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Ebony slut rachel raxxx bends over for white cock
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This story will seem slow at different parts. I have quite a few areas I can expand on so bear with me. CHAPTER 4 Troy comes running over and tells us "that there are a few drag races scheduled for right now so lets go!" "I ask Tanya if she wants to go." "If Lisa can come" she replies. "Sure" I say As we hurry to Troy's parents' car.

It turns out Lisa and Troy know each other so they sit in the front and I get to sit next to Tanya in the back seat. Laughing as we head out to 'drag race' road. First thing we see are two cop cars sitting at the edge of the turn off.

"UMNnnn looks like the police are here to see a race too." We go past the cruisers and Troy comments that the drive-in is open which gets the girls talking about a movie that is supposed to be out soon. "The drive-in is down here so why don't we go see whats playing." Tanya says, and Lisa agrees. As we roll up to the marquee we see the movies advertised for tonight all suck. "Hey do you guys want to go to the lake instead?" Living on the shores of one of the Great Lakes always makes that an option.

Nodding in agreement to Lisa's idea Troy turns the car around and we head to the lake. It is 9 PM when we arrive and the sun going down leaves a picture worthy memory as we all walk along the path.

My hand reaches down and takes Tanya's. She doesn't resist and the heat from her hand makes my cock twitch and swell. Gramma's teeth, gramma's teeth.Dammit, whenever I had thought of that before I always lost my hard-on.

German amateur teen get ass fucked by poolboy on holiday didn't work this time, and for the second time in ONE day a girl had seen my 'tent'. I looked at Tanya like a deer in the headlights but she smiled and bit her lower lip.

Gramma's underwear, gramma's edyn blair licks and fucks nikis pussy with a dildo. Dead cats, dead cats.Then she turns in front of me and kisses me.hard right on the lips. OK, OK I'm a virgin. But I have kissed before. Never like this though. Her lips parted and I felt her tongue against my lips. Opening my mouth I let her tongue in. She is the best kisser in the entire world. Well in my small kissing world anyway!

I thrust my tongue into her mouth not sure what I will get for this. I hear Troy say something ahead of us but I am speechless. Tanya and I are very close in height so when my hands 'accidently' slip down to her ass she accepts this and I cup the hottest ass in the 11th grade.

We kiss for awhile until our teeth come together one to many times. We break our kiss and I struggle to find my breathe. She looks over her shoulder and doesn't see Troy or Lisa, so she puts her hand on the front of my shorts.

Looking me in the eyes she asked me "if I have ever had a blowjob?" "A few," I lie. "Would you like another one?" I lean forward and kiss her as I say "Yes." "Lets get off the main trail then" she says.

I follow her about 5 metres (It's Canada eh!)off the trail. Almost salivating as I watch her ass. In front of us is a downed tree so as she gets to it she drops to her knees in the grass. It is dark but I see her hands as she reaches up and pulls my shorts down. My cock snaps out and I moan. "Sorry I didn't know you were that hard." Just then the most amazing thing happened.

I felt her lips on the tip of my cock. It would not have mattered whose lips they were but looking down I watch this brunette with long beautiful hair sliding her mouth almost painfully onto my cock.

"NO teeth Tanya that hurts" I yelped. "Orry," she mutters with my cock in her mouth. Her lips slide up and down my cock.

No more teeth. I move her bangs back so I can watch. She looks up at me and I so want to cum. Taking my cock out of her mouth she asks if I stroke my cock. "All the time," is my reply.' Dammit too much info Kevin' I think to myself' "Well Lisa and I have to be home at 10 so I might not have time to finish so can you jerk off?" "And what will you be doing?" I question. "I'll be right here on my knees waiting hot girlfriend shares bfs dick with bestie group sex and hardcore you to cum" she tells me matter-of-fact like.

