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One of the great things about teaching in university is that you get opportunities to teach in other countries if you are a traveling sort.

I had been at it awhile and badly needed a break from my current life in the U.S. I'd also lived too long in the snow and cold, so I was looking for an opportunity to go somewhere that would be warm year round. I got a grant to study marine life around the islands and reefs off of Queensland, Australia. The grant did not include any living expenses, so I needed something to pay the bills. I managed to get a visiting position at Paradise Waters High School in the area known as the Sunshine Coast.

It was close enough to my research area, and warm year round, so it checked all of my boxes. I was happy to leave a record-nasty winter in the northern US. When I boarded the plane in January at my tiny local airport, the temperature was -5F with a wind chill of -17. Eighteen inches of snow had fallen the day before.

I walked across the tarmac in my Eddie Bauer subzero parka and gloves so thick they would put Neil Armstrong to shame. When I stepped off the plane in Brisbane into 90F temperature, I don't think anyone had ever seen such garb in person. I got situated in the small apartment I would rent by the week during my stay and took a couple days to get my internal clock adjusted to the change in time and climate. Next I had to go shopping for lighter clothes, my northern hemisphere summer clothes were still too heavy for the Sunshine Coast summer.

I leased a car for the year and set out to explore the area. As I wanted to keep my connection to university life, I went to visit an acquaintance who worked at The University of the Sunshine Coast in the adorably named suburb of Sippy Downs. The buildings and the campus layout looked like any American University. As students moved about to classes or just hanging out, there was one major difference. These Australian youths wore almost no clothes.

Ripped, tanned young men wore tight spandex shorts, either with sneakers or barefoot. Most of the women were wearing spandex shorts that showed off their shapely asses, tattooed babe maya bijou first steamy sex session that drew one's attention to their beautiful breasts. The women sunbathing on the lawn might as well be naked, that's how little their bikinis covered.

Not that I was complaining, but I would be too distracted to work there. My class assignments were not onerous, another perk of being a visitor. I had a couple of sections of introductory courses, plus a course in environmental science. My specialty was lakes and ocean environments, and the head of the biology section, Adele Jameson was technically my boss.

We had never met in person honey select slime girl tube porn, having only Face Timed on a couple occasions when I was interviewing for the position.

Meeting Ms. Jameson—Adele—in person was an unexpected pleasure. I dropped by to make sure my classroom and lab was in order. I struggled to pay attention as Adele gave me a tour of the school. I thought Adele was dressed casually because the school was on break and the A/C was off.

I came to learn, happily, that is just how she dressed. Adele was tall, probably a few years younger than me, with tanned legs that just kept on going.

Adele also had a large, firm rack of natural breasts. She was also proud to them on display in a thin cotton halter-top with no bra, allowing anyone to see her bouncing, erect nipples. During our conversations, I saw her smile a couple times when she noticed I could not take my eyes off her breasts. Not only was she not offended, she adjusted her top frequently to reveal more of her cleavage. She made a point of bending over for little reason during the tour, letting me have a glimpse of those magnificent girls.

I loved my job already. The first few days were typically chaotic, as students found their classes, reunited with friends and checked out the new guy—me. Unlike high schools in the US, students wore uniforms; boys in white shirts and khakis, girls in white blouses and black and green plaid skirts. The administration fought a never-ending battle with students, especially the girls, trying to make their uniforms sexier.

The girls would leave extra buttons open at the top of their blouses, tie off their blouses at the midriff or roll up the top of their skirts to make them shorter. I was expected to help enforce these rules but being used to revealing college dress, I didn't see any harm in what the girls were doing. Truthfully, I enjoyed the display of young skin, and loved the wiggle in their asses as they tried to get the attention of the boys. What I wasn't prepared for was the overt, highly suggestive flirtation of the Aussie girls.

I was used to American college girls. Many of the American girls didn't flirt at all but got right to the point ("I am better at fucking than I am at biology, Professor. How about you grade me on that?"). Others, as I have described in my other stories hooked up with me out of genuine mutual attraction. These Australian high school girls treated their sexuality like a new toy they were having fun playing with.

They loved to sexy brunette babe sucks and fucks pov a reaction from the boys (and me) and often competed and colluded to see what kind of reaction they could generate. Four of the female students in my environmental science class decided they would torment the new guy by doing anything to get a rise—literally—out of me. Tina, Becky, Cindy and Veronica, or Ronnie were inseparable partners in crime. Tina appeared to be the ring leader, but it was hard to tell.

Tina was petite, with blonde or brown hair, depending on the season. Her body was shaped with gentle curves, hips you just wanted to hold onto when doing her from behind. Her breasts were young and firm, her face lovely and fresh. Her smile made everyone around her smile. She also had a devilish, flirtatious smile she saved for the boys (and me)—a smile that said, "I know you want to fuck me, but that isn't going to happen." Drove me nuts. Like every other boy in the school, I really wanted to fuck Tina.

Becky was best friends with Tina. She was about the same size as Tina, darker hair, with the same, tight, fuck bait body. She and Tina were always whispering and laughing with one another when they were together. I've no doubt that lots of boys thought of Becky's body when they flogged themselves at night. Me, I flogged myself at night thinking of fucking the two friends at the same time. Cindy was much taller than Tina and Becky with a toned, athlete's body. She was the captain or leader of every girls' sports team at school.

Long hair often tied back in a ponytail. I often fantasized about pulling that ponytail while Cindy was sucking my cock. In my dreams. Cindy was so toned and muscular I imagined her tight pussy could snap me in two like a twig.

That would be awesome. Last but not least at all was Ronnie. She was a statuesque girl of Spanish heritage. Long dark hair, Mediterranean features, totally classy and poised. The boys constantly bothered these girls with all sorts of unbiblical suggestions. Tina, Becky and Cindy would give it back as well as take it. Not Ronnie. She just glided past it all, the boy's comments rolling off of her and disappearing in the dust. I dreamed of wrapping that lovely dark hair around my cock and dropping a big load into its silky depths.

Then I would snap out of my reverie and go back to realizing that I would never get anything from these girls except a tease. They could fuck any of the very hot, and, judging from what I saw in the locker room after my workout, extremely well-hung boys they chose. They wouldn't bother with me. They would just give me a raging hard on with their antics and then leave me blue-balled. This Gang of Four taunted me mercilessly. They would sit in the front row, hike up their uniform skirts, and spread their legs every time I turned from the board to face the class.

Being a guy, and being halfway around the world without a girlfriend, and also having gone six months or more without getting laid, yeah, my eyes were drawn to those four pussies facing me.

The girls would giggle every time I stammered and lost my place due to staring at their panties. On lab days, these three girls would work together, despite my best attempts to separate them. They would hike their skirts so that when they shy arab girl mia khalifa popped a fans cherry over the lab table, I could get a glimpse of their thong panties climbing up the tight crack of their shapely asses.

Except for Tina. Tina would sometimes manage to pull her thong to one side and give me a glimpse of her shaved pussy and asshole. I imagined dropping to my knees and sliding my tongue inside that lovely pussy. The other girls watched for my reaction out of the corners of their eyes while pretending to work. When my eyes would bug out with surprise, they would burst into giggles.

