First time sex of young girl with habshi

First time sex of young girl with habshi
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Thanks for all the positive votes and kind words. For those who voted negatively I'm sorry you didn't like my tale. You probably won't like this one either. For everyone else, let's go. Hey Guys. I need some positive votes to get this chapter out of the dumpster! Also some comments would be nice. If you don't like the story let me know why so I can write more to your liking. Thanks Sarah. As time went on, Charlie and I were finding each other less and less interesting.

I'd seen him jerk off so many times it was less exciting and just really more mechanical each time we did it. Finally one day we stopped. We didn't talk about it or even plan it. We just stopped doing it together. That's when I met John Fuller. By then I was seventeen, nearing eighteen and a senior in high school. I wasn't a cheerleader or anything like that, but I was sort of popular an'd got along with just about everyone.

And this was actually detrimental to to my blossoming young sex lift which I might add was in full speed ahead. I can't remember ever going to bed without one hand jammed in my panties.

As much as I fantasized about all the boys in school jacking off for me I couldn't approach a single one. Everybody was working their little asses off trying to get laid so I wasn't about to risk it all by letting anyone know about my secret fetish. Well, almost secret. I mean Charlie knew. This is where John Fuller came on the scene. It was rumored that John Fuller had been caught masturbating in one of the stalls in the boy's room.

He denied it, but the kids thought it was really funny and christened him, "Fuller the Puller". His social life was doomed. And it looked like mine was about to take off. I waited about a month before I made my move. It was lunchtime when I put my plan into action. After the rumor about John no one would sit with him in the cafeteria. I waited about ten minutes before going for lunch. I knew by then all the seats would be taken, all except where John sat.

I got casada infiel amante meteu story na net portugal lunch tray and acted as though I was looking around for a seat. And, of course, as I already knew the only available seat was at John Fuller's table. "Anybody sitting here," I asked as if I had never heard the rumor? He looked up from his meal. "Not that I can see." I sat down and began to eat. After a few minutes I started a conversation. "Aren't you in my chemistry class," I asked though I already knew.

He had been sitting two chairs behind me since September. "Yea, I'm in it. " "I thought so. You're that real smart kid aren't you?" John looked directly at me then turned his gaze around the room. "Is this a joke," he said turning back to me?

"What?" "Did your friends put you up to this? Are you supposed to be nice to me and then when I least expect it you call me "Fuller the puller" and everybody laughs". This is where my time in drama class was about to pay off. "Look Pal. I don't know what your problem is.

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All I wanted was to eat my lunch sitting down. You don't want to talk, that's fine. We won't talk." I looked back down at my tray and waited. He'd either get up and walk away or. "I'm sorry," he said. "What?" He cleared his throat. "I'm sorry. That was rude." I paused for effect then said, "Hey, no worries, Mate." John smiled. We spent the next ten minutes or so talking about chemistry class before I moved onto step number two.

"I've got a confession to make," I said. John stopped smiling. He looked around the room, expecting to see everyone laughing, then turned back to me. "It wasn't exactly an accident that I sat here today. I mean I wanted to ask you something and so I kind of set this up." I could see the look in his eyes that said, "here it comes". I continued. "I suck at chemistry. I mean I really suck at it and I was kind of wondering if you would maybe want to help me with it?

You know, like tutor me." I could almost hear the air come out of him. "That's it," he said. "That's it. You went through all this just to ask me to help you with your chemistry class?" "I'm mom and son night sleping. I guess I'm as bad at social etiquette as I am at chemistry." He broke into a broad smile.

"Of course I'll help you. You should have just asked. But then again, if you had just asked I wouldn't have had the pleasure of having lunch with you." We talked for a few more minutes and then lunch was over and we parted, but not before making plans for him to come to my house after school and tutor me in the finer points of alchemy to which I already had a B+ average.

I was wearing one of my low cut blouses when John arrived. I introduced him to my brother, Charlie and then we went into the kitchen to begin studying. John really was smart and despite all the abuse he got from nearly everyone at school he was a nice guy with a good sense of humor. This was going to take time. I had to win his confidence before continuing with the plan.

That is, if the story of the boy's room episode was actually true. John came fucking old mamas hairy wet juicy pussy my house three or four times a week after that and even stayed for supper a few times.

I was really getting to like him, but that wasn't going to stop me. It was after five or six weeks that I made my move. It was one of the days when my parents were both gone and Charlie was in his room.

I think he knew what I was up to and left me alone with John. I took the next step in my plan. I'd put a lot of time into it and if it didn't work I was going to be really pissed. We were sitting at the kitchen table like always when I popped the question.

"John, I want to ask you something very important and I hope we are good enough friends that you will tell me the truth." He looked as if he knew what was coming. "Go ahead, ask me." "The rumor about you masturbating in the boy's room, is it true?" I reached out and put my hand over his.

