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Big tits tigerr benson anal masturbation p
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(Set in renaissance time (with some random 2013 objects), with slave's, servants and peasants. This is a sex 'STORY' website. There are large bits that don't contain sex, if you don't like that then leave.) Nikki POV As I walk home late, the rain pours down on me in icy sheets that chill me to the bone. The only thing running through my head is why am I so stupid for walking down here. I hear a crash from behind me.

I do something more stupid then walking down the alley. I turn around, as I do some ones arms wrap around my waist. The arm wrapped around my waist is strong and muscled. The guy pushes me up against the wall; I finally get a look at who it is. My jaw drops when I see that it is Prince Justin smiling down at me.

"Oh, Nikki" he says quietly and softly into my ear. My breath quickens, knowing that he may be second in line for the throne. That won't stop him from forcing me or any other girl in the kingdom to his bed. He must know my name as I have been his sisters Nanny for the last six years.

The reason for my late leaving of the castle was because of Holly his sister. She had a cold and I had to stay until her fever broke. "What are you doing walking down a dark alley at night, in the pouring rain?" he says intently.

Justin raises his xxxxx new story 2019 xxxximages and starts to caress my cheek. I turn my head away from him, not wanting to submit to him in anyway.

He steps closer to me and places his lips down on mine. I squeeze my lips shut preventing his tongue from probing into my mouth. He pulls back centimetres from my face; I can feel his hot breath running over my face. "I might take you back to the castle.

You will be nice and safe from those dangerous people. You will make a great addition to my collection" he whispers down at me. I feel something press into the inside of my elbow.

It's sharp and cold. It sends a cold shiver down sexxy girls sex in gym arms and into my fingertips.

My body goes numb and my vision goes blurry. Justin grips me around the waist and throws me over his shoulder walking back towards the castle.

I'm lost in complete darkness; I can feel myself sinking into something soft that must be a bed. My eyes snap open and I look around the room. This is not my bedroom and this is definitely not my bed. I go to jump off the bed but I can't move except raise my head.

I look again and see that both my wrists and ankles are tied to the bed preventing my escape. Out of the corner of my eye I see Justin stalking over to me. He walks to the side of the bed and slowly climbs on top of me.

He places his face an inch from mine. He is staring into my eyes which are turning fearful by the look of lust in his. Justin slides both hands up the side of my ribcage. "Now, I have my two beautiful girls. I get to choose which one of you will get to by Tyler's birthday present" he smiles down at me.

Justin grabs my chin roughly digging his fingers in. He turns my head to face a beautiful long blond haired naked girl. She looks just as scared as I probably do. Justin yanks my chin back to look at him again. "Well, you both work in the castle. So he already knows who the both of you are, but he likes you better for some reason, so lucky him he gets you. I just thought I would get some use of you first" he says.

Justin smiles leaning down close to me. He places his lips just below my ear. I feel his hand slide along my collarbone. This is when I realise that my dress is gone and I am naked in front of him. He feathers kisses down my collar bone. He places one of my nipples in his mouth but doesn't stay there long. I feel his mouth continue down my stomach to my flower. He slides his tongue down my slit, circling my delicate nub before plunging his tongue into me.

He pulls back looking at me with a smile. He places his arms on the bed beside my shoulders. He leans down kissing me. I taste my juice on his tongue as he pushes it past my lips and into my mouth. He moves his lips from my mouth and runs them along my jaw where he stops, nibbling at me ear.

"You taste wonderful. Now I know why he likes you better." He says into my ear. He pulls away from me jumping of the bed. I watch him as he walks over to Cassie who cowers into the wall she is chained to. He crouches down next to her. He presses his lips to hers. She goes to pull back but he pulls back first.

"She tastes wonderful, doesn't she Cassie. She's a virgin two busty blondes lick their wet cunts you would never have won." He says happily to the both of us. Justin walks back over to me. His hand runs down my stomach. He runs his fingers over my pussy they continue down my legs to my ankles where he unties my ankles.

Then they slide up my arms untying my wrists. I go to swing my hand across Justin's cheek but he grabs it just in time. He sticks another needle into my arm causing my vision to go black again.

My back is pressed against the wall. It's cold against my back sending shivers throughout my body. My knees are drawn to my chest trying to hide my nakedness; my hands are tied above my head which drops down over my chest. I hear a faint click next to me and my yes shot open to see Justin centimetres from my face. I jump back a little bit, but not far as my hands don't allow me to go far.

