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Teen oil wrestling and foot worship gagging he offers to take the cashstrapped hottie to
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Kairi's summer vacation started off in a most surprising manner. She and Selphie had been betting on their grades all year, as a sort of friendly rivalry. Although Kairi had never been very competitive, the challenge between the girls was a pleasant reminder of Riku and Sora and how they always tried to one-up each other.

The standing bet was simple, they'd pick a particular test or project and whomever received the lower grade had to fulfill one request from the winner. Usually one had to buy the other a sundae after school, or make an extra lunch for the next day. A harmless little back and forth that was more often in Kairi's favour than Selphie's. That is, until the final exams. They decided to bet on their English final, both girls being fairly confident in their writing ability and their love of anything Shakespearian.

Although Kairi did find it odd that Selphie insisted the loser had to grant the request "No matter what it is," she didn't really put much thought into it. Until she lost. With only two grade points difference, Selphie had won the pot and whatever command she had thought up was hers to make. After school that day, walking home under the summer sun, Selphie was her usual cheerful, chatty self, but the only subject she didn't bring up was the bet.

This only made Kairi more curious about what the other girl had in mind. The curiosity only grew when Selphie smiled and said "Meet me downtown tomorrow and I'll tell you what you have to do." And with a wave, she skipped away from Kairi towards her own home.

The next afternoon, Kairi walked around the corner to the front of her and Selphie's favourite store. "Wonder if she's gonna get me to buy her something." She thought, looking in through the window at the cute bags and accessories.

"Hope it isn't too expensive, I wanted to buy a new swim-suit this year." When Selphie walked up, she had a gym bag in her hand. "Hey!" she said, giving Kairi a hug and her usual infectious smile.

Kairi smiled back, but couldn't deny the curiosity that had been building. lucious milf fucks him good and hard

"So, what's the big surprise? Gonna make me buy you the whole store or something?" she giggled. Selphie laughed, but a little uneasily. "Well, I've been thinking about this for a while, and a promise is a promise so you have to do it!" she insisted. "Yeah, ok, ok. Just don't keep me in suspense." Kairi replied. "All right, you asked for it. What I want is for you to walk from here, across the beach and row out to the small island." "Is that all?" asked Kairi, giving Selphie a confused look.

"Well…" continued Selphie, "first your dress and shoes are going in this bag." She said, lifting it in front of her for emphasis. Kairi's jaw practically dropped.

"Wait, WHAT?" "You're going to go all the way to the Small Island in your underwear." Selphie repeated, pulling a camera out of the bag. "And I'll follow to document your journey. And to make sure you don't chicken out or cheat." young sex parties threesome with a dildo, but why?" "Because I want you to. And if you don't then I'll think of something worse." Kairi knew Selphie well big ass milf oiled the suspect told us it aint my fault that she loves the gigantic to tell that despite her sunny disposition she was dead serious.

"C'mon," Selphie said, pulling Kairi by her arm into the nearby alley. "Now undress and let's go." Slowly, Kairi started to unzip the front of her dress while her friend stood by watching. She stopped, when she heard the snap of the camera. "Keep going," Selphie ordered, "or do you want me to do it for you?" "No, I… I guess not." Kairi stammered, then pulled the zipper the rest of the way down.

Her face a deep red, she slipped the dress off and passed it into her friend's outstretched hand. Selphie quickly folded it and tucked it into the gym bag. "And the tank top." She said, as Kairi seemed hesitant. The red-head pulled it slowly up and over her head, handing it as well to her friend. A few more snaps of the camera, especially as Kairi bent over to untie and remove her shoes, and she was left in nothing but her plain white panties and bra.

"All right! Get moving. You've got a ways to go." And with that, Selphie pushed Kairi back out onto the sidewalk. Her heart was beating so fast, but Kairi had enough sense not to rush as she started out towards the beach. "Running would just make more people notice me." She reasoned. Every time she passed a big window of a shop or restaurant, her stomach did summersaults but luckily there weren't many people out on the streets.

A man and woman, obviously a couple, came walking the opposite way but on the other side of the road.

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They never even took a second glance in her direction. "I guess it's not unusual for people to be in swim-suits even this far from the beach." Thought Kairi, relieved that her plain underwear looked not unlike a normal two-piece. Selphie kept about a twenty foot distance between them and Kairi noticed that she'd occasionally run up ahead to get pictures from the front instead of just her back. Despite her embarrassment, Kairi couldn't help but smile and even pose a little when no one else was around.

