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Orgies are the best with horny babes
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I awoke suddenly. My heart was pounding, yet I couldn't figure out why. There was also a sense of excitement, but the reason for its presence was impossible to identify. I lay there for a while, staring up at the ceiling as I struggled to figure it out.

It took some time, but the grogginess of sleep eventually faded. That's when it hit me. I now knew why I was so eager to begin the day. "It's my birthday!" I yelped. My heart leapt in my chest as my body did the same from the bed.

I didn't even feel the cool morning air as it brushed against my bare frame. Nor did I feel the goosebumps that spread across my skin like an army of undead rising from the earth. All I could think about was my nightstand and the note I knew I would find there.

My eyes landed on the note. Moments later my lips curled into a broad smile. I had never been this excited. Or happy. But I was also terrified. After all, it's not every day a girl turns eighteen. But that wasn't the cause for my fear. For as long as I can remember, my family has honored the ancient tradition of the birthday game.

I'm not entirely sure who invented it, but each time a member of our family turns eighteen, they play the birthday game. Not much is known about it. In fact, I only knew two things. One: The game begins on a person's eighteenth birthday. Two: The game lasts four days. Other than that, the game was a complete mystery to me. That's why I was so terrified. But it's also why I was so excited. Why would my relatives bother to keep it a secret if it wasn't the most incredible experience a young woman—or man—could experience?

I reached for the note and held it up. My hands were shaking so much that I could barely read it. But I very best cumshot compilation college student banged in my pawn shop managed to make out the words that had been typed onto the paper.

The first part quickly explained the history of the game. While I had often wondered about its origins, I skimmed through this part. The next section was far more informative. …the game will last four days. Male relatives will spend each day with a different female family member. Female relatives will be paired with males. Your assigned relative will be in charge of your activities for the day… There were more details, but the rest were relatively useless, so I skipped through until I reached the list of rules which were printed at the very bottom of the page.

Rule 1: You must do everything your assigned relative asks of you. No questions asked! Rule 2: Once the game begins, it must be completed. It cannot be stopped! Rule 3: Try and have fun. Cute legal teen mrp 12 your birthday after all! I had always known the birthday game was a big deal, yet I had no idea how formal it was. Until now. But I forgot all about the rules of the games when I noticed a second note on my nightstand. It had been concealed underneath the first one.

I picked it up and quickly read it. Happy naughty temptation for a juvenile beauty hardcore and blowjob, Lola. Your assigned relative for the day is your cousin Alec. You are to meet him at the pier at 9:00 AM. Dress for the beach. That was all it said.

Or so I thought until I noticed a few words printed at the bottom of the page. P.S. The game will officially begin once you meet Alec at the pier. Once it begins, it cannot be stopped.

I'm not sure why, but those few words sent a shiver running down my spine. Then again, that may simply have been the cool morning air.

Suddenly aware of my lack of clothes, I folded up the notes, slipped them in a drawer and made my way over to the nearby closet. My outfit for the day was quite simple. The first layer was made up of the skimpy pink bikini I had picked up the day before.

I already owned three different ones, but I had fallen madly in love with it, and resisting the urge to buy it had been impossible. I just loved the way it made my breasts pop. Not to mention how bodacious my butt appeared when framed by the thin fabric. Then again, maybe it had more to do with the way the salesman had complimented me on how beautiful I looked in it. Of course the fact that he was a complete hunk didn't hurt either.

The point is, my new acquisition made me look hot and that's all that mattered. The second layer was slightly less appealing.

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Still, the sundress that covered my skimpy swimwear hugged my frame with utter perfection. The blue and yellow flowers that were sprinkled across the fabric made both my eyes and my golden locks pop.

Meanwhile, the red ones made the lipstick I wore appear even more vibrant. In other words, I had never looked hotter. But at the same time, I was comfortable and ready to take on any challenge my cousin threw my way. Or so I thought. I made my way downstairs and joined my parents for breakfast. At least that was what I would have done had I not been late.

