Mom and nick son sex

Mom and nick son sex
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*********** Michael *********** I was in state of shock, did I just hear her right or was it the effect of subspace talking there,the last six words that came out of her mouth just prior to her passing out rang deep in my mind.I kept hear them repeat over and over again " I want to have your baby" Nena had said moment before she had fallen asleep in my bed.

God I can't believe she really said that. I wanted to wake her but she look so damn sexy sleeping there on big bubble butt brazilian orgy 12 bed. There were things I need to get done around the house like mowing the backyard and some other shit. So I stood up from bed and walk over to head of bed where Nene was sleeping soundly. I quickly bend down and give her gentle kiss on the lips.

After giving Nena a kiss on her lips, I ahead to the bathroom, I really need to wash my face and chest, because my whole face and chest was still covered in thick sticky coat of Nena's virginal fluid. I reach down turn on water and grab the liquid hand soap off bathroom sink.

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Setting about washing off Nena's virginal fluids from both my face and my chest. Once I was finished, I walked back into bed room and told Nena I was going to quickly mow the back yard while she rested because I had wore her out. Most importantly I really need to think long and hard on whether or not we were going all way to creating a life together.

Nena knew for the longest time of my overwhelming desire to become a father.

We had talked a few time if we ever did get the Opportunity for us to hook up about us trying to have a kid. But usually Nene would either say it won't be fair to me since only her and I would knew the children was my .but her husband would be made to believe it was his. Now thing had change when she had just told me she wanted me to impregnate her.

,I as step out of my front door of my house and made my way over to my yard mower where I had left it when I finish up mowing front yard before Nena and I had gotten side tracked. As I was refilling the gas on the mower, thousands of things were rushing though my mind. After Blond with glasses all holes screwed by big black cocks interracial gangbang had finishing filling up the gas in mower I push mower up the hill beside my house Moment later I reached the top of hill leading my backyard.

I pushed it into backyard. I really didn't want to wake Nena up from her nap.but this yard need it weekly haircut and I really need think about what was going happen next because I already knew we were most likely going to screw very soon. So reach down pull starter cord on mower and roared to life and I start to mow the back yard .

************* Nena*********** I laid fast asleep on Michael bed, having some very intense sexual dream about the man who just give me the most intense orgasms that I ever had in my life. Especially that last one that he give me felt like an out of body experience to me.

I had never came that hard before in my life, even though I had came down from the initial high of subspace or at least that what Scott called it.the after effect where just now starting and damn it felt so damn good, these dream were very intense felt so real to bad those dream were suddenly interrupted when I suddenly heard unexpected roar of Lawnmower engine started up.

I sat up from dead sleep in his bed and suddenly got very light head. I fell back onto his pillow feeling the need to gather myself before I tried again. Few minutes later I slide out of his bed and head towards the bathroom Goddamn I had to pee like fucking race horse.

I felted like I was drunk, stumbling as I walked, I thought to myself " damn how long is the after effect going be with me. Finally I made to toilet and lower my panties.

As soon as my ass hit the toilet seat my bladder unleashed an massive stream of piss. Felt like I was draining the Naval river, it seem to take forever to it to stop. Once I was finish peeing and had pull up my panties.

I stood up and look at the bathtub. That give me idea I had never made love in shower before and I knew that Scott would be hot and sweaty and would sure take an shower.

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So I pulled back the shower curtain and noticed the bathtub needed to be cleaned. So I look around and found the cleaning supplies and set about cleaning the tube while Scott was mowing the yard. " damn how long has been since they cleaned this tube " I said out loud. It is took me about fifteen minutes to get the tube cleaned.

As soon as I finished putting the cleaning supplies away I heard the mower shut off. Now I had let my plans play out. Which was when Scott came he would take shower and I would surprise him by joining him. *******Michael ****** After about twenty minutes of mowing the backyard sweat was rolling off my face as I reached the final strip of of grass that needed to be mowed.well with quick swap of mower the backyard was finished finally So I turned off mower push it back up the slight hill we had in back yard.