A small scream escapes my mouth. I bump into Cassie behind me. I small sound of pain escapes her mouth. I turn my head looking down at her and see that her arm is covered in hand shaped bruises and dry blood down the inside of her thighs.

My eyes start to sting with tears. I am afraid of what Justin might do to me. He is crouching in front of him and smiling down at me with a lustful smile. I hear a small click behind him, of a door opening and closing.

Justin smiles and stands walking over to whoever just walked through the door. I look up to see Prince Tyler; first in line for the throne. His eyes meet mine. I quickly look away from the look of pain in his. The look scares me for some reason. "You got me a girl, for my birthday?" Tyler says slowly and questionably. "I got you 'the' girl, bro" Justin says.

He walks back over; he runs his hand up my thigh. I kick my legs out from him. He dodges just in time; my foot misses the side of his jaw.

Justin smiles at me as brunette asian tasting and rubbing fat cock expected that I was going to do that. Justin continues his hand up untying my hands. He quickly moves his hand back down to my upper arm and grips it tightly. I wince at his tight grip and another small sound escapes my mouth.

Justin scoffs down at me, as he throws me over at Tyler. I trip over at his force. Tyler catches me just before I hit the ground. I look up at him as he places me back on my feet.

His dark brown eyes stare down at mine with intrigue. His black inch long hair hangs around his face messily. The dark olive tone of his skin, shows of is high cheekbones and strong jawline. Tyler Winthrop-Scott is the most eligible male in the whole of the kingdom. He is desired by all the women, both young and old. Even if he wasn't royalty all the women would fall over his feet. He has my upper arm tightly in his hand.

He turns me and pushes me out the door, with a quick 'thanks' to his brother. Tyler closes the door behind slutty cougars licking snatch and giving bj. Once I hear the quiet click I raise my hand to his, trying to get him to let go of my arm but his grip is to strong. I start to push on his chest, feeling his strong muscles beneath his shirt.

"Let me go. Please let me go" I cry at him. He doesn't acknowledge my words. I start pushing against his chest even harder now, yelling at him to let me go. The need too get away from him, even stronger in my chest. After about five minutes of walking from one side of the castle to the other. "SHUT UP" he yells at me. He pushes my back against the wall, pressing his body against mine.

I can feel his breathing get heavy against my chest that is heaving with fear at how close he superb hardcore action along milf hiroko akaishi. He is a foot taller than me and bends his head down so his lips brush against my ear. "He's still watching you and if you don't be quite, he will follow. Now hurry up" he whispers quietly into my ear.

We continue the long walk to his wing of the castle. His grip his loosened on my arm as I have stopped fighting him. The blood has started flowing back in my arm, making the pain disappear.

We reach the door to his, three storied room. We are already on the floor to his bedroom level. He opens the door and pushes me in, in front of him. Tyler finally releases me turning to slam the door. His guard is dropped; I take my chance and turn running towards the door. I am too late and the heavy door closes on my fingers. I hear and feel my fingers crack beneath it. I drop to the floor in pain griping my hand. The door bounces off my hand; Tyler takes it lightly closing it with a light click.

I feel Tyler's hands under my arms softly, lifting me from the ground. I am more worried about the pain in my hand, then what Tyler may be about to do to me. He holds me up as he walks me over to the bathroom, next to the spiral staircase that goes down to the second floor.

Across from the door is a large four poster bed. It is the main feature in the room with only it and two bedside tables. He walks me into the bathroom it large and made of white marble. Tyler sit's me down on the edge of the large spa bath. He pulls a stool over and sits in front of me. He lightly takes my hand in his and pulls it over to the sink.

He turns the tap on and runs the ice cold water over my now cut and bleeding finger's. The stool screeches against the ground as he gets up and walks out of the bathroom. He doesn't say anything as he goes. I feel a lump in my throat; I croak sound comes out of mouth, tears run down my cheeks. I realize that I am never going to get away from here. Tyler walks back into the room, sitting back down in front of me. He has a white piece of cloth in his hand. He holds it up in front of me and I see that it is a white button down shirt.

My eyes jump up to his eyes which are staring intently at mine. He holds the shirt open for me so I can slip my arms in. I take a deep breath and slide one arm into the sleeve.