Other times they would come to class wearing no bras, having taken them off before class, contrary to the rules. Once at the lab table they would unbutton a few more buttons on their blouses.

They would call me over for some meaningless question and giggle again when they caught me stammering when staring down their blouses at their firm young breasts. "You know ladies, I could report you to the administration for violating the dress code—severely violating the dress code in my class. You could get in a lot of trouble," I said, in a voice that tried and failed to be stern and commanding. Three of the girls immediately lost their grin and started to button up their blouses.

Not Tina. She leaned farther across the lab table, her breasts all but spilling out of her blouse onto the table. "Yes, you could, Professor. But you won't," she whispered at me with a big grin. "If we stop showing you our tits, you will have nothing to wank to when you get home." The other three girls gasped a bit uncomfortably at their friend's boldness.

I knew that Tina had totally called my bluff. Truthfully, I had a lot of fantasies that involved sucking on Cindy's or Ronnie's nipples. I lost another round to these beautiful girls. "Well, I'll overlook it this time," I said unconvincingly. The girls laughed at my discomfort. I was confident I would see their tits again in the future. But I didn't anticipate the circumstances. These four also introduced me to a wonderful tradition called "no undie Mondee." After several weeks of torture with spread legs, no bras, bending over and wet undies, I was prepared for another week of sexual frustration at the hands, and other parts, of these young women.

I got well into my lecture on the ecology of coastal salt marshes when I turned back to my desk to go to the next slide. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ronnie's legs shift. When I looked, Ronnie was smiling at me as she pulled the front of her skirt up a bit revealing her naked pussy.

I stopped talking midsentence. I turned red. The class broke into uproarious laughter, as everyone but me knew what was going on. They were not done with me. I tried to anais hills n kora lesbian foot toe fetish se with my lecture, but my mind was totally on eating Ronnie's shaved pussy.

The next time I faced the class, Cindy parted her shapely, toned legs and lifted her skirt a bit to show me her fun parts.

I noticed that Cindy wasn't shaved completely but sported sexy brunette babe in stockings on couch nicely trimmed landing strip above her pussy. My train of thought derailed once again as all I could think of was holding Cindy's long legs above her head while I slammed my cock into that pussy.

The class was laughing again, but this time I tried to gain the upper hand. "I'm sorry Cindy, but don't you feel a breeze today?" Cindy smiled and spread her legs farther, parting her lips and showing me her wetness.

"Yes Professor, but it is a hot breeze. And with the humidity it is a hot, wet breeze." Cindy bit her lip seductively as she gauged my response. Defeated again I was. "Yes…well…" was all I could mumble as the class erupted in laughter. My lecture was a shamble. Of course, coincidentally my next slide was a picture of a clam. More laughter. I had to stop this before I got dyke milf makayla cox enjoys lesbian duo with teen izzy bell the slide with a pair of ducks mating in the marsh.

Becky interrupted me. "I'm sorry Professor, but do you hear that buzzing noise? I haven't heard that before." The class got quiet to listen and there was an unusual, very soft buzzing sound from somewhere. I was staring at the ceiling, straining to hear which direction the sound was coming from, when some muffled snickering started, and the sound got louder.

I looked down to see Becky spreading her legs, showing me her young pussy. The end of a small vibrator was protruding from her pussy lips, the source of the buzzing sound. I could not have turned redder. I turned my back to the class, so I could adjust the raging hard on in my shorts. The head of my cock was already protruding from the waistband of my low-cut shorts. So glad I didn't wear boxers today.

The vision of me fucking Becky in the ass while that vibrator buzzed in her wet pussy was fixed in my brain. I turned back to the class and tried to concentrate on the projector slides and not stare at the row of beautiful young womanhood before me. To no avail. Tina called out a question.

"Professor, do you like to eat clam?" The laughter was louder still. Some of the boys were doubled over from laughing so hard. I tried to maintain my composure. "Yes Tina, I think fresh clam is delicious. I eat it any chance I get." The rest of the class was in hysterics over this exchange. But then I noticed that Tina too was showing me her pussy with her legs spread.

But she had pulled the back of her skirt, so her pussy was touching the upholstered cushion of her chair. She was gyrating her hips slightly, rubbing her wet pussy against the cushion. A noticeable wet spot was growing on the upholstery. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I looked at Tina, probably with a combination of lust and wtf are you doing? She just gave me a raised eyebrow glance that said "So what do you think of that?" Thankfully the bell rang to change classes, but it didn't matter. My class had ended long before. Students packed up and left, but the Gang of Four dawdled, pretending to talk amongst themselves, but loudly enough so I could hear. "Think the Professor cracked a fat today, girls?

We tried our best!" Laughter ensued. "We could never tell anyway. I think it is way too small." That would be Tina. "He was adjusting something in his pants." "His keys no doubt." They giggled between themselves, stealing glances my way to see my reaction. I kept my back to them, carefully erasing the board before the next class.

I actually had to smile at their banter. "At least it is good to see the Professor likes pussy. I was beginning to think he was a poofter!" (I had to look that one up). "Oh no, he's straight. He wants you Tina, something fierce. After we leave, he's going to lock the door and cum on your seat!" "Eww! You're so gross." I kept my back turned to hide my reaction.

"At least that little thing won't drop enough to make a stain." I couldn't let that last one pass. "Someday I'll let you perform that experiment, Tina," I responded, although I should have known better. The girls burst out laughing. "Ha!" Tina mocked me. "Like that will ever happen, Professor!" The girls laughed as they left the room.

I was going to be the laughing stock of all the students within 30 minutes. But Tina was the last to leave the room. She paused in the doorway, lifted her skirt and spread her ass for me momentarily.

She looked back and winked at me as her skirt fell back into place. I hadn't thought about the wet spot on Tina's chair until the girls reminded me of it, but they weren't quite right about my intention. I didn't lock the door and cum on Tina's chair.

I locked the door, got on my knees and smelled the wet spot on Tina's chair. It smelled wonderful. Then I licked the wet spot. I loved it. Only then did I stand, take my tormented cock from my pants, and drop a big load of semen on the wet spot on Tina's chair. It was plenty to leave amateur babe innocent face masturbate with toy stain. … I used the weekends working on my fieldwork, which among other things, required me to rent a motorboat to travel out to the shallow coral reefs to examine their health.

As the reefs were more than a mile from the coast, I had to rent a large enough and powerful enough boat to handle the ocean waves and currents. I took a kayak to get to the shallowest part of the reefs where I could stand on the reef while doing my research. Since there was almost never another boat in sight, I would sometimes do my research naked, wearing only my water shoes to protect my feet.

Sometimes I would stroke my cock and shoot my seed into the clear Pacific. Sadly, it had been months since I'd had sex. Playing with myself helped, but of course it wasn't the same.

I used buckets of sunscreen to protect my pasty white northern hide. But in the end the bright, hot Australian sun burned me but good. "Whoa Professor! What happened to you?" Tina asked the next day in class. "I was out on the reefs for about six hours. Your Australian sunscreens don't do a thing." "Good grief, wear some clothes!

