Novice lesbian teens get their narrow vaginas licked and screwed

Novice lesbian teens get their narrow vaginas licked and screwed
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Whata Week-Locker Room Sorry. Threw the key to my leash away, but I fount it. ;) I know this isn't my best work, but it's all apart of the story. You can probably skip if you want, but if you enjoy the story I guess you can read it *shrug* I was beaten last night and so was Zach and Micah for some unknown reason again, but their whoopin' was only about fifteen seconds, but as a result my body is more than sore.

I wore long sleeves to school and Rob hated to see it on our way to school.

Everyone else was too focused on the ring on my finger to care about the long sleeves. Temporarily I'm lying saying that I got it from my dead grandmother.

My current status with my boys is getting more intense. They slept with me again and this time I fount comfort in their bodies to help my sores and pressed them close to me. They softly petted my bruises, but once their hard-ons came on they explored my boobs that were bruised too, but they were afraid at first to touch them. I pretended I didn't notice and they touched them freely, rubbing on them softly with their soothing soft hands. I became wet again that night, but I won't let them get too far or let them slip under my pajamas.

Monday. After school. I was sitting at the bottom row of the bleachers, closest to the bench and the football players. This seat belongs to me, it always has since Rob joined the football team.

His girlfriend usually sits next to me, but this time it's just me- his girlfriend and his parents. I'm wearing his jersey, something I always wear at his games, my long sleeve under it.

He's number 26, my birthday I realized, and their colors are black and gray, home of the wolves. All the other football player's girlfriends wear them too, but I guess I'm the only proud one to wear it since I'm the only one in the front row. But I was proud to wear it when we were just friends too, when he got his jersey he gave one to me and his current girlfriend then.

We're up by 14 and we have the ball again, the game is already over, the guy in the booth is playing a fat lady singing. The coach took Rob out the game because he played all the runs up till now and scored at least half the points. Rob is sitting backwards not even looking at the game but at me, smiling and sweating like the sexy, handsome, beautiful star, hunk, and fiance he is.

He gets up and walks over, half the girls gasp and some half yell, probably seeing him as the star he is. He leans against the rail and smiles up at me and I smile back. He reaches through the rail and grabs my hand pulling me softly till our lips met and the girls behind me reaction was just hilarious.

He deepened the kiss and then wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me over the railing and I let him. I drop into his arms and his lips don't leave mine, most of the audience was on us, but I was oblivious to them, even the cheering.

He carries me back to the bench and sits me on his lap still kissing me. His team checking me out, about 4 of them I dated and dumped. I release the kiss and lay my head on his shoulder, taking in his smell that was so salty, but sooo sexy. The crowd went into a 'aw' when they saw me cradled in Rob's arms, like something you hear out of the movies and everyone came out laughing.

It feels like Rob proposed to me again in front of everyone and he basically sent the message when he took the ring from out my pocket and slipped it back on my finger, kissing me as he did. We won of course. We beat this high school every year. Everyone left and the players are in the locker room, I'm waiting sexy babe elle monela rides cock for money the doors.

They always come out the same time, and they always give me eyes when they come out, but instead when they came out they gave me pats on the back.

When everyone was gone, Rob amateur pullout cumshot wife wont with them.

I waited a few more minutes then hesitantly knocked on the locker room door. "Robbie. Come on I'm getting hungry" I tell the door and I skipped lunch because we usually go out to eat together after a game.

The door flew open, Robbie yanks me in and shuts the door, locking it. He pulls me into a hug, his boner stabbing against my breast. He was still sweaty, but now naked and sweating from head to toe, baking in the locker room heat and baking in his own hotness.

"You were keeping me waiting" he says and back steps still he hits the bench and sits down, keeping me between his legs. "Robbie", I sigh looking at his stiff buddy, but smile in the end. "Come on, I just won my football game." "And I'm going to pay for the food" I tell him pulling him by the arm, but he doesn't budge.

"Come on. I always wanted to do it in the locker room." he pleaded. I sigh and look at his throbbing monster pointing at me, begging me too. He pulls me down and kisses me softly, "Come on. We're graduating in two more weeks," he pulls away and smiles at me, "lets leave our marks." I look at him and see the plea in his eyes and he's not even pressuring me, just asking me to do this for him, with him.

A smile ran across my face as I sat in his lap. "You owe me" I tell him and he smiles kissing me again and sliding his hand up my leg to where my jeans unbuckle.

I think for a minute, about something that's been bothering me all day and hot awesome hottie rides like a wild pro week, "Robbie?" I call and he hm's in my ear.

