Hard core and yung girl fukd first time

Hard core and yung girl fukd first time
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Hiroko enters the hotel around noon as the sun is shining relentlessly behind me, flooding the open lobby with its light. Her exposed skin soaks up the heat that burns through the glass doors as she took off her sunglasses. Hiroko stood there for a moment, feeling unsure about where she needs to go. She feels nervous and lost, her first time in New York.

Hiroko knows I'm watching her, I have seen her face before, but she has yet to see mine. Hiroko is 29 single Japanese singer/actress. I brought her to New York to meet with me, concerning managing her career and making her an international singer/actress. I sat watching her in a chair from across the room, pretending to read the paper and successfully fitting in with the business types that pass her by.

I realize that I literally held my breath when I saw her walk in, not expecting to see what is standing before me. The picture she had sent didn't at all do her justice, this became more apparent to me as my eyes lingers over her body. I thought Hiroko is beautiful: a goddess.

The sunlight selfishly consumes the space around her and made her appear to be some unearthly creature I had never seen. Her dark hair is pulled back at the base of her neck, not preened and pampered neatly, instead, pinned loosely and provocatively, allowing certain pieces to hang free.

Her face is beautiful showing her innocence. Her dark eyes are big and innocent-looking as they search for me. I watch as two men pass her assuming that they had smiled because she smiled back then lowered her head to blush. Her cheeks became flustered and I smile when I notice the men looking back at her as they walk out. I thought of how lucky I am; I'm going to have her tonight, and they weren't. I smile again. My eyes move down her body taking in how perfectly her white tube dress hugs all of the right places, finally cutting off high on her thighs.

Wide hips thick thighs small waist girls nude creampie legs seem to glow proudly against the white cloth, although they are not long, they are pleasantly toned. I watch as she moves her hand up to thin out her dress adjusting her stance, obviously trying her best to release her nervous energy while she stood waiting for me.

I take in one last look, worshipping her with her clothes on, knowing that later there would be no such opportunity. I'm enjoying the feeling of being in control; watching her, making her wait, admiring the fact that she looks innocent, delicate, sexy, scared and helpless, and I'm the big bad wolf ready to make her mine.

My teasing is over as I slowly stood up walking towards her. Her eyes met mine for a second she smiles before she turns her head to look somewhere else. I walk closer and again she looks at me noticing I'm smiling at her with a devilish grin.

Her eyes question whether it is me, but as I got closer, she is certain. " Hi!" Hiroko can't believe it is really me and went to embrace me with a warm hug.

She hears me chuckle in her ear in a delivish way as I hold her close against my chest. Her petite stature is swallowed by my body and she feels like a little girl in my arms. " Hi Hiroko!" I move to step back and look into her eyes, smiling like salivating wolf.

" Ugh! How long have you been here?! She asksteasingly shoving her shoulder to flirt with me. " Long enough for you to take my breath away." I smiled, again laughed as she lowers her head to blush. " Whatever!" She chuckles. " I feel too dressed up. I didn't know what to wear?!" Hiroko moves her hand to touch her cheek as if trying to hide the growing redness that is becoming apparent.

" Attractive honey is showing off her opened narrowed cunt in closeup, what does it matter what you wear if it's not going to be on later?" I whisper then laugh loudly, as if almost surprised by my own comment. She moves her hand to cover her mouth and laughs a little too, surprised and pleased by this, but also embarrassed.

" Wow, you are older then I expected." She said. " I was so nervous not knowing what you looked like or your age. But I have babe jiggles her big tits on camspicycom say I'm rather pleased with what I see." She bits down on her lower lip smiling at me shyly, I'm, staring at her gesture, feeling my cock stiring in my pants. I ask if we should go up to the suite to relax a little before going out to get something to eat.

Hiroto agrees and we head toward the elevator. As we walk she feels me slowly moving closer beside her. Every now and then she feels my hand brush against her thigh then taking in sharp breaths that only she hears, feeling her lust starting to move within her.

I push the button and we calmly wait until the elevator doors open before us, and out step a couple of nicely dressed people hurriedly passing us. I move my hand to rest on her back as she steps inside and I follow behind her, staring at busty looking good teen fucking her toys ass.

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We are finally alone together and the feeling is unnerving to her. As the doors close she starts to realize that she is here with me and there is no turning back. I step closer to her as the elevator starts moving, placing both my hands on her sides facing her like I'm going to kiss her.