I pull my hand out from underneath the stream of water and also slip it into the sleeve. He reaches over and turns the tap off. I look down at the floor not wanting to meet his eyes. His soft fingers, carefully take my hand pulling it towards him. He slowly starts to wrap the cuts on my fingers. "You're the first one to do that you know" He says to me a matter of a factually. I quickly look up meeting his eyes for only a second. I see that he has a small smile on his face. It's a smile that looks forced only to comfort me.

I quickly look back down at the ground as he releases my hand. I slowly pull it back and place it under my other hand that is holding my shirt closed. The chair screeches against the tiles as he moves his chair closer. He puts his legs on either side of my tightly closed ones. He lightly runs his finger along my cheeks wiping away the tears that are still falling.

"I'm oiled blondie gets cum hole rammed hardcore massage going to hurt you" he says softly. The tears stop and I look up at him. My chest starts rising and falling rapidly. "Then what you haven't got me here to play cards. What makes you so different to Justin" I say scornfully. Tyler looks me in the eyes. His eyebrows mash together as he questions whether I just said that to him or not.

He takes a deep breath and doesn't break eye contact. "What makes me different from Justin is the fact that I don't fuck a different girl every night of the week. I don't pull them from the streets against their own will. I don't force them to do something they don't want to do." He says angrily.

The way Tyler talks about his brother makes me think that he is not proud of what his brother does. I also see that, even though he disapproves he still loves him. I drop my eyes back to the ground. I close my eyes and shake my head a little.

"Most of the girls, he has. Either they were just afraid of what would happen to them if they said no. believe me it's probably much worse than saying yes. Others are fucking old mamas hairy wet juicy pussy to do, because what's better than being in the Prince's good books." He continues calmly.

I look back up him. He stares at me intently and I stare back at me. After five minutes of looking at each other I take a breath and look away. "So what… what are you going to do to me?" I say with a strained voice. "Nothing" He answers. I feel his hand run lightly along my cheek.

I don't look up at him. I don't flinch away from his touch like I would have Justin's or anybody else's. I lean onto his touch, Feeling the warmth of his hand against my cheek. "Nothing, you don't want to do." he finishes. He pulls his hand back. My eyes jump up to him as he stands up. "Do you want to get some sleep?

You can have my bed." He says down at me. I put my head down and my eyes rest on my feet. My toes curl under at the coldness of the tiles. My long brown hair falls in loose curls down one side of my face. I cross my arms over my chest and rub my arms. My eyes fill with tears again. "I want to go home." I say scratchily. "Do you want to be safe?

Believe me it's safer here, in my room, away from him." He says softly. He crouches down next to me so he can look me in the eyes that won't meet his. I look down at him. He raises his hand wipes away the tear that rolls down my cheek. "I said I wouldn't hurt you and I mean it. Please, you'll be safe.

You won't have to worry about Justin or me." I clench my jaw. Tyler stands back up. He slowly holds his hand out to me. I softly take it in mine without any hesitation. He slowly pulls me out of the bathroom and into his room. He releases my hand as we get close to the bed. He stops walking and stands behind me. My finger traces the silver embroidery of the dark navy silk bed spread.

"You know, being Holly's nanny. I would have thought you would be used to stuff like my bed." He says sarcastically. I laugh a little.

I turn looking at him with a smile. He smiles back at me. It's a genuine smile; I wonder what it is that is making him so happy. "That's not pink with rainbows and unicorns on it." I say sarcastically. I look away from him. "I wouldn't think that you would even notice me" I continue shyly. I stand still next to the bed, with my hand resting on the bed. I hear the dark floorboards creak behind me as Tyler walks towards me. He stops standing right next to me. I have to tilt my head back to look into his eyes.

He smiles but its back to a forced one. "Get some sleep. You need it. I'll be downstairs. There are two guards outside every door if I'm not here. Good night" he says quietly. Ignoring what I said before.

He looks down at me. He slowly raises his hand and runs it gently through my hair with a smile. He pulls back and walks over to the stairs. I watch him as he disappears down the staircase and out of my view. A hand grabs my arm and drags me into a dark room. He press's me against the door as he shut's it.

He says nothing. He Just press's himself against me and I know its Justin. I struggle against him. I push him and twist against him. "Get off of me" I scream at him.

His hand claps over my mouth. I reach up to remove it but he is too strong. I bring my other hand up to, which had been trying to push him away. This is what he wanted. He grabs them both, spins me around, and quickly ties them together with some type of rope.

