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Vans cock was able to bang stepmom alenas pussy and ass
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Christmas Cums Early Jessica Claus moved about the kitchen making the final preparations for the dinner that she would start at about four the following morning while her husband was out in the world finishing up his long night of work.

Over the last few years, with the ever growing demands of population and extravagance, Jessica had noticed a lack of passion in her husband that had always had so much charm.

Sighing softly the woman, now far into her already unnatural life leaned a hand into her snow white hair; her husband had once been so passionate with her but these last ten years he had just been so drained during his down time that there had been little of the same fiery romance they had once shared.

With a cool look she looked over to the present she had special ordered from way down south and bit her lip softly. Her husband would be home soon and she knew, just like the last ten years devilsfilms pristine edges casting call open mouth cumshot and knee high socks would come in, sit in his comfy chair in front of the fire and relax the rest of the night away, sleep through the day and then take off for the night of work; come home completely spent and sleep for what could easily turn into a month…and by then the ideas for next year would have built up and he would burry himself in his work only giving her the slightest of kisses and though amazingly warm, the briefest of hugs.

She knew that it wasn't his fault, and she had kept herself satisfied as best she could but it wasn't the same without the big fool's body and the unnatural heat that seemed to radiate from him. With a frustrated sigh she made her way over to the wooden table a middle-aged hand fingering the bow she had, out of habit, tied in red over the black wrapping contained within a product of a particularly frustrating day browsing the seedier side of the internet while the husband was busy in the factory.

Jessica was so embarrassed she purged the computer instantly of its history to hide what she had done still flushing a bit at the idea.

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Slowly fingers slide down the wrapping as she considers the implications of the device she had ordered, not really knowing how her husband would take it; hoping he would be interested in it.

As if sensing that someone was thinking of him, Jessica's husband opened the door chennai big aunty sex with small boy mms story the old, wooden home; the entire place quivering in a wave of cold in the few seconds that the door was open.

The contrast of icy cold and furnace hot enough of a tactile sensation for Jessica to feel her breath hitch and her nipples to harden under her top. Slowly she pulled off her apron and pulled her hair out of her bun giving it a shake; somewhere along the way all the layers of clothes and minimal maintenance had become the norm for both her and her husband hiding her figure. She had been a woman of just forty-five when she married her husband and entered into the same semi-immortal lifestyle that he had entered when he turned fifty.

There was a strong, womanly shape to her hips that was hidden under many layers of clothing and skirts; her DD sized breasts tightly packed into her layers of tops normally hidden under her apron. Jessica gave a shiver as she lifted the package up, hearing the all too familiar sound of her husband sinking into his chair.

Resolving herself she turned to greet him, having moved her hair out of her face and picked up her gift. Nicholas was resting his foot up on a plush, black leather foot stool his overweight body sunk into his red felt chair right in front of the fire; the chairs back reclined slightly.

Jessica looked him over, the snow white hair to match her own and that big bushy beard that she had, for many, many years enjoyed pulling on; down to his plump stomach that was to her, still something that made her husband the comfiest person she had ever known.

His sadly lifeless blue eyes looked down into the fire, not seeming to notice his slightly under-dressed wife standing in the entrance of the room. "Hard day?" she asked softly, trying to work up the courage to match the resolve she had as her eyes took in his form.

"You know it." The jolly man said with a soft laugh, always laughing at his woes was Nic, and it was something that was truly enduring.

Jessica walked over to his chair, sliding an arm around his shoulder she leaned down to give her husband a gentle kiss on the lip, lingering there long enough for him to sense the mood. Nicholas kissed her back leaning up into her; his whiskers causing her to flush and giggle a bit, soft sounds escaping her throat into the kiss. As she pulled back she was greeted with a surprised look on Nicholas's face.

"What was that for love?" he asked, clueless Nic as always, so busy with his work and checking his lists again and again. Sighing she sat herself down on the large footstool, holding the present under her right arm, the left sliding up and down her husband's leg from the knee up. "Do I need a reason, love?" She teased stroking along his thigh a bit more, causing the heavy set man to blush.

Now, anyone can tell you, that Nicholas often had red cheeks from the cold, and an overall cherry quality to his face, but that was nothing like a real blush on those rosy cheeks. There was a bristle to his moustache as his lips squirmed a little like an awkward school boy and his cheeks would turn the faintest shade of purple; his eyes would take on a slight, flighty look and his normally overwhelming aura of cheer would be replaced with an essence of raw embarrassment.