I only had half an hour to get to the pier and the trip lasted on average thirty-two minutes. So all I had time for was a quick conversation with my parents before heading off to join my cousin for our day of… well, I had no idea what he had planned for me.

I was on time. But only barely. I was in such a hurry to reach the meeting spot that I forgot all about the warning the note had given. The game would officially begin once I joined my cousin at the meeting spot. By the time I realized this, it was too late. Alec was a few years older than me. I remember when he turned eighteen and played the birthday game. Actually, that's a lie. I was too young to be a part of the game, so I was forced to observe my cousin's behavior change gradually as the days went by.

By the time the fourth day came to an end and the game was officially over, he had changed quite a bit. He seemed older somehow. More experienced.

But I never understood why. Until now. Alec had been hitting the gym pretty hard lately and he was shredded. The fact that he wore nothing more than a pair of red swim trunks and a white, skintight t-shirt in no way helped conceal his rippling musculature.

In fact, it took all the strength I had not to stare at his flawless frame. After all, he was my cousin. "Happy birthday," was the first thing Alec said to me. "Thanks," I replied. At least I think that's what I said. I can't be sure because I was busy struggling to keep from ogling my handsome relative. "Shall we go for a walk?" he asked. We stood at the end of the pier, which overlooked the large lake where my family and I came to swim every chance we got.

During vacation season the beaches that ringed the lake overflowed with people, but it was late in the season, and only a few tourists remained. Given the early hour, Alec and I were the only two people here. "All right," I agreed. I couldn't help staring at Alec's butt as I followed him along the pier.

Then I remembered he was my relative and I tore my gaze away. My thoughts then turned to the birthday game. I had been so busy lesbian gets kissed and has her wet pussy licked hardcore amateur over my cousin's muscular physic that I had forgotten all about it.

But now that I thought of it I realized the game had officially begun. I wanted to ask Alec about it, but I assumed he would tell me when the time was right. We soon reached the beach, and after hiding our shoes under the pier, we walked by the water's edge.

Every few seconds the water would tickle my toes. It was late in the season, but the water was still warm. As was the slowly rising sun's rays. We walked and talked. Alec and I didn't get a chance to hang out much, so this was the perfect opportunity to catch up. But at the back of my mind I kept wondering what sort of activities he had planned for us.

Spending the day at the beach would undoubtedly be fun, but it would be a disappointment if it was all we did. After all, this was no ordinary day. It was my eighteenth birthday. I chose to keep my mouth shut and wait for Alec to make his move. Whatever it was. We walked for a while, enjoying the caress of the sun's rays and the rhythmic pounding of the waves. We had nearly reached the end of the beach when Alec stopped mid-stride. "Want to go for a swim?" he asked.

It was still early and I didn't feel like getting wet, but he was halfway through removing his t-shirt by the time the thought occurred to me. One look at his washboard abs chased away all of my doubts.

Moments later, my sundress was joining my cousin's shirt on the humid sand. "Wow!" said Alec. I didn't understand what he was referring to until I noticed him staring at me. There was no way of knowing for sure, but I hot schoolgirls make each other squirm and squirt pornstars hardcore have sworn he was checking my out. "You're so beautiful," he complemented, confirming my suspicions. I knew it was an innocent comment, but I couldn't help blushing.

"Th-Thanks," I stuttered. I rushed toward the water before he could notice my flushed cheeks. But Alec broke out into a run and we reached the water at the same time. The difference in temperature was a shock. But not because the water was cold. Actually it was surprisingly warm. And given how chilly the air was, it felt like I was entering the world's largest heated pool. Alec and I spent the next few hours playing around in the water. I quickly lost track of time and didn't think of the birthday game a single time.

At least not until my cousin and I returned to the beach and laid out on the beach towels he had stashed nearby in anticipation of our arrival. I also spotted a picnic basket, which told me we would most likely be spending the entire day at the beach. But as fun as the first few hours had been, I couldn't help fearing that would be the extent of our planned activities. Why bother keeping the birthday game shrouded in secrecy if all we did was spend the day at the beach?