I take my cock in my hand as I feel her lips on the tip. I start to jerk my cock and after about six full strokes I start to cum. She opens her mouth and I watch as I stroke my load out onto her tongue. I shudder as I watch her close her mouth and swallow. I pull her to her feet and start to put my hands in her shorts. Pushing my hands away she says "she has no time tonight. But, she adds, I do have your number." She wipes her mouth on the back of her hand and then straightens her shorts and t shirt.

I'm standing there with a growing semi-erect cock in my hand. She bends over and kisses the tip. Standing up she says I hope to see him again. CHAPTER 5 We walk from the trees and go in the direction of the car. "How do you know they are at the car?" I question " Because that's where I told Lisa to meet us." Tanya replies with a grin "When did you do that?" Thinking I did not miss anything said so far. "We have a secret code. Oh and as long as I understood it Troy got the same thing you did." We found Troy and Lisa back at the car.

Or at least we saw Troy. But we didn't see Lisa until we got closer and saw Lisa's head raising and lowering quite a ways down! on Troy's lap. "Damn I'd like to know how she sucks," Tanya said, to no one. "You should be the teacher in that department" I tell her. "No I just swallow. You had to jerk off just to cum n my mouth. She will suck him off with no help at all." I turn Tanya away from her friend blowing my friend and kiss her.

I had forgotten that not even five minutes ago I had cum in her mouth. Her lips parted as my tongue headed right into her mouth.

I could taste my own cum in her mouth. *I'm not going to tell you how I know what my cum tastes like. I'll leave that to your imagination* I pulled my tongue back but she followed it into my mouth with her cum flavored tongue. Now it was her turn to force her tongue into my mouth. She has a long tongue and it felt and tasted pretty good.

We heard the car shift and Troy telling Lisa he was going to cum. Tanya and I turn to watch. Lisa didn't even flinch. She kept sucking until he stopped thrusting into her mouth. That's when Tanya opened the door and jumped in the car. "OK lets go we have to be home in 20 minutes and we still have to get your parent's car Lisa". Lisa turned her head to Tanya and opened her mouth.

Showing Troy's cum to Tanya. I saw it too and then she swallowed, turned around while Troy was pulling his shorts up.

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"Lisa you sick bitch" Tanya exclaims as Troy puts the car in gear and we drove back to their car. Arriving back I kissed Tanya again, and she told me "she would call me tomorrow." Lisa was putting Troy's number into her phone as I opened the door, helped Tanya out and then walked her to the car.

Lisa came running up saying "I'm in shit. Lets go Tanya. It's five to ten." They peeled out of the parking lot with a wave of their hands and smiles on all of our faces. Kurt and Steve walked up and said, "What happened to you guys?

You missed the best night of the summer." Troy and I exchanged smiles and at the same time and while laughing said, "doubt it." We let them tell us about the drag races as Kent pointed to a powder blue camaro and said that is the car to beat this summer!

Then we told them about our night. "NO way, Fuck off, you had Tanya's ass in your hands, and they both swallowed? Did you get any pictures?" "I knew I should have taken you," Steve said to me. "OH well you would have had a chance too" "I don't think so", Troy commented. "Lisa would have been talking about me all night." "OK dude my curfew is asian wife cheats on husband joi pov so I gotta jet." Troy dropped me off and shook my hand before I got out of the car.

"Holy fuck, thanks Kevin." "Your welcome", I said as I returned his handshake. "But you did the driving." "In more ways than one", he said as I laughed and shut the door. CHAPTER 6 I made it in the door at two minutes to eleven. My Mom was up and greeted me. "I think you will need an answering service Kevin. I'm not sure why you didn't put your own cell number on those flyers. From the time you left until 9:30 all the phone did was ring. I just started answering the phone by saying 'Run With It' how can I help you.

Your aunt thought she had the wrong number" mom said with a quiet laugh. "But your father is in bed, and you still have a few more days at school to go. I'm so proud of you Kevin." And then she leaned forward and kissed me. On the lips. "WTF?" The two girls that have seen 'my tent' have kissed me today. My mom pulls away stunning broad kristina rides a stiff cock cumshots brunette licks her lips.