Taking a swallow Jessica slides the present forward onto her lap. "Here, I got this for us…" she says, hand still father reap daughter fuk story her husband's thigh. Most of the embarrassment vanishes as Nicholas becomes all business again. "It's not Christmas yet love, it should be under the tree with the others." Stereotypical Nic, always business and straight face when it comes to Christmas and all of the traditions.

Jessica, sliding the footstool forward, dragged her hand up his inner thigh a little bit more. "Aw Darling but you're always too tired Christmas morning to properly exchange gifts&hellip.besides it's a common tradition to open a present Christmas Eve…and for us this is then." She explained, rhyming off a list of excuses; teasingly dancing two of her fingers up his thigh a little.

"I figured we could both give it a try to help you relax…" A wicked grin appeared on her lips as she saw her husband wavering in his steadfast traditions. Nicholas was aware of the tradition to open one gift at the night before Christmas and he would be woe to deny the fact that for him and his crew this WAS the night 'before' Christmas. She smiled and slide over into his lap, letting her feel her chest pressed to her stomach as she leans up to kiss him on the cheek.

"Please, Nic." She asked kindly, though it really was an order; knowing that there was no way for him to say no now. "Fine, fine, fine." Nicholas laughed, it bubbling out of him like his usual Ho-Ho-Ho. "I get it, I get it." He slid a hand around Jessica's waist giving her a lift up more onto his lap. After giving a wink to his wife, Nicholas leans forward with his free hand not occupied around her delightfully full waist. Giving a tug on the red bow he masterfully pulls it aside with the hand of hundreds of Christmases and a skill only offered to the magic man himself.

Slowly he runs his hand over the black wrapped box giving it a playful shake before making an impossibly frowny face on his cherub like face. "This doesn't feel like something we make in this factory…" he says trying to take his guessing at it.

"It's something…I kind of ordered online on a whim…" Jessica said, suddenly embarrassed at the thought of what was in the box wanting to snatch it away. Nicholas made a face and leaned forward in the chair, giving a stroke down his wife's back in a way that always sent a shiver up her spine. With his free hand he undoes the paper wrap on his present and gets it halfway down the box before stopping; his eyes wide and blue, cheeks going from a cheery flush to purple turtle in a matter of an instant.

The box, now revealed, said "Miracle Candy Cane Silicone Pounder" and was what, he could devise from the front picture, a strap on dildo that was roughly seven inches long with a thickness of about ¾ of an inch all the way around; striped to look like it was some kind of candy cane candy, obviously some sort of holiday treat. Nicholas gave an awkward cough suddenly aware of his Wife's weight pressing up on his thigh and her breasts on his chest; unable to hide the telltale signs of his aaron mark and thorben sisters fucking gay boys. "Umm are you sure this was the gift…" he said awkwardly looking from the box to his Wife who had moved to lean on his chest more.

Her answer was a sincere and deep kiss, the kind that only a loving partner can give, where she ran her hand up into his snow white hair and gave it a gentle caress, her fingers getting tangled in the curls. "You've just been so busy, I figured this could help you relax a bit before the big compilation of hot futanari babes fucking raw whispered into his lips.

Nicholas, for all his worth managed to hold the kiss and not just choke on the embarrassment leaning into his wife a little; having honestly missed the sensation of her pressed to him, suddenly unable to recall how long it had been since they last enjoyed each other. Looking to her Nicholas saw just how much she wanted this and couldn't help but give her a soft peck on the nose. "Of course dear, if you want I'll give it a try." He said, not surprised at the look of excitement on her face.

Jessica gave her husband a loving kiss before sliding over him more and undoing his overall's with little kisses on his lips at each action. With a practised slowness she slid her hands over his stomach tugging his top up with them until he had to lift his arms up so she could tug it over his head, letting it stop one the fabric covered his eyes for a teasing kiss on his lips.

Now that his barrel chest was bare she slide her hands down over the still black hair giving her lover's body a gentle caress having missed the feeling of it under her hand. Nicholas leaned back in his chair a little, arching the recliner ever so as he kissed his wife back; his hand around her waist sliding up her top slowly.

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Jessica, receiving the hint breaks from the kiss to slide off her husband's lap, to stand in front of his now semi-laying down form. Taking the box from his hands she set it upon the table beside them as she moved her hands to her shirt.

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The buildup was impossible to deal with at this point now that her husband was up for this; even through her thick top her large nipple could be seen, rolling her hands over them she gave her breasts a playful grab. A squeak escaped her mouth at the sensation of it.

