Gf denies pussy till wedding but butt is there

Gf denies pussy till wedding but butt is there
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Kimberly is about 25 years old and medium height, about 5' 8" tall. With a hot curvy body to die for. A nice pair of tits, C-cup with prominent nipples and a nice rounded ass. Her long legs have a nice shape to them too, all and all, a very sexy package.

She is a new consumer affairs reporter at my Dallas TV station. She moved from east Texas bringing her horse with her. I offered to let her keep her horse at my ranch 45 minutes from Dallas. We took her horse down to my ranch. We took a long walk around so she could see some of the ranch. The longer we walked, the better she smelled. I couldn't get enough of her perfume scent, ode to female hormones maybe.

She had me at Hello, her voice was soft, alluring and easy to listen too, and she made me horny. I was getting horny and my cock was growing hard, she made me feel young again. I brushed her hair aside and kissed her slowly on the nap of her neck.

Her body tingled all over as my lips touched her soft skin. I then wrapped my arms around her and whispered in her ear, "I never want to let you go. I want to fuck you." I said as I slipped my hand inside her blouse squeezing her soft, firm breast.

She let out a soft moan as my hand touched her. No man had ever touched her before like John did. My hand was soft unlocked japanese grandpa sex teen uncensored warm as I twisted the nipple on her breast. She turned around and said "I also want you too" as she kissed me passionately on the lips, wrapping her arms around me "Never let me go" She said.

"I won't sweetie" I replied. Dressing well with dolly leigh and riley nixon is a must pornstars and hardcore heart began to race rapidly. Her body tingling all over without any hesitation. I reached past her, grabbing a horse blanket, with out saying a word guided her into my office. I got a bottle of wine and took off up the ladder, "follow me." I whispered.

I spread the blanket out, while Kimberly was still trying to get up here, I looked at her extending my hand to help her up. She softly uttered "Take me" knowing she had never been with an older man I asked her "Are you sure?" Caressing her face softly as she looked deeply into my eyes she said "Yes" before she engulfed my lips once more.

I sat the bottle of wine down, We stood there in the middle of the loft holding one another as we kissed deeply. She pulled away from my embrace, She began to undress me. Kissing along my chest as she opened each button, her fingers tracing along my well-toned, tan body. She had thrown all caution to the wind.

She knew once we started down this road there was no turning back. I brought her face back up to mine kissing her deeply, making her weak in the knees. She unbuckled my pants slipping her hand inside.

My cock was so big and very hard, yet still soft to the touch. Throbbing in her hand as she gently stroked it. Nervously she made a quick joke, laughing "Do you think it will fit inside me?" I chuckled saying "Don't worry sweetie. I know that it is your first time since the breakup. I will be slow and gentle with you my love. I would never hurt you. I swear." I pulled off my shorts as she stood there in front of me. I pushed her blouse up over her headundoing her bra revealing her firm breasts and hard nipples.

I leaned down lightly kissing then sucking each nipple, she moaned softly. I unbuttoned her jeans sliding them down revealing her panties sliding my hands up and her thighs and then around to her ass squeezing her firm ass. I brought my hands around sliding them up and down her inner thighs not touching her pussy, she moaned parting her legs. I slid my hand inside her panties rubbing her clit then her wet pussy, sliding a finger in then out slowly.

She shivered and moaned as I pulled my hand away. I kissed her, my warm breath on her neck sending shivers down her back as I slipped off her panties. Slowly my hands caressed her soft porcelain skin. My hot baby masturbating on website for chatting moved toward her plump, luscious breasts.

Slowly I sucked each one flicking my tongue over her hard erect nipples. "Your breasts are so perfect" I said as I squeezed them between my hands.

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Gently I lay her down on the blanket, she parts her legs as I crawl between them laying on top of her, my long wide hard cock brushing against her thigh. I move down her body slowly kissing every inch of her soft skin, making my way to her smooth shaven pussy.

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With one finger I move up and down her wet opening. Slowly I part her lips as I taste her sweet tight pussy. As I flick my tongue over her clit her body is shaking in a state of ecstasy. Working my fingers inside her as she moans softly. I then clamp my mouth over her wet pussy, begging with my tongue for her sweet nectar. My hands slid under her ass lifting her up off the blanket as my tongue fuck her faster, and deeper. Her hands gripped tightly on to the blanket as she arches her pussy up to my awaiting mouth, her legs over my shoulders.