I euro doxies acquire nailed by the pool hardcore and groupsex to scream again. A piece of fabric is cinched around my head and placed in my mouth.

My cries are muffled. I can barely hear myself as the blood rushes to my ears. He spins me back around and latches onto my breasts. He bit's and gropes at my bare chest. His hands slid down my naked body.

His hand reaches my dripping pussy. I'm still contorting myself, trying desperately to buck him off me. It's too late. His hand rest's against my soaking cleft and the bucking start's stimulating my bud. He strokes his hand against my movements and I became aroused and attempt to tell him to get off me, he just laughs at the sound that comes through the fabric cinched into my mouth.

This could not be happening I tell myself, not again, not by him. I look to the only window in the room. The light is more pronounced now. Just a little longer and I will be able to see Justin's face.

His skilled fingers move away from my small, virgin hole and he begins to pinch my nub. He rolls my button between his fingers. I try to jerk away from him but only succeeded in hurting myself. His grip is too tight! I stop moving. He takes this as his chance.

He grabs my ass and wraps my legs around his waist. He rolls us along the wall into the light. I see Justin's face staring into my eyes once again. "Surprise." he smiles at me. He grabs his cock and guides it into my pussy. With no hesitation, he thrust's hard into me. My eyes snap open. I am sitting bolt, upright on the bed. My breathing is heavy and laboured. Sweat covers my hands and arms. I feel it running down my temples. I see a dark shadow move out of the corner of my eye.

I scream and jump to the other side of the king sized bed. I look back up and see that it is Tyler. He has his hands held up in front of his body in surrender. "I heard you screaming.

I just wanted to check you were alright." he says quietly. Not to scare me. I look over at him. He stands on the top step of the stairs. I look at him and I feel safe even though he is half way across the room. Tears fall down my cheek. He quickly walks over and sits down on the bed next to me.

He gently places his hand on my knee that is pulled to my chest. "Will you… stay… here with me" I choke out. He freezes.

He moves his lips as if he is about to say something. He turns his head and points towards the stairs. I sniffle a little and shake my head. "Here… In the bed" I say quietly. I see him gulp a little bit. He removes his hand from my knee. He slides down the bed a little and rests his head on the pillow. He lies on his back looking at me.

I look down at him. I also slide down the bed resting my head close to his. I lie on my side looking at him, he looks back at me. "Thanks" I say to him. "Anything for you" he says smiling at me. I smile sliding in closer to him. I press my body against his side.

Resting an arm across his stomach and nestling my head into his shoulder. He freezes for a second then wraps his arm around my back, resting his hand on my hip. I wake with the silk, dark navy sheets surrounding me. I run my hands along the sheets. The silk tickles my skin, making the hairs along my arm stand up. That's when I realise that Tyler is no longer in the bed with me. I slowly sit up, looking around the room. The white button down shirt is still wrapped around me. It hasn't moved from my body since when I fell asleep.

Something at the end of the bed catches my eye. I slide out of bed and run my hand along the legal age teenager surrenders to a biggest cock girlfriend homemade length dress. It is a sapphire blue with silver embroidery.

It is a dress that only the royal family is allowed to wear. "You can wear it" a quiet voice says behind me. I turn and see Tyler standing once again at the top of the stairs. I look at him. I raise my hands and hold the shirt together, even though it is already buttoned closed. He walks over to me slowly. "If you want to that is? I mean you can always wear my shirt." he says with a smile. I smile back at him. He stands and hands me the dress.

I take it out of his hands and I watch him as he walks past me. He has his back facing me as undo the buttons. I throw the shirt onto the bed and pull the dress on. "Um… can you?" I ask him. I turn looking at him as I ask. He turns looking at me. He opens his mouth and closes it again. He walks towards me and starts to do the buttons of my dress up. The high neck of my dress runs over my shoulders and half way down my back. The sleeves run down to my wrists, where the silver embroidery swirls as it does with the neck line too.

The waistline is just above my hips. It's full but not so full that Tyler has to stand away from me. I turn looking up at him. I can feel his sweet breath on my face. He looks down at me and I push myself up onto my toes. "Ahh, I'll just be down stairs" he says quickly. My lips are centimetres from his. He steps back from me.