Once reach the top of hill I release the throttled bar on mower and the engine shut off. I stopped and looked at newly mowed backyard and I was highly impressed how it look. I grab my Cigarette pack from my short and lite one up as I snap a picture of backyard and sent it to my wife.

Moment later my phone rang an moment later and I known it was my wife Ashley I picked up my phone and answer it I was determined to make this phone call last only few minutes one I was hot and Sweaty and I need shower and second I wanted to Nena the worse way possible. " Hey baby I guess you got the pictures I sent to you of the freshly mown backyard? I asked her "sure did bet your going to take an long cold shower when you get inside uh?"My wife asked me as I took another drag off my cigarette " You nail that right on head babe.shit right now sweat is literally running down front of forehead into my eyes.

Fuck!!!" I yelled out as I Grabbed grabbed my white backyard from my pocket start wiping the sweat from my eyes " What wrong baby you ok?" My wife ask in worried tone voice I took a long drag off my cigarette and let smoke bellow out of my mouth " Yeah I'm ok just some fucking sweat got in my eyes and was burning like mother fucker but I'll be ok" I said as took another drag off of my cigarette.

"Well ok babe you do that and I'll call you back before I go to bed tonight sounds good to you?" My wife asked me " Sounds good love you I'll text you when I get out of shower " I said as I push the mower up behind the house and place it in its place behind house and finish off my cigarette. " ok you sounds good go take nice cold shower and rest and don't forget to text me when you're done love you!" My wife said as she hung up the phone.

I walk up to front door of the house and open it As I crossed the threshold of door the only thing on my mind at that moment was to I need some water in worse kind of way.

To my surprise Nene much have been reading my mind because there she stood in front of me in her was an big glass of ice cold water and she hands it to me as I shed my t-shirt that soak with sweat toss it in dirty clothes basket in ball way, then I took glass of cold water from her hand and smiled and turned glass up ,down half of it one swollen.

"Ahhhh oh my god thank you Nena,you must have been reading my mind I need that" I said to her as I sat the half full glass on entertainment center then I pull her in close to my sweat cover chest. I bend my head down and I toss my arm around her pressing her firmly against my sweat cover chest then before hungry bbws sucking on their subject and cant get enough had chance protest I locked my lips on hers.

my tongue invaded her mouth which I caught her by surprise which throws her off momentarily before she throw her arms over my shoulders and our tongue dance wildly in each sexy hoes play with each others body outdoors pornstars and hardcore mouths for what seem like eternity my sweat from my chest had soaked the shirt that she was wearing.

After about five minutes we finally broke our kiss, as I pulled away from her I could noticed Nene was try to regather herself from what just happen,breathing deeply " I guess water wasn't the only thing you need damn Scott you literally took my breath way.( look down at her sweat soaked t-shirt) damn it Scott now my t-shirt is covered in your sweat ewww you need a shower Mr.!" Nene said as she reach over and picked up the glass of water from the entertainment center and handed me the glass of water back to me and I took another slip of the ice cold water After taking that slip of my water I look at Nene " Come on Nene you weren't complaining a little while ago about my sweat when I was eating you out a little awhile ago" I said to her as I made my way into my bed room for a change of clothes for me put on after get out of the shower.

Nene meet me in hallway when I exited the bedroom. She ran her fingers through my chest hairs as we bend our head in towards one another and our lips locked tightly upon each other,for about three to four minutes before I broke the seal and pulled away from her hangry mouth. "Scott can I ask you something?" Nena said as I ran my hand though her hair "Oh course you can Nena." I said to her as we stood in hallway.

"Out of all women you could select to have an affair with why did you pick me for?" Nena ask me as she batted here eyes at me "Well Nene I choose you because i truly love you and if I was going to risk it all I wanted it to mean something and I have wanted you since the day I first laid eyes on you all those years ago at camp.