Words cannot describe what was happening. Her body started to convulse wildly all over the blanket. What seemed like hours with my tongue lashing her pussy were only a few minutes. Losing all control she closed her eyes and let out a scream that I'm sure the whole building heard, as she bucked her hips wildly.

Her pussy filling my mouth with her juices. Her whole body shuddered in ecstasy. I loosen my grip on her letting her legs relax on the blanket. She laid there motionless as I planted small kisses around her still twitching, dripping wet pussy. As she lifted her head she smiled as she watched her juices drip down my chin. I licked my lips drinking up the remaining of her juices. "Oh god that was amazing" she said. I just open saxy faking storys ktrenakaf as I came over her, kissing her with my wet lips.

Our tongues wrestled with one another as she tasted herself, licking the rest of her juices from my face. As we kissed passionately she felt my throbbing cock pressing hard against her, feeling as if ready to explode between the two of us.

Slowly I rubbed the swollen head of my cock against her slit, making her moan softly. "I'm ready my love" she said.

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Gently I guide my cock through her wet velvet opening. Lifting her hips as she moans louder, the feeling of my hard cock pushing inside her inch by inch. Slowly stroking my cock inside her velvety box as I suck on her tits. She lets out a small scream as I thrust all of my long wide cock inside her as I bite down on her nipple. "Oh god don't move" She says. Holding onto me tightly feeling my throbbing cock buried deep inside her tight pussy. "Are you ok my love?" I said giving her small kisses all over.

Slowly I pull out until only the head remains, then thrusting back into her. I push my cock in until Sex xxx pon story 2019 sex stories amazing am buried deeply inside her, my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust.

Slowly I start to thrust inside her increasing speed, letting her get use to my hard cock in her. With each thrust I start to pick up the pace thrusting faster, deeper inside her. She pushes back with each thrust to match mine, moaning loudly, coming closer and closer to the explosion she knew would be an even greater climax than the first one she had when I tasted her tight pussy.

Wrapping her legs around my ass pulling my cock deeper inside her, as her breath quickens.

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Suddenly she screams with pleasure falling into a convulsion of pure ecstasy. Slipping my arms around her waist I start to pump my cock fiercely into her like a pile driver. The force of my thrusts causes her pussy to tighten around my hard cock, pulling my cock into her deeper. Then with one hard driving thrust I explode like a volcano my warm cum flowing like lava deep inside her womb.

Slowly thrusting inside her shooting load after load of cum deep inside her. Falling on top of her she feels my heart beat against her chest. "That was the most amazing thing I ever felt" She whispers in my ear. As I lay on top of her my cock eventually softens and slips from her well fucked pussy.

I roll off of her and asked her to roll over onto her belly and she said, Okay. I get up on my knees beside her, rubbing her shoulders and arms then gradually down her back. I mov to her beautiful long slender thighs and calves. Sliding my hands up and down from her ankles to the edge of her firm beautiful ass.

Kimberly is becoming very aroused again when I suck each of her toes one at a time. Then I spread her legs and move up between them on my knees. Then she feels my hands softly caressing her ass. Now for the best part, I tell her. I knead her softly at the base of her spine and around her butt cheeks, squeezing hard intermittently between my soft caresses and pinches. I keep this up for a while, teasing her by avoiding her crack.

So Kimberly just enjoys it, knowing I would get there. Oh it was so worth the wait, first she feels my warm breath, and then my silvery tongue as it traced along her cleft.

I spread her apart and my tongue prances around the rim of her asshole making her squeal with anticipation. Then I insert my tongue she bucks with pleasure and I take my time tasting the sweetness of her ass. Then I withdraw she immediately feels a lubricated finger pushing into her asshole, then it was gone. Then in, then out, then in and out again. Then again and again. Her whimpers and groans becoming louder with each plunge. She grips the blanket tightly in both fists and screams, when she feels two fingers pushing deep into her and pulling outward, stretching her asshole to unknown widths and holding it spread.

Then a third finger was pushing in and out, massaging her, extending her. She rasps, as I remove my fingers and I quickly spring up atop her onto her back. She rosa kawashima on her knees servicing a large wang hardcore action pussy licking the hardness of my cock pressing against her ass. I put my mouth to her ear and whisper, I'm ready, Kimberly, are you ready Kimberly?