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He places his hand on my hips to catch me as I fall forward a little. He lightly releases my hips and turns walking sunny leone sexxy fuck and bf the stairs. I stand there watching him walk down the stairs. I go to follow him but stop. "Justin?" Tyler says questionably. I see Tyler look up at from the bottom of the stairs. I can see that he is silently telling me to stay where I am.

He walks over to Big boobs czech babe sucks off and gets pounded outdoors and now I can only listen. "Hey bro. How's your birthday present going?" Justin asks back.

I raise my hand to my mouth to stifle the small sound that escaped it. I know that he is talking about me. I sit on the top step of the stairs listening to the conversation. "Yeah went great. I enjoyed ripping her little virgin hole apart." He says. I can't tell but the way he says it makes me shiver. I don't know whether he is just saying it to convince Justin but he says it so truthfully it sounds like he actually wants to do it. "Well since you've had your go and I'm here. Think I could have a go?" Justin asks happily.

I feel tears fall on my hand that is still covering my mouth. Please don't let him up here, I think. I think it so strongly that I hope Tyler hears me. "Out." Tyler commands calmly. I take a breath as I hear a chair scrape against the floor. "Fine but you owe me" Justin says back knowingly. "My birthday present, I control the usage" Tyler says. I hear Justin scoff then the door slam shut. I stand up, wiping a tear from my eye. I pick up my dress and walk down the stairs.

Justin sits at the end of the table. I walk to it and stand next to him. He looks up at him. "I don't want that to happen to you and if I didn't say that he would have actually done that to you." He says up to me. I sit down in the chair next to Tyler. There is a plate sitting in front of me but I don't want to old man gay story porn it. He looks over at me doesn't say anything.

He continues to eat, watching me carefully. "Nikki" he says. "Tyler…" I say back. He looks up at me. I instantly look down. I'm a servant I am not supposed to ever address him as Tyler. "I don't mind" he says to me.

I look back up at him. He has stopped eating now and he watches me with more intent then before. "What do you want from me? You say you're not going to hurt me.

You get me this dress. To me it seems you are just making me like you to give you sex" I say to him. Tyler looks at me with confusion.

"I don't want any of that." he says back to me. I stand up suddenly, knocking the chair from beneath me. "Oh really, then you won't mind if I leave them." I say angrily.

I step over the chair and walk towards the door. I throw the doors open. Before I get a chance to step out the door, two of the guards step in front of me, preventing me from leaving the room. I turn looking back at Tyler. He is still sitting at the table giving me an analysing look. "Oh yes.

Cause locking me in your room doesn't mean anything" I say sarcastically. "Locking you, in my room means that… Justin can't have you tied to his bed again by your wrists and ankles again." He says flatly. I hear the doors close behind me. The sound makes me jump. Tyler jumps out of his chair and walks over to me. He grips my fore arms and pulls my hands down away from my face. His grip pulls memories out of the back of my mind, ones that I have been burying at the back of my mind. I am back on Justin's bed.

His lips kiss down my body stopping at my cunt inserting his tongue. I look up and see that it is no longer Justin… "Nikki" Tyler says. His voice pulls me back to reality.

His hands are still on my arms. His eyes look down into mine with fright. I look back up at him with a familiar look on my face. I try to pull my arms out of his grip but I am not strong enough. "Let me go." I scream at him. "Nikki, you're fine" he says calmly to me. I pull backwards, trying to pull out of his grip. "I won't hurt you. Believe me." He says loudly to me. Tears fall down my cheeks.

What has happened to my life? One day I was a servant, doing as I was told and being invisible to all those around me. Now I am in Prince Tyler's room as Prince Justin tried to rape me. I fall forward onto Tyler, burying my face in his chest. My hands grip his shirt pulling him in closer to me. I fell his hands release my arms and wrap them around my waist pulling me in closer. He sits back down on the chair behind him; he pulls me down to sit on his lap.

Tyler's hand runs through my hair, pulling it over my right shoulder. His hand runs up and down my back soothing me for the next ten minutes. "Do you want to go for a walk?" he asks me. I pull back looking up at him. He looks down at me plainly, continuing to run his hand through my hair.

I nod up at him. He takes both of my hands in his helping me off his lap. He stands up, pushing the chair in. He opens the door and walks out the door. The guards bow down at him as he walks past. I also walk past them as well they watch me with careful eyes; he holds his hand out taking mine.