But I forgot all about that when I noticed how warm the sun's rays had gotten. If lying about the beach was to be my fate for the rest of the way, why not take advantage it to get some color? I slipped onto my front and untied my bikini top. I always did this when I sunbathed to avoid tan lines. Had I been alone I would have removed my top altogether, but I didn't feel comfortable letting my cousin see me topless.

Clearly nasty alice romain enjoys a solid pussy fuck didn't share my reservations. "You can remove your bottom too if you like," he said. At first I thought he was kidding, but one look at him was all it took to inform me he was serious. "I won't peek," he promised as he looked away. I was tempted to accept his offer, but I hadn't baked in the sun long enough for that. "But you're my cousin," I said. "Won't be kind of… awkward?" I had planned on adding something else, but the words died in my throat when I glanced at him.

He was naked! He lay on his stomach, so all I could see was his butt, but that didn't change the fact that he was naked from head to toe. The first emotion I experienced was shock.

But the surprise soon faded, replaced instead by arousal. My cousin was so hot, and the sight of his exposed frame was driving me crazy. But then the incredibly perversity of such thoughts dawned on me, and I chased the arousal away.

But that didn't keep me from using my cousin's lack of clothes as an excuse to eradicate what remained of my swimwear. I glanced at Alec to make sure he wasn't looking, then stood up and slipped out of my bikini bottom.

Moments later, I was back on the beach towel, smiling in delight as the sun's hot rays caressed my naked frame. I kept glancing at Alec, expecting to find him staring back at me, but he seemed content simply lying there. I eventually grew accustomed to the fact that we were both naked and focused instead on enjoying the relaxing day at the beach my cousin had provided me with.

I was about to fall asleep when my cousin's voice filled the air. "I think you're getting a sunburn," he told me. I glanced at him and realized he was now seated.

His legs kept me from seeing anything important, but I was nonetheless tempted to alter my position to see more of my handsome cousin. But doing that would mean revealing my own body. Not hd povd busty alexis adams bounces on cock outdoors mention the fact that Alec was my relative, which made my attraction to him rather immoral. "Don't move," said Alec as he stood up and strode away from me. "Where are you going?" I asked as I watched his butt flex with each step.

"I'm getting some sunscreen," he replied as he crouched down and began digging around the picnic basket. Moments later he stood up and turned toward me. I was tempted to keep my gaze focused on him, but I didn't want him to see me staring, so I averted my gaze right before his manhood came into view.

I focused on the sound of sand grinding against sand as he neared me. I desperately wanted to peak, but I somehow kept my perverse urges in check. That is, until I felt something cold brush against my back. "What are you doing?" I asked as I peered back at Alec over my shoulder. But I no longer cared about the man's member. "I don't want you to get burned," he said as he began spreading the blob of sunscreen he had just squirted onto my back with his hands.

I now understood what that cold liquid had been. I considered asking him to stop, but that seemed rude.

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He was just trying to help. The fact that he was my cousin didn't mean anything. Or so I thought until he began rubbing the sunscreen into my butt cheeks. "Wh-What are you doing?" I asked. "What does it look like I'm doing?" he shot back.

Either he didn't realize how inappropriate his actions reagan foxx bang my dr com or he didn't care. He kept working my cheeks for a few seconds longer before finally pulling away. "Turn around," he instructed. "WHAT?" I was so surprised that I momentarily lost all control of my vocal cords.

As a result, the word was yelled instead of spoken. Alec chuckled. "I'm just trying to make sure you don't get burned," he said. I still wasn't convinced. "You must do whatever I ask," he reminded me.

At first I didn't understand what he was talking about until I remembered the birthday game. Though it was nothing like I had envisioned, the game was technically under way. That meant I had to obey my cousin's requests, no matter how odd or inappropriate they were. "All right," I agreed. Moments later I was flipping over. My breasts and pussy were both exposed, but Alec seemed to have no interest in them. He simply squirted a blob of sunscreen onto my stomach and started working it into my skin.

I was incredibly tense for the first few seconds, but my cousin's skin was incredibly soft and his finger strokes surprisingly gentle. I eventually closed my eyes and enjoyed the relaxing massage that was the byproduct of the sunscreen application.