He waited for almost a minute. "Does it matter?" "It does to me." "Yes," he said. He looked like he had just lost his best friend. I squeezed his hand. "It's okay. It's okay. What happened? Why did you do it in school?" He kind of shrugged like he didn't know then began to tell me what happened. "I was in class and there was a girl sitting across from me. She had her skirt pulled to one side so her leg was showing.

It got me, well, sort of aroused I guess you'd say. I have a problem with that. My sex drive is over the top. So I went to the lavatory and started to relieve myself and, well you know the rest." He looked so downcast I really felt bad for him. "It's okay," I said. "Really.

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Not a big deal. The only difference between you and most people is you got caught." Christen courtney swallowed a huge fat dick looked at me as though I had just confessed to a murder.

"Say that again!" "I said, you got caught. That's the only big deal about it. You got caught. Everybody jerks off, and yes, even girls do it." Then I told him about the boy in Cape Cod. I didn't bother to tell him about Charlie and me. That would have been too much all at one time.

"So when you watched the boy did you like it?" I smiled, partly at him and partly because my plan was working. "Oh yea, I liked it. I liked it a lot." I moved the conversation forward. "Do you jerk off everyday?" He nodded.

"Sometimes more than once a day." "Do you think about girls when you do it? Like maybe you are fucking their pussies?" I was being as graphic as I could to try to get him horny enough for the rest of my plan. "Yes," he said. "I think about them a lot." "Do you think about me?" He wouldn't look at me, but quietly said, "Yes, I think about you all the time when I do it." "Does that make you cum when you think about fucking my pussy?" He looked straight into my eyes.

"Yes, it makes me cum hard and a lot." "Have you ever had anyone watch you?" His face reddened. "No." He looked away then for a moment. "I have fantasized about someone watching, but it's never happened." "Who do you fantasize about watching you jack your cock and seeing you squirt your cum?" "I think about you," he said. I paused for a few seconds then looking directly at him said, "Would you like it to happen. Would you do it for me? Would you jerk your cock for me?" At first John didn't say anything, he just nodded.

Then he said, "when?" "Well, no one is home, but my brother and he won't bother us.

How about right now?" He stood and I could see he was already getting hard. "Where," he asked? I took his hand and lead him to the bathroom.

I locked the door behind us and sat up on the counter. He waited for me to tell him what to do. I think he was still a little afraid that this was a joke. "Okay, Big Boy. Unzip and stand right here," I kinky and nasty woman in fishnet gagging and cum swallowing pointing to the spot where Charlie use to stand.

"You want me to do it on the floor," he asked? Before I could answer he said, "that would be hot." John unzipped his fly, reached in and pulled out a ebony teanna trump plays with a bigcock in her mouth, hard penis.

If I thought that boy at the Cape or even my brother had a big one I was wrong. John's looked like one of those mini baseball bats they hang restroom keys on at the gas stations. As I watched it continued to rise upward on its own growing in length and girth.

I looked at my watch. Time to get moving. I did not want to have my Mother driving in and John stuffing his cock back in his pants. I wanted to see this monster firing off before he went home.

"Go ahead and jerk it," I said. I handed him some baby oil that was on the counter. He poured some into his hand then wrapped his hand around his dick and started stroking. He was going slow and we didn't have a lot of time. "Just hurry and make it cum," I said anxiously. "My Mom will be home anytime now." John took my cue and started jacking off with a purpose. His cock was already spitting clear liquid from the pee hole and it was mixing with the oil I had given him. He was grunting as his hand slid up and down in a total blur.

"I cum a lot," he said through gasps and groans." "Do you need a towel," I asked? He nodded. "Stand near the wall and hold it up like a screen. I'm getting real close." I did as he asked. My brother and the boy at the Cape both had cocks that bent upward as they got hard. John's cock bent downward sort of like a rainbow.

When he held it up to jerk it the shaft was pointing up but the head was point straight out at me. I really would have liked to take the place of the towel, but that would have to be another time. Suddenly I heard my Mother's car coming into the driveway. Shit. This was going to ruin everything I thought. But I thought wrong. At the same moment I heard the car, John threw his head back and moaned, "I'm cumming," and his cock began to fire huge streams of white hot cum onto the towel.

I couldn't believe how much cum there was or how far he could shoot it. I heard my Mother's car turn off and he just kept cumming. I was screwed. If he didn't stop and put that thing away there was going to be big trouble. And then I heard it. My brother was at the front door telling my mother about something outside that required her immediate attention. Meanwhile John was somewhere around his sixth or seventh spurt when I took matters into my own hands and grabbed his cock.

I wanted to hurry it up and get him empty before my Mom came back inside, but all I managed to do was get him started all over again. He shot off four more big loads before I let it dribble to a stop. I grabbed some TP and wiped the cum off the end of his prick. "Quick, stuff it in your pants. I'll hide the towel." He did as I asked.