After all, being around each other in various states of undress was nothing new, changing in the same room and doing each other's makeup and hair, although never outside where anyone at all could see. Kairi held her breath as a few young men passed, single file to her left to make room on the sidewalk.

She felt their eyes on her, saw at least two look up and down her body as they continued on, but none of them said anything. Kairi felt a little light headed from being so close, but even more surprisingly she was a little disappointed that not even one of them had commented on her appearance. "Would it kill them to give a girl a compliment?" she wondered. "Wait… why would I WANT them to notice me? I'm walking outside in my panties!" She mentally slapped herself on the wrist, but that didn't stop her mind from rasin old mom young boy anti sex storiesstory in strange directions.

"I wonder what Selphie meant when she said she'd think of something worse. Like, would I have had to wear even less? Or maybe just something sexier, like lacy lingerie?" She reddened again at the thought of doing this same walk in something sheer, or even a thong.

"God, I would just die… But those guys back there would have noticed for sure." Kairi imagined what their faces might look like if they turned to check out her nude beach films publiic sex only to see it almost completely exposed.

She'd never worn a thong before, but thought maybe the discomfort of it may be worth those looks. "Could I really expose so much skin?" A door opened behind her and she heard the light steps and excited chatter of teenage girls.

Kairi tried to ignore it as best she could but when the tone became more hushed she ironically couldn't help but listen. "I swear that girl in front of us is just wearing underwear." One of kompoz eu slapping mon and som teens said in a loud whisper. "Naw, why would she do that? It's just a bikini that looks like it, gotta be." Answered another. "A white bikini?

That fabric looks like it'd go positively transparent if she got it wet." A third voice added. "Maybe it's just for sunbathing?" offered the second voice. "I still say it's just a bra and panties." The first voice argued "probably gets off on flashing people or something." Kairi felt a flash of embarrassment, but also a small surge of adrenaline hearing them talk like this as if she wasn't there.

"Maybe we should ask her." A new fourth voice said in a mischievous tone. This lit a fire in Kairi that she tried and failed to identify as anything but arousal. She was busted and they were going to call her on it. "Will I get in trouble? Will they expect something from me to keep quiet? Will they just tell everyone around that I'm out here almost naked?" There was a fit of giggling, but then it went silent as the girls entered another shop.

"Damn." Kairi actually cursed out loud.

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"I actually got my hopes up there, although for what I'm not sure." Kairi looked around, rising out of her own thoughts to see that she was at the edge of the beach. With exams finally being over, there were tons of people, mostly high schoolers, eager to soak up some sun and play in the surf. A strange memory came to Kairi. A few years ago there was a big group of college age students who came to the Destiny Islands for their summer break.

They were seen at the beach almost every day and they were pretty noisy and rowdy, but what really made them stick out was that at least half the girls in the group went topless. It was a big scandal at the time and Kairi remembered almost being embarrassed to death just seeing them pass by, but now… Now, already wearing nothing but her bra and panties, Kairi thought to herself that it must be really nice to feel the warm breeze on three raunchy lassies have some kinky fun chest.

"I mean, guys like Tidus run around with their shirts off all the time, and it's not like it's illegal or anything." She mused silently. "Let people notice me, let them talk. I want them to." And Kairi was less surprised than she should be that she actually meant it. Without even thinking about it, she was already reaching up behind her back and taking hold of the clasp for her bra. Within seconds it was off her body, and lying abandoned in the sand as Kairi took her first steps onto the beach, a surprised but very happy Selphie still in pursuit.

There were many more comments being made now, most of them she could only hear bits and parts of, but even those bits were enough for Kairi to know they were all about her.

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"Who is THAT?" she heard one voice, deep and male, ask. "I don't know, probably some foreign SLUT." Was the snappish, shrill reply. Kairi giggled a bit as she imagined that first speaker was probably in trouble with his girlfriend now. Several whistles and cat-calls came her way, causing a few laughs but also for more people to look and notice her. Kairi just waved and smiled in whatever direction they came from, loving the attention in a way she had never before imagined.

The words "What a whore." reached Kairi's ears as she passed a handful of girls around her age, though she didn't recognize them from school. "Is that what people think?" Kairi thought. "Whore" and "slut" were words that Kairi had rarely heard in her life and even more rarely used herself. "Am I a slut just for taking a walk? What's so wrong with the human body anyway?" Then another thought crossed her mind.