But my muscles tensed up again when his fingers began working my breasts. "What are you doing?" I asked. At least that was what I had planned on asking, but he pulled away before I could complain. I relaxed. That is, until his fingers slithered across my labia. "What the hell?" I yelped as my cousin began working my pussy. His strokes were quite gentle, but that didn't make the situation any less wrong. "What?" asked Alec innocently.

His fingers continued working my labia. "You'll burn unless every inch is covered." I considered this for a few seconds. It was true, yet it did not make my cousin's actions any less perverse. Speaking of perverse, I was beginning to enjoy the feel of his fingers on my slit.

"Stop rubbing my pussy," I said. I was more angry at myself than him, but I wasn't about to tell him that. Alec groaned. "All right," he said as his thick booty blonde gets anal fucked hardcore and big dick dropped from sex xxx school girl com m slit.

"I'll stop rubbing your pussy." I thought that would be the end of it. It was only the beginning. Instead of backing away from me, Alec lay down between my legs and pressed his tongue to my labia. I was so stunned by his audacity that I didn't immediately react. He took advantage of this to massage my lips with his tongue.

One lick. Two licks. Three. "What?" That was all I could muster. It was enough. Alec pulled away from my slit long enough to speak a few words. "I said I would stop rubbing your pussy. I never said I wouldn't lick it." I didn't know how to react. Part of me was angry at him for tricking me. Another was angry at myself for not picking up on the trickery sooner. There was also fear.

Not of what my handsome cousin would do, but of what I would do in response. What if my arousal returned?

What if I couldn't fight it? What if I allowed Alec to take advantage of me? What if… So many questions, and not a single answer. And every second I spent worrying was another second my cousin had access to my slit. "Stop," I said. I had planned on my voice being forceful, but all that toppled from my lips was a weak whisper. I couldn't tell if Alec hear it or not. I only know his tongue continued gliding across my labia. I opened my mouth to protest yet again, but no words came out.

Perhaps it was because of the fear that gripped me. Or maybe it was the arousal that had now invaded my body. Or perhaps it was the reminder than I had to do everything my cousin asked, no matter how perverse.

In the end the reason mattered little. The point is two busty sluts have some lesbian fun masturbation brunette I ignored my brain's warnings and instead focused on my body's desires.

"Fuck!" I yelped as Alec's tongue slid into me. Or maybe it was a moan. I couldn't tell. I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm not sure how long it took, but I eventually lost all desire for the perverse encounter to end. I didn't care that Alec was my cousin. Nor did it bother me that we were having sex on a public beach. Only my lover's tongue mattered. It darted in and out of me with increasing speed. Moans toppled from my lips. They intensified with each new thrust.

I was beginning to think things couldn't get any better. I was wrong. Alec reached up and felt around until his hands made contact with my breasts. Moments later his fingers were working my nipples. They got tweaked, pulled and twisted. It didn't take long before they turned to stone. They were now so sensitive that each new stroke sent a moan flying out of me. Or maybe that was the pussy licking. Time passed. At least I assume it did, because my moans were now so powerful they drowned out the sound of the waves crashing against the sand.

And the occasional cry of seagulls. Not to mention the intermittent rumble of engines as vehicles sped by the beach. I was so turned on that I could barely move. I was only vaguely aware of my lover's fingers on my nipples. All I could think about was his tongue. It darted in and out of me with superhuman speed. Is moved with such purpose that I lost the ability to tell when it was in and when it was out. Come to think of it, it didn't really matter. Only one thing mattered and that was the orgasm growing within me.

I couldn't tell when it had first appeared, but it was now all I could think about. It grew and grew until it filled my entire body. But still it expanded. And it continued to do so until it felt like I was a sun nearing supernova. That's what it happened. I climaxed. Harder than ever before. "FUCK!" I yelled. At least I think I did. The sheer intensity of my orgasm was so overpowering that I momentarily lost contact with reality. But still I felt Alec's tongue darting in and out of me.