I, on the other hand, was frantically wiping cum up off the floor then threw the towel in the hamper hoping that Mom would not go in there until I had a chance to wash it. (Okay, so you caught me. We both know I was going to save that towel and jill my pussy off with it the first chance I got) By the time Charlie and Mom got back inside John and I were sitting at the kitchen table with our books opened.

"So, are you guys getting anything done," my Mother asked? "Oh yeah, Mamma. We're knockin' 'em dead." I winked at John and he turned a shade of red. I wait till my Mother left the room. "Holy shit, Man. You cum like a freaking horse!" He lowered his head. "I'm sorry, Sarah. I can't help it. I'm sorry I made a mess." I would have laughed out loud if I hadn't seen that he was so serious.

"Are you shitting me man? That was so cool. I've never seen anything like that.

Crap! Can you do that all the time?" He shrugged. "No, not really," he said. "Sometimes three times a day, but mostly only two." "Well you're going to be doing that blond black boots bitch fucking in the shadows me everyday." For the next few weeks John jerked off for me whenever I wanted him to.

And he always mustered a huge load. Sometimes I would tie his balls up and then tickle underneath while he was stroking. That always seemed to get him to really cum a lot.

Then one day John came over to my house with something on his mind. I could tell because glamorous looker flashes huge arse and gets anus poked asstomouth and pornstars was more quiet than usual. "What's going on," Deep inside nubile stepmother and ex gf asked? He looked at me and did that shrug that he always did when he wanted to say something, but didn't quite have the nerve.

"Come on, John. Spite it out." He looked around. "Well, I've been looking on the internet at some porn sites." I waited, but he didn't say anymore. "And what have you been looking at?" Again, he hesitated. "I've been looking at women." Crap! I knew this was coming sooner or later. Up until now John had been doing all the showing and I'd been doing all the looking.

I knew all this was about to change. "So, I guess you want me to jerk off for you, right?" He shook his head, no. "No? So what do you want?" "Well, the women on the internet seem to like it when the guys lick them down there." Glory be. John wanted to eat my muff. He actually wanted to go down on me.

"What you're telling me is you want to lick my kitty the way those guys on the internet do it?" Again, he nodded. "Well, no one is home so I guess we can give it a try," I said. I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. Now to be quite honest with you, at seventeen years old my entire sex life consisted of watching guys jerk off and even that was a relatively small amount. I was apprehensive, but also getting very turned on. John was very much to the point. I sat on the edge of my bed.

He got down on his knees in front of me. I didn't know exactly what to do; let him undress me, undress myself or what. Before I could really think about it, he reached up, unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down, underwear and all.

Although I was nervous I was also getting very turned on. I think he knew this. He slid my pants over my feet and tossed them on the floor. Without any hesitation he gently push my legs apart and moved in. My pussy was soaking wet in anticipation. I don't know what porn site John had been watching, but he must have taken notes. Using his thumbs he open my lips exposing my throbbing clit. Holding my lips apart he moved in and began to lick all around my steaming pussy, but not touching my clit.

And I really wanted him to touch my clit. I tried to sit still while John licked from my puckered little ass-hole to just below my clit, but had no luck at it.

I couldn't help bucking into his mouth. Up until now, I had complete control of our relationship, but things were changing. I had never felt anything like this in my entire life. As John moved upward toward my screaming button he shocked me and placed his index finger against my ass-hole. I gasped but it was short lived. Just as he slid his finger into my anus he moved his mouth over my clit.

It was unbelievable. I was so glad no one was home because there was no way I could have stifled the scream that came up from the center of my being. John had definitely taken notes. He covered my twitching clit with his mouth and began to gently suck. Each time he moved his head forward I pushed my hips to meet him. He was driving me crazy lapping with his tongue and sucking at the same time. He must have felt my impending orgasm before I did. Suddenly I was there. I pushed my pelvis into his mouth at the same time he pulled his finger from deep in my ass and I started to cum like a tidal wave.

I held his head and fucked his mouth with every bit of my being. And like the trooper he had proven to be he held on and sucked my spasming clit with each of my thrusts. I don't know how long it lasted, seconds or hours or maybe days, I lost my whole sense of time. When it was finally over I collapsed backward onto my bed. I was still gasping for air when John stood over me, his face wet with my juices.

"Did I do okay?" he asked like a little boy looking for approval. I could hardly speak, but I managed to nod and he smiled. John Fuller and I continued out relationship until graduation. He jerked off and ate my pussy nearly everyday. After graduation we went off to different colleges and different lives. I saw him and his wife at a class reunion a few years ago. We smiled and made pleasantries, but nothing was mentioned of our former fun and games.

His wife seemed really nice and I must admit I wondered what kind of life she and Fuller the Puller had together. Didn't really matter because when we parted after High School my life took on a whole new chapter. I just love to watch men masturbate. I have posted part 3. Enjoy! Sarah