Hiroko breathes deeply and sighs out loud when she inhales my masculine scent. " Ever done it in an elevator?!" I smirk, then sweep my lips pass her own teasing them, then down her chin and slowly to her neck. Hiroko froze. She didn't know what to say and can't move. " Umm…no." She hears me breathing in her own scent, feels my lips hovering over her flesh like an animal examining its chosen prey, waiting and knowing soon she will feel my lips.

Hiroko tries to speak. " I, uh. Umm.maybe we should wait until we get into the room?" She feels me smile against her flesh then feels my tongue tasting her bald euro love tunnels get hammered hardcore and groupsex. It sends shivers down her body and starts to make her legs go weak.

Hiroko watches as the floor numbers flash beside her head noticing that our floor is coming up when she hears a loud noise and feels the elevator jerk. I had pushed the stop button! Stopping us from moving. " You know, I think it'd be a great adventure to have sex right here in this elevator.

I mean, that is what you expect is going to happen?" I grab her left breast squeezing it in my hand as I continue to tease the skin on her neck, and take my other hand roughly pressing into her thigh, sliding it up the inside of her dress." You said you wanted to be fucked, teased, and experience rough sex with me, before signing the contract." I continue, smugly. I find the outline of her pussy through the wet cloth teen anya krey gets her wet pussy banged by chris big cock her panties, and I'm about to slide a finger inside when&hellip.slap!

" You fucking bastard!" Hiroko slams me hard across the face before getting lose enough to hit the button, making the elevator start to move again. " Cunt!" I grab the side of her face pushing her back up against the cold metal wall of the elevator, looking at her like the Devil, licking off some blood that has appeared on the side of my mouth.

We stare at each other for a long time. Her eyes showing fear, her pussy is feeling otherwise. Our loud frenzied breaths echoing within the metal chamber and start to come in sync without our meaning to.

Ding! The doors open and she turns her head to notice the mauve colored walls and a picture of flowers hanging before her. I grab her arm pushing her forward over the dark crack then pulling her like a whore to our suite. No one is in the hallway, and she suspects that no one is going to appear to help her. Hiroko tries to break free from my hard grip but I quickly grab her waist, flinging her over my shoulder, carrying her kicking and screaming into the suite.

" You fucking Bitch!" I scream as I got the door open and hurry inside, flinging her on the bed. I let out a little laugh as I see her spread on the bed, feeling my hard cock growing and yearning for her as she sat there panting.

" What are you going to do to me?" She manages to push the question through her lips between the panting then giving her an evil grin as she lifts her foot to touch my cock.

Play along she thought, just play along. " Mmm," I lick my lips looking her over then yanking her up by the arm, pulling her against my chest. I stare into her eyes, smiling coyly, moving my hand up her leg until it finds her tiny thong and start to tug. " Well, first I'm going to rip this damn dress off of you." And with that you grab the tiny thong painfully ripping the elastic, letting them fall to the floor while starting to pull on her dress.

" Then I'm going to tease you like the whore you are," I continue, moving my lips closer to hers, making my statement into a whisper while I grab her ass." And then finally I'm going to fuck you until your brain hurts and you're begging for more!" I move my lips to her mouth, forcing my tongue inside holding the back of her head with one hand.

Hiroko tries not to enjoy this as her tongue is violently being mixed with mine, a moan starts to form inside her chest and she slutty brunette is down for some anal pornstars cumshots her pussy getting wetter by the second. Hiroto quickly snaps out of it, and her knee successfully find my cock as she jabs it into me running for the door. She hears me screaming with pain, she hadn't gotten me very hard, the scream is followed by a sinister laugh.

Hiroko makes it to the door and tries to flip the lock. She thought that she had it undone when suddenly she feels the rough tug of her hair and feels her body being dragged and pushed up against the wall. She is facing the wall, her hands held tightly above her head by my hands, my hips are thrust against her, allowing her to feel my big hard thick cock straining against my pants. " You know, you're only making this harder on yourself," I said with a chuckle, moving my free hand down the side of her body.

You moved your lips toward my right ear and stood quietly. I felt your breath soaking into my over-heated skin and stood there panting, demanding for air to fill my lungs again.

I reach my hand down to her crotch, grazing my fingers over her mound, and up toward her flat taught stomach grabbing her dress ripping it off in one stroke. Hiroko writhing a bit twisting her small waist side to side. while her breasts heave aganist the wall. Her nipples are hard. I pull her away from the wall towards the bed, then pushing onto the bed on her back.

I pin Hiroko's legs down with one of my own, moving my knee between her thighs spreading them wider. I stare down at the soft pink lips of her pussy, and the shaved black hair around them. I tickle her with my fingers before leaning down to smell her. " Damn, you smell so sweet and fine." Hiroko begins to cry softly, in panic, I press my fingers onto her clit.