"She seems nice," she says as she tastes Tanya's lip gloss. "Get to bed now. I put the phone numbers of the people that called on your desk". " Good night Mom, and thanks." I lean in to her her and for the first time ever I put my nose into her neck and inhale.

My Mom smells good. Holy shit I gotta get to bed. "I appreciate this more than you know Mom" I say as I go down the stairs into the basement and my room. Getting undressed I curse myself for not getting Tanya's number. But I see a list of numbered names and phone numbers laying in the middle of my desk. Eight. There were eight potential clients.

I was walking on a cloud as I got ready for a shower before bed. I took my shirt and pants off, and that's when I smelt her hair on my underwear. I took them off and then I could smell her on my pubic hair. I took my underwear and rubbed them through my pubic hair. I may never wash these I realized as I put them on my nose. It was only her hair but.it was her scent.

I put them under my pillow and went into the shower. I looked into the full length mirror and liked who I saw. I was 5'11", and 165 fit pounds. It took two strokes and my thick six inch cock was hard again. I resisted cumming. Getting out of the shower I hear the text notification on my phone. There is no name but a local text number and the following message.Had a great time tonight, and I'm looking forward to more. See you tomorrow.Tanya.

Along with the message was a picture of her red, two sizes too-big t shirt pulled up over her tits. She was wearing a lacy red bra. No face but I knew that they were hers'. My hand went to my cock as I shut off my light and laid on my bed with that picture of her tits. I came twice more before I fell asleep.

CHAPTER 7 The next day began with the announcement from my alarm clock. I was ready to start my day by that time and I turned it off before it woke up my sister.

"Sleep now, but I'll be laughing soon enough", I whispered as I looked in her open door and took a second and third look. Her ass was uncovered by her blanket and it was nice. A little bigger than Tanya's but still as sexy as I've seen my sister. In her headboard mirror I watch her eyes open. She focuses on me and tells me to have a good day.

What she doesn't do is cover her ass. I don't even think she knew it was exposed. I grabbed my phone from my desk and ran up the stairs for breakfast. "Great morning Mom", I said through a smile. Looking at the coffee pot I asked, "May I?" "Of course you can Kevin" she replied. "Dad's at work early?" I state the obvious in a question. "Yes he had a root canal scheduled early." The thought of my Dad wrist deep in blood right now didn't appeal to me, so I ran it from my head.

I made my coffee and was preparing my toast when the phone rang. My mom looked at the call display. Not recognizing the number she says, "You might as well answer it. It's probably for you." I take the headset and push the button. "Hello", I say with as much cheer as I've ever mustered for a morning phone call. "Hi Kevin, this is Mrs. Nestle of 5632 Huntingwood Ave." Remembering our brief conversation from the night before I was paying attention as she asked "If I could come over and get acquainted with her dog while she had time to assist." "I'm done school at 2:10 today so I can drop by at 3:00." "Oh Kevin that would be great.

Thank you so much." "Oh you are most welcome Mrs. Nestle" I say with a new found gusto " Oh just call me Debra. I'll see you this afternoon Kevin. Bye." "Bye Debra," I said as I ended the call. My Mom was looking at me with a huge smile on her face. "You are just like your father. Always willing to adjust your schedule for someone else." My smile showed through again as I enjoyed being compared to my Father.

After all he was the most successful man I knew. I threw my toast in the microwave to heat it back up and then sat at the table with my Mom as she had her morning coffee. "Who is she?" Gulping my coffee I respond with a "Wah?" "Oh sorry Kevin I don't mean to sound like a wife. But as long as I have known you you have never worn peach lip gloss." "I do prefer cherry", I said into my coffee with a laugh.

"Her name is Tanya Craig. She's in grade 11 too. I have seen her for a few years but never thought much about her until.well yesterday actually." "You be careful Kevin I'm happy for you but you don't need a child to sidetrack your dreams." "I know Mom.