"Have you ever done anal?" Just by that he stops kissing my cheek and I was curious as to why. I turn my eye to him and he was grinning at me making me smile from my short fear of disturbing him with my nasty question. "No. No girl was brave enough to let me do it." he says kissing my cheek again, this time tracing his tongue all the way up to my hair which he twirled with his tongue.

"Are you brave enough?" he asks grabbing my hand and placing it on his throbbing cock, hot and pleading for my answer to be 'yes'. But the thought of having this monster stuffed up my ass was seriously scaring me. like it probably did all the other girls. A smile cross my face at that thought, I'm not other girls, am I?

I ask myself and I, as well as Rob, already knows that answer. Even though I know girls aren't the ones who usually asks this, but curiosity was strong in me after the realization of the sexual life. Also, most health teachers say the ass if where things go out, not in and ever since then, I got curious and.

I've become a really nasty sex-crazed bitch! If Zach and Micah didn't sleep with me last night I would've tried masturbating next. "You must not know me", I tease kissing him on the lips and sucking on his tongue. He laughs and stabs his tongue deep down my throat as he pulled down my pants.

"You stink" I say between kisses and he laughs. "Want me to go wash first?" he asks already knowing my answer. "No!" I shout in his ear and lick his salty cheek. He laughs and turns his head, grabbing my tongue into his mouth, sucking on it. I move away from him and start to kiss his chin, then his neck and finally I licked his hard, powerful, salty, sweaty pecs. He groans and tries to pull off his jersey from me, but I pull it back down.

"Fuck me in your jersey" I pleaded but he yanks it off. He grabs my boobs for a second before going into his bag behind him, pulling out his other jersey, his dirty jersey. I smile at him and he slips it over my head, the smell strong and the jersey dirty. He slips his hand up his jersey and garbs my boobs, making me moan deeply. "God! Rob get inside me." I pleaded, actually so wet I feel like I'm peeing (I think I was off the top today).

He smiles at my plea and pulls down my panties that were dripping juice. "Damn" he laughs popping my panties in his mouth and sucking the juices in them. "You're disgusting" I laugh and he smiles at me, digging into his bag again.

I smile at what he pulls out and laugh when he puts it in my mouth. "You're the one sucking on people's jock straps" he laughs ravishing starlet with big tits enjoys masturbating I start chewing on it, getting the salty taste deep down my throat. In truth, I've always loved Jock straps on hot guys. He takes the strap from my mouth and spits out my underwear before kissing me and slowly raising my butt till the head of his cock was touching my pussy lips.

"Dammit Rob stop teasing me" I laugh as I released the kiss, him just holding me there at the tip of his head is torture. He smiles up at me and kisses me hard before turning me around to face the lockers and he released my butt all together and let gravity slam me onto his cock.

I scream as loud as I can, as hard as I can, and as long as I can. But when I hot sexy arabic desert rose aka prostitute Rob's moaning was still going. Brazilian playgirl loves hot fucking hardcore and blowjob turns us around to face the lockers and I was in a totally different world to wonder why. "Oh fuck!" I gasp, forgetting just how big he is (the guy needs to be on the discovery channel as the human sex monster).

His monster was throbbing against my walls, beating against my clit and rocking my world. He hugs my waist and speeds up, making me curse so much I'm glad he didn't fuck this hard yesterday at the church, otherwise I'd know I'd be going to Hell. Then something was building up in me, tingling me and I was so caught up, I thought I was going to burst a kidney or pee so hard I'd have to use my blood as a substitute.

But luckly I had enough and I squirt so hard, I covered all the lockers in front of me with my juices and he stopped, holding me in him. "Beautiful" he whispers, "And you failed art in your freshman year?" he laughs softly moving his hips up and down as he watched my juices slide down the locker doors. "You're a sick bastard" I laugh and he squeezes one of my boobs in acknowlegement. "My turn" he whispers, standing up and taking a few inches back, the bench still between his legs.

Still holding me up, he begins to fuck me again, just moving his waist as he thrusts in and out wildly, his balls slapping my clit. I'm on another reach for a climax, but he gets it before me and lets his cock flick out my pussy, sliding through the top of my walls as he shot his load, that was like magic to me from the outside, but also a waste.

It's almost magic how much cum his body can make after having sex a less than 18 hours ago, but he ain't natural. (I think it takes around 10 hours for meiosis to take place, Hell I'm not majoring in biology) It was like a fountain, his cock, squirting and landing farther and farther as it launched and landed, filling the entire bench with his steaming hot semen. My body wrenched and ached seeing it going to waste other than inside me to eat or inside me to make his baby. He exhales with relief like a huge load was released, or like he actually came from winning a football game.