You ready for my hard cock in your tight virgin ass? OOOHHH! Please be gentle she says. I began to rub my hard cock up and down her then grinding my hips againist her in a circular motion. I put my tongue into her left ear and then I suck her earlobe. My lips move to her cheek and she turns her head closer so our lips meet.

It was tasty, soft kiss, Yes, she said softly. I kiss her again and then move back off her and she feels my hard cock drag off her at the same time.

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She feels my fingers applying some more lubricant to her hole then she hears me slather some onto myself. She reachs back with both hands and spreads her ass for me. Soon she feels the bulbous head of my cock against her hole, and I push with cushioned force, she feels the tip enter her. Ugh, OMG! she groans. You okay? I ask. Yes, please push it in she says. She breaths deeply, as I start to push my cock into her ass she easily accepts the first two inches.

It was not bigger around than what she thought. But as the thicker part of my cock pushed inher asshole resisted. She was really feeling stretched, It felt like a baseball bat was driving up her ass as I continued to push and pull back and push again, each time gaining a millimeter at a time. "OOOOOWWW, its too big, Stop! Don't stick it into my ass", she wailed.

I pushed harder and Kimberly's anus gave up to the assualt and opened to the head of my cock."AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWWW, its tearing me up, take it out, don't push it in", she yelled. "You only got the head, wait until you get all 14 inches fucked up your ass. I am going to stretch you wide open.

I pushed another inch in, than out. The next thrust gained two inches, than back out. Kimberly's asshole was bleeding from the assualt, lubricating my cock for me to continue. "Here comes all of it" and I pushed with all of my might into her asshole. Fourteen inches of hard cock forced her asshole to open bigger then it ever. Her asshole was stretched and torn to accept the rape of her ass. I pulled my cock out to the head and than began the painful journey back up her ass.

My cock was gripped tightly by her ass. I began to fuck her ass hard and fast, riding her unrentlessly. My cock punched into her deeper each time, cramping her as it was forced to accept my hard cock.

Each stroke of my cock brought a fresh batch of pain to her ass. Her anus had long ago given up the fight. I leaned over her and started kissing her shoulder and the back of her neck. She couldn't believe how good it felt to be fucked in the ass. Pov blowjob and fucking with hot latina amateur I kissed on her neck, I whispered in her ear, each time it will be easier and less painful. She could feel a tingle all the way from her ass to my cock as I moved back and forth.

She became even more excited just thinking about what my cock would feel like when it was all the way in. I said, "Remember to press." As she did, it only took about three strokes to fill her ass with my cock.

She was moaning out loud as I started to pump her ass slowly. I would pull my cock all the way out to the cock head, then slowly slide the entire length back in. As I fucked her I leaned over her and started kissing her shoulder and the back of her neck. She couldn't believe how good it felt to be fucked in the ass. As I kissed on her neck, I whispered in her ear, "To be really good, you need to tell me how much you like my cock pounding in you and stretching your hole.

Tell me how big my cock is. "Get up on your knees. You are going to get fucked hard." She gladly got up on her knees as I moved in behind her. There was no sweet love in what I did next. I suddenly rammed my cock all the way in her ass. As I did she let out a yelp. It felt good but it was surprising and in this position my cock drove deeper into her ass. With that I grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard, fast and deep.

She could feel my balls slapping her. And the noise of my body slapping against her was super exciting. Whup! Whup! Whup! I smiled and began to work my baseball bat of a cock into her thrusting into her with long hard thrusts.

She could feel her tender asshole tearing as I shoved my cock in. As I began to slam into her, she could feel it bottoming out on each stroke, hitting her deeply like a pile driver. A few strokes later I shoved my cock deep into her, erupting filling her with hot cum. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her too me as I finished emptying myself into her.

Finally, I could not hold back in such a tight anus. I began to erupt filling her ass with warm cum. When I pulled out, I let her go. Kimberly collapsed onto the blanket like a rag doll. My sperm was leaking from her. We laid on the blanket for a while sipping on wine. I kissed her, telling her I look forward to seeing her at the ranch more. Then we got up to dress and head to the house to shower.