I even sensed his fingers working my nipples. At one point I actually felt the sun's warm rays on my skin. Or maybe that was just my imagination. I can't be sure. Nor can I say how long my orgasm lasted. All I know is that it was the most potent unlocked japanese grandpa sex teen uncensored of my entire life. Time seemed to stretch on forever. Yet at the same time it appeared to speed by. Then the final shudder rippled through me and it was over.

No more moaning. Just panting. No more squirming in delight. Only the feel of my chest rising and falling to the rhythm of my rapid breathing. As the seconds passed my heart rate began to slow. The arousal that had once inhabited me gradually retreated.

By the time I could breathe normally, every a little remained. It its place now stood regret. And shame. And pretty much every other emotion you would expect. After all, I had just had sex with my cousin. I feared Alec would gloat. Or worse, try and escalate things. But he did neither. He licked my pussy juices from his lips and returned to his towel. For a second I thought that would be the end of it, but then he turned to me and smiled. "Can you give me a hand?" he asked.

I didn't understand what he meant until I noticed the bottle of sunscreen in his hand. "No," I said. At least that was what I should have said. But, as much as I regretted what had transpired, I felt indebted to my cousin for the intensity of my climax.

That didn't meant I would bring him to climax, but coating his frame in sunscreen was the least I could do. Hopefully that was all he would ask of me. "All right," I agreed as I took the bottle from him. I squirted some of the creamy substance into my palm and began applying it to my relative's back. I then moved on to his chest. Then his arms, before finally moving on to his legs.

I had to struggle to keep from looking at his cock. It's not that I wasn't curious, it's just that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to contain myself if I cum on my stockings creampie and brunette took the time to study it. So I focused on my job and pulled away when all but his cock had been rubbed with sunscreen.

I prayed that would be the end of it. It wasn't. "You forgot a spot," said Alec. I noticed he was pointing to something. I realized too late what it was.

Alec's cock was massive. Not to mention erect. So much blood flowed through it that large veins popped out all along it. Not to mention the reddish hue. I had never seen such an imposing member. Then again, it's not like I was a slut. I had been intimate with only two men in my life. And one of them was the man whose cock I now stared at. I took a while, but I finally realized what I was doing. I tore my gaze from my relative's member as blood rushed to my cheeks.

"You can do it yourself," I said, referring to Alec's last comment. "I could," admitted the handsome man, "but where's the fun in that?" I wanted to retort, but I had no idea how to respond to such a comment. "I applied sunscreen to your entire body," he reminded me. "It's only right you do the same for me." It made sense.

At least logically speaking. But when you take into account what had unfolded between us, it would be unwise to comply. But I also knew how stubborn Alec could be. He wouldn't give up until he had his way. The simplest outcome was to give the man what he wanted and hope it would suffice.

I hesitated for a second, then squirted some sunscreen into my palm and began applying it to my cousin's member. The shaft throbbed between my fingers. I felt a shiver run up my spine, but I ignored it.

I focused on my task and pulled away as soon as every inch of his member was coated in sunscreen. At least that was the plan. "I made you come," said Alec before I could release his shaft. "It's only fair that you repay the favor. Don't you agree?" I didn't, but I knew better than to admit it.

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Not because I was afraid of Alec's reaction, but because deep down I knew he was right. I owed him. But how far was I willing to go to repay that debt? Would I apply sunscreen to his naked frame?

I already had. Would I also coat his erect member? Once again, that was already done. Would I suck his cock? It took a few seconds, but I eventually came up with an answer. No. "You don't have to japan futanari dickgirls weird upright missionary sex it," explained my cousin as he gestured to his erect shaft.

"You can just stroke it." Dammit! Why did he have to say that? Now I had to figure out whether or not a handjob was also out of the question. It was similar to the blowjob I had only just decided was too explicit for me to perform, yet it was barely more perverse than applying sunscreen to my relative's shaft.

Now I had to decide exactly where to draw the line. I pondered the pros and cons for a while before finally making up my mind. "All right," I finally agreed. I expected Alec to beam with pride and anticipation, but he just stood there, impassive.

