Slender teen piper perri tries with a big cock

Slender teen piper perri tries with a big cock
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Ding ding - there it was again, the most annoying text sound on the iPhone. Endless.all I wanted to do was relax on the couch, watch some TV and unwind. But apparently someone wanted my wife's attention and one text led to another to another to eventually a full on barrage of texts. Quickly getting annoyed I said "Amanda, dear, would you please tell whoever that is to fuck off?

Or at least have the decency to put it on vibrate? Please." Be nice, it's my sister. Her and Josh are fighting again was the response I got. Great, because I need that drama too. Heather was my wife's older sister by a couple of years. She was in her early thirties and looked great. She was always conscious of her appearance and took great lengths to keep a slim and fit body.

I always enjoyed staring at her perk B cup tits and quite often thought about burying my face in her nice rounded ass. My wife on the other teen blonde fucked like a slut in the sex bus look great, but she definitely had more curves that her older sister.

She was a natural 36DD and had a nice, plump version of her sisters ass, my favorite feature of hers. Despite their differences, the similarities made them both very attractive and very, very fuckable.

Since Heather and Amanda were always close our families spent lots of time together.

I always took the opportunity to stare at Heather and enjoy the occasional down blouse spicy teenie fingers crack and gets licked and reamed in pov of her freckled cleavage. She has caught me looking more than once, but all I ever got was a cocked smile - more of an evil grin - that fueled my endless fantasies about her and I together. Apparently tonight was another one of Heather and Josh's infamous arguments.

She probably caught him with another girl's phone number in his pants again. Luckily, the texts turned into a phone call and I finally had the peace and quiet I was looking for when my wife got up to have girl talk in private. Thank God I thought but before I could even switch the TV over to ESPN my wife was back with an update. Heather was coming over to spend the night. She needed "space" from Josh. I just shook my head, thoroughly annoyed that my dumbass brother in law had ruined my night.

Or so I thought. About 30 min later Heather showed up, after making a stop at the liquor store. The bottles of tequila, Jägermeister, and some foo foo girlie hard lemonade caught my attention. A good amount of booze for anyone let alone two girls who don't drink often.

"So am I invited to the party?" I asked in my usual sarcastic tone. I didn't get a verbal response instead another one of Heather's evil grins. As usual, all it took was one of those looks to make my dick jump and my mind race. I quickly volunteered to play bartender and gave them each one of the hard lemonades and poured a shot of tequila.

Leaving them on the couch to man bash I was off to the kitchen in search of food. Looking at the tequila reminded me of how alcohol seems to unlock some inner nympho in my wife. I was hoping the same would be true in my sister in law. Getting a three some with my wife and her sister was the long shot of the year but who knows. At this point the brain in my crotch had taken over.

Nothing seemed impossible and everything sounded good. Good enough that I couldn't ignore my shorts quickly shrinking around the fly. I threw the shot back then reached into my shorts to stroke my hard on. I played the fantasy out in my head.thinking about Heather taking my 7inch cock in her mouth, slowing sucking it down. Feeling my dick in the back of her throat, hearing her moan as she struggled to take it all in.Damn I wanted to fuck her so bad. I was rubbing my cock pretty hard under my shorts, still thinking about fucking her mouth when I heard someone clear their throat.

Shit. Busted. Just be cool I chuckled. I turned to see my wife giving me her "seriously?" glare. "We got tired of waiting for our bartender" she said. "Another round would be nice, this time with some Jäger." "Coming right up" I answered with a stupid smile. Amanda always knew I was hornier than a 17 year old on prom night.

I think she knew I wanted to fuck her sister too, though it never really came up. We had a decent black bull fucks granny domestic disturbance call life, but nothing crazy. She knew I desired more, but she never had the drive to match mine. "And please don't jack off all over the counter tops." Amanda shot back as I was pouring the drinks "yes dear" I grumbled.

When I carried the drinks into the living room I about dropped them and stopped in my tracks.

Heather had changed out of her clothes into something a little more comfy. She was sitting there on the couch wearing the sexiest pair of fire engine red lace panties. I was almost positive it was a thong but I would have to "investigate" that later. As I worked me eyes up her body, she had on a shear silk tank top, minus her bra. Her top left very little to my imagination and offered me the best view of her perk tits to date. I stared way too long and didn't care. I couldn't take my eyes off the silky outline of her small nipples.

They were hard as rocks and begging to be sucked. I felt my shorts bulging again and was snapped back to reality. As I set the tray of drinks down I locked eyes with Heather and instead of the usual evil grin, I got an undeniable "fuck me" look. I about cummed in my shorts there. I quickly ran to the kitchen for another shot or three. I had to control myself. If I wanted this to work out at all in my favor I had to play it cool. Acting like a 13 year old looking at his first sex sania mirza xxx com would not get me this holy grail of a lay.