Thanks for your mom and son night sleping Maybe you should buy me some condoms then" I say through a laugh I knew it was coming but when she looked at me and says "Wahhhh?" I did laugh some coffee out of my nose. I finish up my breakfast and after brushing my teeth I grab my knapsack and head out the door to the bus stop.

If it wasn't for Tanya I would have walked to school today. Paying for punishment. Thats what bus fare to school reminds me of. As I make my way to the rear of the bus I see Tanya looking at me. She smiles and turns to her friends. Shifting her sleeveless t shirt so that I can see 'side boob', but instead of seeing side boob I see her red bra from the picture that she sent me last night. I am glad I wore jeans today. I have seen three girls so far today and they have all made me hard.

And it's not even 9:00AM yet. "Good morning Tanya," I say as I walk by. "Hello Kevin" she replies while smiling directly at me. I walk to the back of the bus and take a seat beside Jason. One of the jocks a seat behind me asks how my dog walking is going.

Then he laughs and hi fives his buddies. "It's going slow right now", I bullshit. Not wanting any competition in the job market that I have created is key right now. "You'll be working for daddy this summer", he taunts. "You would be too but your dad doesn't need any help draining port-a-potties." I howl This causes roars of laughter from his friends and mine. Tanya, and her friends turns to look and she sees us all laughing because of me. I don't know what I have done but it seems, as Eminem says "It must be my karma catching up with me".

My day is so great by the time the bus gets us to school. On the way I did a rough calculation of my hourly wages per week if I can fit in all nine people and their dogs. I would stand on my head if I had too to fit them all in. I'm looking at like $900 CASH every week. For a job that allows me every night free. I step off the bus with my head high and dollar signs in my pocket.

And a hard cock in my jeans. Tanya is wearing a pair of yoga pants. They are tight and I can pick out the lines that indicate that she has a small thong on.

I make a bet with myself that the bra and panties are a matching set. I'd love to know for sure. She waits at the bottom of the stairs leading into the school.

"Did you like the picture that I sent you last night?" "That is the hottest picture I have seen on a phone", I tell her. "Was that you" I question followed by a low whistle. Beautiful" as my eyes lowered briefly to the logo on her shirt. And I meant it. "You will know who it was soon but just keep it on YOUR phone OK? If it gets out I'm sure everyone will see it and I've never sent a pic like that to anyone so I will know where it came from." "Don't worry about me sharing that picture.

I don't want anyone to see you naked." "Promise?" she questions. Looking pretty girl knows how to please a guy her pretty blue eyes "I promise to never let anyone see any picture you have, or will ever send me." She smiles and takes my hand and we walk into the school.

People turn and stare as we walk down the hall. I'm not naive and I know that everyone is looking at her, not me, but with her hand in mine I am indestructible. I walk her to her locker and then I kiss her before I go upstairs to my locker and first class.

We sit in the grass at lunch time. Laughing and enjoying each other as we enjoy the end of school with every other student. Horny oriental pussy jerking off stockings japanese afternoon progresses quickly and as I'm enjoying my last class spare and setting up our nights agenda I almost forget about my 3:00 appointment.

I ask Troy to give me a drive. Feeling indebted to me he gets me to Debra's with 10 minutes to spare. "Hey Thanks Troy I'll give you $10 later for gas." "No worries Kev. See you tonight?" "For a few minutes at least," I laugh as I shut the door. I didn't write down the address but I hear Debra's dog barking and this leads me to her front door. I ring the door bell and Debra answers dressed in her business woman attire.

Checkered dark skirt, high heels, and a button up, short sleeved dress shirt. The shirt is straining to restrain her tits and I can see her white bra around the looped the st cock in her pussy hardcore and blowjob. I'm becoming a voyeur I think.

I start imagining her cupping her tits as they burst the buttons on her top. ".and thats why I need you to start early Kevin. Do you think you can accommodate me," Mrs. Nestle asks? "Ahhh shit I was looking at her tits and not hearing anything she was saying.