"Damn that was good", he sighs in my ear, sticking his cock back in me. "But we're not done", I smile back at him, trying to see his face. But his cock answered by even becoming harder in me.

"We still have to do the shower" he laughs softly moving his hips. I think for a second before doing a really painful thing. I painfully tried to turn on his cock and after much struggle, I succeeded and was finally facing him.

I licked his cheek, licked his chest and finally licked his lips. "First you need to clean, you dirty pervert." I tell him and he smiles at me at what I did after a moment of shock and he kisses me hard on the lips. He slips his hand up his dirty jersey, grabs and squeezes my breast together then takes the jersey off.

"You stink too" he laughs sniffing my shoulder which I bet stinks of his sweat and my own. I kiss him and he slowly walks over to the shower, taking his sweet time to mix our salty perspiration.

But his cock that's inside me is throbbing in a tantrum for him to hurry up and fuck me and my pussy is asking for it to be fucked again. But both Robbie and I don't care how much they want it, because this kiss is gold. He stops at the steps and hold me here, to kiss me nice and firmly. He releases the kiss with a sigh and looks at me, " I knew I should've waited for you" and I knew he was talking about his own virginity. "That would've been nice" I tell him, kissing him again.

"But you were my first kiss" he says starting to climb the three steps to the shower room. "That was the sloppiest kiss ever. You was covered in mud too." I laugh. "We were covered in mud" he reminds me and kisses me nicely.

In a way, we were playing in the mud because Rob was locked out from his house and we don't go in my house when dad was desirable teen amia rides a big shaft brunette and latina. I won't lie. I pushed him in the mud and after he was covered, he grabbed me by my shirt when I tried to run and pulled me down with him. Our lips met accidentally and clumsily, and we held the kiss longer than we meant to.

We were just kids, in sixth grade. It didn't mean anything to me because it wasn't my first kiss, but it was my first with him. "And now we're covered in sweat" I tell him after he releases my lips. He walks into the shower and starts to turn on the water-hot! "My socks are going to get soaked" I whisper to him as the water washed over his hair, flattening it and making him look dangerously cute.

He was barbara bourbon richard oneal geoff parker in classic sex movie black water shoes which looked sexy on him from a distance if I could keep my hands off him. "I have a pair in my bag" he smiles softly moving my hips for me, his cock throbbing for excitement in me- for me. "I don't want your stank f." he cuts me off with a kiss, strangling my tongue with his own and he presses me onto the wall, quickly speeding up.

He releases my lips and a scream left my mouth. "You look so hot wet" he moans looking at my face, which I know is true. The only reason the swim club is filled with boys, and boys during our meets, is because the majority of the girls in the club look hot wet. I get this the most so I guess I'm the hottest wet.

I shriek when he goes faster, then my shriek echoed through the locker room when he turned off the water and I know his speed increased and his hardening cock was thanks to my yelp of ecstasy and pleasure. He pulls out of me and a tear streaks my face from lost. He bends down and sucks on my boob, nibbling on my nipple, before forcefully turning me around and pressing me to the wall and turning the water back on.

"Your ass is mine" he says groping my butt cheeks in both hands. I turn my head and smile at him and he was smiling too as he moved in to kiss me. He lets the kiss go and sticks two fingers in my mouth and I suck on it nicely. He replaces his fingers with his tongue and I felt him wandering my asshole with his spit covered fingers. He softly rubs my pucker, and I moan with his every movement. He starts to put the tips of his fingers in bubble assed beauteous cutie impaled on cock my butt starts to suck him in, but he yanks them out.

I'm confused for about a few seconds before I feel fear. The head of his cock was wandering my butt and I'm not the lease bit loose enough for him to enter me. "Rob", I cry but he only kisses my neck. "It'll be alright. I won't hurt you. ever." He promised me and oddly enough I believed him. He gets into position, stepping closer to my butt, his cock between my cheeks.

"Be gentle this time" I squeaked, half begged, knowing when he took my virginity he hammered me- hard. "Maybe" he giggled in my ear and I felt the head of his cock press against my pucker. "Asshole" I laugh at him and he stretches me open, his head slowly pushing in. "Similar things attract, right?" he asks pushing deeper, and his head was finally in and my legs started to buckle as he started to push the shaft in.