You look like you fell in a deep fryer." "Thanks for the advice. I am heartbroken you're telling me to put clothes on. Story of my life." "Listen to the Professor talk," said Becky. "Like you could handle any of us." "Sigh, another experiment we will never conduct, ladies," I lamented.

Tina smiled at me. "I love to experiment. Never can tell where my investigations will lead. Scientific method you know." "Oooooh, Tina" her friends taunted. "You're just trying to give the old guy some wood." "Haha! Maybe. How am I doing Professor?" It was time to cut off this line of discussion, at least while we were in school. "You're always top of the class, Tina.

Now let's get started for today…" The next Saturday, clad in long nylon wind pants and a long sleeve tee against the sun, I went down to the Mooloolaba Marina to rent my boat. My concession to the heat was that I decided to forgo any underwear that day, and my dangling member liked the cool sea breeze.

I had a lot of gear to stow onboard; sampling cases, snorkeling gear, underwater camera equipment, kayak and the like. I was just finishing putting everything in its place and checking my fuel supply when I heard a familiar voice behind me on the dock. "Good to see you took my advice on the clothing, Professor." I turned to see Tina watching me from the dock. I almost dropped a fuel can on my foot. She was wearing a wide brimmed canvas hat and a men's denim shirt, unbuttoned and blowing in the breeze.

Underneath she was wearing beautiful tattoed gf cheating in front of camera kind of skimpy bikini I'd only seen in pictures like the SI Swimsuit Issue. Small triangles of green cloth barely covered her nipples, and another barely covered her shaved pussy. Tina did a model turn on the dock for me. "How do you like my new bathers Professor?

I just bought it a couple weeks busty office slut in stockings gives blowjob and having anal twirling in place revealed a true string bikini, a thin strip tucked in her ass crack, leaving her golden tanned bum fully exposed. She paused with her ass pointed my way and pretended to bend over to retrieve something from her beach bag.

Tina had a perfect tiny teen bum. It was spell binding. "Well, Professor?" I snapped out of my trance. Tina grinned mischievously at me, her blonde hair flowing freely in the breeze as she removed her hat and shook her head.

She was obviously enjoying taunting me. I didn't really care. "Well…yes…hello Tina. What are you doing here?" "The parents of one of my school mates have a boat docked here. I was trying to figure out which one it was when I saw you loading your boat. Thought I'd stop and say hi." "Well, hello," I said matter of factly.

"Good to see you here." I pretended to work with my back towards Tina, not because I was trying to be rude but because I didn't want my student to see my hard dick straining against the fabric of my wind pants. I should have worn underwear, as there was no real hiding my hard cock.

My cock is six or seven inches long, I don't know. Truthfully, I hadn't measured since high school, and never had any complaints. Whatever its size, my dick was at full attention and stretching the fabric of my wind pants. "You know it's courteous to invite visitors aboard your boat Professor," Tina said, already climbing aboard.

"I'm sorry, where are my manners? I'm a scientist, not a yachtsman I guess." Tina climbed aboard and plopped down young old hairy seduce her wet dream the captain's chair. The crush of my gear forced her to prop her feet up on some specimen boxes, the result being her legs spread quite wide. So skimpy was her suit that one could see the outline of her pussy lips through the thin fabric. There was no hiding my fully erect member, now straining against the thin nylon fabric.

There was even a tiny wet spot where some cum had oozed from the tip of my dick. Tina's eyes were focused on my pants. She smiled and laughed. "You are packing some big equipment on this boat today Professor." "Yes, my gear takes up a lot of room, I'm sorry," I said, not picking up on her true meaning. She laughed again. "You are so funny, Professor," she said as I suddenly caught on.

I blushed, although it was likely hidden by the sunburn. I was at a loss for words. "I'm sorry Tina. I am being most inappropriate, but I can't help it. I don't see girls like you back home. It's too cold." Tina flashed her beautiful smile at me. "No worries Professor, the girls and I are being mean to you, you being here all alone and in a strange place with no girlfriend. I'm sorry, we were just having some fun with you.

Didn't mean any harm. Hope you're not offended?" I relaxed a bit. "Thank you Tina. It is really hard…uh…you know…difficult. Worse than I anticipated." Tina grinned her devilish grin at me.

"Oh I know how frustrated you are, Professor. I saw what you did to my chair in the classroom." This time my blush must have shown through my sunburn. Tina laughed heartily, clapping her hands at my embarrassment. "O gosh…I mean…I never…wasn't," I couldn't complete a sentence I was so embarrassed. At least I was amusing Tina. "Don't be embarrassed, Professor. I am kind of flattered. You didn't spoof on anyone else's seat." Now I was totally humiliated and wanted this to end.

"Yes, well, I am sorry Tina. I do have to get going now so I have enough time to do my work." "Absolutely!" Tina turned to the console, turning the key starting the motors. "Throw off the lines, won't you sir?" she said over the roar of the twin outboards.

"Tina what are you doing?" "I'm coming with you. I'll even drive." "No, I don't think so. I thought you were going out with a friend?" "They left without me a half hour ago. I got a text. So I will come with you!" "I don't know if that's a good idea. I would be responsible for you." "I'm sure I'm a better swimmer than you anyway Professor. Besides, I can give you a hand with your big equipment." That grin again.

I was going to argue more, but thought better of it. What was wrong with having a hot young 16-year-old girl with you when you conduct your research in the middle of the ocean? Well, everything probably, but I didn't care. I threw off the lines and Tina maneuvered the boat into the channel. As we passed between the seawalls enclosing the passage to the ocean, Tina pulled off her shirt and stowed her hat.

Blonde hair, almost naked, tanned skin. This could be a good day after all. Once clear of the channel, Tina stood and gunned the motors. We shot across the ocean. "I love the ocean! It makes me feel so alive, I love it!" I pointed out that Tina didn't know where we were going, so I asked to take the wheel. She throttled back the motors and we maneuvered the tight spot to switch places. As she passed close by me, Tina's thigh rubbed hard against my erection.

I would have backed up to let her pass, but there was no room. I blushed yet again. Tina just grinned at me and rubbed her thigh back and forth against the pole in my pants a couple of times. I almost came right then, and Tina knew it. "You have really got to stop messing with me, Tina. I haven't gone this long since high school." "I'm sorry, Professor.

I just love your reactions. You are so goofy." I decided to take that as real private handy story german squirting compliment. Tina sat on the bench in the bow, facing the helm with her back to the two adorable teens share a massive rod. At least the view will be good for the trip, I thought. I gunned the motors and came about to the proper heading. We had to run for about thirty minutes to get to the shoal I was going to study.

While we ran, I noticed that Tina was rubbing some sort of oil, maybe baby oil on her skin. With the oil coating her skin, the color of her skin reminded me of honey. The strain on my wind pants worsened. As we got closer, I throttled back and began concentrating on the GPS to find the same spot where I was working last weekend.

I was going to mark it with a small buoy, but the Queensland Water Police told me that was not allowed. So I maneuvered the boat in the ridiculously clear Pacific water to find a sandy spot where I could drop anchor without damaging the shoal. The anchor was up front where Tina was sunbathing.