To be honest Mrs. Nestle I was thinking about something else and I hate to admit it but I was totally lost in thought and missed what you were saying." Smiling at me she says, "That's OK I will take it as a compliment.

I will be away all day tomorrow for a business meeting and I was wondering if you can take Parker out during the day tomorrow." "I am still in classes tomorrow. How often does he need to go?" I ask. "Maybe on your way to school you can take him to the corner, and around the block or so at about this time tomorrow?" "That sounds great to me Mrs. Nestle." "Debra, she tells me again.

Mrs. Nestle sounds like I am still married." "No worries Mrs.err Debra." She smiles and calls Parker to meet me on a formal basis this time. "He is very protective of my home and myself Kevin.

He is trained to defend anyone trusted.

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Which will include you after today." "Really he can learn that fast?" "He is a bright dog in fact he could probably walk himself if the city would allow it." She takes his head in her hands and explaining in a Mother's voice tells him "He is to be trusted and protected whenever he is around me." When she is done he walks over to me and proudly put his paw out.

Taking it as an offering of friendship I accept. "You have a strong grip," I tell him and Debra laughs. "I think you two will get along fine." "Can I take him for our first walk?" "Alright", she says. "Let me get you a 'poop bag' and his leash." I run my hands down his back and feel his muscular form. "Geezus I hope I am always on your good side Parker." Then I start to massage his haunches as he faces away with his tongue lolling out.

"He loves that," Debra tells me as she comes around the corner. "I don't think this could be any better", she says, "I've never seen him let another person other than me do that." "Sorry", I tell her as I stop the massage.

I don't want to duplicate something that your dog gets from only you. "That's OK you won't be able to duplicate everything him and I share." She hands me the leash and says, "pretend I'm not here. I'll meet you outside." I attach his collar and leash. He is wondering where his lady went and is getting antsy. I see an opportunity to show my dominance. As I am getting ready to say "SIT".

Parker sits! I let go of his leash and turn to walk into the living room. His eyes follow, but he is as still as a stuffed animal. I walk back to the kitchen and while I am bending over to grab his leash he licks my bella bellz youre so extra. "Eww shit." I'll have to get him out of that habit soon.

Lets go Parker and he is beside me instantly. He stands half way between my knees and my waist. I will feel safe walking beside him. We go out the front door and I hear the dead bolt automatically lock. "I'll have to keep that in mind" I tell Debra. "I'll show you where the spare key is so you won't have to worry. Just make sure you put the key back every time you use it." "Guaranteed", I tell her as I lead Parker down the sidewalk.

"He doesn't even try to smell the phone poles as we walk past", I comment to Debra. "If son caught sniffing mom panties wants to smell bad enough he will ask your permission." "What?" I ask. "This is one of the best trained dogs in the country. He's brilliant" she says. While she is saying this Parker stops and points with his nose at a pole.

"I thought only hunting dogs did that" "Hunting dogs and Parker. Walk him over to the pole and let him know he can smell." I do this and he lets our a series of small barks as he smells the pole and the terrain around it.

"He's asking if he can pee." "Oh this dog is too much, I laugh." "He's not a dog", Debra tells me. "He's my family member." "I'll not forget that ever Debra and I will see that he is treated accordingly." "Thank you." "Is this his usual 3:30 route" I ask?

"Yes it is. It usually takes a half hour to walk his path. Do you have time today Kevin?" "Yes I do. Your 'boy' is amazing." We get to the park and while walking down the paved trail, and after using a plastic bag to clean up his 'donation', Debra tells me I can let go of his leash in here. He still walks just in front of us. I see his dick hanging down. I mean hanging too. It's probably eight inches long. "Debra," I ask, "I'm not an expert on dogs. Is that his co.errr sorry penis?" " Yes he is a healthy man" she tells me.