"This wasn't even my idea to begin with. Does that make me Selphie's little whore now?" That last question kept spinning through her mind, making her blush deeply with the now familiar mix of embarrassment and lust.

She also noticed that her nipples were almost painfully hard with excitement. All too soon Kairi reached the tiny dock located on the far side of the beach. She and each of her friends who go out to the Small Island had their own rowboat tied up here. Tidus and Wakka's were already gone. "Knowing Selphie, she probably called them up to make sure they'd bbw teacher has a nasty teaching method there, waiting." Kairi said out loud, to no one in particular.

She briefly looked in the direction of Sora and Riku's boats, missing her two friends and wondering when they'd get back from wherever they were. With this, and more, on her mind she climbed down into her own boat and untied it from the dock, then pushed off towards the Small Island. "Hurry up, slowpoke!" she called back towards the dock, as Selphie had just come into view snapping more pictures.

"What's gonna happen when I reach the island?" Kairi wondered as she rowed. "Does Selphie have something planned, or am I supposed to come up with something?

Did she even intend for me to go this far?" Kairi looked down, between her legs. Her white cotton panties were soaked from the inside and clinging to her, the crotch so transparent that she may as well not be wearing them at all.

She paused in her rowing then, and her boat stopped dead in the water, just long enough for her to slip the panties off and throw them into the waves, with a tiny but satisfying british big breasted lady fooling around masturbation and real tits. Selphie, rowing her own boat at a leisurely pace, smiled wide when she spotted the white cotton floating on the water. "I really, really underestimated that girl." She said to herself.

"I can't wait to see what she'll do next." Tying her boat to the Small Island dock, Kairi stands up and stretches in a cat-like manner, looking over the beach her and her friends frequented when they were younger.

"I forgot how peaceful it is here, with just us." She thinks. "I really should come more often… and now I won't even need that new swim-suit." She giggles at her own thoughts and sits down on the dock, legs dangling over the side, toes just a foot or so over the warm sand.

Tidus and Wakka are on the beach a little further down. They're sparring as usual and don't even notice Kairi's presence, that is until Selphie shows up and shouts "Hey guys!

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We're here!" The boys stopped their fighting, and started walking in the direction of Selphie's voice, stopping short when they saw Kairi. She smiled, her laurita gonzalez se escapa de la escuela hot and flushed, leaning back on her hands so that her small perky breasts are thrust forward, legs slightly spread so that they could see her small patch of reddish pubic hair.

She simply sat there for a while, watching their faces. Their eyes kept wandering, like they didn't know where to look, or where they wanted to look most. Then she looked down, at the obvious bulges in each one's pants. Kairi shivered a little with excitement, subconsciously opening her legs even more, revealing her pussy to her small audience.

She raised her left hand off the sandy boards to cup and fondle her breast. With a low moan, she lowered herself down onto her back so she could use her other hand to caress her thigh. Over the breeze and the waves, the only sound that could be heard was the occasional snap from Selphie's camera. "I wonder if Tidus and Wakka want to have sex with me." Kairi thought, starting to pinch and twist her nipple. "I wonder if I want to have sex with THEM." She continued, running a finger up and down her moist slit.

"I think I'll wait for THAT until Sora and Riku return. Until then, they can look but not touch." She smiled, gently pushing two fingers inside of herself. "Hmm… what about Selphie though?" A deep moan came from Kairi as she brushed her thumb against her clit.

"I should definitely get her to strip down with me, that's only fair." She rolled over onto her stomach, getting up onto her knees and free xxx teen 18 pornsex stories herself with her left arm, right hand reaching up under and spreading herself for the three watchers. "I guess Selphie and I could kiss… and touch…" her breathing became faster and shallower as she started furiously rubbing her clit with two fingers still deep inside.

"and she could give me more orders… like to pleasure her with my tongue… and… and…" Her whole body shuddered as her hand and her thoughts together triggered the most intense orgasm Kairi had ever had.

Her fingers went from moist to positively wet, dripping all the way down to her wrist. Her left arm collapsed beneath her, bringing her cheek and breasts in contact with the warm boards of the dock.

She squeezed her own hand between her thighs as she trembled with the last of the explosive pleasure. At long last, Kairi fell over onto her side, eyes closed, unable to move from both her mental and physical exhaustion. She heard someone climb up beside her and sit down. Then felt her hand being gently pulled from between her legs and a warm, wet tongue on her fingers.

Selphie then leaned over Kairi, kissing her on the cheek and whispering in her ear "let's have fun together next time." This was going to be one hell of a summer.