I cut the motor. I was about to ask Tina to throw the anchor, but I came up short. Tina was sitting in the front of the boat, head thrown back, eyes closed, legs spread. The fingers of her right hand were inside the front of her new bather, vigorously massaging her clit.

The front of her suit lady in stockings gives head and gets banged for free blowjob and bigcock already very wet, and she was gasping and moaning softly.

"Ahhh! Mmmm…Yes…Yeeees!" Tina's small body shivered as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body. I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled the drawstring and let my pants fall to the deck. I slowly stroked my underutilized cock while I watched Tina rub one out.

One orgasm wasn't enough, and her experienced fingers started working on her next. With my hard tool leading the way, I quietly walked over to where Tina was sitting, oblivious to the world. I got on my knees between her splayed legs.

"Let me help you with that," I said quietly. Tina jumped a bit at the shock, quickly coming back from wherever her mind had been. "It's the ocean…it always happens…it makes me so horny I can't help it," she said, still half in a trance. Suddenly Tina realized where she was and what was happening. "Ahh! Professor! What are you doing?" She sat up a bit startled.

Her eyes fell to my stiff cock, the head pointing right at her, my cock bobbing slightly in rhythm with my pulse. "You don't have any&hellip.", her protest trailed off as she couldn't stop staring at my cock. "Quiet…" I said. "Lean back." Tina complied, her eyes still glassy from her self-induced orgasm.

I pulled the bottom of her bathers aside and gently began cleaning her wetness from her engorged pussy lips with my tongue. She offered no resistance, she even helped pull her bathing bottoms aside, so I had full access to her wet pussy.

She laid her head back on the gunwale of the boat and let the waves gently rock the boat under her. "I don't know why the ocean makes me so hot. It just does," Tina said to no one or nothing in particular.

I love giving head, and I hadn't eaten such a beautiful pussy since I was a teenager myself. Tina gasped audibly when I ran my tongue over her swollen clit, still warm from Tina's playing. I took her tight, firm ass in my hands and held her in my mouth.

I sucked her clit into my mouth, where I could run my tongue over every part of it as Tina bucked in my grasp and ground into my face.

Her breathing quickened, almost panting. But otherwise she was quiet, moving her hips, concentrating on putting my tongue just where she wanted. I bent lower and snaked my warm tongue deep into her delicious pussy. My face was already wet, buried in her womanhood.

"Oh God!" she yelled suddenly. That's good…yeah…that's good!" I took the rough flat of my tongue and ran it back and forth over her clit. She wreathed at my touch and tried to break loose, but I held her ass tight. "Ummm…yeah…ummm, you're going to…" was all Tina got out as she came violently in my mouth. My face was buried in her crotch and breathing was difficult but I would not take my tongue from her clit. "Oh, you're going to make me…yyyeeeaaahhh…finger me…put your finger in my pussy…put your finger in my pussy." I slid my finger inside her and felt her body jump as my wet finger slid across her G-spot.

I massaged that soft tissue as Tina bucked and squirmed under my touch.

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"Mhm…Mhm…that's it, that'ssssssss," she exclaimed as she came on my face a second time. "Oh God, I needed that, that felt amazing!" "Oh we are so not done, Missy," I smiled as I came up for air. I grabbed her ankles and raised them over her head. "Play with your clit again." Tina looked confused. "Wait. What are you going to do?" "Shut up and play with yourself." Tina obeyed.

I lifted her ankles higher in the air, revealing her little teen asshole to me. I didn't know if Tina had ever been rimmed, but I was about to find out. Tina's fingers quickened their pace rubbing her twat. I bent over and began to run my tongue around and around her anus. "Oh God yes!

Lick my ass! I love it!" Tina hissed. Her encouragement made me play longer with her bum, licking her crack, pushing with my tongue at an unavailing attempt to get inside her bum hole. Tina loved the pressure of my tongue on her anus. She grabbed my hair and held my head on her bum. "Ooh yeah…ooh yeah…" Tina had a death grip on my hair with one hand and was furiously rubbing it out on her clit with the other.

She moved her hips to try to push her ass onto my tongue. She started talking shit. "How do you like the taste of my ass, Professor. Becky eats my ass all the time, but you're the first man to lick it. Tight, huh? Can't squeeze it in, can you?

I am going to make you eat my ass every day at school. You'd do that for me, right? You love licking my ass, don't you?" "Uh-huh," I grunted, my tongue still probing her little ass hole. I wet a finger in her pussy and pushed it deep into her ass.

Tina inhaled sharply. "Careful. My bum is small. Can't take a lot. Don't stop." "Wasn't planning to." I was still holding one of Tina's ankles in the air, the other was draped over my shoulder.

She was kicking me in the back with her heel, urging me on. I wet two fingers in her cunt, and started working two fingers into her bum.

I went nice and slow, giving her anal sphincter time to relax. But this girl was tight. "Unh…shit…ow, ow, ow…okay…okay…like that…I can take it.

That's good." Tina was talking to herself, trying to convince herself that her ass could stretch that far under my fingers. Her face was grimacing a bit, her breathing was heavy, but she wasn't protesting. Her hips even started grinding her ass onto my fingers. She reached between her legs to hold my fingers in her ass. I will always remember this scene. Out on the blue ocean, nothing else in sight.

This gorgeous sweet girl on her back, head thrown back. My fingers deep in her asshole, she moves her hips, sliding me in and out, finger fucking her asshole. I bent down and plunged my tongue between her wet lips and onto her clit.

Tina almost jumped out of her skin. "Oh my God! Yes!" She took her hand from mine and roughly grabbed my hair, pushing my face hot teen with big natural family into her wet cunt. I flicked my tongue rapidly back and forth on her clit. Tina's back arched, she pushed her hips down, taking my fingers all the way up her ass. She came explosively. "Geez…God…ohhhh!" Her body stiffened and convulsed as her orgasm radiated from her clit and consumed her entire body.

"Unhhh!" One final thrust and Tina collapsed back onto the seat. She took a few seconds to come back to earth. She opened her eyes finally and smiled at me. "Oh. My. God. That was wild." Her head rolled back onto the gunwale as she caught her breath. I stood up, standing between her splayed shapely legs.

I put one foot on the gunwale and grabbed my cock and put it close to her face. "My turn," I said matter of factly. Tina opened her eyes and smiled. "Oh, Hell yeah." She wrapped one hand around my cock and began to stroke it in long, slow strokes. With her other hand, she cupped my pendulous sensual chick is geeting urinated on and blasts wet snatch and massaged my balls, letting a finger stray to stroke my taint.

This girl hotshot fucks a young slut hard how to suck cock. Her efforts had coaxed a large wad of cum out onto the tip of my cock. She looked me in the eyes and smiled as she licked it off with the tip of her tongue and swallowed it. "I love the taste of cum," she said, "Can I have more?" I was dazed by the sensation of her touch. I answered by holding the back of her head and sliding my cock deep into her mouth.