"Well thats stating the obvious" I chuckle. "He's got huge balls too!" "Thats for sure Kevin" she says while laughing at my look. "Is that envy I see in your eyes", she asks through a grin? "Damn right. I thought big dicks like that were found only in the movies." "Well it all depends on what kind of movies you are watching.", she petite teen sucks big cock on the road under her breathe "Pardon me" "Oh nothing Kevin" she replies.

Louder this time We are nearing the end of the loop of this trail and before Parker steps onto the sidewalk he sits and waits for us. "Just walk by him," Debra tells me. We get about 4 steps past his and he barks to remind us that we passed him. Debra takes his leash and walks back to him complimenting Parker on being a good boy. After he is re-leashed he stands up and proceeds to continue his walk. I am overwhelmed by this dog's brilliance and I hope all my clients have dogs like this.

We get back to Mrs. Nestles' and Parkers' house and Debra shows me where she keeps her spare key. "I won't be here in the morning, but you can let yourself in in the morning.

When you do let yourself in. Call Parker over to you. As soon as he recognizes your voice he will run over to you". "Let me try it now," I say.

Debra says good bye to Parker and shuts the door. It automatically locks, and she says Parker is on guard duty now. We walk to the sidewalk and talk for a few minutes. Then I walk back to her door I put the key in the door and open it.

I don't call his name to see what will happen. I hear a quiet growl from around the corner. Fear gets the best of me and I call out, "Parker." He barks twice and comes running into the hallway to greet evelin gets fucked by her nymphomaniac stepmum. "I'll see you tomorrow morning OK Parker?" As I'm turning to leave he puts his paw out to me again. Shaking his paw I am mystified by the smarts that this dog possesses.

I put the spare key back and find Debra at the side of the house with her phone in her hand. "You were right" I tell her. "I didn't call his name immediately and he growled at me. As soon as I called his name though he danced. Debra it was great meeting Parker on a work related get together. Thanks for making it easy for all involved. I will see him tomorrow morning by 8AM." "Kevin you are going to be the biggest help to me this summer. Have a great night." "Thanks Debra drive safe in the morning traffic.

Chapter 8 I ran home to tell my Mom and brag to my sister. Coming home earlier than my sister expected I found her sitting by the pool with dad's bottle of vodka on the table next to her. She was listening to her ipod thinking she was all alone. "Lindsay" I called out to her as I opened the patio door. She didn't turn to look and when I saw her head phones I knew why. She bigass babe ass pounded and spitroasted amateur anal pretending to be singing a tune that I didn't recognize.

Either it was a college hit or she was a terrible singer. The song must have taken a romantic turn because I saw her cup her breast through her bikini. Seeing a hot opportunity I got out my phone and started videoing my sister playing with her tits. She even put her hand inside her bikini and squeezed her nipple. Knowing my death would be imminent if she ever caught me watching her I went inside and out the front door. I sent Lindsay a text asking her if she need anything as I was on my way home.

My reply came as she answered with a no thanks. Now she knows I'm on my way home. Anything I see now is her fault. I waited a few minutes and walked in the house. Lindsay was still sitting by the pool but dad's bottle of vodka had found it's way back to the liquor cabinet and her ipod was laying on the table instead.

"Hi Lindsay" I yelled out to the deck. "Hey squirt", she replied. I walked out to the deck not quietly this time. I did get to look at her chest from behind as I walked up to her.

"You must be the luckiest brother in the world." "Why whats up?" I ask. "Mom hasn't stopped talking about your dog walking idea all day. If I hear it another time I'll be sick." "Sorry to miss seeing that but I'm going out tonight after I return all my calls." "If you need any help let me know.

I'll fill in for you anytime." "Thanks for the offer Lindsay. This may get big enough that I will have to hire an employee." "Really?" she asked as she sat up. As she sat up she wobbled and dropped her glass. It was only plastic so it didn't break. "Been into dad's liquor cabinet already this afternoon I wondered aloud.

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What would mom and dad would think about this?" "I wonder what they would think about you looking in my room this morning and watching your sister's bare ass as she slept?" "Touche", I said thinking about the video I had just taken.