Some time I think back on those day and ask myself what could have been if we stay together and now I'm getting the chance to find out" I said to her as open the hall closet get a towel to dry off with " when you say risks it all what do you mean?" Nene said I force sex girl 15 yr deep breath and let it out and draw her in close to me " I'm not getting any younger here Nena and you know that I been wanting to be father for longest time, at the rate are going with my wife (I toss my hands up in air) I may never become a father" I told Nene as plant an gentle kiss on her lips " So Scott let me make that I understand you correctly here you're hoping that I would bear your child is that what you're telling me?" Nene asked me I retched into my shorts pocket and fish out my cigarette pack and lite a cigarette with my lighter " Only if you're willing Nene?" I said as I took draw off my cigarette and drawing in the super heated smoke deep in my lung before letting the smoke to bello out of corners of my mouth.

" only if am willing Scott?" Nene said to me " Oh course Nene I would never force you bear my child if you didn't want to it just." I said as quickly walked into living room to grab an small glass bowl that I have been using as an ash tray Nene follows closely behind me as I flick the ash off my cigarette into the glass bowl.

Nene come up behind me and wraps her arms around me " it just what Scott?" Nena said as turns me around to face her " you can tell me Scott?" She said as I took another draw off my cigarette "Well Nene it like this ok I see all over Facebook my friends and ex's are having children and I want that and it seem like I'm not ever going get that chance because my wife is listening to her mom tell her she had stay on those birth control pills ( I slam my fist on to coffee table) Sometime I wish I could toss them God damn pills in trash.( I turn to face Nene) Is it so wrong spicy lezzie idols are opening up and fist fucking anals me to want to be a father?.

To have a son or daughter to carry on my lineage?"I said as I bury my head on her shoulder and started to cry "I totally understand where you're coming from her Scott but. " she said stopping in middle sentence I pull my head off her shoulder and look directly in her eyes as I take another draw off my cigarette " but what Nene?" I asked her " Well just say we tried have children together and we were successful in doing so how would that work out? I mean Ashley couldn't ever know about it and I know you would want to be apart of our children life.and don't tell me you would settle just knowing watching from far through pictures on Facebook.

I know you far to well Scott it would eat you alive not being in our child life." Nene said to me as Brazzers audrey bitoni big tits at school free brazzers download near the end of my cigarette " You're right the part where it would eat me a live not being able be active part of his or her life. But I would find away to be part of his or her life some how .

even it meant I had secretly send you money to help you I would. I swear to you on that Nene. I would be best father I could to our child! I think I going to take that shower now and try to clear mind."I said to Nene as I took took the final draw from my cigarette before putting it out in glass bowl that was laying on the coffee table in front of me before pulling Nene in close once more passionately French kissing her before get up and heading for bathroom to take my shower.

A few minutes later I had completely undressed and turn on the water. When I noticed the bathroom had been cleaned why did Nene clean the bathroom I would have rewarded her for this with this I stepped in shower letting the water flow over my body. ##### Nene #### I sat there alone on couch for few moments kind in state of shock that Scott was dead serious about me bearing him son or daughter. I felt bad for him never realizing his most inner desire to be a father and him being willing to risk it all with me.

I'm nobody special I mean why would he be so willing to risk his marriage to his hot ass wife for me and why wouldn't his wife give him a child he sweet caring and sexy as hell should I say. My world was spinning. My heart was racing a thousand second a minute Then all suddenly I heard the shower start up and I grew increasingly wet at thought of me bearing his child.

Then it dawn on me out of blue I wanted to have another child and since my limp dick husband wouldn't give me another baby then screw him. I have man here who solo desire was to become a father.

So to hell with Tod and his drama he causes Im going to grant Scott's desires of being father and it going to start right now So I stood up from couch and walked to hall closet and grab me towel to dry off and nervously reached for the bathroom door knob and slowly opened the bathroom door and stream blast me in face. " Nena is that you?" Scott ask I didn't reply I want to surprise him.

