Hot babes with sexy asses get to suck a dick at a porn audition threesome hardcore

Hot babes with sexy asses get to suck a dick at a porn audition threesome hardcore
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You know that feeling you get? When you feel the drug running through your body, right before it hits you. Whatever it is, heroin, pot, LSD. Right before you get bright orgasms delivered to a luscious babe hardcore and blowjob high or low, you get this amazing, pure, intense feeling. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember watching the colours on the walls meld togather, and the feeling of her flesh as it crawled along my body.

I was 19 when it happened. Living in a mid sized town like mine, always lead to finding something to do. Being a 19 year old high school drop out, there wasn't alot. To make life even more complicated, I was alternitave.

I wore black band t-shirts and didn't like sports. A bad place to be in the south. I had long, wavy dirty blonde hair, a skinny guy, but I could still hold myself in a fight. I was pretty well developed for my weight and height. in a small town, you have to make things to do. If you don't fit in with the crowd, there's always a way to do it. In my case, the key to it all was drugs. I was sitting at Amy's house, she was one of those girls that no matter how gothy she dressed, every man wanted to fuck her.

she was that little dark girl that tugs at ever man when she walks by. Her pale complection, her long slender body, the strait black hair, and heavy eye liner.

It didn't matter where we were, she would turn heads of any guy she walked by. Not to mention her perfect heart shaped ass or, 36C breasts, that seemed to be shaped perfectly.

Nothing would be as satisfying as the first time I fucked her. She had had a party, our typical weekend routine. This time more people had shown, and there was much more drugs then our normal few hits of acid. Oh no, this was a party. Tina and Anne were at it again, gaining the attention of all the men, and most the women in the room. Tina was stradled on top of Anne's face, her plaid skirt pulled up high enough to see where the garter met her fishnets.

She moaned as she rubbed her croutch into Anne's face, occasionally playing with Anne's tits, that were exposed to all that could see. "Mmmm, they look real hot, don't they?" a soft voice whispered into my ear.

All I could see was the blood red of her lipstick, slowly I matched the face with Christina, an ex girlfriend of mine. "What the hell do you want?

I thought you moved to Ashville with your red sex xxx ebony story I snapped at her. Obviously, our break up wasn't a very good one.

I felt her hand move up my vynle covered thigh, before I grabbed her wrists and threw it off of me. "Well you're no fun then Eddie." she said, with that same soft voice. I laughed to myself silently, shit I remember those blood lips wrapped around my cock.

"The' hell do you expect me to be? You broke up with me." I said coldly. "Oh, that is beside the point right now, I have some Crucifix, want some?" Crucifix. now there was a drug. For those of you that have done acid before, you know the joys of crucifix. How could I say no? She just grinned at me, and turned away, walking up the stairs. She knew how to win a man. through his drug abuse. I watched as her slim body walked up the stairs, her tight skirt hugging her hips.

Her fishnet shirt drapped over her shoulders. How could I deny her my pressence? Sure enough I followed her up. She took me into a room with a bunch of posters, a cd player, and a matress on the floor.

When she turned around I noticed her B cup breats weren't covered by anything more then an "X" of electrical tape under some fishnet. "Starring at my breasts again? You never changed do you?" she said, walking up to me. "You're the one who's got them hanging out." I joked, her body pressed against mine, as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I felt her lips press gently on my neck as her fingers reached around and pushed a thin peice of paper against my lips. I opened my mouth and she laid it on my tounge, this was the wrong way to do this shit, but I didn't care. "Oh, how could I forget?!" she said quickly, moving to the CD player. She pulled a CD out of her purse, and then hit play, intentionally letting her skirt slide up to show off her black thong. Still bent over, she turned to me and grinned again. I walked over to her, letting my hand meet her knees, and then sliding up from there.

The bass line, the synth, the flesh, the blood. I could feel it as the colours begin to meld into one. "She spreads herself wide open, to let the insects in, she leaves a trail of honey, to tell me where she's been." We sang along to the song, my voice deep, hers soft. I pressed my vynle pants up against her ass, slowly letting my hands drift to her thong. I gently rolled it down, till it had nothing let to hang on to, falling around her ankles.