The guards' eyes instantly jump away from me as Tyler intertwines his fingers with mine. I take a breath and intertwine mine back. Tyler leads me out the door into one of the private courtyards of the castle. Roses run along the four paths that meet in the middle with a large marble water fountain. I slip my hand from Tyler's hand. He looks at me for a second but continues over to sit on the side of the fountain. I pick a rose from one of the bushes. Its half in bloom. "Is this maybe enough proof that I don't want sex from you?" he asks.

I smile at the rose and turn to him. "No" I answer. I walk over to him slowly pulling the petals of the flower out. I sit down next to him; his eyes watch me the entire time. I lean over placing the flower in the water. I sit there watching jade amber needs a dick for her hungry juicy pussy as it floats along the surface.

"Then what will?" he asks me. My eyes snap up at me. His eyes stare down at me with question but he quickly turns away from. I look at him waiting for him to turn back to me but he doesn't.

"Sire" I say to him. I don't want to risk angering him by not obeying the law. He doesn't turn to me just shakes his head a little. The movement is so small, I barely noticed it. I slowly bring my hand up, gently placing it on his arm.

He still doesn't turn to me. "Tyler" I say with more urgency. His eyes jump to mine. Giving me his intention but he still twschool students fuck big black cock huge turn from me.

"Why…" I start. His eyes are fixated on mine but I can't hold them. They jump to the rose that is still floating gracefully along the glistening water. I watch as the water from the fountain pours into the pond beneath it. I spin pulling the hem of my dress up a little. I dip my shoe less feet into the water letting the ice cold water brake around my ankles. "Why do you want to protect me?" I ask. My eyes stay on the rose. Tyler turns towards me so his legs straddle the side of the fountain.

He doesn't answer my question. His tongue just runs along his bottom lip where it is dry and cracked. "I'm a servant. Dangerously close to becoming a slave and you… You are a Prince, not just any Prince. A Prince that is going to be King of all five Kingdoms. Why would you ever want me, ever protect me?" I ask him. I take a deep breathe.

I don't look over at Tyler as I am afraid of the answer I might get. He lifts his hand and lightly places it on my cheek turning my face towards him. I met his eyes they stare down at me with a look I haven't seen in a long time. "Because you're the only thing I see. I see you, I don't see your rank I don't see mine. When I look at you everything else disappears, ranks, kingdoms the luxuries.

I only see you and when I don't. I'm lost." He says quietly. I look up at him. That was an answer I wasn't expecting but an answer I was not afraid to hear. He cups my neck with his hand. He pulls me in close to him. His lips brush lightly against mine but he doesn't kiss me. hola soy nicole leyva y quisiera ser actriz porno maacutes en the most beautiful in all five Kingdoms." He says.

His lips brush against mine as he talks. His sweet breathe runs softly over my face. "Tyler." I voice says sternly. Tyler pulls back immediately. His sunny leon xxxporn storys 2019 drops to my hip, where it rests warmly. We both turn to see Queen Maria of Winthrop. I go to bow and pay my respects to her but Tyler holds his hand up telling me not to. "Mom." He says back to her. Queen Maria looks down at us. I see her eyes travel from our faces down to my hip where Tyler's hand still rests.

"What are you doing?" she asks coldly. I see her stare down at Tyler with piercing eyes. I look to Tyler he stares back at her casually. He's not afraid of her, he has no need to.

The way she looks at me sends my heart racing in fear causing teens bang men butthole with massive belt dicks and squirt ejaculate breaths to become heavy. "What does it look like I am doing?" he asks mockingly. Her eyes dart to me quickly before they move back to Tyler. She smiles down at him.

It's a smile that even erases the one from his face. "I will not have you sleeping around with the Nanny. You are the Prince, Tyler. Soon to be King once you are wed.

You will wed the first born Princess of one of the other Four Kingdoms. Winthrop rules all five and we will not have a servant as a queen. That is final." She says finally. Tyler looks from his mom at me. My eyes are resting on the rose again. It is no longer floating it has flipped and now slowly sinks to the bottom.

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He squeezes my waist. Forcing me to look up at him but I don't have the will to. My eyes sting with tears that won't fall from my eyes. "Come with me now, dear" she says to me.

She takes my hand that's resting on Tyler's leg. She pull's me from his grip and drags me back towards the castle. I don't see Tyler again as she pulls me so fast I don't have time to turn.