" I could have swear I close the door. oh well most be one of cats" Scott said out loud as slowly began to undress first my shirt and my bra and then my pant and panties were next. Here I was standing butterball naked about make move that would most likely change the course of both of our live.

There was no to talk myself out of this I wanted him in worse way possible and I wanted him to pump my fertile womb full of his life giving seed. I took deep breath in and pulled back the shower curtain back and stepped in to shower with him. The look of shock was clearly on his face " umm Nene what are you doing?" He asked me as draw myself in closer to him.

"Well I made my decision and well if we going have baby together than we had better start now because your in luck this week I'm fertile and this weekend I going get you to fill my womb with your seed over and over again"!i said to him as i throw my arms tightly around him pressing my breast push firmly into his chest.

We stood this way in complete silence for a few moments letting the water from the shower run across both of our body's. " Now Nene are you hundred percent sure you want this?" Scott ask me I give him this big smile and slowly lower myself down to my knees and grab ahold of his cock and flicked my tongue over tip of his cock Scott let out a soft moan while looking down at me " Scott I never been more sure of anything in my life.

Baby I'm more than a hundred percent sure I'm more like one thousand percent of this baby, I want you to plant your life bring seed deep inside my fertile womb. It would be my honor to bear you a child" I told him as I slide his cock into my mouth and began deep throating him. As I when I felt his cock beginning to harder and in my mouth my eyes were glued to his eyes he was moaning very loudly by now a few minutes later he reach down with hands and grab ahold of sides of my head with his hands " you better stop Nena or I'm going to blow this load in your mouth." He said to me as he was moaning I removed his cock from my mouth and I began to slowly kissing my way up his body while I continue to jack him off with my hand I ran my tongue up his stomach until I reach his hairy chest.

All long Scott was moving his right hand down my stomach towards my pussy and OMG just his touch of my name skin sent an made an surge of energy to course though my body that I had been missing and desired it I froze in place as Scott hand finally retch the my extremely inflamed and swollen pussy lips " ummmmm baby' that feel good" I moan as he slide his finger between my inflamed lips and into my pussy oh my god it feel so damn good I felt like I was on cloud nine.

" oh God SCOTT don't stop please " I moaned out loud " oh I didn't plan to Nena " Scott said as he slide a second finger into my pussy " oh god Scott that feel so damn Good don't stop ohhhhh mmmmmm " I moan as i nipped on his neck " bet you wish it was my cock uh?" Scott whispers milk kitty erin eelctra erin electra doggy style my ear as he slide a third finger into my now soaking wet pussy and starts to slide them into and out of my pussy a little quicker.

I raise my head to meet his bring my lips an inch from his " baby you know how to drive a woman wild .ummmmm ohhhh ooooohhhh fuck Scott (panting) I want you inside me NOW!! Oooooooh ahhhhhhhh mmmmmm" I moan loudly as I told him this ######### Michael ######## I continue to fingering Nena as our lips contact you with one another her tongue invaded my mouth our tongues going wild in the other mouth this last for about five minutes before I feel amateur teen gets her sweet pussy fucked muscles in her pussy start to tighten against my fingers.

Nena break the seal that our mouths had created "Damn it Scott I WANT YOU INSIDE ME NOW!" Nena demand as her back bend backwards slightly and began grinning her pussy over my extremely hardened cock. " I WANT YOU SCOTT . I WANT YOUR FUCKING COCK INSIDE OF ME RIGHT NOW! FUCK ME NOW DAMN IT SCOTT!" Nena demand like mad woman I could see the flames of passion burning brightly in her eyes I remove my fingers from her pussy and spin her around pushing her up against the back shower wall I grab ahold of her hip pulling them out towards me.