She had moved up now, her thighs and ass pressed hard against my croutch, my hard-on just about breaking in my tight vyle. Her Skirt was held up by my stomach, and her hands were at my side. I moved my hands to her breasts, letting my nails trail down as I lowered my head to her thighs. Gently I slid my tounge up to her clit, pressing my lips agaisnt hers, spreading them, and then pushing my tounge in as far as it would go.

Her breathing quickend, and her small pants started to turn into low moans, she loved it. It was then that the drugs hit me. I her flesh began to move, I could feel it pulling me in. The walls we're dripping, and the ceiling was melting, but what did I care? Her taste began to draw me in, and then I heard her moan.

She had my hair, she was pulling hard, pressing her pussy against my mouth. Her cum spread onto my lips, she let go of my hair to brace herself on the wall. 'She has the blood of reptiles, just underneath her skin', I heard the voice on the CD player repeat itself over and over as I began to fall back.

I was slightly lost as to what was going on, but I remember Christina turning around and begging to suck my cock. I sat down on the matress, 4gp king sex stories story melayu she crawled to me, on her hands and knees, her skirt gone, the electrical tape over her tits gone. God damn she looked hot. I thought tomyself, watching her pale skin, the small of her back, arched as she moved towards me.

Her tatoo was moving across her back, reshaping itself on her spine, when she finally reached me the tatoo had moved all the way up to her fore arms. I watched as her fingers worked my pants undone, and then gripped around the shaft of my cock. She grinned at me again, blood dripping from her mouth, and then turning red to purple to black.

Her cool hands wrapped around my cock, stroking it up and down.

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you wouldn't deauxma gets her huge fake milk tits fucked the way it felt. for a moment I swore she had wings. I watched her head move down, and her blood red lips wrap around the head of my cock, For gorgeous blonde pink dildo awesome cheerleader rubs e hd moment I closed my eyes, and watched the inside of my eyelids as the shadows behind them flew through my head.

I felt her moist tounge running up and down the bottom of my cock, and her fingernails digging into my hips. God damn this was amazing, her lips felt like fire on my cock. It was right about then that the door opened, and Amy walked in. I looked up for just a moment, "what up Amy?" I said casually as Christina continued to suck me off. "God damn, everyone is at it tonight." Amy said, looking at the bobbing head in my lap. "And in my room too, Eddie." Oh fuck, it was her room.

Damn the drugs some times. "Well hell Amy, why don't you join?" I asked, almost jokingly at first. She seemed untouchable, I'm telling you, imagine the perfect women, and give her some of that gothic flare.

She gave me an odd stare, then grinned. Christina's lips parted with my cock, she looked over at Amy. It was right about then that I realized this might be the greatest night of my life.

"Come on Amy, I don't care, he's my ex, I was just horny, I'll share him if you'd like." Christina licked her lips, and then started to talk again. "I'm sure he'd be willing to share me too." She said. Oh damn and she was right. Christina crawled over to Amy, and began to lick up her leg, Amy just grinned and played hard to get. "Oh come on Christina, it's gunna be harder then that to get my clothing off." I was off in my own little world now, watching Christina lick up Amy's pale thighs.

Slowly Christina worked her way up to Amy's panty line, pushing her skirt up with her chin. She drug her nails along the outside of Amy's thighs, all the way up to the side of her thong.

Amy was looking down at her, running her fingers through Christina's hair. Slowly Christina started to pull Amy's thong off, revealing her perfectly shaven pussy. It was hardly 4 seconds before Christina's lips were pressed hard against Amy's cunt, sucking and licking at her slit.

This was a fucking amazing sight, watching two of the most gorgeous goth girls in the state fuck eachother, right in front of me, my cock was so hard at this point I thought it was going to burst. But I was still under the grasp of the drugs, and still captivated by Christina's tounge running up and down Amy's fuck hole. By this point Amy had started pulling on Christina's hair hard, Christina was letting out little yelps as she had her hair tugged and her face pressed harder into Amy's croutch.

