 men use her body to the fullest.

Mashimoto sits totally naked in the interrogation room, his white-and-gold robe swept over the chair-back as he watches Dawn, one of his female slaves stroke and caress Kitty while she rides cock on the lap of the very last thug, Michael. Michael wants to cum inside her in the worst way.

He grips her waist firmly, helpfully lifting her in the air only to slam her back down on cock. The surfeit of men's cum seeps from Kitty's pussy, the milky leak oozing the cum of Michael's 19 forebears onto his unfortunate pubic hair and nuts.

But the junior thug doesn't care he's too busy enjoying the firm grip of hot pussy, glove-like around his cock and more pleasant than any hug. Mistress Katerina stands silently next to the kingpin, her arms draped lovingly around his broad-shouldered frame.

"She fucks well, does she not Master?" Mashimoto says nothing. He gazes intently. The girl's eyes are vacant like she's trying desperately to transcend the terrible reality.

Briefly her eyes focus. Her mouth timidly opens to allow the tongues of two female slaves to sample their newfound sister. As cum-splattered as Kitty's face and chest have become, the two slaves obediently slurp the college girl clean at the drug kingpin's command.

Finally the last thug feels himself shoot-once, twice, over a dozen times before his nuts are completely busted on her cunt. She sags lifelessly off his lap as he shoves her aside.

Stacey catches the wilting girl, cradling Kitty's head in her lap and looking up expectantly, awaiting the Master's command. The thug stands long enough to bow deeply to his Boss and then wisely flees. Cum seeps from the brunette's orifices, her teenage body exhausted. The men have left, and Kitty's memory is a jumble of fragments just a maelstrom of grunts and feeling hot liquids in her insides.

Later she would recall, "A dull pain pounded insistently somewhere deep in my ass, a heartbeat of agony as I tried to rise on unsteady legs, then lurched forward on hands and knees." Her bandaged wrists have begun to bleed again.

She falls forward on the floor, a naked heap at Lord Mashimoto's feet. "You think you have done something extraordinary, Kitty-san?" There's amusement in the kingpin's tone. "You have fucked only 20 of my men. That is a light day's work for such a young round-eye slut!

The big Asian rises ponderously, bending over her and putting his fingers beneath her chin, forcing the spent girl to look up at him with weeping orbs.

"Please Master have mercy…" Her words trail away, never more than a whisper. The exhausted girl just wants to close her eyes and welcome the relief of unconsciousness.

But the kingpin gently slaps her cheeks, temporarily reviving the teen. "I am not an unreasonable man, Kitty-san." He motions to Katerina.

There is the sound of rummaging in a chest, and the brunette cringes as the Mistress approaches.

The 5-inch long butt plug purrs on vibrate. Katerina lubes it with orange-scented oil. As each of the female slaves holds one arm Katerina moves to insert it in Kitty's severely over-used anus, but the 19-year-old has no energy to struggle.

She feels the rubber slide in easily…there's not even pain, only a pang of pleasure. "Now lay back…and enjoy!" Mashimoto wipes out her pussy with a rag before inserting his monstrous dong. Staring at it in awe, Kitty realizes it must be a good 12 inches. "Please what do you think you're doing?" she gasps. "Shut up and fuck!" he hisses, slapping a silken cheek as he sinks his yellow prick into her warm softness, gripping her buttocks with his big hands and pulling her snugly against his pelvis.

"Do you feel full, Kitty-san?" She does. The tip of his cock bulges at her cervix. He thrusts gently in and out. "Aaahh yes…I can feel the movements of the vibrator in your ass…they caress my cock even as you hug me with your warm pussy!" Kitty shakes her head violently, but a new tingling down there is hard to deny. She has suffered twenty men fucking her with no enjoyment for herself, yet now she is being raped and it feels good.

What's wrong with me? is a thought that now swirls through the young girl's head, her cheeks blossoming bright crimson. Her Sex xxx pon story 2019 sex stories amazing rapist slides his tongue into her cute, little mouth. "You taste like a goddess, Kitty-san. But now you are my goddess, a fine addition to my slave harem!" He continues thrusting to her mantra of "please no", but her words have no feeling, and to the contrary her body begins to respond, her pussy moistening with the friction of the buzzing butt plug sending incredible sparks of sensation through the walls of her cunt.

Every now and again Mashimoto pulls out his cock, rubbing that hard cock-head against her clit to make her writhe a little more. She is moaning now, no use hiding it.

The brunette can't believe this is happening. This man is raping her and she loves it. "Please no more!" she moans faintly and quite disingenuously. Mashimoto resumes plunging to the ball-slapping hilt while female slaves re-dress the wounds around Kitty's once-crucified wrists. Finally Kitty feels herself reaching the dizzying pinnacle of climax. She screams, her doxy with boobs enjoys sex to max naturaltits and hardcore flooding the entangled pubic hair of rapist and slut.

Oh what have I done! The college girl pants, utterly spent and exhausted. But the endurance of her rapist knows no bounds, his cock drilling deeply and unperturbed. "You cum quick, but it takes more to milk the magnificent balls of Lord Mashimoto!" roars the kingpin, slamming forward so forcefully she grimaces in pain and starts begging for him to cum.

"Please Master, cum in my pussy!" This seems to turn on the drug lord. "Say it louder!" he bellows. Before long the brunette is screaming it at the top of her lungs. leah gotti fucking with valentina nappi CUM IN MY PUSSY, LORD!!!" But for Mashimoto it isn't enough. "Call me Daddy!" he growls. "Say 'Please fuck me hard, daddy. I want your cum, daddy'." Kitty, already feeling a second orgasm building, obeys.

"Daddy, fuck my pussy hard. I want your cum, daddy!" Mashimoto responds by lifting himself up while his cock is still nestled inside of her, crouching as he continues to pound her and forcing the rest of her body at a 75-degree angle to her slender neck. "Now you take a real man's cum!" he grunts.

"I fill you up now!" cries Mashimoto, his cock spurting strand after strand of hell-heated jism into Kitty's womb-turned-cum vessel. With a grunt the huge Jap pulls out and slaps the naked college girl affectionately on the ass, the ass that is now forever his. "I own you, Kitty-san. And your friend's pussy will also be mine, unless I decide to give her fine ass to Raze-san as a gift.

Do you understand?" "Yes Master!" Kitty, resigned to her fate, has yet one hope that wells within her. Maybe Tobe and I can at least be together. ~THE END~ ------------------- I hope you enjoyed the story. Here's my disclaimer: I'm not advocating doing ANY of the dark things depicted in this story in real life. Remember, life is short, so indulge your fantasies - even the darkest ones. Sometimes those can be the biggest turn-on.

~gaggedKitty -------------------