I grab ahold of my cock a rub the very tip of her against her very swollen inflamed lip of her pussy I bend down and grab ahold of her hair I bend down an whisper in her ear " how bad do you want this cock Nena?" "Mmmmmmmmmm" Nena moan loudly I continued to rub her inflamed lips with the tip of my cock " No Nena Naughty temptation for a juvenile beauty hardcore and blowjob want you tell me how bad you wanted it use your voice?" I said to her as popped her firmly on her right ass cheek (wack) " MMmmmmm bad" Nena whispers as she moans softly I popped her firmly on her left ass cheek (wack) "Mmmmmmmm" Nene moaned louder " louder Nena I can't hear you I tell how bad do you want this cock of my to stuff your pussy full like an thanksgiving turkey!" I order her as popped her even harder on her right ass cheek (WACK!) Then I turned around I popped her just hard on her left ass cheek (Wack) both her ass cheeks had started to tan I begin to rub it in before I delivered third pop to both her ass cheek even harder both cheek were now deep shade of red " MMMMMMM BAD!


OH GOD MY ASS FEEL Milf swimming chop shop owner gets shut down IT ON FIRE!" Nena yell out ! I lend forward whispers in Nena ear " May I enter you Nena?" "Damn it Scott I just told you Stuff my womb full how much more clear do you need Enter ME NOW BEFORE I Roleplay sex in leather and fishnet stockings YOU!" Nena yelled out "Ok last chance to change your mind Nene !" I told her as I place the very tip of my rock hard cock at the very edge of her mount.

" Take me now Baby hard and fast please SCOTT!" Nena yelled out her Nena was completely soaking wet to the point that some oh her vaginal fluid had run down the side of her legs making it looked like an stream was flowing from her. I know I had to torturing her by now, I could literally feel the heat radiating off her very soaking wet yet very inflamed pussy. Nena turned her head to face me " (Panting heavy)please Scott enter me I want it so bad .why are you torturing me. please baby fill my womb full of life giving seed!" I bend down our lips locked in passion.

After I broke the seal " Do you love me Nena as much as I do you? I ask her " Yes! Now enter me please my pussy is on fire!" She said attempting push her hip out more so my cock penetrate her mount I stopped her " No Nena I need to know that you really LOVE me, I mean we could conceive an child from this and I wouldn't want you come to regret it later!" I said to her as Gently gently started to rubbing the very tip of my cock her clitoris which made her buck her hips slightly in response " Ahhhhh mmmmmm Scott I been waiting for this since the day I first laid eyes on you at camp Yes Scott I love you and I'm not just saying that so you would hurry up and huge cock shemale fucking girl me and how could I ever come to regret my lesbians love playing in vicious way dildo toy to make baby with you.

Please enter me now and plant your seed deep into my fertile womb !" Nene said as let aloud moan " ok just don't blame me if you're not available to walk straight after this "I told her as push the tip of my cock between her swollen inflamed lips slowly and with few thrust of my hips I enter her vaginal canal and began to sink deeper inside of her ." Oh fuck Scott it been to damn brunette babe drilled by horny pawn dude since I had a dick of flesh inside of me " Nena moan damn for woman who had given birth three children before I was surprised that she as tight as she was.

The muscle of her vaginal canal clamp down on my cock drawing it even deeper inside of her. I stop for a moment so that she could adjust to my signs.

It felt kind weird to me being inside of another woman after the only woman's pussy I been in for the last 13 year had been my wife's. ############ Nena ########## Omg he had really had just entered me and I felt the muscle in vaginal canal suddenly clamping down around his cock drawing him deeper inside of me " Oh Scott this feels so Good!

Ummmmm ohhhhh (I moan) fuck I can't remember the last time my husband was in me.!" I moaned as he stop for few moments to allow me vaginal muscles to adjust to his size damn he was bigger than my own husband and since he took me from behind it allowed deeper penetration because the angle In with he was able to penetrate me.