Amy was just about straddeling Christina's face, moaning softly as Christina's tounge invaded her pussy. Amy reached down and began to rub her clit hard, her moans were getting louder and I could tell she was nearing an orgasm. With a few final pushes of Christina's tounge, Amy began to cum in her mouth. I watched for at least a minute as Amy grabbed the back of Christina's head, and grinded her pussy onto her mouth. After a few moments of downtime, Christina started to speak again.

"You owe me, Amy." She said in a lustful voice.

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"Fuck that, both of you owe slut spreads her legs and gets nailed at this point my cock was so hard it hurt, dispite the drugs, I could still feel the pain from my hard-on.

"Can't we do a fun group activity?" I said sarcastically. "Aww, the poor boy feels left out Amy, whatever shall we do?" Christina said, as she began to crawl towards me. I could see the cum on her face from Amy's cunt. Amy finished undressing and walked infront of Christina, who at this point had been sitting on the edge of the mattress on the floor."I dunno Christina, I'm having alot of may gets slammed in the doggy position with you.

I don't know if 'I' want to share." She pushed Christina down, pressing her naked body against Christina, who was pinned against the mattress, her knees point towards the melting ceiling, legs spread wide to acompany Amy's petit body.

Amy's stomach began to grind against Christina's pussy, pressing through the soft fabric of her g-string. The two girls began to kills passionatly, as I watched them rubbing their bodies togather.

"This is some bullshit." I said, all they could do is giggle uncontrollably. I got up and walked behind Amy, pressing my cock to her wet cunt. She just looked back at me and gave me that same stupid grin she did earlier. I slowly began to push into her, and watched as her head lifted up. She began to breath heavy as the intrusion went further inside.

She began to focus her attention on Christina's tits, sucking and licking at them, moving her lips up to Christina's neck every once in a while to bite on her when she was getting to loud. After about five minutes of fucking Amy, Christina pushed me off the mattress, and out of Amy. "Where's my cock you little shit?" She said, claws digging into Amy's back. "God damn, I've only got one, can't you wait your turn?" I said to her. The acid was begining to lose it's effect, Everything was back to one normal picture.

"I've got an idea," Amy said, "I've got a strap-on in my closet, you interested?" Amy got up and walked over to a door in the side of the room, she bent over and pulled out the leather strap with a bright fucking pink dildo attached to it. "Are you going to stick it in his ass?" Christina said, as she opened up the little medicine container. She pulled out three more strips of acid, and gave one to me, and took one herself.

"Keep that thing away from my ass, yo." I said as I laid the strip under my tounge. I watched as Amy fiddled with the leather straps, buckles, and clips, and slowly the room began to work its way back into it's original melting state. After a few minutes, Amy came back with the pink dildo sticking 8 inches out of her.

"God damn, it's bigger than me!" "Spread em' Christina." Amy said, as she got back down on the mattress. Obeying, Christina's knees came apart, and her g-string slipped off. Amy took no time to shove the massive pink cock into Christina. Moans filled the room as Amy almost violently fucked Christina, pounding her hips into her croutch.

I got behind Amy again, and took a moment to wait for her to slow down, then dove back in. The leather rubbing against my shaft hurt a little, but I didn't care. I didn't have to do much work, Amy did alot of it well she pounded Christina. By this time, Christina's legs were against Amy shoulders, and I was in an exceptionaly akward and uncomfortable posistion, but nothing bothered me at this point, I was in pure extacy.

The music had just about gone to nothing but noise, as it mixed with the moans, grunts, and sighs of the two girls. We must of gone on for hours of raw fucking before I was ready to explode. Christina was almost screaming, and Amy was moaning louder then the music. "Holy shit Amy, I'm gunna cum." I said to her, grabbing her hips as I began to thrust even harder.

We burst into orgasms at the same time, my cumming shooting deep into her pussy, she had stopped thrusting into Christina and had pushed the enter length of the strap-on into her. We must of all exploded into orgasms at the same time, because echoes of our moans filled the empty room. I had collapsed on top of Amy, my trip still intense do to the extreme amount of activity. My heart was punching my ribcage. The room smelt like blood, cum, and sweat, the smell of sex, and right now, I was feeling like the luckiest man in the world.