Her mouth was warm and wet. She explored the head of my cock with her smooth tongue, still stroking me and playing with my balls. "Oh God baby, that feels good." Like most any man, I love a good blow job, but Tina was exceptional. I held her head and fucked her mouth, shoving my cock into her throat until she gagged.

I slid my cock out of her mouth and held it against my stomach. "Lick my balls." Tina made eye contact as she held my balls in her hand and licked them. She played with each one with her tongue and sucked each into her mouth.

Beautiful busty blondes double penetration and pussy licking

She took the skin of my sack in her teeth and pulled. She took my cock from my hand and stroked it while she licked and sucked my balls. She ran her tongue from the base of my sack to the tip of my cock, being rewarded with a small wad of cum at the tip at the end of each trip. It was heavenly, but there was more of this girl's body I wanted to explore. "I want your pussy on my cock. Turn around, bend over the side of the boat." The gunwale was not that high, but Tina was not too tall.

So, she bent at the waist more than 90 degrees, giving me perfect access to her wet cunt and a perfect view of her beautiful asshole. I slid her bottoms off of her hips and threw them aside, even though such tiny things were hardly in the way. I was going to enjoy this. I wanted to taste those beautiful holes again before fucking them.

I fell to my knees and held her pussy in my mouth and plunged my tongue inside her while my finger flicked her throbbing clit. "Oh you are river girls i d like to fuck to make me cum again? Good." Tina ground into my face and rubbed her clit against my finger.

She started to moan loudly again as her orgasm built in strength. "Yeah, keep doing that…that will do it&hellip." Tina's back arched and she pushed her pussy onto my tongue as far as it would go. With a sound that could only be described as a "Eeeeyow!" kind of yell, she splooged on my face again. My cock had waited long enough. I stood up behind Tina and held my cock so the tip spread he swollen, wet pussy lips. "Mmmmm…" Tina purred as she felt my shaft at the entrance to her pussy.

"I want you to fuck me hard Professor." I grabbed her tiny teen hips and slowly slid my cock all the way inside her. The tip of my cock bumped against her cervix. We both grunted at the contact. Now it was my turn to grind my hips and slam my cock balls deep into her wet cunt.

I was the one moaning now. Even the college girls I fucked back home didn't have as tight a pussy as Tina. "God, that is so fucking tight.

I love this pussy," I said as I plunged inside her so hard that my sack bounced off her clit. I had to slow down so I wouldn't bust my load too quickly, which would have been easy fucking such a tight pussy. As I slowed, Tina reached between her legs and grabbed my sack. My balls dangle when I fuck, unlike many guys.

She held my sack and rubbed it against her hot pussy. "Come on Professor, cum inside me, baby, give me your hot load. I want to feel curvy bbw model miss woods fill my pussy." It was all I could do to hang on katie morgan gets popped in the bathroom not bust too soon.

Meanwhile, I can feel Tina's body shivering and exploding with a series of strong orgasms. This girl's pussy could kill somebody. Tina's beach bag was sitting on an equipment case next to where I was standing.

I could see the bottle of her body oil sitting on top. I opened the squirt top and squeezed a large stream of oil into Tina's ass crack. The oil ran down onto my cock, still sliding in and out of Tina's pussy. It ran down my sack and dripped onto the deck. Tina didn't seem to notice.

While I was still fucking her pussy, I wet my finger with the oil in her crack, and pushed my lubed finger into her tight, puckered asshole. That got her attention. "Wait! What are you doing with that?

Tina said, mildly alarmed. "I am oiling up my dick and your asshole." I replied, jamming my oiled finger further into her ass bouncing in front of me. "No. Nope.

Your cock is too thick. I can't stretch that far. It will hurt." "Only until your asshole relaxes. Besides, I've changed in the boys' locker room when I work out. You've fucked boys with bigger dicks than this." "Not in my ass! They all wanted to but I wouldn't let them fuck my ass." Tina protested.

"Tina, I don't think you understand the situation. I am not asking for permission. I am going to fuck you in the ass. That's just how it is going to go. You and your friends have been tormenting me and now it is time I get what I want." The fear left her eyes as she considered the challenge of taking my cock in her ass. She smiled. "Game on, you pervert. Just go slow. If I tell you to stop I really want you to stop, okay?" I grunted my assent.

I placed the tip of my cock up against her asshole and began to push. Rather than resist, Tina pushed back against my cock. Even so, I could tell she was squeezing herself as hard as she could to keep me out. Good, I thought. It will feel that much better when I cum in her ass. "Relax baby. Just relax and take it in the bum." Her sphincter started to relax and just part of the tip of my cock had disappeared into her tight, oily asshole.

Now, I love everything about sex. There isn't much you could suggest to me that I wouldn't love to do. But I confess, I really love ass fucking. I love pushing hard with a stiff cock and watching her asshole begin to spread and give way. I love the sounds a woman makes when her ass is being stretched by a big hard dick.

No other kind of fucking elicits those sounds.

I love looking down and watching my cock slide in and out of her asshole. I love seeing a big creampie after I shoot my load in her rectum. Sometimes I even like to clean up her creampie with my tongue.

Bum sex is rough, it's nasty, it's wrong, it's dirty, and that's why it is so fucking awesome. Now you understand my frame of mind when I've got this Australian hottie in the middle of the ocean. She's been teasing me at school by flashing her tits or flashing her pussy or showing me her asshole when I can't do anything about it. She gets on my boat with nothing but a string in her ass crack.

Karma is a bitch. And now Tina is going to take my cock in her ass. I'll go slow, I'll squirt lots of oil on my cock and her ass. But I am putting all seven inches in her ass, and I am going to empty my balls deep inside her.

And no, I'm not going to stop if she tells me to. "Ah! Ah! Oh shit! Ow! Is it all the way in yet? It is really hurts.

OW!" "No baby, the head of my dick is porn-star latina in latinaporn tube porn about half way in. I've got to stretch you about twice as much as your stretched now. You're not going to quit on me now, are you?" "I can…ow!.I can take it. Just go slow.

Tell me when you're in." I work the head of my cock in and out of her anal ring, trying to make the muscle relax. Her protestation to the contrary, Tina really wants me to bum fuck her. She wants to brag about the cock she took in the ass. Another stream of oil in her ass crack, another gentle push and I watched the head of my cock disappear completely into Tina's hot ass.

I slide in another inch before I tell her anything. "Okay baby, you did it. No more stretching. Damn, your ass is so fucking tight, I am going to push my dick in the rest of the way." Tina grunted. The pain was subsiding, but she had that full feeling you get when your asshole is being violated. "Give me a minute. Give me a minute." she gasped. I slide my cock gently in and out of her ass, letting her sphincter get used to the girth of my dick.

Tina is taking deep breaths, trying to relax her asshole. I cheat a bit, sliding my cock in her ass a bit more than I am sliding it out. After several strokes, Tina feels my balls slap up against her cunt. "Are you all the way in? I felt your balls. One more minute. Keep doing that." Instead of an inch at a time, I started lengthening the strokes in her ass.

I could feel her asshole relaxing, as it became easier and smoother to fuck Tina's ass. Tina grunted each time she took my full length in her ass. I grunted each time I slammed my cock all the way in her fine ass.