He began to thrust his hip softly at first and I meet each of his thrust at same pace as his " Oh my God Nena you're as freaking tight for woman who have had three children .

( he let out a moan) damn I still sinking deeper inside of you ! I want to this to you for so long !" Scott moaned loudly just then I felt his cock began to hit my cervix and Scott had increased the strength of his thrust each time he would thrust his hip the tip of cock slammed harder over and over into my cervix wall. Dear God if he drove any harder he would break through my cervix wall and he would be literally FUCKING MY WOMB. Todd had never broken throw my cervix let alone been this deep inside of me " Oh my God Scott harder harder don't stop dear god in heaven please don't stop " i moaned that when I hear a pop and right away I knew he had just pushed pass my cervix and was now in my womb and strong stinging pain when coursing through my body " Oh my God Scott that was my cervix that just popped your in my womb!!!

I said to him par at him over my shoulder and " Oh my God your in my womb . Scott I'm not kidding you here you're literally are in my WOMB Scott HARDER HARDER SCOTT!i" I cried out over and over again he just smile at me and he started pounding in to me even harder making my breast bounce backwards and forwards upward and downwards and my head started to bang up against shower wall " Well you were the one who said you want me to fill your fertile womb full of of my life bring seed .( panting and groaning heavily) So why should I not just deposited my seed directly in your womb!" He yell out as he quick the pace " I know I know but I didn't think that you would dump it directly into my womb " I told him this letting out loud moan this when on another fifteen minutes or so.

"I'm so not going to be able walk straight or even walk when we get done" I said to him as I par over my shoulders at him " Hey what can Wicked beauty adores licking balls hardcore and blowjob say but ." he begin to say but cut him off in mid sentence " Don't say it" i told him which earn me another hard wack to my ass damn that one stung " what I told you so!" He said as he groaned and laughed at me once again he pick up the pace now his nuts were smacking up against my thighs.

Suddenly out nowhere I felt the pressure started to build in side my Loins and muscle in my vaginal canal started to tighten down on Scott now throbbing cock oh dear God it only matter of time before We both came and hard ########## Michael ######## With that one hard thrust I felt a pop against my cock and sank even deeper inside her that could only mean on thing that was her cervix just give away and now I was literally in her womb.

I saw the expressions on her face when her cervix gave away It was one of pain mixed with ultimate pleasure. " Oh my god Scott that was my cervix that just popped your now in my womb!" She cried out moaning loudly has she par over her shoulder at me " OH MY GOD YOU'RE IN MY WOMB .

SCOTT I'M NOT KIDDING YOU HERE YOU'RE LITERALLY ARE IN MY WOMB HARDER HARDER SCOTT " Nena cried out over and over I just smiled at her and started pounding into as hard as I could I saw her breast Bouncing up and down forward and backwards and her head was bouncing off shower wall. " Well you were the one who said you want me to fill your fertile womb full of of my life bring seed .( panting and groaning heavily) So why should I not just deposited my seed directly into your womb!" Yell out as I quicken my pace of my thrusting of my hips " I know .I know but I never dreamed you would dump it directly into evelin gets fucked by her nymphomaniac stepmum womb" Nena moaned I pick up the pace even harder pounding her pussy as hard as I could this when on farther fifteen minutes as I was pounding the hell out of Nena pussy from behind with all my might she per over her shoulder "I'm so not going to be able walk straight or even walk when we get done" Nena said to me I laugh " Hey what can I say but ." I begin to say but Nena cut me off in mid sentence " Don't say it" she told me which earn her another hard wack to her ass cheeks damn that one had to stung " what I told you so!" I said as I groaned and I laughed at her all suddenly I felt my muscles in my testicles started to tighten and I know it wasn't going to be very long before I flooded Nena fertile womb with my scorching hot seed to fertilize her eggs Both of our breathing grow very shallow and sweat was running of each other " Nena how close are to you to cumin baby?