I would've died then and there. My ass was calling for him to go deeper though, pulling him in further and further into my rectum, "You see. Your ass knows it too" he laughs in my ear. He grabs my chin and turns my face sideways and kisses me nice and hard, before shoving his entire cock up my ass. My legs gave out and I screamed into his mouth as all my weight went onto his cock. "Oh shit!" he laughs in my ear and he grabs me by my thighs and lifts me up, banging hard, fierce and painfully.

"Fuck!" I screamed and my pussy went wet as I turned and saw his handsome wet face smiling at me as he fucked. He let go of one of my thighs to run his fingers through my hair then caress my cheek. He kisses the back of my neck, still not slowing down his pace.

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"Did I hurt you?", he asks with a smile, obviously not caring much or already knowing that he was making me feel so good I forgot all about that ridiculous pain that took over my ass. My answer was to forcibly turn my head and kiss him and he started to slow down, slowly falling to his knees, taking me with him.

"I'm 'bout to cum" he whispers, grabbing my pelvis tight. "Want me to fill your ass?" he asks with a smile, hugging me tighter till I have to press myself to him and arch my back to stay from hurting too much. "Yes" I gasp kissing his cheek and one of his hands wandered to my pussy and he started to finger me.

"How do you keep on getting this tight?" he sexy passenger anal banged by big cock in the backseat trying to spread his fingers inside me, but failed to spread them by much. "I swear I stretched every girl I fucked so wide every guy they fuck later might as well be pencil dicked.

But you keep on retracting like my dick was nothing." He did one last final hard stroke as if he was angry that my pussy did that, but I can tell just thinking about it made him so horny, he's not even going to fill my ass now. Nope. He grabs my breast and continues to thrust in me, harder and harder that I'm moaning and yelling with ecstasy. "Your ass is much tighter too" he tells me and I guess his cock was becoming more sensitive, because the fuck was only fifteen minutes before he had to cum again.

He grabbed both my breasts, squeezed on them tight, leaned back till his back hit his ankles taking me with him and blew his top, the water showering over my boobs, his hands, my body and on him. (There's no sex position for this I think. I'd call this the rainbow position. I love it!) I felt him fill me up and the hot rush of his cum was more powerful and more hot than the water washing us. I bent my head back and he fount my lips without instruction and we laid there, him rubbing my nipple softly between his fingers, shooting his hot semen in my ass, and french kissing me nicely with the water raining onto us.

He relaxes after about forty seconds of cumming. He holds me close to him and breathes softly on my face and I cuddle closer to him.

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chennai big aunty sex with small boy mms story " I love you" he says kissing my cheek and I softly rock on his cock. "Don't say that. only after you had. sex with me" I say breathlessly and I feel him smile as his chin shifted on my head. "I'm too tired to fight back" he tells me, but his cock was still standing and waiting for more in protest against his cries.

I break into a smile. "So I'm more tiring than a football game?" I ask and he smiles again. "You're more of a challenge." He says kissing my wet hair. I cuddle more into him, not wanting to move, but knowing we'll have to. We just had sex for about two hours, the building is going to shut in half a hour or less, meaning we need to be out by then. We got dress, left out, and started to walk home. He's half carrying me since my legs are still numb. "Not that I'm glad I did, but I think it was a bad idea to sell my car." he laughs.

"I do too" I laugh with him, but I already got his surprise, I just hope it wasn't stolen. We turn the corner and I take the keys out my purse and unlock the car with a loud beep.

Rob stops in his tracks and looks at the keys in my hand and the car down the street. "When did y." he was cut off when I dropped the key in his hand. "My Uncle owns a car dealership and gave me a little discount. I didn't have enough, but being his only niece has some value if you play innocent.

I asked him to bring it over while we were at church." He was too awestruck to talk, but his kiss was enough for words. He actually dipped me and kissed me hard on the lips. The car is a Toyota, an old version, but it's new. I still have to pay back my Uncle, but it's not much because he spoils me.

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I'm his only niece and he's my only Uncle since my mom has no brothers and my dad only has his brother. "You're the best damn fiancee any man can ask for" Rob says kissing me again and again. "And you better treat me like one too. Uncle Stephan said if I give you a gift like this and you don't treat me right, he's going to put your skull on his hood." Rob lost all sign of romance big tits nylon garter belt was half terrified, mostly because of some stories I told him about Uncle Stephan when we were younger (he's been in jail for attempted murder which was really self defense since the guy pulled a knife out on him, but lack of evidence, my Uncles anger problems and the different age ranges supported the little bastard), but I only smile and kiss him.

"Don't worry. You'll be on my hood" I laugh and he smiles kissing me again till he picks me up by my legs and carry me to his new car. To be continued.