Letting go of her breasts with a whimper Jessica moved and removed her top, the sweater she wore and the t-shirt under it; her bra that she had on today an under cup focus to help keep her girls up with all the bending over she'd be doing for the baking.

Releasing the strap she let it and her tops drop to the floor revealing her creamy skin and large breasts to her husband whose trousers were tightening visibly.

Jessica gave a sincere grin at the thought that after over a century at Nicholas's wife she was able to get his fire going. Jessica leaned down onto her knees and unbuttoned her husband's pants; giving a tug down on his zipper she loosens them enough to tug the overalls down to his knees.

Beneath the overalls were her husband's green and red briefs that milk kitty erin eelctra erin electra doggy style tightening with his erection; a sight she had been far too long without. She leaned forward and tugged down on his brief's rubber band getting it caught on her husband's emerging cock teasingly giving it a tug down and over, revealing the tangled mess of black hair and Nicholas's cock, currently at only six inches long and a little over an inch thick.

She leaned down slowly and kissed her husband's cock gently before rolling her tongue over the uncircumcised head.

With an experienced tongue Jessica coiled her tongue around her husband's tip and pushed down on his foreskin swing has a lot of smoking hot sex going on she slid her mouth gently down towards his bad only being stopped by his stomach just about half an inch from taking his full cock in.

Jessica took in her husband's unique musk as she drooled and rolled her tongue over his now exposed cock, pushing down a little bit harder on it to get more in her mouth before slowly pulling back, letting it out of her mouth with a pop.

After rolling her tongue over her lips looking down at her husband's throbbing cock Jessica picked up the box and pulled it down between her knees. Opening the top of it she reached inside for the two small packs of complimentary lube; something cheap and water based but would do the trick for now. Opening one said pack she poured it over her hand, moving her fingers to get them well coated in the fluid before going back to suck on her husband's cock; lubricated left hand sliding beneath his heavy and full ball sack to tease and gently probe the entrance to his ass.

Nicholas flexed a little instinctively at the new sensation as his wife lathered the lubricant slowly on his asshole taking a sharp breath as she gently and slowly probes a finger inside of him; her having timed it to when she'd take his full cock into her hot mouth as a distraction.

Jessica paused and let her husband get used to that depth of penetration, rolling her lubed finger around to get a good coat before sliding it out and pushing a second digit in even further. All the while bobbing her head slowly on the hard cock that was filling her mouth; free hand occasionally pushing some of her silvery hair out of her face, Jessica soon found her husband panting with his face flushed and her middle finger as deep in him as it could go; his ass well and coated with the free lube.

Jessica pulled herself up off her husband looking at his panting form. "You ready Nicholas?" she asked softly, grinning as he nods. Reaching inside Jessica pulled out the seven inch long strap on, candy cane coloured toy and slide it on over her pants tying up the straps.

Leaning forward to kiss her husband she starts to slide the second pack of lube over the phallic, silicone toy; getting it nicely lubed before steadying it with her hand and guiding it into Nicholas.

Nicholas took a sharp breath at the intrusion his eyes closing under his bushy brows at the new sensation as the toy slid up inside of him, the pressure it put on his prostate causing him to shiver; his cock getting less erect at the sudden change of attention.

Jessica moaned a bit herself at the pressure the strap on was giving in recoil against her clit as she slowly pushed the full toy into her husband letting her feel it all inside of him. Once she was sure she was stable Jessica started to move in and out of her husband's ass with a gradual building speed, her hand down grabbing onto his semi-erect penis pumping it hard. Pressing their lips together in a deep kiss to stifle his moans, Nicholas rocked beneath his wife's thrusts as the toy spread and filled him in a way he had never known in hundreds of years.

The double sensation of her gradually increasing thrusts and the pumping on his cock soon had Nicholas panting hard and rocking with his wife's powerful thrusts under her groaning her name through every third thrust as he approaches his limit.

Jessica, hot teen displays her ass in red lingerie a strong push, sensing her husband's closeness slides the whole toy into him; her breasts pressed tightly to his chest as she kissed him hard on the lips his throat giving an awkward groan against her as he came in three ropey jets of cum against the underside of his rotund stomach.

Groaning in the thrill of her own orgasm to the toy smacking back against her clit through her clothes Jessica looked to her naked husband who from the exertion of his orgasm and the holiday season had drifted into a fitful sleep with the toy still inside. Pulling out slowly she stood up on her tippy-toes and kisses her husband softly before sliding away to pull a blanket over him (having cleaned him up first) whispering to his ear gently with a teasing kiss. "Merry Christmas, Santa."