Shoplyfter hot ebony teen pounded for stealing

Shoplyfter hot ebony teen pounded for stealing
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As Denise rang the door bellBev was sitting quietly in her living room using her cuckold hubby Melvin as a footstool.Yesterday Rocky had hypnotized Melvin so today would be the 1st day he would watch his bigtitted gray haired wife being used by the 20 something master Rocky & her new mistress Denise.

Yesterday Rocky had made sure that Bev would now be Melvins's femdomshe was in charge in their home. Melvin would be reduced to a skinnywimpy cuckold who most liked watching his wife having sex with other men & women. Chapter 1 Bev, Denise & Rocky The doorbell rang & Bev answered it.

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She was wearing nothing but a collar & a set of 5inch spiked heels that her cuckold hubby had been instructed to buy. Melvin was still on all fours in the footstool position. Rocky french kissed the old bitch Bev before he passed her over to Denise.Who continued tonguing Bevs mouth.

Denise was completely naked, so Rocky instructed her to get on all fours beside Melvin. Then he told Bev to begin rimming Denise's ass with her tongue. In went her tongue and Bev was soon licking that ass like it was a popsicle .Rocky undressedas Melvin watched his wife eating ass for the first time. Soon Rocky girl have cock and teen bathing orange you glad im so tiny fist fucking Bev as she continued asslicking Denise who was now moaning loudly.

Bevs cunt was now nice and wet as Rocky shoved his 11 inch prick up her pussy. Soon Bev was getting fucked hard and stopped eating Dee's ass. So Denise sat on the couch and had Melvin lick her latex covered legs & suck her heels. As Rocky continued fuckinghe told Melvin to grab his cameracuz he was gonna cum all over Bevs face. Which he did. He told Melvin to frame the photo of his wife covered in his facial jism & put it on the night table next to his bed.

So Melvin would now know that his wife was owned by master Rocky. Bev, Ninaand Denise were now his to have when when he wanted.

One Month Later ,Bev & Melvin Bev had been seeing Rocky for the past month. Her tits were now piercedshe had a small tramp stamp that said 'Rockys Cunt ". Her clit was also pierced of his ladiesBev was the only one he had do this ,Also since Melvin was a big wig with lots of cash he enjoyed humiliating him.

So 3 or 4 times a week when she was home ( which was hardly ever ) He'd call Bev and tell her to give Melvin a golden shower. He had become his wifes piss slave, footstool and now the only sex he could have was eating Bev out whenever she asked. Party in Rockys Room Nina Rogers loved the way Bev was eating her pussy. Bev was super wet as she licked Nina. Denise was jerking Rocky off as they both enjoyed the lesbian scene.

Nina had her pussy licked just that morning by her lezzie daughter Cindy ( she used to be Rockys girlfriend) Bev was doing a great job for a beginner Nina thought. Meanwhile Denise was now getting facially abused by Rocky as he forced his whole cock down her throat.

Barely able to breathe Denise breathed thru her nose. Rocky soon filled her mouth with jism & he told Denise to share the cum with Bev, These 50something old hags ate the jism like it was pudding. Nina watched as she played with her pussy. Cindy is invited to Rocky's Hey Cindy Rocky said why dont you drop by he said as he called his ex on his cellplhone Yeah your moms here, Denise, & Bev ( yeah she's new).

Come on over put on your collar & bring your leash & 3 inch heels.As he hung up Rocky realized that NIna was blowing him the whole time he was talking to her daughter. "you nasty mother " your sucking my prick as im talking to Nina.

Lets go into the bathroom i need to take a leak Open your mouth NinaRocky said as he pissed down her throatshe swallowed his urine load. Something she would never do for her husband Ernie. Ok wench go take a shower, your cumslut daughter will big tits amy reid fingering her pussy soon. Rocky went into the living room and found Dee & Bev waiting for further instructionsSo he decided to have them fist fuck each other and when they both had an orgasm he sent them both to clean up & shower with Nina Rocky opened the door he still found Cindy very attractive, but she was better as a piss slave & dyke.

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Cindy new exactly why she was called by Rockylike her mom she was under his mind control. So when she entered his apartment he led her by the leash to the bathroom where his 3 permanent milf slaves were.

And before he began he had Nina, Denise & Bev stand up and play with their clits. As Wide hips thick thighs small waist girls nude creampie sprayed Cindys face with a blast of urine.

Afterwards Denise followed and did the same as did Bev & last but not least Mom (Nina) covered Cindys face with her golden juices. Rocky took a pic of Cindy covered in facial urine, and then a pic of Nina holding Cindys collar & leash with her piss dripping off her face.

Mom was her femdom & Cindy (the switchsub ).Both pics were texted to Ernie for safekeeping What a fucked up family they had become smiled Rocky. Anyway what was next for his 4 submissive slutsHe had decided to bring Cindy back into the fold. He was gonna fuck her more. And the only lezzie fun should would have would be with DeniseNina and or Bev.

Rocky now owned four submissives .