I said to her as I groaned I felt the pressure building down in my testicles had increased ten fold in under a minute I knew that I couldn't hold it much longer! ###### Nena####### My vision started to bur slightly as Scott bend down and whispered into my ear" Nena how close are you to cumming?" I per over my shoulder back at him " ahhhhh ooooohhh Ohhh my God oh my God oh my God .it feels like my loins are on fire .

Scott ( heavy panting) . I can't take much more . ahhhhhh Cum with me Scccccccooooottttt!!!!" I yell out as i reach the edge of my climate and I saw my world around me starting to dematerializing quickly everything was fading to white I knew what was to come next from my Subspace experiences earlier.

I was on the very cuff of flying ( at least that what Scott called it when you blasted off into Subspace) As scott bend down I could barely make out his shadow round and raunchy shanelle savage plays with herself and then fucks a guy my vision had almost completely disappeared but I could feel his lips brush up against my ears and his extreme heavy breathing Flem orang yang ngetot sama hewan knew he was about to blow.

" you ready to fly Nena?" Scott whispers in my ear (Heavy panting) " Yes!" I yell out "are you about to come Nena?" He whispers again in my ear ( heavy panting) " Oh Yes Scott .Ooooooh ahhhhhhhh FUCK!!!!! I'm Cumming!!" I yell out chennai big aunty sex with small boy mms story I felt my muscles in my vaginal canal start to violently contract and then they clamped down even tighter around his now throbbing and pulsating hard cock He whispers once more into my ear " I've been waiting on you Nena" as he stood me up right and pressed me firmly against shower wall my body being to Trimble and my back stiffness as hard as board as " You ready Nena!" Scott day to me " Yes!

I'm cumming!!!!" I yelled right before every thing goes completely white as my thunderous orgasm rips though my body and my scorching hot vaginal fluid rushes through my vaginal canal as the same moment as I hear Scott let out an loud grunt as his scorching hot milky white seed erupted out from the tip his throbbing cock with force like of an volcanic eruptions his cock contracts violently as he pumped his life giving seed into deep inside of me moments later I felted his scorching hot milky seed slam hard up against top of my uterus (Womb) pumping it full of his life being seed with second and an third load to top it off ########## Michael ######### I catch an glimpse of Nena eyes as she was tossing her head back to let out a thunderous moan as I continued to pound her pussy unrelenting with my throbbing rock hard cock I then noticed that her eyes had completely glazed over and her breathing had greatly deepened quite sharply.

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Suddenly I felted her muscles in her vaginal canal contract violently against my throbbing cock before they clamp down tighter down on cock as if they where attempting draw the mass load my scorching hot seed from my testicles. I quickly repositioned Nena to where she was was now standing upright and firmly pressed against the wall.

" Ooooooooooooooohhhh Fuck Scott I'm can't hold any longer.Are you about there baby!" Nena yell out as her body began to trimming and her back as stiff as board I lend forward and whispered in her ear " I been waiting for you baby"as I suddenly felted the muscles in testicles violently contract pushing my scorching hot life being seed up out of my testicles and into my urethra my breath deepened sharply as the pressure in side my cock perks "I'm cumin!

I yell out as the muscles in my urethra spasm and contract forcing my seed rush the length of cock to in millisecond before it erupted with force of an volcanic eruption from tip of my cock and into Nena fertile womb As I was pumping Nena womb full of my milky white seed Nena sticky scorching hot vaginal fluid exploded outward from her pussy creaming all over my cock and nuts to the point it started to flow down my thigh and leg and ran out on to the bath tub floor.

Suddenly we both came again I shoot two more rope of my scorching hot milky seed deep inside her womb and each time she creamed all over me. We both collapse on to one another both out of breath Nena still flying high in subspace so I slowly slide out of her pussy and i turn her to face me and got behind her and slowly slide down into bathtub floor I rest her back on my chest and started run my hand through her hair saying " return to me Nena " over and over again ######### Nena####### I so loved being in subspace it truly felt like out of body experiences before Scott I had never experienced it.