I couldn't tell if that was a good or a bad thing. Instead of worrying, I tore my gaze away from his face and let it drop to his shaft. It seemed even bigger than before. But maybe that was simply because my fingers, which still encircled the member, had stopped moving. They now stood there, motionless. I hesitated for a second longer, then brought them back to life.

The fingers slid down the length of the cock. They halted for a second when they reached the bottom, then retraced their steps until they had reached the head. Without bothering to stroke it, they once again travelled the length of the pole. This process was repeated over and over again until I finally grew to accept the fact that I was giving my cousin a handjob. Once the initial fear was gone, I was able to focus on the task at hand and ignore my doubts and reservations.

I focused on giving Alec the best handjob of his entire life. I told myself I did it so he would climax more quickly and thus put an end to my misery, but deep down I knew that was a lie.

Yet I didn't understand why until halfway through the handjob. "Oh my god!" I suddenly gasped. I managed to cover up rihanna samuel has her orgasmic cunt plugged outburst by coughing, but that was merely an excuse. The truth was far more disturbing.

As impossible as it seemed, arousal had returned to my body. And not just a few drops. It now coursed through my veins, threatening to completely overpower my brain.

And I couldn't let that happen. But the longer I stroked my cousin's shaft, the harder it got for me to deny my arousal.

By the time Alec finally reached the point of no return, I was seriously considering wrapping my lips around the tip of his shaft. "I'm gonna come," he warned. One look at my lover's now convulsing shaft told me he was right. It also helped distract me from my arousal. What it didn't do was prepare me for the cumstorm that was heading my way. As I believe I've mentioned before, I am not exactly an expert when it comes to sex.

As such, I was completely unprepared when Alec's hot semen spewed from his shaft. All I had time to do was close my eyes. My mouth remained wide open. It was thus no real surprise when the semen flew past my lips and landed right on my tongue. My taste buds were assaulted by the saltiness of the liquid. I instinctively expulsed the cum from my mouth and sealed my lips, but the damage had already been done.

The taste of semen stayed with me for the remainder of Alec's orgasm. Speaking of his orgasm, squirt after squirt were now gushing from his trembling shaft. And since my mouth was now closed, there was only one place for it to do. The hot nectar splashed onto my face as I continued stroking my lover's shaft.

I'm not quite sure why I didn't alter its course, but I didn't. Every last squirt ended up making contact with my skin. Most of it was on my face, but a few squirts had found their way to my chest.

Alec's final squirt was among them. It flew from his spear and splashed onto my breasts. Moments later the cock went limp. Assuming my job was done, I released it and went about wiping the semen from my face. By the time I regained my sight, Alec was back on his towel. He lay on his back, his flaccid cock hanging between his thighs. I expected such a sigh to fill me with relief, but all I felt was disappointment.

For a reason I had yet to understand, bringing my cousin to climax had turned me on beyond repair. Unfortunately, Alec was in no state to aid me with this.

Not that I would ever do such a thing. At least that's what I told myself, but deep down I knew that was a lie. I would have gladly accepted my handsome cousin's aid. But it was never offered. I had a choice to make. I could either admit how turned on I was and ask for my cousin's help. Or I could ignore the arousal that filled me and hope it went away. Given how incredibly perverse the last few minutes had been, I chose to take the less incestuous of the two routes. I stretched out across my towel and enjoyed the caress of the sun.

It took a while, but the arousal gradually began to fade. Every so often I would glance at my cousin and the arousal would come rushing back, but it no longer overpowered me. At least not until nearly an hour later. Alec and I had not spoken since his climax. The last hour had been spent enjoying the caress of the sun on our naked bodies. Some of the arousal that had infused me as a result of my cousin's orgasm still remained, but it was no longer all I could think about.

But then I felt something brush against my stomach and the arousal came rushing back. I opened my eyes to find Alec lying down atop me. "What are you doing?" I asked, but the tip of his erect cock pressing to the mouth of my pussy was answer enough.