Tina was amazing. I didn't think she could take my cock in her tiny ass, but I was wrong. She was stretched out pretty good though. This time I pulled my cock all the way out of her stretched asshole and then slammed it back into her butt hole as hard as I could. Tina started talking shit again. "Ah! Yeah! Give it to me Professor! And you thought your little dick was so big.

Go ahead, fuck my ass hard! I am not afraid of your little pencil dick! Dump your load in my asshole! I can take…unnnhhh!

It. I can take it…" I didn't need to be asked twice. I started fucking Tina's ass hard, slamming my dick hard into her rectum, making her grunt with each deep stroke. Tina reached between her legs to rub her clit. "Where do you want it Tina? Do you want me to cum in your ass, or do you want to eat it?" "Oh…uhhhn…definitely in…unnh.my ass.

Shoot your cum in my ass." I started fucking Tina harder. At one point I was fucking her diferentes posturas para practicarle a ella un cunnilingus hard the boat was rocking with the rhythm of my thrusts in her ass. The heat of the sun and the heat of our fucking was leaving us both dripping with sweat. I couldn't resist talking shit while I reamed her little bum.

"How's my cock feel little girl? You shouldn't have teased me with your pussy and your little titties, should you? Now you're taking it in the ass for all of your slut friends, aren't you?

Now I am stretching your teeny ass with my thick cock and it hurts, doesn't it?" Tina gave it right back. "Your cock is in my ass isn't it? It's not so big, mate," Tina was panting and grimacing as she kept talking shit. "My girls and I had a bet on the size of your dick.

I said it was tiny. I won. I sucked bigger dicks in grade school. I moan just to make you feel good about your tiny dick, junior." Tina was out of breath and was almost whispering as she talked her shit. I grabbed Tina by the hair and pulled hard, burying my rod in her anus. She flinched. "You felt that, didn't you, little girl? Whose dick is that? Oh, it's the one that makes you moan loudly when it stretches your asshole too far.

What are you going to tell your hottie friends? You tell them that they shouldn't make fun of a man's cock, right? You never know when he'll bend you over and shove it up your ass." I pulled her hair hard as I punished her ass with several hard strokes. Beads of sweat dripped from my hair as I reamed Tina's bum and landed on her back. I watched my sweat mix with hers and roll off her back onto the equipment bags.

I was panting now with the exertion of our hard fucking. Tina grunted as she fucked me back, flexing her hips and ramming her ass onto my throbbing cock. "So, Tiny, are you going to keep talking, or are you going to cum in my ass? Do those big balls of yours even work?" I couldn't hold back any longer.

I grabbed Tina's hips and held my cock all the way inside her. "Ahhhhhhh! Tina! Fuck…fuck…ahhh…shit," My balls contracted, pushing cum into Tina's tiny ass. The first two spurts were so hard Tina even flinched a bit. "Oh God! Yeah…Jeesus Fucking Christ!" I was cumming as hard as I ever had in my life.

I could feel the jets of cum spewing from my cock and splashing against the walls of Tina's rectum. She felt it too as she rubbed her pussy, and the sensation of her ass filling with my jizz sent her over the edge. "Uhhhh&hellip. uhhhh…uhhh," Tina repeated as each stream of cum shot into her ass. Her own orgasm began as her ass tightened around my cock. "Ohhh…geeeezus…uhhhhh…yeeeah…" Tina's voice was a raspy whisper as she came for the I-don't-know-which-time today.

My cum was already lubricating her anal canal as it sought a way out of her full bum. Tina collapsed on some equipment bags as my deflating cock popped from her anus.

She looked amazing; breathing mom and son dad sleeping, sweat soaked hair, sweaty ass, my cum starting to ooze from her reamed asshole and dripping down over her mom mature mom tries some inter racial sex and on to my equipment bags.

My legs were shaky too, I needed to sit down. I raised the sunshade over the helm and collapsed into the captain's chair. I stroked my limp cock as I laid back in the chair. I could feel that I was going to be sunburned in entirely new places. The exertion of our fucking and the rocking of the boat was making me drowsy as I continued to play with my cock.

"Let me help you with that." I opened my eyes and Tina was on her knees, smiling up at me. Her hair was still wet with sweat. "You almost killed me with that body, girl. Nothing left to do. You got it all." Tina said nothing, but cupped my sack in her hand and started licking the cum and wetness and everything else from my balls. It felt amazing. I stroked her blonde sweaty hair as her tongue worked its way from my balls, to my shaft, to the tip of my cock. She cleaned every bit and swallowed it all.

"Mmmm…cum, pussy and ass…didn't know my own bum would taste that good." To my amazement, by the time Tina had finished her oral housekeeping, she had my cock almost fully erect again.

Playfully licking underneath the head, Tina said "You almost killed me with this bad boy. And here he is, ready for more." "Oh baby, think of it as a curtain call.

No way is he doing any more fucking today. You got everything he had." My mind was fuzzy, as Tina had actually fucked me stupid. A month's worth of my testosterone was now dripping from her perfect bum. I leaned over, raised her from her knees and sat her in my lap. My erect cock protruded from between her legs and she stroked it idlily. I removed her bikini top and licked and sucked her nipples. "Mmmm…my tits felt so rejected today.

We paid them no mind." My lap felt wet as Tina's creampie oozed from her ass and dripped onto my hips. I took her nipple from my mouth and looked around. "You know Tina, I have no idea where we are. We never threw out the anchor." She laughed. "We are lost at sea! At least we'll go out with a bang." While I didn't know where we were, we weren't lost. Not only was land in sight, there were now several boats in sight, some close enough to see we were naked. I stood to scan the shoreline to see if I recognized anything.

When I stood, Tina got on her knees and began licking the cum that had dripped from her ass onto my thigh and cock. "I love the taste of cum. Seems a shame to waste any." As she began cleaning my cock again with her tongue and mouth, I could not have agreed more. There was a big city skyline off to our left looking at the shore that had to be Brisbane. A couple of guys trolled by slowly, trailing their deep sea fishing lines. They were staring and grinning at me, naked, badly sunburned with a naked blond girl on her knees sucking my cock.

"Looks like you are having better luck today than we are, mate," yelled the man closest to me. "You have no idea," I called back. "Say is that Brisbane over there?" "You're an American alright," he replied, picking up on my foreign accent. "Of course it's Brisbane. No other big city around here. He paused for a second. "How's 'bout we come aboard your boat and try our luck, mate?" "Not today, friend. I have to get her home for dinner!" With that, I fired up the twin Yamahas and came about to the north to flee the suddenly creepy encounter.

I hoped our new friends didn't try to follow and luckily they went back to their fishing without another glance.

I throttled back for a more leisurely ride, giving me more time to enjoy Tina's amazing blowjob. I never thought I could get hard again today, but my balls felt like Tina's efforts might be rewarded with a mouthful of my creamy semen. Didn't know for sure, but why hurry and force the issue? Tina removed my cock from her mouth long enough to ask, "What did they want?" "Oh not much. Just a couple of drunk, randy fishermen who wanted to come aboard and fuck you.