I was flying high as kit, being subspace took me away from all the issues back home with my limp dick husband.I could stay here forever, but Scott had told me earlier in day that you had limited your to this place or you really easily lose yourself in it and that never was good thing and he explain to me that after care was very important and need to hot ass beauty enjoys the perfect pov cam fuck during live session immediately " come back to me Nena !" Scott booming voice suddenly broken through the heavenly bliss of white misty state I was in at the moment again I heard Scott call out to me to returned to him.

I so didn't busty babe courtney cummz fuck the masseur to leave this place .gssh now not only he was calling out to me to return to him but he was running his hand through my hair.

Damn I'm so lucky to have him. I only wish his wife would do this with him Slowly I came down from my high, " return to me Nena" Scott voice sounds like it was thundering " damn I'm cumin gssh can girl enjoyed herself."I said out loud not noticing I was back " Well I liked to know who has you cumin now because it not me" Scott said "I'm back aren't I?" i said Sheepishly Scott burst out laughing " you sure are !

Nena I was afraid I had lose you to subspace!" He said I pulled myself away from his chest and suddenly got dizzy as hell and fell back against his chest "easy there Nena you can't just rip and run after a flight to subspace like the one you just had Nena" Scott said ######## Michael ###### I was so glad that Nena had returned to me after this trip to subspace I gently pushed her off me got up walk over to to the shower nub turn off the shower.once I done that I help Nena off the tube floor her legs were very wobbly " damn it I feel like I have a hangover?" Nena said has I help her to get out of bath tube.

I laughed " I would go if I came that hard Nena" I told her I help her to toilet and had her sit down to dry off and get dress. " what do you mean I came hard Scott!" Nena said as she retched into the bathroom floor teen first anal quest bounc bbc her panties and sliding her leg into them before pulling them up back in place " Well Scott?" Nena said sounding slightly annoyed.

I looked at her as she was getting dressed and smiled " Well Nena have you ever heard of old faithful the geyser in Yellowstone. I said but Nena cuts me off in middle sentence by tossing her towel at me " really SCOTT you're comparing me to old faithful! I wanted a real answer from you because that was the hardest I had ever came in my life." Nena said I walk over to her and cup her chin with my hand tiling her head up towards me " Nena I have never see an woman eyes glaze over like yours when they were reaching the edge of their climax.

Don't you remember anything of it Nena?" I asked her "To be honest with you Scott I vaguely remember it. Other than seeing the world around me dematerializing to blinding white light and the last thing I remember feeling the very moment that you came flooding my womb with your seed.damn did it really felted good to feel that again . but other than that it a blur" Nena told me as she pulled her short up and put her shirt " crazy question Scott just how much did you pump in me me?" Nena ask me ruka ichinose sofia takigawa kaede niiyama hikari I help her stand to her feet " well I blow at these three massive loads in you Nena .

but let just put to this way home if you're not pregnant yet you will be for sure by end of this weekend."I said to her as I help her walk into the bedroom and then helped her in bed. "Just how are you going to do that Scott?" Nena asked as I pull the cover up over her body reaching out to take my hand " Well Nene it quite simple Nena I'm going to pump a many load I can on into your womb has you can handle this weekend!" I told her as I bend down to kiss her but instead our mouth locked in very passionate French kiss before I broke it off "you need your rest now because you're going to need it !" I told her as send my wife a quick text that I was done it shower and I was going lay down for awhile.

She send a reply of ok text me when you get up and reply ok babe love you before I place my phone the on night stand next to my bed before climbing into bed a snuggled up next Nena " I love you Scott " Nena said I just alektra blue india summers mountain camp sex and told her " I love you to Nena" I told her " I wish we could spend the rest of our days doing this I can't wait to bear you a son or daughter!" Nena said to me as we drifted off to sleep .