He just lay atop me, smiling as his rock-hard member gently grinded against my labia. I was conflicted. Part of me was desperate to feel Alec's member sliding into me. But at the same time I knew how wrong it was. Yet that didn't chase away the arousal the filled me. It coursed through my veins, threatening to take control.

But I fought it. That is until my cousin's lips made contact with mine. I was ready to deal with incestuous penetration, but the kiss took me completely by surprise.

I remained frozen in shock as Alec's tongue slithered past my lips. It wasn't until his tongue began exploring my mouth that I finally reacted. I had planned on prying the sex-hungry man away from me. Instead I ended up giving in to my arousal and kissing him back. I'm not sure how long the kiss lasted, but it must have been quite a while, because my jaw muscles were beginning to ache by the time Alec's lips fell from mine. I lay there for a few seconds, stunned. Then the kinky teen pounded good while handcuffed in many poses pornstars and brunette of my cousin's cock against my labia resumed and I realized what was about to happen.

Mutual masturbation was one thing, but there was no way I was ready for incestuous intercourse. "Stop," I said. Only it wasn't a request. It was an order. Alec had always been polite and thoughtful of other people's feelings. But the man that lay atop me only cared about himself.

"No," he said. I didn't know how to react. "Excuse me?" I finally said. "I said 'no'," he repeated. I was at a loss for words. Alec wasn't. "Don't you remember why we're here?" he asked. I tried to understand what he was referring to, but nothing came to mind.

I shook my head. "The birthday game," said Alec. I didn't immediately understand what he was referring to. Then the pieces of the puzzle started falling into place. Within a few seconds, it made perfect sense.

"Oh my god!" I gasped as I realized everything that had unfolded thus far was part of the game. The day at the beach. The naked sunbathing. Twistys keira kelly starring at burgundy cr sunscreen.

The pussy licking. The blowjob. And now sex. I wanted to resist, but I knew it was useless. The rules of the game were clear. Rule 1: You must do everything your assigned relative asks of you. No questions asked! Rule 2: Once the game begins, it must be completed. It cannot be stopped! I was trapped. All I could do was play along and try and obey the third rule—Try and have fun. It's your birthday after all! Alec gave me a few seconds to wrap my head around everything before forcing himself into me.

"Fuck!" I moaned as his rock-hard member slid into me. I hated to admit it, but I was soaking wet. My cousin's shaft easily glided into me. It travelled deeper and deeper until every last inch of it was inside me. I had never been this full. Nor this confused. I didn't know how to feel. Part of me was terrified. Not only was I having sex with a relative, but I was doing so on a public beach.

Not to mention the fact that I was my eighteenth birthday. But no matter how many reasons I came up with to put an end to this perverse encounter, I couldn't bring myself to speak the words. Perhaps I was afraid of hurting Alec's feelings. Or maybe I was afraid of what would happen if I broke the rules of the birthday game. But deep down I knew the real reason was far more perverse. I actually enjoyed having sex with my cousin.

It was wrong in more ways than I could count, yet it was true. "Fuck me," I said. I still wasn't convinced I was doing the right thing, but I was tired of fighting. This would happen, whether I wanted it or not. So why not enjoy it? My cousin was handsome. Not to mention quite well endowed. I had no doubt I was about to enjoy the best sex of my life.

If Alec was surprised by my sudden boldness he didn't show it. He just pressed his lips to mine and slipped his tongue into my mouth. But that was only part of what he did. He gently pulled out of me until only the tip of his shaft was within me. He then forced every last inch back into me.

He did this over and over as his tongue skillfully danced around my mouth. I didn't know what to focus on. His tongue or his cock? In the end I chose neither.

I instead focused on the effect his lovemaking was having on me. Arousal flowed through my veins, making my blood boil. An overpowering heat enveloped me. It felt like my entire body was on fire. Yet at the same time I had never been so wet. Not to mention tingly.

Perhaps it was the fact that I was having sex with my cousin. Or maybe it was the knowledge that we could get caught at any moment.

Or the excitement of finally understanding what the birthday game truly was. Or all of those things combined. The point is I had never been this turned on before. "Faster," I begged after mere seconds. Alec seemed a little surprised by my eagerness, but said nothing. He simply planted his arms on either side of me and used his new leverage to increase the speed of his thrusts.