Probably had a twosome or a threesome if the driver of the boat joined in." I expected Tina to be shocked and perhaps a bit fearful of such an encounter. Once again, I misread this girl. "Oh I would love that! A couple of strange men, never met them before.

Will never see them again. They come aboard and do what they want with me. Spit roast me. DP me. That would be so hot. I have been masturbating to that fantasy since I got my pubes." "Tina, you know how dangerous that is? They could beat you up or shoot you or who knows what.

Even if that didn't happen, they could still give you AIDS or herpes or some other STD. That's a dangerous idea." "Well, I wouldn't catch any diseases, since I would make them use condoms." "Yes, but do you have any? They don't do you any good on the chemist's shelf." "Of course I have them.

I brought some along special for today, just in case. I'm not stupid." "You packed some special for today? That brings up another question: Did you plan for this to happen today? Were you really planning on going with a friend, or did you plan to come with me all along?" "Those are great questions Professor.

But let me ask you one. Do you want to keep asking me questions, or do you want to cum in my mouth and watch me swallow your load? We will be back in Moolooaba soon and I haven't swallowed your sperm yet." "Excellent question, with an obvious answer.

But you don't have to keep going down on me. I don't even know if I can cum again so soon." "No worries, happy to try," she smiled as she licked the shaft of my hard cock again. "I love cum, and I love the cum of lots of men in most every place on my body. And I love to suck cock to get what I want." I drove on as the sun was close to the horizon in the west.

Luckily, the boat rental people taped the GPS coordinates of the marina on the dash, so we will get there. I relaxed and concentrated on enjoying the fantastic, long, loving blowjob Tina was administering to my now rigid throbbing cock.

Coming up for air while still stroking my dick, Tina said, "You know you are going to cum again, really soon." "I don't think so. Nothing left in the tank." Tina took the challenge and began to concentrate her attention on the especially sensitive head of my dick.

Within minute I knew this girl was right. I was going to cum. "Oh baby, you got me. So good. It's going to happen again. Yeah." She brought me to the edge of orgasm, and then eased off so I wouldn't cum. For a 16-year-old, Tina knew the trick of spurring a man onto orgasm, but leave him hanging so his scrotum can produce more seed and a bigger load. Tina did this three or four times, leaving me in agony.

Suddenly the boat veers sharply and I almost lose control. Tina got her wish and her mouth is filling with cum from my pulsing, spitting dick. She looked initially startled from the force of the first stream of cum slamming into the back of her throat.

She looks up at me with those blue eyes and smiles as my cock pumps her mouth full of my wad. Some semen escapes the corners of her mouth and begins to run down her chin.

With her tiny index finger she chases the rivulets of semen back up into her mouth, Tina seemed a little caught aback at the volume of cum she has released, as her mouth was rapidly beginning to fill up. She flicked her tongue at the base of the head of my cock. Amazingly, her touch spurred my boys to redouble their efforts and produce several weaker streams of cum as Tina uses her tongue to make sure my cock was drained of any ammo for the rest of the night, if not longer.

"Oh My Fucking God, Tina! Uummmm…! That was amazing! I didn't think I could cum at all a second time but I don't know how you did it! And so hard!" I put the motors into idle and slumped into the seat. My legs were very rubbery and my vision blurred in the dimming twilight. Many women have blown me in my life, but Tina's head was definitely a top five, maybe even the best.

Tina stood, her mouth still full of my seed. She pointed to her mouth, and reached over and shut the motors. She bent over to my height and opened her mouth, revealing a milky white mouthful of sperm. The overflow cascaded from her lips and dripped on her breasts. She closed her mouth, and smiled as she gulped down my big load in one swallow. I don't know why, but I just love the sound of a woman swallowing semen.

I don't if it actually sounds any different, or if I am just a perv (I suppose that question has been settled) but I think a girl swallowing cum is about the hottest sound around. "I wanted you to see what you did in my mouth," Tina said, licking the coating of cum from her lips.

Her finger took some cum from her chest and began to rub it around her nipple. "Thanks for shutting the motors. I was fucked too stupid to keep driving. I wanted to hear you swallow." "You like thinking about your big load of cum slithering down my teenie throat, don't you?" Her finger kept adding to the cum coating her nipple.

"I love to hear that. I didn't know if you could get it down in one el tio se coge a su sobrina empinada. Let me take care of that for you," I said, pulling her closer and sucking her cum-coated nipple into my mouth. "Practice makes perfect you know…ummm, yeah, oh yeah," Tina replied as I held her nipple in my teeth and cleaned it thoroughly with my tongue.

Her nipple got rock hard in my mouth as she moaned in delight. Blonde teen charlyse bella having sex with bf slid a finger between her legs and she moved her feet to give me better access to her pussy and clit, still wet from before.

Tina reached between her legs and guided my wet finger to the exact spot she wanted. Tina inhaled sharply as my finger hit the spot. "Ahh! Ahhh! That's it. Right there, right there," she said to no one in particular. "Pull on my nipple…that's it." Tina held my head high end whore jessica lincoln loves double dicking her breast with one hand, my finger in her pussy with the other.

The results did not take long to emerge, as she tightened her grip on my head and hand as her body began to vibrate with the oncoming orgasm. "Oh! Oh! Urggg!" Tina's body became completely rigid as she climbed closer to release.

"Um! Um! Uuuhhh!" With a massive shudder, the orgasm traveled through her tiny body in wave after wave of pleasure.

"Oh geez! That was a good one!" Tina gushed, as she collapsed into my lap once again. I could feel my sperm still leaking from her stretched anus onto my thigh. It was beautiful. "We'd better get back before the marina office closes. We don't want the harbor police looking for us," I said as I fired up the twin Yamahas once more. "They would arrest you for sure when I told them everything you did to me today," Tina said with a peck on my cheek.

"Why? You're of age, no? 16, right?" I said without much concern. "No. I am only 14. I skipped ahead a couple grades because of good marks.

You just ass-fucked a 14-year-old, you child molester." A cold ball of fear just formed in my stomach. If her parents got suspicious and had her examined, I have left my genetic fingerprint everywhere inside and outside her little body. Tina sensed my fear, as I suddenly got very quiet, and whatever was left of my erection was in full retreat. I always thought Tina looked younger than 16, but it never crossed my mind she might actually be too young.

"Haha! Very funny Tina. We are not even ashore and you are busting my balls again. You're 16. You know way too many moves to only be 14." "That's because I lost my virginity at age 11. To a teacher, ironically. Don't worry, it was totally my idea." That knot in my stomach was getting bigger still. "Tina, I'm sorry, I had no idea." I was a bit panic stricken wondering what Australian jails were like. Tina laughed hard. "You dope! Of course I'm 16. That's why we torment you. You are so easy to tease." Tina dope-slapped me gently across the head.

I was just stopping hyperventilating. "My heart rate will come down in a minute. The harbor breakwaters are right there. We better get some clothes on before we get into the lights." I paused for a second. "Did you really lose your virginity at 11?" "No, it was twelve.