I downed a couple shots of the good stuff then grabbed the bottle of tequila and jäger. Screw the cheerleader drinks. It was time for the big guns. I finally got my dick to return to a semi soft state and took the bottles to the girls.

Clearly the drinks had started working because my wife had czech first time anal beauti to remove most of her clothes as well. She was never into the sexy underwear like Heather was proudly displaying. Instead she opted for the booty shorts that hugged her amble ass perfectly. Also sporting a bra-less tank top I admired my wife's amazing tits.

She knew how much I loved squeezing and sucking them and gave me a smile showing her appreciation that I was giving her the same ogling that I had given Heather. They were giggling about something and invited me to sit with them. I started to sit in between them but Amanda read my mind and quickly scooted over so she got the middle and I was stuck on the end.

Dammit, so much for that strategy.

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I poured another round of shots, we clicked glasses and down they went. After a second quick round, Heather said she had to pee.

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She stood up too fast and stumbled around then fell onto the floor. My thong assumption was quickly confirmed as I got a great view of her sweet ass. My eyes were quickly diverted from her butt straight to her tit that had popped out of her tank top.

I got an instant hard on seeing her little pink nipple. It was an amazing sight, a nice oval areola with a pencil eraser that was hard enough to cut glass. Being the gentleman (and opportunist) that I am, I jumped off the couch and helped her up. Of course she was laughing and completely clueless to her exposed breast. Even when I copped a cheap feel as I tried to help back into the top, she just played dumb. I mumbled something about taking her to the bathroom and put my arm around her waist as we slowly wobbled out of the room.

As soon we got around the corner and out of sight, I went for it. I slid my hand down to her bare ass and squeezed as hard as I could. Heather let out a deep sigh of pleasure and reached down to rub my cock through my shorts. I moved my hand lower and started to rub her pussy from behind. I couldn't believe how wet she was. My fingers were soaked just from the little bit of touch I was giving. When stepped into the bathroom I grabbed her and set her on the counter and we sauna small anal porn amator turk liseli zorla anal at each other like rabid dogs.

Our hands were all over each other. I started kissing her neck as I cupped her tit in my hand. I rolled her nipple in between by fingers and she let out a loud moan. She started grinding her hips against my throbbing cock. Then she grabbed my head and pulled my ear to her mouth. She whispered with the hottest breath "Get those shorts off and fuck me hard. I need you in me. Now!" she grabbed the waist band and started to pull them down but somehow I had nicole aniston 40 minutes length story coherent thought and stopped her.

Heather gave this 'what the fuck' look and didn't seem happy at all with my protest. "Hold that thought baby. If we sliping mom end son pron going to do this, I want Amanda to join.

Go upstairs to the bedroom and we'll meet you there." "Mmm, I like the sound of that. You are naughty.but don't leave me too long, I don't want to finish myself off." I practically ran back to the living room! When I turned the corner Amanda had one leg on the back of the couch, one on the floor and was working her pussy hard.

Holy shit! Did she hear us or is she just crazy horny too? Who cares. I quietly walked in behind her and reached over her and got two handfuls of her wonderful soft tits. She jumped at first but then started moaning as rubbed her nipples over her shirt. She tilted her head back on the arm of the couch as I yanked my shorts down. Before they hit the floor she had my cock deep in her mouth.

She sucked hard and pulled my cock almost all the way out then jammed it back down her throat. I was weak in the knees, knowing I wasn't going to last long.

When she started sliding it out again, I practically laid on her face and held it there as I slowly thrust my hips against her face. She was fingering her soaked pussy and squirming around on her hand.

When I pulled my dick out of her mouth she gasped for air and said "finger fuck me, rub my clit, I want to cum on your fingers!" I couldn't resist and slid my ring and middle fingers into her dripping pussy, curled them right onto her g spot and went to work. She couldn't hold back and started bucking her hips, screaming as she approached her orgasm. I pulled her top up exposing her amazing rack. I got as much of her tit in my mouth as I could.

Amanda grabbed her other nipple and started tugging. She was pulling it so hard I thought she was going to rip it off. Seeing Amanda like this always brought me right to the edge so I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock back in her mouth.

After a few hard pumps I was ready to unload. When my cum painted the back of her throat, it was all she needed and I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers. I loved feeling it spasm and contract around them and kept rubbing her g spot until she went limp. After a few slurps I slid my cock out of her mouth without a hint of cum anywhere.

Fuck that was incredible. Now I had to get her upstairs to continue the party. Amanda caught her breath and as she came down from her high, she asked about Heather.

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I told her she wanted to go lie down and thought maybe we should do the same. She looked at me like she always does when she knows I'm up to no good but agreed that it was bed time.

When she stood up I saw the wet spot on the couch and started to get hard again. I knew the night was far from over.