Looking into her eyes watching for signs of pleasure.

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" You expected this baby. You like this baby.?" My fingers are cold and rough as I rub her clit then my other hand slides down slipping two fingers into her pussy.

" Oh yes, you are so wet and tight." I tell Hiroko, as my eyes raise to the ceiling and glaze over. Hiroko is writhing wishing I would pull my fingers out of her it didn't feel good. I keep two fingers inside her pushing them up and deeper rubbing the walls and stretching her.

My other hand travels up to her hips, rubbing her hips as she writhed. I take my fingers out of her pussy falling on top of her, my mouth grasps her left nipple licking it up and down and sucking it ravenously, while my hands kneaded both breasts roughly.

Hiroko hears herself moan softly as I continue to feast on her nipples, sucking the aureola into my mouth. I thrust her legs into the air, resting them on my shoulders, she looks up at me groaning as I grab my cock, revealing a long thick cock, uncircumcised with a broad head and ugle veins snaking around the shaft.

I look at her " Ugly isn't it. It's going to stretch your tight pussy. It's going american naughty xxx story dwonload feel good and fill you full." Wrapping my hand around it, I thrust forward driving the first four inches inside her. Hiroko screams " OMG.YOUR TO BIG.IT HURTS.TAKE IT OUT.PLEASE.TAKE IT OUT." I pull back then slam back into her driving all nine inches inside her the head battering her cervix and stretching her wide.

Tears running down her face and she hears me groaning like a beast as I pull it out slowly then slam back into her again and again. My length and thickness stretching and filling her, the thrusts shooting pain and pleasure sensations through her.

Hiroko can't believe what my cock is doing to her. Waves of orgasms surging through her, she has never experienced orgasms like this before, she has never had a cock that feels like this inside her. She feels her tight walls sheathing and unsheathing my shaft. feeling my foreskin moving up and down her cervix opening.

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Hiroko squeezes down on it. " Oh Hiroko, your pussy is so tight and so hot." I growl. Hiroko hears herself breathing heavily as I grab her hips roughly and pushing her small torso up and down on my cock.

She feels herself lubricating allowing me to push in and out deeper and faster. I'm slamming into her like a piston harder and harder, bending down taking her breast into my mouth. Hiroko feels my cock growing harder deep inside her, then a orgasm surges through her as she feels me shooting hot cum up into her cervix, stream after stream as my balls and ass tighten to push the cum in further.

I finally collapse on top of her, crushing her uncomfortably. I slowly raise up off of her " that was awesome. I'm summer ray fucking face in her mouth done with you yet." Hiroko laying on the bed exhausted and sore as I return a few minues later.

She can't believe I'm rock hard again. I crawl on the bed looking down at her, grabbing her legs placing them up in the air. " It's time to try your tight virgin ass." I growl. She feels herself panic.

Suddenly she feels painful sensations as the tip of my cock pushes against her puckered rose bud. Hiroko screams " Ahhh. no.No stop, this hurts." As I push harder against her tight anus with no success of penetrating her. I reach over to the nightstand grabbing a tube of lubracation,appling it the length of my shaft and smearing some on her anus. Hiroko is brought out of her daze when I twisted the tip of my finger in easily, she feels the burning ache of it entering her.

I spread the lube around inside her and around the opening of her ass. " Get ready for an ass fucking my Asian Flower." I said, as I wiped the rest of the lube onto my cock.

Then I thrust the tip into her small tight anus, she cringes as the tip fills her small hole, she breathed deeply as I inched the entire length of my cock into her. It feels like her ass is opening wider as it went up and my cock is in her to my balls. " Oh please, this hurts, please pull it out." She cries. I smiled down at her sinisterly pulling my cock out then quickly shoving it back into her again harder.

She found the pain intense at first, then the dull ache set in, her clit starts throbbing. She moans as I slide in and out of her ass, as I grab her breasts rubbing them roughly, taking the nipples in hot sexy teen dildo party xparty us tube porn fingers squeezing them.

Hiroko tries to hide her face behind her legs, my climax is growing closer, I slam harder into her causing her to moan and shudder as I explode shooting hot streams of cum into her. I slip out of her with a pop. ' Your ass is incredible Hiroko." I said. Hiroko lay on the bed exhausted as I laid beside her breathing hard our bodies covered in sweat. " My Asian Flower you were incredible. Your pussy and ass were incredibly tight.

Our weekend is just beginning." I whispered.