"If you let me see your ass every morning you can drink as much of dad's alcohol as you like. I'll even replace it for ya." "Fuck when did you turn into a perv Kevin, but we'll see", she said. "I hope I do get to see", was my reply. "I'm going to call some clients.

Wish me luck." "Why should I?" "If you want a job with me this summer I will need more clients than I can personally handle." "Good luck," she said as she slipped her headphones over her ears. I went inside and down to my room to get the phone numbers. I saw the corner of my underwear under my pillow and I walked over to get a smell of Tanya. I pushed my pillow aside and there were two pair of underwear there now. My Joe Boxers from last night and a pair of blue thongs.

Where in the hell did these come from? I brought them to my nose and got hard as I smelled a girl's pussy. The crotch of the thong was thin and soaked with drying pussy juice. I was almost as turned as I was last night with Tanya. I put them in my mouth and tasted a pussy for the first time.

My head was swimming. I was addicted. I took my hard cock out of my pants and started stroking my cock with the thong wrapped around it while I sniffed Tanya off my underwear. I came rather quickly. I used the thong to wipe up my cum and put it back under my pillow. Then I went to make some calls. I signed up a few clients and all the time I was talking to them I was wondering why my sister put her soaked panties under my pillow. Maybe it was an employment bribe.

I'd hire her for sure if she kept doing that for me. I called the rest of the numbers and got eight confirmations. Plus Debra Nestle and I was pulling in $900/week. I love a free society. Even if nothing IS free! The phone rang three more times in an hour.

I had to go out and celebrate. I had dinner with the family and broke the news to my dad that I wouldn't be working in his dental office this summer.

"Yes I heard that Kevin. Your mom tells me your ideas is really taking off." I explained to him my estimated profit margin. His eyebrows went up and he asked me "If I needed another employee." "I'm thinking of hiring Lindsay if I need someone else, and I couldn't afford your hourly rate dad." Both my mom and dad looked at me.

"Really?" They both said in unison. "I'm an equal opportunity employer. Which means I will even hire my sister." "Oh Kevin you are an angel", my mom declared matter-of-factly. Again this compliment from my mom blew me away. "Where is Lindsay?" dad inquired. "I came home early and she was complaining about a sore stomach", I said. "I think she is sleeping in her room." My mom then asked my dad "how his day was" "Without all the bloody details please," I added.

"Well to be honest I made your $900 before 9:00AM Kevin. Root canals are expensive." "Got damn I guess they are. Good thing my dad's a dentist," I yell from the kitchen. "You just keep your teeth brushed and I will never have to extract any teeth, or $900 from your account", Dad tells me, as I walk into the kitchen with his dirty dishes and mom right behind me. "It's the last day of school tomorrow isn't it Kevin?" "Yes indeed mom.

I'm exempted from all exams too." "I hope you won't feel too blue not going to school for a couple months." Charlyse angelnbsp loves hard cock in her mouth she said 'too blue' she looked at me and smiled.

"No mom I'll be green. As in greenbacks!" I laughed. I went down to my room to see if Tanya had sent me a text. Before I went to my phone I reached under my pillow and got my boxers with her scent on them.

Her scent caused a stirring so I looked at my phone and saw two messages from Tanya. I had saved her contact info so instead of just a number her name comes up now. I thought about adding the picture she sent to me as her contact profile but I didn't want anyone to see anything but her smiling face. I answered her texts telling her I would be at the coffee shop tonight and I was looking forward to seeing her too. As I was getting ready to hop in the shower I thought I had better take my boxers off the floor in case my mom came in nick minaj fucked by quavo for dirty laundry.

I put them back under my pillow and my hand came in contact with the blue panties I found earlier on my bed. The conversation with my mom after dinner flashed in my mind ".I hope you won't feel 'too blue' about not going to school." My mom knew I would never be upset about the summer. EVER. Were they her panties? To hell with 1968. 2013 was going to be my summer of love!