Moans toppled from my lips as my handsome relative made love to me like I had never been made love to before. Time lost all meaning. I vaguely recall a gradual escalation, but I cannot be certain of how long it took. I only know that Alec's member eventually moved with such zeal that telling when it was in and when it was out became impossible.

Not that it really mattered. My moans filled the air, once again covering the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. I'm surprised no one heard me. Or maybe they did and they simply ignored my blissful laments. It didn't really matter. Only my cousin and I mattered.

I squirmed and moaned as Alec made animalistic, yet passionate, love to me. His cock felt incredible inside me. I had never been this happy. I don't know how long it took, but I eventually climaxed. One moment I was moaning as Alec grinded against me. The next I was coming harder than I ever had before. I'm not new to squirting, but never before had cum spewed from my slit with such intensity. Within seconds my thighs were slick with sticky nectar. So was my stomach. My body shook and trembled as blow job games end with sexy fucking hurricane of arousal tore through me.

It ravaged every inch of my frame, leaving me broken and desperate for a ceasefire. Yet at the same time I never wanted it to stop. I had never been this happy in my entire life, and I would have given anything for it to last forever. But, like all good things, it eventually came to an end. Come to think of it, that was probably a good thing, because I was exhausted beyond repair. A few more seconds of intense climaxing and I would have passed out.

I'm not sure how long it took me to recover. Probably an hour. Or maybe it was only a few minutes. The point is I was still exhausted by the time Alec's lips made contact with mine. The kiss was short, but meaningful. With those few tongue strokes, he conveyed the deep sense of love and respect he had for me. But then his tongue retreated and it was all over. I lay there for a few more seconds before allowing my eyes to flutter open. I was still short on breath, but most of my strength has now returned.

I glanced around to find Alec jogging toward the lake. I was tempted to follow him, but I was still a little too weak, so I settled for watching his muscles flex as he rushed toward the water. My eyes remained on him until he vanished completely beneath the waves. Alec remained beneath the surface for a few seconds, then emerged. He let the waves wash away the cum and sweat that clung to his body as he enjoyed the refreshing coolness of the water.

He looked so content that I could not resist the urge to join him. We spend the next few minute relaxing in the water. We eventually waded back to shore, but the joy caused by our submersion remained with us. In fact, it persisted throughout the remainder of the day. I kept expecting Alec to horny teen boy giving blowjob hardcore and cumshot a pass at me, but he never did.

Apparently the sexual portion of the birthday game was complete. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the beach. We hung out with our toes in the sand and caught each other up on our lives. We took a walk along the beach. We enjoyed the tasty picnic Alec had stashed nearby. We were eventually forced to adorn our swimwear once again, but I didn't mind. In fact, it helped convince me the sexual portion of our day at the beach was indeed over.

Sunny leone sexxy fuck and bf that moment on I was fully relaxed. And I remained in that blissful state for the remainder of the day. The last thing Alec and I did was watch the sun set. Seeing the sky painted with beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange turned out to be the perfect way to end the day. Once the last few rays of sunlight faded, Alec took my hand and led green eyed stunner adriana chechik is a pro cock sucker back to the pier.

I was rather sad when his kiss goodbye was a mere peck on the lips, but I knew it was for the best. What we had shared was a one-time thing. It could never happen again. I actually shed a tear as I watched him walk away. But the sorrow in my heart evaporated as soon as I got home. "Did you have fun?" That was the first thing my parents asked me.

I had been so busy enjoying my first day as an adult that I had forgotten all about the birthday game. But now that my parents asked about my day, I found myself wondering if they knew what Alec and I had done.

Was the birthday game always sexual in nature or had Alec taken advantage of the situation to get what he wanted? But as distressing as such a possibility was, it paled in comparison to the notion that the birthday game wasn't over. The rules had been clear. The game was to last four days. The first day was over. Three remained. Would all of them revolve around sex? If so, who would my next lover be? Only time would tell.

To be continued.