But it was a teacher—and my idea." I never taught students that young, but Lewd oriental toying and gangbang japanese hardcore could imagine Tina and all of her friends were eminently fuckable at 12. It would be tough to turn down such an offer, but the threat of jail and being branded a child molester for life would have been deterrent enough for me. I pulled on my wind pants and shirt.

Tina just pulled on her men's work shirt and buttoned it. She stuffed the string bather into her bag. "Not putting on the bikini? Not that it covers much." Tina shot a fake scowl in my direction. "Yeah, well, the thong fits in my ass crack which is actually quite sore right now.

Wonder how that happened…Professor!" "Sorry, some things just have to be done, and your ass was one of them. Better not bend over once we are ashore." "Oh don't be such a prude. We sunbathe naked here, so a bit of ass is not a big deal. People might wonder though what is leaking out of it. You shot quite a lot of cum up there Professor." "You're happy, I'm happy," I said as I guided the boat into the slip.

The marina manager was waiting for us. "You're three hours late," he hollered matter of factly. Just then Tina bent over to pick up her bag, giving the man a full view of her shapely ass. I was stacking equipment bags on the quay. Speechless for a second, the manager bent down and said to me, sotto voce, "You should be careful letting your daughter walk around like that—people here could get the wrong idea." "I'll be sure to tell her.

But that's not my daughter." The manager looked at me with a stunned expression, "Well then, I'm surprised you're only three hours late," he said with a sly grin. "You have no idea." I gave the car keys to Tina so she could open the car while I settled with the marina manager. When I emerged, the last load of my gear was going into the toilet fuck giving head then fucking and taking a facial cum load, having been loaded by three strong boys who happened to be nearby.

I soon realized why they were so helpful. Tina was leaning over the boot and needlessly adjusting the cargo while the boys admired her ass. "I am constantly amazed that women do not rule the world, given your power over us men." I remarked as I approached the loaded car. Tina looked at me with a puzzled expression.

"Why do we need to rule the world? You already work for us!" I had to admit this young girl had a point. "Professor, can you give me a ride home? I don't live far from the school." Tina answered her own question, piling into the passenger seat before I could respond. I got in the driver's side and started thick ebony slut with a big ass wants bbc engine.

Tina adjusted the radio to her favorite station, and we rode in silence for a few minutes through the darkening streets. I looked when I heard some faint moaning from the passenger side. Tina had her feet propped against the dash, her shirt pulled up and she was slowly fingering her pussy—again.

"Good White college girl enjoy toys on pussy webcam live, girl, do you ever stop? I couldn't even spell "sex" at this point." She smiled at me again, "I probably cum 10 or 15 times a day, with or without a boy.

You can fuss at me or you can help me with this. I like your touch." I reached over the console and slid my finger into her pussy. If I were a girl and had that pussy, I would probably be playing with it all the time too. Tina's hips gyrated, fucking my finger with her pussy.

She came quickly. "Ohhh……geeeezus!" she exhaled. She reached over and felt my crotch. Unbelievably, fingering Tina had given me the start of another boner. As we entered the motorway, Tina unbuckled her safety belt, got on her knees and reached over to pull down the front of my wind pants. My overworked cock came out and Tina immediately went down on it.

"Tina, darling, thank you for the encouragement, but no way could I cum again tonight. There is a month's worth of my sperm inside your body. There is no more." She withdrew my cock from her mouth.

"No worries. I just love giving head. Do you want me to stop?" "You do ask some of the stupidest questions, sweetheart," I said as I pushed her head back onto my throbbing boner. Cars were honking as they passed, appreciating Tina's ass in full view in the passenger's window, her head bobbing up and down on my cock. True to my word, I did not cum again that night.

Had the drive been 20 miles farther, though… … The next day, Sunday, I didn't leave my little apartment. My mind was fuzzy. Tina had truly fucked me stupid. I laid on the couch with a beer and roleplay sex in leather and fishnet stockings to watch the end of a cricket match.

The match had apparently gone on for several days. I so didn't understand. I couldn't do much but doze that day. I was apprehensive about going back to school the next day. After yesterday's experience on the open sea, I was imagining anything from Tina's dad shooting me dead to Tina and her friends all wanting to fuck me at once.

I have a vivid imagination. … The early signs were positive. Tina stopped by my classroom before school and gave me a peck on the cheek, told me she loved everything on Saturday. Horny teen thief enjyoed in a punish fucking by security class time came around and Tina and her friends were back at it.

"Hey Professor, how was the research trip this weekend? Any interesting sunburns?" "Why'd you take Tina to help you? Next time you should take all of us." "I can't take everyone," I deadpanned.

"I have too much equipment to handle." "Oh come on, mate! It didn't sound that big." Tina sat quietly smiling, enjoying her friends' riff at my expense. Students entering didn't quite know what was going on, but they were still laughing from last week's No Undie Mondee. "What kind of fish did you catch? Tina said she ate some shrimp!" "Very funny. She did, but it was a jumbo shrimp." I interjected.

"Still a shrimp. The name says it all." "Hey, Professor! What did you have? Did you eat any clam? You said it was your favorite." I wasn't going to hold back. That fuck was well worth losing my job over. "Oh, thanks for asking. I ate a lot of clam on the boat. Tina brought it along.

I ate Tina's clam. It was delicious." The class fell silent for a second before bursting into astounded laughter that I would say such a thing. Even Tina's jaw dropped to the floor in astonishment.

"Whoooooo…!" the class gasped in unison. "I think there is some clam at home I can bring you to eat," Ronnie said innocently. Everyone howled with laughter. I wasn't sure that Ronnie was following everything. I gathered she was the least experienced of the quartet.

"Not your mum!" Someone yelled in the back of the room. Ronnie looked really confused. Cindy leaned over and whispered something in Ronnie's ear. She leaned forward to look at Tina. "No shit? Really? Good on you girl!!" She turned back to me. "What else did you find to eat?" a sly grin on her face now.

"Oh, I really got lucky, Ronnie. I captured the elusive Australian Brown Starfish! It was the high point of the day!" The room fell completely silent as they processed what I'd just said. Maybe there is a such thing as an Australian Brown Starfish…or maybe he meant…? Becky, Ronnie and Cindy turned to look at Tina, whose face was bright red. She nodded slightly.

"Hoot Hoot! You go girl!" The class erupted in laughter and cheers. Tina had been glaring at me but smiled once her friends yelled their approval. At that moment, Adele Jameson, head of Biology and my boss opens the door and enters the room. "This sounds like way too much fun to be biology," she quipped.

"Professor was just telling us about the mating habits of the Australian Brown Starfish!" Adele got the same "Is that a i blast cum in your face all day thing?" look on her face the class had moments before… "Ooookay, if you say so.

I don't want to interrupt what sounds like a fascinating lesson, but I need to ask the Professor here a question. Mr. Simmons has taken ill and will be out for a while. He and I were supposed to accompany the students on the annual school trip in two weeks. We're going to Fraser Island, which you would find interesting.

Would you like to go on the school trip, Professor? We will be staying ten days." The room was silent for a moment before Cindy said, "Oh Professor, you have to go on this trip!" To Be Continued…